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Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
Hack Name: Bob's quest Demo - 157.6 KB - 3 downloads.
Length: 5 exits
Author: kidicarus3point0 - Submitted by: kidicarus3point0
Description: one day bob's dad was kidnapped by A mysterious creature.

It has custom gfx
It has exgfx
It has music imported with addmusic
it has edited starting point
and a new over world

1. The castle is a forced death. There's nowhere to go but fall down a hole. If a level isn't finished, you should probably not have it be accessible in the demo, and instead put an "end of demo" level with side exits and some gifts for finishing and stuff.

2. This fish flopping around IN THE WATER is completely awkward. If you're using fish or other "floating" sprites, you need to enable sprite buoyancy so they act correct... and about the cement blocks - could you replace them with land? It would look so much nicer. :)

3. The title screen gets cut into by the file select menu. Not to mention, it also looks pretty badly decorated. In GFX29, you can draw some new title screen "font" for your logo and I think you should get rid of the flowers and stuff from the title screen, and maybe put "Bob's Quest" at the top so it doesn't get overwritten.

4. A few big issues I noticed with the overworld:

-The bars to the right of Mario don't look good.
-The brown dirt against the water doesn't look right. That should only be used if there is a cliff behind that land - use the proper tiles with green land, and blue water around the edges.
-What's with the cutoff Bowser rock?

5. Cutoff vine. You can also notice that the palette problems don't stop with just Mario... they're all over the place. But for the vine, make it taller and top it off with a cement block or used block.

6. Palette issue with MARIO START! causes it to display like this:

7. Grammar needs some fixing.


Also, I don't see it mentioned anywhere before now, but I'm going to make an example of it right here - this is for everyone to take note of, not just the author. Internet memes. Do NOT use them in hacks. They are never relevant in hacks. They are never funny in hacks. They make your hack seem stupid and kill any seriousness it has. ...fine, maybe you can use ONE as an Easter Egg in a hidden level if you REALLY need an internet meme that badly, but please, never on the main road. This is as bad as a wall of 3up Moons, minus the helpfulness to the players who don't use savestates. :|

Unmodified SMW palette
Put that in your ROM. To fix the fireballs to make them "dark matter" again, just recolor the fireball in YY-CHR to the third color in (first is transparency, second is white, third is black on the fireball's palette line.) In GFX28, you can and should change "MARIO" to "BOB" since the story refers to him as Bob, yet the status bar clearly says Mario. Eventually, you might want to draw the new Bob over Mario so that you have a truly original character in your hack.

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Hack Name: Super Mario Oddland demo Demo - 162.6 KB - 20 downloads.
Length: 5 levels
Author: conormiller1 - Submitted by: conormiller1
Description: super mario oddland the first demo which took me 3 days to work on.

difficulty: medium/hard

Well, first of all, I would like to say that if you compare this side by side with your first hack, you've come quite a long way already. Problems still remain, though.

1. There's a problem with placing coins above question mark blocks and other blocks that bounce up when you touch them - if you didn't collect the coin, then it leaves an invisible solid space above the box. (That stinks when you can't collect a fire flower because of it ;-;) All in all, I think I found maybe nine blocks in this level that suffer from this, but I will only show two screenshots.

To fix these, just simply do not place coins directly above these blocks.</font size>

2. Got some cutoff tiles here. The ice ground should have a left wall on the end of the ledge, and the nets should have a pink border all the way around.

3. This background palette only really looks okay with the bonus room set. You can make your own custom palette with Level -> Enable Custom Palette and changing the first half of palette 0 - create a dark-to-light gradient of the same colors for the best results. The foreground here uses the first half of palette 2, and as you know, this palette as it is really only looks good with the cave foreground.

4. Dragon coin on a subscreen boundary AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

5. You have three really flat and repetitive sections:

And this whole level is just a flat ledge with enemies on it:

Try some decorations and some slopes in these parts to break up the plainness.

6. If you look closely, you have the wrong edge tiles in this level for some parts: the part that's supposed to be in the wall has empty space on the outside, and the part that's supposed to be outside the wall has green on the edges. o.o

7. Overworld events from the second level onward appear garbagey, but they appear fine in the screenshot you had on your hack page. Reapply the patch to a clean ROM and test it. You can fix this by deleting the event and recreating it, then testing it in an emulator.

Tag (font) was not closed.

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Hack Name: Super Doom world V2.0 Demo Demo - 136.7 KB - 9 downloads.
Length: 13 levels
Author: kayokenVG - Submitted by: kayokenVG
Description: Super doom world V2.0 the latest in super doom world. This is just a demo so there might be a glitch or two so please forgive me for that. Super doom world isnt ment to be a kazio romhack its ment to be hard but a fun challange. the level you may find a F-you level is the yellow switch palace. if you want to see more abut the rom hack and such see my site

I tried. Honestly, I did. This hack is extremely hard to beat. What I found in the first couple of levels I could beat, though, is packed full of stuff I can use as an example to help you learn from if you are aiming to get a hack on SMWC.

1. In this pic, you will see lava with a glitched surface - changing the FG/BG index will help. To correct the lava's palette, enable custom palettes and give the first half of palette 3, where the grays are, a red-to-yellow gradient from left to right.

Floating cutoff lava isn't acceptible here at SMWC - you should have something on the left and right sides as a wall, and for the bottom of the floating lava, open the map16 editor, y-flip the surface and right-click over an unused tile between pages 3-F, and press F9 to save, then put those in for the bottom of the floating lava... although, that might still look awkward. I've seen something similar done with water in hacks that were approved, so why not lava?

The ground is cutoff, too. Ledges should end in walls - always use solid walls against lava and water, and never let Mario walk into the wrong side of a solid wall because it looks funny. There are two types of walls - walkthough and solid.

Also, to the right, you will see floating and stacked munchers - another thing not allowed in hacks uploaded to SMWC. Plants just don't float. D: You should root their stem to something, like a cement block, ground, or a used block, or if it's really crucial to the design, then redraw the muncher (in GFX33, set to 4bpp SNES, with two frames of animation.) A common example of a muncher replacement would be Gordo from the Kirby series, which looks fine stacked or floating.

2. Overworld is pretty messed up. Now, it doesn't necessarily have to be beautiful with realistic land shapes or anything, but there shouldn't be any cutoff tiles. There are many types of overworld tiles - you can use some pieces with outlined land on the edge of the water to have better transitions.

The Yellow Switch Palace is also red. Depending on the map (if you didn't change the palette), there are different options as to what color palaces appear on the overworld. That map can only have yellow and green with that palette. You could change the palettes, but you might mess a bit of stuff up. The big OW map can have green and yellow, so maybe you want to move the switch palace level up there and have the secret path lead up to the big map.

3. Pixel-perfect jumps that require savestating or immense luck to get through. This one took me about six tries. An important thing to do would be to give your player some room for error - having the opening be two tiles tall would be enough.

4. Bottom row of Lunar Magic used for walking. The problem with this is that ingame, it is very hard to see since you can only see the top row of pixels. Anything from the second-to-the-lowest tile on upward is fine to use for walking on.

5. Pipe cuts into the ground here, making the pipe appear cutoff at the bottom. If you shrink it one tile or move it up one tile, then it would be fine.

6. Some grammar/spelling issues. It doesn't need to be perfect, but it should have the most effort possible put into it. You are encouraged to have a friend or beta tester help you out if you need any help, and any other language you feel comfortable with is also fine to use.


Now, you might not be able to fit it all in a message box. Then, I would recommend using this message:

Welcome to the fun and challenging Super Doom World! It shouldn't be too hard or too easy.

Instead, I recommend using this message:
These blocks add 50 seconds. The clear blocks to the right will break on contact.

7. Well, it's not a big deal, but the title screen:

The BG palette that is shared with the text makes it hard to read. You can also draw new big "font" for SUPER DOOM WORLD in GFX29.bin with a tile editor, or just clean up the side of the W.

Now, as a closing note, it's fine if you work on this hack, but the way its challenges are set up, it's pretty unlikely that it will be approved here without some drastic changes - its style caters to a different crowd entirely. I hope you will gain new level design techniques that you can showcase in a separate hack and submit that one here. It doesn't need to be easy - we have plenty of hard hacks, if that's what you want to do. As for this one, there are many places where you can host it when it's finished to share with other people.

Some important things for getting a hack approved here are:
-Aesthetically decent level and overworld layouts (i.e. no cutoff tiles, no floating munchers/water/lava, no glitchy graphics, no bad palettes)
-No places where you can get permanently stuck until time runs out/you reset it
-No forced deaths upon level/room entry
-No stolen material
-Levels with a bit of variety (basically not the same level over and over, and not some flat stretch of land with nothing on it except some enemies)

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Hack Name: Dry Bones Quest Beta Demo Demo - 128.5 KB - 3 downloads.
Length: 3 levels
Author: Idontknowmyusername - Submitted by: Idontknowmyusername
Description: A demo of my hack, where you can play as bony beetle when small, and Dry Bones when big. Also includes 2 custom levels and you can play Larry's castle.

1. The music note block's bounce animation is not compatible with the castle sprite index. Either remove the music blocks and replace them with something different, or change the sprite index...

Oh, AND IT SAYS MARIO IN THE STATUS BAR. X_X Open GFX28.bin and write Dry Bones over Mario, or whatever you want to name this little fella. Don't know about you, but if I were a dry bones named Dry Bones, I would be pretty sad. :(

Also, the cutoff floating ledge there = no go. Use corner tiles and walls to define your ground. If that's too hard, the castle tileset has this nifty "other ground" that is already a rectangular block you can stretch and put into place.

2. asd</font size>fadf</font size>asd</font size>

This is why you don't have walkthrough ledge walls (or in this case, cutoff ledges) against liquids - it's illogical. You'd think that these walls are supporting the water, yet you fall through them. Please use solid walls against the water.

3. <blink>IT'S A PHANTOM</blink></font size>

Find this frame in GFX32 and any other remnants of Mario graphics, and redraw them into Bony Beetle for small Mario and Dry Bones for big Mario with the appropriate pose.

4. Palette problems everywhere

A streak of gold in Dry Bones's face.

There is a well-known hex edit to fix that S. Check the ROM map.

The berry.

The bony beetle in the upper left corner. Also, edit GFX10 and change Mario into Dry Bones.

Like the above.

The door is b0rked.

Alright, what you want to do now is restore the first half of palette 8 - those yellows are used by MANY other sprites, like the key, that you might want in your hack, and that castle door, which IS used in this hack, then use the replace color function in YY-CHR to change which colors Dry Bones uses to a color on the second half of palette 8, then set up the correct colors on the right spots. Also, copy those colors and paste them onto the OW's palette 8. Dry Bones should look similar, but everything else will be fixed.

5. This goal point won't go any lower since it's set a tile too high.

Closing note, regarding Larry's Castle: It's a level hack. We don't want Larry's Castle, so rather than taking screens of something we've all seen a half a million times, I'm just going to tell you to delete Larry's Castle or at least don't leave it accessible next demo. >_> SMW's original levels = -255 Creativity Points and -510 Effort Points. I did look at Larry's Castle long enough to know something's weird with palette 9 as well, so you might want to fix that too.

Unexpected end tag (</blink>) at 1572, expected </font>
Tag (font) was not closed.
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Tag (font) was not closed.

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Hack Name: Dan's Test Rom (any help is appreciated) Demo - 144.1 KB - 19 downloads.
Length: 12 levels
Author: danwaleby - Submitted by: danwaleby
Description: Okay, i fixed the fact that it was broken. Now, here are some things to remember:

1. This is nowhere near being complete. The overworld isnt changed at all, aside from the colors, nothing is edited past Vanilla dome 2(known as the secret of the fish in my hack), none of the ghost houses are changed, and the castles are barely edited(i changed the first castle's climbing net room up a bit).
2. i do admit to an existing level edit, i got lazy with the cave level in donut plains:P
3. Again, this is nowhere near being done, i am only submitting it for help with it. I know nothing about redrawing ExGFX and the help files seem like a different language to me, so i will check out the Noob Smw hacking forum.

Please be gentle._.

1. Intentionally having doors to a neverending bonus game EVEN WITH warning is still not acceptable. It's not even remotely funny.

2. Glitched graphics:

Yoshi is not compatible with the castle sprite set. You do NOT want Yoshi entering any levels with these things either:
1.) Fireballs
2.) Baby Green Yoshis

Spotlight is glitched, thwimps are glitched. :| Check the numbers in tileset specific sprites and use Super GFX Bypass to load the correct graphics for this level. I can tell you right now that those thwimps are not compatible with the chain platform you also have in this level, so one has to go unless you know how to remap things. For all the other stuff, make an ExGFX file so you can fit some tileset-specific sprites together you normally wouldn't be able to fit together.

Vertical background garbage. Set Layer 2 scrolling to "H: None, V: None." Time here is absurdly high, the level is insanely repetitive, and you have some sprite tile memory problems on the right side where the big boos are.

Lava splash garbage. Change the sprite index to get something that is compatible with fireballs, though you may be sacrificing compatibility with some other stuff. If that bothers you, then just get rid of the fireballs.

Okay, guys, listen up. If you step on what looks like a mummy beetle, I guarantee you it will turn into a headless football player. Try it!

Why are you using backwards question mark blocks? Should probably change the style of entry to something like exiting a vertical pipe, and just put a radish column below Mario.

3. Cutoff tiles:

Piece of cutoff lava at the top of the screen. Just shrink the lava section by one tile vertically and it won't stick out at the top. Another thing you have seriously wrong with this level is many sprites turning invisible because of the Magikoopa. Remove the Magikoopa.

Cutoff column. It is just a prop meant for "supporting" a mushroom ledge, so it can be removed.

Cutoff floating water T.T

4. Blatant level edits:

You already warned us of this, so yeah. But still - I hope this isn't in the real demo. D:

Blatant Iggy's Castle edit. :/

This room of Iggy's castle: Ctrl+DEL, start anew.

Green switch palace (all)
Yellow switch palace (all)
The coin + cape room in Donut Plains 1
Donut Ghost House (all)

5. Bottom row of tiles used for Lunar Magic:

Near the slopes, there IS some ground you can walk on but can't see... but there's also a pit in the middle.

Can't see the ground here either. It's also generally a bad idea to have to make the player wait for the p-switch to run out within a couple seconds of pressing it.

To the left of the fuzzy, there is land used on the bottom row of Lunar Magic. Don't do this. You've also got some pretty bad sprite tile memory issues in this level. Look around in the advanced hacking forum for a thread called "No More Sprite Tile Limits" and get the code, save it as ASM, insert it with xkas. Set sprite tile memory to 10.

6. More sprite tile memory issues in addition to two listed previously.

7. Palette issues.

Background palette is really bright, especially for inside of a cave, and the pink lining is weird. It would be good to enable custom palettes and make it dimmer. >_< (Level -> Enable Custom Palettes)

This overworld palette is very poorly done. See the hills, for instance - they look like big black squares, and the layer 1 mist looks cutoff with these weird and questionable changes. I recommend importing an unedited .pal from another ROM and starting this palette over again, with better contrast.

Background palette is messed up. Enable custom palettes. The stuff you want to fix is on the first half of palette 1, closer to the middle of it.

8. The goal post is one tile too short.

9. Should never use non-solid walls against lava or water because land being walkthrough while supporting a liquid makes absolutely no sense. Also, where the horizontal land connects to the vertical land, you should use a jointed tile to connect them rather than having them run into each other.

10. Not a good way to start a level since you're already in immediate danger.

11. Blank message box.

12. This goes on just a bit too long.

13. This vine doesn't go anywhere important, so it can be left out, or stuff can be added up here to make it worth climbing up. I could make the jump from the yellow blocks to the ground without it as well.

Closing note: In the future, if you are looking for beta testers, make a thread or look at TheMonkeyBob's testers for hire thread and see if someone is interested, then either upload the patch to a file-sharing site like mediafire and PM it to the person, or e-mail it to the person. You should only submit "finished" demos or complete hacks to SMWC, not betas.

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Hack Name: Super Mario World 3- Shipwrecked Demo - 24.9 KB - 11 downloads.
Length: 6 levels
Author: Grealty Mini - Submitted by: Grealty Mini
Description: Just a demo of my mainly level and text hack. This demo includes 6 levels.

1. In Caffeine Lake, you can get stuck forever if you don't make the jump to the line platform or if you fall off. Have invisible coin blocks on either edge so the player can get out of the pit.

2. The exit is located in the sky, out of line of sight. You need vertical scrolling at will enabled in any level that uses the top half of the level for walking so that you can see where you're going. :/

3. Cutoff tiles in the SML level 1 remake. It's bad to end ledges with cement blocks - use solid walls in this case instead.

Similarly, you need to use jointed tiles to connect the vertical and horizontal walls in the SML remake level, and in this level shown below. Also, this level has little substance and an easy group of 3-ups.

4. The SML remake level that replaces the Yellow Switch Palace does not fill in the yellow box outlines when beaten. Instead of ending the level with a goal point, make it end in a pipe that goes to a room with a large yellow switch in it so you can do this. It doesn't affect you right now, but it will in the long run.

5. In the spots where you use the bottom row for walking, you shouldn't. Move those ground tiles up one tile so you can actually see them ingame easily. Here is one of several samples:

(You should also line the lava with actual ground walls, not cement blocks.)

6. Palette problem with the title screen sky.

You see here, it's purple, then afterwards...'s blue. Try to get it to stay the same color after the file select menu comes up.

Closing note: You should make the level after the last one an "End of Demo" level that just takes up one or two screens, has side exits enabled, and maybe a reward like a free powerup. It's really silly to leave the rest of SMW accessible.

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Hack Name: Super Mario:the Evil Coalition Demo One Demo - 241.3 KB - 6 downloads.
Length: 16 levels
Author: Keyblade Master - Submitted by: Keyblade Master
Description: this is a demo of SMtec.I work on this one for most of the summer and I will have to go back to school tomorrow,so I decided to work on getting this demo as close to bug free as possible. this hack plotline reveals itself as it go along.this demo contains up to three worlds.I wish you all good luck.<note to moderators,this is an IPS patch contained in a zip have to unzip it.>

First of all, let me start by saying this hack has phenomenal level design, and that just because it has been removed, it is by no means bad at all. But, before it can be approved, a couple of major things have to be fixed, and a few minor issues.

1. In this one part, you get permanently stuck if you remove the throw blocks to take the coins below them.

2. Some sprite tile memory problems. Find edit1754's ASM code and insert it with xkas and set the sprite tile memory setting to 10 to fix all of these... although, you should also add more throw blocks to the Big Boo fight because you are only allowed to miss once.

In the middle of this screen, there is a boo there, but he keeps vanishing. He appears near where the coins are, but when you jump for the coins, you don't even know he's there until you hit him. >_<

Can't see the Koopa shell in this one, but you can see its eyes peering out.

Where the bejesus is Mario?! D: (Also, half the Big Boo's face is gone when he appears xD)

3. Some graphical oddities.

This one, the on/off switch turns into a radish. The radish isn't even used in this level, so you should be able to fix this without damaging anything.

Lava splash is glitched to look like Wiggler. You are using Wiggler in this level, so maybe you should use munchers instead of lava. The "mud" that you can swim in doesn't suffer, so it's alright to keep.

Dragon coin on a subscreen boundary. Just move this one up one tile and it's fixed.

This one can be fixed with the fade fix patch.

You should use the candle flame generator here. If the candle's flame graphics appear glitched, you can always remove the candles from the BG.

Bushes don't overlap well in most placements. Simply move and separate them to fix this.

Find the right corner tile in YY-CHR and get rid of the couple of floating pixels.

4. Message box issues.

This displays the wrong message. Simply move the box one tile to the left or right, and if there is no second message, then remove the box.

Lack of capitalization at the beginning of sentences. Be sure to check your messages throughout to correct other minor issues, like if you forgot to put a space after a comma or period as well.

5. In this one spot, you have some pretty bad enemy placement. Three spinies will fall from above, out of view, and you have little-to-no reaction time to avoid them on this platform. Perhaps for whatever platform they are on above, you can use something to box them in.

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Hack Name: Kirby The Star Warrior Arrives (Demo) Demo - 164.5 KB - 1 download.
Length: 6 levels
Author: scepile3 - Submitted by: scepile3
Description: Kirby crash lands on an island and breaks a pipe so he goes to a plumber's house. The plumber wasn't there so he decides to take a walk...
(On the other one, I forgot to give credit to people. The credits are included... I'm sorry for submitting it twice)

1. This door is right next to a screen with no exit:

And unfortunately, guess which screen the door likes?

This forces player to reset/savestate. Please make an exit on the screen to the left of where the door is as well so you can make 100% sure it leads to the right place.

2. Background garbage in the vertical level, and some pretty bad creases that should be worked out. To remedy the garbage, set Layer 2 scrolling to H: None, V: None.

3. Should never be able to see the bottom of that goal post. This makes it look cutoff and floating. It's alright to have Kirby drop down to the bottom, but add another pipe to hide the bush part of the goal point and make him have to walk a bit further along the pipe after crossing the goal before he falls.

(Goal screen says Mario. You can edit that name in GFX28 if you set it to 2bpp GB.)

4. Lava is used really strangely, and in some parts, appears cutoff as a result.

Idea: Set the FG/BG index to Underground 1, and then you can have more proper-looking lavafalls. This way, you don't need to use ExAnimation and more graphics. You may have to move a few things around a little to prevent cutoffness.

The lava is cutoff at the vine, and furthest to the right where the springboard is. Actually, even though it's weird, SMW's lava surface acts like water, but you shouldn't use it to hide stuff in even so.

It doesn't look bad on its own (though the fact that it has layer priority over the Lakitu cloud is ffffff), but seems weird to have a walkthrough part where you can just walk into teal lava. Perhaps some different graphics for it would be good so it doesn't look like a liquid - something deadly-looking.

5. Incorrect graphic for when the on/off block is hit. SP4 should be 3 or 5 for this to display properly, so you can still have the lakitu cloud and all the other sprites that are already there.

The block that makes you run super-fast looks really weird. I figure since you are not using the bush graphics anywhere in this level, you can resave GFX17 as an ExGFX file, draw a 16x16 tile over one of the spots meant to look closer to that thing you're trying to replicate, and insert it in FG2. I remember seeing the thing you're trying to recreate in some levels of KSS.

(I would remove the spikes below the cutoff floating water surface and just have plain water tiles there instead as well.)

6. FG/BG starting position is too low. Kirby starts at the top, so set it to 00, 00 and it will be better, but it will still scroll to the right a bit since Kirby is in the middle of the screen.

7. The teal and orange ground looks weird. I'd change the orange to a lighter teal, or make a different set of colors for it.

8. May need to move the pipes up one tile to prevent the piranha plants from jumping so high that they get stuck in it.

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Three hacks this time, and with "Let's Play" videos, courtesy of DarthRiko, so very big thanks to DarthRiko for helping out with this removal log.

Hack Name: Super Cool World fixed (demo) Demo - 19.9 KB
Length: 8 levels
Author: LuigiDude01 - Submitted by: LuigiDude01
Description: I fixed the major bug. This hack is better and good. is goodest hack of all.

The major issue is in Yoshitown 3 - if you did NOT get the yellow switch palace, you have to die. You should give an alternate path to the exit or another exit rather than force death for something you have no forewarning of.

The levels are clearly based on SMW's. :/ You need to Ctrl+DEL and start fresh on them, brainstorm some ideas, and look around for some inspiration if you're all out of ideas. On a similar note, these levels lack various substance they NEED to bring people to your hack. Alternate paths, secret rooms, strategically-placed enemies (but not unfairly-placed or overdistributed) - these things will all help your levels a load.

The top half of the overworld is a mess - you need to flesh it out, and not let grass just hang off a ledge, make the cliffs consistent, and not have any cutoff stuff.

LP 1-1 Super Cool World by LuigiDude01 (DarthRiko)


Hack Name: Super GOTHCLAWZ World Demo 1 Demo - 14.9 KB
Length: 2 levels
Author: GOTHCLAWZ - Submitted by: GOTHCLAWZ
Description: Before you review, if you say I didn't try you're wrong.

2 small levels from the hack, I've made 24 levels on the main hack since I released this one.
132 more levels to make ¬..¬

You've got some glitched graphics here. First noticable one is the translucent block, which is only compatible with SP4=4. As DarthRiko points out in the video, this isn't good for another reason - the cape can let you skip most of the level.

-At 3:41, there is a ledge corner tile that appears glitched, maybe from overlapping.

-At 4:50, there is a net Koopa on the ledge, and it really shouldn't be there at all.

-At 5:50, you see a Bony Beetle's graphics moving as if it's a shell - seems like a glitched Buzzy Beetle. Since those do not fit in with castle graphics, you will either have to create an ExGFX file with the Buzzy Beetle's frames pasted over the same spots on the castle sprite set, remap whatever conflicts with it IF what you're doing ruins another sprite's looks, or just remove the Buzzy Beetle.

The whole thing with walking through the lava at the beginning of the first level is pretty inconsistent - sometimes it will kill you, sometimes it will not, and the way to knowing whether it will is pretty obscure. The difference between fake and real lava should be a bit obvious, as by a different palette. But for this one, I'd ask if you would not have Mario walk through the lava (see the paragraph below).

On a similar note, having walkthrough walls against liquids (water and lava) is a bad idea since you can just fall through the walls, and the water/lava does not fall. Logically, it doesn't work. So, if you would tweak some parts of the level and make it so that there are no walkthrough walls against liquids (use solid walls instead), then that will be really great.

There's also a couple of cutoff tiles, nothing major, but still going to point it out so you have the chance to correct as much as possible. Cutoff bridge lines near the empty switch palace blocks, on the left end of it - if you put a cement block next to it, then it will look better.

Lastly... the overworld event does not trigger, so this is the only level you get to play. Where's the second one? D:

LP 1-2 Super GOTHCLAWZ World by GOTHCLAWS (DarthRiko)


Hack Name: Adventure World Demo - 33.7 KB
Length: 6 exits
Author: MrSmrt - Submitted by: MrSmrt
Description: My first hack with custom map. About mild difficulty.
The name is temporary.

Big issue - you didn't move Mario back to the level he was supposed to start on, so you can only play this castle, which was probably on a tile you put there for testing.

See where DarthRiko pauses it at 2:56 - that is a glitched Chargin' Chuck. Chargin' Chuck is not compatible with this set. I would just remove it - you have plenty of sprites there for challenge.

At 3:16, you can clearly see part of the castle wall that needs fixing. You will see the left side of the block, and the rest is cutoff by a wider, longer block. It looks really weird.

I'm also noticing some sprites disappearing. Either use edit1754's ASM + sprite memory 10 in conjunction or remove more sprites.

The whole second part of the castle is an extremely blatant edit. Disable auto-scrolling, get rid of layer 3 smash, enable horizontal scrolling - make a NEW level.

LP 1-3 Adventure World by MrSmrt (DarthRiko)

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Wait we're going to video LPs in the removal log now? I need to get with the times then, because I can do better than DarthRiko

Removal: the Most Pointless Hack Ever
Author: DK 099
Description: "A pointless 2 level hack, it's pretty easy as far as I'm concerned. Mario starts at Pointless Isle, and must beat Bowser."

Yep, it's pointless alright.



Random Bullet Bills, no sound or warning.


Fireworks not in the ending sequence have glitchy tiles and make the game painfully slow. Also makes Mario disappear. The slowdown made this P-Switch run a bit tricky, because if I went too slow I would become stuck.

More glitchy fireworks.

Even MORE glitchy fireworks.

Goal tape is too high.

...oooh kay.

Horrible level design!

Cutoff water.

With... cutoff lava? O_o

More cutoff stuff

This just looks wrong.

Greeted by glitchy backgrounds, and...

Always turning turnblocks spelling out "THE MOST POINTLESS HACK EVER".

After this it was the Bowser boss fight.

Removed: Super Mario BVS by bruvazsan


Bad patch. If you selected an honest unmodified ROM as the first choice, then you have a bad dump, and you should look for a good dump. If not, then you need to first choose a CLEAN, UNMODIFIED ROM, THEN your hack.


Removed: The Star Warrior Kirby Arrives... First Demo by scepile3


Finally! It's-a picture time! :D

The color on the treetop-stuff looks wrong around the edges. I...don't think this is a problem in it?

This obviously isn't. Bad colors all over the OW. ESPECIALLY that Switch Palace!

Bad palettes here on all the cement blocks and the shooters! Also, the BG is oddly-colored and bland, too... Furthermore, why do the shooters cut into the wall?

Invisible Solid Block ~ Annoying Idea (loltouhou)

Invisible blocks like this are generally bad design, because it's impossible to tell if it's gonna be a pit, or a solid block. :/ Please replace the invisible block with a cement block or something.

i has invisible cape

and i wax u wit it

Erm... If you're gonna make the cape invisible, don't give it out. Period. It really doesn't look very good.

Almost, but no dice. Still cutoff tiles on the mud/lava.

...did I mention that the lava is cutoff by the pipes, too?

...what is that doing up in the sky, and why is it cutoff?

I disabled Layer 1 to show you this... That poof was once a Jumpin' Piranha Plant. But when it hit the lava/mud, it went *POOF!*.

Can you find the secret *POOF!*? :D

More cutoff lava/mud, and this one doesn't even go down all the way!

Even more cutoffness!

Erm... Why is that falling platform there if the goal will just remove it? O_o

That does not look right AT ALL. I don't care that it's part of your story- it looks terrible. :(





Uhh... Yeah. That palette is REALLY bad. Please fix. :(

Shooters cut into the walls....AGAIN.


You can't get that Yoshi Coin over there, you can't walk into the first 8 pixels of the left side of the screen, for some reason. :/

(Also, block Yoshi Coin to the right. :/)

Still haven't fixed the color problems, have ye? Arr...

You can't tell what's solid and what's not right here.

Pipe cuts off the water...


No. Just no. Weren't you told not to do that before?

Coming out of that area nets you this when you drop down. =D

Still cutoff vines? D:

BG error, extremely common, possibly no way to fix without EXTENSIVE hacking. Suggestion: Set Vertical scroll to variable or slow. Either will fix it IMMEDIATELY. :D

.......................Shooter, how many times will I have to get onto you for this?

The midway has an ugly palette here.

Floating Shooter! Also, I'd suggest you change the graphics of the smashable brick- it looks exactly like the turn block, so you can't tell which is which.


*Lucario listens to Invisible Solid Block ~ Annoying Idea.
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
Removal: Mario's 2nd World
Author: Sonic64
Description: "Only 4 levels done (including the yellow switch palace)"

Your patch gives me a bad ROM. Use the SMW ROM checker to make sure you have a clean SMW ROM.

...damnit that is the most anticlimatic thing I've posted in this thread =/
I'll try to make it up for you guys.

Removed: Super Mario World: The Untitled Adventures by DoubleLoco


Hack is bland. It's mostly boring flatness. :(

This is the START of Level 1. Yes, your eyes are fine- THAT'S ALL 5 YOSHI COINS. They should never be grouped together like this unless it's some EXTREMELY hidden room... Still, this is frowned upon.

This is mostly what you get in Level 1. WHEE

Please use corner tiles instead of just extending the ledge down. :(

Say what?! I ran for a very few flat, boring, EMPTY screens (save for enemies), and I get THIS?! Yes, the goal post is just to the right of this! Don't even lie with this message- all levels are short, period...

This is part of level 3. The pipe cuts into the ground...

I played into Level 4, and I found an easy-to-reach (and find) secret exit. Please don't do that, considering where it goes. (A "restock" level, so to speak, like Top Secret Area.) I don't care if you plan to make later ones harder to reach- this shouldn't ever be done. D:

Plus, Level 4 starts me off remembering the original YI4 in SMW. If anyone gets that feeling, something's not right, even if you DID start the level from scratch! (I have a feeling you didn't do that for any of these levels, though.)

I stopped upon entering the first castle. Why? OBVIOUS IGGY'S CASTLE EDIT, I CAN TELL. Please, no level edits! And don't make your levels so flat...

<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
So after nuking a pair of dupe hacks (newer versions were submitted) I decided to look at what is in the queue and... oh my.
Removal: pit of 3 trials (demo)
Author: fedcvgr
Description: "This is a demo not the hack

all this is is a custom layout and the levels have 3 hard parts to them except up up up. also some level name are the same"

Stacked munchers and/or floating munchers = NO

Absolutely awful overworld.

Near impossible gameplay.

Removal: marios adventure
Author: Yoshi dude
Description: I can't remember what it was, but it wasn't worth repeating here.

Some random n00b wanted to VLP this game, thinking he's Raocow or something. Well you are not, so I decided to beat you to the punch.

marios adventure in video format
<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="" width="480" height="420"><param name="movie" value="" /><param name="allowfullscreen" value="true"/><param name="bgcolor" value="#FFFFFF"/></object>

Summary: It's awful. BLAH.

Hack Name: Super Mario Cosmos (Demo 1) Demo - 552.4 KB - 8 downloads.
Length: 10 levels
Author: Xeruss - Submitted by: Xeruss
Description: Run-of-the-mill "eggs are missing" story.

Ignore my sig saying I'm taking a break until Sept. 1 because SMWC is too addictive. I had to do something. D:

1. I'm putting the key in the hole...




K. I even tried destroying enemies around, before this part, to see if that would remedy the issue, and nope. No luck. So whichever level this was supposed to lead to is off-limits as a result.

2. Agh. Sprite tile memory problems in several levels. You have vanishing fish, fire, and jumping piranha plants everywhere. If you're not using edit1754's patch, you need to reduce the number of sprites per screen so you don't have some invisible enemies.

(Invisible fish)

(Invisible large flame)

3. Mario can walk through those diagonal pipes in some parts because they are an lol, so you really ought to move a vertical thin pipe under it to "support" the outermost right part of the pipe so that Mario can't do the following:

4. AAAAAAAAaaaaaaa this hammer brother is so low that Mario can get pushed through the ground and fall into the abyss below. Move the hammer bro and his blocks up a tile or two and this won't happen.

5. Blargg on slope. He's cutoff at the bottom, which is why you should never have him jump out of slopes.

6. Got this weird issue with the Map16 that lets you walk into the slopes in the cave set... not TOO major since you don't die from it or anything but I would suggest trying to fix it:

This post would likely be of use to you.

7. A couple of minor palette issues that you might want to fix.

If you're using the current palette of the cement block for something, you probably want to make a new Map16 tile of the cement block using a palette you are not using in this level so that you don't affect anything, and make some appropriate colors for it, or just resave GFX14 as an ExGFX file and recolor the cement block in there to use colors that it looks okay with.

The Goomba's palette is a bit odd. Maybe it's the black against the orange that makes it seem weird... but this is extremely minor.

All in all, fabulous level design with this hack, so it's not bad even though it was rejected - with these errors fixed, I'm sure this hack is destined for great things and much praise. I did see a bad checksum in my logs, so in case that's a hint at you using a bad ROM as a base, I would suggest checking to see if your original ROM is clean so that if the ROM you are working with started dirty, you can move your work so it doesn't hurt you in the long run.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Removed: Super Mario (Demo)



Could you please tell all of those Digging Chucks to stop throwing their rocks at me, as it lags up the screen? thxorz

Pipe looks messed up, and this level in general is boring.

Fix that corner.

Rope is cut off, and the palette is A+ WOULD LOOK AT AGAIN. (hint: it isn't really a+ would look at again.)

Congratulations on lasting three levels before pulling the floating muncher scheme.

Also, this level is very, very annoying and boring due to all of the Sliding Koopas.

You would think Hanna Barbara made this due to this image repeating as you run through the level.

1. The BG is GORGEOUS, but change it.
2. Bob-Ombs lag the hell out of every emulator when placed in swarms of infinity.

familiar* and Mario's palette is screwed up.

ain't* though that entire message box kind of sucks. Also, the floor is cut off and lame.

Seriously, I don't even want to know what the Yoshimorph is doing, but it is wrong in so many ways.

Overall, this hack needs a ton of polishing up. It is very boring in many places, and some of the concepts are just irritating. Also, the levels are very short and repetitive - please make them more interesting.
Removed: Super Mega World (awesome and creative title by the way)


Find out every mistake in this title screen and win $10!





Moving on...

The screen starts lower than it should.

This user, unlike our last user, only lasted one level before the floating munchers. Please try again.

A two for one deal! Floating munchers, AND glitchy lava!

I'm actually flying out of a diagonal pipe here. If you don't move, you fly into those floating munchers which shouldn't be floating there anyway, and die.


A house? Or dug up earth stacked oddly together? You decide!

FYI, abbreviations make you look really lame.

Fire floats too?

Mutilated Rex parts can be seen in the fireball. Also, the corner is cut off. Also, the lava cuts into the ground.

Let me copy that quote from Tatrion about using Gilette for a fine cut beard or something like that.

Do I even need to point out the errors here?

I'm sharing the same expression as that deformed thing right now.

volcano* and so far I'm not having fun at all.

You're stuck here, and the lava sucks.

Overall, it needs a crapton of fixing up. Many, many obvious glitches are everywhere. While the level design has potential, it needs severe tweaking.
Removal: Super Mario Chronicles: Big Boo returns fixed
Author: Brian94
Description: "Fixed version. Please dleete the other one."

Oh god, if this was "fixed", then how bad was the previous one? o_o

This is also in video format, and is a bit long - 22 minutes. And that's not counting the second video.

Part 1
<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="" width="480" height="420"><param name="movie" value="" /><param name="allowfullscreen" value="true"/><param name="bgcolor" value="#FFFFFF"/></object>
Part 2
<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="" width="480" height="420"><param name="movie" value="" /><param name="allowfullscreen" value="true"/><param name="bgcolor" value="#FFFFFF"/></object>

Summarized: Awful palletes, horrible layouts, bad overworld, incorrect sprite memory settings, and a neverending bonus stage at the end.

Here's a non-video entry for the purists, and contains the ultimate in irony :<

Removal: Rosalina's Quest: The Search for Luigi
Author: Coburn64
Description: "This is a prerelease of my hack. Mario hasn't been changed to Rosalina for now, but it's gotta have some revisions done before the "offical" demo.

If you have any problems, let me know!"

How is this the ultimate in irony? This hack was made by my web host! The same host where I put my Hack Removal Log screens! XD Sorry man, but I'm doing what I do to everyone that makes hacks!

What the hell, Black Yoshi?

Is that floor or bottomless pit? O_o

Please explain why this is possible...

The points graphics is cut off, and the leaf has wierd colors.

The hell is going on with Raccoon Mario's head O_o

Red stem = BAD, please get the Pirahna fix patches so you won't get sprite memory corruption.

More of cut-off point tile.

FATAL ERROR DETECTED - Breaking those bricks makes this area impossible to exit. Weren't they coin blocks in SML?

The way the pipes line up with each other and the blocks is just... bad looking. Try to avoid gaps.

I don't like where this is going...

WARNING 1 - You should NEVER use Layer 3 tides in a level with vertical scrolling.

Fucked up Goomba pallete, and those mushroom scales have spinies for graphics O_o

This level is annoying as hell - it's a maze of these green brick blocks that are actually multi-bounce note blocks that bounce you both up, down, left, and right.

Movement is impossible, frustrations were had all around. What the fuck, Coburn? I thought you knew better than this :(

The 1000 point graphic looks like it's made of mixed styles o.O

Again, fugly Goomba palletes.

WARNING 2 - You should NEVER use Layer 3 tides in a level with vertical scrolling.

This is impossible, I can't get into the pipe.

...Oh. You do not know how much this bullshit pisses me off. If you're going to be doing stuff like this, DISABLE VERTICAL SCROLLING.

Finally, Bowser has fucked up colors.

Link Thread Closed