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Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
Here is a pair of... GUEST ENTRIES? What the fuck

Removal: Yoshi's Quest
Guest Speaker: Crystal King, who now owes me $10.

Yoshi's Quest can be deleted. I have screenshots, that are straight from the IRC.

Dirt house? what the hell

This background is horrible
What is up with the floating ? blocks

Why is that Koopa there...

Yoshi is doing his Mario Impression

The black water isn't a problem here, the Background is.

unnessary rope title

Oh boy, extra life city! (the green eggs are 1-ups BTW)

and if I fly further, I end up here, where there is no way to escape.

Hey kids, can you see the 3 things that are wrong here? Did you say "The background looks horrible" "the platform is messed up" and "Yoshi is missing his head"? if you did, congradulations! you figured it out!

It's a regular block... but when I hit it, this happens:

This safety house is a lot like the Top Secret Area from the original SMW, a stock up level.

what is this i dont even (the balck dot) and in conclusion, you can fly over that level.

That is all
I think this is enough for deletion
Oh wait
I'm not done yet
I have even more


nope, nothing in there

check out the underwater grass guys

Also, I know my layout looks horrible when scretched this far, but I can't disable layouts in PM's :(

Someone already removed it, so I was beaten to the punch.

Removal: Super Mario Underwater World (DEMO1)
Author: bkbusters
Description: "My first hack, it gets pretty hard after a while, but here's the worst part: When you die, you have to start again! It's 1 massive level!"
Guest Speaker: Lunch, the Local Moderator, who now happens to owe me $10.

Originally posted by Lunch
<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

It is called Super Mario Underwater World. I tested this hack out of boredom to show how bad it was on the IRC channel.

Also, I'm asking if I can have permission to write a removal log although you could easily write a log yourself by just watching the video. :P

Point out the blatant level edits and I'll give you a prize.

Last level in Bowser's Valley, #2 Morton's Castle, Ghost Ship, Vanilla Dome 1, #3 Lemmy's Castle.

Also, I'm simply going to post your message here. :)
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Removal: Super Doom world V2.0
Author: kayokenVG
Description: "Super doom world V2.0 I have worked very hard on this hack and had it refused twice, I have fixed all the problems that SMW central dosnt like so I'm hopeing it will be accepted now.
Custom stuff:
Star Block
Spring board block
Blue Koopa Block
Removal Block
Wall jump Block
Small mario pass block
Big mario pass block
No mario block
No Yoshi block
+50 time block
breakable blocks
SMW 3 music
p-switch and star music fix"

<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="" width="480" height="420"><param name="movie" value="" /><param name="allowfullscreen" value="true"/><param name="bgcolor" value="#FFFFFF"/></object>

Summary: YOU LIED TO US. You claimed that you fixed your hack. I saw one too many level design and graphical errors in your hack, which means you only said that in an effort to get your hack accepted as-is. It isn't going to work, buddy. In fact, take a day off and never submit this hack to the site ever again, please.

Removed: Super Mario World of Darkness
Author: Weirdaxe
It's a DEMO so it's not that good...
the Overworld isn't hacked.
theres no ExGfx.
the sprites are still the same.
After playing this hack I was just amazed... ...In a bad way.

Atleast use spaces after ?

Did you ever see floating grasses and houses in real-life?

Refering to an old quote, slightly edited...
That ground is NOT clean cut. For a truly clean cut, you must use Gilette, not whatever inferior shaving cream you used to cut that ground.

The whole level went like that...

Oh ok.

That ground is NOT clean cut. For a truly clean cut, you must use Gilette, not whatever inferior shaving cream you used to cut that ground.

If I am honest, the level name made me laugh.

Swearing in a hack is "forbittin" >_>


I didn't expect seeing non-bouncy ground in this level.

i bunch of nonsensical gibberish.

Where is the ground? Do not place objects in the most bottom row of the level in LM.


Too many sprites in 1 screen causes some sprites to disappear.

I needed to take a Yoshi with me... But since I am really lazy I used a PAR code instead.


Layer 3 water disappeared here.

Then why does the path lead to Iggy?


Full-caps makes you and your hack stupid. >_>

No shit Sherlock. Also blatant level edit:

No shit Sherlock.

I love how people try to recreate the Meissner effect in hacks.


Wait I survived?

Their head is NOT clean cut. blah blah gilette blah. Try to use the correct sprite memory or remove some sprites on that screen.


Hey FuzzyFreak if you read this I suggest you to play this hack.

At some point in that level I ended up in this level...

This is new.

Does the goal post have an anti-water force around it or something? Put it outside the water.

I was forced to be small.

Destroying some castle:

Ever saw a plant planted on another plant in real life? And floating plants?

Mario: Lets-a-be-the-nose


You need to improve lots of stuff in your hack. Stop with the floating and stacked up munchers and the cut-off grounds.
Removed: bowser's empire
Author: kidicarus3point0
Description: fsdmkbh
This is truly the longest hack I ever played. The only sprite it contains is the goal sprite and thats it!

[20:18:38] <@Kyoseron> Empirer -> emperor; rouge -> rogue, miniouns -> minions; mario -> Mario (ADD A COMMA AFTER); he -> a; cave should have a period; and that's it


Turn their behaviour into slopes instead of cement blocks.

Mario: I can float-a-bit

The palette of the pea bouncer is horrible
and awful
and disgusting

Apply the fadefix patch found at the patches section.

When you are going to submit a hack, make sure it atleast has 1 enemy in it. >_>

Part 2:

Removed: bowser's empire
Author: kidicarus3point0
Description: fsdmkbh
This duplicate submission was actually some other hack. It is supposed to be "Mario saves the good dwarfs". This actually had enemies in it: 2 shelless koopas.

One day, when Mario was taking a walk, he saw Bowser kidnapping the good dwarf's mayor. Bowser swooped in and dropped Mario in an island.

(Atleast I think so)

The bottom of the brown island just looks horrible.

A vine growing out of a note block doesn't really matter but it looks wrong when Mario bounces on it.

Oh gosh, why do we need a midway point when the goal is just a few steps away?

No events, causing Mario walk over the gap which is basically impossible.

Mario can walk through the slanted pipe.

And here is a Lets Play, by DarthRiko:

You need to fix the graphical errors.

Hack Name: COr{;'536GD<@9^hsh2v)8s2@#(ellphone - 23.7 KB - 0 downloads.
Length: 4 levels
Author: Tatrion - Submitted by: Tatrion
Description: this is my first smw hack for smwc ever i hope you guys rate it a 10 and give it good reviews

Basically an obvious 105 edit with horrible palettes, a short Bowser castle, and a level that kills you if you enter it. Let the pics do the talking because I'm lazy, and pictures actually do what I tell them to do.

Title screen:


(this goes to 106)



Bowser's Castle:

Last but not least, the greatest story ever told in a SMW hack:

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
(To hack mods: I am writing removal logs to help you guys out. 20 hacks waiting to be moderated is just terrible >_>)

Removed: Super Mario World THE HAUNTED FORREST
Author: funcky14
Description: Have fun
So... The title of the hack already has a typo. It is Forest, not Forrest.

Mario has found himself in the haunted forest. What could be ahead of him?*

This just looks horrible. Whats with the cut-off ground at the top of that land? Atleast put a ledge there or something.

The pipe there looks horrible. Put it on the ground instead of the pillar-like thing.

Why don't I like the palette of the ground?

Use the proper goal sphere graphics. Set SP4 to GFX05 using the Super GFX Bypass.

The color of that pillar looks ugly. >_>

Yay I found a secret.


2 Switch Palaces in a row is just lol.

Where is the back door?
Rename that castle name so it atleast makes sense.

Blatant level edits GO.

Surprisingly, the door didn't lead to Bowser, but to...

...this Big Boo boss. After that, there were the credits.

And here is a Lets Play, by Darthriko:

Removed: SMW X-TREME
Author: flesk3000
Description: um who ether plays this fix the part after iggy or else youll start glitcthing
I was quite shocked when I looked at the amount of levels: 245 levels! Too bad the hack was an SRM file of 2 KB meaning I couldn't really play it, and judging from this screenshot:

It is an X-TREME crappy hack.
wow that's great ffdshow is shitting itself >_>
Removal: smw edicion gariel
Author: dragoniante174
Description: "-son unos niveles que modifique unos copletamente otros ni altanto los textos estan en epañol

-levels that are completely alter some others nor Altanta lyrics are in epañol"


So dragoniante174 was nice enough to shoot himself in the foot, as all of these screens were provided with the IPS patch.

Floating bushes, cut-off tiles.

Absolutely HORRIBLE backgrounds and level design.

Floors that look like bottomless pits and glitched sprites.

Bad level edits and Spanish text boxes - which are probably filled with typos I could see if I could read Spanish.

Removed: Super Mega World Fixed
Author: Marioman57
Removed: This is my third hack(other 3 were not submited). This features a ugly koopa, Snifts, and 4 levels, have fun.
Is this really supposed to be the fixed version? The title screen already has floating munchers.

The text just looks ugly. I prefer the SMW's default font over this ugly text. >_>

Layer 3 cuts over Layer 3. Common problem in title screen.

Why is the level slippery in the first place?
Fix the corner of the ledge.

Bad lava palette

That thing is supposed to be a thwimp.

Fix the corner

I got a 3-up moon there, and the 3-up tile was glitched.

That is just bizarro.

Because you can re-enter when you pass it...

...And the switch isn't there, meaning you need to wait till your time runs out.


Fix the corner

Fix the corner, and stop with the cut-off tiles. >_>

Too bad there was NO minion in that level. Only a goal point question sphere.


This just looks wrong...

Set SP4 to GFX05, or atleast get a decent goal.

After this level, I ended up in YI3 which was unedited (except GFX)

then ended up in this level:

I have to admit, I never thought of the low gravity effect using layer 2 water, not interacting with Mario but interacting with sprites.

Stacked munchers...

Animated garbage. Garbage

Bad event

More bad events. I stopped playing at this point.

You really need to fix the graphical error, and stop using floating and stacked munchers.
Hack Name: Mario World:Bowsers Plan Demo Demo - 287.1 KB
Length: 10 levels
Author: X-King - Submitted by: X-King
Description: This is my first Hack
So it has
Custom Music
Custom Sprites
And much more
It was reaaly much hard work and I hope you will love it

Mario had a very
well vacation,but
Bowser had a
plan.The Name of
the plan is The
Plaaan Are you

Okay, first and foremost, not every level needs bullet bills. They make gameplay annoying.

1. Title screen's a mess. The white and yellow things (lightning?) didn't come out looking so good, the BG isn't assembled correctly, and the FG has some weird dark-blue to medium-blue transition that isn't done really well. I'd suggest making a new BG, and use something else to create lightning, like a lightning generator or ExAnimation or something.

2. Loads and loads of bad palettes... sometimes, it makes it hard to even tell if the enemy is dangerous to the touch, like the porcupine whose spikes you can barely see, and the other weird thing with antennae. Two of them are shell problems, but they are fairly minor.

2a.) Sprite palettes

(Only the stem part of the mushroom. Could use some shading to be consistent, and lose that pink line thing.)

(Red outline around a green flower head = aaaaaaaaa)

2b.) FG/object palettes

2c.) BG palettes

(The flames are screwed up. There's a huge box around them. Also, move the BG colors to a different palette that's not being used for any objects in this level and restore the original colors to palettes 0 and 1 so that your status bar isn't b0rked.)

2d.) Overworld palettes

(The snow is discolored in some parts; the light brown island looks pretty bad and also has a cutoff corner)

(The grassy island looks bad around the edges)

2e.) COURSE CLEAR screen

(Need fade fix. You can download it in the patches section and you should apply it to your ROM.)

3. I WOULD have counted this under bad BG palettes, but there's something else wrong with it - the slope is cutoff and placed too high and too far to the right.

4. This wall looks very bad and clashes with the flat ledge it's attached to. I'd suggest finding another graphic to use for the FG that looks similar to what you were trying to get to work, and rebuild over what's there so you don't lose anything from your level design.

5. The Goomba's squish frame is glitched. You should draw in a proper graphic over something not used, like the 5up frame, remap the squish graphics to whichever tile you draw it on, and it should be a mirror image like how the Koopa's squish frame is.

6. This Iggy platform looks really bad. I suggest returning it to its normal state.

7. You should NEVER use a foreground graphic for a background because it makes it almost impossible to tell the difference. You have to raise the contrast of the background dramatically if you do, like make it extremely pale, so that the player can identify it as a background.

8. Make a pipe leading out to the exit, because you're in trouble with goals in this level. The goal bar looks really bad attached to the midway point, and you can't use the goal sphere because you have rexes in this level. If you have the same BG in the room the pipe/door leads to, you will need to use the goal sphere (found normally in GFX05.)

9. Grammar issues. You need a space after a comma, period, exclamation point, question mark, quotation mark, etc. Not only that, but "a very well vacation" is improper - a very good vacation works. Name should not be capitalized since it's not a proper noun, and "Plaaan" should have a period at the end since it's the end of that statement. You should check all your other messages as well for similar errors.

10. I do not know what this Thwomp is. It looks safe to jump on - therein lies the problem. However, it's not a bad graphic to use for something else. Just that anything that hurts you if you touch it should look like it can hurt you.

The hack is rather decent, but very unpolished, so I encourage you to fix these palettes and other problems you have - it shouldn't be too tough to do.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Mario's Decision Demo 1 Demo - 142.5 KB - 27 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: Marioman57 - Submitted by: Marioman57
Description: Introducing my 5 or 4 hack, I lost count, anyway, this has:
-The first world done
-No ExGFX, Custom Music, Custom Blocks, or Custom Enemies, but maybe later!
- Also, I'm aware of that there is a pipe that leads to Iggy's Gas Factory, I forgot to delete that pipe so I'm aware of that, also and finally, I edited the sprites to make a mecha-piranha plant, shyguys, and snifts, so enjoy, tell me about bugs or glitches.


2. (expletive deleted)

Floating/stacked munchers = instanuke. Attach the stems to something solid or give them new graphics so they actually make sense floating and don't look like crap.

Oh... hold on... what's this? X_x

<blink>MUNCHER PYRAMID</blink></font size></b>

3. Glitched goal sphere. Not compatible with Rex. I don't see anything here that would ruin the normal goal bar + post, so why not just use those instead?

4. Mmmmmmm... I smell leftovers.

(The little dino rhinos also have a bad palette, and the FG doesn't look so good...)

But in all seriousness, CTRL+DEL your levels. Don't base them on SMW's levels because to be blunt, blatant level edits always suck. They're unoriginal and boring and give the impression you didn't even want to try... even if you did try.

5. The bottom row is used for walking in this screen taken directly from what you've uploaded here. You can't even see it ingame aside from the top pixel (and that is barely visible since it's so tiny), so never use it for walking. Only the second row from the bottom and up in Lunar Magic are okay to walk on.

6. I hit the side of the Yoshi egg block, and it turns into a P-switch. Why not just have a block you hit from below to avoid all the extra work you'll need to do to fix this? (especially when this is the least of your problems)

7. You have bad corner tiles for the ground, and the ground is cutoff where it meets the arch ledges. You need to actually give the ground a side.

8. I'm actually standing on a message box in this screen, but you can't see it because there are so many freaking BOO CIRCLES in this level that kill the sprite tile memory. Either use edit1754's ASM and set the sprite memory to 10 or just get rid of some Boo Circles, and/or move them further apart.

9. Also taken from your screenshots, this...block, I guess, is inconsistent with the rest of the tile set, and this looks like a blatant edit of the auto-scrolling portion of Iggy's Castle with Layer 3 smash...

10. Just no. Don't start a level like this where the player needs to react fast just to avoid a hit.


(change palette 3 to a red to yellow gradient on the left side where the teal and orange are, and give the vines a proper bottom)


(Change palette 2 to some kind of color gradient that isn't eye-searing - this color setup is meant for grass and looks really bad with this tileset. Water needs a surface.)

This hack needs either a tub-o-work put into it to get it fixed, or scrapped in favor of a fresh start. Level -> Enable Custom Palette is something you should really take advantage of. Never use glitched graphics, and always root your vines and munchers to something. Don't use the bottom row for walking. And yes, CTRL+DEL the SMW levels before you build your own levels.

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Tag (b) was not closed.
Tag (font) was not closed.
Tag (font) was not closed.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
*Credit for this removal log goes to DarthRiko. Most of it is in his words, but I added a couple of things for clarification.

Hack Name: Mario's Double Trouble
Length: 73 Exits
Author: AlwaysDeliverz - Submitted by: AlwaysDeliverz
My first hack release!

The plot's simple, basically the Princess has been kidnapped by both Bowser and Big Boo.

If the hack is rejected, PM me, tell me why and what I need to do. If not, remove this text

For the most part, every palette that was altered, was fail. With the one exception being the purple Dinos that actually looked kinda cool. There's cutoff tiles galore, as well as several instances of sprite limitations.


1. The palette of the text is bad, you can change this by editing the BG selection in the levels shown.

1. The pipe next to the dirt, doesn't work. Either change the pipe's GFX to not have that blank area, or rearrange this screen entirely.

1. Oi, just make it to where this doesn't happen, and if you need a guide, look at the ones from the original game.

1. First they were stacked, then they floated, now they're...
2. Their palette is bad. (The orange and purple don't mix well. I'd recommend making their leaves all shades of purple, as orange can be... painful on the eyes.)

1. Oh god.

1. Oh god.

1. Sprite limitations make your piranha's head disappear.
2. Personally, I like red stems, but 99% of the rest of the people here disagree with me, there is a patch to fix this.

1. I wondered when this would happen. (You can't stack munchers like this, nor can you have them floating. Root their stems to something solid.)

1. Layer 2 is scrolling awkwardly, making it impossible to get past, unless you use L or R. Just set the Layer 2 scroll to none to fix this. (This will make the cement blocks always be around the center of the screen without shifting as you move.)

1. Even upside down, stacked munchers fail.

1. That bridge and purple mushroom thing is supposed to be a pipe.
2. Bad palette on the mushroom, maybe, it's about borderline, but you might want to change in anyways. (The reddish shading on the mushroom should be changed to a gray-scale or pale green-scale, blue-scale, or purple-scale.)

1. Clouds do not hold water, at least not like this. (Another big problem with this is that you should not be able to walk through a barrier holding up water. It has to be solid. You may need to reconstruct this part to make it work out to be both playable and sensible.)
2. Cutoffness Man strikes again.

1. What is with you and these palettes? (The BG is overly blinding. The BG yellow in particular needs a lot of toning down.)

1. It's Cutoffness Man again!

1. GASP! Those spikes can levitate!
2. What is up with that spike ball?
3. Ugly fish palette.

2. Bone vines?
3. Those skulls look ugly, especially when they are cut off earlier in the stage.

1. Plants don't grow in mid-air.

1. Fast Auto-Scroll + Pipe slightly off screen = fail.
2. Those columns were not meant to be used as ground.
3. Those spikes are a little low, don't ya think? I mean you can duck under it, but still...

Eye-searing palettes, bad level design, attack of Cutoffness Man, and sprite limitations.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Super Mario Islands Demo 1 Demo - 11.6 KB - 0 downloads.
Length: 3 levels
Author: bkbusters - Submitted by: bkbusters
Description: My first official hack, it's better now that I have included a nicer looking overworld, 3 finished levels, and custom objects.

Note: You can go no further than Yoshi Clifs (level 3) because it won't let you.

1. 105 edit, though not super-obvious... it's still there. Ctrl+DEL SMW's levels before you build your own.

2. It's Cutoffness Man!

(There's some cutoffness at the other end of the bridge too. These ledges against water MUST have solid walls.

Solid or non-solid walls would work alright on the lower-left platform.

3. Ok. This part isn't even edited AT ALL.

Tthhiiss aarreeaa llaaggss ssoo mmuucchh bbeeccaauussee yyoouu hhaavvee ttoooo mmaannyy sspprriitteess. (Maybe the FastROM patch will fix this up in a jiffy. If not, remove some of these piranha plants.

4. You have the surface-jumping Monty Moles in the ground, and the ground-dwelling Monty Moles above the surface. Look at what this does to your beautiful above-ground area. D:

5. All of these are Yoshi egg blocks. This is extremely bad because if you have Yoshi egg blocks in close proximity, you can get one to appear, and the adult Yoshi will despawn when another egg hatches. Similarly, there's a problem with Yoshi eggs outside of blocks, except you can get one to become an adult with a baby Yoshi for a head... so please, folks. Don't place Yoshi egg blocks close to each other, and don't let the player have access to more than one Yoshi egg per level.

6. This 3-up moon is way too easy to get. At least you don't have a whole level full of them, but still. A 3-up moon should be a reward for either a ton of exploration in obscure areas or a reward for a tough puzzle, and there should be no more than 1 per world.

7. Bushes don't overlap well in most spots. This is an example. You should separate the bushes that look glitchy where they overlap.

8. You shouldn't be able to walk through this pipe up near the top or at the bottom, but you can. You notice how there's a ground tile at the bottom left of the pipe when you place it from that window? It's important because it prevents the player from walking through the bottom of the pipe. To prevent the player from walking through the top of the pipe, you'll need to place a thin vertical pipe on the right of it below the corner of the diagonal pipe as support.

9. This message box has a really nasty teal and orange palette. I suggest not using palette 3 for it, but if you must, then make palette 3 a dark-to-light gradient on the left side.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Super Mario: Hunter's Revenge v1.1 - 625.4 KB - 51 downloads.
Length: 45 levels
Author: metalgearhunter - Submitted by: metalgearhunter
Description: Ok, well there seemed to be a problem that went through the patch and made the Level, A new world unaccessable. Hmm, that's never happened before. Well, I have submitted a fixed version. Here it is.

I have wanted to submit this for a long time. So I submitted it, and I am confidant that I have fixed every bug. On levels Hunter's Castle 3 and Hunter's Capital have 2 exits in it to skip HARD rooms, but you can do them if you want.

Hack Description: After Mario conquered SCORPION, he headed home to find that the Mushroom Kingdom is being mutated, now Mario must go through feilds, space, a jungle, a forest, and Hunter's World to stop the evil Tyrant Hunter.

Here's an IRC log. URLs that aren't clickable don't go to anything that's still there (namely to the pics of the hack on this site because the hack has been removed, obviously.)

[16:47:55] Crystal_King: I'll go for Hunter's Revenge
[16:48:16] Crystal_King: Mostly because I already have screenshots of why it should be deleted
[16:48:18] Crystal_King: 8D
[16:49:22] Crystal_King: in fact, it's an insta nuke already
[16:49:23] Crystal_King:
[16:49:30] Crystal_King: leads to level 0
[16:49:47] Crystal_King: And there are a couple more that do this too
[16:50:01] Crystal_King: I also got more
[16:50:18] Crystal_King:
[16:50:24] Crystal_King: Mess up here, there is no reset pipe
[16:50:30] Crystal_King: so your forced to die
[16:50:31] Crystal_King: :(
[16:50:40] Crystal_King: or take damage
[16:52:07] Crystal_King: I have 50 more screens of horrible stuff like this
[16:53:26] Crystal_King: WHERE'S THE GROUND
[16:53:55] Crystal_King: Insta-nuke, you shouldn't be forced to fill in the yellow switch blocks
[16:54:05] Crystal_King: What
[16:54:10] Crystal_King: STAR ROAD
[16:54:36] Crystal_King: last time I checked that was a a switch palace
[16:55:00] Crystal_King: These pillars cut into the lava
[16:55:17] Crystal_King: You can jump up on here.
[16:55:33] Crystal_King: OH MY GOD MY EYES
[16:55:41] Crystal_King: AND IF THAT COULDN'T GET ANY WORSE
[16:55:47] Crystal_King:
[16:56:08] Crystal_King: invisible pipe leads out here
[16:56:23] kyo[removal_log]: CK, is this the version waiting to be moderated?
[16:56:24] Crystal_King: another invisible pipe here
[16:56:30] Crystal_King: It's the same thing
[16:56:33] Crystal_King: I already look through it
[16:56:52] Crystal_King: | what the
[16:57:11] Crystal_King: | Munchers and glitchy layer 2 down there
[16:57:32] Crystal_King: Ultra Slowdown here
[16:57:56] Crystal_King: door Cuts into the FG
[16:58:38] kyo[removal_log]: HOLY FFFFFFFFFFFF
[16:58:41] kyo[removal_log]: at that last screen
[16:58:51] Crystal_King: | A glowing door. that's fine... but don't make it lead to
[16:59:34] Crystal_King: | Mario fell through the log
[16:59:47] Crystal_King: what is this i dont even
[17:00:34] Crystal_King: | You got Glowing Land, Glowing BG, and Glowing Doors. but GLOWING LAVA WITH MESSED UP GFX?
[17:00:55] Crystal_King: How the hell am I supposed to pass that
[17:01:08] Crystal_King: invisible goal post
[17:01:37] Crystal_King:
[17:02:25] Crystal_King: Mario can swim through lava holy shit
[17:02:42] Crystal_King: MY EYES V. 2.0
[17:04:08] Crystal_King: ok, it's a 3-up moon. That isn't the problem. Green logs, and a ground that isn't visible
[17:04:49] Crystal_King: do I even have to explain the borders around that castle
[17:05:20] Crystal_King: OH MY GOD THAT CASTLE
[17:06:28] Crystal_King: floating branches. I blame the mushrooms.
[17:07:03] Crystal_King: Got one more
[17:07:07] Crystal_King: and that'll be it
[17:07:43] Crystal_King: Make that 3 more
[17:07:50] Crystal_King: they are uploading now
[17:09:08] Crystal_King: Purple Lava... k
[17:09:23] Crystal_King: Lava cuts into the ground
[17:10:01] Crystal_King: there is no possible way to pass that as big mario. Another insta-nuke
[17:10:17] Crystal_King: Ok, that's every single screenshot I got
[17:10:34] Azure: Actually, that is possible. You need frame precision, though.
[17:10:48] kyo[removal_log]: which is bad
[17:10:52] kyo[removal_log]: there has to be some margin of error
[17:10:55] kyo[removal_log]: even if it is a small one
[17:11:05] Azure: You're not penalized for errors, though.
[17:11:13] Crystal_King: I had to get rid of my first Fire Flower
[17:11:26] * kyo[removal_log] points to the timer.
[17:11:30] kyo[removal_log]: D:
[17:11:34] Crystal_King: and you need to activate the switch the pass the horribly palleted YI cave level
[17:11:43] kyo[removal_log]: the fact that you die if time runs out makes it so that you are penalized for errors >.<
[17:12:08] Crystal_King: I ran low on time because I was crouching and jumping forward
[17:12:25] Crystal_King: so basically I was going a pixel a second
[17:12:40] Crystal_King: Because I wanted to keep my Fire Flower
[17:12:43] Crystal_King: :(
[17:16:14] Crystal_King: also
[17:16:26] Crystal_King: even without the screenshots I just provided
[17:16:47] Crystal_King: with the screenshots he provided he litterally shot himself in the foot
[17:16:58] Crystal_King:
[17:17:12] kyo[removal_log]: O_______O
[17:17:13] Crystal_King:
[17:17:13] Crystal_King:
[17:17:32] Crystal_King:
[17:17:40] kyo[removal_log]: OH GOD @ last pic
[17:17:43] kyo[removal_log]: what the fffffffff is that
[17:17:48] Crystal_King:
[17:18:25] kyo[removal_log]: alright
[17:18:27] kyo[removal_log]: I think I'll post now
[17:18:34] Crystal_King: I have wanted to submit this for a long time. So I submitted it, and I am confidant that I have fixed every bug.
[17:18:37] Crystal_King: ...
[17:18:42] Crystal_King: XD
[17:20:04] Crystal_King: also
[17:20:07] Crystal_King: one last thing
[17:20:07] Crystal_King:
[17:20:12] Crystal_King: the background
[17:22:10] kyo[removal_log]: owwww... indeed

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If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
*Credit for this removal log goes to DarthRiko. Thanks again. This is in his words, unaltered.

Hack Name: super mario past time demo
Length: 8 levels
Author: pitfallingpat - Submitted by: pitfallingpat
my porject i loved the old games so its a back in time game read the read me for more info

Bad palettes, questionable game elements, general errors.

1. Mario's movement has not been altered, so you can still hear him jumping, even though he is above the screen. To fix this you could edit the tile movements, but the best way would be to open the ROM in a hex editor and go to 0x01E82, and change it to EA A9 00. This mill remove all movement and loop effect.

1. It should say:
"Welcome to the past land. It's time to venture to save the Princess from Bowser, but this time he is hidden in the past."

1. Funny, the path is there, but I can't follow it.
2. Some of the palettes, like the dirt cliff stuff looks bad.
3. It is square and boring.

1. It should say:
"I remember this place! It's Donkey Kong! I remember the oil barrels kill me, I had better watch out for them."
2. Notice the enemy? Just about every enemy in the game walks off their platform before I get to them.

1. What happened to the goal post? I know you're trying to tell us your game is about past worlds, but seriously?

1. You can abuse vines and nets to get tons of 1-ups doing this.

1. Easy 3-up. They shouldn't be that easy.

1. Should say:
"Hmm... This place seems familiar to me. I know! It's Super Mario Bros!
2. Your palette is ugly, wasn't the ground ORANGE, instead of WTF-MY-EYES-YELLOW?

1. Bad coin palette, the blue one, not the regular one.
2. Bad pipe palette, just turn that white into a darker green and it should be good.
3. What is wrong with the flower? It isn't a big deal, but I'm pointing it out anyways.

1. I don't know where people stand on the issue of vines hanging from clouds, but it certainly looks wrong to me.

1. I know this is the end of the demo, but it's such a letdown if you have an open path, but can't walk on it.

Overall, with some work this might actually end up being a rather good game, I have no objections to the levels themselves, except they need more enemies and the DK levels were too short.

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If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Resident Evil e a Dor do Medo 2-Wesker Traído - 164.5 KB - 19 downloads.
Length: 14 levels
Author: saintcaio - Submitted by: saintcaio
Description: Hack Portuguese version


A princesa foi salva pelo Leon,pelo menos é o que todos pensavam,mas minutos depois o castelo foi invadido por milhões de copas e filhos do bowser,Leon não teve chance,saiu mas não conseguiu pegar a princesa,Bowser sempre teve uma paixão pela princesa,capturou-a so para ele,mas isso não estavam nos planos da umbrella,WESKER foi mandado para recaptura-la e prender bowser,Mario não estava debilitado na verdade era um plano.Mario(Fez isso para ficar mais escondido) trabalha na Umbrella e foi ajudar Wesker.

Título: Resident Evil e a Dor do Medo 2
Criador: SaintCaio
Gênero: Aventura
Programa Utilizado: Lunar Magic (Roomhack de SuperMario world)
Tamanho: +- 400Kb
Idioma: Português
Onde o jogo ocorre:Na floresta de Raccon City e no Mundo dos Dinossauros do SMW(Interligação entre os 2 mundos)
Fases:São 10 Fases Normais +3 fases extras + 1 fase secreta(fora a casa do yoshi) + 3 canos.

1. More glitched graphics than you can shake a fishing pole at.

I believe that's supposed to be a gas bubble.

Dolphin-eyes Bob-omb


Spiny, and you also have some sprite tile memory problems because the thing I'm holding became invisible.

The crow thing turns into a koopa when you stomp on it. O_o (This FG also has a really bad palette - you need to make it a consistent gradient of dark to light from left to right of a color. Blue and gray look awkward for this set.)


Fish stem (also, there is a really bad FG palette and the vertical log has bad colors)

Lakitu stem, distant cousin of the fish stem.

Glitched coins.

For the fish stem, there are some patches that will correct the palette, and you will have to use ExGFX to make the fish into a vine. For everything else, remember to look at the tileset specific objects' numbers at the top of the screen and make sure you have that file loaded in the right spot in Super GFX Bypass. As for the squished Koopa, if you can't get/make squished graphics for the crow thing, then just turn the crow thing back into a shell-less Koopa. The coin thing... eh... well, I think your ROM is dirty because the checksum was bad, so you might want to consider moving your work to a clean ROM.

2. Three problems in this next pic:
-Fire should always be on the ground. It stretches across five tiles, so make sure there's ground on the tiles next to where the lightning lands two extra tiles both ways.

-The stagnant water is glitched. The graphics for it don't exist in GFX15, so you will have to take them from the underground set and paste them in the same spot in GFX15 and resave it as ExGFX, or just use moving water. If you're using the tile needed by the spot that the stagnant water overwrites, you will need to stick with the moving water.

-Stacked munchers on the far right. Munchers can NOT be stacked or left floating, because plants don't grow in mid-air. Root their stems to something solid.

3. Enemies placed too close to Wesker in the intro - you can die as a result, and if you get a game over in the intro, it screws up your life counter.

4. Cutoffness Man returns!

You should make the vine a bit taller and put a cement block at the top of it. There's also a bad corner tile next to the vine with some dirt behind it; you need to place a corner tile with transparent pixels on its outside from direct Map16 access to fix that.

Right next to where I'm ducking, there's a bullet launcher that cuts into the ground. Put walls around it to make it not look so silly.

5. Message box + the disco ball light thingy = no! Look at what the message box does to the light. If this message is vital, then you should have it in a separate room or take out the light thing because it's not that hard to see everything anyways. You can just use a dark level mode or give it a dark custom palette.

6. This is an obvious edit of Forest of Illusion 3...

7. ...and these levels aren't edited at all.

8. I shouldn't be able to walk through this pipe like this D:

9. xD

You can make a giant bush with Map16, but please don't leave berries floating like that. They're meant to be attached to a Yoshi house or to a large bush.

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If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
*And yet another removal log by DarthRiko! (credit for this log goes to him) Thanks a whole lot for your help today.

Hack Name: Super Mario World THE ATTACK OF THE KOPAS - 31.7 KB - 19 downloads.
Length: 27 exits
Author: funcky14 - Submitted by: funcky14
Description: I hope you have fun.

Overall fail.

1. You can die here, screwing up the lives counter.
2. *first
3. Add a period at the end.

1. My are there 3 switches accessible on one submap? Without even beating a single level?
2. Two of them have bad palettes.

1. Glitchy Yoshi hatch animation.

1. Stacked munchers
2. Tiles one the bottom row in LM CANNOT BE SEEN BY THE PLAYER!

1. Cutoffness Man Returns, get it today on DVD and VHS!

1. Moonymoonyfreakingmoons. No, just no.

1. Move the post down a tile and set it behind the ground.

1. No, just no. No explanation needed.

Please note:
Every screen shot shown here comes from before and during the very first level, minus the last shot. It is safe to assume these errors continue in ever level through the rest of the game. So fix them all, not just the select few shown here.

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If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Mario- The New Adventure (Demo 1) Demo - 151.4 KB - 16 downloads.
Length: 8 levels
Author: MLVile - Submitted by: MLVile
Description: Originally Super Mario, now with 'NO' Glitches and some new graphics. Thanks to SMW Redrawn, I have a new OW Mario.

(Keep in mind that I'm not trying to be mean or anything with this thing coming up, just making it interesting to read... hopefully.)

1. Ladies and gents, kids of all ages, let me introduce you to our newest Halloween attraction here at SMWC. We proudly call it the Castle of Failure. In the Castle of Failure, you will find all sorts of delicious delights, such as:

-Floating munchers
-Stacked munchers
-Gray lava
-Horribly-colored green and brown ground
-Blind jumps
-Cutoff ropes
-Glowing candles with no flame

What a surprise! Our favorite plumber has arrived outside where there are some horribly discolored hills. (Something's clearly wrong with palette 0 and 1, so I think the best solution would be to import an unmodified palette, and just enhance the blues in palette 8 like you did here with Mario, and leave 0 and 1 as they are.)

Here, we see all the pretty colors of the Castle of Failure along with a cutoff rope.

(You need to enable custom palettes - do any dark to light gradient of a single color for the first half of palette 2, and a red-to-yellow gradient for the first half of palette 3.)

If you choose to go up and take the higher route through the Castle of Failure, you will see all the Thwomps and Thwimps, plus tons of Cutoffnessman! Below the ropes are the horrifying stacked and floating munchers that you will have nightmares about forever. The upper path is not for the meek - only choose it if you have a soul of steel. =D

(Munchers can't be stacked, and their roots need to be on something solid - they shouldn't float. Ropes would look nicer if where they are cutoff, you put a cement block.)

If you choose the lower path, you will rush by the creepy Koopa skeletons known as Dry Bones, who will throw bones at you as you work your way up the escalator. Then, you will make a miraculous leap of faith... but where will you land?

Down here, of course! But of course, you can't tell there's boiling gray lava down here until you're already inches above. Watch out for the Bony Beetles on the ledges - they will harmlessly wander by if you take care to avoid them. If you are a true risk-taker, then the bottom path is for you.

(Psst... it's not a good idea to have a blind jump when there's definite danger below. You should have a coin guide you to the ledge so the player doesn't fall into lava s/he doesn't even know exists until it's too late.)

So there you have it, folks. The Castle of Failure. Admission for children 12 and under is 4 USD; teens and adults = 6 USD, or if you arrive with a party of 5 or more, it's only 18 USD for the whole group. So come to the Castle of Failure for real chills and thrills! When will the Castle of Failure be open, you ask?

SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY!</font size></b>

2. I'm forced to take a hit here, or else I have to suffer a LONG, ANNOYING ROAD TO THE FINISH. Paths should always be at least two tiles high so you can fit in at any size, or you should have a walkthrough block at the entrance of this part that makes you small Mario. Also, Cutoffness Man strikes back.

3. Still more Cutoffness Man attacks.

Also, ani't should be ain't. Some people might not like "ain't" being used either, even though it sounds like what you're trying to do is give the character who left this message some personality, in which case, it's fine to use "ain't".

Cutoff BG. That doesn't look good using a monochrome, unoutlined mass as ground. I'd make a new BG or use some other pre-existing ExGFX that fits what you're looking for.

4. This takes higher priority since it was pointed out by a moderator before...

It should be staggers, not stagers.

5. This portion is incredibly laggy. Use the FastROM patch or remove some of these guys.

6. This underwater level can be summed up with two screens:

Going up a hill, dodging or shooting these blue Koopas for a good portion of the beginning...

...and the last half of this level is a load of swimming fish above these super-steep slopes.

This level suffers from "it's almost all Blue Koopas sliding down steep slopes and nothing else" syndrome.

Moral of the story: You've got to broaden your ideas per level, and not prolong one idea for too long. Otherwise, it's boring. :|

7. Some pretty bad palettes, and some extremely bad palettes.

"SUPER MARIO" and the dates shown at the bottom have bad colors. They are shared with the BG palette, if you want to fix that.

WARNING: The screenshot below may cause a headache. I do not claim responsibility for any headaches acquired from viewing the image below. You view it at your own discretion. You have been warned.</font size></span></b>

This OW needs some serious palette fixing.

8. Lastly, why is there a quote bubble arrow, yet no quote bubble? If the egg isn't going to say anything, please remove the quote bubble arrow. Also, familier -> familiar.

So, good luck in fixing these things.

Unexpected end tag (</b>) at 3423, expected </font>
Unexpected end tag (</span>) at 5853, expected </font>
Unexpected end tag (</b>) at 5857, expected </font>
Tag (font) was not closed.
Tag (span) was not closed.
Tag (b) was not closed.
Tag (font) was not closed.
Tag (b) was not closed.

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Hack Name: Adventure world demo 2 Demo - 38.9 KB - 2 downloads.
Length: 8 levels
Author: MrSmrt - Submitted by: MrSmrt
Description: Fixed the pipe again, still glitchy overworld

1. Area where you can get permanently stuck. That coin is in the place of the block the P-switch is from. The problem with that? The player might not know that s/he needs to take it up onto the crates before pressing it, so if s/he presses it down here, then it's a forced death. Similarly, the player can drop it down the hole by accident (butterfingers.)

(Similarly, you can end up stuck in the green switch palace if you don't collect the coins around the green switch before hitting the p-switch.)

2. Terrible sprite memory settings in this level and in the castle. The moving floor chokes on it, making it hard to tell where the hole in the floor is. Edit1754's ASM is useful here. Apply it and set the sprite memory to 10, and if you can't do that for some reason, then take more sprites out.

3. Some graphics glitch up in the castle... namely the two types of fireballs in the level. They don't occur ALL the time, only sometimes when in the castle... but still need to be fixed. A glitch is a glitch.

4. The level after the castle leads to a neverending bonus room. You can NOT move off this tile either, so the only way to go back and play the levels again is to reset. Just make the level "after" the castle be an end of demo level with side exits enabled and put prizes or whatever there, or don't have the castle trigger any event so Mario doesn't go into the middle of nowhere.

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Hack Name: Super Mario World The Hard Way Demo 1 Demo - 5 KB - 8 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: AceTrainerMegaron - Submitted by: AceTrainerMegaron
Description: Your original SMW modified to be harder.
NOT a Kaizo-ish challange.
Resubmitted because of an error.

First and foremost, and I apologize for it, but we don't accept blatant level edit hacks. :/ Maybe if you make a "full" version with all 72 levels, and if it turns out being a clean "hard mode" of SMW, then I can see about getting it on the site in the future, since there are likely some people who want a hard mode of SMW. I'll even offer to beta test.

1. Semi-Kaizo trap at the end of the level. The reason why "semi" and not "full" is because you can at least see the trap beyond the goal post before you cross it, but if you already wasted your p-switch and it runs out, then you end up dying. (Also, the bushes appear cutoff because they're floating like that...)

2. Cutoffness Man returns, part 65535!

Ledges should end in walls - never run into another object to use as a wall and never leave them cutoff. Nets need jointed corners all the time. You can place them straight from direct Map16 access, as that's the quickest way to find the corners and other pieces.

3. Being hard and being unfair are two completely different things. This is an example of unfair - the player needs to be alert right off the bat and react or s/he ends up dying.

4. There are some portions that are completely unedited. Most of these include the "side-rooms" in the normal levels (like Yoshi's Island 1 and 2) but even the Switch Palaces need something to spice them up. If this is truly a hard mode, the Switch Palaces should have something you need to work through in order to get the switch, like a complex puzzle. If you need another hack to show you some examples, TKO has some really great Switch Palace puzzles you can study to come up with your own puzzle for this.

Well, I hope that out of the (what seems like) thousands of people that make a "harder Super Mario World", this one ends up being a decent one. Remember to stray away from "Kaizo traps", split-second reaction times at the beginning of levels, floating/stacked munchers, forced deaths, and remember to NEVER force the player to get a switch palace to continue in such a way that they die if they enter the level that needs a switch palace (you can force a player to get a switch palace to continue so long as there's a different exit in the level or side-exits enabled in order to prevent death or getting stuck.)

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Oh boy, I get to delete a hack with a stupidly long name!
Removal: Super Mario World: Not Another Masochistically Fucking Hard Mario Hack
Author: Playa96
Description: "It's just what it sounds like. It's probably not as hard as Kaizo, but I know damn well I tried! :)

- Custom Music (Thanks to andres!)
- Custom Levels"

Okay first of all Kaizo-type hacks are not really appreciated around here. You can post them in the forums, but please don't submit them to the site.

Onto the screenshots, which the author generously provided to show his mistakes:

Sprite memory errors! Messed up HUD! Ugly ground pallete!

Cut-off ground! Floating ground! Floating munchers!

Cut-off lava! Ground that looks like a bottomless pit! Invisible climbing net!

Link Thread Closed