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Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
Hack Name: super mario world remade demo Demo - 18.6 KB - 10 downloads.
Length: 2 exits
Author: sondre b p - Submitted by: sondre b p
Description: one level is hard and another level is easy.

1. Floating munchers. Their stems should always be rooted to the ground - no exceptions unless you change their graphics to something that doesn't look completely (for lack of better words) stupid floating in mid-air.

Not only do they float in the air, but they also float... on water?

Demented man-eating lily pads, I could understand, but not munchers... plus, they cut into the water, bringing us to our next removal reason.

2. Cutoffness Man and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat!

Not only is that a problem aesthetically, but something that isn't solid should NOT be able to hold up water like that. You can fall through the side of that slope if you go to the left in the water. Now that doesn't make any sense, does it? It SEEMS to hold up the water just fine... Always end your ledges with walls - and the walls MUST be solid if they are against water or lava.

Cutoffness Man's attack on midway points and bridges:

(Add a cement block to the ends of the bridges; attach the midway points to the post - actually, only have one midway point.)

Cutoffness Man strikes back - this time, the midway post is cutoff by the ledge. Have the post floating over the slope so that you can see the rounded bottom of it instead.

This the majority of "Yoshi's Island 1"

...and this is pretty much all of "Yoshi's Island 2" that wasn't shown above.

Brainstorm some different concepts to broaden the variety in your levels. Ten screens of Chucks on bridges or Koopas on slopes will NOT keep your player's interests, and they will lose motivation to play. These things work as filler, but you need more.

4. Cutoff layer 1 mist clouds, cutoff layer 2 paths, cutoff jutting rock, and cutoff ground behind the hill on the overworld. You can simply delete the cutoff mist clouds, copy the top of the really short hill on the left and paste it on the hill with the blue BG, and copy one of those dark green circles and paste it where Iggy's Castle once was. Delete the cutoff jutting rock and paste a clean corner (with no rock "behind" it) on the spot where cutoff is leftover so that it removes the cutoff.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Super Mario World Reanimated Demo 1 Fixed Demo - 194.6 KB - 17 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: Marioman57 - Submitted by: Marioman57
Description: This hack has a cusom overworld that, as far as i've played, works great, 7 levels, and none of the levels are hard! I will maybe later, make a 2-5 world hack that may or maynot yet have ExGFX, custom music, and custom sprites ( just me, but I don't care about the custom blocks).

-Intro has a glitched background that looks eye-searing as well. Copy the BG from another level and use the appropriate GFX file in it.

-From 3:02 to 3:53, you have fire appearing cutoff over the munchers - it would be good to move the munchers so that the fire only hits solid, flat ground and doesn't get cutoff by the empty space around the muncher.

Might I also add that this concept is dragged on for way too long, and you need some more variety in that spot. You can cut that section down to 1/3 the size and put some other things around it, since it's too repetitive as it is.

-You stole from Super UltiMario World, and don't think no one can tell that you did. I know because I made the palette for that castle and the lake, and you took the palette from the Yoshi's Island submap too. For theft, your hack would be rejected regardless of other errors. DO NOT BASE YOUR HACK ON OTHERS HERE UNLESS THE AUTHOR SAYS YOU CAN! Either give me written proof from UltiMario that you could use his hack as a base, or this hack will never be approved unless stolen material is removed from the hack.

Here's a LP by DarthRiko and Delmaru:
LP 2P 1-20 Super Mario World Reanimated (Demo 1)


*Full credit for this removal log goes to DarthRiko.


Hack Name: Rise of KB Demo - 172.4 KB - 28 downloads.
Length: 16 levels
Author: KaizoFan - Submitted by: KaizoFan
Description: Super longness removed due to longness.


Well, for one, it's Kaizo. The fact that most of the errors that a typical Kaizo game has were removed. It has a few questionable palettes, and some cutoff tiles.

1. Bad palette, Red and magenta is no, what's wrong with the normal red?
2. Cutoffness, some map16 work would easily fix this.

1. Cutoffness Man stikes again. Just stick a vertical ledge at the end and it'll be fine.
2. The palette is a little blinding, try adding some more variety than having everything red.

1. The MOST annoying Kaizo pitfall EVER is the very first thing I seen. I'm not say it's bad, considering this is a Kaizo game, it's just that nobody wants this to be the first thing in the game.

Everything after is pretty much the same thing, and well, I figure you're smart enough to find them.

And for a Kaizo game, I must say it did have decent to good level design.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Super Mario World Jurassic Path (Demo 1) Demo - 31.3 KB - 0 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: Mario's Dog - Submitted by: Mario's Dog
Description: Bowser has kidnapped eight Yoshi teenagers (Considered the most physically fit of the population) of Yoshi's Island in order to breed an invincible army. The Yoshi chief asks Mario to venture into the now overgrown ruins of E Gadd's theme park jurassic pa...I mean Dinosaur land to rescue them. Can you do it?

Anyway this is a level only (Because I can't figure out how to edit the overworld.)Vanilla, One World demo of Super Mario World. Nothing you probably haven't seen before and I might not continue the thing. I know how super critical the mods are so I hope this is up to scratch.

PS. There aren't any munchers, I hate the stupid things. No dinosaurs either...I'll add them into later worlds.

Mostly just a lot of minor stuff. This is a pretty decent hack, but just needs a few fixes, and I hope you do continue this hack. It was pretty fun.

1a. A whole lot of sprite weirdness. Maybe you just have too many sprites, in which case I'd advise you take some out of the immediate areas of the problems, or change the sprite memory and see if it solves anything.

A phantom quarter of a thwomp (hint: there really is no thwomp there.)

This p-switch flickers above the fire for a brief moment. There is a p-switch probably at the same relative position on the bottom half of the screen, so that might explain why it's a p-switch and not something else.

Also, when you see a lot of koopas, some end up vanishing because there are too many sprites. I'd reduce the number of sprites around here by half and have only one lightning bolt, and see if that cures the p-switch weirdness.

1b. There's a lot of lag in this part caused by having so many sprites:

2a. Bad palette on this background - it's far brighter than the rocks. A very deep color or black would work here.

2b. This foreground's palette was meant for caves. You can fix this by selecting a gradient palette or by making your own with Level -> Enable Custom Palette and making palette two's first five colors after the white and black into some gradient from dark to light from left to right.

3. Some places with bad corner tiles or missing jointed tiles: *please note that these are not all the cases, just some.*

(This one has air around the corner of the ledge end in the dirt)

(Dirt behind the corner tile in the air; missing a jointed tile where the wall meets the ground)

(Two bad corner tiles; no walls and ledges are joined, creating a cutoffness feel where they're supposed to be joined)

4. Aah, this thing pushed me through the ground. D: The flying block platform shouldn't be low enough to do this at any point, since it's just really... strange.

5. Initial FG/BG position isn't right. Set it to 00,00 if Mario starts at the top, or 60,60 if he starts in the middle.

6. Just a minor spelling error with "Jurassic" and since you don't mind using all caps, I'd suggest using the other font without the black BG behind it.

7. Aaaaaand... this weird thing where because there is no solid floor for these square ledges, I can stand inside them. I'd just give them ledges on top or make the whole thing have a ceiling so you can't dodge most of the level below.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
*Here's another one by DarthRiko. All credit for this goes to him.



Hack Name: Mario's Double Trouble - 207.6 KB - 27 downloads.
Length: 73 exits
Author: Always Deliverz - Submitted by: Always Deliverz
Description: This hack was originally rejected, but everything should be fixed now.

The plot is simple, basically the Princess has been kidnapped by not only Bowser, but Big Boo also.


Bad palettes, cutoff tiles, general errors.

Also, LONG LOG DUE TO LONG HACK. I didn't even get past the second world and I had enough to have this hack removed.

1. U CAN HAZ DETH IN TEH INTROZ! No, never allow this to even be POSSIBLE.

1. You doing it wrong. Use a correct BG palette.

1. None of the bro's hammers are falling due to the fact that they disappear when off screen.
2. What is up with the Rex's eyes?

1. Part of the "hammers" dissapear for some reason, I have never seen that happen, so I don't know how to fix them.

1. You give me a Yoshi twice in one stage. While that isn't rejection worthy, it is questionable level design, and should probably be rethought.
2. What is up with that goomba's feet?

1. Wrong tileset for the side bounce thing.
2. Bad Feather palette.

1. This part is unchanged from last time. First off, this is a symbol of bad level design, and caused a forced death. Second, this is a HUGE "SCREW YOU" to the people who actually got the secret exit here.

1. I are stuck, I a have to either fly up, or try to randomly jump off one of the bullet bills.

1. LONG BLANDNESS IS LONG AND BLAND. Don't have a ton of screens of the exact same thing.

1. Why so many? This isn't even all of them either!

1. Cutoffness Man Returns

1. The return of the awkward pipes!

1. Cutoffness Man Returns 2

1. Awkward Pipes 2

1. Wrong tileset for the goal point sphere.
2. Cement blocks holding water doesn't quite work either...


1. Sprite limitations.
2. I actually love the idea of changing the ball 'n chains to a grinder, but I recommend you change the chain back. It's isn't a big detail, but it would help out some.

1. You forgot the background fire sprite.

1. Why so many?
2. Add a ceiling.

1. Oi, how many times must this guy be the first boss in everyone's game?

1. Why so many?

1. Cutoffnessman Returns 3

1. Add a ceiling, I can skip most of the level by just walking up here.

1. MY EYES! Tune down the redness.
2. It a "if you don't have a yoshi or have hit the switch, you die.", unless you're willing to take a hit. Either way, it's bad level design.

1. If I has Yoshi, I can skip the entire stage pretty much.

1. Cutoffness Man Returns 4

1. Compare AND SAVE! and be disgusted.




1. 5?

1. Wrong tileset for bounce blocks.

1. Use the correct bottom tiles.
2. Wrong tileset for footballs.

1. Bad corner tiles.

1. Cutoffness Man Returns ... what is this? ... 5?


1. A "death if you don't have a Yoshi, the switch, or a cape" situation.

and finally...

1. More "MY EYES"
2. That stage leads nowhere...

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
*Credit for this removal log goes to DarthRiko.

Hack Name: MArios Specail Adventure - 218.9 KB - 17 downloads.
Length: 8 levels
Author: kayokenVG - Submitted by: kayokenVG
Description: Yes another hack but Its only a few levels and its in the special stage, enjoy it hate I don't care


Bad Palettes:

(The font is affected by the BG color, and I'd suggest using the font with the transparent BG as opposed to the black BG. It looks much cleaner.)

Bad Overworld:

(The right side of the Famicom logo is cutoff.)

Stacked and floating munchers:

(Remember, always root the muncher's stem to something solid, or change the graphics to something that looks okay floating, like Gordo from Kirby.)

Cutoffness Man:

(The ground and the muncher cutting into the slope are the biggies. Have a wall on the side of the slope/ledge and put a ceiling on the bottom so it's all connected and doesn't look cutoff, and put the muncher on flat ground.)

Death Traps:

(Remember - no stuck-forever spots allowed.)

Awkward looking blocks:

(Avoid using the blue Map16 blocks for things. If this was an accident, remember to press F9 to change your changes to Map16.)

Paths to level 0:

(Check all your pipes and doors to make sure there is a proper screen exit, or the player will end up stuck in this bonus room if s/he enters.)


(Spice it up a bit by adding more things - ground, enemies, a puzzle, decorations, coins, etc.)

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Adventure world Demo 2 (Fixed) Demo - 42.4 KB - 17 downloads.
Length: 9 levels
Author: MrSmrt - Submitted by: MrSmrt
Description: I fixed that annoying overworld glitch, so world 2 is accesable now

Well, I'm glad you fixed a lot of the things previously pointed out, but it seems like some things were missed and others were freshly created... and I hope this will be the last time it gets removed. You've been trying hard on this.

1. Fast auto-scroll is b0rked - it doesn't even stop at the end, and gives you no reaction time after a few screens so you're pressed against the left side with walls coming at you that you can barely avoid. Plus, the ever-annoying fish generator adds insult to injury. I strongly suggest using slow or medium auto-scroll, but because of your terrain structure, slow scroll would be best.

2. I can't even jump on Iggy, and when the platform sways to the left, I end up getting DAMAGE from standing here. Please just restore the platform to its default, because this makes the battle insanely cheap when you can't hit Iggy. Fireballs are your best chance here, in case any player is going through this hack right now and needs some tips on how to beat Iggy in this version.

3. This glitchy fireball is still not fixed:

Maybe the best thing to do would be to just get rid of it.

This net sprite goes AAAAAAA. I'm fairly sure it's sprite tile limitations again. :/

This Lakitu in the cloud went to Wonderland and pissed off the Queen of Hearts, I'm guessing, because he has no head. More sprite tile limitation issues, and if you can't figure out xkas, then remove a couple of sprites or play with the sprite tile memory until this doesn't happen.

Finally, this Thwomp here is cut in half. He seems harmless anyways since the Green Switch blocks are filled in. I think he's a minor threat anyways, and the better idea would be to let that ball and chain guard the door, so I'd just remove the Thwomp.

4. This pipe is on a screen boundary. Result: It changes colors halfway through. If you make a pipe on a Map16 page between 3 and F to use, then it will not change colors depending on screen. Or, you can just move this set of pipes to the right or left by one.

5. This thing pushes me through the ground AAAAAaaaaaaaaa.....

The flying platform for the hammer brothers shouldn't be so close to the ground that it can push Mario through, so raise it up a few tiles.

6. It's Cutoffness Man!

(The branching pillars below the scrolling hole should be removed to make this look better, although this is minor and the hack can still pass without this fix.)

(This one, however, needs a fix because it's hard to tell where the net ends since some of it crosses a dark portion of the BG. Just fill it with net tiles - I don't think this hole was intended.)

7. Strange. This midway point has no bar, but then again, it's so close to the goal anyways. I suggest just taking it out.

8. Minor issue: Bad corner tiles on some of the rope pieces. There's some right before this room, and next to that pipe later on in this level.

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If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Removed: Super Mario Bros. 3: Secret Levels by metalgearhunter & co.


I didn't play anything in this hack. I didn't need to- you DIE just a few seconds into the title screen. Furthermore, the very first pipe on the OW, the one you start on, sends you to an OW map in the top-right corner...AND YOU CAN'T MOVE. PLEASE fix these, then resubmit. (If neither happen to you, then you have a bad ROM...)
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
Hack Name: revenge of bowser legend of the seven eggs Demo - 422.7 KB - 13 downloads.
Length: 8 levels
Author: thunderlakitu2 - Submitted by: thunderlakitu2
Description: this is the first version of the hack and only consists of the first world, the graphics and a lot of other things were downloaded from smwcentral. so thanks to their respective creators.

So, all in all, this hack was pretty fun and relaxing to play... but it had a few pretty major errors and some minor errors scattered throughout.

1. The Yellow Switch Palace is already flattened and unplayable when I get there...? D:

2. After killing Birdo, if you're unlucky enough to be standing right here, you die when the pipe appears. Make it spawn a door instead, since a door can not kill Mario.

3. Some glitched graphics.

The fireball spit out by Birdo becomes a net fragment when you destroy it with your own fireball. If you can, make Birdo's fireball invincible.

Only half a coin here leading the coin train. It should be y-mirrored instead of cutoff halfway like that. :/

4. Some palette issues:

Brick bounce sprite uses palette 8, and ends up discolored when you hit it. I do believe the graphics for it are in GFX00.

The para-Bob-Omb and the normal Bob-Omb use different palettes - you can use Tweaker to have them use the same palettes.

The pansers (in GFX33) flash yellow and white where its light source is as it moves. Please fix it so that it only stays one of those colors in that spot, since as it is, it's pretty distracting. You also have some bad corner tiles here - if there is no platform extending upward behind the ledge, you need to put down a corner tile with a transparent "BG" (meaning the pixels hanging off the edge are clear and not green.)

I personally don't mind the red-stem piranha plant all that much, but most people do. We have some patches that will fix the stem up in a jiffy.

Taken right from your hack screens - and it's the same ingame. The front of the cliffs with the pale brown look bad because the color is much different from the corners of the tiles connecting to the grass. The best example of this would be right near the waterfall on the left side. If you make it all the same brown, it would look much better.

5. Grammar/spelling problems. These are not all the errors, just two boxes as examples. If English is not your native language or if you are not yet proficient, I suggest having a friend or beta-tester assist you in fixing these.

Also, why the huge space between will and happen? They look like they can fit on the same line easily.


Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
*Credit for this removal log goes to Dinomar.

Super Frenzy World DEMO

Author: ZippoPrower94

Description by the author: When Bowser's ship makes an unepected visit to Princess Peach's castle, Mario chases the ship down. Bowser kidnaps the Princess once more, or does he?

This is a short demo with about 15 levels. I added custom blocks, and I added a few extras. Have fun and please don't be shy if you see any problems.

this hack makes me anguish!
bad palettes, i can acces to all levels without beat them, level unedited: boring

bad palettes: oh my eyes DX
((Note: The ground colors and the grass colors clash badly with each other. The light red below the main part of the grass should be darker than it, not lighter, and the red is too high in intensity. If the red were dragged a little closer to the gray at the bottom of the color editor - not necessarily making them grayscale; this just reduces the intensity - then the ground will be significantly less straining on the eyes.))

so i can access immediately to the 2nd world, horaay :D
((Note: I would make it so that you don't have access to all the levels. Remember that a secret exit activates the event one number above the normal exit's event, so if you had a level that activates event 3 with a normal exit, the secret one will trigger event 4.))

this makes any sense: a passable edge with a solid edge?
((Note: It's weird to be able to move into a solid edge from the inside of the ground. You'd have the impression you were "in front of the ground and the edge" yet you can't walk through it. I would make that walkthrough for sensibility.))

blatant level edit
((Note: Cave room in 106 - Ctrl+Del and make your own level over it.))

a good excuse to do floating munchers D:
but doesn't look good anyway!
((Note: Yeah, I don't think that graphic looks appropriate for floating or stacking either. A spikeball-esque type of object, like a Gordo, is the first thing I can think of. This palette is also eye-searing - lower the intensity of the background please.))

overlapping tiles
((Note: This doesn't look extremely bad, although it does make the ground cutoff around it. Experiment with it a bit, and maybe move those blocks down a little and use the pieces of the diagonal ledge tiles to carve the ground out around them.))

stacked BG about the pipes
also: do not make obligatory switch palace
((Note: Extremely big problem - forced death on level entry. Never make the switch palace forced in this manner - it's ok to force a switch palace to find alternative level exits, but having the player die if they didn't get a switch palace is bad.))

bad starting initial position
((Note: 00,00 for the top, 60,60 for the middle, C0,C0 for the bottom.))

many blind jump
((Note: Use coins or enemies as a guide to safer ground.))

goal too near to the screen boundaries
add some object
((Note: Having one full screen of ground after the goal remedies this.))

WTF? the thwimp
((Note: NEVER USE GLITCHED GRAPHICS!! You must either use the castle sprite graphics or combine the Thwimp graphics with your current set and save it as ExGFX to use in this level to make it look right. Always check the SP number at the top of the tileset-specific sprites window.))

grey lava D=
((Note: Enable custom palettes and make the five shades of gray on the left side of palette 3 into a gradient from red to orange to yellow, from left to right.))

bad places for the sparks
((Note: Some are floating in midair. You should make sure they are attached to a solid object, and test ingame to make sure they behave the way they should.))

i bet all gold of the world that under the pirhana head there is a fish D: D:
i look in LM and isn't a fish, but this is a bad place for the pirhana
((Note: The stem's palette can be fixed with some patches we have here. Just use ExGFX for the vine part. The piranha plant should be moved up one tile.))

0.o some missed tiles? is not a door.
((Note: Cutoff. D: Similar to the solution for the dotted-line blocks, you will want to maybe use diagonal ledge objects to carve into the ground rather than just leave open pieces. Also again with the floating munchers - D:))

bad sprite memory: install the oampatch or select the right sprite memory

bad and overlapping tiles, please correct it.
((Note: Wrong corner tiles. Use the corner tiles with a transparent tip at the corner rather than the green tip for the outside of the ledges, and for when there is a platform behind it, use the green tip one so it doesn't make a small piece of the dirt seem cutoff.))

LOL! this level is a nonsense
((Note: Variety is important. Maybe cut this down to half the size of what it is and figure out some filler as a replacement for the other half.))

grey lava again and... i can swim into??????????

i look in LM and there are other bad palettes, too telepoty block with surptise D=

in my opinion this hack need of a lot of work.</div></div>

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Piemerican MARio Bros. - 163.2 KB - 13 downloads.
Length: 20 levels
Author: emperormar - Submitted by: emperormar
Description: A simple remix of some Super Mario World levels that I made 1 by 1 for fun. I eventually decided to wrap it up since I had no real plans to go further with it and it had been sitting around for years.
20 Levels (17 Regular, 3 Hidden)
25 exits (19 Regular, 6 Hidden)
Last level has no exit as it a remake of the arena from the original Mario Bros. with never ending turtle shell kicking fun.

1. Series of level edits:

Yoshi's Island 3.

This one has a bad BG palette as well. Go to Level -> Enable Custom Palettes and focus on palette 1: Paste the first three "color" colors in the same sequence next to it to fix it (this does not include the black and white, just the shades of brown.)

More of Yoshi's Island 1.

Yoshi's Island 2's underground, unedited except for the palette. This palette is meant for grasslands and looks bad with the cave set.

Above ground in Yoshi's Island 2.

Midway in Yoshi's Island 2, complete with the memorable plateau with the Chargin' Chuck on it and a Dragon Coin just up to the right of the jump.

Unedited room of Iggy's Castle. Ctrl+Del, enable horizontal scrolling, and you're free to do whatever you want to this level.

Almost unedited cave of Yoshi's Island 3.

Vanilla Dome 4 edit. I stopped here because I think we'll cover all the important stuff. :S

2. Using the bottom row for walking. The player can barely see the bottom row ingame so it's recommended NOT to use it for ledge or block parts that you walk on.

Exhibit A.

That's not all in this pic - the grape soda lava might cause some complaints, even though I personally like grape soda lava. Change the purple in palette 3 to a red-to-yellow gradient from left to right.

Aside from the bottom row being used for walking, you also have a bad corner tile with some dirt behind it when it should be transparency. The corner tile closest to MARio is correct; the one further away to the upper left a bit is false.

3. Cutoffness Man

The slope running into the pipes would be much better off if that slope ended with a solid right wall + corner tile with a transparent tip.

That castle ledge needs a right edge wall instead of just running into the lava like that.

The bottom of these columns has no outline. They also blend in with the BG a bit much, so I would think about choosing an object that is clearly visible against it next time, even though I don't have any problem seeing the columns myself... it's just that the way the graphics are now, you would think that all the FG objects would have a black outline around them.

Cutoff vine. If it won't stretch any taller, just click the vine, right-click above it, and put a cement block or some square ledge above it to connect it to, so this way, big MARio won't have any trouble climbing up the vine and being able to make it to solid ground, and the vine doesn't look silly.

One of two cutoff places in the yellow switch palace. This could just be fixed by getting rid of the random jointed tile in the middle of the floor and having it be a solid, flat ledge. The other thing I forgot to take a screen of was all the way at the end, where the ground and wall ran into each other - you could use a jointed tile to connect the ground and wall properly.

4. The weird part about this Yoshi's Island 4 edit is the fact that it feels like I'm swimming...

...the sky... ...sometimes.


I would change the background to the underwater set like in Donut Secret 1. You can use Super GFX Bypass to pick the right BG set, which would be 0D, copy from level A or whichever level still has an underwater BG, and you can either delete the glitched seaweed (since it isn't compatible with any of the three Rope indexes) or use the Map16 editor to "fix" everything... I'd just get rid of the glitched seaweed though since it's much faster.

5. You can walk through this pipe, so you should put a small thin pipe on the right side of it that touches the corner of it and that should stop it... I think.

Seeing how this is a SMW "remix" though, and apparently discontinued, you could consider this practice for your real hack if you wish to make one. You didn't have some of the annoying things, like floating munchers or glitched graphics, so you seem to know quite a bit on what not to do, and hopefully this removal log will further educate you on that and help you make a great hack in the long run.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
*Credit for this removal log goes to DarthRiko.

Hack Name: Just a demo Demo - 18.3 KB - 1 download.
Length: 1 levels
Author: whoosh999 - Submitted by: whoosh999
Description: This is my first hack, so its not great by any means. It's one level and a demo. I'd like constuctive critism when and if you review this. Thank you.


1. Unedited overworld.

1. Glitched up sprites. Use the correct tileset.
2. Stacked munchers. Yes, they are below the viewable area, but they area.

1. The bottom row of of stuff cannot be seen in-game.

1. MOAR GLICHZ! Once again, use the correct tileset.
2. For some reason, part of the platform has disappeared.
3. Stacked munchers = instant fail. Nothing else needs to be said.

1. No, just no. These traps also = instant fail.

1. Goal post is too high, lower it down a tile.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: super Mario world escape from death island (demo) Demo - 219.5 KB - 2 downloads.
Length: 9 levels
Author: Koopa the kid - Submitted by: Koopa the kid
Description: Heres the story:
Mario,luigi, and yoshi rescued the princess from bowser and on the way back from dinosaur island they crashed on a mysterious island and yoshi and the princess have gone missing, after exiting the ship mario and luigi find yoshi but hes a skeloton mario and luigi asked what happend and yoshi told them that it was a curse and anyone whos stays on the island too long becomes a skeluten and luigi say we have to hurry! will mario an luigi rescue the princess in time?

1a. Wall of bullets DOES NOT PASS - FORCED HIT = NO unless powerup is supplied immediately before said injury.

1b. You need a cape or a Yoshi to make this jump, and if you don't have one, the best you can do is make a savestate and have multiple attempts to try to jump to the log under to the right. While not as bad as 1a, you should really expand the margin of error so that the player doesn't get super-frustrated, especially this early on in the hack.

The background is not correctly assembled, and the FG has a bad palette. The SMW FG uses palette 2 - namely the first half of it. The ledge is also cutoff... you need to put a wall there at the end of it and a corner tile to join the ledge and the wall.

You have a wall on the right, but with a bad corner tile. There shouldn't be any extra gray at the tip of the corner tile, so place one with transparency in the edge over it from Direct Map16 Access.

Cutoff lava. Needs a solid wall to the right of it.

Cutoff arch ledges over the surface of the lava. They both use the same palette, so if you really need to have arches in this level, you might want to change the arch ledges to palette 4 and enable custom palettes, then the blue, black, and gray part of it on the left to a gradient of some color that is dark-to-light from left-to-right. I'd also use a square ledge of land (solid walls all the way around) over the lava instead.

Ground palette is weird and doesn't seem assembled correctly. The candles are also missing - you can add them in under the generator part of the Add Sprites window, or redo a few tiles of the BG with the BG editor to remove the candles altogether.

More ledge cutoff, and the bridge would be better off with some kind of blocks at the end of them on both the bridge part and the rope part, or to be graphically modified on the ropes to not look cutoff (so as to not change how you interact with it, since adding a block to make it not seem cutoff will mean you can't jump onto the bridge from really low; a block might get in the way of your jump.)

Rope and ledge cutoff. Add a cement block to the end of the rope, and fix the ledge by adding a wall + corner tile.

Similar to the above.

Green behind the hills when it should be blue, and the forest seems to cut off to the water rather than having an appropriate outline of the land to define it. The cliff lacks definition (lines around where it curves) and doesn't have a bottom to it either, so it just runs into the water. Also on the right side of the map, there is a small cutoff part at the top of the island. Those all need to be fixed.

Bad pipe palette. Methinks this uses palette 5 - make a dark-to-light-from-left-to-right green gradient on palette 5 to fix the pipe, with custom palettes enabled of course.

3. Blind jumps - lots of them. (I have only two screens though) Even if safe ground is below, you need to be able to see some sort of hint that where you are falling is safe - the exception is if you are hiding a secret down there you don't want players to know about, but this is the main path, so you need a trail of enemies or coins that will guide the player to safety.

4. The problem with constructing large parts of levels out of cement blocks is that it's ugly. The issue with music blocks is that they get annoying fast. It would be good to plan out some more different things you could put in place of this rather than have a section like this in your hack.

5. Weird #1: Piece of Skeleton Koopa on the Piranha Plants

Originally posted by Icegoom
If some sprites are getting slightly messed up by Koopa heads which take up a whole 16x16 tile instead of leaving the upper right corner of the tile blank, you can fix those by remapping some other stuff. The sprites which use the blank space in the upper right corner of Koopa's head are 10 point notations, jumping Piranhas, and portable springboards. (There might be more, but that's what I can remember right now, so I'm going with that) You need to remap those sprites so that anywhere they're using tile 83 they use tile 69 instead. (69 is another blank tile used by the water splash) So specifically, you need to change:

x12F4D [83 83 83 83] 10 point notations

x9E25 [83 83] Portable Springboard

x9DC1 [83 83 C4 C4 83 83] Jumpin' Piranha Plant

6. Weird #2: Flower behind the log bridge

Originally posted by ROM Map
0C5E7 $01:C3E7 3 bytes ASM Set to EA EA EA to stop fire flower from going behind the FG(finally)

7. You shouldn't have layer 3 mist in the intro with the message box, because the message box causes the layer 3 mist to disappear. Also, some grammar corrections:
*Island (Because Death Island is a proper noun - name of a place)

8. Weird #3: The invisible solid block in the laboratory

Can impede this jump and cause you to fall to your death, but what I want to know is if it was intentionally put there - I don't think it was, and was just forgotten because you can't even see it.

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*Credit for this removal log goes to Dinomar.

Mario and the Haunted Forest 2 : Kameks Revenge - 142.2 KB - 20 downloads.
Length: 4 levels
Author: Mr.G&W - Submitted by: Mr.GameAndWatch
Description: This is my second hack of the series MATHF. I hope this one is better then the first!


unedited intro!
please do an original intro.

cutoff man 1: do the other angle of the switch palace

urgh! i can pass in this angle without the invisible block sprite.

the level is called "custom block test: there ane any custom block! this level has any sense!
do a coerent level please!

ugly BG palette and wrong tile in the top of the hill!

not only: mega mole wants help by mario: don't put moles in these tunnel.

cutoff man 2: the montymole shaker from the blank hole: NO! don't use bad tiles for tha molehole.

no vertical scrool unless things: don't put this option:
so, happen this: i can't look above the goal

any key+any exit+ forced death= NO!
put a second exit to the right level.

bad tiles next the lava: don't put ledge on the ground.

secret exit

normal exit

the secret exit has the same event that is selected on the "modify level tile setting" + 1.
if the normal exit has the event 4, the secret exit has the event 5.

question block suspended in the vacuum: i can't get those: don't do it: is unacceptable D:

below there is the ground, but you must add a coin
for guide.

this level...

is 0
ok, end of demo, but don't do it.

The hill??????
is like "ice cave" and there is a lava lake D:
correct it
also: cutoffman3: pipe's question.

a pirhana about the air... and the pipe: correct it, please

mario will rots in this place >:D
don't do that mario can't jump out this eternal trap
it's a Fail!

cutoff man 4! pipe's answer.
don't do cement block like intersection of the pipe.

just correct these mistake ;)

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Removed: Mario World:Bowsers Plan Version 1.1
Author: X-King
Description: Well,a few people played Version 1.0 and screamed because it has a lot of ExGfx Errors and so.This better Version I better and I fixed a lot of Errors.It took me 17 hours so I hope you have now fun with my hack.

Mario had a very
well vacation,but
Bowser have a
plan.The Name of
the plan is The
Plaaan Are you

Let's see what I can pull of this time, prepare for 40 images. o_O

Awkward colored cement blocks, dark blue water tiles mixed with light blue ones and a "not good" tiled background.

The font is a bit hard to read and makes use of a bad palette too. D:

I spied some grammatical errors in the message:
* but Bowser has
* name
* the plaan? Doesn't sound too inviting -_-

I don't like the palette of that overworld. Also you might add some paths so the player knows in which direction he has to go?

Gotta thought I point this "minor" graphical mistake in the status bar out: The two bars that hold the reserved items are cut-off at the bottom. :/

Odd colored, shelless koopa. Unless it's supposed to be that way, please change him.

Bad sprite tile memories? You should experiment with them to find the ideal one or just add edit1754's sprite tile memory patch.

Too much enemies at once on the screen, it lagged like hell.

Oh, a new boss? Damned, I was mistaken, just the boss I fought like 30 times.

The koopa that's supposed to have sunglasses doesn't wear one. But just this frame, you might check GFX00 and GFX01 to fix this.

Koopas kicking shells are way overused in this hack.


Cut-off tiles, use corners that fit with those ledge tiles.

Lag, lag, lovely lags.

Ohoh, colors that doesn't fade out? Way to use the "FadeFix" patch.

Odd palettes.

Cut-off tile.

Wow, a black enemy. Let's see what he's an edit off.

Great, a spiny. ._.

I nearly jumped on this fella, good that I realized quickly enough that he mimics the thwimps movements. Phew.


Moar lag...

Bad palettes...

See above.


Koopa's seem to dominate the world in this hack. But the main point of this screenshot is to pointing out the horrible lag that makes his appereance here aswell. :(

Blue reznor, WTF? Also, "smoke tiles" are appearing which are normally blasting away the bridge. However, here is none so no need for them.

Bad tiled background. (I disabled Layer 1 to get a better view)

Cut-offness returned.

The words in the message are squeezed together although you have plenty of space.

Kill this bomb and you're forced to re-start the level.

Here the same.

FadeFix patch helps here aswell.

This guy is a death trap with helmet. Punching me far, far away into happy horseland.

Coins have a bad palette.

Unfair, helmet wearing, "happy horseland" transporters. (Between spikes aswell? Yikes!)

Mario is entering 8-bit land! No seriously, the door is oddly colored, add more colors.

Guess what's wrong in here.


That's it for now, fix these things and you're good to go. Also, a little reminder to fix the status bar colors: Copy the first eight colors from palette 4 into palette 0 and the first eight colors from palette 7 into palette 1. Then just point all the tiles that used those palettes to the new ones and you have two WHOLE spare palettes for the backgrounds. ;)
Hack Name: Super Mario Islands (Demo 2)
Length: ~1 world
Author: bkbusters
Description: Story: Mario has woken up and found himself in a strange place. What he dosn't know is that Bowser is to blame for this...

Well, in general, this hack wasn't bad at all for a general Super Mario World hack. My biggest suggestion would be to vary the areas where there are long stretches of level ground with the same enemy over and over and over. Otherwise, there are actually a couple of really neat ideas floating around in this hack; unfortunately, there are just too many errors to allow approval without the author doing some revision work:

- change "dosn't" to "doesn't"

- I actually really liked the idea of using the message box as a "newspaper" - some custom newspaper graphics could carry this idea even further

- This isn't a game-breaking problem, but the player gets two power-ups within the first two screens of the first level. (The 1000 Point Score here is from the Mushroom I just picked up, and you can see a Fire Flower sprouting right above it.) This just seems like poor level design.

- The Blue Beach Koopa in the air here falls at the player from off-screen - kind of cheap.

- That strange blue square to the left of the paths is a bad/glitched path reveal. That needs to be fixed. Also, the first level here has a secret exit, but it is yellow on the overworld instead of red.

- change "Clifs" to "Cliffs"

- See how many lives I have here? They were pretty much all gained in this fifteen-second stretch of level I like to call Bullet Bill And Super Star's 2-Up Bonanza. This is almost as bad as having multiple 3-Up Moons.

- I am ducking here because that is the only way I can see all of Mario since the screen doesn't scroll in this area.

- As most people can obviously tell, this is a P-Switch puzzle. However, if I don't beat this puzzle and get where I need to be in time, these same blocks keep me trapped inside an area with no hope of being able to try again until my time runs out.
- Also, note the time limit - there is no way for the time to run out.

-While dirt can be interesting, changing the level entrance's BG/FG setting would make for a more dramatic entrance for Mario (since you would be able to see him appear clearly).

-At first, I thought the block-eating bridge was a cool idea - then I saw this.

-and it only got worse...

So, there are some major mistakes and a lot of minor ones. I listed the minor ones only because they are beginner's mistakes and easy (and worthwhile) to correct. Good luck in the future!

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Hack Name: Super Random World Demo - 24.2 KB - 11 downloads.
Length: 14 exits
Author: whoosh999 - Submitted by: whoosh999
Description: This is my first romhack so I would enjoy some constructive criticism. Enjoy.


We'll see about that.

Not necessarily bad since you don't die, but imagine going away from your keyboard, and someone else listening to it while you get dinner or whatever. Bonus points if they don't know how to work a computer at all and have to suffer through it. Well done.

Now onto serious.
1. Lookie, glitched sprites and floating munchers in one screen! Do I get a prize? :D .... :D.. ? For sprites, you always want to check the number on the tileset specific sprites window to know what to change the graphic index in Super GFX Bypass to. For floating munchers, either root their stems to ground or change their graphics.

Beautiful Ninji... but change it.

Switch of Glitch.

2. I seriously admit I lol'd in this part. I remember seeing this before. There's another problem besides the instakill from pressing the switch and having blocks spawn on you - if the switch runs out before you can collect the coins around the switch or if you hit a block you need to climb, you have to wait the timer out and die.

3. Oh, a Kaizo trap. Things like "invisible coin block of death" and "coins after goal post of death" end up in the "hack removal log of death". Players should be able to easily judge whether their choices on the main path are safe - it's fine to hide minor secrets, like an extra life, in places you normally wouldn't go.

4. Yeaaaaaah, almost no reaction time here. You should put ground beneath Mario so he doesn't fall to his death when he enters the level.
Q. Also, what's a hack removal without Cutoffness Man?

^<- Water needs surface; remove the cutoff floating water and put something else in its place.

v <- Extend vine higher and top it off with a cement block; put something at the bottom too.

A. A hack removal without Cutoffness Man.

Goal post above ground. The bottom of the post is cutoff and has blue bush tiles, so the logical thing to do would be to move it down one tile and put the cement blocks over the bush tile.

You also have a problem with vertical scrolling as you can't see above, where there are more munchers... so players will try to jump over it and die.

6. A blind jump. Sure, you can see the piranha plant, but you can't go all the way over there without a cape and even if you could, you can't be certain it's jumping out of safe ground. Use coins or enemies that fly, like Koopas, as a guide to the safe ground, or in this case, a square of water in the air.

7. Bad berry palettes. Put red berries over them from Direct Map16 Access. Green makes no sense because you'd die if you stayed in Yoshi's House after eating them because it adds to the timer and activates it, and pink makes no sense since you can't collect all the coins from the game cloud.

Yeah, I stopped playing at the level to the right of the Yoshi House.

Final notes: Maybe for another audience, but does not live up to SMWC standards. In addition to the above information, check all your doors and pipes to make sure you have them on screens with exits that lead to the room they are intended for, and not level 0 or 100. You can also use Level -> Enable Custom Palette to correct or change some colors in the level without changing colors in other levels. Not the worst ROM hack I've played, if you wanted an answer to your intro. :[

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Hack Name: Game Over Demo - 455.9 KB - 41 downloads.
Length: 29 levels
Author: Bad luck man - Submitted by: Bad luck man
Description: "Fixed" version of the last demo submitted here before the Arbe wipe.

Added custom music and replaced a glitchy ghost house with a new level.

Theres 29 levels, 24 of them are ACTUAL levels, the other 5 are shops or palace switches.

PM me if you spot any bugs/glitches.

Enjoy. :3

1. In Shimmer Doomsub, there's a really big problem with the rooms with the hammer brother and the boomerang brother encased in some used blocks, and the room after it with nets. First of all, it's incredibly hard to beat them when you're small Mario because the hammer brother, so if you skip it, you end up stuck and having to kill yourself because you NEED the ON/OFF switch, and you can NOT re-enter that pipe.

Holding up, not going into the pipe. :[

Solution: Make this pipe enterable, and have it go back into the room with the brothers.

2. That's not a goal sphere, it's a blue sliding koopa. I only noticed it screw up in this level.

3. Dragon coin on a subscreen boundary. Move it up or down one tile to fix it.

4. Cutoffness Man. Then again, the muncher in the ground can't hurt you since there's solid ground all around it, so just take out the muncher and fill in the wall. You are also forced to shrink to pass this part. Why not just make passage ways two tiles high? :/

5. Blank message box in the castle.

Also, a side note: The patch has a bad checksum and is declared a bad ROM, and does not run in many emulators. It works fine on ZSNES v1.51 though. This has nothing to do with the removal itself, but it might be something you want to look into if you want compatibility with more emulators - you'd have to identify what it is you used that cut off compatibility with other emulators, and export everything else to a new ROM.

As tested in SNESGT, here are the two points the game crashed at:

(Sorry for this last image being dark)
So basically after entering any pipe, the game will crash on other emulators. Even if the next version you submit still has this error, if all the other errors are fixed, it will be approvable since it at least runs on one common emulator.

EDIT: Whoops, forgot to mention somewhere, but you also forgot the fade fix patch. Some levels really need it.

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Hack Name: Super Mario Bros 3: Secret Levels Demo - 353.8 KB - 57 downloads.
Length: 20 levels
Author: metalgearhunter, Mint, Sunrider, Unknown5642 - Submitted by: metalgearhunter
Description: Sorry Doomdragon, but I have got NOTHING from you yet, so you dont get credit in the hack YET. Please note that I have not made those Mushroom houses yet.

Bowser stole Mario's Coin Wallet which held about 2000 coins and he split it with his children. While Mario went after Bowser, he stumbled across some secret lands that Bowser went across. The owner of these lands saw Mario and contacted him. The owner happened to be me, metalgearhunter. I force Mario into a challenge made by me and my buddies: Sunrider, Mint, and Unknown5642. At the same time, Mario is some how led to Bowser and his baddies, but is the challenge more than it seems? Find out.

1. I'm stuck forever... ON THE OVERWORLD!

This is the first pipe on the left on the OW island where the game begins in. You enter it, and you get stuck in the upper-right corner. Fix it.

2. Very bad setup. The only pipe you can use to reset this portion is only accessible if you are big since a turn block in the ground is the only way into it, so if you're small and lose the P-switch (it comes out of a ? block so you can NOT retrieve it) then you have to die.

3. Layer 3 tide + Vertical scrolling = fail. The tide scrolls with you. Disable vertical scrolling in this level since you don't use the upper half of the screen.

4. All sorts of sprite tile que in the doomsub level.

I can't even see Mario here until I enter the pipe all the way at the end...

Koopas vanishing, and corners of the Thwomp vanishing...

...and this is... Mario behind a net which a Thwomp is supposed to be in front of, but Mario is in front of the Thwomp behind the net, and the Thwomp is in front of the net mostly still, but still behind Mario. >_>

5. Jumping Piranha plant gets stuck in the pipe. Shorten the pipe so it's up too high for the piranha plant to reach.

6. When I die in a level not using a "countdown" timer, it tells me "TIME UP!"
Originally posted by ROM Map
052F1 $00:D0F1 Unknown ASM ASM that handles the 'TIME UP!' message. Change 'BNE' to 'BRA' to disable it.

If you don't know what BNE and BRA are, BNE is D0 and BRA is 80. You can change this with a hex editor.

...also made evident by these screens, the status bar is messed up on the life counter, and there's a bit of palette weirdness on the timers. Get rid of the random dash after your remaining lives, and make the clock all one palette since having it mostly white with a few blotches of yellow is weird.

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*Credit for this Removal Log goes to DarthRiko.


Hack Name: Super Mario World - The Bramble Invasion - Demo 1 Demo - 627.3 KB - 14 downloads.
Length: 14 levels
Author: Black Yoshi - Submitted by: Black Yoshi
Description: SMW - Bramble Invasion
Custom Graphics
Custom Music
Custom Sprites
Custom Overworld (Two Submaps)

"Bowser used his evil seed to trap all Dinosaur Island into a huge Bramble Tree. Now only Mario can save the Island and the Princess from claws of Bowser."


Bad palette, death traps, and overall Kaizoness.

1. Replace "into", with "with".
2. Status bar "Mario" has a bad palette.

1. The plant's stem is red. You can either use the patch to fix this, or add some greens to its palette and redraw it with the correct colors.

1. NEVER have a vine/net near Bullet Bill generators. You can sit there and keep getting a ton of 1-ups.

1. While the net isn't exactly cut-off, it still looks ugly. Just add a top to the part below the bridge and work the side to look correct.

1. Apply the fade-fix patch to this or remove the fade effect.

1. The bird thing's wings are cut off.

1. Bad palettes.

1. Cutoff tiles, just make an extra 8x8 tile with some blue on it.

1. Either remake this portion to not use note blocks or you some ExGFX so it uses the right GFX.

1. For some reason, I cannot collect this coin. It acts like tile 25 or something.

1. Mario will not scroll with the vine, this can be easily abused to skip portions of the stages.

1. I'm screwed.

1. I cannot get through here without damage.

1. MASSIVE slowdown here, even disappearing sprites. Just remove a couple of the generators.
2. A side note, but you might want to make it to where you can't kill the bullets with a fireball.

1. Obvious graphical glitches.


1. This was plain annoying. For those of you who are reading this that haven't played this, the level keeps alternating between LIGHT (left screen), and DARK (right). I wanted to end the game here for this stage.

1. A glitchy OW tile near the star stage.

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Hack Name: Rise of KB - 171.8 KB
Length: 16 levels
Author: KaizoFan - Submitted by: KaizoFan
Description: A Game that tries to find the balance between hard and fun. Saves-states will be required but hopefully no challenge is ever frustrating.

Version Update notes:
Palettes updated
Cut-off-ness removed
Difficulty lowered

Saves-states will be required but hopefully no challenge is ever frustrating.

[00:01:23] <@FirePhoenix> THIS IS NOT FUN
[00:01:58] <@FirePhoenix> WITH P-SWITCHES
[00:02:54] <@FirePhoenix> i CAN'T EVEN BEAT THE FIRST LEVEL
[00:03:00] <@FirePhoenix> I FORGOT CAPS WAS ON
[00:03:07] <@FirePhoenix> I can't beat the first level
[00:03:59] <@FirePhoenix> maybe the rest gets better
[00:04:07] <@FirePhoenix> but I'll never know
[00:04:18] <@FirePhoenix> because I CAN'T BEAT THE FIRST FREAKING LEVEL

Sorry for the caps lock, I was a bit overzealous. Anyways, seriously, it's a rather unfair challenge to have controllable block trains and P-Switches as the first challenge in a hack, even for a Kaizo hack. It's ridiculously annoying to try and do. Even Kaizo hacks need a difficulty curve. I would have loved to see the rest, because normally, I like Kaizo hacks in a way, but I couldn't see the rest because the challenge was just too much, even with savestates.
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