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Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
Hack Name: Super Block World Demo - 1.1 KB
Length: Unknown
Author: Blueredmario128 - Submitted by: Blueredmario128
Description: My first real hack. have fun playing :)

I think the reason can be pretty much summed up in this screenshot of Level 105, but here is some discussion on it anyway:

<@andy_k_250> do we still take graphics hacks?
<@awaynn> sure
<@awaynn> if they gfx don't suck
<@andy_k_250> brb
<@andy_k_250> advice?
<@andy_k_250> the entire hack is intentionally like this
<@awaynn> what the .. hell
<@andy_k_250> I mean, on one hand, it's like, oh Atari-like graphics
<@andy_k_250> then it's like, the Atari had better graphics than this
<@awaynn> and on the other hand it's horrendous
<@andy_k_250> disapprove?
<@awaynn> I wouldn't accept it
<@Supertails> it looks like the level didn't quite load...
<@Supertails> i mean, it's an interesting style
<@andy_k_250> I don't really think it should be accepted either
<@Supertails> but eh, i'm not too fond of it
<@andy_k_250> the original game's not been edited
<@andy_k_250> I think it's kind of interesting
<@andy_k_250> but it's not really fun to play
<@andy_k_250> it kind of hurts your eyes more than anything
<@andy_k_250> now, if someone made a "real" Atari graphics hack, I'd be all for it
<@awaynn> it would be too painful on the eyes
<@awaynn> if they somehow melded together better and weren't a splatter of colors
<@awaynn> I would say approve it

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
*Credit for these two removals go to DarthRiko. These are the absolute LAST "guest removal logs" I will accept until further notice. Maybe we will accept them again some time shortly.

Disregard strike-out above; I will be accepting guest removals again.</font size></b>

Hack Name: Super Mad-Italian-Plumber World - 614.1 KB - 14 downloads.
Length: 16 levels
Author: mundizor - Submitted by: mundizor
Description: This ROM Hack is a pretty easy one, but it's still going to be a challange. I hope you have as fun playing it as I did.

If someone ever finishes this Hack, I would apriciate if they would tell me how it was. good or bad etc. maybe report a bug or something, but I couldn't find any.
Good Luck to you if you feel like playing it.

It's was submitted as a ROM. Meaning it gets rejected without even playing it. If you need help making/using ips patches, read the FAQ.

As for the level design, it is filled with THOUSANDS of floating munchers, cutoff tiles, death traps, and is easily harder than Kaizo.


Hack Name: SMASH World Demo - 160.6 KB - 8 downloads.
Length: 9 levels
Author: Challokas - Submitted by: Challokas
Description: Okay, so this is a demo, it's almost complete, but it still needs some touching up. No plot, just platforming.

Stacked munchers, glitchy sprites, and screwy GFX.

Ya know what's always fun? Using the screenshots that came with the game, and never having to actually play the game at all.

1. The bullet bills look bad. What's wrong with the original GFX?
2. The "lives" looks horrible.

1. Unless there's something below you, you're screwed if you hit that. I assume you're supposed to hit is and instantly jump off of it before you fall?
2. Glitchy/graphically screwed up sprites. Look at that goal post. It looks horrible.

1. Stacked munchers = instafail.

1. More stacked and floating munchers.

1. Cutoff ledges.

1. More stacked and floating munchers.


Stacked and floating munchers are huge signs of bad level design. Cutoff tiles are signs of laziness. And Kaizo games are a sign that you're out to screw someone, instead of allowing them to have fun.

Unexpected end tag (</b>) at 302, expected </font>
Tag (font) was not closed.
Tag (b) was not closed.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Super Formidable World! (Addressed) Demo - 158.9 KB - 15 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: Nagamaki - Submitted by: Nagamaki
Description: "Frankly,(within the case of this particular game,at least),it's a mere "diminutive,yet formidable"
"DEMO".With that being said,enjoy!

1. First and foremost, this is clearly a 105 edit. It is crucial that, for a level hack to be truly original, Ctrl+DEL is used to clear the sprites, screen exits, and blocks in that level. That way, you can construct your own vision with no intrusions from the pre-existing level, and you don't have remnants from the original level that make it feel like the same one everyone has played in the original Super Mario World.

2. Big issues here: Stacked + floating munchers. These plants are not meant to float, and as such, should be rooted to the ground by the stem. Y-flip the muncher to connect it to a ceiling. If you must have them floating, you can change the graphics for them to something like a spike ball (e.g. Gordo from the Kirby series) - the muncher graphics can be found in GFX33.bin.

The spaces are also very small; if you are able to become big in this hack, then I strongly suggest making these gaps at least two tiles wide. It may take some remodeling to get it all to fit, and some things might need to be removed.

3. More examples of stacked and floating munchers, but also, the bottom row of Lunar Magic is used for things Mario can interact with - this is okay for water, walkthrough dirt, or extentions of walls/cement blocks, but anything Mario must walk on or that can hurt Mario should be clearly in sight. You can only see the top pixels of the munchers - it is preferred that you have the whole muncher in sight so the object is easily identifiable.

Secondly, there is a bit of Cutoffness Man in this picture. The ledge runs right into the cement blocks, creating some airy gaps between the dirt and the cement blocks. It is strongly recommended you replace those cement blocks with a solid wall and solid left corner to connect the wall to the ledge.

4. I can walk through this diagonal pipe. You should put tile 1EB below the left end of the pipe so Mario will walk up it as though it were a slope, and put a thin vertical pipe on the right end so Mario can not walk through the top of the pipe. There's a cutoff issue here that's similar to the picture shown above.

Final notice: SMWC standards currently do not allow "Kaizoesque" hacks, as they are stereotypically filled with many of the things that make a hack bad in our eyes, such as floating munchers, cutoff tiles, and savestate abuse - generally speaking, what you want to do to get a hack approved at SMWC is make it in a way that an actual video game would appear, sound, and play like, if that makes sense. There are many other communities that thoroughly enjoy these types of hacks, so you can find another place to host this hack for those audiences.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Super Mario Islands Demo 2 (Improved) Demo - 139.5 KB - 6 downloads.
Length: 8 levels
Author: bkbusters - Submitted by: bkbusters
Description: 5 new levels to play in! If there are any bugs or whatever PM me and i'll fix it for the next demo! See the Hack Thread for more!

1. Three stuck-forever spots, two of which in the same level, and one is conditional.


The problem is: You can't even tell which of the three pits is the correct one because you can't see the bottom, and even if you could, if you fell down one of them, the lava surface acts like water so it won't kill you. So, you can do one of three things: 1) Make the bottom of the pits visible and make the lava two tiles high so the bottom part, which is dangerous, is there; 2) Remove the pits entirely; or 3) Remodel this level to be more like the others in the sense that it is "traditional platforming" since this level's gimmick of "guess which pit is right" is luck-based, therefore a bad concept.


Yeah. This means the pit furthest to the right is the safe pit, the rest make you stuck there until time runs out or you reset the game.

THIRD SPOT (and I know this was pointed out before):

If you mess this up, you are forced to die because there is no way to reset the puzzle. You can mess this up by collecting a coin and not being able to jump up the blocks to get to the door or by wasting the p-switch's time/dropping it down a hole by accident (although it would be pretty absurd to claim you lost it by accident considering where it is.)

Best solution: Put another screen exit into this level back to the beginning of this portion, put a door or pipe in the screen with the exit.

2. What's with the [ ? ] block in the background? Shouldn't it be a star or just more sky? Use the BG editor to get rid of the block.

3. There is no timer in the bridge level, but when you die, it says "TIME UP!".
Originally posted by ROM Map
052F1 $00:D0F1 Unknown ASM ASM that handles the 'TIME UP!' message. Change 'BNE' to 'BRA' to disable it

BNE is D0, BRA is 80. Therefore, just jump to address 52F1 in a hex editor and change D0 to 80 and save the ROM. Problem fixed.

4. This is really minor cutoffness, but I figure it would be best to point it out anyways:

Either add cement blocks or something else to the end of these bridges or redraw the bridges and the rope to make them not seem cutoff.

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If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Adventure world (Demo 3) Demo - 157.4 KB - 17 downloads.
Length: 17 levels
Author: MrSmrt - Submitted by: MrSmrt
Description: Alright! I have completed world 2, and I also know how to use layer 2 now!
Please note on demo 2 I put in the wrong amount of levels


1. That yellow pipe goes to a room... there's nothing wrong with the room it goes to, but when you come back out into this level, there's a HUGE problem.

^<-- the pipe you shouldn't enter

^<-- where you end up after coming out of the room that the pipe goes to. Not only is that cutoff all the way across the top, but you move left or right, and you end up dying. This is due to bad FG/BG initial position on the secondary exit and the fact that there is no vertical scrolling in this level to go back down to where Mario is. Mario starts in the middle of the screen, so set it to 60,60. You do not need to enable vertical scrolling.

2. Layer 3 going over the background in this level is very bad-looking. Set this level to have no Layer 3 windows.

3. Just a couple of sprite tile memory problems, mostly with the Chargin' Chucks being around too many sprites and having vanishing heads and arms.

If you still can't figure out the "No More Sprite Tile Limits" patch, then you should move some enemies further away from the Chucks, namely the Wigglers and the enemies inside the bubbles.

After making some changes, I suggest giving this hack a quick playtest to make sure the problems are all gone. These issues are all in the Warped Woods levels.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: The Star Warrior Kirby Arrives Demo 1 Demo - 173.8 KB - 0 downloads.
Length: 9 levels
Author: scepile3 - Submitted by: scepile3
Description: Kirby crashlanded on an island he never been to before. He inspected his star ship and found out that a pipe broke. He found a town nearby and found a plumber's house. He enters the house and...

1. Two stuck-forever spots... both conditional however, but problematic.


Because of sprite limitations, the gray p-switch might not even appear, making you permanently stuck here so you have to reset the game.

Another problem with this is that it's a pain to get through trying to jump through there because most of the time, Kirby won't go through. Having a cape makes this way easier, but you need to savestate before hitting the p-switch since you might not make it through your first (hundred) times trying. Make this gap two tiles high.


I killed the Koopa by throwing the shell from the previous Koopa at it before I could see the goal sphere, couldn't enter the pipe, and couldn't go back to get the p-switch. :|

2. Bad palettes:
a.) Flashing stuff that gives you headaches to look at:

^<-- the blocks up there use the flashing part of palette 6

^<-- these pipes flash. You can use the Map16 editor to create pipes on pages 3-F that will not change colors depending on screen.

b.) Miscellaneous bad palettes. I had ten screenshots of bad palettes, but most of the issues were pipe-related... so I'll try not to be so redundant and only put "different" bad palettes down here:

The bullet bill shooter. Make it use another palette that it would look good with using the Map16 editor, paste it on another page, and use it in this level.

Enable custom palettes; make the left half of palette 3 into a dark-to-light-from-left-to-right gradient over the teal and orange.

See above

Same issue as above, and make the left half of palette 5 a dark-to-light-from-left-to-right green gradient.

Open the 8x8 tile editor and go to palette 5, and use that as a reference to fix the Map16 of the bushes - paste the edited version of each bush tile over the original version of that tile to fix all the bushes in the game.

The pink shadow on the blue block isn't good. Enable custom palettes and make it a darker blue than the other blues.

Some hills are unintentionally darker where the light source is, near the top of the map.

3. Pipe weirdness:
a.) The bottom of that pipe is garbagey. You can use the Map16 editor to y-flip those items and paste them on a page between 3 and F, with the same properties as they already have, just so they don't look weird with cutoffness at the bottom.

b.) Similar issue with here - it seems really strange to be entering a pipe from what you think would be connected to the body of the pipe, rather than through the top of the pipe (if that makes sense)... so just y-flip the pieces of this pipe.

4. Blank message box:

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Adventure World (Demo 3) Demo
Length: 17 levels
Author: W.E.B MrSmrt - Submitted by: W.E.B MrSmrt
Alright! I have completed world 2, and I also know how to use layer 2 now! Please note on demo 2 I put in the wrong amount of levels and there was a cutoff event tile.


Mario: Hey, where is the bonus game?
No, this time it's not a pipe that led to an endless bonus game. It's the actual bonus game I got to by collecting 100 stars. But, it doesn't have the sprite. :(

You get stuck forever in this place, obviously. Remember that the bonus level is actually two levels: level 000 and level 100. They need to be both the same.

Now, for other screenshots, which aren't the reason why this was removed, but must be improved anyway:

In this part of the level, Mario comes out of the pipe, but the camera is above him, and it scrolls down after a while. Remember you can fix this by clicking on the door button and editing the initial FG position.

That saw fell of the line... thing because it wasn't put in properly. Just move it one tile up in LM. :P

Nothing fatal, just a graphical thing. (Hint: donut bridge cut off by the pipe)

Same here. (Hint: The corner)


Cut-off sprite here, too.

For cut-off sprites, simply change the sprite header (by clicking on Lakitu's Head (in LM), and if it fails to work, try removing some sprites from the level, or not putting them too near from each other.
Removed: Super Mario World: The Bramble Invasion 1.01 by Black Yoshi


A LOT of unfairness in this hack... Also, the first world is extremely bland.

See the Ptooie Piranha? Please move it to that ledge on the right. If you stand at the start too long, you WILL die...

Side Note: I love how you justified allowing the message box graphics be overwritten by the Venus's head. :D

Those spikes create a VERY unfair jump. The same jump is at the exit...
In fact, this hack requires a LOT of small jumps just to get through certain portions, and has more of these unfair jumps in later levels. Please, thoroughly test your levels. Make sure your ceilings aren't too low. Generally, if you have to jump over something, give like, 5 blocks of air, where said air is counted starting from the block above the 'ground' you are standing on.

You DO know how to fix this, right? If not, I'd tell you, but...I forgot. XD Oh well. Check the ROM Map?

Very unfair jump. You have no room for error if you jump incorrectly, as your free space is...NONE. Please, as mentioned before, PLEASE offer more space, don't offer low ceilings if you have to jump over something. (Exception: You have to jump over something, but by the time you see it, you have more space above you, so you can easily jump.) Don't abuse this too much, though!

Not ground, but MUNCHERS! Or is it brambles? You can't see. Yes, it gives you room for error, but... Please, don't use the bottom row for this unless you give fair warning that something's there. Give warning, such as, say, a sign, and I won't complain. (Suggestion: Triangular sign with red on the outside, white on the inside, with a picture of Brambles on it.)

The mesh blends in with the BG a bit to much- could you make it brighter?

A lot of slowdown here, as well as some YI Bullet Bills not showing up at points... I'd suggest you remove the Fire Snakes- they're kinda useless. :P

The Note Block Bounce sprite doesn't work with this tileset. Check to see if SP3=13. If not, and you don't use sprites whose tiles are on SP3, then change it to 13. If you DO, however, make sure the Note Block won't conflict with your sprites, make an ExGFX file using the current SP3 file you have, copy the Note Block from GFX13, and paste it in your new ExGFX file at that exact spot- then save it, put it in your hack, and use it here. :)

Palettes are a bit off here on the fireballs. Tell me, do you absolutely NEED everything to be monochrome? I think you don't, but that's me...

Why does it do this? Please don't tell me it's a No-Sprite Block that fireballs respond to... If so, please don't use this. I've noticed that you used it in Morton's Factory #2 for every single sprite you used... Well, there's code you can use to make sprites stay on ledges without that block- please see if someone will help you with this so you don't have to use that block. :) (Also, flying sprites.. The ones you're using have a certain range they stay in...)

PLEASE don't use the Note Blocks you can bounce off the sides of. It makes this shaft (and the one near the start) VERY difficult. PLEASE change them to normal note blocks!

More slowdown here- please remove some fishies. They may be cute, but the sprite buoyancy has a habit of creating slowdown...or so the dialogue it's in implies.

(Also, for that level, please find something to do about the large white streaks in the horizontal pipes- near the end, Bullet Bills begin firing, and you CAN NOT SEE THEM WHEN THEY GO BEHIND THAT WHITE STREAK. So basically, unfair hits.)


Yeeeeaahhh.. You put the coin on a subscreen boundary, which means it'll get cutoff when you grab it. But worse yet, if you duck into it, you gain infinite lives so long as you don't touch the top half! Just move it up one tile, and it's solved!

Here's another example of unfairness. In this level, and some past ones, you have a habit of forcing the played to duck and jump over a damaging object. You leave little room for error. This is not difficulty, this is UNFAIRNESS. Please lower the damaging objects down a few tilespaces.

Lastly, when you clear this level, instead of getting a fadeout, the colors flash between the "Lava" cave and the "Water" cave. WHAT THE HEEEECK?! O_o Seriously, please try to figure out how to fix this. If you cannot...then please mention so.

And that's all I have to say.
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
Hack Name: Super Glitch Land (U) Demo - 398.3 KB - 2 downloads.
Length: 17 levels
Author: Togepichao - Submitted by: Togepichao
Description: sorry if I sorta had the same name as yours smallhacker I worked on this before I found yours please don't boot me off

If that's the title screen, I don't wanna see the first level. :/
Thanks a lot to Crystal King for playing this hack.
Hack Name: SMW - Bramble Invasion Demo 1.02 Demo
Length: 14 levels
Author: Black Yoshi - Submitted by: Black Yoshi
Description: Demo 1.02: Many Bug Fixes

Originally posted by Crystal King
You did well in your newest version, but there are still some glitches.

You still didn't edit the Yoshi House Text :|

I kinda guess I was wrong about the lava and Water, because now the tip of the lava is blue... yuk. I just recommend you switch it back to the old color, and make the old color darker. (the old color was an icy like color)

The hopping flame is stuck in the bullet bill launcher.

Well, you fixed the problem with the coins, mario, and the block, but is seems that the Ghost Guy's mask screws up...

unedited from the orginal SMW.

If you hit the goal tape, mario will walk straight off into oblivion. Enlarge the bridge so Mario can continue on his little walk.

I'm not sure if this was planned, but I can't go past here...

You give the midway point WAY too early in this level. Bump it back a few screens.
*Credit for this removal log goes to Kitoari.

Hack Name: Mario et Luigi "Il faut sauver la princesse" Demo - 393.2 KB - 18 downloads.
Length: 6 levels
Author: bulle34500 - Submitted by: bulle34500
Description: I have or saying resumed my OW of my former hack which I have abandonée and I have him to install on this hack...


Just to have to save the princess of the chateau of Bowser, He began again another which forced mario and luigi has to boost it in an adventure in level more fun.


I have plutot the hard levels for levels more fun and beacoups better by report of the level disign of the other hack. I have So inserted by custom music, ExGFX, and BG of the game(set,play) SMB3. There is as well a bug as I do not arrive has to correct it is on the BG of levels "Ile Yoyoshi 4".

Good game ^^

Ps: sadden for my vague English because I have vaiment of the evil on this language

Originally posted by Kitoari
First of all, the level design and overworld is actually quite nice. However, there are two main flaws.

First, let's look at the overworld.

You see, I can't seem to go up that ladder, which I assume leads to a switch palace. Either remove of fix that path.

Now onto the bulk of the log. You see, the levels, as I said, are quite fun. However:

This is minor, but the mushroom is fairly hard to get. Move the two blocks over to the left a little.
((Also, I took a quick look at this hack too just to verify these issues, and you also have a lot of bad corner tiles - ones with dirt behind them instead of air when there are no platforms "behind" the corner - place tiles from direct map16 access over the bad corners, since this way, they won't change. This screen happens to have one, but MANY corners in this hack need to be fixed.))


There is also sliding koopa spam in this hack.
Back to turtle shell kicking spam:

(Those two are the same)
Alright, I think that- CRIPES ANOTHER ONE!

Kitoari is hit by a koopa shell

I stopped here.
Things you did good on:
-Decent level design
-Nice overworld

To Fix:
-path I pointed out
-shell-less Blue koopa with shell spam
-slight sliding koopa spam

This has potential; just fix these errors.
(Please note I only played the first 3 levels, So I may have missed something. I suggest sending it to a beta tester so they can point out errors to you.)

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: SMP1 Demo - 238.7 KB - 6 downloads.
Length: 16 levels
Author: Manuz - Submitted by: Manuz
Description: My old hack with features:
-Custom ExGFX, sprites and blocks;
-An amazing overworld.
Demo 2 updated.


1. Green switch palace is unedited except for the palette. Ctrl+DEL and make a new level over it - especially the second room of the switch palace, which was completely unaltered.

This is an extremely obvious edit of the cave room in Yoshi's Island 1, and with an eye-searing palette:

2. I couldn't find any invisible coin block or music note block here; if I didn't have the cape, there's no way out of here. The piranha plants are too high to spin jump off of and you only get hurt - you should never get stuck or be forced to die under any circumstance.

The vine didn't spawn from this block - likely due to sprite limitations. Therefore, I am stuck.

3. Layer 3 tide + vertical scroll = fail.

Try using the layer 3 tide + vertical scroll fix sprite and if you can not get that working for any reason, remove the tide or disable vertical scrolling - whichever is more convenient for the level design.

4. Whoa, wait wait wait... I just entered the level from the midway point, and there's already a blue koopa sliding at me? That's cruel and unusual, dude.

5. This is not a proper football graphic. That looks like one of those things that if you jumped on, would hurt you... rotodisks...? Gah, I don't remember what they're called, but if you insist on using the football here, you should change its tilemap to not conflict with the rotodisk.

6. This part is very laggy:

This whole level is laggy:

Use the FastROM patch or remove some sprites.

7. More bad palette problems:
This whole level is AAAAAAAA except for the blue pipe:

White outline around the white shy guys is bad - change it to black:

Status bar is messed up, and considering this level is using the original SMW background, you should check which parts of your FG overwrite palette 0 and 1 and change their map16 to use a different palette and move the colors there if there are pieces that do that, then restore the original colors to 0 and 1.

The hack needs the fade fix patch:

8. Bottom row of Lunar Magic used for walking on. Don't do this; the player can only see the top pixel of that row ingame, therefore making this extremely hard to judge whether or not that area is ground.

9. If you spinjump those blocks and go down there, you can't enter any of those pipes and there's no invisible block you can hit to make a solid object to climb - this jump is incredibly hard to make to get back up top; I had to let a large koopa fall and jump off of it to get back up. I'd lower the ground one tile or make an invisible coin block down there.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!

Removed: The Star Warrior Kirby Arrives Demo 1 by scepile3


Your Bonus Game is broken. I could not hit ANY of the blocks at ALL. If you cannot fix this, then may I make a suggestion? There's a hack called.....umm... Mario's Return, I think it was, I forget, that changed the Bonus Game. Instead of the item roulette, it was a tall room with a lot of 1-Ups and ? Spheres at the start. There's the suggestion- If you cannot fix it, then why not change the Bonus Game into something else, like a run for items? :D

While I'm at it, I have some minor errors to share.

First off, the level "The Chuck Slopes". This is an EXTREMELY boring level with NO variety. Most of the level is just "Defeat Chucks, hit a coin block, climb up a square hill, jump off, repeat". This is VERY boring. Please, try to add more variety.

Intro level. Please fix the coloring on the house. You have a little brown around the edges where there should be dark green...

As is CONSTANTLY said about your hack, PUTTING BOTH P-SWITCHES TOGETHER IN THIS AREA MAKES ONE VANISH. If it's the Blue, no sweat, scroll the screen to the left using L, then scroll back with R- it's there. If it's the Silver one, you're doomed. PLEASE, just remove the Blue P-Switch. It'll make things easier on you. Oh yeah, one last thing- Blue P-Switch makes your brick unsmashable for some reason. O_o Most likely an issue with the block itself, though. Just felt like pointing that out.

"BOWER'S"? :P That should be "BOWSER'S".

Might wanna change the message, it's kinda strange now that the mountain doesn't repeat in the BG. :P

You misspelled a word. It's "Hurray", not "Horray". (Also, thanks for removing the orange color from the edges of the FG.)

Look closely at the crossroads section- it's miscolored on the top half!

Man. Up until Chuck Slopes, I was very pleased with this hack. ...Oh yes, one error I forgot to take a pic of:

Your pipes are now badly-colored. BOTH edges are light. The right edge should be the darkest shade you have, the left should be the lightest. ;)
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
Removed: SMW - Bramble Invasion Demo 1.03 by Black Yoshi


Five words:

Virtually. Unchanged. From. Last. Version.

Simple as that. You still have damaging ceilings that are too low to get past with a normal jump! PLEASE fix what has been said in previous removal logs!
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
Hack Name: Flood Land Mario Demo 1
Length: 3 levels
Author: krackosstorm2 - Submitted by: krackosstorm2
Description: my first hack

Needs more grammar and less 10000000

I know you were lazy to make an OW, but come on! At least try to put some land in there... Also, floating smoke, WEEEEEE level name.

...I don't think I need to explain what's wrong with this.
Hack Name: Crysis In The Mushroom Kingdom Demo Demo - 237.9 KB - 4 downloads.
Length: 4 levels
Author: cyphermur9t - Submitted by: cyphermur9t
Description: A new adventure in the making with many custom things.

Well, this hack actually was pretty good in general. For the most part, the level design was nicely done and varied. My main suggestion as far as improvements go would be to try to even-up the difficulty factor between levels. For instance, Level 1 is an airship full of Hammer Bros. and Bullet Bills. Level 2 is then a peaceful level reminiscent of SMB3 1-1. Then, Level 3 is a platform level that requires the player to confidently use enemy-bouncing to cross large open pits. The game rounds out with Level 4, a fortress that starts out with a cheap shot laser and ends with a tricky chain-climbing section. I think the game could definitely improve from having a more gradual difficulty factor.

That aside, there is a lot to like here, and with some work this could be a nice addition to the hacks here.

Every other yellow level dot on the overworld is not an actual level. Then, several actual levels are red, but have no secret exits (that I could find). This seems to be aiming for an SMB3-style OW - if that is the case, it shouldn't really use the SMW dynamics and graphics. Not a big issue, but something to think about.

After difficulty, the single biggest strike against this hack is the bad palettes. Obviously, the status bar here is messed up. Second, the Bullet Bill Blasters are the same color scheme as the background, and don't really look like foreground objects. However, the Bullet Bills they spit out are still jet black. I think you need to take a second look at your palette space and reconsider which rows you will use for which graphics. The rope poles also look icky. The ceiling also could live without being a row of nuts.

Use a different level-ender sprite - Mario looks stupid walking into a wall after triumphantly beating a level. Also, the fade-fix patch would do wonders for this hack.

Once again, gross palettes and a messed up status bar from palette choices. I actually use palettes 2, 3, and 4 for a lot of my custom palettes - it tends to work out better. Palette 4 is probably used by the least number of original game blocks, so it is easy to reassign and recolor them in YY-CHR for a different palette. Give it some consideration. Also, I don't know if the original Redrawn palettes were like this, but that is Fire Mario - unfortunately, he looks amazingly similar to Super Mario in coloration.

Again, nasty palettes on those bricks.

I am not really sure what this is supposed to be. It could be a flag, but it looks like a giant sharp screw. I would suggest redoing these graphics or using the original SMW gate and tape graphics.

This chain-jumping part was annoying, even with a gamepad. In fact, the first time I played through, I didn't even realize these chains were climbable - only when I was getting screenshots ready did I stop to think "Oh, maybe the game DOESN'T end halfway through this level." So, I guess maybe it would be good to force the player to use chains to climb through an earlier part of the level, so they are aware of their use. Along with that, some of those chain tiles are badly matched because they have fallen victim to...


Well, here is the main reason this hack was rejected - you can easily get stuck in this boss fight at the end. The idea of these Goombas is a cool gimmick, but they only work if you fight the enemies here in the correct order. Otherwise, you get stuck with no way of finishing the level besides letting time run out. Also, playing this room a second time I was able to kill the main enemy here and activate the level-ender without also needing to kill these Goombas. So, I do think this is a good idea, but I think you need to rethink a few things here.
Anyway, aside from those things, this still was pretty good and fun and it could be a lot better with just a few relatively minor tweaks! Very good try for a first go-around. The scrolling sprite used for the "BG" of the first part of the first level worked very well, and I liked the bit about Mario's house - I just hope that comes back into the game's story somehow. Along with that, info blocks or NPC sprites could help move your story along too. You've got some really creative ideas here, so keep up the good work!

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Hack Name: Mario in Some Strange Land (Demo 1) Demo - 428.7 KB - 22 downloads.
Length: 30 levels
Author: NeverUser - Submitted by: NeverUser
Description: One day, King Boo kidnapped Princess Peach, and build a giant Space Fortress. Now, mario Must destroy Him. Features SMAS Music, Custom Sprites and a bit of ExGFX

oh my god this hack is boring

1. Glitched graphics inside Spartan Island 2's cave.

That is a Spiny. A Buzzy Beetle is not an appropriate graphic for a Spiny on land because a Spiny is painful to be jumped on, whereas a Buzzy Beetle is smooth and safe to jump on, but even worse is the falling graphic for the Spiny. Why not just use Spike Top? He didn't glitch up in this level at all, and pretty much serves the same purpose since the whole level is just a really flat stretch of land...

Diggin' Chuck is not useable here - he conflicts with who-knows-how-many sprites in this GFX file - evidently, he can't work with the Buzzy Beetle at all without remapping. You can resave this as an ExGFX file and paste on other pieces that you DO need for this level in the same spot they would appear on in this file, but that does not guarantee everything will be compatible. Whatever isn't compatible needs to be remapped, or removed from the level.

2. Literally, with the level design - Spartan Islands 1 and 2, AND the Yellow Switch Land are all just this:

Completely flat land with long stretches of enemies, to the point where I can sometimes get 20+ lives a level just throwing a shell then running for x screens until I either get to a pipe or the goal. Spartan Island 1 also has the midway point way too close to the end, plus cutoff you will see next in reason #3.

3. Cutoffness Man. It is also really bad to have nonsolid borders against water and lava because you can fall right through them or walk into the sides of them - you should always have a solid wall against water or lava.

4. There are boxes around these hills if you look closely enough - adjust the palettes or place hills with the correct palette over the hills with the bad palettes.

In short, this hack needs a load of work to improve - I'd suggest using Ctrl+DEL and making some new levels - that flat stretch of land with lots of enemies, custom or not, gets very boring after the first few screens - let alone the first few levels. At least change the title screen to say "Mario in Some Strange Land" rather than "Super Mario World Redrawn" as well - it can be found in the Overworld Editor.

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*Credit for this hack removal goes to Crystal King.

Hack Name: Mario et Luigi "Il faut sauver la princesse" Demo - 393.6 KB - 3 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: bulle34500 - Submitted by: bulle34500
Description: My démo of my hack i corrected bugs and i repost it ^^

Good game

7 levels fun ^^

[20:15:26] *Crystal_King* Sadly there is not cutoffness man in this deletion
[20:15:28] *Crystal_King* :(
[20:16:43] *Crystal_King* | not only is that Koopa placed near the exit of the pipe, but if you take the left route it leads to a pit, which is very unfair.
[20:16:55] *Crystal_King* | Blind jump
[20:17:01] *Crystal_King*
[20:17:41] *Crystal_King* Mario: I just'a wonder what the Yellow Switch Palace looks like. MAMMA MIA! IT'S THE SAME ONE FROM DINOSAUR WORLD
[20:18:02] *Crystal_King* | this jump is impossible w/o Yoshi.
[20:18:55] *Crystal_King* | I got this pow awhile back. Now, if I had pressed that switch back there (since there is no reset pipe) I'd end up stuck in this room. BUt, lucky for me, I decided to save it.
[20:19:30] *Crystal_King* | You gotta jumpon the monty mole to make this jump

In brief: Test all levels to make sure there is no possibility of getting permanently stuck or forced to die. If that happens, either redesign the part in question or have a "reset door/pipe" so the player can try again. Edit all levels - graphic changes do not a new level make. Use enemies or coins to guide a player to safe ground, and finally, do not place enemies where the player needs to have split-second reaction times (or luck) to avoid a hit.

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*Credit to this removal log goes to Dinomar.

Originally posted by D. Engrish

The New Flood Land Mario Demo 1 - 133.1 KB - 4 downloads.
Length: 9 levels
Author: krackosstorm2 - Submitted by: krackosstorm2
Description: Flood Land Mario useing the xgfx of alternet mario world


unedited title screen. ok, it can go as well, but to improve it, do a custom title screen.
also, bad map16

unedited intro, ok, but do like in the title screen.
(Question: there is the engrish?)

Now, we arrive to the serious things:

Cutoff water!!! add board and a surface!

3 in 1!!!

1: Floating munchers D:
2: the goal has a bad graphics(otherwise is a glimmer-corpse of rex D:)
3: EEEK! i fall in the bottom! NO Turn block, cement block!

not only munchers: The pipe too????? add a ground please

2 in 1

1: bad palettes
2: cutoff again

??????? what do mean? that i'm D.engrish, true?
No trash message!

the OW? i walk on the water(if is water :D)?
DO an OW, not a empty space!

Also, switch palace, Kaizo trap and "Vary short" aren't Blatant level edit: these are completely unedited level!

so, you shouldnt to fix these level: you must fix only the level 105, the title and these mistakes,
remake "Kaizo trap" and "Vary short" (unedited)

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Hack Name: SMW a route of challenges Demo - 277.8 KB - 10 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: willyGoomba - Submitted by: willyGoomba
Description: custom everything. this is a demo of the hack im making. sure it has many problems or glitches, but just play and tell me what you dont like or what i have to fix

Alright, you're new here, so let's clear up something. It's not a good idea to submit content you -know for a fact- is glitchy. Instead, you should look for beta testers to help you out with the glitches. To do a public beta here, you upload an IPS to a filehosting site like mediafire and make a thread about your hack, show some screens, and link the IPS. For a private beta, maybe say "looking for beta testers" in your signature and people who are interested will PM you, then you PM them back with the link to your hack.

This hack has some pretty big glitches, most notably the fact that the patch was identified in my emulator logs as a "bad" patch, meaning there was an error in making the patch. One possible issue is you did not use a clean ROM as the base, which is the most common one. You will have to, if this is the case, find a clean ROM (you're on your own for this one, just remember to look for a [!] symbol) to move all your work to, and remake the patch. If it was something else that corrupted your hack, find out what it is, and move all your work but exclude the thing that screwed it up.

When using Lunar IPS, remember: unmodified file first, hack second. Repatch it back to an unmodified file to test it and make sure it works.

Since most things in the hack were recognizable, it is still playable... so, on with the screenshots.

1. This is what the "bad" patch contains, as opposed to the clean-looking stuff that may be in your ROM you're working on right now:

I'm not sure if the message box plant with a fish stem was an error in your actual ROM or if it was caused by the bad patch - but use ExGFX to fix that or change the tilemapping of the piranha plant with a hex editor if it was an "original" glitch. The background, I'm fairly certain is caused by the bad patch... if not, copy it from another level, make sure you have the right GFX file loaded, and remember to press F9 to save your Map16 data.

Similar to the above, but with a garbled FG instead of a garbled BG.

2. Some Cutoffness Man and overlapping woes. With the ledges and the walls, you should use a jointed tile to connect them rather than having them run into walkthrough dirt. Pipes, as they are, should not be placed "in front of" bushes because they have one column of transparent pixels on their ends, causing a line of cutoffness and blankness between the bush and the pipe.

This one is hard to see. Look right above the P-switch. The ceiling extends too far, and there should be a corner tile to the right of the lowest cement block in that stack.

A small piece of cutoff grass where the diagonal ledge overlaps the nonsolid left wall.

Couldn't make it much further than that since my eyes are all aaaaaa from the garbled backgrounds... but I hope this advice is enough.

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