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Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
Hack Name: smw exgfx test Demo - 206.1 KB - 6 downloads.
Length: 8 exits
Author: dragoniante174 - Submitted by: dragoniante174
Description: solo es una prueva de ExGFX

1. Death in title screen. This makes you stuck in level C7 until you reset. Remember to record new moves and insert them.

2. Possible death in intro. This can screw up your life counter - so either make Mario start on a 1up mushroom so he can never get a game over in the intro, or take out the enemies and the hole at the end.

The pink berry also cuts into the shading on the bush. Move it up one tile.

3. Glitched graphics.

The monty mole messes up the ground when it jumps out. The mole hole is a tileset-specific tile; you can take it from GFX15 and paste it in the same spot over where it should be in your ExGFX file, or you can use surface-jumping moles instead.

This was taken from the screenshots you supplied. A GLITCHED BACKGROUND, plus the On/Off blocks cut into the ground. You need walls at the end of those ledges.

The fish's flopping frame is a goomba in this hack. Do not make them start in the air, then. :|

4. I've never seen so much cutoff before the first level in my life.

Here, you have the bush hanging off the edge, and you also have the ledge without a wall. Attach a right wall with a solid top (will have corner tiles on top) to the ledge. Cutoff is not acceptable.

Same issue here.

This goes beyond cutoff issues; there's also a lot of palettes in the water and on the cliff that need fixing, and the castle is on a square of water.. o_o; I took this from the screenshots you gave us with your hack.

The top of the pipe on the right... where is it? (Also taken from the screens you supplied) Not to mention, the palettes....

5. ...are really bad in some parts. You should enable custom palettes, probably change the Map16 data of some of your FG ExGFX to not use palettes that conflict with the background or so many other objects, such as palette 2.

The pipe is a different color on the ends and the middle, the background color is horrible, and I don't even want to know what's going on with the escalator... the BG can be fixed by making a gradient of a color that goes dark-to-light-from-left-to-right over color 0.

Koopa with a blue outline. Change it to dark orange or to black.

EDIT with more information, thanks to Dinomar, who played the hack a bit further to find different errors.

It's a glitchy bouncing random power up.

Bad graphics of the carriable block: try to do with the map16 a block that acts like this, the 12e tile

Goal without pole

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If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Super Awesome World *FIXED* A 4th Time Demo - 22.2 KB - 5 downloads.
Length: 8 levels
Author: Thwaterguy - Submitted by: Thwaterguy
Description: Its Fixed on A new Rom

The main reason I rejected this hack for is its sucky level design.

Un-edited OW.

The corner tile has dirt on it. Also, the palette for the foreground just sucks.

Cut-offness and... that green thing down there.

This level was actually a bit fun, but you spammed blue koopas and shells a lot. Also, cut-offness.


Note blocks shouldn't be used in castles! (If you want to use them, just overwrite that tile with the noteblock graphics)

What are those things in the place of the candles?

OW is messed up. (and un-edited, you just deleted all the other land!)

Press ctrl + del when making a new level, try to add more variety in your levels, edit the overworld (you should start a new one from scratch), and fix all the cut-off tiles.

Kaizo Mario World 1 & 2.

We've deleted them in the past. We're not gonna starting accepting them now.

Well, that's the site's philosophy, I actually rather enjoyed playing them, as hard as they were.....
*Credit for the video in this removal log goes to Kitoari. Credit for the screenshots goes to the person who uploaded the hack.

Hack Name: Demonic Mario World Demo - 56.6 KB - 5 downloads.
Length: 43 levels
Author: etplayer10 - Submitted by: etplayer10
Description: This Hack May Be A Demo But This Is A Pretty Fun Demo Almost Every Level Is Finished There Is Like Maybe 2 Levels I Needed To Edit But Out Of The Other Like 40 Or So Finished Levels This Makes A Great Hack! This Is A Suggested Play! I Hope You Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

Well, you broke just about every rule of hack submission with the screenshots you provided... so I will just repost those here.

1. Floating munchers, loads of cutoffness man, horrible palettes, glitched graphics... 'nuff said.


<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>


Maybe for another audience, but this hack doesn't even come close to meeting minimum standards for passing moderation. You would have to remake virtually everything for it to have a chance, so the best thing to do if you want a hack on SMWC is to start from scratch. You can host this hack on a file-sharing site and pass it around to people who might want to try it... but please do not resubmit it here.

No cutoffs - ledges must end in walls, have corners and jointed tiles, and if it's in the air, have a ceiling on the bottom; vines must be anchored to something or proper ends should be drawn for them; water and lava must have some solid boundary on left and right, and either extend to the bottom or have a solid boundary on the bottom as well. Munchers can NOT float - root their stem to the ground, or redraw them into something that looks appropriate floating in the air. Palettes - use custom palettes if you don't want every other level to have the same changes, and please work carefully with them so they aren't blinding magenta, or a "Christmas melt", like the title screen border.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Removed: The Koopa Army by mariofan8


You honestly shot yourself in the foot with this one. I expected a hack with lots of cutoff tiles, and I was right. Heck, your preview pic shows cutoff. :/

Something like this. Please, not cutoff tiles, it looks bad. Also, that shooter doesn't need to extend THROUGH the ground, y'know.

WHEE. More cutoffness! Also, this is where I realized this is a 105 edit, but it's near-impossible to tell that it is. The easiest way? Jump in that pipe. Also, please note the midway point up there- it cuts into the floating slope... Cutoff on cutoff, eh?


Gee, it sure is cutoff around here!

Those vines are floating. FLOATING! Anchor them to a cement block, will ya? Also, get rid of the cutoff slope by using the walkthrough edges.

Hi Bob-omb! How are you today?


No, I didn't kill the Bob-omb. The minute those four Koopas appear, the Bob-omb VANISHES BEFORE YOUR EYES. Sprite memory issue, perhaps? Also, this last bit of the level has way too many Turn Blocks. It's boring. All you do is fly between turn blocks without worry of hitting enemies. (Jump as high as you can when flying, and you're too high to be hit.)


You didn't edit YELLOW SWITCH PALACE. At ALL! Levels from the original game = NO. Up until the very end, 106 IS NOT EDITED AT ALL!

In place of the goal post, you have cutoff tiles. PLEASE end the ground in a solid edge.

More cutoffness. See previous message, and extend the ground to the bottom of the level. If you cannot, please don't use the wide-scale ground ledge in the air, because it only goes left and right, not up and down...

And that's all I played. I entered 103 to find the start unedited, so I just stopped playing. PLEASE, PEOPLE, REMEMBER THAT WE DON'T LIKE UNEDITED LEVELS AND BLATANT LEVEL EDITS! USE CTRL+DELETE TO REMOVE THE WHOLE OF A LEVEL BEFORE YOU BEGIN TO WORK ON IT! ALWAYS! We cannot stress this enough!
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
Hack Name: Yoshis' Despair - 169.1 KB
Length: 21 levels
Author: yoshiapplecachetitos - Submitted by: yoshiapplecachetitos
Description: This is my first full SMW hack. Please don't go too hard on me if you don't like it, because it might be a little tricky for some of you. Have fun playing.

Credit for this removal goes to Crystal King

[13:28] Crystal_King> | Red P. Stem
[13:28] Crystal_King> | Some cutoffness where the pipe is.
[13:30] Crystal_King> | Since there is no status bar in the intro, that floating mushroom looks... odd... Avoid this by just picking up one powerup, and if you must have more then 2, get hit first.
[13:31] Crystal_King> | Well, that was helpful information
[13:32] Crystal_King> | This moon is easy to get, and since you can go back to this level at any time, infinity lives! W00t.
[13:32] Crystal_King> | Glitched Block GFX
[13:33] Crystal_King> | Major slowdown here, believe it or not, and cutoffness man on the Cement blocks.
[13:33] Crystal_King> | More cutoffness man on the pipe and the water
[13:33] Crystal_King>
[13:33] Crystal_King> You need a cape or yoshi to pass this
[13:34] Crystal_King> | Cutoffness man is on the ropes. *drums*
[13:35] Crystal_King> | cutoff lava on the mini-pipe that is holding lava
[13:35] Crystal_King> | You need yoshi to pass this, otherwise the floating munchers will eat away at whatever powerups you happen to have at the time.
[13:36] Crystal_King> | That's some odd cutoffness...
[13:36] Crystal_King> | AHH THOSE PALLETES THEY BURN
[13:36] Crystal_King> | More cutoffness.
[13:37] Crystal_King>
[13:37] Crystal_King> You're cutting off the cutoffness?
[13:38] Crystal_King> | MYEYES
[13:39] Crystal_King> | Auto scroll starts going fast at this point, and Yoshi's tounge looks like crap.
[13:40] Crystal_King> | Mario: MAMMA MIA! Yoshi lost his head! (Sprite memory issues, and that square... thing is a Football from a puntin' chuck)
[13:40] Crystal_King>
[13:40] <Crystal_King> Yet even more sprite memory issues
[13:41] Crystal_King> | cutoffness man on the bush
[13:42] Crystal_King> | Requiring the switch palace is a big NO.
[13:42] Crystal_King> | Especially when the switch palace looks this cutoff/bad palletes, and
[13:43] Crystal_King> | Is incompletable due to the fact that the blue midway tape thing repels mario.

You have a lot of stuff to fix. Follow the suggestions in this log to fix up your hack. Stay away from bad palettes, cutoff tiles and general unfairness. Remember, requiring savestates is looked down upon, and just because you have skill at your game from playtesting it a lot doesn't mean others do.

Hack Name: adventure of the 1up mushroom Demo - 102.9 KB
Length: 2 levels
Author: 1up mushrooms - Submitted by: 1up mushrooms

Well, you created the patch wrong. Your patch is basically the original SMW with no changes. That basically makes it a rom, so I have to delete it. Make sure that when you create your patch you first select a clean SMW rom and then your rom. And please, test your patch before you submit it to make sure you didn't make any mistakes during the creation process.
Hack Name: fun world Demo - 161 KB - 18 downloads.
Length: 8 levels
Author: sasuke2277 - Submitted by: sasuke2277
Description: my first hack i hope you enjoy it.

1. Not only does is the border the equivalent of the sun to look at, but you also DIE in the title screen. You're not supposed to because you get perpetually stuck in level C7 if you do. Rerecord your video.

2. You can also die in the intro! You should never expose Mario to immediate danger in the intro unless you give make him start on the same spot a 1up mushroom is so you can't get a game over... it will screw up the life counter if you die enough (P5 lives for instance) and you'll just end up back on the title screen after you beat the intro.

Also, your grammar needs a lot of work. When you make a hack, you should try to get the grammar and spelling to be the best you can. If English is not your strong point, then when you get beta testers for your hack, see if any one of them would be interested in helping you correct the message boxes.

You need apostrophes in contractions such as "you've", captials at the beginnings of sentences and for proper nouns, and use commas when listing items or separating ideas. Avoid run-on sentences - put periods at the end of individual statements.

Hello. My name is Yoshi. I like to eat fruit and goombas, and I also like eating bullet bills. Ooh, and my favorite is the rare blue koopa.

Enemies are just enemies - it's not like their actual first name is Goomba, so you don't need to capitalize the names... although some games and shows do capitalize names of imaginary breeds, so just do whatever you feel is right in that case.

3. Glitched graphics. Change the sprite graphics index back to what it originally was in the switch palace level. >_<

...there is also immense slowdown because you use way too many sprites, and in some levels, namely the maze one, half of all the sprites don't even appear. Either use the "no more sprite tile limits" patch or get rid of a lot of sprites.

4. Attach this goal bar to a post, and make sure you can't see the bushy bottom of the goal post and that the post is high enough so that the bar doesn't go over it. The bar needs to start at ground level.

5. Loads of Cutoffness Man.

Use jointed tiles to connect the wall and ledge seamlessly.

...ah crap. Pretend that red box extends all the way to the right.

Proper floor or roof needed; if you can't find the right pieces in this tileset, there are some nice bonus room sets in the ExGFX section that fit over the SMW grassland Map16 that you can use and build over this.

Needs a wall. Always.

Move these diagonal ledges around so they overlap correctly, like the one at the bottom left of the screen.

6. Bad corner tile. Place a corner tile with a transparent tip rather than a brown tip over the bad corner tile from the Direct Map16 Access window.

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If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: My Little Hack Demo Demo - 20.9 KB - 18 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: Electrofire - Submitted by: Electrofire
Description: This hack has 7 levels: Yoshi's Island 1-4, The Yellow Switch Palace, Iggy's Castle, and Donut Plains 1. Enjoy


1. The whole first level, which is the ONLY ORIGINAL LEVEL (not counting the really short replacement for Yoshi's Island 3) IN THIS WHOLE HACK, is really redundant, bland, etc. No one wants to play a level that's only a flat ledge with glitchy Pitchin' Chucks in it for 1F screens, plus a star, midway bar, a feather, and a 3-UP moon.

2. As you can figure from the statement above, the rest of the levels are all blatant level edits.

-The Yoshi's Island 2 edit is all the same until you reach a pipe that just takes you to the other side of a cement wall, then there's a cutoff piece of ground that runs into the inside of a wall, and the rest of the level is the same.

-This Yoshi's Island 4 edit is pointless

-Castle of Failure II: The Cutoff Keep

(Add a solid wall to the end of the ledge. It is NOT acceptable to have it just run into the lava and stay cutoff like that.)

(Net needs jointed tiles to connect the vertical and horizontal pieces. There's more messed up nets that need fixing too that aren't shown here, so make sure you place corner tiles on parts where the pink part of the vertical side of the next is separated from the horizontal part of the net.)

(Glitched thing = not cool, even if it is a red bone. It doesn't act like a bone, and is not supposed to be a bone, so use the appropriate graphic for that sprite or don't use it at all.)

-Yellow Switch Palace is barely edited aside from adding a pointless star, and a wall going up to a 3-UP moon

(Make a new map16 tile to use under the triangle with property 1EB that has the correct palette and graphics. Use a jointed tile next to the triangle to connect the wall and ledge, and do NOT leave the switch palace cutoff like that at the top - give it walls where needed.)

Final notes: Use Ctrl+Del on everything. It's all level edits or really poorly-designed levels. You can't recycle Nintendo's levels and tweak little pieces and call it your own - we will not accept that. It's a huge "I don't want to put effort into this hack" sign. Put forth your original ideas if your goal is to make new levels.

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Hack Name: A Very Crappy Kaizoish Joke Hack Demo - 28.7 KB
Length: 5 levels
Author: Someone - Submitted by: Someone
Description: This is a very crappy kaizoish joke hack. I bet you can't pass it.


[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Hack Name: Mystery of Mobius demo v1.1 Demo - 149.1 KB - 129 downloads.
Length: 4 levels
Author: BOOFFIN1996 - Submitted by: BOOFFIN1996
Description: I haven't added any enemies to the two dimensions and i've made the goombas wear sunglasses and i made the chucks invisible.I'll add more details to the overwold too, this demo is just to see if you get a ROUGH idea of the storyline, and btw this is my first hack and i'm new, so that last demo was just a test to see if i sumbit a hack then it woukd come out okay for everyone.

1. This might look okay at first glance, but the stuff up top is actually the background... If you were intending to have that as layer 2 that you can interact with, you need to change your settings because interaction is disabled, making this level very confusing, and you should also set the scroll rate to H: Constant, V: Constant.

2. Cutoffness Man and a blind jump in one. The end of the cliff needs a wall like the cliff with the shooter has. If you jump far enough, you go to the side exit, which ends the level. If not, you fall to your death. Use coins or enemies as a guide to the end of the screen.

This was also the only level playable. :[

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: yoshi island 1 Demo - 554.7 KB
Length: Unknown
Author: Shyguy1 - Submitted by: Shyguy1
Description: sorry before I wasn't using a clean rom but I guess now is fixed.features custom sprites music and exgfx. overworld not modified yet.will finish

Palettes in this hack were generally good, but I think you chose some really bad palette rows to use FOR your custom palettes, because it messed with the status bar, sprites and a lot of other things.

The overworld is also completely unedited, which ought to change eventually, especially considering how many levels you have finished.

The biggest flaw in this hack is the fact that levels are extraordinarly repetitive - for the most part, all ~10 or so levels were all platform levels with annoying jumps filled with Woozy Guys and YI Piranha Plants. I would bet that in all of the hack, there are only about 10 varieties of sprites used. That is just monotonous. I found myself just trying to fly over levels by the end (which is easy to do and should probably be fixed) just to get through things.

This needs a lot of work before it should be submitted again. I would literally remake every level for more variety.

That being said, this is still better than the average hack submitted here. I think you still have good potential.

See those (Tap-Tap?) feet at the lower right hand corner of the screen? That is a custom sprite falling down because it was not inserted properly. My guess is that the original sprite number for it was changed or something. Also, where is Mario's name on the status bar? Bad palettes are hiding it. The start position could be improved, too, since the screen scrolls vertically before the level even starts. Also - your horizoned pipes should have the graphics flipped, since the shadows are on top and the highlights are on the bottom.

The Yellow Switch Palace is a really sucky level in the original Super Mario World, and yet so many people seem to never want to edit it out of their hacks.

The BG here looks pretty good. The status bar looks pretty bad. This is minor, but if you are going to have YI Coins, you should also edit the sprite coin in GFX01.

Mario shoots pink fireballs here for no explicable reason. Also, the non-existant BG is horrible.

Hmmm - more Map16 work needs to be done here, to ensure that Mario can't fall through stairs. I think I actually fell through them more often than I was able to walk up them.

Arghhh! That be a bad-lookin' status bar, me matey! Also, the sprite coin is a different color for no explicable reason.

I am pretty sure you wanted this level to end with a solid wall, not one with a crawlspace behind it.

No Fade-Fix Patch = This ^

Mario died today in a tragic accident involving a Woozy Guy falling directly into his eyes, seemingly out of nowhere. Mario will be sorely missed by all those who loved him.

Isn't that nice? Cutoffnessman mowed the grass between the Giant Gate.

Remember how I said I got so sick of some of the levels that I flew over them? By doing so I eventually found myself stuck between two giant slices of bread.

I don't know how to recreate this error. There must be something past the first screen of your level 00 or 100.

(Kyoseron) it's when you edit 0 or 100 but do not disable vertical and horizontal scrolling

Once again, bad Layer 1, 2 (FG, BG) Initial Location.

Hmmm - and the game concludes with Mario finding himself in Vanilla Dome.

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
*Credit for this removal goes to DarthRiko.

Hack Name: fun world (updated) Demo - 160.9 KB - 13 downloads.
Length: 8 levels
Author: sasuke2277 - Submitted by: sasuke2277
Description: alright i hope you enjoy my hack please report any bugs to me if you catch any this is my first hack i just updated it once.

<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: SMW: Journey To Plover Hill (demo 2) Demo - 41.1 KB - 8 downloads.
Length: 27 exits
Author: jcv1235 - Submitted by: jcv1235
Description: This is demo 2 of my first hack. You will not be disappointed if you download this at all...i hope... But the difficulty is from Medium to Hard

1a. A forced death if you did not get the switch palace. To fix this without changing level design, all you need to do is enable side exits for this level so Mario can go out the way he entered. The side exit will NOT trigger an event.

1b. A forced death if you are not fast enough with the p-switch race. Put a normal door or a pipe to level 8 here to start the level over from the beginning.

2. Glitched death frame for the brown spike. This is normal in SMW, but you can fix it. Resave the castle sprite set you have loaded in this level as an ExGFX file and paste the spike frame over the Magikoopa's head (using a tile editor) since you do not use Magikoopa in this level, insert the ExGFX, and use Super GFX Bypass to load the ExGFX into this level. Also do it for the second part of Spike Fortress.

3. This is one such space where I absolutely need to be small in order to pass. Make the ceiling at least two tiles worth of space above the tip of the slope so Mario in all sizes can pass here.

4. Some Cutoffness Man here.

On this one, you have some open space in the dirt, and you apparently have walkthrough dirt overlapping pieces of the upside-down steep slope. The overlapping part is minor as is, but the gap should get fixed.

Need jointed tiles for these ones. If you can not find them, use the Map16 editor, and open the 8x8 editor for a reference as to what numbers the tiles are to make the appropriate corner, or take an existing tile, x- and/or y-flip it, and give it an appropriate property. The jointed lava tile could use property 5, and the upside-down corner tiles should be alright with property 130. Right-click over an unused tile between pages 3 and F, and press F9 to save. Up and down arrows scroll through Map16 pages. Also, for the cement blocks, land always works better against lava because there are no empty spaces between all the tiles, except the corner tiles.

Decent hack. Some levels are a little repetitive or empty in spots, but they don't get tedious. A couple of the puzzles were really neat. Looking forward to the fixed version.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!

Hack Name: Super Mario World Tile Maddness Demo - 339.4 KB
Length: 37 levels
Author: Togepichao - Submitted by: Togepichao
Description: this was a total accident I made but its pretty cool


Submitted as a rom disguised as an .ips file. DO NOT SUBMIT ROMS! THEY ARE ILLEGAL!
Hack Name: Super Mario- Boo Kingdom Demo - 482.4 KB
Length: 10 levels
Author: Caillou - Submitted by: Caillou
Description: A re-upload. Maybe it'll work now. Same story, Mario follows Bowser, castle in the middle of unknown land, this is beta, read thread for more details...

This hack honestly isn't off to a bad start - the level design is generally decent and there is a variety to each level. The things that kill this hack really are some very basic errors that should really be taken care of before any more work is done. One thing I found strange is that bonus stars don't seem to accumulate - they are always stuck at zero. Also, I had a failed checksum when I loaded the game.

This level actually looks pretty nice for the most part. Fairly good use of the original SMW Grassland set, with some palette changes. Only problem here - cut-off vines.

Again, things still looking fairly good. My only comment here is regarding the sheer amount of coins in this level - the player can get multiple 1-Ups in the first level of the game.

And here is where things start to get a little hairy - there are cut-off tiles on the coastline, strange perspective on a square lake, and worst of all - Mario is walking "off the beaten path." After the first level and Yoshi's House, Mario is walking off of paths for the entire game. There are no visible events after any level in all 10 levels.

I seriously wondered if I would have to fight ^this guy^ at the end of this stage. I would advise against using this kind of "walk-through" dirt as what is basically the background of your stage - it leaves no room for variation with other objects, and you get these kinds of results when you try to add anything (using SMW's default graphics).

"Where is Mario?" - me
"You can't see me because of bad setup of the Layer 1, 2 (FG, BG) Initial Location in the Modify Main and Midway Entrance Dialogue." - Mario
"Okay - but what are those weird x's?" - me
"Oh, those? Those are just ExAnimation being used with the wrong graphics set." - Mario

Cheep-Cheeps kept falling out of that little "lake" up there. Also, that Dragon Coin was kind of annoying to get to with the Piranha Plant there. However, it might have been easier without having to time my slide between both the Piranha Plant and flying sushi.

"It's a good thing there are little pockets of air around those cut-off corners! Otherwise, I might drown in this cement-colored water!" - Mario

Not really an error, but given the general lack of creativity here with the "Add Objects" window, I am willing to bet that stair-stepping these blocks was a shortcut rather than intentional.

"Where is Mario?" - me
"You can't see me because of bad setup of the Layer 1, 2 (FG, BG) Initial Location in the Modify Main and Midway Entrance Dialogue." - Mario

Mario is falling to a dark death here because a vine at the end of this stage allowed him to walk along the top of the level. His curiousity got the better of him, and now he is plummeting to a sad, cold, lonely death.

"If I spin-jump here, even by mistake, I will keep spinning through the floor until I die." - Mario

A couple of problems here - cut-off tiles, a tree eating a level, a ghost flying around below a Switch Palace, and still no paths.

I guess this is what happens when you put all of your switches in one palace.

The background is visible through the gaps between the pipes and water.

So, the moral of the story is, it's fine to use SMW graphics, but they aren't meant to work in every configuration together, and at some point, you will probably have to use custom-made FG ExGFX to fix a lot of these issues, or pre-made ExGFX tilesets available here (or elsewhere).

Anyway, good luck - you're off to a decent start, but there's still some work to be done.

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Hack Name: Super Mario World Extra v1.1 - 99.2 KB - 37 downloads.
Length: 100 exits
Author: JJames19119 - Submitted by: JJames19119
Description: Welcome to Dinosaur Land again! This is a simple hack that mainly just changes all the levels and adds a few things. It really isn't designed to be extraordinary as it is to be a neat time waster. Every single level is at least edited to give it somewhat of a new feeling, sometimes not that much, sometimes a whole lot. The changes escalate in elaborateness and difficulty as the game continues, and changes become VERY apparent once you reach Vanilla Dome. Hope you enjoy this silly little time waster.

1. It's mostly just a bunch of blatant level edits, and some areas that aren't even edited at all.

Yellow Switch Palace edit

Donut Plains 4 cave

Yoshi's Island 2 cave... with a [?] added

Yoshi's Island 4 edit

Iggy's Castle - second room edit (layer 3 smash and most of the ground was taken out, but that's it)

Donut Plains 1 edit

Donut Plains 1 edit, cont. Plus I get whacked in the head with a baseball. YAY! =D

Donut Plains 1 edit, cont. The coin room - completely unedited.

2. The level to the left of the Yoshi house is a bit repetitive, with the same concept repeated almost until the midway point: A small section of blocks almost as a stair, 1-4 stars in them, climb up, then go down a slope. You've got to vary these things some more.

I stopped at Donut Plains 1, but looked inside the hack at the rest of the levels, and the hack is no different. There's one level with a whole lot of koopas kicking shells at you for the entire level, more very blatant level edits; it's not something we can accept as it is, so here are a few pointers to help you with your next hack:

-Ctrl+DEL to start anew on the levels rather than recycling Nintendo's levels.

-You can change tilesets and spritesets using "Change Index of Graphics" and "Super GFX Bypass". You can use these together to get things like a grassland with mist, or a cave with Ninjis, and more.

-Do not rely solely on enemies for difficulty - you might also want to hide things around the levels Mario needs to find to progress, or create a puzzle Mario needs to solve in order to beat the level. Just make sure he can't get permanently stuck anywhere.

-Brainstorm a lot of concepts so that when you make a level, you don't find yourself repeating similar things throughout.

That being said, it's not a bad hack - not glitchy or anything and the designs, though blatant edits and sometimes repetitive, are mostly tolerable, and can be hosted somewhere else and find an audience that is interested.

If you still want to get this hack hosted here, you've got to make brand spankin' new levels though, rather than ones based on the old SMW levels, especially redoing the first two worlds' levels since those are the most obvious edits. Some of the later ones did look less like the old SMW levels, but even the earliest levels still affect the quality of the overall product.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Removed: Super Random Land by Togepichao










We will NOT host your hack here until you GET RID OF THE GLITCHINESS AND DEATHS.

<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
Removed: Super Mario World A Dimensão Alternativa by andrei111


Oh no! This was a somewhat-good hack, but it had one major error in it, which I will get to in a minute. Let's start from the beginning.

Could you please correct the palette for those cement blocks? Also, your berries aren't the same color as the bushes.

Same issue with the berries as before.

Do you see the rock wall up there at the north end of the lake? Please make it all one color, since it looks wrong this way.

Same issue with the cement blocks as in the first pic.

Two stars AND Mushroom from this group of 3 blocks? May I suggest you turn the star blocks into Coin blocks?

Lower the goal post, and this won't happen. :P

It says Yellow, but the level tile is Green.

Oh, I guess it IS Yellow...

Unedited section of the original YI2!

Also, question- why did you change the green sprite palette to orange? You DO realize it messes up anything that uses the green colors, right?

...No...NO!!! I-it can't...can't be! STACKED MUNCHERS!! AND FLOATING, TOO!! D: Ahem... PLEASE refrain from using stacked and floating munchers. It looks terrible... If you absolutely MUST make them float and stack, may I suggest you turn them into spikes? Not like in SMB3 or SMW, mind you. I mean the kind you see in the You vs. Boo minigame of Super Mario Bros. Deluxe.

Also, if stacked/floating munchers were a level, they'd be called Muncher Madness.

You have a cutoff path down there from the first level.

The secret level is kinda boring, it's mostly swimming along a boring, flat path, avoiding (or eating) the fish in your way...

Cookie if you figure out what this is without the next pic! :D Also, since you can't stand having a Green Yoshi, you made the Chuck look ugly, which is why he attacks you in this hack- you turned him into a freak of nature. :(

If you realized that this level is a blatant edit of Valley of Bowser 3 without this pic, congratulations! Here's your Imaginary Cookie! It doesn't exist! :D

We don't really like blatant level edits much. Please use Ctrl+Delete and start from scratch.

More Muncher Madness + bad ground palette. Also, IT'S A MIRACLE! YOSHI MAGICALLY TRANSFORMED BACK TO A GREEN COLOR! :D

You can't see it easily behind the first Koopa, but the flower there is cutoff.

Cutoff Ground + Cutoff Mesh = No. Please fix this!

Spikes are angry with you. Spikes cut into your level and hurt bad man! Spikes leave big, gaping hole behind them. Please fix!

Blatant edit of the last part of Iggy's Castle, execept without the smashers. Also, bad shooter palette.

VERY minor error, but Note Blocks' bounce sprite's graphics aren't in the Castle spriteset. You don't seem to be using castle sprites here, so why not change the spriteset to Forest? That's fix it.

Also, Even More Muncher Madness.

This is mostly what the level is at the start. It's flat and boring.

Run run as fast as you can.
On this super-flat land, man.

Muncher Madness Deja Vu

Unedited underground portion of...umm... I think it was Chocolate Island 1... No wait, Vanilla Secret 2. Or was it Cookie Mountain? Argh, I can't remember.

Please apply the Fade Fix patch to your hack, it'll prevent this.

Hmm... Why does this look familiar...? *thinks back to Kyoseron's last removal log* *hint, hint*

Level says Green Switch Palace. Unpressed switch says Green Switch Palace.

Pressed switch and message say RED Switch Palace. MAKE UP YOUR MIND ALREADY! D:

Fade Fix, please

And here it is, Major Glitch. It's in this level. Two things here.

1: Why does your level load so high?

2: Why is this an ice level on a grass submap?

And finally, here is Major Glitch, ready to shove your face into the mud, yell at you, and force you to do 2000 push-ups. (Geez, what a mean boot camp instructor. :( )

You die immediately upon entering this level. For no reason, I might add. So, you cannot complete the hack.

Man, I thought this hack was so-so until this. :(
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
Be careful out there!  You haven't done this in a while.

Removal: luigi adventure world fix
Author: shc
Description: "sorry i put yychr in the zip my bad still very new so ill get the hang of it"

"Very new" doesn't excuse some of the things I've seen in this hack.

Luigi bounces... very high.

Berries look fine one minute...

Only to become bizzare the next.

Sir, do you have the capacity to read and write in English? Because this text shows that you don't. Here is a corrected version, with fixes in bold:
Mario has been captured! It's up to Luigi, but Luigi needs more power. So, Luigi has to obtain the six powerups from the temples.

There's a few glaring problems with this overworld. But what about the rest of the map?


Shading on that green ? block is... off.

Worse yet, it contained a glitchy item! But what is with that weird 3-UP moon?

Again, abysmal English. I'm not really sure what he is trying to say here... basically, those things will kill me on contact, but will also give me extra lives? How does that work?

Running jump animation is bugged.

After walking on some ice blocks that turned the entire level into an ice level, and passing by some of those exploding, bouncy blocks, I slide into this bizzare-colored cement block, and instantly die. WHAT?


More 3-UP moon shenanigans.

This Amazing Flying Hammer Bro. vanished. Also, notice how the entire level is basically flat and featureless? Yeah, this is bad level design.

And finally, the next level has FLOATING STACKED MUNCHERS and the only way through is blocked by one of those instant kill 3-UPs. Apparently there is a way to collect it without dying? But it's probably very tricky and fickle to do, so I consider this impossible.

Also, the glitched item in my box was a Green Koopa Troopa.

Link Thread Closed