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Hack Removal Log

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MatthewPZC went to the funny farm?

Removal: wrath of bowser
Author: MUTANT YOSHI (username/email: [email protected])
Description: "this hack is very fun!

custom music

custom sprites"

It contains some generic custom sprites, some HORRIBLE custom music, and is not very fun at all.

Glitched treetops! Glitched bush in the lower left! Really ugly pipe in the background on the right!

Barely edited overworld.

"BTW, Sonia the Hedgehog is hot."
The horribly glitchy sounding instruments don't make this sentence any better.

Boos in a grass level?

LAVA in a grass level?

Pallete problems for the Jumping Cheep Cheeps and the bridge.

So you see four shells here. We take one of them away and we get...

...Four shells? Sprite memory problems!

Glitchy bush tiles!

The bush is cut off on the edge here (it's the same way at the other end, too), and there is a LOT of lag due to four winged Goombas down below.

One, it is really wierd to see several Yoshi mailboxes in a Switch Palace level. Two, those edge tiles there is all sorts of fucked up. You will need ExGFX to fix that, boy-o.

Surveying the overworld now, we see a wierd tree in the ocean and a parked doomship, as well as another Yoshi's house.

Out of place hills here. The tree is kind of fine, as it matches the rest of its scenery.

And in a rare case of sprite memory issues in the overworld, we have a pair of mostly vanished Boos!

One, cutoff bridge tiles. Two, odd tiles on the bottom left and right of the bush. Three, this level has AWFUL music, with the instruments sounding all sorts of fucked up.

Yoshi's tongue is all glitched up. I do not like where this is going.

Floating bush? And the only parts on solid tiles are those not-even-a-complete-square SMW cement blocks, too! And what is this Thwomp crap?!

Wrong tileset. That's supposed to be a hatching Yoshi Egg.

A completely floating bush. -_-;


Do NOT let the player bring Yoshi into a level with Podoboos (Fireballs)! They are incompatible, make Yoshi look screwed up, and can crash the game! Instant removal for this offense!

Hack Name: Super race world Demo - 40 KB - 3 downloads.
Length: 5 levels
Author: reallybighacker - Submitted by: reallybighacker
Description: This is my second hack after my first failed one. Basicly Mario finds a flyer for a race contest in race world. He joins in, but little did he know, the race was a killer. Kept in a cage, he waited untill the race started. It was him against the clock.

1. The level "Freefall of Death" is entirely luckbased in the first portion since you don't have any sort of guide at all, and by the time you can see this part:

It might be too late to redirect your fall to land on that pipe. If you don't land on a pipe at all, you're forced to die:

2. This upside-down slope is so low that even Small Mario, even when ducking (he's standing in this pic but I tested in small and big, both standing and ducking), gets pushed almost off the raft when you go under it; without a quick reaction time, you'll fall right into the lava. Solution: instead of having the point go so low, raise it just a little bit or put a flat ceiling right above where Small Mario's head is.

3. Random green box. I know it's not a hint regarding falling in the right direction since the hammer brother is off to the right a bit more, so I'd remove it, and place a different object at the top, directly (but far) above the pipe where the hammer brother is. This will make the level not as luck-based, but rather observation-based, if you hint at it in the message box like you do with the hammer brother leading to the exit.

4. Really questionable sprite placement... and not in the sense of "I can't dodge this"

-Upside-down Swooper attached to air. It either needs to be flying, or you should put a block or ground right above its feet.

- Right wall spring in the air. It's not attached to the slopes correctly; you will want a left wall spring here instead.

- This one is almost too weird in placement, whether it be left or right wall spring, because it goes over the mushroom platform. A left wall spring would work better here than a right wall spring unless you incorporated a cement block to attach the non-moving part of the wall spring to, but I'd recommend a different speed deterrent since it's just like the one from earlier in the level. The other plus to using a cement block here for the wall spring is also that Mario could lose time in the "race" by running into the side of the block, making the level a little more difficult but in a fair way.

5. Invisible solid blocks. They would serve a purpose if you placed them higher up so that if the player got a cape, s/he could not fly over the level (couldn't see if there was an exit on the other side of the barrier anyways) but as they are, they are just a distraction and a weird obstacle.

6. Cutoffness Man

I would attach the steep rope slope to a cement block since it looks cutoff when attached to the mushroom platform, and the central column directly to the right of Mario could be removed. The platform on the far left looks like it's going behind the wide column, but ends abruptly, so contrary to what it might look like, you just fall. Add on a proper left end to it, and perhaps another column wall below the tile to the right of where you add the left end.

7. Some spelling and grammar needs fixing.

"Hi. Welcome to Race Land. Please meet at the rest stop and prepare for the first world. Due to technical errors, the castle race is delayed" would fit better here. Be sure to capitalize the first letters of any sentences or proper nouns.

8. The least important problem in the hack is this one bad corner tile. Just open Direct Map16 access and place the correct corner tile, one without excess dirt on the edge, over it. If you were placing items out of Standard Objects, then it did this because you had part of the ground ledge behind the corner tile.

In other news, this hack was pretty good for a challenge, and I encourage you to make proper fixes and reupload it. First and foremost, I believe the base ROM was dirty since it returns a bad checksum in my logs. (Please note that this is NOT a removal reason because the hack still worked.) You will have to find a true clean ROM to move all your stuff to, or if the base ROM was clean, find out what may have corrupted your ROM and do not include it when importing everything else. It might not affect you now, but could in the long run.

The major difference between this hack and others when patched to a clean ROM is that it does not have a header anymore - this doesn't affect gameplay in the least, but might give you some problems when you want to make more changes to your hack but have to rely on repatching it back to a clean ROM (in the instance that your main ROM gets ruined beyond recovery) and at the moment, it should be very easy to move your levels and music over to a clean ROM so long as you have the actual ROM you were working with.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Removal: Super Mario World: and the Five Golden Eggs
Author: Zhildye
Description: "This is my first try at a SMW hack.
I added no special graphics to it at all, all raw from Lunar Magic's own database.
In this game there will be No use of a Yoshi or a feather ( till a certain achievement is done).
The story basically is to get 5 eggs from the castles around in this world. It was designed to be fun, and complicated at the same time. If there is anything wrong just let me know. I have had some others help by testing the levels, and I have been able to beat all the levels I have made."

Protip: Just because you can beat them doesn't mean the player can.
Anyways, I felt that this hack had lots of promise, but at the same time, it was shooting itself in the foot one too many times.

First and foremost DO NOT EDIT LEVEL 104!!!
Secondly, the hut on the left has a broken tile.


...are you trying to be like Kaizo Mario World? We don't accept stupidly hard type hacks! Post it on the forums only.

Unsightly gap between pipe and ground.

That little ledge inside has cutoff tiles on the left and right.

Lots of cutoff vine tiles. Maybe a climbing net would have worked better here?

Hard to see from this screen, but I hit HIDEOUS lag here.

Floor that looks like a bottomless pit. WHAT HAVE I SAID ABOUT THESE THINGS?!

...I have no words. This was freaking hard. It requires emulator slowdown to pass - something not available on an actual console, mind you.

What the? Wierd cutoff tiles galore.

Oh man, this is the inverse of a floor that looks like a bottomless pit: a bottomless pit that looks like a floor! >_>

More cutoff tiles, and an area that can only be considered IMPOSSIBLE. Fuck this, I'll just skip this palace.


Seriously, your game has a lot of potential, but these stupidly hard mandatory sections are just horrible planning on your part.

Removal: Super Mario Thousand Islands Demo 1
Author: blueyosh
Description: "My first (Good) SMW hack. Bonus sea cave and Fire Flower Galore were made by my cousin L~T08.
Includes Racoon Mario, Power down, ExGFX, and Custom music."

Oh man, it's another hack that shows a lot of potential, but ultimately gets shot down by a multitude of errors :(

Bush has some broken tiles inside it. Also, not really an error, but you might want to edit the berry to have a more consistent outline, because the green ones blend into the bush too much.

Again with the bush, but it's also floating and the ground is cut off.

Floating cut-off barrel tops.

Top of ladder is cut off.

Sides of log have a gap between the log and the water that doesn't look very natural.

That block down there has problems with the corners.

Bad pallete on the vine.

HORRIBLE pallete on the clouds!

This area gave me a lot of lag.

Gap between flag and flagpole, and it's almost like you stopped caring about level design?

Funky background pallete, and those blocks blend into the background.

Look at the block here. Now you see it... you don't!

I grabbed the block that was near the stairs, and created cut-off stairs with it. Whoops!

The next level, Virus Cave, was rather bland and boring - just a bit long stretch of ground with lots of enemies I can just stomp on. Which leads to this:

Of course if I did it right I could have gotten a lot more lives than this, but you get the point. Also, there is a bad corner tile on the right.

This was interesting, you had to run through the castle as fast as you can to get to the end before these platforms sink into the lava. I got through it with ease because in the second run, I skipped the first set (bounced on the Dry Bones), and started on the second set. But I was trying to show something here...

I hit a lot of lag in this part.

Yeah that's it.

So, you have some tile errors to fix, some pallete issues to resolve, and some sprite memory settings to adjust.

Hack Name: Goombario's World Demo 1 Version 1.1 Demo - 348.3 KB - 10 downloads.
Length: 8 levels
Author: Cellcen - Submitted by: Cellcen
Description: Finally the 1.demo of Goombario's World!

1. A forced death on entry to the cave/puzzle level, if you have a hat. If not, then you're okay... Raise the exit position+bottom of the pipe up one tile or lower the ground one tile.

2. In the same level, the ceiling of this place hurts you in some spots, but the thing is, you can't even see what it is that hurts you. Either make it visible, or take it out completely. If it helps, it's almost the whole ceiling in this one portion at the top of the screen where I found invisible hurt blocks.

3. Some sprite tile memory problems in the ghost level, most notably this:

Remove some enemies from this part or use edit1754's ASM xkas patch and set the memory to 10 to fix it - if one alone doesn't work, use both. This is actually fairly minor since if you kill some enemies, go back a little, then return here, the wall spring will reappear.

4. Need fade fix patch. Backup your ROM before applying it in case something messes up.

5. Cutoffness Man and Crease Man, but minor, thankfully.

It can sometimes be hard to tell in this level, but right edge ends especially appear cutoff. I do believe this tileset has a proper grass end, but I'm not sure if it was included with the rip since I didn't check the file. A link to an example is below, but it's in JPG format. You don't need to rip another tile if you don't want to because again, this is a very minor error.

The top of the ground isn't lined up right, ending up in a lot of cutoffness within the ground. Some creases can be made out, but it's the top row of tiles on this piece of ground that should be revised as the creases in the dirt are unimportant.

Overall, it's pretty impressive. Looking back on your older submissions, you have improved a lot as a SMW hacker, and more of your ideas coming out make this hack something special. When it is fixed, I recommend it to anyone looking for a good way to spend time for a day. My only real complaint is though the difficulty curve goes from easy to hard as it should, the change is too spontaneous. Perhaps make the increase in difficulty a bit slower in future versions, but you can leave it as is for this demo. Some people might disagree with me on this, and that's okay, but you did a great job on this demo. Keep it up. :)

Another minor error I didn't point out with an image is with the mushroom ExGFX, but a lot of people seem to use it, so it's not your fault it's there. Near the ends of the mushrooms, there is a transparent pixel on the end of a white dot that should be filled in, if you want to open it in YY-CHR and fix it, though it can slide as it is.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Removed: Todama Surpriser's Adventure by Zerio

Before I say why this hack was removed, please tell me this: Why do you say you misspelled "surpriser"? It looks correct to me. O_o


Oh, an interesting hack, but lacking at certain points. However, there was only ONE reason this hack was removed, but I will start by saying the minor things so you may fix them. :)

The text at the bottom is badly-colored. Please choose a better color. Also, I hope you fix the title itself in the end, because it honestly looks terrible right now. However, since this is a demo, it's perfectly fine. I mean, why finish EVERYTHING for a demo, right? :P

Hmm... This level looks familiar...

You put the Yoshi Coin on a subscreen boundary (move it up a tile to fix), so if you don't grab the top, you can get infinite lives from this one coin! Oh no!

Which I did, as you can see. :P Also, we have some cutoff tiles here and at the bottom of that pipe.

........wait a second. Why does that pipe on the right look familiar? O_o

...Oh no... Don't tell me this level is...105...edit...

You didn't edit the underground AT ALL. :| Please, CTRL+DEL and start anew! Also, do NOT enter that pipe on the right! Oh wait, you HAVE to...

Congrats, you're trapped in Bad Bonus Land. You HAVE to wait for time to run out here to get out...PLEASE FIX.

Oh heck no, it is. Fairly obvious edit of 105 (YI1). Please, use Ctrl+Delete to remove everything from the levels and start from scratch! Do not make blatant level edits!!

More Blatant Edit

Still More Blatant Edit + Cutoff Tile! You put a Turn block there, sooo...

More Cutoff Tile! Please remove the corner tile in the wall, it's not needed. Further more, that gray glop? That's lava! It's cutoff, too. But why use it? Bottomless pits work the same way, so just remove the lava, and leave it at that! It works! :D

This is the start of level 2. Looks harmless! But wait, you have a cutoff tile. Move the pipe to the left one tile, and extend the wall to the ground. Bam, you fixed it. :D!! Blatant Level Edit Deja Vu. (I need to stop ripping off of M2k2. :P) Not gonna remind you this time, no need. :P

Also, NEVER use Message Boxes with a Layer 3 effect, like you have in this level- hit it, and the layer 3 effect vanishes. This is not good, ESPECIALLY in a level that has a tide, AND has you using it to get across the level, like in Mondo and Vanilla Secret 3! If they must die to get out. This is never okay. Now, such a thing doesn't happen here, but you still shouldn't use a message box with a Layer 3 effect. Ever. (This includes the Layer 3 Smash thing used in Iggy's Castle and Bowser's Castle.)

Why do the Nursa-Nursas turn into Koopa-Koopas when you stomp them? (And the sprite that was once a Rex? You never replaced the squished Rex GFX.)

Ledge up top is cutoff at the bottom

Cement Block cuts into the wall, don't do that.

Message Box making Layer 3 vanish is back for revenge!

HORRENDOUS slowdown here! PLEASE remove a GREAT many of these sprites.

You put a TON of sprites at the exit here, but I got no slowdown. If you get enough on-screen at the end, you get glitched 1-Ups/Coin-Ups (Hidden sprites normally only seen through bouncing off of Wigglers in Forest of Illusion 1, and are always glitched) from the enemies. PLEASE remove ALL the enemies. Or just leave one or two.

Why is there a hole there? It's cutoff. Fix it. D:

More cutoff wall

Yoshi Egg. Do not use Yoshi Eggs with the Castle or Ghost House spritesets- they're incompatible...

Level loads too far to the left??? No, you're up really high. But it gives the illusion it loads too far to the left, so lower the player a good deal, okay? Really minor, doesn't hurt anything, just a tiny thing that irks me.

You have a "transparent" tile here behind that castle. The BG color changes depending on the back area color (I think) of the last level you were in, so please...just put normal ground tiles there..

Now, please help me welcome...

MAJOR GLITCH! *applause*

...Sorry, it seems the Major is sick. Oh well.

Looks harmless, huh? This is not a Red Screen of Death, but...oh no wait, it is. You get this screen upon clearing the first level (not the one that's called "WHICH WAY?!?!"), and after that, you can't enter any level again. If you do, the game freezes on "MARIO START!". D: Please fix now~

So uhh... Check if your ROM is clean. If it isn't, port everything to a VERIFIED clean ROM, and it should be fixed. :)

(Kyoseron, chime in with added info if you want.)
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
Removal: luigi adventure world (demo 1 )
Author: shc
Description: "my hack hopefully i got this right this time only 7.5 levels"

Bad patch. Please make sure you are using a clean SMW ROM.

Hack Name: SMW a route of challenges Demo - 290.6 KB - 21 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: piranya plant02 - Submitted by: piranya plant02
Description: i dont like making castles.. i just post it, because i didn't looked at the hack removal log...some thing are fix.....i think?

Protip: Read removal logs. They tell you what to fix.

1. Some glitched or cutoff sprites, including:

- Collapsed Bony Beetle, turns into a discolored half of a ghost house clock and a web. Make sure you have the right GFX file loaded in the correct SP slot.

- Some... thing with Clappin' Chuck arms

- Tealish falling Super Koopa wing parts

- A message box that looks like a piranha plant's head. Don't use it in this level.

- A berry with screwed up coloring. Recolor it in YY-CHR, fix the palettes, or remove the berries.

- Part of Mario's head is cutoff when he "dies" - open GFX32 and make sure that tile isn't erased, and if it's still there, then use the PTE to make Mario's death frame use that tile again.

- Sprite tile memory problems causing this Bony Beetle to vanish - PLUS, that ball-and-chain is not attached to a block like it should be. Remove the Bony Beetle or use edit1754's "no more sprite tile limits" ASM.

- A muncher using palette 8 that changes colors when Mario gets or loses the fire power - make it use palette C, which is a static palette and not dynamic, and recolor it with YY-CHR.

2. A really serious problem with that Fire Nipper level on the balloon part - the first balloon barely gives you enough time, and if you are big and get hit on the first part, you're forced to die since you can't progress. You need to be more lenient with the margin of error on the balloon part - make the high ground a little lower so the player can move through it quick enough to not fall to his/her death right before the next balloon.

3. Unedited portion of Yoshi's Island 2, and the throw blocks have a disgusting palette. Enable custom palettes and change the pink to dark blue if you're using throw blocks... and Ctrl+DEL.

- Here:

(Using a lot of sprites with layer 3 tides tends to cause lag. Use only one blowfish and use Tweaker to make it immune to attacks.)

- Here as well:

(Try taking some more sprites out. You overuse Fire Nippers in this level anyways, even if it is in the name of the level. The yellow koopa + shell are unfairly placed as they come up from just above you and you can't see it until it's already fallen on you or right next to you, so perhaps remove that as well. Forced hits suck. Always. Unless you're given a powerup right before the hit.)

5. Fade fix patch needed. This is a lousy example of lack of fade fix, but it's much more obvious in levels with Lucas's custom grass FG and Broozer's custom grassland BG, and other ExGFX that use big portions of palettes.

6. This ExGFX set has garbage pixels on the ends of its corners, and excess green above some parts of the ground that should be replaced with similar ground with transparent pixels instead. It's minor, but very distracting. Hills are also clumped together really weirdly... the shadows and outlines get cutoff abruptly, so don't do this. Just make the hills run all the way down like they should because connecting them halfway in this fashion looks bad.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Removal: My First Patch!
Author: Llennoccm8
Description: "Read the read me first!!!!!!"

So I did. Here is what it says:
"this is my first patch ever!
Its only on the begining of level
one. its not that good
but atleast its something!"

Seriously it's only a little bit of 105 edited. Nothing else. It isn't even worth posting screens.

Please wait until you have several FULL levels completed before you submit again.

This is going to be a good one.
Removal: Dr. Kaizo or: How I Learned to Get my Hacks Rejected.
Author: KaizoFan
Description: "Difficulty - Medium

Tired of getting all your hacks accepted to SMWC?

Play this short, light-hearted parody and you too can learn how to get even your highest quality hacks rejected!

Learn valuable skills in the following classes:
Introduction to Death in the Introduction,
Graphical Error Analysis,
Floating Muncher 101,
and more!

(KaizoFan is not responsible for your hacks getting rejected, accepted, or getting destroyed by a hurricane; that was the butterflies fault! If this hack gets rejected, the irony will be of epic proportions)."

Read the last sentence of that description again. Yeah, he's trying to make us look stupid. But I'm not declining this based on the content of the hack. There are some good level ideas in here (such as a few of the bad pallete levels, minus the bad palletes), and the use of custom blocks shows that this was very well thought out.

No, I'm declining this because we don't accept joke hacks.

Though if you want, you are free to make a thread about your hack and upload the patch to your webhosting or some free file hosting service in SMW Hack Discussion.

Hack Name: M & L : Luigi`s diary (DEMO 2) Demo - 794.4 KB
Length: Unknown
Author: -kamek productions-
Description: luigi are writing his diary and remebenring your adventures when bowser kidnapped princess peach and Mario & Luigi saved her. Enjoy in this adventure with "luigi s diary" !!!!

DEMO 2.0
-changed some gfx becouse of "legal terms"
-fixed some "cutoffnes"
-new world in this demo!!
-fixed palletes and texts

GFX - THANKS "Mario Fan Game Galaxy" AND "Kaeru" FOR SOME GFX !!

For the most part, this is a pretty good little hack. When some things are fixed up, I would probably like to go back and play this again for fun. Unfortunately, this time I had to play for criticism, and I have several criticisms.

One weird thing is the palettes - they are really good in some levels and really bad in others. Sometimes, it looks like the graphics are only using half of the colors they need (i.e. half of the colors look good, half look bad). Also, you still have some bad status bar palettes in some levels (YI Cave levels and a few other places). It shouldn't be too hard to fix those.

I am going to start with small things. This screenshot is actually pretty gorgeous. The only thing is around the coin "twinkles" there are little black dots. I think this is because of a bad tilemap, but I am not sure. It might just be part of your graphic style.

This is a good example of "Cutoffness" - it looks like Cutoffnessman (see below) took his scissors and cut the corners on either side of Luigi.

Your point graphics here have glitched graphics because of the heads of your Koopa Troopas in GFX01.
Originally posted by icegoom
If some sprites are getting slightly messed up by Koopa heads which take up a whole 16x16 tile instead of leaving the upper right corner of the tile blank, you can fix those by remapping some other stuff. The sprites which use the blank space in the upper right corner of Koopa's head are 10 point notations, jumping Piranhas, and portable springboards. (There might be more, but that's what I can remember right now, so I'm going with that) You need to remap those sprites so that anywhere they're using tile 83 they use tile 69 instead. (69 is another blank tile used by the water splash) So specifically, you need to change:

x12F4D [83 83 83 83] 10 point notations
x9E25 [83 83] Portable Springboard
x9DC1 [83 83 C4 C4 83 83] Jumpin' Piranha Plant

I don't know why, but some of your walk-through tiles have Layer Priority on. Turn it off.

I actually really like your SMB3-style level end, even though it is pretty simple. However, there are a couple things wrong here. First off, your "Mario" sprite turns into a coin at the end of the level. That's just weird. Go into his cfg file and turn that off. Also, you should apply the "Fade Fix" patch so the level goes completely black at the end. Finally - about your other Mario graphics (where he is punching the air) - I would change his graphics, because it looks like he is floating in mid-air. Also, I would suggest using Dispari Scuro's NPC sprite instead - that way, you can have animated sprite graphics for Mario, plus you can have him say messages that way instead of using the Auto-Message sprite.

I think a lot of people do this, but make sure you delete these types of "ready-to-use" tiles before you submit your hack.

You have obviously used Block Tool, so I suggest replacing this "water sand" (which splashes) with the Quicksand custom block. ExAnimating this sand would be nice, too.

< img src="">

This is what happens when you make it possible for the player to walk/swim around the top of a level.

First off, there are several Sky Pop levels in this hack. However, the Sky Pop is using a weird (incorrect?) palette. Also, it does not fire missiles - is this intentional? Finally, the graphics here should be animated, but they are not - the propellor is dead as a door-nail.

The Pop should work better than this - make sure you are using the most recent version. Also, make sure you have the missiles/torpedoes in the correct sprite slot indicated in the pop.asm.

One more thing - here, I am in the Sky Pop, but I am underwater. That is just stupid. Use the correct graphics.

One of the big problems with this hack is laggy-ness in sprite-busy areas. Above is just one example - you should be able to see Pipe Lakitus here, but they are invisible because there are 10,568,423 sprites on the screen. Reduce those sprites. This whole level was annoying too because it is all blind falling. Make some coins lead the way at least. Another area where it is very laggy is the castle with all of the YI Shy Guys and Block Platforms. Also, there was another level with underwater Ball 'n Chains that had missing tiles. Make sure you are using the right sprite level settings.

One other thing - I really liked your boss ideas. However, you should definitely use more than one sprite for your bosses. Fighting that same boss over and over was not as fun the third/fourth time.

Also, I know English isn't your first language, but see if someone can help clean up your message text.

Anyway, there is a lot of good stuff in this hack, but it still needs work. Please fix all of the above things first. This is like the third or fourth time you've submitted this without approval. See if anyone would help you beta test before submitting again. They can help fix problems before you submit.

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Hack Name: the sacred 1 up mushroom Demo - 142.8 KB - 84 downloads.
Added: 2008-09-29 08:21:24 PM
Rating: 7.1 (6)
Reviews: 4 (jump to reviews)
Length: 2 levels
Author: 1up mushrooms - Submitted by: 1up mushrooms
Description: look..mairo and luigi heard a tale of the 1 up mushroom(so did bowser when he was yough)it allso said it can grant wishes so mario and luigi where deter mind to find it to get back home so did peach but while they where going back to tell peach all about it bowser snatched her and he made a bet if you find the mushroom heal give back the princess back so now mario and luigi really need to find it when he ran off in his clow hovercraft the wise man said if you bring me back 7 eggs ill give you the mushroom...mario and luigi just stood there cant belive he achelly has it will they ever? find the eggs find peach..and will they ever get back home oh what will you do!!.....(this is a review hack you must talk about my hack if you want me to change some things remeber...tell me how the hack is)

Sorry to the moderator who approved this hack, but I disagree about some things, and sorry to 1up mushrooms for having to do this -after- the hack has been approved. ...Yes, cutoffness and grammar matter, and every accessible level matters too.

1. Cutoffness Man. These slopes should have a non-solid wall on the end, or at least a small extention of a non-solid wall, to give it the impression that it's jutting out from the side of the dirt behind it like some other hacks do.

2. The rest of SMW is accessible. Make the first level that is NOT supposed to be part of your hack into an "End of Demo" level with side exits enabled, that is a screen or two wide, and put some goodies in there or something. Side exits do not trigger events, making it impossible for players to enter the messy levels and unedited levels ahead... shown below. Use this knowledge in the future to avoid making these errors in your next demo.

Goal bars must be attached to goal posts. If you can't do that, then use a goal sphere. If the goal sphere conflicts with the sprites you're using and if the goal post is overwritten by a large ExGFX background, then make the exit in another "level".

The layer 3 water just vanishes when the "Course Clear!" part comes up. Also, one mushroom abruptly ends where another begins. I don't see a reason why this was necessary... just extend one mushroom ledge all the way left to right or place a Direct Map16 Access tile of a middle piece of a mushroom ledge over the corner that cuts into the ground.

3. Unedited Yellow Switch Palace. If it's not supposed to be accessible in this demo, then don't let it be accessible. Use a solution similar to the above (make another "End of Demo" level) or change your overworld around so "level 1" leads to "level 2".

4. The grammar is pretty bad. Yes, it does matter in a hack. If you don't know how to correct it, ask a friend or beta tester who is somewhat fluent in English to help you.

I'll do this example for you right now:
This place has been banned because of wild Goomba/goomba attacks. DO NOT FEED THE GOOMBAS! (Or, for less emphasis than the magical caps lock would give, "Do not feed the Goombas/goombas!" works. Goomba and goomba are interchangeable since it's the name of a species and not the actual names of the creatures, though I believe in Mario games, they capitalize Goomba anyways.)

Future notice - not removal reason for -this- demo: This may look alright at first glance, but those yellow switch palace tiles will not fill in because they are placed out of the Direct Map16 Access window. You should place them in from Extended Objects so they will fill in as they should. "Yellow dot" levels should have one exit, and "red dot" levels should have two - when this exit becomes accessible, therefore, you must make this level be a red dot and not a yellow dot.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Reccomended hack: Untitled 0.01, it's fun, albeit challenging.

Removal: Super Mario Thousand Islands Demo 1
Author: blueyosh
Description: "My first (Good) hack! Mario and Luigi go to find Bowser to keep him from taking over the Mushroom Kingdom and find an odd island chain. . . includes Raccoon Mario, Power-down and custom GFX and music!"

...wait didn't I do this hack before?

Apparently yes. And apparently you never fixed this error I pointed out last time.

Yeah, you changed nothing at all.

Take a good look at Fire Mario here. Look at his gloves - they shouldn't be like that. It's like they are stained with blood. :X

Yeah, you didn't do anything I said. You should seriously consider going back to my previous entry about your hack and looking it over, then fixing any problems listed, before you resubmit your hack.

So I'm going to look at a level I didn't go to last time. First off, DO NOT DO THIS. I can't tell if I'm on ground or a bottomless pit. The player cannot see the lowest row of tiles in a level - you have no excuse for this. Shift the ground and key upwards a bit, please.

It's a yellow Koopa that just jumped into an empty shell. He's stuck there, not moving at all. However, when something like this happens, if you pause, then unpause the game, the music stops.
Also, take a good look at Mario. His legs are fucked up because they're using the original extended tiles (in GFX00) instead of the redrawn tiles. You really should fix that, just copy the extended tiles for Mario over.

This block had a silver P-Switch, but the switch is now trapped in a bunch of throw blocks, trying desperately to escape.

Forced Small Mario only area, with no warning whatsoever. This leads to a forced death.

Hack Name: Super Mario World The Lost Mountain Demo - 24.9 KB - 0 downloads.
Length: 1 levels
Author: Togepichao - Submitted by: Togepichao
Description: This is my first WORKING hack
its only a beta and the first level is 1 eighth done

1. This Yoshi House is awful - there are cement block walls and a goal post floating in midair... you should disable vertical and horizontal scrolling, get rid of the cement blocks and the goal post, and put a side exits enabled sprite in, and save.

Also, when I try to go left...

There is no way out of this. Take out the teleport blocks. If you overwrote the original Map16, import CLEAN Map16.

2. Vertical background garbage - set layer 2 scrolling to an option with V: None.

3. Glitched goal sphere and some other messy stuff, and, if you touch the gray block, you keep spin-jumping until you're all the way off-screen then teleport back to right above the silver pipe. For the goal sphere, you need to change the appropriate SP slot in Super GFX Bypass - it will tell you at the top of the Tileset-Specific Sprite slot which one it is you need to change it to. The other garbage (the dark cutoff stuff) just... kind of showed up out of nowhere o-0

Also, the part where you run up the wall is so painfully long and boring. You need to change that up, especially if you aren't paying attention and fall to the bottom. It takes a pretty long time to run all the way to the top even at 4x speed. D:

4. Extremely messy overworld:
- Bottom of the hill in the water is cutoff, and the ladder causes horrible discolor on the hill because its BG is brown and not green. The dark blue tiles to the right don't look good - have the ocean all be light blue.

- Similar issue with the ladder, plus the discolor at the top behind the head of the hill. The Bowser head is also cutoff, and there is discolor behind the clouds. I got here from the screen above, but when I re-enter the pipe, it takes me to Vanilla Dome.

- Eh... you need to fix your pipe settings, therefore.

5. This is why you need to make the pipe at least two tiles tall.

6. Cutoff ground - you can actually make this a huge, rectangular chunk of grassland and have it look good using tiles from Direct Map16 Access, as opposed to having a load of cement blocks and used blocks.

7. I do not know what this is by looking at it - give it proper graphics to show that it's a block that makes you move really fast to the right - you can draw a square with an arrow pointing right or something, but making it look like a mirrored image of a piece of water wave isn't right. Or, put in a message box describing what the blocks do, or make a "tutorial" level that "teaches" you what each block is.

Also, the word "beta" - if your hack is in "beta" stages, don't submit it. Upload it to a file hosting site and get beta testers to point out glitches and level design flaws if you need help finding them. "Beta" versions aren't acceptable - the difference (in my opinion) between a beta and a demo is with the beta, it obviously hasn't been thoroughly tested, and with a demo, everything known has been tested and fixed, though there is a chance some stuff was overlooked. It's just the terminology used to describe the hack ("beta") that makes me think "oh no, this hasn't been tested" - always test your hack before submitting, and ask someone else to test too if you still aren't sure.

(P.S. I'm going to redo my Gerudo Valley port soon after hearing it again, so if you are still going to use that, uh... I recommend picking a different song to use for now since my old port was just all-over weird. :S It also didn't go well with the level since it's more of a desert song.)

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If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Removed: Suupaa Mario-sama Seken by Ashura


First off, before I tell why the hack was removed, I'd like to know- why were you going for a Japanese feel? The Japanese SMW was the exact same as the other versions save for a few certain features... So..why? It's the same thing. o_o

Now, let's get to the removal reasons.

The major reason is simple: BLATANT LEVEL EDITS. Almost every level is a blatant edit of another, though it's not easily recognizable.

Can you tell what level this is? This is an edit of Level 105, though this pic doesn't do it justice. Also, you really should use a normal corner tile here...

Blocks make the slope cutoff. Please use the walkthrough edge to make the slope not cutoff.

The ledge corners and cement blocks cut into the pipes and make them cutoff.

Normal water tiles are NEVER a good replacement for waterfalls. Please try to find an acceptable replacement.

Let's continue to the next level! Except that level is impossible to get to if you chose any switch other than Blue in the FOREWORD level.

Could you PLEASE use a REAL background here? The flashing glitch is really bad-looking... Also, there's 3 baby Yoshis to the right. Hatch them all, then move away- the red one turns into the body of an adult Yoshi. Please offer up only one Yoshi Egg per level number...

While I'm thinking about it, why are most of these levels ice-y on a grass setting, but never slippery?

Can you spot the blatant edit? This is Level 103! The Diggin' Chuck's rock floats as he digs it up, so please move it to the left a bit more.

This level is actually extremely bland, though... Please, CTRL+Delete EVERY level!

This level is absolutely fail. Why? It requires you to act VERY quickly to ditch Yoshi at the very start just to avoid dying. Yellow Switch prevents this, but it's still extremely bad. Don't do this! It's not difficulty, it's UNFAIRNESS!

I didn't take any pics of Level 102's edit, but it's all underwater even though nothing LOOKS underwater. Also, you can walk on the bottom-most tiles of the level here. PLEASE don't do that, since you can't tell what's solid ground and what's not at that point.

Okay, uhhh... Can you guess the level this is an edit of? Also, the castle brick is HORRIBLY cutoff by the lava. Please use the normal castle ground instead, so it looks nicer. Also, yet again, why is this level not slippery?

1: The Bullet Bill Shooters are floating. Flip them, and it'll be fixed.
2: Hop up those tiles which are SUPPOSED to be the end tiles for the conveyor stairs, and you'll eventually get crushed between solid blocks because they act like solid-on-top ledges.

If you figured out that this is an edit of Iggy's Castle, good job. This is most obvious in the second part, which is VIRTUALLY UNEDITED SAVE FOR REMOVAL OF ALL SPRITES EXCEPT THE FLYING ? BLOCK, THE ADDITION OF THE LAYER 2 SPIKES, AND THE ADDITION OF A SPRITE THAT MAKES THEM SHOOT DOWN. Not hard, but still a blatant edit.

Finally, we have a minor palette error.

That BG...really looks bad. Could you please make the colors blend together? Thanks.

I really like your idea of getting to choose any of the Palace Switches from the start, but you only get one Switch, and it can affect the rest of the game. The only issue I have with the idea is that you don't seem to be using it right. You're mostly using it to force people to take other paths, which is fine, but it's used horribly in your edit of the original YI4. I'm sure you can think of better ideas! ;) Also, you edited Yoshi's House (104). This messes up the original ending to the game, so please avoid that. Also, no matter what switch you hit, the blocks are yellow. There could be two ways to fix this:

1: Ask someone if they could make an ASM hack for you that makes the block colors be dependent on the switch you hit, and NOT a specific OW level.
2: Make the blocks that fly out be some different color, such as white. Completely ambiguous, and could be any block color at all. Hey, it works.

Hope that helps ya, and uhh.... Good luck in fixing the levels so they're not blatant edits, and work on some palettes, too, while you're at it. ;P
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
Hack Name: Super Mario World legendary Quest TGH Demo - 26 KB - 6 downloads.
Length: 6 levels
Author: Team Gear Hack - Submitted by: Team Gear Hack
Description: Our Firs Hack Demo Please Enjoy
and send us any Questions that you want to know!

Note that I didn't play the whole hack, but have a lot of criticism on what I could play of the three levels accessible from the beginning which should cover just about everything important (except custom palettes if you need those; just Level -> Enable Custom Palette and edit what you need to.)

1. Cutoff floating water, a random floating jointed tile...

Water should always have a wall on the left and right sides, and the bottom should either extend to the bottom of the screen, or have a ledge right below the end of the water. The jointed tile is meant for connecting a wall to a ledge, so get rid of it.

...Bottom row is used for walking when you can't see it, plus, the bottom row is all munchers, making it just as bad that not only can you not tell if it's a bottomless pit, but that you need to cross over it and might not know it's munchers...

Stacked munchers and floating munchers do not work. Use hurt blocks (be sure to tell the player they will hurt you if you touch them or give them graphics that make it so you don't even need an explanation) or change the graphic of the munchers to something that looks appropriate floating. If you must leave them as munchers, root their stems to the ground.

Walls are cutoff - hacks that have cutoff to this extent will not be accepted. There is a corner tile you can use to connect the wall to a ledge from the outside, and a jointed tile you can use to connect the wall to a ledge from the inside - use both!

Move everything from the bottom row up one tile. It's not fair to use the bottom row for walking if you can only see the very top pixel of it onscreen.

...more cutoff water and stacked + floating munchers...

For "waterfalls", use ExAnimation and create some graphics for waterfalls, or you can use Map16 and a tile editor to manipulate the surface of water to use less tiles and look good, and redraw some segments into waterfalls and create a Map16 tile for the waterfall -without- knowing how to use ExAnimation.

...more stacked + floating munchers, and the rope of the bridge cuts into the diagonal pipe...

Move the diagonal pipe above the rope, and either create a tile that acts like 1EB but looks like a bridge over where the grassland ground is so it acts the same but looks different, or just place a normal bridge tile over it - you don't walk over that part anyways so it doesn't really matter how that tile acts.

I personally find it odd that a big pipe is coming out of a small bridge, so I would recommend using ground instead, but it's not a big issue what you use below the pipe.

...ground cutoff, cutoff floating vines...

The vine at the top and bottom should be rooted to something, like a cement block, or proper tops and bottoms should be drawn for them.

The ground must always end in a wall - in this case, make a non-solid wall for the ground since Mario must walk through it. The slope on the left is missing a tile it needs, and the slope on the right looks weird running into the arch ledge - not as bad as the slope on the left's problems. Connect the top of the right slope to a ledge, and end that ledge after the vine with a solid right wall + corner tile.

Lastly, the ground looks bad overlapping that way. Move the slopes around or place the correct tiles out of Direct Map16 Access - they are there.

...this part is just running back and forth across small passages between blocks, left and right for a few (four, IIRC, some are long) rows...

Variety is key to keeping your players' interests. Mix it up a bit more. :)

...cutoff between the water and the ground...

Again, solid walls against water. Add an upside-down surface at the bottom of the entrance into the ceiling using the Map16 editor. (If you don't know how that works, click the surface tile, edit 16x16 properties, Y-flip, paste on a blank tile between pages 3-F by right-clicking, and save using F9.)

2. Very easy-to-get 3up moons in surplus. Try using only one per world as a reward for a tough puzzle or heavy exploration so it actually feels like a special item. That is not a standard, but a personal recommendation - however, it is a standard that you can't have a lot of easy-to-get moons in this manner.

3. Bad palettes on the berries. Place red berries from Direct Map16 Access or Extended Objects over the existing ones - not green because Yoshi's House has no timer, so eating a green berry will activate the timer and end up killing you. Also on the Yoshi house, just enable side exits, disable vertical and horizontal scrolling, and take out everything after this. (it's all cutoff water and stacked munchers) OR - Make the fireplace act like a door to another part of the level for "investigating" the premises.

Just look above you...
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Hack Name: Super Mario World III : Bowser's return to Dinosaurland Demo - 56.7 KB - 4 downloads.
Length: 28 exits
Author: bbk61 - Submitted by: bbk61
Description: After the events of SMW Bowser returned to Dinosaurland for more evil plans...

This is my first hack.
I didn't use ExGFX etc.
so don't rate lower cause of that.
If you find any glitches or things that not work, PM me please. This is the first demo.
Have fun!

1. You've got a lot of glitches, and because the only levels that were accessible were Yoshi's House, Monty Rocks, and Yellow Switch Palace, I'm going to have to show you the rest of what I could see from the screens you supplied. The first of them is background garbage - disable vertical scrolling, and if Mario starts at the bottom of the screen, set the FG/BG init position to C0, C0; 60, 60 for the middle; 00, 00 for the top.

The layer 3 windows shouldn't be used since layer 2 has a background. Click the blue icon with the fish on it, and set it to "No layer 3". Also, for levels without backgrounds on layer 2 that you DO want to use layer 3 in, make sure layer 3 is not forced above other layers - generally, you'll only want that for tides and the cage if you ever use it.

A pokey head is not a proper replacement for the football - a pokey hurts to jump on, and a football doesn't. Since a pokey is used in this level, delete either the football or the pokey, or remap the football to use a different tile than the pokey head and move the graphic around.

Whatever these things are, they are incompatible with each other and are incompatible with the Sumo Brother and Monty Mole. Delete them. Glitched graphics are inexcusable - saying they're intentional is even worse than doing them on accident.

Sumo Brothers might be too close together or there are too many sprites onscreen because this happens:

2. Cutoffness Man: Cutoff ground, cutoff tar, glitched lava splash - it's not compatible with Sumo Brothers. Remove the tar and the fireball, give the ground and slopes proper ends (or if you really need to go through there, end the solid part with a corner tile and make a ceiling going to the left, then have an upside-down jointed tile, bring a wall down to the bottom, and end the ground Mario is standing on with a nonsolid wall.

Make the part with the pit go all the way down to the bottom instead so it's a hole, and it functions the same since if you fall into the lava, it's no different from falling into a hole, and make sure you have the correct corner tiles after doing so. The corner tile on the left side of the pit is correct; the one on the right side is wrong.

Moon cuts into the clouds. Move the moon somewhere else or carve out the clouds around the moon kind of like you would with land, so that with ceilings, ledges, and walls, you box it in. Make sure the cloud walls are solid though - you'll have to make more Map16 tiles for that since the cloud walls by default are walkthrough.

Overuse of cement blocks makes a ton of air pockets between them and the water - it looks wrong. If it were a few corners at the ends, then no biggie. Replace the cement block with some land - use the Map16 editor if you can't find jointed tiles for upside-down tiles. The fish also vanishes, bringing us to our next big problem...

3. Sprite tile memory issues throughout. You can remove sprites, or you can use edit1754's "no more sprite tile limits" ASM and set the memory to 10 to fix most (if not all) of it.

Another note on this background: You need to change it. It's straining to look at, and it's a glitchy mess.

4. Bad palettes: This FG palette should not be used with the underground foreground set, as it is only really decent with the forest or grassland sets. Enable custom palettes and make a dark to light from left to right gradient over colors 3-7 of palette 2, or cycle through FG palettes until you find something that looks good.

Pipes are messed up because they are on a subscreen boundary, so move them to the left or right one tile (preferably to the right.)

Also, Mario's overalls are messed up. Replace the red-violet color with light blue in the palette editor on palette 8.

5. Piranha plants don't have layer priority, so they will go behind objects like this. It doesn't make sense for Mario to be in front of a ledge, a piranha plant behind a ledge, yet Mario takes damage when he walks in front of the part of the ledge that the piranha plant is behind because you'd think by looking at it that they aren't making contact at all - reposition the wall to the left one tile so that the wall doesn't go over the piranha plant.

6. Minor (i.e. not really a removal reason but worth pointing out) but weird issue with the spike balls falling out of existence once they reach the end of the water pool. You could extend the water to go all the way across the bottom, but that will affect your level design, and I think you're using too many screens to safely use layer 3 tides.

The following is not a removal reason, just a part of the hack I genuinely enjoyed. :)

Quote of the week:

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Removed: Untitled 0.02 by Halloween Mario 1031


Nice job trying to hide your Kaizo-ish hack. :( The EASY version was a little Kaizo-ish at times. How much worse is the HARD version...? o.o

Look at the text, then look at this:

The E in Easy doesn't have layer priority, so the ground eats it. :D Please add Layer Priority to that tile.

KAIZO POINT #1 - Go Slow. You're expected to land on a falling platform, then land right in front of a bullet shooter that DOES fire to avoid the munchers. Then you have to squeeze into that small space to get out...don't get hit. :| Also, look at all be cutoffness! You don't use inner OR outer corner tiles at all! O_o


This level just has more dodging munchers, albeit much easier...

Okay, first off, don't use a Layer 3 tide and vertical scrolling unless you plan on using the tide scroll fix generator with Sprite Tool. :|

Second, to the right is a rope mechanism...WITH NO MECHANISM HEAD AT ALL. Bad sprite memory issues? Heck YEAH. Look at those stupid rotating platforms!

Third, I skipped the whole level by riding the rope after it got thrown off the line guide and getting pushed off it by a wall. That leads into a glitch that lets you climb over EVERY non-solid part of the level. That essentially lets you slowly make your way to the very end without ANY sort of effort or challenge whatsoever. It makes things extremely simple to clear! Just get rid of the rope...

The castle is absolutely ridiculous. I mean it. It's one huge sprite memory issue.

Whatever was supposed to be here, it's gone. If you're meant to use that ball-n-chain to get up top, then guess what? THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE, BECAUSE IT GOES CLOCKWISE, NOT COUNTER-CLOCKWISE. So yeah, unbeatable.

PLEASE, enough Kaizo-ish. We don't really like Kaizo-ish hacks at ALL. In fact, we don't really approve those.
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
Hack Name: Find Yoshi! - 11.2 KB - 1 download.
Length: 5 levels
Author: Mawwo7 - Submitted by: Mawwo7
Description: You have to find Yoshi .

1. You can not pass the first level, and at the beginning, there is no other level accessible. There's a big portion with a row of munchers, no star, no Yoshi, no cape, and even if you did have a cape, not enough running room to fly. I spent a while looking before giving up and peeking in Lunar Magic for some clues, but alas, no invisible block with a star in it or anything.

This image pretty much sums up everything, as everything else I could find was floating munchers, and looking through Lunar Magic at what I couldn't see, there are some cutoff items, like nets - you need a border all the way around your nets, and munchers must have their stems rooted to a solid item (ground, cement blocks, etc.) If you really need the munchers to be where they are, change the graphics to something that looks appropriate floating, like a spikeball or a lightning orb.

Other advice for the future:

Vines - attach the top and bottom to a solid item as you would a muncher, or you can draw proper tops and bottoms for them.

Ledges - must always end in a solid wall against liquids like water or lava/tar/mud/chocolate/grape soda, or a non-solid wall in any other case. Connect ledges to walls using jointed tiles for the inside, and corner tiles for the outside.

Bushes - again, always have the bottom rooted to something. You can make them upside-down to attach to ceilings if you want as well.

Palettes: If you ever find a situation where changing one BG or FG palette set will mess up an object you don't want to change, then enable custom palettes. BG uses 0 and 1 on the left half, and FG uses 2 and 3 on the first half (berries use the second halves of 2, 3, and 4) - ground uses 2, and objects like pipes (depending on screen), lava, and arch ledges use 3. Of course, there are more objects that use palette 3. Switch palace ground uses palette 7, and some BG clouds use palette 4.

Water/Lava - make it have a surface if the top is exposed to air, and the left + right sides must have a solid wall against the water/lava. Either the bottom of the liquid extends to the bottom of the screen, or there's a ledge ending the water/lava.

Lastly, play-test all your levels in the order they appear in on the overworld to make sure you can beat them all without using Game Genie, and go back to test them with different powers or a Yoshi to see if there are places you can end up stuck, if there are any places where Yoshi's animations glitch because of an incompatible tileset or a fireball, etc. It also helps to get beta testers to do the same if you don't think you found every problem.

I was pretty hopeful when I saw a new concept: to find Yoshi. Keep working on it, since I think this might be the start of something interesting.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Nuevo Mario World Demo - 55.2 KB - 2 downloads.
Length: 9 exits
Author: Swampert2o - Submitted by: Swampert2o
Description: This is my first hack! took me a lot of time... hope you like it...

First off, this is a very good hack in terms of level design, even though in a few places, there are minor remnants of the original level - it's only really noticable in the first level though near the end with the block formation and in the cave part where instead of a dragon coin, you have a p-switch walled off by cement blocks and turn blocks you can only spin jump through as big Mario.

In other words, don't think that because it was deleted that it is a bad hack, because "Nuevo Mario World Demo" has a lot of potential to be an outstanding hack. I really liked this hack and hope after the big errors are fixed that you will resubmit it.

1. You can possibly get stuck and have to run into an enemy to die or wait the time out in the switch palace, especially on the second part of the level with the switch - the time to get to the yellow switch is very narrow, and if you hesitate, you might come up just short of beating the level. A good solution is to have a door or another pipe you can use to go back to the beginning of this part so that you can not get stuck and be forced to die.

2. An overworld glitch that prevents you from going back after you get to the castle - I press up, but can not move that way. This doesn't seem intentional (but if it is, then disregard this notice) - there is a castle top with a path going up that you can use here, and you should set the castle to, by default, allow Mario to move up from the castle tile.

Also, the "yellow" switch is green on the overworld. You can change the submap palettes, or move the switch to another map that already lets you use a yellow switch, but if you change the submap palette, there is a chance you might mess up some other items on this map.

3. There are a few glitched sprites, though one is conditional. The conditional one is the Buzzy Beetle being carried through the pipe - it gets garbage graphics because the sprite tileset for the Buzzy Beetle here is incorrect, but also, it is permanently stunned (which isn't that important.) You can either use a door to get here instead of a pipe, or change the sprite tileset in Super GFX Bypass for the Buzzy Beetle to display right.

The second glitched sprite is not conditional, and rather important. The yellow switch becomes a net if you press it - you can instead make a pipe going to another room in place of the switch, and in that room, put the switch there with the correct sprite tileset so it looks correct when pressed, or you can paste the pressed switch tiles over the net door sprite and resave the graphics as ExGFX (so you don't change all the net doors into switch palace tiles) and use that ExGFX file in this level.

4. Sprite tile memory problems. The first of them is in the switch palace - the top of the pencil becomes invisible. This killed me a few times because I ran past here thinking the pencil wasn't coming up and got killed because of it.

The rest of them all seem to be in the Castle of Iggy, mostly with the Thwomps - either too many Thwomps together, or too close to a Ball-and-Chain sprite, which consumes a lot of memory. You can remove sprites or use edit1754's ASM and set the sprite memory to 10 to fix as much as possible.

There are also times where this Grinder not only loses tiles, but sometimes goes completely invisible here:

5. Some slowdown here - removing some springboards will likely fix it, or see if the FastROM patch helps at all. (Make a backup before applying any IPS patch.) There is also some brief slowdown in the level with the tides, but it's for barely more than a second.

6. Didn't take a pic of it, but at the Yoshi House, there are some vines with a cutoff bottom, however, the error is very minor and can be overlooked, unless you want to take the vines and the blocks at the top of them out altogether.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
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