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Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
Hack Name: The Fatal race of Mario - 58.7 KB - 10 downloads.
Length: 17 levels
Author: reallybighacker - Submitted by: reallybighacker
Description: The story is that mario find a flyer for a race in race land. He thought that he could get a few coins after buying the bowser owner 9000, which was faulty. So he goes to regestration counter so he can enter. When he fanally gets there after a 1h 30min wait, he gets kocked out by some nerve gas. When he wakes up, he finds himself in a stone block cage. After waiting what felt like forever, he was finally released. This race.. was leathal. Chucks, munchers and invisible coin blocks were all around him, it was him aginst the clock.

This is the final version of my hack. I have added an extra world and some plot. Also, I had sucess with editing level 104 without glitching it up. If you are having problems with the patch, try expanding the rom first.

(Please delete super race world v1.1 and this text once read.)

1. A glitched Lakitu that throws glitched Spinies. If it still displays correctly in your ROM, and when you made the patch, the SP tileset was correct for Lakitu and Spiny to appear, then that's proof that the patch was made from a dirty ROM.

Like I said, you need to get a clean ROM to move your stuff to or these glitches are just going to become more rampant. Once you really do get a real clean ROM, make a backup of the real clean ROM and patch the hack to that one (and not the one you made your hack from) and you'll see what I mean and see the exact same glitch. :/

2. The problem is not with the message itself, but the fact that the message comes on in a room with a light in it, making it get really dark when the message box comes up, then light again when the message goes away. You should take out the light and the switch and make this a normal horizontal level and enable custom palettes to just make it darker than what it would normally be. Or, make a part before this with the message, then enter this room.

3. Lots of bad palettes this time around.

Sprite palettes were changed from the last version of Super Race World, and for the worse:

This is what you want to do for palettes A-D if you want all sprites to be red-scale:

0 = transparency
1 = white
2 = black
3 = dark red
4 = medium red
5 = light red
6 = dark orange
7 = medium orange

The rest should stay the same. To keep the same "type" of red throughout, you should make your first red, and copy it twice onto the custom colors so that you can carry it around and use that color as a base for another color, preferably start on the left with the dark red, then go onto the next color, pick the same red from the custom color box and drag the pointer up a little, copy twice, then repeat for the last shade.

Copy those three reds (first copied 4x, second copied 3x, last copied 2x so they're all there) and paste them on the same relative spots in the other three sprite palettes in A-D, and save colors to ROM if it's a global change/save the custom palette if it's one level.

Then, there's the caves of the Marathon of the Old level from the video. I pointed out what you should do for these in your hack thread. The BGs just need a bit of work and are actually somewhat fine, but the FG palettes are pretty bad.

(Palette 1 = BG and Palette 2 = FG, make a dark-to-light-from-left-to-right gradient over colors 3-7 - maybe 2 if the outline color is not black - to make these BG and FG colors look not messy. There's also a chunk missing in the background in both screens - add it back in with the BG editor.)

4. It's extremely easy to lose Yoshi in the first half of the level since there are so many sprites that throw other sprites at you, and it's slippery. If Yoshi runs offscreen or falls down a hole, the upside is that he respawns. The downside is that there really isn't enough time to keep catching Yoshi if you get hit - you're lucky to have enough time if you lose him and catch him back right away just once, and if you lose him when you get too far ahead, you will die by the time you get back to the beginning to get him again.

If you make it so that Yoshi can't run off-screen by adding a wall to the left, and get rid of pitfalls that Yoshi can be lost in after getting hit and make only the last part a pitfall, and break the level into "segments" where Yoshi can't run much further back than where you currently are onscreen, then it might be workable, but current standards do not allow Kaizo traps.

5. Now for some minor stuff that barely matters. First up is that Koopa stuck between the two steep slopes, twitching back and forth. He should be removed.

Again with the wallsprings - they look weird digging into the wall on either side. Move this one to the left one tile, and move the two rectangular ground chunks above Mario to the left one space.

There are also some sprite tile memory problems in parts where you have the extending bridges of turn blocks so close together. They sometimes disappear - reduce the number and space them out a bit or use xkas to insert the "no more sprite tile limits" ASM.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Removed: The way to Yoshi's House M by Mawwo7


See Kyoseron's last removal log. Guess what? YOU DIDN'T EDIT A DANG THING. So for that, you get a 24-hour ban. We have a rule here that says NO TERRIBLE HACKS. (It uses a different word, but it's still the same thing.) Please reflect on this before submitting your hack again.

Have a nice day, and stop it with the Kaizo-ness. :<
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
Sorry MatthewPZC, but more Kaizoness is straight ahead.

Hack Name: Super Mario World: The Hack With No Name - 23.5 KB - 16 downloads.
Length: 8 levels
Description: Get the 4 switch palaces to open the doors to ghost bowser!

P.S. the bottom right level is a joke. the one of the five that doesnt have a switch palace.


1. A whole mess of glitched graphics EVERYWHERE.

There's no excuse for this. Use Super GFX Bypass and pick the right thing for FG3. Copy the correct BG from another level, or change BG1 to the correct graphic.

Not only is the spike glitched and looks like a ghost mouth, but the vines are cutoff and the spikes aren't properly attached to the blocks... You also have some other things in this level that need the ghost house sprite set, so just get rid of whatever looks glitchy. (You fix the spike by setting the correct SP to load the right graphics file in Super GFX Bypass.)

There is a number at the top of Tileset-specific sprites. Make it use the right SP - it even tells you what it is.

Also, with the Atari font - actually use the letters "SUPER MARIO" that came with the ROM instead. This font is hard to read since it has no outline, and it looks disgusting because it's all boxy and bulky. The arrow isn't pointing to him either most of the time. :<

[Trippy, but the glitched switches need to go.]1


Loads of background garbage! Set layer 2 scrolling to H: None, V: None so the image doesn't move at all, and this way you won't get BG garbage. Also, cutoff spikes at the top and right below Mario, cutoff land to the right - use different tiles since the ghost house set doesn't have a wall and corner tile for the grass. Why can't hard hacks look clean like easy hacks? .-. The spikes need to be rooted to solid ground by the base, just like munchers do.

Using these isn't a problem if you just fix the graphics for it. To do this, you will need to remap the bounce sprite. Change it to use the turn block sprite rather than the P-switch sprite. I know there's a post somewhere about it.

2. Floating munchers. You're supposed to root their stems to a solid object. Change their graphics if you really need them to be where they are.

3. Kaizo traps. SMWC. Does. Not. Accept. Hacks. With. Kaizo. Layouts. And. Never. Will.

Pixel-perfect doesn't even begin to describe this. Never make a hack luck-based.

No P-switch in this level at all, to add insult to injury. If a level ever forces you to die, whether it be upon entry or messing a puzzle or whatever, then that is automatic rejection. Let's see what else is wrong with this pic:

[X] Bad palette (Describe: FG dirt has a bad palette)
[ ] Floating/stacked muncher
[X] Cutoff items (Describe: Ground after goal post)
[X] Floating goal post
[ ] Glitched sprite
[ ] Glitched FG
[X] Glitched BG
[X] Goal bar too low/high
[ ] Moony moony mooooooons
[ ] Stuck forever
[ ] Other, please elaborate ________________

You need to bring the Goal post down one tile to cover up the blue bush part, change your tileset so you can use something with "real" ground as opposed to that extremely unflexible ghost house grass (when you do this, you will likely have an easier time selecting a palette), move the bar up right above the ground for its starting position, fix the BG, and of course - do not force death after the goal post. It's just stupid.


4. Cutoffness Man

Cutoff water. Water should always have a solid wall on three sides and a surface at the top.

This overworld has a lot of discolored corners and some cutoff pieces of cliff (look to the upper right of the map.) Use the palette editor to fix the colors, and the correct tile you want for the right part of the star is on the left side of the star, mirror-image - just x-flip the tile and paste it over the cutoff tile.

5. UltraGrammatoFail:

Can we not talk like those teenagers in high school who act dumb to tick people off? It's also redundant - you clearly state that the level is hard and you couldn't beat it twice, and plus - the way it's set up, you'd have to scrap this level or completely redo it if you want it to even have a slight chance to be approved on SMWC.

Future notice: Never make a level out of music note blocks like you did with the intro. The reason it doesn't matter with the intro is you don't have to play it and put up with buhbuhbubboooiiinnnggggnggngggngngg a hundred times.

Also, you don't want players to have to use rewind and savestates a lot to beat a hack. That basically says "oh hai, my hax is luk-based. u need luk or sykik powurz 2 beet it." SMW != casino game - don't make it one.

We don't accept Kaizo, and we don't accept hacks made in its image by the people who worship it. They're extremely unprofessional - not that a hack has to be professional in every sense of the word, but games weren't meant to piss people off and look like dog vomit. This is about the Kaizo category in general, not your hack or your friend's hack. Just don't submit Kaizo stuff here.

Someone on IRC tells me this:
[14:38:53] (name hidden because I feel like it) Y'know, Kyo, I think this specific hack with no name is a sort of troll hack. It's quite obvious he did half that stuff for lolz
[14:39:05] (same person as above) You might wanna just go out and say "THIS SHIT AIN'T FUNNY."

That's it... yeah. I can't come out and say it most of the time I see hacks like this because I think, "What if this is actually a serious attempt?" Someone finally said it for me.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Removed: The diabolycal God Orb by davetrap


You've seriously got a boring hack here. :/

Why are you covering up most of the screen with tide tiles? You shouldn't place ANYTHING around the middle of the screen on Layer 3. Why?

That explains a lot.

Oh gosh, why are there bad-looking Toad Houses everwhere? They're unneeded, so please remove them. Remove the pyramid tiles, too. Lastly, why in the world is the castle's top on Layer 2? It should be on Layer 1.

Birds fall when you enter this level, then reappear at the top and stop where they normally should be. O_o Also, in this level, you walk on top of a fence, a house, and a mailbox. Aren't you supposed to walk through them? O_o

"Oh no, it's terrible! The God Orb has been stolen! The palettes have been transformed! Please save the palettes, Mario!"

You have extremely bad palettes on the Toad, King, and throne here. Please fix them. Also, all the pillars are cutoff. WHEE!

Yup, every single piece of ground here is cutoff. And by here, I mean THE WHOLE LEVEL. Please end all the ground with edges instead of nothing...

Cutoff hill?!

Yellow Switch Palace. You can't beat it unless you're small, and you can't leave until you die, when time runs out. This is EXTREMELY BAD LEVEL DESIGN, so please avoid this at all costs, OR allow the player to exit using the Side Exit sprite.

You can get stuck forever in these holes, but that doesn't matter, because there's no end to the level, so you can NEVER get out. Until time runs out.

See? Nothing. No side exit sprite, no way to die, just stuck.

What. Cutoff bush now?!

Never allow people to walk on the bottom row of the level! It can't be seen, so people won't know if it's a pit or ground! Also, why is this level so short??

WOAH, EASY-TO-GET MOONS? No way. Not letting this pass. Period. Do not allow the player to get easy Moons! And for that matter, only allow one per WORLD!

What the..? Why is that cutoff and floating?

See previous message.

And for that matter, why are your levels so dang short?

Cutoffness in the Castle (And Floating Ground)

The tile showing the 'glow' of the candle's flame is a ? Block here, meaning GARBAGE TILE. Please fix this. Also, I hit a ? Block here, and it turned into another GARBAGE TILE. Fix that, too.

Previous issues + Sprite Memory Issue with ball-n-chain. Please either get rid of one of them, or patch the No Sprite Tile Limits patch.

Also, this level is extremely boring and repetitive. No fun at all.

And that's all she wrote. Work on it a bit more. Ctrl+Delete all your levels and start anew if you wish.
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
Hack Name: Journey To Plover Hill (demo 3) Demo - 41.1 KB - 29 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: jcv1235 - Submitted by: jcv1235
Description: This is another demo of my game "Journey To Plover Hill." The story is that the princess has been captured yet again and mario must find his way to the dimension of Plover Hill. You will not be disappointed when you download it! Difficulty: Medium-Hard

1. If you drop the springboard right here then you can't proceed to either exit and have to wait until time runs out. Make this space a tile wider.

2. Raft despawns if you go too fast here, forcing you to die. Make the lava end at the start of this platform and have the lava and the raft go down a hole, then at the other end of the platform, place another raft. Make sure the first raft can never be on the same screen as the second raft though.

3. Unavoidable damage.

3.5. This one requires split-second reaction time to dodge or you fall on the fish below you:

After this level, I got frustrated and just gave up so I can get some other things done.

4. You didn't fix some of the glitches I pointed out in the last removal, like the spike turning into a magikoopa head when you kill it. Read the old log for information on how to fix that.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Removal: Super Puzzle World 2 !
Author: --LeChuck--
Description: "Super Puzzle World 2 !
My second rom hack...

A little characterization:
-the game is REALLY HARD! (In my opinion one of the hardest hacks ever)
-sometimes you have to use glitches to beat a level
-no ExGfx or other custom stuff (to keep it possible to beat this game, if you know everything in SMW)
-sometimes you have to do really hard jumps and moves
-NO stupid invisible coinblocks, that force death
-the timelimits are hard (But if you know the way, it´s enough time)
-it´s recommended to use savestates
-most levels are small and easy to overview
-no graphic-glitches
-a custom overworld

If you need any help with some levels (i´m sure, you will), just pm me or go to I will upload a full walkthrough.

All levels have been testet by a lot of betatester and ALL LEVELS ARE POSSIBLE without editing them.

Ok then, i wish you good luck and maybe a little bit fun... :D"

Okay let's take a close look at the description here...
-sometimes you have to use glitches to beat a level

Don't. The player should be able to win without knowing about all the quirks in the SMW engine and how to exploit them.
-it´s recommended to use savestates
This should not be necessary, as there is no savestating on a real console.

Now for some screens, provided by the author:

What's with the green stuff in the ocean? o.O

Cutoff ledges.

Stacked munchers. -_-

Author:-kamek productions-


I do not believe Anikiti wanted his graphics freely reused.

Removal: Nuevo Mario World v1.16
Author: Swampert2o
Description: "Fixed some errors, and added levels, hope you like it..."

This hack is really good. But you have a big problem with the overworld.

You start on the castle and can go to any level in the first world without having to beat any levels. Probably it was like this for testing? If you fix that, this is accepted.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new contender for the title "Most Fucking Impossible SMW ROM Hack Ever"! Kaizo Mario World, step aside for...
Removal: Yusamikalo Mario!
Author: benoit mariotool
Description: "This is a romhack japonnese i made.
Demo 1"



Hack Name: Another ROM Hack (Demo 1) Demo - 182.3 KB
Length: 27 levels
Author: Argumentable - Submitted by: Argumentable
Description: A random struggle to figure out Lunar Magic while spitting out a handful of levels that will eventually become a full hack. Supposedly harder in some places, but hopefully still fun and light-hearted. Mostly a focus on the level design as there are pretty much no new graphics or anything of the like

Well, the level design is mostly good in most levels. You've used the old SMW graphics pretty well. There are a couple of areas where things could be done better (i.e. some slopes inside ledge areas, Bullet Bill Blasters out the wazoo in that ghost house).

Now, on to the bad. Some levels had nice sprite placement. Others had irritating easier-than-Kaizo-but-still-annoying sprite placement. This sometimes caused slowdown (especially in the level "Charles In Charge"). I can't really go through and point each instance out because it would be too numerous to list. Your best bet is to get some beta testers to play your hack and make suggestions.

Who knew that Yoshi's House was such a death-trap (other than for too-curious 8-year-olds)? Anyway, this is lame, not funny, and the "Time Up!" message comes up because it's so lame (i.e. has an unlimited time limit).

You've done a nice job on the OW. Now all it needs are paths that actually open up as you beat each level. Right now, it is open to explore. That is more of a beta-level feature than a demo-ready feature.

I got hurt here by an invisible fish. The fish is invisible either because of incorrect sprite settings or those giant smashing spikes.

Once again - this sort of thing should be cleared up before you have a demo ready. It was kind of good for lolz though.

Not sure if this was intentional, but this "water level" doesn't have the water level settings turned on. Maybe that's the reason for the level name here? I wasn't sure.

Nice job on using something that wasn't in SMW! However, his palette sucks. Also, you might want to make this room a bit smaller.

I never knew that Star Road was such a smexy place. This is where my journey through this hack stopped. Things like this aren't really tolerated at SMWCentral.

Anyway, there's stuff to like in your hack and stuff to not like. Put some more work in and then resubmit.

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
This removal log contains stuff. That's right, you heard me - stuff. Lots... and lots... of stuff. I like stuff.
Hack Name: Super Mario World a dimensão alternativa - 299.8 KB - 15 downloads.
Length: 19 levels
Author: andrei111 - Submitted by: andrei111
Description: Esse hack é um hack divertido para passar o tempo.

1. Yeah, um... no

I think you should read the removal log more often. This is a common removal reason, a very well-known standard of ours, and it defies logic. You can't stack munchers. Also, the FG palette needs fixing,

See how you're using two different ExGFX files in this level that need two different TPLs? Import one in another level, then copy and paste the colors you need from that one over to this level, placing the colors in the exact same spot. If it messes up the other graphic's palette, you have to change the Map16 data to make the FG or BG use a different palette, then paste the important colors onto that palette.

2. Unedited levels and levels that are based off of the originals aren't acceptable - there are some exceptions, like 104 (Yoshi's House) but for the most part, you must create all your levels from scratch. You must use Ctrl+DEL and get rid of any of the blatant level edits or pre-existing Nintendo levels, then build your own stuff.

Yellow Switch Palace, unedited.

Yoshi's Island 2 cave, unedited.

This is also supposed to be a green Yoshi, but you overwrote palette D with all oranges. Restore the original palette, and use Tweaker to change the palettes of sprites you want to change. Also, enable custom palettes in this level, and make the pinks on palette 7 into dark blue - the pink shading on a blue block is terrible.

98% of this level is Valley of Bowser 3. If you like waffles, put this in your sig.

3. Falling glitch thing in Yoshi's House. Just delete it - there's really no reason for it to be in there.

4. More bad palettes:

Overworld cliffs are discolored, Mario has bad colors, and the yellow switch palace is green. If you can't change the switch palace color without messing up other objects, move the switch palace onto another map. Use different palette edges for the cliffs, and/or edit the overworld palette as needed. But first, import an old .pal file from an unmodified ROM to ensure that Mario has the correct colors.

Need fade fix

The isometric graphics are cool, but your palette 7 is incompatible with the goal post. Copy the goal post tiles and paste them on another Map16 page between 3 and F, and change the palette of the tiles to a palette that isn't messy - like 4.

Just an offnote, the way the goal is set up makes it really, really weird having the ground isometric but the goal post "flat" - if you get what I mean, then maybe it would be best to use a pipe or door to get to the goal, in a "flat" level rather than isometric - this way the perspective on the goal vs. land isn't so funky.

5. Cutoffness Man

The right end of the castle floor is cutoff, and the nets are cutoff. Those nets must have a blue border all the way around - use corner tiles too.

This one's a bit hard to see, but if you look at the bottom of the screen, below the star counter, there is a hole in the foreground.

This one is really minor - just the cement blocks in the ground. Remove them, put dirt or a ground bush over them, and it will look so much better.

6. Map16 error:

The slope is missing the bottom tile it needs for Mario to walk up the slope when walking towards it. Now, for this, you might want to make a test level with a slope placed in it, and just mouse over the slope - for each 16x16 tile you mouse over, it will tell you which spot in Direct Map16 Access that tile is. This is very useful when making notes of which slopes need which tiles to behave correctly.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Not even us hack moderators are immune to the all-destroying power of the REMOVAL LOG.


Hack Name: EVERY LEVEL IGGY! - 27.5 KB
Length: 7 levels
Author: MatthewPZC - Submitted by: MatthewPZC
Description: "Story:

Oh boy... Iggy
Koopa got into the
Chemistry set
again! He's made 6
clones of himself
and taken over an
island! Mario,
please stop him!

(Taken directly from the hack.)

This is a Serious-Joke Hack. The levels are real, but the idea itself is merely a joke. However, I assure you, this did not make me put any less effort into these levels as I normally would. I enjoyed making these levels, and I hope you all have as much fun in playing it!

Also, no complaining about cutoff castle stones in level 3 and no complaining about how Iggy Koopa is at the end of EVERY level. Yes, that is the idea- Iggy, in every level. Thus, EVERY LEVEL IGGY."

Only a few issues here relating to deaths.

I was getting the coins here as Big Mario and the turn block reformed, forcing me through the ground, where I died.

After exiting the cave in Level 2, the exit spat me out here, back in Level 1, where I died again.


You know what to do. Hell, you're probably already fixing it.
Hack Name: A Hack - 133.1 KB - 20 downloads.
Length: 5 levels
Author: themilkman - Submitted by: themilkman
Description: A very short hack made by me.

Plain and simple, this hack just isn't ready to be uploaded anywhere. This hack looks like what most people produce in Lunar Magic within their first few days of editing SMW.

The best part was the first world's overworld map. There was pretty good detail and even a nicely (and correctly) animated ocean current. Once you entered a level, though, things went downhill.

The first fortress, though, really was generally good. I don't know if you really want to "waste" a castle destruction sequence on a Reznor battle though.

This is just too plain. Nothing is varied. Flat ground is boring. Anyone can do this.

These are the first bits of real decoration in this level. There's not much point in having Bill Blasters if they don't fire Bullet Bills. Find some different ways to decorate (some slopes would be nice).

This hack really starts to peter out after the first castle. The overworld here is passable, but compared to your first overworld it sucks. You can do better - you did better earlier in the game.

And here's the biggest problem - unedited, playable levels. In fact, the last playable level in the hack is Bowser's Front Door. You can beat the entire game in about five levels.

So, this hack is rejected. Please play around with LM a few more weeks, play some more hacks for inspiration, and learn how to vary your levels. Good luck! Keep trying and it will be better!

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Name: New Super Mario Bros. The Lost Lvels Demo - 600.5 KB - 22 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: RickyMario - Submitted by: RickyMario
Description: This is my first, so please be nice and I will accept some constructive critism.
THis follows the events after New Super Mario Bros. but it can br difficult for some levels. (FYI World 1-4 is still under construction.) I hope you enjoy it!


The patch doesn't work. This could be because you didn't use a clean ROM to make your IPS patch. Please, use a clean ROM and re-upload your hack, it looked quite good!
Hack Name: SMW EF Land Demo - 20.6 KB - 3 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: Electrofire - Submitted by: Electrofire
Description: My second attempt at a hack. The hack has no new custom blocks, sprites, music, or graphics. It doesn't have an overworld yet, but it will eventually.

1. If you don't enter this level with a cape, you're stuck forever.

Likewise, if you don't enter this level with a cape, you are pretty much dead.

Solution: Add in the "Side Exit Enabled" sprite so that you can leave if you don't have the appropriate power without having to either wait it out or die intentionally.

Test all your levels before you submit your hack, with all forms of Mario that are available while testing. So far, just cape, small, and super - no fire flower yet. The level with the saw circle might need to be remade, but first, extend the circle - make it bigger so Mario has more room for error, because there's none here at all. Enable vertical scrolling at will here too, and there's also an address in the ROM map you can use to make the camera always scroll with Mario rather than wait for him to touch ground.

2. This is what happens when you have layer 3 items and an exit together: (It may be hard to see, but when course clear appears, the tide vanishes, then on zoom-in, there's a huge black gap at the bottom of the screen.)

Solution: Make a pipe or door leading to another "level" and put the exit there.

3. Redundant level design. Levels that aren't incredibly short often drag on like this for six or more screens straight:

Solution: Brainstorm a few ideas to implement over these repetitive sections.

4. Blatant level edits. This one in particular is of the cave in Yoshi's Island 1.

Solution: Ctrl+DEL every level from the original SMW so that you can build levels from scratch, not recycle junk we all played 9999+ times.

5. Right when I enter this level, sprite tile memory problems. There are also no flames on the candles in the background, yet there's an aura around the candles.

Solution: Use the BG editor to remove the candles from the background, or add in a candle flame generator sprite. Remove some sprites, or use edit1754's "No more sprite tile limits" patch and set the sprite tile memory to 10.

6. Very easy 3-UP moon. Since you also have two yellow 1-UPs that fly in this stage, this makes the moon even less necessary.

Solution: Remove the moon, put maybe a mushroom or fire flower there instead.

7. Cutoffness Man and bad palettes.

Solution: Use the palette editor to change the FG palettes, because the grassland palette does not agree with either of these foregrounds. Any gradient palette should work. The gray lava ("tar") is also a bit strange, but if you use the silver palette 2 and the red-to-yellow palette 3 combo, it should look great with the castle. Rope probably looks best with the brown palette.

Now, for the title screen, the font is made harder to read because of the BG palette - there's probably nothing that will look good with both that font and the castle background, but this is a minor problem compared to the FG palettes. Also, for your name, use the same type of font used for "EF Land" since the "labels" are very very yucky-looking.

On the cutoffness, just put a cement block at the end of the rope. Simple!

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Super sloth world... beta Demo - 29.8 KB
Length: 13 exits
Author: SlothNathan - Submitted by: SlothNathan
Description: My first rom hack ever... i need some help on overworld editing, if anyone could help me. tell me what i could do to make it better please.

This hack is pretty much a Kaizo-style hack, and Kaizo-style hacks are pretty much unwanted here and equal the kiss of death for getting your project accepted.

Really, just one look at Level 105 gives you a pretty good idea of all the issues - it's an entire level made up of concrete blocks, floating Munchers (and too many Munchers), no-room-for-error jumps and evilly-placed sprites.

In short, this is really only fun for a certain type of SMW player.

I don't know why the person is apologizing for the title screen - it is in keeping with the same style as everything else in this hack. However, this does call attention to something that I think everyone should take into consideration:


Instead of apologizing for something not being right, make it right before you submit it. I don't mean to pick on SlothNathan in particular, because lots of people do this, but this is a good example. If you are too lazy to make something right before releasing it, why should other people waste their time to play something unfinished?

Unedited SMW overworld. Oh wait - see the level name? I guess I can't say it was unedited - it was just edited to be worse. (By the way, if you go to "Yoshi's Pimphouse" you are greeted by a wall of Bullet Bills - just another example of "improvements" that actually go against a person's hack being accepted.)

This is the first screen of the playable game. I did get past this point, but I had to rely heavily on the rewind button. Oh, also, bad BG palette.

SlothNathan (and anyone else whose hack is like this) - If you really want to submit a hack to this site, it CAN'T be like this. The goal of every hack on this site should be to look like something that a professional video game company could have released. These sorts of hacks just aren't it.

You said you wanted advice on how to make your hack better. Play some of the featured hacks here. Look at the screenshots thread. Then look at what you have made so far. Is it anywhere close to being on the same par? If it is not, try harder. It takes time to make a good SMW hack (even if you are just using the original game as your base). If you don't have the time or aren't willing to spend the time necessary to make something good, then you might want to find a different hobby.

When is going to be finished?

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[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Hack Name: Mario And the Haunted Forest 2: Kamek's Return Demo V 2.0 Demo - 168.3 KB - 18 downloads.
Length: 15 levels
Author: Mr.Gameandwatch - Submitted by: Mr.GameAndWatch
Description: --------PLEASE READ!!!!!!---------

Thank You for downloading this demo. I looked at my last demos rating and it was very disapointing.

So I did a little mor reserch and I put all my ideas in the second world, the desert

1. The "Custom Block Test" level has no exit - no goal, no side exit, nothing. The only way out is to die - any forced death is instant removal. This level must be revised before the hack can be approved. There is also no indicator of what each block does, and these blocks aren't used in other levels anyways - let the player know through ingame messages that the cutoff dirt is the quicksand (probably get new graphics for it too), and that the green turn blocks are hurt blocks.

2. Sprite tile memory problems. At one point, I had an eye peering out of the sky since the shell vanished, and then only one of the wings appear on this - either reduce the number of sprites you have onscreen or use edit1754's ASM patch "no more sprite tile limits" and set sprite memory to 10.

^The Diggin' Chuck just disappeared entirely - even walking through where he stood doesn't hurt you... he's just... gone.

3. Unedited Red Switch Palace:

4. Some time before the 15th level in the demo, I can't move left after I beat this level. Please fix the overworld event to enable left when the level is beaten.

-- The following are minor errors not fully relevant to the removal, but worth pointing out. --

5. Rope stem...? Well, it still looks somewhat stemmish, but it's so thin that it looks really weird. Since you aren't using ropes in this level, copy a vine, paste it over the rope, and save the file as ExGFX to use in this level. This isn't all that bad compared to... say, Lakitu or fish stems.

6. Bad corner tile above the Koopa facing left:

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Removed: Super Mario Bros. 3 Remix by tam6231990


Bad patch. Title screen never loads after the "Presents" screen. Please verify that your original ROM is clean. If it isn't, get a verified clean one, and port all your stuff over. Simple! If it is, then your problem lies in what you're using as the ORIGINAL, UNMODIFIED ROM selection. Remember, it MUST be an UNEDITED copy of a CLEAN SMW ROM. Simple as that.

Either way, use a clean ROM to remake the patch, and reupload...
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
Hack Name: Super Mario World - The Real Path Demo - 189.4 KB - 189 downloads.
Length: 96 exits
Author: DSMLMD - Submitted by: DSMLMD
Description: This is my first hack. If you find the bugs in my hack please feel free to PM me.

About This Game :
- Overworld is same as original game.
- Level is same as overworld level journey.
- The level difficult is various.

Features :
- GFX : Yes
- ExGFX : No
- Costum Music : No
- Costum Block : No
- Costum Sprite : No

Have Fun ^.^

I lost my patience fast with this hack and only got up to the end of the third world. Yet I saw a lot of glitches, and even worse than that - highly repetitive level design. Some concepts were used nearly every level, step by step the SAME THING OVER AND OVER. >_< An interesting puzzle is only interesting once - remember that, and don't use it again five levels later. You need to work on variety.

1. Why is Mario like that? Answer: he knows if he messes this up, he is forced to die. That's a thing with your puzzles: you never have a "panic button" like a door/pipe to restart the level if you fail the puzzle. Go back and make a fix for all your puzzles - including that underwater race.

2. Extremely strict time limits in levels for how long they are. I think each level should have at least 100 more seconds to compensate for that.

3. Again, overuse of the same concepts. Every level feels like a remix of the previous stage or another random level in the hack. There were some levels you had a LOT of "koopa kicking a shell" puzzles, and two levels had them set up exactly the same, when you had to hit a P-switch to complete the bridge for the shell to hit a vine block. (Donut Plains 4 and Red Switch Palace)

(The ? blocks are up further ahead..)

The P-switch races are way overdone - especially the ones with a block between midway point posts. A lot of the early levels start with Mario having to run up a large wall too.

Oh, and here's the one that sticks out like a sore thumb, and is so freaking painful to play through: Vines that extend 20+ screens high with bullet bill generators and nothing. else. at. all. I played two levels with this. It's annoying to press B then up for several minutes straight before finally reaching the top. .___. Change up your level design please.

4. Glitches galore!

<blink>NOT AN APPROPRIATE SPINY GRAPHIC</blink> because it doesn't have any sort of indicator that it will hurt you if you normal-jump on it. Remove it since you are using Buzzy Beetle here.

Mickey Mouse's shirt is not an appropriate spotlight graphic. Since it's dark and there is no light switch, just set the level to the setting that is a dark horizontal level and take out the spotlight.

That water surface isn't acceptable. It conflicts with the bush, so either paste the surface tile over something you're not using from the underground set, resave it as ExGFX, insert it in this level, and make a new Map16 tile for it, or just replace it all with moving water.

Gradual slopes screw up underwater. Use normal or steep slopes and flat ledge ground instead, or make new Map16 tiles and manually fix the gradual slopes.

Download "no more sprite tile limits" from the patch section, insert it, and set the sprite tile memory to 10, and if you can't do that, keep changing sprite tile memory until they all stay, or take sprites out until they stop getting cutoff.

5. A mesh of blind and misleading jumps. Coins and enemies should guide the player to safe ground, not to their death - also, throw some coins or enemies up there if you can NOT see your target ground.

. |
. |
. |
.\ /

Also, another arrow leads to here:

So yeah. Don't have a coin arrow pointing down to a bottomless hole. T_T

6. Cutoffness Blarggs + Vines

Protip: Don't place Blarggs on slopes or close to lavafalls.

Attach the bottom of the vines to something like ground or cement blocks, and maybe space them out if you think that'll make them too easy to cross.

7. Too many lives given out so freely. Example: this bonus room - I get about 50 or more lives in here from dragon coins.

It was very easy to slide under those blocks and jumpspam my way over to those three moons, and just as easy to get out of.

8. Most of your ghost houses have really bad palettes like this:

Fix them and make them use the "all brown" ones.

9. Wrong FG/BG starting position here: set it to 00, 00 instead because Mario starts at the top of the level rather than at the bottom.

Just look above you...
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Hack Name: Super Mario World - German Version - 18.2 KB - 13 downloads.
Length: 96 levels
Author: Mamamia Games - Submitted by: Mamamia Games
Description: "Super Mario World in German.

German Level Names
German Texts
German Boss Texts"

Apparently it's not a very well done translation of SMW into German. Buu-Huu took a look at it and notified me of this. Lots of grammatical errors, but obviously I can't fix any of them and to offer advice on every badly done message is too much. My suggestion? Just get someone to translated it better.
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