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Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed

Hack Name: lost at sea Demo - 47.3 KB
Length: 1 levels
Author: rusher243 - Submitted by: rusher243
Description: my bro's newest hack maybe there are somw problems with but's it's only a demo


And this is just the intro... Cutoffness, that message has a few grammar mistakes, moon that you can't get, etc.

The only way I was able to get to here from the left was to swim under the level because the walls there were too high to just up. Also, FLOATING MUNCHERS AUGH! Don't use floating/stacked munchers in your hack! You must root them to something!

Ledge cutoff by water, that rope on the right.

More cutoffness, and easy to get moons as well! Do not make moons easy to get. They should be rewards for a very hard puzzle and limited to one per world.

Good thing that I brought that springboard with me because it turns out that I need that P-Switch in the next screen. If I hadn't brought it, I would've been perma-stuck and had to kill myself. Do not put the player in any situations where they are forced to die. In this case all you'd need to do is put a note block or something so you can leap back up.
I used my springboard to head back and get the P-Switch...

Oh wait no I can't! There's another ledge that's too high to jump up! >_< Don't do this!

This is where I got off the boat....


Needs a lot of polish. Get rid of the cutoff tiles, fix the perma-stuck areas and remove the moons. You had some pretty interesting ideas for the level design but the errors overshadow them.
Removal: super rush world
Author: rusher243
Description: "my hack"

Your name is rather fitting, because this hack looks rushed

So the title screen has some problems - stray pixels next to "World" and the stars on the four corners. Also, those poor Koopas are stuck!

As well as cement blocks cutting into the bush.


You know that you're not supposed to edit level 104 (Yoshi's House), right?

Saying your brother did it is not a valid excuse. Also, typos.

Here's some reasons why this is bad - the flame scrolls with the rest of the level, and the birds appear on every screen.

Also, glitched smoke.

The maze itself was a total asshole (Mario doesn't like to jump into one block high gaps that are one block above for some reason...), and we are greeted with a bunch of floating munchers and a required Mushroom to get past it.

...I also needed a P-Switch that I did not see at all in the level >_>


If you cannot see anything wrong with this screenshot, please leave this site and never return. Broken tiles and floating stacked munchers.

More broken tiles, and silent Bullet Bills that appear with no warning at all.

The ground overflowed into the next screen.

Those are not the correct corners you should use on that fence.

Cut-off ground and more floating munchers. That ? near the plants holds a Mushroom that you need to grab so you can take a hit and get throuigh the tunnel. Also I missed my jump and died here, in case you're wondering.

Sprite Memory error. I'm Super Mario, holding a red shell. But both Mario and the shell vanished because of that glitched green gas bubble above (which is also incorrect for this tileset, and is glitched!)

Horrible lag.

A worrying theme.

More cut-off and broken tiles.


The only good thing about this hack, but there are typos.

Removal: Tommy's Hack REMADE #1 FIXED
Author: Tommy5
Description: "I have fixed some bugs in this hack. This hack includes a lot of custom blocks. I hope you enjoy this hack. Please comment and rate. If there are some other bugs and glitches, then PM me to fix that problem."


The badly-colored fireball block here conflicts with a screenshot you uploaded...

Broken Yellow Switch.

You know, I think you uploaded the wrong IPS patch.

Reccomended Hack of the Day: F-Mario - A race hack that's actually quite good!

Removed: New Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels(Updated)
Author: RickyMario
Description: "Ok, here is an updated version of New Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels. I changed the backgrounds for some levels and I added part of World 2! I'm still working on fixing the problem of half of the ball n chain disappearing though..."

Everyone that uses this tileset always has bizzare looking bushes. Look closely - it shouldn't be this way!

Inverted pipe colors :E

Don't get a powerup in the item box during a demo.

And don't get a star! It glitches the music up!

"...OR CAN THEY?" =P
I should note now that there are a lot of screwy palletes in this hack. Might want to double check.

That's a really messed-up looking house.

I got to the demo level and played through to the end. It was a recreation of SMB 1-1.

Wierd colored Yellow Switch?!

That makes no sense.


Red stems are bad! VRAM corruption is possible!

Midway goal post should have the ORBS a bit more connected to the posts.

Exit pipe doesn't work AAAAAA

Broken tiles!

The "stems" have screwy palletes.

As do Bullet Bill launchers.


You didn't fix the Sprite Memory problem (Hint: EDIT THE SPRITE MEMORY SETTING)

Sprite Memory error.

A Dry Bones vanished. Also Sprite Memory errors.

Pink border? O_o

That's not a tree trunk, and that's not a tree top. Also, awful palletes.

Fix these problems up, this is a good hack so far but these problems make it hard to enjoy :(

Removed: Super Mario Whatever by Khastvrokg


Let me quote your Readme:

"Ok, This Hack is not a perfect one as the rest that are found there. I really hope
someone will decide to download this hack, well duh, you already have. But the whole
point here is, well, there are glitches that I can't seem to understand why they happen
and maybe you can help me out. Remember, this is not a good hack that does not diserve
a rank score at all, becuase as my self I know it is not good. Anyhow, if you have any
questions or answers please PM me


Okay, if you KNOW it's bad, why submit it? Seriously, that's a little...weird.

Oooookaaayyy... Then why leave them in? :| Also, blatant edit of YI1, Level 105. -_-

That thing will land on you. Don't put enemies where they can fall on you AND YOU DON'T SEE THEM COMING UNTIL IT'S TOO LATE.

MORE BLATANT EDIT. -_- Please use Ctrl+Delete to start from scratch.


^^ (And don't swear like this. No one likes it, it's a little immature, and it makes you look bad.)

Block cuts into the bush. Also, can you see the blatant edit of 106? ^^^ Also, guess how this level starts? If you don't get the Yellow Switch Palace, you get an insult and are forced to die to escape! BRAVO! You're not supposed to do that. Use the Side Exit Enabled sprite.


Well, here's a nice twist! A remake of World 1-2 and World 4-2 in one level! Error here? RED PIRANHA STEMS. Previously, this was no error to me. But now that I know that it can cause VRAM corruption... PLEASE patch the Piranha Plant Stem Fix patch, as it will also stop this VRAM corruption!

^^^^^^ (AKA Blatant Edit of 103.)


That thing is floating. In the air. This is why there should be about two more tiles on both sides of the Diggin' Chuck...

Okay seriously, do you love cursing like this? Because I'm sick of seeing it. I really am. It doesn't look good. At ALL. Get rid of it. Now. Please.

Autoscroll with a lot of Munchers and Bullet Bill dodging. Not fun.

That BG is a very bad color. Please make it use the FIRST eight colors.

Also, it's-a SMB1 World 1-1! And some other level.


Forgot to take a pic of what comes after this, but the last 3 Reflecting Podoboos are VERY hard to get around without getting hit...

Okay, this place is extremely annoying. Your autoscroll makes you rush. This part isn't easy to get through, because by the time you get down here, your exit is almost out of reach. And towards the end, SOME MAZES HAVE PATHS THAT RESULT IN A FORCED DEATH IF YOU TRY TO TAKE THEM FOR YOU CANNOT GO BACK BY THE TIME YOU SEE THEM. Why do you love forced deaths? Why do you love blatant edits?

Spike falls into lava, Spike becomes an ugly piece of a Magikoopa. Magikoopa's not used here, so why not use ExGFX to overwrite its head with a spike?


I ran out of time. I cannot beat this level in the time allowed. My suggestion? Move the door way back, because this level is boring enough already. It's also annoying.

Please work on it harder. Remember, Ctrl+Delete is your friend.
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
Removed: Super Mario Adventure by VoltrezOneMillion


Bad patch. Nearly everything's glitched up. BADLY. You probably used a bad dump of a ROM. Please use the SMW Clean ROM Verifier here to make sure you're using clean ROMs. If not, redownload until you find a clean ROM, then port all your stuff over to the clean ROM. Simple as that.
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
I'm Kyoseron and I approve this message.

Hack Name: Mario's Automatic Adventure - 19.2 KB - 36 downloads.
Length: 1 levels
Author: Togepichao - Submitted by: Togepichao
Description: My first Automatic Mario Game

Automatic levels are cool, but don't get any special treatment. The same applies to them as "standard" hacks.

1. Almost all of the custom blocks appear garbled/cutoff. You should make new graphics for the blocks to use in this level.

Cutoff floating water is bad, and the fact that it's an automatic level is no excuse. Water needs a solid barrier on the left, right, and bottom.

The fact that this is water and not a T-shirt is kinda weird. It's a bit painful to look at though because it's bright and the contrast of light brown and bright green on such a large scale isn't very good.

Garbled, glowing, cutoff arch ledge graphics are bad.

More of the same, failed economic policies cutoff moons, a cutoff corner right above the coins counter, those flashing arch ledges, and the cutoff ropes.

2. Munchers used inappropriately. Don't stack them or have them floating - change them to spikeballs or something if you have to have them like this. Otherwise, put a cement block below the muncher you jump between, and a cement block above the one that's right above you when you go through them, and make sure the muncher that would be above you is y-flipped so its stem is rooted to the cement block.

3. It's not fully automatic since if you re-enter the level with Yoshi, this happens, and when you get rid of Yoshi, you're put back to the beginning, lose momentum that you need, and fall through the water and die. I recommend using the counter break patches, since this level is suited to small Mario, entering without Yoshi.

4. More cutoffness - this time, the dirt and slopes are in urgent need of walls. Extend the walkthrough dirt of the slope down beyond the pipe, all the way to the bottom, and add walkthrough walls to the ends of all of the slopes. Make sure there's grass at the end of the slope where the slope meets the walkthrough wall.

5. Layer 1 cutoff clouds should be deleted. Also, use the tiles that don't have the brown on the edges (but have blue instead) in this case, and you'll have a simple-but-acceptable overworld.

So... yeah. I'd like to see a full-length automatic Mario hack, though. Good luck with this.

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Hack Name: Mario's Super World - 157.5 KB - 8 downloads.
Length: 5 levels
Author: Ashanmaril - Submitted by: Ashanmaril
Description: A ROM hack I made, it has custom music but that is basicly the only real special thing about it. It only has 5 levels. (The first world and bowsers castle.) I have played through it several times. No swears or crude language or nudity.

It is my first ROM Hack and nothing amazing.

Only played a little since I'm tired, but... this advice should still be of use to you. I felt like writing on the pictures for some reason too <_>

1. First half of the level didn't seem like a blatant level edit, but then suddenly...

The reason you need to do this is because you have some obvious remnants of Yoshi's Island 1 that bog down the "original feel" that this hack would've had. Recycling levels from SMW to use as a base makes it all seem lazily done, and plus, the old SMW levels just get in the way of you building new things anyways.

2. Going to need some remodeling here...

3. It's a bird..., it's a plane...

Wait, it's...

STACKED AND FLOATING MUNCHERS! No removal log is ever complete without one. Probably the most common "problem" we see here.

Didn't like it in Kaizo, didn't like it here. We have a pretty strong anti-Kaizo stance, as games are for fun, not frustration. :V Try not to make your hack require excessive use of savestates - there are other ways to make a hack difficult than having damage be difficult to avoid, such as elaborate puzzles, or exploration quests where you need to find items (e.g. keys, coins) to continue.

4. Look really closely at this one. Mario is standing on cement blocks, but... can you tell easily by looking at this? A player should be able to identify what and where each thing is by sight.

5. Monotony is something that turns off a lot of players.

So, for the theme of this level, you could have some wall springs and portable springboards placed around, and not just rely mostly on music blocks for level design. The portable springboards can make great puzzle items, and the wall springs attach nicely to all sorts of terrain that you can use for variety.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!

Hack Name: Horror House
Length: 1 levels
Author: secretpower619 - Submitted by: secretpower619
Description: A 1 level hack in the spirit of halloween. Its a short level with some easy parts and a few hard parts


Cut-off island, wrong palettes/tiles. :(

Floating and stacked munchers! D:

Those boo things... They are thwomps! Please, if you're going to use thwomps in a level, make them look like thwomps instead of a boo mesh.

Stacked/floating munchers, also, that part was a bit unfair. :|

This is not funny.

Just fix these small errors and your hack shall be accepted. :P

Hack Name: Super Error World Demo - 211 KB
Length: 3 levels
Author: the_albatross - Submitted by: the_albatross
Description: "An error occurred, and Super Mario World is all screwed up! It's your job to fix it! This is my first hack so I hope that you like it. Feel free to review and such."


The game intro says that the game is hard but not kaizo hard. It's right about that. It's actually harder than kaizo in my opinion. at least kaizo was fair and you had a slight chance. This game has slim to nil chance.

I didn't bother with pictures because it's your typical kaizo-esque hack. Floating/Stacked munchers, die on entry if not fast enough, THWOMPED UPON ENTRY, Cutoffness Man, and crazy blind (spin)jumps.

We don't accept Kaizo hacks here so if you really want a hack accepted here, don't make them.

Hack Name: Super Mario World And The Lost Forest Demo - 103.7 KB
Length: 2 levels
Author: coin3223 - Submitted by: coin3223
Description: *Note this is not a Halloween themed hack* This is my very first hack, it is not very good, I'm not that good at making hacks but I wanted to upload it to see what everybody thinks,Also it is only two levels long


Bad patch. Turned out to just be a patch of SMW. Please retry patching it and re-submit.

Hack Name: Super Mario Deception - 22.4 KB
Length: 8 levels
Author: Thesel - Submitted by: Thesel
Description: Read the Read Me File.


Another kaizo hack. It's got cheap deaths, forced hits, major Cutoffness Man, stacked/floating munchers, glitched sprites and tiles, precision jumping, reflex deaths, and worst of all, areas that trap you if you go to the message block.

Again, didn't bother with pictures because we've seen them thousands of times. There's no real helping this hack either. Best bet it to make a new hack that doesn't include ANY of these bad things. And no Kaizo Difficulty. We won't accept it.

Hack Name: SM: Search For The Green Pearl (demo 1) Demo - 75.7 KB
Length: 6 exits
Author: jcv1235 - Submitted by: jcv1235
Description: "This is the first demo of my fresh new hack. Difficulty: Medium. You'll not be disappointed if you download it!"


First off, this is not a bad hack. Not by far. It was quite enjoyable really, just a few things that you need to fix.


The background here got filled with garbage. I think it's a result of the screen positioning being off. Set the Screen position to C0 and that should fix it. If not, play around with the Layer 2 Scrolling.


This piranha it a bit too far to the left. Just move him over to the right one tile. Also, this area's music didn't change to the cave music. Instead, it kept the World 1-1 theme.


There are no other enemies used in this area so go ahead and change the Sprite set to the Mushroom set so you'll have the ? ball. I think it's the one with GFX05 in it.


That's all I found wrong with it. Just fix those few problems.
The hack itself was pretty good. Level design was nice, though you may want to increase the time limit on Puzzle Peninsula. I found myself running low. Also, the part with the lots of cheep-cheeps was rather boring, maybe you want to spice it up a bit more?
Hack Name: The Island Of Mecha - Bowser Demo - 196.4 KB - 3 downloads.
Length: 3 levels
Author: MarioMaker789 and Blueredmario64 - Submitted by: MarioMaker789
Description: My first hack. Is a simple hack with no ExGFX only the original graphics of Super Mario World

1. This level is a forced death because there is no other way out of it than to jump down a hole and die.

Use the "Side Exits Enabled" sprite to let the player exit the level without activating an event. This will also leave the rest of SMW unaccessible, as it is in this demo, which is good. (Also, the arch ledges are a little weird. I'd place them out of tileset-specific objects instead of Direct Map16 Access so all the pieces of it are there and put together correctly.)

2. Some glitched graphics worth noting:

Red fish stem! We have some fix patches that will correct the stem's palette and another thing about it - there is also a very rare VRAM corruption bug associated with the classic piranha plant, so even if "red stems" aren't bad color-wise, it should be patched to not risk the glitch occuring.

This block turns into a Mega Mole. o_O I find that the changing item is not necessary in this level, but if you must have the changing item with the translucent block, then you should change the SP setting accordingly. It tells you which SP's are compatible with this block when you mouse over it. Changing the SP may cause some tileset-specific sprites to appear garbled, so be sure to keep an eye out for that.

In this case, you have the bounce-on-sides turn block, containing a feather. I recommend using the [?] block, above the surface of the water, containing a feather instead.

(We'll get to the cutoff water stuff in a little bit.)

3. Stacked and floating munchers are bad. If you attach the stem to a solid object, preferably on flat surface, then the munchers are okay.

:V :V :V :V :V
:V :V :V :V :V
:V :V :V :V :V
:V :V :V :V :V</font size>

Instead, you should use the Map16 editor. Click on the muncher in Direct Map16 Access, y-flip the muncher graphic, and paste it on a blank tile (using right-click) between pages 3-F, and press F9 to save. You can now use this muncher upside-down, attached to a ceiling. Replace all the other floating and stacked munchers with land.

4. I can't tell if this is supposed to be a bottomless pit, and chances are, no one else can either. To fit in with the theme, I would use cloud graphics. It is important to be able to see which tiles are safe to walk on.

5. This level is unchanged, and should be edited into a new level before you resubmit the hack:

6. Miscellaneous cutoffness:

The lava is cutoff. You should use solid ground walls against it. Cement blocks work, but they have some small air sections between them, since the corners are rounded, so they are not recommended.

The cutoff vines are not pleasing. If you would add a cement block or other item to the top and bottom of the vines so that the vines have a defined end rather than a "chopped off" look, it would be better. You could also draw a new graphic for vine endings to use instead of anchoring it to a platform.

Add walkthrough dirt all the way up to the next screen border so you do not see a cutoff wall.

You must always have solid walls against the left and right sides of water and lava as "support" for the water, and to remove the cutoffness. It is very weird to be able to walk into the side of water like this.

Have the water go down and around some land, like this:
oooooooooooo</font size>

(Green is for solid land, blue is for water, white is for air)

7. A land problem: This is what happens when you put nonsolid walls against water - you fall through it! It should not happen, as you can not really fall out the side of a lake, through the ground like this. Replace the nonsolid wall with a solid wall to fix it.

8. Bad palettes: The yellow bone is okay, but the green one with the tan shadow is kind of weird. Stick with using palettes 4 and 6 for bones and it shouldn't seem too funky.

9. Not very important, but the grammar could use some touching up. A beta tester who is fluent in English would be of much help to you, not only in gameplay testing and bug testing, but also in correcting grammar and spelling. Or, you can always write text in your native language if you are more comfortable with that. We accept hacks of all languages, so it doesn't need to be English. ;)

"Three years after Mario defeated Bowser, Dr. Gero rebuilt Bowser as a cyborg. This cyborg is perfect. Mario must defeat it."

(Also, I get the DBZ reference. I love that show, and the Android/Cell sagas were my favorites. :D)

Tag (font) was not closed.
Tag (font) was not closed.

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I present to you the BIGGEST hack removal log to date. Not in terms of pictures, but rather, in terms of the number of hacks.

Hack Name: A halloween walk - 176.2 KB - 45 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: MATTAN - Submitted by: MATTAN
Description: A short fun, awesome halloweenish hack. Have fun ;)

1. Stuck forever! Seal up the top with blocks you can't move through, like make the top of the chunk of ground solid.

2. Ok, so the Piranha Plant is BEHIND the bush, and MARIO is in front of the bush... so why, logically, would it hurt Mario, if it's not going "for the screen"? In other words, don't have Piranha Plants sink into non-solid areas, but rather, attach them to solid ground so when they retreat, you can't get hurt by them when you can't see them.

3. Some non-solid walls have solid graphics, so it's rather deceptive. For the wall that is in the red box, make it non-solid. Also, so that the player doesn't have to guess whether or not the wall is solid, all of the non-solid walls should have non-solid graphics. Yes, you can do this without cutoffness.

4. Jointed tile fail next to the pipe.


Hack Name: Mario's Halloween Adventure - 131.3 KB - 28 downloads.
Length: 2 levels
Author: Barstar Shison - Submitted by: Barstar Shison
Description: A simple Halloween Minigame. Unzip and enjoy!:D

1. The potential to get stuck forever in a few spots since much of it requires the cape, and there's a p-switch puzzle with no panic pipe or door.

2. Is this jump going to kill me?

On a similar note, the castle was very hard. One hit means you die in the flying part. Here's a trick, for players out there who are stuck on it: Try the slowest possible flying speed, and stay near the top of the bottom path. The top one is probably a nightmare to get through, but if you are flying slow on the bottom one, you should never fly into a Thwomp.

3. Flashing Koopa?

4. Random bad corner tile.


Hack Name: SM: Search For The Green Pearl (demo 1 fixed) Demo - 75.4 KB - 21 downloads.
Length: 6 exits
Author: jcv1235 - Submitted by: jcv1235
Description: This is the fixed version of demo 1, where I fixed 3 minor problems. If you are wondering if finding the green pearl means this is the end of the game, it's not. You will not be disappointed downloading this game! Please rate and review. Difficulty: Medium



2. Bad placement of lava slopes and pipes - they're too close, so sometimes you can't avoid a Piranha Plant that's coming out, regardless of where you are on the raft.

3. Blind jump. All the way up there where the two Koopas are, I still have no indicator of where this tiny island is.

Also, hooray for the suckiest arrow ever drawn in MS paint =o

4. a

5. One thing you could do to leave the invisible coin blocks where they are is use Direct Map16 Access and the Map16 Editor to create tiles around here that act as windows - kind of like MATTAN's halloween hack has a few screens above.

6. Mario starts at the bottom of the screen, so yeah. C0, C0 is the init position you want.

7. Grammar.



Hack Name: Quest for Revenge Demo - 69.7 KB - 16 downloads.
Length: 3 levels
Author: W.E.B. SonicBlue57 - Submitted by: W.E.B. SonicBlue57
Description: This is my long lost hack. Wouldn't you believe it, I found it right on C3, how about that? Anyway, this features nothing but a new overworld, 3 levels, and no kaizoish traps. I wanted to use the SMW graphics. This also has SMAS (Super Mario AllStar) music.

1. Dragon coin on a subscreen boundary.

2. The second and third levels were almost skippable since there were a lot of empty parts where no threat or ground were.


Hack Name: Super Mario World: Project Shadow Wolf v0.1 Demo - 148.4 KB - 30 downloads.
Length: 2 levels
Author: Shadow Wolf TJC - Submitted by: Shadow Wolf TJC
Description: This is my hack that I started about a month ago (when I 1st got my copy of the Super Mario World ROM, along with Lunar Magic) and am now submitting in time for "C3". Although it's still in the alpha stages of development, and although I've yet to come up with a definite title name or storyline for my hack (which is why I've decided to call this demo hack "Project Shadow Wolf" for now), I did manage to create 2 full-fledged levels complete with custom blocks & some custom appearances for blocks & sprites (including a touched up football sprite, custom sprites for the breakable bricks, dash plates, spikes, etc., & even a portrait of Bowser himself (Maybe he's narcissistic?)).

Speaking of which, I was planning on poking fun at the Mario series as a whole, so expect me to use some sarcasm in my hack's in-game messages and such. Other than that, I was also planning on implementing custom graphics (including ExGFX), music, sprites, & more for this hack, though I still have alot to learn about.

As for level design, I was planning on designing many of my levels in such a way as to revolve around certain themes or gimmicks (kind of like in the Donkey Kong Country/Land series). One of my 2 finished levels, "Boost Plate Bastion", makes full use of boost plates for example.

My other level, simply titled "Mushroom Plains 1", was designed as a sort of warmup level, though compared to the average level in Super Mario World, I'd say that it's about moderate in difficulty. Boost Plate Bastion, on the other hand, could be a bit more difficult, though getting extra lives is rather easy (kind of like in Super Mario Galaxy, where the gameplay is sometimes so difficult, that 1ups are easy to find).

Anyways, here are some links to my screenshots, which feature a description as to what's happening:

Title & Steep Slopes:¤t=Super_Mario_World_U__00000.jpg
So Cliché:¤t=Super_Mario_World_U__00004.jpg
Monty Ambush!:¤t=Super_Mario_World_U__00007.jpg
Kind of like Sonic the Hedgehog, eh?:¤t=Super_Mario_World_U__00003.jpg
Timing is Key:¤t=Super_Mario_World_U__00002.jpg
Careful where you Bounce:¤t=Super_Mario_World_U__00005.jpg
Makeover in the Haunted House (Not featured in hack.):¤t=Super_Mario_World_U__00001.png

I plan on uploading more as I develop my hack, so stay tuned as I reveal more information.

Oh, and here's my album of gameplay footage:

1. Well, you have some really cool ideas in this hack, but some slight problems with object placement kind of ate it up, since there is a chance depending on when you jump into the accelerators (and the factors are usually offscreen), that you end up hit or dead. >_<

Over the course of testing, I was flung into that wall twice.

Perhaps use the Map16 editor to your advantage here - if those ropes are conveyor ropes (I don't remember if they were normal or conveyor since I moderated a lot of this stuff during C3 and not today) then you should probably make some cement blocks with the same property as the conveyors and attach those to the end of the ropes. Otherwise, redraw the ropes or use cloud platforms instead.

2. Lava splash glitch

3. Some of the biggest slowdown I've seen yet in a hack in this one part:

4. Auras around invisible fire

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Hack Name: World Demo - 462.4 KB - 10 downloads.
Length: 32 exits
Author: TLMB - Submitted by: TLMB
Description: This is the hack me and reading made together. It contains 3 Worlds and 31 exits. Do not steal anything from the hack or I will brutally impale you with a pencil.

This hack has no story whatsoever, that why I lack in putting anything in the intro-message.

Don't look though the rom to find secrets, it takes out the fun in the game.

1. Use of glitched sprites.

Do I sense glitched SPINY?

Yep. You make a case for it in the message box...

...but if it really lived in the lava, it should NOT be killable with fire. We'll let you use it if you made it immune to fireballs, but as it is, it's not believable and/or acceptable. It's a glitched Spiny, one way or another, as it is, and there are no excuses for glitches. None.

Skeleton flashes into Koopa and back... There's a patch that makes it so that the Koopa doesn't jump out of the shell (or in this case, the skull), so you won't have to worry about this glitch.

2. This is a royal pain to see through, since sometimes you can't tell where the ground or the P-switch block is. Make your mist translucent and not opaque, or at least do not force it above layer 1.

3. Cutoffness Man

The pit below. It's in need of solid walls. If there is more space in your tileset, add walls!

Same as above.

All of the vines in this level are cutoff on the bottom. Draw a fitting bottom for them or attach a cement block or something to the bottom.

4. Two notable problems with the blobs in this level. One is with the palette. The other is with the wings. When the blob falls off the baloon, it changes palettes - from A to 9. The blob using palette 9 is horribly colored. Of course, you also have the "original" sprite of this using palette 9... so change the paragoomba's palette using Tweaker, and recolor the blob with a tile editor.

Now, the wing problem. The wings vanish and reappear constantly. Did you delete the wing's spread frame by accident?

5. I didn't even have to beat any enemies for the wall to come down. Make this pit less wide so that the sprites can not run offscreen.

6. Blargg is too close to land. He shouldn't dive into land then make a splash in the land.

Errors/nitpicks below are minor, but annoying.

7. Don't know if this was intentional, but you should change the entrance type so that you can carry objects down here. When you get the P-Switch and re-enter the vase, the item does not carry over.

8. All the other solid objects in the water have an outline, so this doesn't even look like a solid pillar. It blends in too much with the water :/

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If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Borhack! - 253.4 KB - 23 downloads.
Length: 6 levels
Author: Dinomar - Submitted by: Dinomar
Description: Just an hack made because i was bored.

This is worst than the hacks that i did because i did it much before the relase of "Dinomar: adventure of a SMWC user"

this hack uses:
Custom music (patch);
Custom blocks;
Custom sprites;

probably it will be removed for some glitches and i don't hope that this goes to be featured.

thanks to:
Davros(i think :\) for the bigboo boss
Techokami for the "Labirinth zone" set and who did the anymore existing music patch :P
so, i don't remember.

1. A lot of cheap traps in the forest level... two in particular that if you mess up, you are forced to die. The first one, I don't have a screenshot of, but in summary:

It's a P-switch puzzle involving a Yoshi. If you use the P-switch before the wall of used blocks and the munchers, you are forced to die. There's no reset pipe.

Now, for the second one, which I did take a screen of: If you mess up the P-balloon part or if you fall down that hole, an invisible coin block prevents you from getting back up so you're forced to die AGAIN. Also, the coin guides spawned by the switch lead you to your death. There is no way to cross the huge gap ahead, either. So.. where are you supposed to go?

2. Bad transition. The bottom and middle are water, the top is air, but the checkerboard transition is very bad. Maybe have it be a layer 2 translucent level instead, and have the water on layer 1, and the rest on layer 2. You can always paste the BG tiles onto the FG Map16 and add in the background tiles to layer 2 that way along with the ground.

3. Jumped back just for the sake of showing this jump: It's a pixel-perfect jump. You need to make the gaps shorter, or you NEED the ledge to be in view or have enemies to guide you across. Same with that really huge gap up ahead where you need to be running full speed - you have to always be able to see a target landing point before you jump.

4. I can't enter the temple of dirt. Make sure you don't have "Level is passed" checked on if "No entry if level passed" is also on.

5. Cutoffness Man:
Attach something to the bottom of the vines or draw a new bottom for them.

Oh, and HERE'S a new one! Dotted....tongues? 0-0

6. Bad palette on the cement blocks and red berries:

Lastly, the window said "Super Peachy World", which I remember was the "name" of Kirby World, an old hack we used to host. Did you use that as a base? If so, move your work to another ROM and leave anything that was originally part of Kirby World out of it.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Horror House - 130.2 KB - 6 downloads.
Length: 1 levels
Author: secretpower619 - Submitted by: secretpower619
Description: this was made before halloween but disappeared

Another Kaizo hack. Ugh. Plus you didn't even take the advice from the last removal log. [p '3']p

1. Stacked and floating munchers. Munchers HAVE to be rooted to a solid object and not on top of another muncher. No exceptions. If you redraw the muncher to something that looks appropriate floating, then it's also acceptable.

2. No way to restart the puzzle if you mess it up and take the mushroom before crossing under the row of munchers. Plus, you have glitched Thwomps. Get rid of the Thwomps or remap which tiles they use, and add a door back to the beginning of the level because forced deaths are never cool.

3. Bad overworld. Discolored corners on the water, discolored cliff, and the cliff is cutoff. There's also some brown on the top where it should be blue.

4. This music block isn't needed to get the mushroom to the other side of the row of munchers, and it's glitched when you hit it. So, it can/should be taken out.

Next time, when a removal log is posted, you should read it before you submit your hack again, and make changes as needed.

No glitches
No floating munchers
No Kaizo
Clean and fair work only

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Super Mario In Bowser's Last Stand Full Version - 275.5 KB
Length: 13 levels
Author: Keyblade Master - Submitted by: Keyblade Master
Description: I finally completed my short hack and as you may note,I put a lot of effort into making my hack,as well as fixing bugs when needed to.I hope you enjoy playing this as much as I enjoyed making this!


Unfair - you have to take a hit in order to pass through the passage with that Cheep Cheep in the upper right hand corner.

Please apply Fade Fix Patch.

On one level, I hate this level. On the other hand, I kind of liked it. I think there are way to many "death by Munchers" areas - I would make this less of an obstacle course and more of a freefall.

Power-Ups are a little too plentiful in this hack - it just seems kind of wrong having two right at the beginning of the level. Maybe consider adjusting the game's general difficulty. Also, this background's colors are kind of loud - not so much in this level, but definitely in the daytime levels.

Major Slowdown strikes again! Try removing a few enemies in these spots. Also, I meant to take a picture of the epic slowdown in the Lakitu Master battle, but I had to time all of my jumps perfectly to win. I would try to slow down sprite generation there.

These gray Munchers suck. They are insta-kill blocks. It really makes no sense and is just a really annoying gameplay aspect. Please remove them. Also - this whole level was Star spamming 1-Up gathering. I collected at least 25+ 1-Ups in this level. That's a bit of overkill.

Is there something hidden at the far end of this super-long gap? I found this glass block, but that's about it. If there is nothing out there, make the level end several screens earlier.

Since so many of the Ghost House doors lead you back here, you can collect dozens of Dragon Coins for countless 1-Ups. I would remove Dragon Coins from the entry area and make sure you use level memory settings.

The level is called Mario's Base. At the very least, you could change the Yoshi sign to Mario.

This coin/block bridge is at the very beginning of the level - if you set it up wrong, you must die. At least add a pipe "reset" to allow the player multiple chances.

Are the blocks I'm standing on supposed to be transparent?

Semi-blatant Bowser's Back Door edit. As creative as the rest of your game is, you could do something cooler here.

Hmmm... You might want to add some sort of text here.

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Hack Name: The Island Of Mecha - Bowser (Demo 2) Demo - 197.9 KB - 22 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: MarioMaker789 and Blueredmario64 - Submitted by: MarioMaker789
Description: My first hack, perfectioned by a request in a thread of the Forum. I hope you enjoy. =)

I use the original graphics from Super Mario World, and this is the result of a hard work.

1. Yoshi glitch

Make the first part of the level have Rope 1, 2, or 3 as the level type, so that you can use a No Yoshi intro and prevent Yoshi from entering. Or you can use Counter-Break Y to prevent the player from going to the overworld with Yoshi.

2. Wait, so you let me think this is a real level BEFORE the end only to show me that I'm stuck here until I die when I enter it? That's not cool. End of demo levels should always have a legitimate way out that isn't death.

3. No justification works for glitched graphics.

4. This coin guide leads you to your death. :|

5. Sprite tile memory problems in the castle. Thwomps are memory eaters... so either mess around with the sprite memory setting until you get something that doesn't cause sprites to cut off, or use edit1754's "No More Sprite Tile Limits" ASM and set the memory to 10 to fix it.

6. Maybe you should take out the Magikoopa. He causes most of the sprites to go translucent when he appears and vanishes.

7. Right when I start this level, the Koopa closest to Mario is barely two seconds away. You shouldn't place enemies so close to Mario at the start that you need to react right away to avoid damage.


Hack Name: Super Douche Bros 1.5 Demo - 27.3 KB - 32 downloads.
Length: 8 levels
Author: VW - Submitted by: VW
Description: So welcome to my first hack ever. I started out much like everyone else, just messing around seeing what I could actually do. I ended up learning most of the basics in Lunar Magic and this is the result. It's a game which is currently in development and I still have a lot I want to mess around with, but seeing as the current build I have could be released to the public, I decided to spruce it up a little and release it as a mid way version to my next, more serious build.

So yeah, Super Douche Bros. is basically my concept hack, it's been put together as a means for me to learn Lunar Magic and while it is my first hack, is a notably sized demo. My intentions were to make a hard game and I always will be making a hard game. But I also want it to appeal to everyone, so I'm trying to find that balance between frustration and fun.

It's designed for the advanced player and while a lot of fun loving players might be turned off by it's difficulty, I can guarentee that it wont be as difficult next time around. It's hard for me to get an even balance in such a short game, a lot of my ideas are compact so it might be easy one minute and really frustrating the next. The more levels there are, the easier it is to get a nice balance and the less I can depend on advanced techniques for completion.

The players are what counts here, no matter what you're looking for, so don't feel like I've ignored you with this hack. 2.0 will be more serious, better laid out and full on Kaizo type levels will be optional. My main goal is to create a game that ranges from easy to very difficult, but like I say with only eight levels it's hard to condition the player slowly like I want. 2.0 will be the first step to resolving this issue as it'll be at least twice the size.

The story is just filler for now, I'll be coming up with a more Mario themed story for the next release. But for those interested, here's the prologue for this game.


After his last encounters with Bowser, Mario became freaked out by the whole ordeal. He became so freaked out and scared of the world, he resorted to spending his time bumbing around the house with Yoshi, acting like a total douchebag, while Princess does all of the house work! One day, in a whiff of inspiration, Mario decides to go out of the house and conquer his fears of the world. But on his return, he's shocked to find that the Yoshi's have been imprisioned and Princess has been kidnapped, AGAIN!!!

But yeah, please give it a try. I'm very interested to hear your comments, good or bad, as I'm deffinately taking this further. Ultimately, you are the guys who play these games and your interests are important to me. I know what I want out of the game, but I also want to know what you guys want out of this game too.


FIRST, tip for those who are playing: L and R are your friends here. There are some huge gaps that you can only see the end of if you make use of them.

1. This one segment makes Kaizo Mario look like Kirby's Dream Land.

Nope, can't jump over it...

FINALLY! I'm able to not slide right over that tiny depression in the land. WIth the momentum you need to cross this gap, it's extremely difficult to slow down enough once you hit the land.

Then when I jump up to avoid getting hit by the Chargin' Chuck, I hit a noteblock, and get flung into that hole when I bounce off its head >_<

-Do not make luck and/or requirement of foresight factors in your game.-

2. Overworld events look bad when they appear. To fit in with the overall appearance, how about you have paths like the dots in the water, but with the sea-green background instead of a blue background.

3. BAD ROM! You will want to move all your work to a clean ROM as soon as possible because it will eventually cause complications when patched to a clean ROM. Some minor problems are already present, such as:

-Title screen Layer 3 font missing
-Weird ROM size (680KB)

(^<-- This is the title screen, by the way.)

4. Vertical Scroll at Will is needed since when you're near the top of the screen, there's some solid objects above you that you can't see, most notably above that Chargin' Chuck. (No, readers, it's not a border to prevent you from flying over the level.)

Overall, not bad for a first hack. The level layouts are clean, but the traps are overdone and unfair at points. Remember - there's a line between difficult and unfair. Damage that is extremely hard to avoid, or a hole that is very hard to jump over because of a low ceiling or are pixel-perfect, corner-to-corner, are things you want to avoid. Difficulty can be presented in the forms of chain puzzles, and strategic placement of enemies that might take some thought to get around safely but isn't "in your face out of nowhere".

We also do not accept Kaizo-style hacks, so keep that in mind for future releases.


Hack Name: Ultra Mario World Demo 1 Demo - 181.1 KB - 23 downloads.
Length: 10 levels
Author: Dimentio - Submitted by: Dimentio
Description: Ah... And so Dimentio enters the ring...

Yes, it's true, I've decided to submit a demo of Ultra Mario World for C3, though I have my doubts of winning... Anyhow! This is just a normal style hack, I've tried to give it the right flow for a Mario game, so no fancy ASM in this. Everything except for the music was done by me, thanks to for the music, and this features both ExGFX and normal GFX, custom music and normal music.

Please enjoy!


1. Haven't had one of these in a while...

Aw, man! At least I had a savestate from the level before so I didn't have to lose all my progress. Don't make that an exit-enabled pipe. If you were supposed to have a screen exit, please remember to put it in. If it's close to a border, then make the screen the pipe is next to also have an exit.

2. Sumo Bros. Glitchfest

The only solution I know off the top of my head is to only have one Sumo Brother per screen.

3. Using the foreground graphics as the background is very bad. You can't tell the difference until you see the BG scroll at a different rate. Because of this, I'm proud to say I died within the first five seconds of this level. Raise the contrast between the FG and BG palette - either make the BG extremely pale or make it extremely dark, or just use a different BG.

4. Cutoffness Man

Make the slope connect with a wall that goes down past the lava.

The corner isn't needed. Just extend the wall up to the conveyor end.

5. This is why you shouldn't connect slopes to solid walls like this. An important tile for the slope to function is overwritten by the wall, so you can walk through the lowest part of the slope and end up where I am right here:

I'm fairly certain there's a fix for this.

Pet Peeve: Walking into the back of a solid wall. You're IN FRONT of the dirt, which is connected to the grass, so you'd think you're in front of the grass, yet you can't go through it. If you could replace the solid wall with a non-solid wall, then that would be just perfect

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