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Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
Hack Name: Mario's Final Battle Demo - 340.7 KB - 19 downloads.
Length: 8 levels
Author: waverace123 - Submitted by: waverace123
Description: Well, since something went errible wrong with my other hack Joker's revenge(not mentioning names), i decided to make a short hack known as Mario's Final battle.
I'm considering this to be a demo, because I'm no good with OW even though i did one. You can enter Bowser's mouth, but you will need both switches. Because there is no custom music and stuff, this will be a demo.

This zip actually contained two ips patches - I moderated both of them. Both had extensive problems. In the future, please release them separately, but both have plenty to work out before you even consider sending them in again.

1. Hard core mario players only hack.ips
This is pretty much a Kaizo-style hack, so it really doesn't belong here anyway, but here we go:

Glitchy title screen graphics - they disappear when the menu pops up. Plus they're ugly anyway.

Hmmm...bad palettes and what I would consider glitched sprite graphics (these are basically Koopa Troopas that leave behind shells with Beach Koopa graphics).

I don't know how you get glitched OW paths on an unchanged OW.

Keep in mind that the bottom row of blocks in LM is not visible in game - move everything one tile up here.

Glitchy sprites due to overwhelming numbers of sprites. Mario is invisible. Change sprite level settings to avoid this guy:

This is where I stopped playing for hopefully obvious reasons (surface-less water, stacked and floating Munchers, Kaizo x infinity).

2. Mario's Final Battle

Piranha Plants don't have black lips.

This OW is pretty junky - wrong tiles all over, e.g. the tall hill over the ocean and the cliffs and that square in the ocean. There are no paths. There's a castle halfway up a waterfall, too.

Use ExGFX to ensure that the Goal Sphere appears correctly, and not as some random bit of sprite GFX. Some nasty palettes here too.

The ExAnimated flashing bricks are fall-throughable blocks. This is illogical and was certainly not in any normal Mario games. Change it. Also, that BG has some nasty palette issues.

Make sure that your
message blocks are
set to the correct
level to avoid this
sort of thing.

Off-screen ledge appears again.

This entire area had horrible missing/wrong tiles due to the wrong sprite level settings. There are again some nasty BG palettes here too.

This is a Cheep Cheep rolling on the surface, but getting glitched graphics. Use some ExGFX to fix this.

Palette C + Buzzy Beetle = most likely a Spiny with the wrong graphics
Also, Spinies fall right off ledges, and in this area you have them on tiny ledges, so they fall before Mario ever gets close. Not much of a threat.

Having growing vines coming out of flamboyant lava will leave an empty hole every time. Also, a nasty BG again - you must have a green in one of your palettes where it doesn't belong. Look into that. You're also missing the candle generator sprite.

Vine + Bullet Bill Blaster = infinite life combo

Garbage BG GFX from not using the right FG/BG settings. Also, a glitched midway-point.

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Hack Name: Mario LPJ two: Joker's revenge. - 255.1 KB - 15 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: waverace123 - Submitted by: waverace123
Description: This hack has a great OW thanks to Geno-4-ever. It has custom music thanks to black yoshi. And overall, a good hack. Mario Lpj one is actually unreleased because its really long unfinished. this short hack should take about 15 to 20 minutes of your life.

Meh, based on the screenshots for this, I am going to take a wild guess and imagine that it has many of the same issues that waverace123's above hack has. Waverace123 - please go through this hack again, look for issues as identified in the above post and please also note this post - I agree with everything WYE had to say. Fix ALL of those things and then please resubmit.

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Hack Name: Super Mario Deception - 22.5 KB - 15 downloads.
Length: 8 levels
Author: Thesel - Submitted by: Thesel
Description: My second ROM Hack. Only really 2 glitchy areas, but it only glitches sometimes. More in the Read me about them.

1. Title screen death. You're not supposed to die in the title screen because you get stuck in the title screen level until you reset. It also glitches up the music and turns it into special world music, then turns silent when you're in the title screen level...

2. Right when you enter this level, you have to press up or you die! That's stupid. Split-second reaction time requirement is a "Kaizo trap", which is reason enough for hack removal.

3. ARGH! I'm permanently stuck in this cement block enclosure with no way out. Never have places in your hack where you can get stuck like this.

4. Cutoffness Man PLUS

Remember: Vines need proper tops and bottoms or must be rooted to solid objects (e.g. cement blocks) on the tops and bottoms. Nets need the border all the way around - you can't leave a cutoff net in the air. Slopes and ledges must ALWAYS end in walls rather than running into thin air.

5. The places circled are cutoff tiles that need smoothing out... and oh yeah. I forgot to circle the small hill near the top that is right next to the castle, but oh well. =/ The tiles you need should be easy to locate either in the 8x8 tile editor or on another map.

Rating: Kyoseron is mad/10. I didn't finish the hack but I did see what else was wrong in Lunar Magic - only in 105 and 106 though.

-Glitched pokey in 105. You need to make an ExGFX file that is a copy of the SP graphics you are using in this level, paste the correct Pokey tiles on the same relative spot in the ExGFX, and reinsert them. They conflict with the Rex head and the lower-right tile of the Mega Mole. Or, delete the Pokey.

-Stacked munchers in 105. Don't EVER stack munchers, and don't EVER have them floating. They need to be rooted to the ground or a cement block by the stem.

-Overuse of music blocks and cement blocks in 105. Vary your land. The Map16 editor can let you make items that act like the cement block but are made out of corner tiles and look nice.

-Another Kaizo trap at the end, but the fact that there is no goal bar there makes the level unbeatable. The goal post should also not be sitting on used blocks. Overlap the bottom of the goal post with cement blocks or ground, or change the Map16 tile of the bottom of the goal post.

-Tons of cutoff water in 106

-Another stuck-forever part in 106 with invisible note blocks trapping you in a spot

-Glitched Goal Sphere in 106

In short, it's best to start anew... this is bad. Sorry. :/

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Super Mario Bros. 2000 - Demo 1 Demo - 161.1 KB - 1 download.
Length: 8 levels
Author: General Ike - Submitted by: General Ike
Description: My new hack starring Luigi! He crashes his new airship he got from Toad on an island, filled with goombas and koopas and much more!

1. A couple of glitched sprites.

Luigi's throwing a FISH?! (That should be a hammer. Make sure you change the graphics in this short level.)

Glitched thwimp. Since you're not using the chain platform, you should copy and paste the thwimp graphics over the chain and resave the file as ExGFX.

2. The problem with using Boo trains with the Big Boo Boss is that they turn translucent and they're extremely hard to see, yet they can hurt you even when you can barely see them. (I personally hate when people use the eerie generator with the big boo boss too, so if you do try something different, save me 1 Sanity Point - it's my last one, folks - and don't use it. :[ )

3. Wall weirdness - water is held up by solid containers, right? You should not be able to fall through the mushroom, therefore. You should probably use the radish columns instead.

Another wall nitpick. I hate being able to walk into the back of solid walls since you are in front of the wall, therefore you should be able to pass it. Drag the conveyor down one tile so that it's in the ground, and use a jointed tile to connect the solid wall to the ledge, so that Luigi can not go under the escalator.

4. Forest palette needs some work here: The background and foreground should be a constant gradient - dark to light from left to right. Maybe recolor the tree bark and make new Map16 tiles of it to use the browns at the end of palette 6 or 7 so that it won't conflict with the forest FG's colors.


In GFX28.bin, set YY-CHR or whatever other tile editor you use to 2bpp GB, and replace Mario with Luigi.

Originally posted by ROM Map
013DB $00:91DB 1 byte Misc. Change it to D0 to switch the "Mario/Luigi Start"


The stuff below is not about your hack, but the ASM used in your hack that I found some issues with.

Nit Pick: Something really irks me about this hammer. It's very inconsistent. The control for it is not responsive sometimes. When you have one health point, and grab the powerup, it sometimes acts like you don't have the power at all.... and after I died and went back to this level, I could throw some hammers for a short while even though I did not grab the powerup after dying. o_O

Another ASM bug: When you flutter jump into an enemy, you don't show the shrinking or death animation - you flutter instead.

Weird block thing: I fluttered up here, and I get sort of stuck in place on this block, then fall through. Yes, it's the one that spawns a key. Maybe you should instead just have a door generator that spawns a door when you beat all the enemies.


Overall, this hack was pretty decent. A bit of it was "flat stretches of land with lots of enemies" but the level design has improved in your hacks considerably. Keep up the good work.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: SMB. 2000 - Demo 1
Length: 7 levels
Author: General Ike - Submitted by: General Ike
Description: My new hack starring Luigi! He crashes his new airship he got from Toad on an island, filled with goombas and koopas and much more!

It's very difficult to get this powerup.

Lava in a forest? It reminds me of the hunt! But seriously, you may want to change the palette if this is oil in an oily forest.

Take the key to this tree, and...

We can't afford more of the same failed endless bonus rooms.

Taking the key to the keyhole causes you to get stuck on the OW. Also, you may want to use a red level tile for Oily Forest, since it has a secret exit.

I'm guessing you assembled this with four-sided edge tiles. There's some cutoffness, so you may want to try using the bottom edge tiles to make it look more smooth.

Try another levels brakground, or any brakground for that matter. I didn't realize you had to kill all the enemies to go through the door, either.

Other than that, it wasn't a bad hack, and the flutter jump made things interesting. It sounds like you've made some improvements since last time, but there are still things you need to work on. Some levels seem rather drawn out, like the lava cave, but nothing serious.
Hack name: Super Shinobi World by the_albatross
Length: 3 levels
Author: the_albatross - submitted by the_albatross
Description: You are a Ninja who needs to sneak into bowser's castle so as to rescue your clan princess. Unfortunately, he has his castle heavily guarded. How will you get in?!

Try getting rid of that black line near the W. Not a big deal, but it would make the title screen a little cleaner. Also, black near the yellow text looks ugly. :(

What is this stuff doing in Yoshi's house? I hope you realize this level needs to be used for the credits...

Extremely bland overworld. Try adding ledges, trees, and more variation.

Hill gets cut off with this path.

Moving even an inch here causes you to die.

This is extremely difficult to get through.

Cutoffness involving the pipe.

Being unable to see the ground like this is extremely frustrating. I thought this whole section was a pit.

This ledge occasionally loses its right side. Try changing the sprite memory settings, and it should stop doing that.

Vine tiles cut off. Try simply replacing them with climbing net tiles.

Very difficult puzzle. You might want to make it a bit easier to reach the door.

A garbage tile fell when I reached the boss for whatever reason.


Mario keeps walking against the wall like this when you clear the level. You could always lengthen the area for him to walk on.

So overall, having a hack where Mario is a ninja is an interesting idea, but the hack is too difficult and Kaizo-esque to be much fun. Try toning down the difficulty, making the overworld a little more varied, and using less cement blocks, and the hack will be quite a bit better.
Hack Name: Super Pirate World - 23.3 KB - 1 download.
Length: 7 levels
Author: pirateyoshi - Submitted by: pirateyoshi
Description: My first hack, and I'd like someone to test this hack. Sorry I didn't edit the Overworld. I didn't want to screw up like last time. It's a mixture of hard, annoying, easy and weird parts. Save States are a must!

This removal was easy! I didn't even have to play it!

^ Stacked and floating Munchers are a big no-no here at SMWCentral. Also, water in real life can't do what this water is doing. Water is a liquid, which means that it takes the shape of its container. There is no container here, so the water looks like it was attacked by:

Originally posted by pirateyoshi
My first hack, and I'd like someone to test this hack. Sorry I didn't edit the Overworld. I didn't want to screw up like last time. It's a mixture of hard, annoying, easy and weird parts. Save States are a must!

Nobody should really submit their very first hack to this site - chances are it is way too unpolished. The overworld also really ought to be edited before a hack can be accepted. Hard and annoying (i.e. Kaizo-style hacks) also aren't really what this site is looking for. In a well-made Mario hack, save states should be largely unnecessary.

Anyway, please take a look at some of the hacks that are featured here. Those are what you should aim for.

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Hack Names: Twilight - DEMO and Twilight - DEMO fixed
Length: 5 and 6 levels
Author: Jayfeather113 - Submitted by Jayfeather113
Description: This is a demo, of my hack, Twilight.
It includes to first island, Alice's Island.

Both of the zipped folders are corrupt! Please verify that the ZIP works and resubmit.
Hack Name: Mario verses Mouser demo 1
Author: waverace123 - Submitted by waverace123
Description: Demo 1. You will like this. Mouser got ticked off because he never got recognized. So to avoid copying Bowser, he captured Baby Yoshi instead and killed bowser.
Anyway, this hack is full of custom sprites, a smas music patch,and toher things. More in the readme




Something is seriously wrong with SP1 in this level. Coins become garbage, and my hold item disappeared upon entering the level.

The Shy Garbage (bashfullus trashcarrious) carries weird stuff that hurts when you touch it!


The mostly unedited overworld experienced a major glitch, plus the secret level tile revealed itself when I got the normal exit.

So, by hitting the switch, garbage turns into a Ninji?

Bad Bowser palette.

3-Up Moons cut off the bridge, plus (you guessed it) garbage falls down for no reason.

Sorry, but it's not. The terrible palettes, sprite garbage, mostly unedited (and glitch-filled overworld) as well as short, bland levels do not make this hack acceptable. I would recommend completely starting over, perhaps using Mouser as the primary antagonist, but with an original overworld, fixed sprites, and more fun, varied levels, not pipe mazes and mostly flat sections with enemies.
Hack Name: Mairo world Boo's Castle - 141.8 KB
Length: 1 levels
Author: Laboratorios Fábrica - Submitted by: Laboratorios Fábrica
Description: This is my first smw hack which only has one level, which has 4 diferents ways.

This hack had some beginner's mistakes and relied too heavily on Kaizo-style level design. As a side note - your underwater section can be bypassed entirely by swimming under the stage. However, there were some neat ideas here, and I did like the four-path aspect of your level.

^ bad BG palette

What this picture doesn't tell you is that this is the fourth or fifth screen of block-hopping on icy blocks over lava with spikes above and extra Munchers for fun. I am not sure, but I've heard Kaizo is Japanese for "Blech!"

Moderately-modified-but-still-recognizable-101-edit - the addition of Magikoopa just makes the plungers transparent. There are also some "walk across a pit on invisible block" parts that aren't really adding much.

So, this is kind of an innovative Big Boo fight in some ways. Then, it is also disappointing in that it ignores some fundamental no-nos (i.e. collecting a block underwater leaves an empty air pocket).

This screenshot really ought to win some sort of award.
- Water should not "stand up" - it is a liquid, so it should fit the shape of a container.
- Cut-off spikes ^^^^^^^^^ up and down with air between them and the water above.
- Cutoffnessman has been playing in the water. *SNICKER-SNACK* *SNIP* *SNIP* *SNIP*

If this isn't unfair, I don't know what is...

The sprites have disappearing titles due to incorrect sprite level settings.

I am on a net, but you can't see it because the BG is black. Also, if you put a Bullet Bill Generator near a vine, net, etc., the player can rack up millions of 1-Ups.

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Hack Name: Unknown Mario Demo 1.0
Length: 10 levels
Author: Tommy5 - Submitted by Tommy5
Description: Bowser has captured Princess Peach and left Mario and Luigi a puzzle on each level. Can Mario and Luigi stop this puzzle madness?

ExGFX - No
GFX - Yes
Custom Blocks - Goes with GFX
Custom Sprites - No
Custom Music - Yes
Overworld Change - No (Because of my stupidity)
Intro Change - Same as Overworld Change
What else can I say...


The hack starts with a training level, complete with an easy-to-access 3-Up Moon and Cape. This is perhaps the greatest flaw of the hack.

You see, by using the cape, you can completely bypass many of the puzzles by flying over them. Or get permanently stuck like poor Mario here.

In fact, it's extremely easy to get permanently stuck, even without the cape. This is a perfect example. There are no "reset blocks" or ways to restart the puzzle should you mess up, leaving you to wait on the timer, which seems to have not been changed at all since the original SMW.

Perhaps the other huge problem with this hack lies in the puzzles themselves. The majority of these simply require you to hit a shell under a note block, so a shell-less Koopa will kick it. It gets extremely repetitive, and the shell will disappear as it makes its way to the blue P-switch it hits if you let it go offscreen. By allowing the sprite to process offscreen (using the tool Sprite Tweaker) you can easily remedy this problem.

See the dirt on the ledge to the right? Be sure nothing's under it to fix the problem.

This reads the exact same message as the message box a few screens back.

Because you did not use tile 1EB under these triangles, they behave oddly. Mario can sometimes walk through them, sometimes jitter about, and occasionally get moved into the wall, where he dies.

Clouds on spikes? This doesn't make much sense.

Letting the P-switch run out causes you to fall to your doom right here. Not cool.

By completing the castle, you fall to your doom again as Mario walks in the end of the level, creating cool effects like these.

Many hacks don't really test the mind, which is why puzzle hacks are a nice rarity. This one, however, needs a lot of work. Eliminating the 3-Up Moon and cape in the training level, being sure there are no areas you need to wait out the timer at, and providing more varied puzzles (aside from kicking shells) should be your major priorities if you want to resubmit.
Hack Name: Twilight - Demo (Fixed)
Length: 7 levels
Author: Jayfeather113 - Submitted by Jaythefeather113
Description: Yesh.
I think it's fixed now, as i patched correctly.

The ZIP you provided is still corrupt. The IPS patch may be working correctly, but there's something wrong with the zipped folder you put it in. Verify that it works and try again.
Hack Name: Super Pirate World v1.1 - 23.9 KB - 10 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: pirateyoshi - Submitted by: pirateyoshi
Description: I've made a special Overworld and fixed some things. Note: I've never played Kaizo Mario before, so I don't know if anything I put in my hack is considered a "Kaizo trap" or not.


That title screen is awful. (The big, red, blocky text, in special)
Remember you can draw your own tiles for the title screen, or if you want text, you can alway use the default "font".

The overworld has some serious problems. Water cutting through the land, a ladder in the middle of nowhere, and that things - wich the paths are made of - are everywhere.

Do not rely on cement blocks only to build your levels. It looks ugly, and shows you're lazy to put the land tiles correctly instead of a bunch of blocks.

Oh, a blind jump! I wonder what's down there?

Oh noes, I feel on a bunch of munchers! ;-;
(Don't have blind jumps that lead to a pit with enemies; if you must have blind jumps, please put coins to lead the way or something.)

Cut-offness everywh-

You can see the bits of background through the holes between the cement blocks and the land tiles.

It seems this level was built for small Mario, but then, why did you put a mid-way point marker on it? It makes Mario big, making going through narrow paths like this a pain in the ass.

More cut-offness in he-

You see? The text goes over the blocks. Try arrranging the text so the place where the blocks go is blank.

Oh, what do we have here? A level 106 edit!

Why are there flying cheep-cheeps here if there's no water around? O_o

Bullet bills should come out of bullet bill blasters, not out of ! blocks!

This part is completely un-edited from the original game...

Woo, lots of cement blocks and cut-offness in this screensh-

What's up with the background in this level? :|


Ok, so... this trap is completely unfair. I have to kill myself and restart the level just because of it. :<

Lots of cement blocks... and the water... it is cut-off!!

This will sometimes kill Mario, and sometimes it will push him to the left. Please fix this. (Just remove the invisible coin block)

What's this? Mario can't jump that high, you know?
Unless... I had to use a spring board, which I didn't find around here. Please put a spring board around here, and if it already is and it isn't appearing, change the sprite header for it to appear.

Hack Name: Twilight Demo - 106.2 KB - 6 downloads.
Length: 6 levels
Author: Jayfeather113 - Submitted by: Jayfeather113
Description: I hope it's finally fixed.
It's a demo of my hack Twilight.
Mario comes to his friend Alice's Island, to find out that Aro kidnapped Mario's Friends.
There will be updated graphics after this demo, and N64 Mario Party like mini-games.

Well, the ZIP file isn't corrupt this time, but the IPS patch does nothing to a clean SMW when applied. Be sure you selected the original unmodified ROM, then the edited ROM when you created the IPS patch.
Click before reading so you at least have an addictive song stuck in your head rather than any doubts you might have about your hack.

Hack Name: Super Mario in Bowser Last Stand True Fixed Version - 276 KB - 17 downloads.
Length: 13 levels
Author: Keyblade Master - Submitted by: Keyblade Master
Description: Moderators Please delete the other one.I finally fixed all of the bugs in the game and I hope you'll approve it.


The door that spawns between the two pink vegetables brings you to a test level, where you get an extra life and then have to jump down a hole and lose it. Easy fix: just point the exit to the correct level.

2. This platform looks totally safe to walk on. Also, some sprite tile memory problems where the right side of this thing keeps vanishing... change the SP to the correct number and change the sprite tile memory.

3. The bush is bad. You have to change the Map16 tiles to use the light shade of green instead of the medium, or import the "already fixed" page from SMW Redrawn.

4. There isn't a SINGLE PLACE where you say the gray munchers are instant death. The only way to know that, therefore, is to walk on them using Yoshi, which, if you're walking on top of regular munchers, has no chance of hurting you. (You can get hurt from normal munchers while riding Yoshi only if you touch the muncher from the side or bottom.) You -need- to give appropriate warnings of anything that behaves differently from what it looks like it's supposed to behave as.

5. While you make good use of Layer 3 smash, coming out of nowhere without warning ruins it. Raise the ceiling just enough so that, like in Iggy's Castle, you can see layer 3 creep out before smashing down, so that you don't force damage because the player had no reaction time.


6. Cutoffness Man, but the rip is to blame for not having the correct tiles, I guess... maybe you can remove things you don't need in favor of "fixed tiles" but either way, these cutoffs are rather minor. I also forgot to take a screenshot of the green platforms in the level in the last world with the fishing Lakitu... similar problem to the second screen but less obvious since the graphics take up more space of their given area.

^ Wall is missing on the column of the platform that Mario is standing on

^ Bad corner and bad wall that cause cutoff

7. The ExGFX set is to blame here, but you can still fix it - you should move the BG colors to another palette (preferably one not used by other objects in the level), restore the original colors to palette 0, and change the Map16 tiles of this BG to use the new palette it's been assigned. Also, if you have not applied Fade Fix, please do so.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Super Pirate World v1.2 - 23.7 KB - 5 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: pirateyoshi - Submitted by: pirateyoshi
Description: An even more fixed up version of Super Pirate World.

1. Refer to Kaeru's log. Most of what he addresses is still unfixed, including:

-Cement block abuse

-Blatant level edits, e.g. 106

There is absolutely no excuse for those to still be present. Please do not reupload your hack until -everything- is fixed. We don't take blatant level edit hacks or other ridiculously lazy designs.

2. Uh...

No way to go back at all?

You should never have a place where you can get stuck until time runs out or you reset, and never have a situation where if you mess up a puzzle, you are forced to die. At least have a reset door so the player doesn't have to -
OH COME ON, MAN!</font size>

Twice in the same level so far. I don't even want to know how many other spots are like this. I apologize for stopping so early, but that's frustrating. Get a beta tester to help you test for other "stuck-forever" spots - SMWC is not for beta hacks, only hacks that are really ready... beta hacks are -never- ready, as it's just the opposite meaning of being ready.

3. There are no other "sprites" onscreen... so you shouldn't be having sprite tile memory problems at all. Change the setting until you find one that lets the P-switch appear, because as it is, I didn't even know there was a P-switch in this level until I already got stuck a few screens up from this.

4. About this overworld... now I don't have a shot of the events, but you should delete layer 2 events because they look very bad on the overworld you have here. Also, there's a huge dark brown square behind the castle and a huge green box around the water level. Lastly, and this issue isn't as big, but the slanted part of the overworld is missing some jointed tiles, making some parts seem a little cutoff.

A suggestion: Overworld graphics are in GFX1C.bin and GFX1D.bin, and layer 1 goodies like the castle and Yoshi house are in GFX1E.bin iirc - you can resave these as ExGFX and redraw some pieces to use in each submap. It would be really cool if you actually drew a pirate ship tileset to use for the Yoshi's Island submap graphics. Download YY-CHR and extract the graphics, and make a savestate in ZSNES on your overworld so you have the correct palette to work with.


5. Bad corner tile:

The one near the Koopa is correct, but the one to the right of Yoshi and Mario is wrong. Place the correct tile over it out of Direct Map16 Access so that the corner doesn't change based on whether or not a ledge is behind it.

6. I hate being able to walk into the back of a solid wall. Make it non-solid or put a wall facing left here as well. Probably do the same with the pic above, or get rid of the yellow Koopa below the higher ledge, and just use jointed corner tiles to connect the solid wall to the ground.

And now... I leave you with this hilarious way to kill our turtle-stomping hero:
Plumber Pancake #8: Walk up a diagonal pipe into a ? block.

Tag (font) was not closed.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Super Wario World Mini Quest - 317 KB - 39 downloads.
Length: 22 levels
Author: Alex No - Submitted by: Alex No
Description: This is my newest mini hack
You play as Wario.
With ExGFX
New Custom Music
New Backgrounds
New player Graphics
ASM Sprites
New Levels
All New Overworld

Enjoy It
Super Wario World Mini Quest

Because you told me to enjoy it. Don't tell me what to do, man :(

Just kidding.
☻</font size>
I did enjoy it, but you really should use midway points more often, since some levels are way too long to have to start over from the beginning. The difficulty curve isn't very good either - the last half of the last world is insanely hard compared to the rest of the game, and the first half of the last world doesn't prepare you for that well.

1. A sprite tile memory-related stuck-forever spot. You should reduce the number of sprites you have here, because the vine didn't spawn, meaning I had to die or savestate in order to try again.

2. Ending fail ¬_¬

What did you do to the font? Either restore the font back to the same spot in the graphics file, or use the Thank You Message Editor to fix it.

This is why you don't edit 104. Make it back into Yoshi's House.

3. The mist covers the enemies and the FG, making it a royal pain in the arse to see where if you're going is going to end up hurting you or if an enemy from behind the mist which you can't even see is going to hurt you. Get rid of the mist.

4. I had to fight Big Boo three times in one level, then not too much later, fight him three times again. In all six times, if you run out of throw blocks, you are forced to either wait the time out or die or reset if you fail. Also, WHY SIX TIMES IN SUCH A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME? Horrible idea.

5. These spikes on the ceiling don't hurt me at all. Change their Map16 property to act like a muncher or spike.


You should remove some sprites from the first one... and for the second one, maybe remove some turn blocks and just go without a layer 3 background.

7. There's a part where you have the layer 2 falling that has spikes on it. However, you can't see it creep down to give you the hint that it's going to fall quickly in a second because it's hidden. This either means you put layer 2 objects too high, or the layer 1 ceiling is too low. I don't have a screen of it, unfortunately, but it was in a 8-bit-like castle level.

8. Y-flipping the M was a bad idea, since you get abominations like:


I don't have a screen of it, but you also get "GAWE OVER" as well. An extremely fast fix is to just delete all the letters in the GFX file with the letters used so that you don't have to see those things. However, you'll have to deal with the blank and empty pause as a result of not having the letters. To at least get rid of the "Time up" pause, here's a hex edit:

Originally posted by ROM Map
052F1 $00:D0F1 Unknown ASM ASM that handles the 'TIME UP!' message. Change 'D0' to '80' to disable it.

9. Two things this pic proves. First of all, use the fade fix patch. Second, open GFX28.bin and set it to 2bpp GB, and edit MARIO</i></b> into WARIO</i></b>. Maybe the palette change isn't totally necessary since just about every level you have has a custom palette, which means it would take a long time to change all of them for consistency.

10. Also, at least swap Mario's palette on the OW so it looks like Wario. :|

(also the level hanging off the ground like that is kind of weird)

11. Palettes.

The sea water is fine, but the red land is a bit strong. Make the red more dull or choose a more earthy hue.


This isn't exactly the best shot, but the piranha plant on the vine has a bad palette.

Here's a better view of it. I don't know if that's how it was in the game you ripped it from, but chances are if it was from the GB, and not GBC or after, then it wasn't really meant to look like that since you get four colors on the screen for those games when shown on a GBC or GBA. Feel free to just redraw this plant.

12. Minor sprite tile memory issue. Remove the fireball, change the sprite tile memory, or use the patch I mention just about every single log.

13. The note blocks aren't really needed here since you can use some other item, like a cement block, or use a left wall spring. Reason you should get rid of them? They glitch.

14. Castle hanging off the side of the land like this:

Just make more ground around it.

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Hack Name: Super Mario Thousand Islands Demo 2 Demo - 276.5 KB - 51 downloads.
Length: 17 levels
Author: blueyosh - Submitted by: blueyosh
Description: The second demo of Thousand Islands. This one goes to castle 2 (bonus Sea Cave and Fire Flower Galore by L-T08)

1. Complete failure to warn players of which items cause instant death. If anything looks like something that is perfectly safe, then you should put in a message box to let the player know that there's something different about the water, i.e. it's an instant kill.

(Also a note on this level - never use the FG graphics for the BG too, unless you make the BG extremely dark or extremely light in comparison. Dark recommended for night or caves, light recommended for day or misty areas.)

2. This level is extremely lazy, as most of it is flat stretches of land on which you dodge enemies. Add more stuff. More paths, tiny obstacles, a puzzle, just add something. It's bland.

3. You should NEVER use the bottom row of Lunar Magic for things you walk on... especially when it's a throw block because you don't know it's a throw block until you're already dead, and most players instinctively press Y because walking stinks.

Also, this happens far more than twice.

4. Some notable bad palettes. The goomba in this one, and the outline on the egg are badly colored. Use YY-CHR to make the outline around the egg black, and you might want to recolor that huge black spot under the goomba's head as well.

TONE DOWN THE RED! It's bright, it's unnatural, it's bright, it's inconsistent, and it's bright. Make it slightly earthier (a mahogany-red would do) and make it a gradient (make this one consistently very dark to medium mahogany red). It stings to look at :/

(P.S. The lowest cement block in this pic has a horrible palette too. Replace all the ones you see with that palette with the cement block above it - it looks much better.)

The Bob-Omb has a bad palette, and while the status bar is affected by the ExGFX objects, it's not bad to an unbearable point. But you should fix the Bob-Omb.

To fix the status bar: You will have to copy the colors you put on palettes 0 and 1, move them to other palettes that do not conflict with other objects you are using in this level, and change the map16 data so that the tiles use the new palettes, then restore the old palettes to 0 and 1 by copying them from a level with an unchanged palette.

Also, that palette affects the message box...

METROD</font size>
One of the typo fads I remember from not too long ago... heh</font size>
Erm... also, you may want to revise the grammar and spelling. It should say:
"Beware of Metroids! They cling to you and steal your coins. Jump to get them off."

Changing palette A's yellows to blues was a very bad idea since it screws up the fireball, the coins you get from boxes, and the leaf. Why not restore the yellows, and move the blues to the last half of the palette, and recolor Bumpty in YY-CHR if nothing uses those pinks?

Flashing treasure chest = do not want. Please recolor it. Also, it looks really weird when a 1up falls on the side, since it goes through the higher blue floor, out of the house, then back into the house. :[ Probably, you should just change the house around a little so that Toad is on the bottom floor with the treasure chests, then get rid of those inward house folds.

5. Bad choices for which tiles have layer priority and which ones don't. Look at the upside-down Bumpty near the bullet to get what I mean about the layer priority. Then again, since you can't see bullets behind the ground that are coming at you, you should probably disable layer priority for all tiles of this set.

6. Translucent blocks glitch when hit. Set SP4 to 4 or paste the correct tile from SP4 over the offending tile in whatever set you have loaded here, save as ExGFX so you don't overwrite the original file, and use that ExGFX file in this level.

7. This isn't stuck-forever, but it's pretty darn close to it. This is extremely aggravating to get out as big Mario, so don't have the blocks spaced out like this. Moving the block to the left of the one I'm sort of trapped under will give Mario enough room to escape easily.


8. You should rename these two levels:

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Hack Name: Super Mario EasytoHard Demo - 20.9 KB - 8 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: Thesel - Submitted by: Thesel
Description: This is my third attempt at making a ROM hack. There are a few glitchy areas, but it isn't anything that would stop you from beating the level. The game starts out easy at Yoshi's House and gets Harder each level. There is a secret level that is called impossible. It is short right now because this is just a demo, but I will work on it more if people like it or I get advice on what to improve. The secret level is not required to finish the World though.

Read the part I bolded in your description. Now read section 4d of the rules. If you know your hack has glitches, you should not submit it.


1. Whenever I see floating munchers, I pretty much take that as an incentive to stop playing, because stacked and floating munchers are stupid, unrealistic, unprofessional, ugly, clichéd, and against hack submission standards. At least redraw them if you have to use them like this. If for some reason you can't edit the muncher in GFX33.bin with a tile editor such as YY-CHR, then you should connect the stem of the muncher to a solid, flat surface. No exceptions.

A side note on this level, if you lose the feather before the flying part, you are forced to die because you need it.

2. Serious moon abuse. What you should do is hide them well, and try to use only one per world (unless they're hidden so well that only someone who is trying to find them even has a chance of getting them.)

Five moons for free. Generous, but against our standards.

This one is a freebie too. It's on the guide pointing to the Yoshi, which, if you don't land on, you die because everything below you is munchers.

3. You should never be able to die in the intro. It screws up your life counter. That means you should make the munchers act like 130 (a cement block, doesn't hurt you) and get rid of the Goombas (or put an invisible solid barrier above you - use the map16 editor... that's what it's there for.) and the bullet is fine because it can never reach you, and you can never reach it.

If you don't know how to use the Map16 editor, you just click a tile you want to change, go to "Edit 16x16 properties", and from there you can change its behavior, the palette it uses, or x/y-flip it, and then you go to a blank tile on a Map16 page between 3 and F for the foreground, right-click, and press F9 to save.

4. The whole bottom of the overworld is cutoff, the corners are discolored, and the edges of the coastal tiles are also discolored.

5. Completely blind jump. I can not see my target destination even with L/R scrolling. You have to use coins or enemies as a guide, though I would say coins because the idea is to ditch Yoshi to reach the end, and having enemies would either force an earlier death if your jump is off, or make you be able to get across it with Yoshi.

6. Do not use the bottom row of Lunar Magic for walking on. You can't see it ingame, aside from the top pixel, which is a royal PITA to see. Move objects that you have to walk on up one space if they are on the bottom row.

I think you should put this one aside and use this criticism to make a more appealing and fun hack. Other things I noticed a lot of was the overuse of cement blocks. People don't like that. Remodel those sections with actual land tiles, since cement blocks become monotonous, and they don't go well against water or lava. Your distribution of enemies is rather decent, aside from muncher objects. Also, the Yoshi house should not be edited because it's used in the ending, but if you are using a custom ending rather than SMW's built-in one, then go ahead and change it without worrying about problems.

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Hack Name: Super Corruptendo World - the Mini Hax V0.1 BUG FIXED!!! Demo - 138.1 KB - 1 download.
Length: 5 levels
Author: CorruptendoX - Submitted by: CorruptendoX
Description: Bug fixes:
The blocking gate now has working collision-detection.

This hack is a very incomplete beta, and this is my first hack. It may have bugs or incorrect collision-detection. Report any bugs and i'll see if i can fix them.

NEW ENEMY!!! Bouncing bricks. They bounce like footballs, but they look like brown bricks.

1. Well... I can't play it past the intro, which is the last part of the SMW level "Gnarly". Also, just for future reference, you should not be able to die in the intro level. :x Use the "Display Level Message 1" sprite so that you don't end up playing the intro a million times over.

2. The score is kind of weird. It has a line through it. I'd put the original graphics for the score counter back in.

3. In the screenshots you provided, you have some general minor issues.

-The stone background you often see in castles that uses palette 4 - you should enable custom palettes and make it a completely medium-to-very-light blue gradient since the light gray and the black against the pale blues makes it pretty rough on the eyes.

-The waterfall using just plain old SMW water doesn't look good at all. There's an easy trick to making waterfalls that does not require knowledge of ExAnimation or ExGFX to use, but you'll still need YY-CHR or another tile editor, and knowledge of the Map16 editor.

Load a ZST made from inside one of your levels into YY-CHR since you need palette 7.

Open GFX33.bin, and set the tile alignment to FC/NES x8. You can now see the water tiles and everything stacked in the right way, as they appear ingame. You can take one 8x8 tile of the water, and draw some pixels in a wavelike pattern on it using the three blues (and maybe the white) of palette 7.

Copy this 8x8 tile, and paste it in the same relative spot on the next frame of water animation (if you overwrote the lower right tile, for instance, then you'll have to put the waterfall tile in the same spot on all the other frames of water), and right-click it, then go to the top of YY-CHR and hit "Shift to Down" twice. Copy the tile again, go to the next frame, and repeat.

However - you also should redraw the surface of the water, preferably to something flat and shimmery like SMAS water, and make the tile next to your waterfall tile just plain blue. This way, everything below the surface of the water will look normal, and you can connect the waterfall to the surface with no cutoff at all.

Save, and reinsert the graphics.

Now, the Map16 editing part: First, we're going to fix the water. Open your 8x8 tile editor so you can see the water animation tiles. Open the Map16 editor, find the water surface, and make both sides of the bottom use the plain blue tile. Right-click to repaste the tile, press F9 to save.

Now to make the waterfall: click on the water tile (the all-blue one that goes anywhere below the surface) so you already have the palette and behavior properties you want to work with. Go to Edit 16x16 properties, and make all four pieces use the 8x8 waterfall tile. Go to a blank page between 3 and F, and right-click over an unused tile (these are light blue squares) and press F9 to save.

It shouldn't be hard to get a waterfall with seamless animation in this way. Also, if you'd like to make lavafalls, you can just make a copy of this new waterfall tile and make it use property 5 and palette 3 so it's instant kill when touched and looks like lava, but if you're going to connect this to lava, then you might also want to redraw the lava surface too.

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