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Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
Hack Name: NEW Super Mario World: The Kaizo Returns Demo - 245 KB
Length: 5 levels
Author: deffon1993 - Submitted by: deffon1993
Description: This is a hack inspired by Super Kusotarre World and Super Kaizo World for their rediciously hard levels.

NSMW: The Kaizo Returns is an attempt to deliver entertainment by offering hard, savestate recommended levels with custom music, blocks, sprites and graphics.
And if you complain about it's differculty, then I just take that as a compliment ;) .


Kaizo Hack + Stacked and Floating Munchers = Kiss of Death

Sorry, but this isn't the type of hack that this site accepts. If you make something more along the lines of what this site hosts, we would be happy to display it.

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If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Hack Name: Super Pirate World v1.4 - 23.4 KB - 10 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: pirateyoshi - Submitted by: pirateyoshi
Description: Join Mario in his all-new pirate adventure! Complete with a pirate ship Overworld and weird levels!

Sorry, but I am not going to waste my life spending the time to convert and upload and link the screenshits I took while moderating this.

While it is obvious that the creator of this hack is making steady though slow improvement, this is still far below the standards of what is acceptable on this site. To get a good idea of what it is like in its present state, look at this, then this, then this. Now, make the logical leap to how much improvement has been made over the previous version.

Issues still exsting include:
- Kaizo-ish level design
- uninspired repetitive level design
- obvious level edits
- OW glitches
- abuse of note blocks, concrete blocks, spinning turn blocks, Munchers
- edited level 104 (creates bad game ending)

Pirateyoshi - I am asking you to not submit this hack again for at least a month. Take some time to master Lunar Magic a bit more. Acquaint yourself with the tips of the day. Play some of the hacks here to see what the games hosted here are like. This is for your own good. Thank you and good luck! Like I said, there is improvement - you're making progress. We just don't need to see every step of your progress.

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Hack Name: Super Corruptendo World: the Mini-HAX V0.1 possible bug fixes, playable, and some GFX improved. Demo - 139.6 KB
Length: 5 levels
Author: CorruptendoX - Submitted by: CorruptendoX
Description: Almost all the bugs that are possible to fix FIXED. It is now properly playable. Here's some impossible flaws i can't fix.
-Gate on the overworld loads a random palette instead of the palette i requested.
-Collision detection flaw in the toxic water.



Trapped! And you don't have to fly here, it's as simple as jumping over a wall. Please use common sense and don't allow the player to get stuck nywhere.


Three for one!
DON'T USE GLITCHED SPRITES. NO EXCUSES. Seeing as you didn't have any other sprites here but those glitched footballs, why don't you change the sprite graphics to the tileset containing the footballs.
Second, the BG is colored the same as the FG. Make it more discernible from the foreground by making it darker or lighter or using a dark room level header.
Third, that toxic water is messed up as you mentioned. You can walk on it sometimes and other times you die. You can just change the water tiles to act like tile 2 in the Map16 if I recall correctly and they will kill you instantly because tile 2 is the lava tile.


Holy lag Batman! Please remove some dry bones from this area because they cause massive lag.


Strange palette for the BG, cutoff rope in 1st screen, those stairs look really strange in the 2nd shot. Also a little bit further you had a castle block staircase that looks really bad. you'd be better off using cement blocks there because as it is now, the castle blocks cut into each other more than a knife into butter.


Why would you give me a mushroom a second ago and then tell me to go through a large tunnel section only small Mario can navigate well?


After playing through all those areas, it brought me back to the start of the level at which point I stopped because I found no way to continue.

This hack still needs work. Fix the stuff I've mentioned and make sure the player can continue after that set of areas. Also, your shop blocks don't work, maybe you just haven't inserted them yet. It's not bad but it needs some tweaking.
Hack Name: Super Mario Sunshine (Beta [Beta]) Demo - 130 KB - 11 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: Drake9990 - Submitted by: Drake9990
Description: Super Mario Sunshine (sort of)
this is just a graplics hack and text hack so you can see what kind of stuff there will be

well you know who you are
I replaced cape with FLUDD!
you know who you are too

i forgot who to give credit to okay?

I don't think we have a strict definition on what defines a "graphics hack" (ala works by Icegoom, ibz10g or Pac) but you are definitely going to need to change more than the Dragon Coins, Turn Blocks, Question Blocks, Used Blocks, Clouds and Triangle Blocks - plus, it's not like most of this necessarily fits a "Super Mario Sunshine" theme. Apart from that, most of SMW's graphics are still here untouched or mangled.

As things stand, I think you would be better off submitting your blocks/graphics as ExGFX - some of them look very familiar, though, so if you did borrow anything, get permission from the creator's first before uploading them here (if they aren't already).

If you really want to make an SMS-themed graphics hack, you need to change virtually everything to fit the SMS-style.

Unless a person does a really outstanding graphics hack (i.e. one that can serve as a base for other projects with no problems whatsoever), it is unlikely it will be accepted as a hack. We are more than happy to take graphics here, though.

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Hack Name: Super Mario Tabarnak 1.1 - 183.2 KB - 19 downloads.
Length: 15 levels
Author: nagna zul - Submitted by: nagna zul
Description: The newest version of the Tabarnak Romhack.

A rather difficult but rewarding version of Super Mario World.

Not for the faint of heart.

Before you pass judgment, try to get through a few levels at least.

Fixes a lot of problems with the first version of the game.


Originally posted by Thunderspeed
ok, 1864 is garbage too
reason: unescapable death in the intro level
you're pinned underneath invisible coin blocks and two of those sparky things coming at you
I suppose it's possible for someone skilled to escape that with a timed spin jump, but not me

I concur. Sorry, but we don't accept these kinds of hacks here (i.e. Kaizo-style where playing depends on savestate/rewind abuse and pure luck). Please take some time to play some of the hacks that we do host so that you can have a better idea of what to aim for.

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Hack Name: Crazy World v1.0 Demo - 179.6 KB - 18 downloads.
Length: 4 levels
Author: mariohacker1 - Submitted by: mariohacker1
Description: Crazy world v1.0 is my first hack yet. Consisting of 4 levels and a good amount of ExGFX. Enjoy.

There are actually a few nice things going in this hack. With a little work, a little spit and polish, we could definitely accept it. A few more levels in the next version would be nice though - four is not many. I'll just tick off some things to be fixed for the next version:

(mostly) unedited Yellow Switch Palace

Bump these blocks up one square - otherwise, they kill you if you get underneath them. I would personally use something other than indestructable turn blocks, too. Your status bar looks nasty, too. Use a different palette for your custom palettes other than 0 or 1 (unless you only use the first halves).

That pipe up there has a really nasty palette - I would use something different. Also, this shot points out one of the more boring parts of this game - flat expanses with a handful of coins and enemies. Try to vary things a bit more. You obviously can design decent levels - there are little sparks of good level design here and there. Just do more of it.

The other negative thing going in this hack are the "pseudo-Kaizo" elements - for example, hopping on enemies over a path full of Munchers. It's not terrible, but don't overuse it, and don't put it so early on in the game. Again - there are some nice level design elements here, but stuff like this kills it.

Once again, decent level design bogged down by pointless long stretches of flying past Bullet Bills.

I shouldn't be able to stand inside this block. (Nice backgrounds, by the way).

Once again, good level design interrupted by lazy, repetitive, pseudo-Kaizo segments. This background is really "meh" too - you obviously have the full rip with the right palette - use more of it to make a good background.

Apply the Fade-Fix Patch.

Here is where I quit. No one wants to jump spam through a tiny passage. Also, you should use Thwimp graphics for the enemy above - not a petrified wooden ball.

You should also consider editing your overworld.

Like I said - you're off to a better start than most. Just don't get lazy with your level design and keep up the good work!

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Hack Name: Super Mario In Bowser Last Stand Final Fixup - 273.7 KB - 19 downloads.
Length: 13 levels
Author: Keyblade Master - Submitted by: Keyblade Master
Description: Thank you Kyoseron for pointing out even more bugs that I did not know about.

This is the final version of my short hack I did for C3 a while back,and in the process of making this hack I worked on for 4 weeks now the last two week being devoted to fixing all of the bugs that may possibly exist that even I,a mere perfectionist may not even notice during the development of my hack.I would like to thank everyone in SMW Central for inspiring me to make this short but enjoyable game.
but enough of the idle talk,let's get downloadin' and don't make me (meme censored)

Very, VERY close to approval this time. But a lot of these errors are easy to fix and all could be fixed in under 10 minutes in one sitting, plus a few for testing.

1. Yeah. You still don't give any sort of warning for instant-death-even-with-star munchers. The player can not tell the difference by its palette unless they read this removal log - you need a message box.

2. You still didn't make the quick Map16 fixes to the redrawn bushes, so they're still boxy and nasty. Bushes aren't tileset-specific - they are always what they are. Nothing else will be affected if you change just the bush Map16.

3. When I come out of that bonus door, this room has a weird palette:

4. Last time, layer 1's ceiling was too low. This time, it's too high. Move it down just one tile and it should be perfect.


And now, just a really stupid nitpick. This is not a removal reason. I hate "LIVES" in the status bar as is - every single hack I played with it, it irks me - but on the course clear screen, that's just fdadfs - it makes it look as though you named your character "Lives". xD I think you did this because a lot of your BG's use palette 0... but here's another solution: delete the "MARIO/LUIGI" in GFX28, find a tile you are not using, and draw an icon for the player's face to use instead, maybe. However, the status bar palette is NOT a major issue unless it's almost unreadable, so I'd just take the easy way out and restore "MARIO/LUIGI".

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Super Plumber Mario World 1 (Demo 2) Demo - 730 KB - 68 downloads.
Length: 41 levels
Author: Manuz - Submitted by: Manuz
Description: The 2nd version of my hack Plumber Mario.
Contains some ExAnimation.
I've fixed some bugs, but if this hack have something wrong, PM me.
Please don't erase this before enjoying.
Have fun!!!

Well, this is the first time I've had this happen.

Apparently, this ROM was expanded to 8 MB, which is a bit excessive. That being said, for this reason or some other, it will not play in ZSNES for me, and in SNES9X it plays without sound.

Our good friend Kyoseron's advice is that you "expand a fresh, CLEAN ROM to 1MB, add the music, extract and reinsert your graphics, move your work."

Let me know if there's something I missed. There were no special notes as to incompatibility, and I don't want to play a guessing game trying to run the gamut to make sure I've not missed something.

In any event, this does look fun, so I look forward to checking it out.

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Hack Name: Mario And The Haunted Forest 2: Kameks reture Demo V2.1 FIXED Demo - 169.6 KB - 33 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: Mr.GameAndWatch - Submitted by: Mr.GameAndWatch
Description: This Is My Second Hack, Since my SMW hacking Knowlage is increasing, I tryed to put all my effort into this Hack. Its kinda lame untill World 2. Enjoy Playing it! Plz Rate and Comment!


In the 2nd Castle You have to run real fast!

I would normally never reject a hack based on level design alone, but unfortunately, this hack deserves it.

Basically, each level is the same concept repeated ad nauseum. When you aren't fighting the same enemy over and over, you're running across flat expanses of uninspired land.

Here are a few samplings:
Rows N' Rows O' Rainbow Pipes N' Upside-Down Piranha Plants 2: Electric Boogaloo
Weather Report - Gloomy With A 100% Chance Of Amazin' Flying Hammer Bros.
The Long Long Corridor Full Of Long Long Spikes
Meet Diggin' Chuck Again For The Very First Time
Podoboo - I Love You!

That said, it's not like there is nothing good with this hack. There are some good ideas here and there, definitely. The problem is that the author doesn't vary things enough. Try playing some other hacks for inspiration. Use more than two or three types of enemies per level. Add decorations. Vary the landscape. Don't use the same gimmick more than once in a level without significantly altering it.

Anyway, keep trying - this is better than some but not quite there. Good luck!

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Hack Name: Marios Island Demo - 147.8 KB - 16 downloads.
Length: 17 levels
Author: quiksilverryan - Submitted by: quiksilverryan
Description: Nothing much, but it's mostly about exploration. i'll make the REAL story later.

There is still a lot of work to be done here. You seem to be figuring things out, but the ability to put it all together well isn't quite there yet. Read through my suggestions and check out some of the featured hacks to try to get a better idea of what to aim for.

Two things I noticed that bugged me were your bad overuse of the side exit sprite and lack of a time limit. At the very least, a time limit allows the player to die if they get stuck - plus it provides incentive to keep moving along. That being said, you also need to try to avoid making levels that let the player get stuck.

Unfortunately, there are several problems here. Cutoffness of tiles is a major one. The BG has a bad palette causing blocky-ness. The blocks that this "boat" is made of also make a glitched sprite when touched. Last, if Mario falls in the water, there is no way to get back out without dying.

These are some custom blocks. What these do, respectively, is turn the water level flag on, turn the ice level flag on, and then the two on the right both separately turn those flags off. All of these flags are useless/illogical in this level, so why have it? Also, you really need ExGFX for your custom blocks. I don't know why a block with half a muncher coming out of it would do anything special other than bite me. It makes no sense.

Cutoffness and more illogical custom blocks.

More illogical blocks - it just seems weird to be able to stand on turning blocks. Use a different block, or ExGFX.

Major Slowdown says: "Hey! Reduce the number of enemies here!"

Chargin' Chuck can fall through here. So can Mario. It doesn't make much sense.


Putting an enemy on top of my pipe means unavoidable injury on the way out.

Besides being fairly pointless and not so pretty, The Aquarium has Yoshi's fireplace in it, so the fire follows you throughout the stage since it was not meant to be used in a stage with more than one screen.


It looks like Blargg puked on the OW. Seriously, though, these are just glitchy tiles from one of your unedited "big events." This OW is also a little familiar-looking for my tastes, plus not all of the paths seem to function correctly, despite being open.

I don't want to see the TEST level. Not many other people do either.

If you don't get to the goal before the P-Switch runs out, you die. Fun. Also, cutoff ground tiles. And why is the cape under glass? I never got that.

Cutoffnessman has had his scissors all over the corners in your hack. Please make sure that your tiles are never cutoff, or at least not so noticeably so.

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Since we are finally down to a more reasonable number of hacks waiting to be moderated, I am going to take a short (couple days) break from hack moderating. I really need to get back to "moderating" my own hack.

On another note, doesn't it feel nice to finally be back into the single digits again for the first time since SMWC3?

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Hack Name: Mario Emprise - 443.8 KB - 64 downloads.
Length: 52 levels
Author: cyphermur9t - Submitted by: cyphermur9t
Description: Bowser's Target is Mario. Luring Mario into his traps, he knows that if Mario is dealt with the Mushroom Kingdom is his for the taking. Mario needs to stop Bowser!

1. At least two places you can get stuck permanently until time runs out or you reset or die some other way.

a) Early on, if you collect the coins in front of that music note block pair, you're screwed.

b) Bring a fireflower into this boss battle, and if you kill the piranha plant and lose the fireflower, you can't kill the goomba. Before you smart alecks say "use spin jump", there IS no spinjump in this hack.


Can't even remember... how many times I got shot and didn't even see the bullet bills coming, because of the freaking OPAQUE MIST going over every single layer. Never force mist above all the layers if you can't see through it.

3. ...Ow... once on this platform, I could not avoid this damage:

Lower it one tile so you can duck and dodge the munchers, at least.

4. Player tilemap weirdness, mostly can be attributed to extra Mario graphics in GFX00. Delete those graphics, and you may just have a teeny bit of cutoffness in Mario/Luigi's feet when swimming, but that's preferable to being... a quadpod. Yes, I said it. Quadpod.

I just thought this frame was weird since when he looks up, his neck is completely gone and his head seems more pushed down than when he's looking forward.

(The ones above are the biggies. The rest of the errors after this are somewhat minor, with the exception of Luigi's palette, fade problems, and the P-switch glitch.)

5. Glitches and random errors:

Two levels out of thirty-something I played had this "music block turning into Snifit" glitch - neither of the levels used the Snifit, so I'd paste the music note graphic over the Snifit.

Silver switch carried through a pipe acts like a blue switch. Simply replace the silver switch in the cave with a blue switch by moving the silver switch to the right by one space. You don't appear to have any use for the silver switch anyway, and it was clearly meant to be a blue one.

HEY! Don't think I can't see that background garbage at the bottom. Set layer 2 scrolling to H: Constant, V: None, or H: None, V: None, and hopefully it won't mess up, although the stars won't scroll vertically. That gave the level an awesome effect to it, but eh. Sometimes sacrifices have to be made. This one is minor though since this is the only point in the level you can see it, so whether or not you make the sacrifice is totally optional.

There's a quarter of a tree hanging off the edge of the coast here.

6. Should do a tiny bit of title screen remodeling, as the layer 3 text cuts into the border.

7. Tons of bad palettes. First one I noted was Mario in Small and Big form; his face is has a bad palette. Actually, that one's minor compared to his brother... Mario's just got a brighter shadow.. if that, uh, makes sense... while Luigi looks like he's poisoned D:

More sprite palettes:

This didn't happen to the Ptootie in other levels except this one.

The fire muncher has some weird orange "patch" on his back, and the throw block palette is bad - it should either be all pink or all blue, and not have a pink/blue shadow or light source on it. Make palette 7 all blue or all pink on colors 3-7.

A really minor Albatoss palette error. The beak and feet are all black. Perhaps recoloring it with YY-CHR so that the beak and feet use the oranges would be better than going to every level and adding a custom palette for it.

Then, we could use some fade fix here:

Although... lots of your palettes are on palette 0 and there are a couple of colors there especially that a fade fix patch won't fix. You can assign those backgrounds a new palette as to not use 0 or 1, although you don't really need to since it's only going to be noticable in a few levels when the screen fades out or when you look at the status bar.

Actually, I prefer the hex edit that prevents fade out at the end of most levels. That's somewhere near the top of the ROM map. Since you're not using traditional bosses, which wouldn't be affected by this hex edit, this would definitely be a much, MUCH better option for your hack.

Now some fore/background palettes:

The yellow in the sand, as well as the gray outlining around the plants when some have a black shadow, look really, really bad. The sand should be all shades of brown, and the plants should be outlined in black. That's the problem with trying to recolor everything to use SMW's palettes - it's almost never going to be perfect.

Not liking how it looks below the grass.

The green is bad. Make the edges a shade of brown, and if that conflicts with the trees and cacti, copying colors onto palette 5 and using the greens in the second half of that palette should be good for them on this submap.

Not too fond of this foreground/background palette either. It's not painful to look at by any means, just really... awkward. I would expect that the space between the rocks is the darkest, and that the contrast of colors in the foreground be lower since the whitish color in the ground stands out a lot and seems unfitting.


I have no idea if you meant to exclude the cactus thing that the Ptootie spits out, but I'm just going to point that out, that it doesn't spit those out. If you intended for it to be like this, then that's fine. It's not a removal reason, just something I'm not used to seeing.

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If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Chaotic Mario World - Koopa's Revenge Version 1 (Re-Update) Demo - 299.4 KB - 16 downloads.
Length: 5 levels
Author: Voltrez One Million and Game Moron - Submitted by: Voltrez One Million
Description: Sorry for the last version being a bit incomplete and stuff but this version is a bit more complete.
If i missed a level, please tell me.
More in the readme.

I give credit to whoever made the SMWRedrawn GFX Patch

1. Stuck forever spot. You can get up there when you're small, and you can't get back down, and you either have to use the shell on yourself to die or you have to wait time out or reset. Solution: move the message box further away so you can't jump on it to get up there, and make a gap in it for the player to get out of without having to reset or die, since the springboard in this level and a cape later on in the game will still let the player up there easily.


NPC sprite works, but looks like a chopped-up Chargin' Chuck. Insert the ExGFX for the sprite.

Pipe top... remember, tileset specific sprites have a number at the top of the screen - that SP slot is followed by the number of what graphic file you need to load into this level.

I don't even know what the hell those things between the munchers are.

Glitched Lakitu, glitched Spiny

3. Forced hit when you come out of this pipe. This is why you should never put enemy generators in the first screen. You should also never be required to have a split-second reaction time to avoid a hit. It's plain stupid, and that's why you rarely ever see them in a commercial video game. If Nintendo did this in SMB1, I think they would've ended up back making playing cards instead of video games before long. In other words, this stuff is not fun, and is going to lead your hack to disasterous ratings and reviews.

4. This jump is incredibly cheap, and it's the first level in the game. You have to spin jump off that Blargg to even have a chance at getting across, and that makes it a pain to carry the item over because the Blargg is placed too close to the block you have to jump from. Make this jump shorter or raise the ceiling, and just forget the Blargg. >_>

5. The top half of the Volcano Lotus has layer priority, making it look cutoff over the radish top. Remove the radish top or remove the Volcano Lotus.

6. Why does the speed booster have two halves of different blocks welded together? It looks pretty bad... so just have it have a solid graphic, not two clashing halves. Also, not liking the pink at all on the dark blue turn block... Enable custom palettes and make the pinks dark blue in this level.

Also, protip: Work on a difficulty curve, and eliminate anything that constitutes savestate abuse, like the Boo generator in the first screen that makes you land on a ghost. This hack is all over the place, and that's not good. The first level was harder than every level after that up until the castle (that annoying cave part is mostly to blame), and the one with the moving pipes was easy.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Mario And the Time Travel Crisis Demo - 257.3 KB - 31 downloads.
Length: 24 levels
Author: Whiter - Submitted by: Whiter
Description: This is my old hack I've been working on, I just wanted to resubmit it.

Anyway, the story:
Mario was walking around the Mushroom Kingdom after another successfull rescue of Princess Peach. As he was walking, he stumbled into a Time Warp.He found himself in Yoshi's Island past, and found that Bowser had also found this same Time Warp. Bowser Has started to destroy Yoshi's Island, and Has Kidnapped Princes Peach. (From the Past, of course.) Mario must save Peach, Stop Bowser and the koopalings from destroying the Island, and Find a way home!

Note: If you can't get to the level before the fortress, just move mario in Lunar Magic.

1. The correct overworld event does not trigger on two levels:

Can't go up

Can't go right.

Please work with these more so that you can move the correct way after beating these levels - make sure every level triggers a different event, and that secret exits do not conflict with other levels' events.

2. Tile 1EB attacks! You should make a corner that acts like 1EB to put under the triangle, or just take out tile 1EB since I don't think you really need it here.

3. There should be an alternate path or a reset pipe/door since if you waste the P-switch thinking there might have been a secret back there, you'd end up having to die.

4. Blarggs should not be placed too close to slopes, lavafalls, or land, because they can jump right through them and you can see their cutoffness in all its glory. For example:

5. Every classic piranha plant in the game has a black stem. Red is perfectly acceptable. The biggest problem with the black stem is in the "Scorching Sea" level, where the background is all black, and it seems weird to only be able to see its head and not its stem when its stem can also hurt you, so that is why it is important to fix it.

6. I think this music note block should be replaced with a cement block since you can still reach up there with it. The music block glitches with the castle sprite set.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Removed: Lost Castles Version 1.0 by CoinBandit


You warp in the title screen. Please do not allow this to happen, as it forces you to play the level you warp to with only one life. Die, and you play through it endlessly. Win, AND YOU PLAY THROUGH IT ENDLESSLY. So don't allow warps at all. Don't allow the level to end by a goal. Don't use anything that changes the music, either... It's just that simple. Also, every single level in this hack that has a background has a glitched background. EVERY level. NONE is safe.

If you do not press UP upon entering this level, you die. Immediately. Please start Mario on solid ground, please.

After some annoying one-tile jumps around those munchers, which are stacked (don't do that), you find a cutoff Green Switch! However, it activates the Yellow Switch event when hit. O_o

Also turns into that ugly egg-sprite when stomped. Umm... Graphics set change?

Level 1: Has a VERY bad background outside the castle... Please fix!

Bad palette for the foreground, background looks...weird. Why can't you just use the original SMW backgrounds?

Oh yeah, by the way, before this point, there's a very annoying spot where you fall down, and below you is a grounded Grinder. You can just fall down the left wall, okay, but stay there too long, and a spike pierces you... And before THAT is another annoying spot where you must spin jump off two line-guided Grinders in order to get across a pit...

The level also starts you off in danger. Two fireballs coming at you (Not Podoboos...) from the right, at your level, and a spike RIGHT ABOVE YOU that will get you if you stand still too long. Ummm....

This isn't so bad until you get to the final Magic- then you realize there's a low ceiling up there. I have no clue how I reached the boss door with it there. Perhaps you should lower everything so people can actually see if they're gonna hit something...

Exactly what the heck are those glitched sprites? Grand Goombas? o_o I know they die in one hit, but they're...big.

Equally-glitched ? Sphere. Something's definitely wrong with your sprite settings, so remember to check and fix them, okay? :D

Another "React Fast!" moment. Stay here too long, and the Thwomp crashes onto your head, and you die. (Because you only get ONE single powerup out of all I've played so far, and it's coming up soon, but not yet.) Remove the Thwomp. REMOVE THE THWOMP.

Ack! This is lava, yet you can swim in it. Bad tile settings? Or was this intentional? I doubt the latter. Please fix it, and here's how: Tile Acts Like: 4. However, this alone won't make you die in it. Thus, the tiles below must be set to act like tile 5. You could make the top act like 5, sure, but in doing so, you make it so the sprites that float in lava can't float in it.


The rest of this level is an autoscroll where you must GUESS where the non-solid blocks are. That's right, not every block is solid, and you don't know which ones. You have to fall into them to know what's not solid. This is VERY bad level design, so PLEASE make it more obvious what's not solid. Like, say... Completely removing the non-solid blocks.

The final level! ...What's that glitched sprite? I think it's a Shell-less Koopa, since it gets squished when you stomp on it, but...

Also, the spikes on the walkthrough columns look bad. Why not just put solid blocks there instead? It'd look loads better.

You honestly have graphics issues. Did you use a clean ROM on this? Something tells me you DIDN'T...

And this is where I got sick of the hack. No, I didn't jump off for fun- this part is filled with invisible solid blocks THAT YOU CANNOT SEE. The only thing you have to tell whether something is solid or not is the enemies, and that's IT. You can't even tell when something ends. There is NO room for error here. PLEASE make the blocks have some graphics! Let us see them!

Honestly... Did you really use a clean ROM?
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
Hack Name: Mario in the World of Matik - Demo 2 Demo - 769.7 KB - 18 downloads.
Length: 20 exits
Author: Red Chameleon - Submitted by: Red Chameleon
Description: (sorry beta-testers, but I wanted to release this, and most people are getting prepared for Christmas, anyways)

This is Mario in the World of Matik Demo 2 (2 worlds), a project I have worked on for 4 months. It contains:

- New Levels
- New Overworld
- Custom Blocks
- Self-Composed Music

Read the readme for more information. Comes with a folder with the music used, removed, and unused in the demo.

The seven gems that kept the land Matik in balance have been stolen! Now it's up to Mario to find out who's behind this disaster, and save this peaceful land!

1. Mario at death's door... literally. This is not a clichéd metaphor in this respect, but a pretty important factor that was overlooked. You should make sure the screen exit leads to the correct level, since it just goes to a bottomless pit. If it's close to a screen boundary, make both screens have the same exit. :x

Excuse the fact I had a different amount of lives. The bottom screen was taken before I had a picture of the door that led there, and between those times, I lost a couple of lives.

The problem appears to be that you are using a secondary exit that dumps you in the middle of nowhere rather than at the start of the level you intended for Mario to go to.


Now, just a funny thing I could only trigger once in testing: the boss got stuck in the floor. I'm not exactly sure if it's a Map16 problem or if it's the enemy itself (I'm guessing it's the former), but this is the first time I've seen it. Perhaps if you make this whole room (ground, ceiling, walls) be built out of blocks that act like 130, it won't happen, but I'm not entirely sure. Just speculating.

However, this is a really rare occurence, and as stated before, this glitch doesn't really matter, aside from the fact it can make the boss fight insanely easy.

Great demo, otherwise. I managed to get almost all the exits except for one in the great sea and any levels that are on that secret path. I'll give you a full review after the fixes are made and after I finish everything.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!


Action Taken: Hack DENIED
Reason: Just because Icegooms' gfx are awesome looking, doesn't mean that you can get away with the usual no-no's

Horrible title screen text that like to hide behind scenery, not to mention the other obvious glitches on the screen.

Bad palette = No

Mario, suddenly disappearing because the mis-colored bubble is on the screen


No x 2

Bouncing rex head, need I say more?
Layout by LDA during C3.
Hack Name: Chaos Chronicles Demo 1 (fixed) Demo - 441.5 KB - 36 downloads.
Length: 11 exits
Author: dragonphoenix29 - Submitted by: dragonphoenix29
Description: One after noon while mario was out for a walk, he stumbles on a secret tunnel going into the ground, one that he has never seen before. Mario decides not to go alone, so he goes home to ask Luigi if he wants to come with him into the tunnel and Luigi quickly agrees.

Meanwhile, Yoshi overhears the two brothers talking and decides he wants to follow them. He decides to get a head start, so he goes to the tunnel and wanders inside, unforunately he gets caught in a trap.

Will Yoshi get freed, or will Mario and Luigi ever find out, and what lies within this secret tunnel, continue on and find out.

>Some custom graphics and SMW Redrawn graphics
>Unique Bosses
>No time limits (Time Fix Patch has been used)
>Power Down patch and Fade Fix Patch are both used
>More to come...

I just remembered two errors I had made that weren't fixed before I uploaded the game, so heres the fixed version (delete the old one please)

1. I managed to run over the ceiling and get stuck down here permanently:

Make sure you patch that up - prevent the player from running over the ceiling, or use solid dirt inside of there so that you have zero chance of falling down here. This is the big reason for its deletion, and everything listed below is less significant.

2. This is most likely caused by the pipe being close to a screen boundary. If you make new pipe tiles on a different Map16 page, it will not change colors depending on screen.

-- Credit for stuff below goes to Lightvayne for playing through the rest of the hack. --

Something is messing up the status bar palette here when it doesn't look like anything should. This isn't important, as the status bar is still readable. It would also be good to use commas to separate clauses, but again, it's still easy to understand.

*Welcome to my castle, Mario. Can you survive my castle full of tricks, traps, and every other nice thing that will kill you?

An extremely minor error: Sprite buoyancy isn't enabled, so the Koopa ends up dropping down to the bottom of the puddle as if there was no water, but this can be overlooked. It's not really important at all.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Super Mario : Twilight Illusion - 147.1 KB - 6 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: NicholasTheLugia - Submitted by: NicholasTheLugia
Description: This is my FIRST hack. I hope you enjoy.
If you are at the end of 1-1,You can keep going further and eventually you will reach a door.


This screenshot alone is enough to reject this hack. Stacked and floating Munchers are the kiss of death for getting a hack rejected. Also, we're normally not big fans of palette-swapped SMW blocks like this Used Block here, but there is something about the neon glow that I like if it were used in an appropriate way.

This is a pretty blatant edit of Level 105. Also, if you use Baby Yoshi, make sure the level is not a level with a "NO YOSHI" intro.

There are lots of things wrong here. Gray lava. Cutoff edges. Bad title graphics.

ALL OF THIS SAID - you're not off to a terrible start or anything. Some of your palette choices are kind of interesting, given a bit more polishing. Lots of people make hacks like this their first time around. They just aren't ready to be hosted here. Play some of the hacks we do have here so you can see more of what we are looking for. Spend some more time playing with Lunar Magic. You'll get the hang of it.

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Removed: Super Mario Hot World Demo 1 by Azentiger


Nearly every puzzle in this game is one-shot. That is, you only get one chance to get it right. If you fail, you must die. C'mon, add some reset doors/pipes! No one likes forced deaths on Puzzle Failure.

Bad ground palettes. It looks like the darkest colors were made to be the LIGHTEST, and that doesn't look good on ground at ALL.

More palette errors- This time, mostly in the berries. You didn't make the outer green part red like you did to the bushes... Red Berry is on palette 2, Pink on 3, Green on 4. Last 8 colors of each. ;)

That can't be good...

There's no way to escape this. Okay, sure, this is a semi-easy puzzle., but you can still fail it by not remembering where the land is. Leave more room for error- move the starting point of the land you must get to over to the right some, and remove the cement block wall. This way, you have more room for error. Don't offer a reset pipe or door, because if you do so, you STILL have to die, since the Directional Coins won't appear again. (You can check the ROM map for a hex edit that prevents that, though.)

Oh, not again...

Oh no... Don't tell me...

..It did. PLEASE don't abuse glitches to further your level design. Also, why are most of your one-tile-high holes blocked with invisible used block sprites? If you don't want people going through them, JUST EXTEND THE CEMENT BLOCKS DOWN SO THERE'S NO HOLE. Generally, when you see a hole, you expect it TO BE A HOLE YOU CAN WALK THROUGH. ._. Honestly, if it's only there so the creating/eating blocks would "look right", who cares? It's Mario, nothing has to make sense. XD

And now the other message box came true. Once again, you have set me up in an inescapable position. It's very hard to get to this point without getting hit. Worst of all, even if you DO have a Mushroom, if the creating block beats you to this point, you are DEAD. Here's what you need to do:

1: Above the first Turn Block, give a Mushroom.
2: Near EVERY Turn block, add a Door that takes you back to the start so you can try again if you don't outrun the creating block.

You continue on like this to the end, where you must spin jump on multiple turn blocks to get to the end. Here, add another door to the start in case you don't outrun it HERE.

Level loads too low. Since you start at the top, set FG and BG initial positions to 00, 00. (Or, if you do slow or variable vertical scrolling, 00, 60. Or 00, 00, if you want. Up to you.)

Generally, here's how it goes:

Location on level at entry - FG Position, BG Position
Top - 00, 00
Middle - 60, 60 (Unlike everyone else, I don't do 60, 90, because that implies usage of variable vertical scrolling, which I don't always use)
Bottom - C0, C0


This point is nearly impossible to pass due to how close these things are to the cement blocks and the fact that you need a PIXEL-PERFECT JUMP to reach them, IF they don't dip below the lava! Second is easier since it'll be closer, but the first one is near-impossible to reach.

NEVER require the player to react IMMEDIATELY upon entering a level. You gave a warning about this seconds earlier, but that is NO excuse.

I killed the Amazin' Flyin' Hammer Bro. in the cave, and when it fell into the lava, it kept throwing out hammers. This is very amusing and leaves behind a nice surprise for players who rush, but it is still a glitch of sorts.

Bad palettes again, but this time, they're...really ugly. Sorry, but it's true... You should make that lime-green be a dull brown instead, like the original. Honestly, it'd look better that way.

Level loads too HIGH now. You start at the bottom, so Initial Position C0, C0.

Look! A pipe! Thank you for adding a reset pipe here, it makes the puzzles in this level a LOT more enjoyable. :D However, you're suffering palette issues again. I think you're using the exact same palette you do on the grasslands... That won't work, that palette was designed for that graphics set ONLY. Why not use a different Custom Palette?

Sprite memory issues here, even though THERE ARE NO ENEMIES WHATSOEVER IN THIS LEVEL. It's actually WAY too easy. Anyways, try another Sprite Memory setting value, or patch the No Sprite Tile Limits patch to your hack and set the sprite memory setting to 10.

You have a cutoff corner tile there, and the location of that invisible coin block isn't exactly obvious. Heck, when I first got to that spot, I thought that the corner meant that there was supposed to be a ledge corner there, but since there wasn't, then the hack couldn't be completed. Instead of putting the coin block there, why not just make it a cement block you can ALWAYS see?

Level loads too high again when you come out of the reset pipe. You know the drill by now, right? ;)

You have a long way to go. Keep working on your hack, make it the best you can, and remember to pay attention to the constructive criticism you get! ;)
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
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