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Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
We have a whole list of 'em today.

Kaizo Mario World - We didn't take it the first time, we're not taking it the second.

Graphics hack - Pete has stated before he does not want this distributed any more.

super mario bros the lost levels(not by me) - Already on the site.
Removal; Super Mario: Mama Mia

Reason; Many of the same problems that plagued the first one are still in the game, like bad-colored goombas, yellow levels with secrets and vice-versa, plus a different level now doesn't activate events.

And, the "Imaweiner" quote is still in there, showing this guy's maturity.
Deleted Pac's graphics hack yet again.
hackerboo's "Crazy Color hack" has been rejected. It was a .smc instead of an .ips, so that's automatic deletion right there, but it would have been rejected anyway, since it was just the original game with uglified palettes.
Unknown's New Super Mario Bros. deluxe has been rejected.

NSMB Dx is truly a bizarre little hack. The author's taken graphics out of my NSMB Remake, Lost World, and Toad's World and made for the most part original levels. (He obviously used several NSMB Remake levels as bases, though) But the thing's full of glitches because the author didn't go to the trouble of properly setting up all the graphics from those other games. He couldn't be assed to remap Mario's tilemap (ducking Mario's headless!) or any of the enemies I'd changed, so you get bizarre instances like shelless Koopas flashing into poison mushrooms when they shoot out of their shells, then reverting to original SMW shelless Koopa graphics once they start walking. (WTF? I made NSMB styled shelless Koopas he could have used)

Half the exits don't work properly, so you end up going to level 0 a lot. For some reason, level 0 is a poorly constructed Peach Cruiser which is three screens long with multiple bonus games, with only the first one actually functioning. He screwed up the map, so this is the level you enter if you press a button on the space you start on.

The furthest I could get was the World 3 fortress. The level ender in Bowser Jr.'s room doesn't work, so there's no way to continue. I'd almost like to fix the errors in this and host a working version of the game here, but sadly, it's locked and unlocking it causes plenty of graphical screw-ups. So yeah, I'm never all that happy about deleting something that uses my graphics, (ego and all that) but this is too glitchy to host in its current form.
Removal: Mario's Island Quest

Reason: Mario's Island Quest wasn't as bad as some of these deleted ones but it still has problems. Main problem was difficulty inconsistency. Way too hard for world one.

That was a Goomba, i.e. made squishable through tweaker but not graphically edited to be correct.

Headless piranha and ball n' chains missing a piece. Plus the palette is not so great.

Background crap.

More background crap.

Is that supposed to be lava? Plus, missing pieces from the sprites. Needs to use the right sprite header.
Super mario in Grassland Island

My ROM dies when I patch it
Removal; Advanced SMW

Reason; The colors really needs to be worked on here. Also, some of the BG 's are confusing. But the colors made me physically sick.

Also the map is glitchy. The big reason it's rejected.

I went for the coin and fell in the hole. Thats just wrong.
Removal; Mario en midgard

Reason; This hack is a mess. I don't know what Yoshi supposed to be, but he's looks weird. Some of these levels are unfair, like starting next to enemies at the midpoint. And having required items like shells from a Koopa to progress with no way of knowing you needed it beforehand. A lot of hacks does this, especially with the fire flower blocks ones, and I hate it with passion.

after I spin stomped the Koopa that, first of all, hopped in a invincible shell, I came across here, realizing that I needed the shell to progress through. I now have to suicide myself? Get real. Add a pipe or something to restart the level without dying to reset it. I hate that shit. Rejected for pure hate.
Originally posted by B.B.Link

LOL, is that a star trinket from SMI? I seem to remember Reading not wanting people to take his stuff, disregarding the fact that anyone and their mother could draw that.

Moral: Thievery is bad.
Disapproval; Dinosaur Islands(demo) (open)

Reason: Since he's new i'm going to go easy on him and say please play other hacks to get a good feel on how a hack should be made. You OV is a mess of glitcyness, and the level's are awful. Please understand Lunar Magic some more before submitting anything else.
One more before I go to bed......

Removal: Mario World a unexpected return to dinosaur land

Reason; I got a glitchy level where the NSMB gfx should be

In the screenshot it looked fine. but this how it looked in game. It also have come to my attention that some hacks have gfx issues like Advanced SMW in some emulators. I'm using zsnes v 1.52. If this didn't happen to anyone else plese PM me and let me know so he could re-up it. Until then I have to remove it.


Yeah, those bricks are coins.......

This is where I got off the bus..........
Removal; Super Mario Tales 1 - Lava Attac
Credit; SNN


-Eye-piercing palettes (horrible red on everything)
-Cut-off lava and ground tiles everywhere.
-Glitched Blarggs (half out of lava in second level)
-Beating the Yellow Switch palace makes a screwed up OW event
-The overworld itself is terribly bland and ugly anyway.
Removal; SMW - Bowser's Revenge

Reason; Too many blind jumps killed this one, Most led me to a hole or munchers. Also

Climbing this is annoying. Why did you let people get Yoshi early on just so they have to leave him to do this hell of a climb?

Blind jump led me to munchers that I needed a pow switch to get across......Would've been nice to been hinted beforehand.....

Layer 3 water on a freescroll stage just doesn't work.......

BG blend in too much like FG. This is a decent idea, but when you do this, try to darken the bg a little so that it won't look like the FG and confuses stupid people like me.....

This shouldn't be solid. Make it act like a cloud platform.

Yet another blind jump. This one led me to a hole, where I gave up (and got "Game Over").
TheRealUltimateYoshi's Boosylvania has been denied approval. It was a ROM instead of a patch. Just out of curiosity, I tried out the first level, which was a Ghost House with Fishin' Boo and a bunch of those huge green bubbles. Mario disappeared, as did Fishin' Boo, and I died when I touched, um, something. Set your sprite memory properly, people. Oh, and learn to make patches.
So, I have to disapprove Reini's Mario's Destiny, since the Yoshi's Island 2 equivalent is impossible to pass:

I'm assuming that's supposed to be a Silver P-Switch instead of a Blue one. Without it being the right color, there's no way past that line of munchers. Always play through your levels before submitting them. I'll also add that this hack has the worst loading times I've seen since Super Mario Infinity, but I guess that can't be helped with all the pieces the levels are made from.

EDIT: Aw, crap. Now that I look at this again, I see that there actually is a Silver switch hidden elsewhere and I simply didn't explore the level well enough. Entirely my bad. I apologize, Reini. Please resubmit.
All right, let's try removing a hack that actually deserves it this time:

Mario41001's "SMW Bling Boo's Wrath" (That's a typo for "Blind Boo" judging by the name of the patch) has been denied approval. Mario dies in the opening demo when a shelless Koopa falls on him. You can press start before this happens to start the game, but the opening message never comes up in the intro level, so you're stuck there forever.
yourself's "Return to the Mushroom Kingdom" has been denied approval. The graphics are a mess throughout:

title screen


first level

If I was going to guess, I'd say this was caused by some kind of error in using the HDMA kit. This is obviously going to require fixing before it's playable.

Moving on, Mario41001's Blind Boo's Wrath has been disapproved again. This version did fix the problems with the first one (the opening demo and intro level actually work) but there are new problems. The map screen allows the player to walk to most of the levels on the map, and as far as I can tell, there's no reward for completing a level:

The first two levels are short and foeless. The third level starts out in a ghost house, heads out to a bridge, then goes to a castle. The castle looks quite familiar:

Modified version of the opening hall of Morton's Castle.

Next room is another part of Morton's Castle.

We then move on to a long hallway full of Magikoopas, Bowser Fire, Flashing Shells, and virtually every other enemy available. Unfortunately, when you get to this section with Thwomps:

The game freezes up. So for that, I have to decree this game unplayable. No idea what would cause that, but it needs to be fixed anyway. A more goal-oriented overworld and original levels would also help matters.
Three disapprovals tonight:

Giga's "Mario's Wacky World" because events don't work on the overworld. After you complete the custom blocks tutorial level and the unnecessarily repetitive Yoshi's House equivalent, there's nowhere else you can go. I'm still not a fan of all the custom blocks whose functions are not well-indicated by their graphics, but the lack of a functioning overworld is the true reason for this rejection.

Mario41001's "Super Mario Quest For The Star World" because there's simply nothing to it. It has three areas: "Mario's Pad," a one screen house made of cement blocks which you just exit off the side, an unchanged Yoshi's House, and "Pipe Central" a longish SMB3 pipe maze level with very few enemies or obstacles. More substance, please.

Yourself's "Return to the Mushroom Kingdom" patch is finally functional now that he's found a clean ROM, but it would appear that he used darklink's hack as a base without permission, so I'm removing it at darklink's request. Yourself, if you want this hosted here, either talk it out with darklink or make levels that aren't based on his hack.
Link Thread Closed