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Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
Hack Name: SM: Search For The Green Pearl (demo 2) Demo - 375.2 KB - 12 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: jcv1235 - Submitted by: jcv1235
Description: A second demo of my hack. You will not be disappointed if you download this hack!

It's funny - when you try to submit your hack to this site, you are greeted with a webpage that specifically says:

Do not submit ROM files! Please make an IPS patch instead!</font size>

This hack was submitted as a ROM. Therefore, it is going to be deleted automatically.

We also had an unofficial guest hack moderation of this hack and (while this is not allowed, endorsed, or encouraged) the user did make several valid points that should be cleared up before an IPS of this hack is submitted.

Overall, from the screenshots I have seen, things look pretty good. You're off to a good start at least. Just fix all of the problems mentioned so far and then we can take a better look at approving this.

Tag (font) was not closed.

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Hack Name: Super Corruptendo World: The Mini HAX 0.1 DEMO (should be accepted) Updated info. Demo - 145 KB - 22 downloads.
Length: 5 levels
Author: Corruptendo - Submitted by: Corruptendo


5. Why would you give me a mushroom a second ago and then tell me to go through a large tunnel section only small Mario can navigate well?

Puzzling prank, self-explanitory.

(moar stuff)

Notice the part I underlined in your description, since that's a pretty big removal reason right there. (Also: explanatory, not explanitory. :x)

1. There's this really annoying level design that makes the bulk of your hack. Basically, you give us a mushroom right before this extremely narrow corridor that only small Mario can navigate easily. Duck-jump spam does NOT make a challenging level... it just pisses us gamers off. Nintendo, THIS is what "Frustration" in Yoshi's Story should've been. ._.

Are we there yet...?

Ugh... make it stop, make it stop...

AGAIN?! AWWWWWWWW, MAN!! If you just take out powerups, then you don't have to change this section. Besides, the hack can still be challenging and fun at the same time as small Mario.

2. Bad palettes.

Flashing gold = DO NOT WANT on a whole background! It's bound to give normal people severe headaches after roughly ten seconds, and wacky moderators, e.g. myself, über-legato migraines after nine-and-a-half seconds.

If there's any palette you aren't using in this level, enable custom palettes and make a yellow gradient going dark-to-light-from-left-to-right over it and use those tiles so that you don't get the flashing gold in palette 6.

Again, the ice palette here is not good. Replace the gray with a medium blue (enable custom palettes so you only change it in this level) and you should be all set.

3. Cutoffness Man claims his 65535th victim.

^ The bushes in the background do not overlap well. (Also in this lobby, you have a cutoff goal post used as a sort of wall. Replace that with something else.)

Okay, this one is absurd. You have coins cutting into the bricks, plus a random ceiling inside the brick.

Very bad transition between the red stone and the inside of the dark brick. See if you can play around with the Map16 a bit more so you have an outline on the inside of the brick as well.

A lot of your escalators, not just this one, are missing jointed tiles. Either you would have to use the Map16 editor to make escalator tiles with jointed pieces, or just make it a little wider so that you can place in the proper tile without having to do a lot of work.

Notice the goal post tiles in the background. They have a lighter box around them than the rest of the background, and this looks bad. For the toxic waterfalls in the background, the last removal log I made for your hack should describe adequately how to make a good waterfall. I also think you should probably take out the background water, or use a custom palette to make it darker so it doesn't look like the foreground water.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: super test world Demo - 447.8 KB - 6 downloads.
Length: 1 levels
Author: halosecretseeker - Submitted by: halosecretseeker
Description: this is my 1st hack so dont expect much i just want feedback on this i just downloaded luner magic like 14 1/2 min ago and did this real quick

"i just downloaded luner magic like 14 1/2 min ago and did this real quick"

Play with Lunar Magic for at least a few weeks before you submit anything. Make a thread in SMW Hack Discussion if you want feedback. Recruit beta testers.

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Hack Name: Super Mario World Classic Catastrophe (FIX) Demo v1.1 Demo - 477.2 KB - 37 downloads.
Length: 26 levels
Author: Mariology - Submitted by: Mariology
Description: Fixed the warp pipe error, I apologize for any frustration.
A read me file is included for further information.

This is mostly a myriad of minor errors that drag it down, however, there are a couple of big ones. The hack is very enjoyable, but unpolished.

1. You should move the goal into another level segment, because when the "course clear" layer 3 text appears, the tide just vanishes.

2. Some glitched graphics. This one has a fireball, and the lava splash is incompatible with your current sprite tileset.

I could also carry a Buzzy Beetle through this pipe, causing it to turn into a gray Monty Mole. Simple solution: Use a door instead of a pipe, as you can not carry anything through doors.

3. Notable sprite tile memory problems.

First one is in this castle, on the Thwomp:

At times, not just quarters, but halves and even chain parts vanished from these ball-and-chains.

Here's a better example in a different spot:

Recommendation: "No more sprite tile limits" ASM by edit1754. You can get it in the patches section.

4. This level has the most lag I've ever seen in a SMW hack. I'm not sure if it's the sprites, since I've seen many Dry Bones used like this before, and while it may lag a little, it doesn't slow down as dramatically. You have buoyancy enabled, right? I don't think you need this to be, if it is. Take out fireballs, if they were there, turn buoyancy off, and just use level mode 0A.

5. One of the early levels is a blatant Yoshi's Island 3 edit:

...that has several screens of this:

Which isn't exactly fun.

End of the level:

So yeah... it bares more than just a coincidental resemblence, namely at the beginning, the middle, and especially the end - it has the 30-coin bonus block, and the rotating platforms just like in Yoshi's Island 3. You should just use Ctrl+DEL and make a new level over this, as I do not recall anything specific in it worth salvaging.

6. Cutoffness Man

Big one first: The quicksand. You should use custom graphics for it, perhaps animated if you know how, but the key thing is to give it an outline at the top.

This part here... there's empty space below the tile I'm ducking on. This grassy platform is more like a mushroom top, so you should move the wall one tile inward.

A random piece of slanted support beam in the ghost house:

Bone is cutoff above the lava surface:

Ledges are also cutoff above the lava surface:

(Hint: End the bones and the ledges above the lava, don't drag them down and place the lava above them. For the bone, you might have to move it up one tile to attach a proper bottom to it. It will look weird using the Map16 editor to make a bone with a top and bottom all in the 16x16 space.)

Again with the idea of the mushroom platform, and the blank space between the water and the wall. You should probably use YY-CHR to make the edge straight and not frilled.

Cactus cutting into the tree:

Bad corner tile in this one:

...and this one...

...and this one...

...and this one, since it uses a piece of the mushroom ledge rather than an actual rope corner...

...and this one has the whole entire area with a green box behind it, so another thing you should do is use YY-CHR to remove the frills from the land against the water.

Your best bet, if your space for graphics is full so that you can not add new corner tiles, is to just remodel the levels a tiny bit so that nothing overlaps and gets cutoff as a result.

7. Bad palettes, ahoy!

First and foremost: Fade fix is your friend. It wants to be in your hack. :3

These blue bullet shooters are very weird. If you can't use the default palette (because it is overwritten) then you should use another palette. Just use the Map16 editor and make new tiles of the bullet shooter, with the new palette assigned.

The whole palette for this level is messy... however, your other deserts seemed fine. Rather than going through the palette errors, just import the TPL that these ExGFX come with, I guess, and if you don't have it, you should be able to copy it from another level easily.

The bottom part of the lava is discolored.

The ground is funky up close. The bright green grass has a brown shadow, for instance, and the gray should be replaced with another shade of brown - dark or light, it shouldn't make a difference, since it's not the shade used below the grass.

8. See those spikes coming out of the floor? When layer 2 scrolls up, there is no way of seeing them come up beneath you, and beforehand, you don't know the spikes are there until you see them pop up... meaning, you can get killed by something you don't even know is there. That's a cheap device, and as such, you should take the spikes off the bottom.

9. You placed this rope thing too low. Even though it moves back into place when you jump on it, it's still very awkward.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Chaotic Mario World - Koopa's Revenge Final - 769.4 KB - 15 downloads.
Length: 5 levels
Author: Voltrez One Million and Game Moron - Submitted by: Voltrez One Million
Description: Yeah...I look at the HRL (Hack Removal Log) and I saw what made my hack bad... so I made this a fixed version, but the Pipe Zoo, I'm sorry I haven't put alot of effort in to it, but I changed it slightly,
if there are things to fix, tell me.


A couple of issues here. Graphics-glitched Nippers (?) and this moving pipe end kills you if you stand on it when it rises. Maybe this is a glitch with the original sprite, maybe this is a glitch with your use of it - I don't know. It isn't right either way, and should be avoided. Also, those "ice blocks" to the left create a problem in that, if you don't have or lose Fire power, you can't progress. Make a reset pipe in this level so that you can always have more than one chance to get through these blocks. Also, the length in this level was very short - I would suggest adding 100 seconds or more.

Take out that pit to avoid problems like this.

Gray lava?

Graphics-glitched level-ending ? Spheres. Use ExGFX. Also, I hated this area because the jumps required such precision timing. Kind of hard for a first world level.

Custom speed-booster graphics would look much cooler than using golden water or any other combo of original graphics.

Highly illogical FG layering. The long mushroom by Mario's head goes behind the stem that he is standing in front of. He falls off the mushroom if he walks to where the stem is. For this to work as is, Mario should walk behind the stem.

Mario dies if he kills a bullet bill while standing still (instead of jumping on it). Again, I don't know if this is a glitch in the original game (well, you know what I mean) or because of your application of this generator.

Background garbage - make sure you set your FG/BG settings correctly at the level entrance.

Glitched-graphics ? Sphere again.

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Hack Name: Super Mario Thousand Islands Demo 2 Demo - 276.7 KB - 20 downloads.
Length: 17 levels
Author: blueyosh - Submitted by: blueyosh
Description: The second demo of Thousand Islands. This one goes to castle 2 (bonus Sea Cave and Fire Flower Galore by L-T08)

All in all, not a bad little hack. Just a few issues that should be cleared up.

So, there are some junky OW tile reveals (see top right). Also, should this be Wario's Cove?

This is a really long jump to make if you don't have flight powers. Also, there is normally a Thwimp on that partially concealed island in the lava.

The biggest drag on this hack is slightly boring/repetitive level design, like this ^.
Change things up a bit, vary things more, add ledges/decorations.

"I feel like I've been here before..." - Mario

I've never liked using SMW and SMB3 Goombas in the same hack. Something about it just seems wrong. But that's just me. Meh. Also, Major Slowdown blew his whistle big-time right here.

Please apply the Fade-Fix Patch.

More nasty OW reveal junk - it kind of looks like thunder in action. Another note - this whole island had pre-revealed paths that could not be walked on. Hide those paths.

Unedited Level Name.

This area was rife with Pink Berries - remember, if you eat them, it spawns the Coin Cloud game. Here, though, there isn't even enough time to play the game before the goal. Plus you can play it multiple times. BLARGG!

Make sure you have it set that Yoshi can't get into castles - otherwise, he turns into an accordian.

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Hack Name: Leafeh [Demo] Demo - 188.2 KB - 13 downloads.
Length: 8 levels
Author: Jayfeather113 - Submitted by: Jayfeather113
Description: This is a unique, open Mario hack.
The main charecter is Leafeh.
Unlike most hacks, you could finish the last level without beating the first level.
You can just walk there.

Originally posted by Lightvayne
Action Taken: Hack DENIED

Bad palette = No

No x 2

Bouncing rex head, need I say more?

Hi there. The above items weren't fixed this time around. The bouncing Rex head was not present, but there was a glitched Rex body Question Sphere exit sprite. Use ExGFX to fix that.

Other problems include:

Yoshi's House is royally screwed. Unless you are removing everything that makes it Yoshi's House, you shouldn't let it be bigger than one screen. See - there are birds floating unrealistically in mid-air and broken smoke eminating from nowhere, plus a floating hearth fire. Not good.

Using a cut-off tile for an underground passage is not good. Also, you should be able to see the ground that Mario is standing on. You can't here. Bump your level up one block, or remove this.

"How did I get here?" - Mario
"Because your hacker used slopes in a creative way that doesn't work with Super Mario World's block physics. Also, there's a cut-off tile behind the item box." - P-Switch

Cut-off, ugly-colored lava.

More ground-cutoffness (up by the key) and see-through-to-the-BG gaps around those stone blocks. Use some ExGFX to fix this.

More walking on the bottom of the screen, except this is worse because there are drop-offs that can't be seen, and one is right underneath that vine, which is really annoying.

Your OW is free-roaming, but there appears to be a useless place I can walk to up here. You should also use level tiles to indicate where levels are. Also, you really should put in paths. It's not that cool without them.

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Hack Name: Super Mario World Extra - 42.6 KB - 17 downloads.
Length: 9 exits
Author: MarthX - Submitted by: MarthX
Description: This is a hack that I made for fun. It was originally going to be one level but I decided to expand it. It's now one world. I spent a lot of time making this so I hope you enjoy it.

Ugh... It's... a Kaizo hack. ~_~

1. The first level makes you carry this key all the way with you to the end... in it, there are things like spin-jumping across piranha plants over wide pits of munchers, and very little space to throw the key. It usually ends up falling on the munchers since you have a 1/100 shot at actually getting the key to land on the platform when you kick it, so savestates are a must. Whenever savestates are a must, removal is a must as well. It should be playable and enjoyable on a real SNES or on emulators without savestates, such as bSNES.

2. More pixel-perfect, Kaizo-esque stuff, as shown here, and this is where I pretty much stopped playing. The ceiling is way too low for a jump like this. Try having it three or four tiles high - those should be the bare minimum.

3. No way of restarting the puzzle. You should have multiple reset doors since there are many places where you can get permanently stuck or forced to die if you make one mistake, and preferably disable the timer.

Exhibit A: Collecting a coin before you see the wall and notice that you have to jump across the used blocks to progress. You just ruined any chance you had at beating the level.

Exhibit B: This and the other P-switch race are all one-shot. You don't make it, then you have to jump down a hole or into a pit of munchers or a piranha plant to die.

Oh, and god forbid you ever drop the key somewhere other than on a cement block... oh wait... you have to eventually drop them on munchers and time your spin-jump perfectly down to the centisecond at some point in this level.

4. Also, look at the pic above and notice all the munchers. There's a problem there, since it's linked to this part, and you get this fairly long and tedious section of just standing between and jumping over munchers... a very boring, time-consuming element that should not be present in any hack. Try to vary it a bit - use different enemies, change the landscape a bit as to have one or two enemies be able to guard the place well but still be fair to the player and not boring.

5. Unlike the row above, you have no indicator that there are invisible coin blocks, and considering you're above a bottomless pit, that's rather unfair that you need foresight of this to be able to beat it.

6. Cutoffness Man extended his vineyard into your castle. You don't want that. You can either draw proper tops or bottoms for the vine, or you should attach a platform of some sort to the top and bottom - perhaps redraw the cloud to give it a flatter bottom rather than a tooth-shape, and use it here, and space out the vines a little more so you can't just jump up the platforms after adding them in.

7. Yeah - you built 95% of this level out of cement blocks (not counting munchers.) You really should use normal ground, and sculpt it over the cement blocks. You can use the Map16 editor if you can't find upside-down jointed tiles, and make use of castle walls, ledges, and corner tiles to have aesthetically pleasing ground. There is also stone that you can use. With two types of cool ground, why limit yourself to the monotonous, dull cement blocks?

8. Extra items that can go in the item box should not be collected on the title screen, as you don't have a box, and any piece of the item box will look silly here. Replace the mushroom block with a coin box, perhaps. :x

Well, so far, you're off to a decent start. You have some decent ideas, but they're not properly executed. Remember when doing large chain puzzles to give the player a "panic button" (e.g. a reset pipe/door) to reset the level, and to always leave enough of a margin of error that savestates are either used very rarely or not at all. Don't leave anything cutoff, either.

However, have to give you props on the overworld map. It's pretty nice-looking, although a couple of jointed tiles for the edge of the land, the top near the castle uses the wrong tiles, and the water are missing and it could use a bit of detail in the empty spots, but the shape of the island is quite decent. Maybe making more fringes and curved areas of it would make it even better, but not bad.

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If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: SMW Remix Demo - 38.4 KB - 15 downloads.
Length: 15 levels
Author: TJ - Submitted by: Broly
Description: Basically like the rest of yall's hack, it's Mario next adventure in new levels. Unfortunately, I didn't do the map or the graphics yet because I don't know how to do them yet. The levels are fun though. They're not impossible, nor are the boringly easy. Tell me wat yall think and give me some constructive criticizm.

Advice first, and a bit of vague feedback on levels.

Alright... here's a tidbit of info that can be really useful to you for making cleaner levels. The Map16 editor. Here's how you use it: You can select a tile, scroll down to another page with the up/down keys, and paste a tile on a blank page between 3 and F for the foreground, and 12-1F for the background. You can also change which palette the tile uses, set a new property (e.g. water that acts like water and has palette 5 for toxic water) and you can also x/y-flip the whole tile or parts of the tile. Press F9 to save your changes to the Map16.

I bring this up because I notice a lot of messed up jointed tiles. This advice should help you fix them - even though jointed tiles do not act like 130 ingame, if you create one, you should make them act like 130 since Mario shouldn't be able to touch them anyways. (Never let him run into the back of a solid wall since it seems rather weird, in terms of logic.)

With all that said, Iggy's Castle and the Yoshi's Island 3 levels had very good design layouts, and I think you did a pretty excellent job with those. Yoshi's Crib was probably the worst of the levels, inside the door, but the rest of them after that were quite alright. I'd recommend saving the remakes for another spot - make them secret levels, like in the special zone.

Reasons, for real this time
1. I found three places you can end up permanently stuck. The first one is here, and if you collect the coin by accident (spawned from an invisible coin block) then you're stuck down there until the timer runs out. Solution: Use an invisible note block instead. There shouldn't be anything here that conflicts with the note block's bounce sprite.

In this one, I was able to jump over the top of the solid wall and fall down here. As stated above, it's kind of weird to be inside solid walls like this, but also, there's no possible way to get out of here without a cape. So, you should seal off the top of this either by making a ledge over it, patching it up with solid dirt, or by making an invisible border to prevent you from jumping over any part of the level (since Mario can go offscreen where you haven't built anything, and it's all empty space up there.)

Lastly, I could fly up here. See, if I didn't have that P-switch, there would be no way out. To keep your puzzle concept intact, I suggest making the floor below this space solid so that Mario can not go up this way.

2. This portion, linked to Donut Plains 4, is unedited.

3. Some glitches in the backgrounds of two levels, and one sprite:

It's a bit hard to see in this image since it's at the very top and most of it is covered up by the ceiling. You probably can't see these in Lunar Magic... and I've seen this before. It's rare and almost seems random. Perhaps if you disable vertical scrolling on the background, you'll never have to see the garbage. I'm sure there's another better solution, but this is the first to come to mind. :x

For this, you should make an ExGFX file of the current GFX file you have loaded for this level that has the rope in it by resaving it in a tile editor (YY-CHR is recommended for simplicity) and naming it ExGFX###, and paste a copy of the vine graphic over the rope, as you do not use the rope in this level, so you will not be ruining anything. (Read on below for information about ExGFX)

4. Cutoffness Army
Vines are cutoff, and the cement blocks aren't very good ends for the switch palace walls and ledges. See if you can gather all the corner tiles and jointed tiles to use here - they should be in tileset-specific items or the direct Map16 access window.

I personally think this set is a pain in the butt to utilize, so I recommend the bonus room ExGFX we have hosted here. These can be used with any FG palette and do not require additional Map16 pages, since they fit over normal ground. Best of all, they look right at home in SMW.

All you need to do is make an ExGraphics folder in the directory of your ROM, extract and reinsert your old graphics so they are stored as 4bpp, and then rename the ExGFX file (it's a .bin) to ExGFX80.bin, for example, put them in that ExGraphics folder, and insert them. Go to Super GFX Bypass, and go to FG3, and change it to 80 and pick OK.

After that, you should be able to just build over these tiles, and have clean-cut ground that isn't cutoff anywhere and not have to change your design. However, this seems like a pain for anything but Small Mario, and I would suggest redoing this entire portion. I didn't play through all of Yoshi's Crib, but as I've said before, it's not a very good level, and I know you can do better because pretty much most of the rest of the hack was great., moving onward...

You should use the Map16 editor to make a y-flipped copy of the bullet bill shooter so that it can attach itself to that cement block, upside-down, and not be cutoff.

Midway point cuts into this bush, so you should remove the bush:

The whole bottom of this ground gets cutoff above the boiling tar:

What you should do, to avoid changing your design in any way except the aesthetics, is use the walkthrough dirt tile used in slanted ledges, that looks like half a tile. Use them to carve the land so there's a definite end to it, and it stops above the lava with outlined dirt rather than chopped-off dirt.

These ledges don't have any corners. I believe there's a corner without the wall part, but if you can't find that, then even using the non-solid wall can be fine. Think of it as a slight protrusion of the cliff, coming toward the player.

Jointed tile problem. Remember, the Map16 editor comes into play here - use it to make the appropriate tile to fit in over the bush.

There are a lot of cutoff rope tiles here. What you should do, again, is with the Map16 editor: Make a copy of the tile you put at the end of escalators or lines, and give it the same property as the conveyor rope you're attaching it to. So, you should make two new tiles with graphics of the escalator ends: one that moves Mario left, and one that moves him right. Check the property of the conveyor ropes to know the behavior of each one so you know what property to give your new tiles.

Another jointed tile problem:

Lastly, for cutoffness, the arch tiles end above the water. Since Mario can not go in that water from any way, you should just take the tile from Direct Map16 Access and drag them down, over the water.

5. Sprite tile memory problems. Download this, open calculator and Lunar Address and a hex editor, look for a lot of 00's (preferably a full screen or more, but make sure nothing important comes after them) and use Lunar Address to convert that address where the 00's start from PC to SNES. Type in that address where it says "change this to free space" (should be an org right before the main code if there's no !FreeSpace = # at the top), without the :, and then use xkas to insert it. Do this by opening the command prompt in the directory of your ROM and xkas together and typing:
xkas asmfile.asm romname.smc

Then change the sprite memory to 10 in all levels you find stuff like this in:

...and it should all be fixed. But back up your ROM in case something goes wrong!

6. Lots of bad corner tiles. These are not all, but some. You can fix the majority of them by selecting the correct tile from Direct Map16 Access, and pasting it over the incorrect corner tile.

(Note: there's also a missing jointed tile to the lower right of that pipe)

(Up near the status bar)

7. I found this level very frustrating, and ended up stopping here. You'd need foresight of what's ahead in order to make it through this safely, since one hit = death. Savestates should not be a requirement. Have another path to the exit near the bottom that's more difficult to get through if you can't fly across this part.

8. Didn't mention it until now, but this level has a bad FG palette. If you don't want to make a custom palette, change it to a grayscale, brownscale, greenscale, or ice-bluescale palette, as this palette is pretty much just meant for grasslands.

9. Bottom row of Lunar Magic should not be used. Perhaps instead, you should pull off something in the vein of Cheese Bridge Area, where you either needed to ditch Yoshi or be very skilled with a cape to fly under and get around to the secrets. Also, it's really hard to see the end of the ledge, which is right under the start of the taller ledge... which is a huge reason why using the bottom row for walking is very much looked down on - you can't tell what's solid and what's a bottomless pit, so we assume it's the latter.

10. Layer 3 text on title screen gets cutoff by the menu, so you should move stuff around and probably sacrifice the box around "REMIX". Also, stick with the font that doesn't have a "label" behind it, since the dark box is ugly:

11. I see what you were trying to do here, but the door and the generic "blank" Map16 tiles look very bad. Still, nice try for a "vanilla" castle. There are plain gray tiles you can make, if you use the 8x8 editor as a reference, and fill in the spots with the messy blocks with the solid gray, and perhaps use the same tile you have for windows as a door, if you can make that two tiles high and still have it look good.

12. In that level with the bad palette, I could also run over the top of the level at some point and run all the way to this empty spot and die. You should seal off the top, again, probably with invisible solid blocks.

13. A level design flaw - there is no way to get this midway point without dying. When you are shot from the cannon, you can't possibly get it, and the Koopas never go down low enough for you to backtrack and get it, so you should place it a few tiles higher.

...whew... that's one of the biggest logs I've ever typed up. Hope this information comes as valuable to you.

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Hack Name: Random World Demo - 145.5 KB - 0 downloads.
Length: 2 levels
Author: Coin Bandit /3833 - Submitted by: CoinBandit
Description: This is a short demo of my hack in progress. there are custom blocks and enemies. I will come out with a better name in due time.

1. I have no idea why sprite interaction is screwed up in this level (read: non-existant, the proof is that I'm standing right on that Pitchin' Chuck) but because of that, it's impossible to beat this level. The ROM you used was clean, judging from logs the emulator returns, so I honestly have no idea what went wrong here. Maybe a block you used? :s

2. Glitched graphics! One is a football glitched to look like a pokey head, and the other is a glitched goal sphere that looks like the ground crumbling, when a Monty Mole is about to pop up. Either remove these sprites, find a substitute for the goal sphere (such as the goal bar + post) or use ExGFX to combine the current graphics with the conflicting tile replaced by the correct graphic for the items used in this level (in this case, paste the goal sphere over the crumbling dirt and paste the football over the pokey head, but use this as ExGFX, not GFX, or you'll end up messing up all the in-ground Monty Moles and Pokeys in the game. The ExGFX can just be for this level.)

3. Never ever ever ever ever ever ever force the player to use savestates. This wall of bullet bills is a prime example of what we do not want to see. Use other enemies, and reduce the number of bullet bills.

4. The treetop tiles make the goal post cutoff. Start making the treetop tiles go up rather than down, a little bit more to the left, so that your goal post isn't cutoff.

5. Cloud palette of this level isn't good. The fringes of the cloud ledges are also missing. Here's a very fast idea: Set the slippery flag on, and give this level the ice-blue palette, and the background should have something pale and wintery. From there, you can also take out a couple of enemies (so that it's less crammed) and still have a rather challenging level, but with a new spin on it to keep it somewhat interesting.

6. These cement block graphics for the ones you can jump through are bad. Instead of having a really bad lower-right corner, you can x-flip or y-flip the entire block.

7. Okay, this isn't even close to the worst case of moony moony moons I've ever seen, but it's still a bit questionable since it's very easy to get. I recommend having a more difficult puzzle to get to the moon than this, or replacing the moon with either a generic powerup (fire flower or another mushroom) or a normal 1-up. For a short demo, I would think that the powerup is more useful than the extra life.

Finally, a couple of notes: Yoshi's Island 3 isn't part of the demo, so you should go to that level, delete everything, put a flat ledge with some goodies, like Top Secret Area, and a message box saying "End of demo, thanks for playing, please give feedback and suggestions for what you'd like to see in the next demo" or something, and use the Side Exit Enabled sprite.

Also, Yoshi's House is used in the credits... so it's going to look really funny with the cement block enclosure you used. Speaking of cement blocks, I think you're going a tad overboard with them. Use normal land instead of cement blocks more often in the future, and perhaps use the Map16 editor to make thinner land if you really need it.

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Hack Name: Supa Mario-sama Seken Demo - 151.6 KB - 15 downloads.
Length: 8 exits
Author: Ashura - Submitted by: Ashura
Description: I know the game isn't in Japanese text, and I know the game isn't actually the Japanese version, but I named it that because:
1) I like Japanese things.
2) Japanese games are harder; so is this game compared to the original.

This is my second try in submitting a hack, and I'm crossing my fingers, hoping it stays on.
I fixed everything that one Moderator said needed fixing, and
I think it's a lot more original and a lot better.


This hack was pretty damn good, and I had a great time with it, but still needs a little more polishing up before it can be approved... it's very close to being approvable though, and I would definitely like to play this hack again.

1. If it looks like a glitch, quacks like a glitch, and walks like a glitch, it's a glitch. Also, in the levels you use the Thwimp, it's an ineffective guard and seems to just be put there for the sake of having enemies, so I suggest you remove them.

Also: If you could use Sprite Tweaker to make the Bowser Fireballs unkillable, then please do so, because they glitch into half-Thwimps, half garbage when killed with the star.

2. Cutoff water.. idea: I would redraw the surface of the water to be flat, and sparkle, like in SMAS, so that way you can have the surface of the water in place as it's supposed to be, not have cutoff land, and not have cutoff water.

(I also noticed some remnants of 105 here, namely around this part with the clouds + Banzai Bill, and near the end, with the placement of the Clappin' Chuck and some block formations, so remember in the future to do Ctrl+DEL to get rid of the original SMW level before building your own level, if you haven't started doing that already.)

3. Some bad palettes.. Not exactly eye-searing but certainly questionable. Since this is an underwater level, might I suggest a combination of things: First of all, replace a lot of the cement blocks with land - I think maybe even using the grassland set underwater with an aquatic palette, such has having a dull green grassy surface and a pale, grayish-teal dirt would look pretty cool, and making the cement blocks a dim tannish color.

The background hills have some really strong, clashing colors. Make it go from a deep, dark red on the inside, to a dim, dull red on the outside. The land is okay, but still a bit painful, so if you could lower the intensity of that by dragging it down toward the gray a little more in the spectrum part, then a little towards the white at the top on the scale, it should be perfect.

Also, since this is the end of demo level, can you please use the Side Exit Enabled sprite so you are not forced to die when you go into this level?

A side note: Good thinking, having a hidden mushroom near the goal points and being able to see the trap that will kill you if you are small and cross the goal. One suggestion would be to cut down on cement blocks overall, though, since you use them too frequently - You should use normal land in place, wherever you can.

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Hack Name: SM: Search For The Green Pearl (demo 2 fixed) Demo - 82.6 KB - 7 downloads.
Length: 11 exits
Author: jcv1235 - Submitted by: jcv1235
Description: A fixed version of my demo, i forgot to make an IPS, (sorry moderators). But Here is my IPS and I hope you enjoy!

I wrote the following in my last removal log for this piece. Here it is again:
Originally posted by wonderful me
We also had an unofficial guest hack moderation of this hack and (while this is not allowed, endorsed, or encouraged) the user did make several valid points that should be cleared up before an IPS of this hack is submitted.

Since that wasn't clear enough before, I will post his post here, since all of his points were valid: ***
Originally posted by Lexator
Yeah I have playing this hack, there a lot lot lot of bugs !

BUGS: (clic on the pcture to make them bigger)

Incoorect yoshi coin position, there is a bug.

Poor assemblages of tiles

There is a bug with layer 3 (fishs) Fishs "follows" Mario, there are not a scrooling due to a secondary entrance in a layer 3 level.

Yeeah, I can pass the level with my blue Yoshi xD

Probleme with rope here.

Mario passes through of grey cement blocs

... thank you Yoshi and scrooling... >_>

oO WHERE IS MARIO ?!! bad sprite memory...

Bad goal sphere here.

A pike top disappeared ! Again, bad sprite memory.

Make thir area awith no vertical scrool.

Horrible level design !

There are more other little bugs...

That's all ^^
Sorry for grammatacal mistakes again, I try to progress in english !

In your new submission, you had a readme that read:
Originally posted by readme
I just want people to know how stupid they
are when they don't read the message
boxes. In this game the story is that Mario
has to find all eight badges to find the green
pearl. It explains this in the Withered Woods
but some people are too stupid to find that
out. So if you are a moderator, please do
not backstab me for having a strange
looking goal. It is supposed to be that way!

Tip: Don't use glitched graphics. No excuses.</font size>
Originally posted by Kyoseron
Don't use your story as an excuse for glitched graphics

That being said - the badge idea isn't terrible. However, how does this tie into the story later? How does collecting them tie into the game? As far as I know, there's no easy way to make collecting goal spheres a necessary part of a Mario quest. Setting aside the badges inside some sort of secret temple room (so you can use special palettes to at least make them look good) would help a lot. Still, do this at your own peril.

Now, for my criticisms:

A lot of your levels can be flown over very easily. Puzzle Peninsula became much easier because you can fly over or under the whole level.

A lot of your levels have repetitive level design (i.e. same creature, flat land, same creature, flat land, same creature, hill, same creature).

Your Training Levels can be exited out the sides (in all areas) because you are using the Yoshi's House side exit sprite. Don't.

Nice - I got five easy lives in the first area of the game by shell spamming. Speaking of lives, I counted at least two 3-Up moons in this game. Might want to cut back on those. Lastly, ugly corner at the lower right. There are several other bad corners like this throughout your hack.

lots of enemies = lots of slowdown = remove the fish

Example of boring repetitive level design

I hated this part. It's borderline Kaizo and it's in like the second world. Really really lame and too hard.

Make your generators turn off please. Also, this is what happens when you skip a few screens to use the same level for an exit. A few screens past this screen (I'm 90 percent sure) is more of the level.

"You can't see me because the wrong FG/BG settings were used." - Mario

This Banzai Bill is in sad shape. Apply the "No Sprite Tile Limits" Patch. Also, this is another stage easy to just fly through since all sections are in this one level.

The lava is to the right - why not put this raft on there? It's weird to see it roll on gravel.

"Put tile 0x1EB underneath me so I can actually work the right way." - Slice O'Watermelon the Triangular Run-Up-Walls Block

Also - if you actually playtested your levels, you might notice some of these things.

*** Please note - guest removal logs are STILL not allowed.

Tag (font) was not closed.

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Hack Name: mario and the green mountain Demo - 317.3 KB - 12 downloads.
Length: 5 levels
Author: mario productions - Submitted by: mario productions

1. The whole thing is blatant level edits. I gave up hope when I saw the third level's beginning... You should use Ctrl+DEL because we are never going to accept a hack that's mostly obvious edits of the original SMW. Changing the graphics doesn't cover it up at all.

(This room is completely unedited)

2. Cutoff tiles:

This overworld is a mess at the top and lower right, and the rest is very plain and boring. Also, you should delete the old Layer 2 events because they make paths going the wrong way and create even more cutoffness and are incredibly yucky.

Bushes in the ground are bad, and what's with these backwards question mark blocks? I say you should really get rid of them.

The ground below needs a wall:

3. Kaizo crap:

You shouldn't start a level like this. I died while taking a screenshot of the overworld and typing in its name and didn't even have time to press a damn key. DO NOT. PLACE. AN ENEMY. AT. THE FREAKING. START. OF. THE LEVEL. Split-second reaction time requirements do nothing but piss people off.

Thank you, tinypic, for renaming this image to something SFW, because I was pretty mad when I jumped, only to be killed by an invisible music note block. Don't place invisible blocks near pits like this because the deaths are very unfair, and there's no way of knowing it's there unless you've already seen it before.

4. Dragon coin on a subscreen boundary, at the far left of this screen:

5. Vertical scroll at will should be enabled for this level since you use the top of it for ground... and it's not fair to be unable to see where you are that well to judge what's around you.


6. Never use the bottom row of Lunar Magic for ground. You can barely see it ingame, and it's extremely difficult to know what is a bottomless pit or munchers and what's safe to walk on.

7. Enable sprite buoyancy or remove the fishes. They just fall when they appear onscreen because there is no buoyancy.

This hack needs not just a lot of work, but you should delete every level and work more on your overworld. Make original stuff, not just "a harder SMW with SMB3 SMAS graphics" because it's not wanted here.

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Hack Name: Mario and the Eight Jewels - 139.1 KB - 12 downloads.
Length: 9 levels
Author: NicholasTheLugia - Submitted by: NicholasTheLugia
Description: Second Hack. Yay!
Hey everyone. I've got another hack for you. Enjoy!

I didn't even finish, and I'm literally so brainhurt from what I saw that it feels like there's a gaping hole in the lower back of my head. I had to stop at the maze of confusion because the flashing colors were giving me a horrible migraine.

1. Level design is often redundant or empty... some levels are completely empty and you can beat them simply by holding right and the fast-forward button. (The switch palace, in particular. Nothing's there except a message box, a pipe, and the goal.)

Can get about 50 lives in this if you try... this goes on for several screens.

Straight Line Zone, act 1, with a huge line of enemies until you get to the staircase of pipes that shoot walls of bullets at you and practically force damage...

Jump carefully over the muncher while avoiding the one above you. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. You did it!

Completely unfair and unacceptable. Never make the player have to guess where safe ground is or to have a "pick a hole, one contains the exit, the others contain death" trap. This is a blind jump as well - if you can't see your target landing area, use coins to guide the player to safe ground.

So yes... you DESPERATELY need to broaden your array of concepts and do some planning before making levels. This isn't just absurd, it's... disorganized and poorly improvised. Think of alternative paths, longer levels, using enemies once in a while as effective guards of areas rather than spamming enemies in levels, and cutting back on bullet bills since walls of bullets are as fail as floating munchers.

2. O_O

You know... you can copy bits and pieces off the original islands, put them over to the right side, and piece them together if you have too much trouble with the 8x8 layer 2 tiles... but all this should be deleted. Don't forget to delete the layer 2 events as well - they're a mess. If all else fails, I'd even suggest just using the original SMW overworld. We don't remove hacks on the basis that the overworld is unedited, just if it's badly edited.

3. HYPER CUTOFF COMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You're not attaching the nonsolid walls to the ground correctly - the ledge should just go straight across and not stop for it... you only use jointed tiles to connect solid walls to ledges.

Every wall in this level is cutoff. There is absolutely no reason why you can't use a solid or non-solid wall with a corner tile. Also.. test your levels because it's impossible to beat this level without a cape. Your holes are too wide. Mario, running at top speed and jumping at the very end, can only come within two tiles of the ground at closest.

Bad corner tiles. Open Direct Map16 Access in the objects window and use the corner tile that doesn't have dirt on the tips.

4. Horrible flashing lava (yay for ibuprofen), very bright blue blocks that are a pain to look at, and you also have a bad ground color in your title screen. Pick one where colors 5-7 are a consistent gradient... not this one. This palette is meant for grasslands.

^ Oh, and the walls are cutoff too.

MY EYES!!!!!! ¡_¡
Also, you really shouldn't make whole levels out of cement block.... use some land instead.

5. The annoying message box of doom after you beat a level. Mario hits the box three times, causing everything to vanish except a 0 in the score counter, as well. Please don't do this. It's extremely frustrating.

6. I should not be able to touch this side of a pipe, as it makes no sense.. :s The stuff I'm jumping through isn't solid yet the pipe is, and the pipe is supposed to be on the top of the house, right? This makes it seems like the house is way in the back, and the pipe is floating up close.

7. Shouldn't have more than one screen of space like this after the goal.. it's just annoying if you think there's a secret that's way back there, then you have to backtrack after finding nothing.

Oh, and Ersanio has some pics too, of some stuff I didn't play, but there's also some other bad hack pics in there too in case you want to learn what not to do from those examples:

Just look above you...
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Removed: Super Shinobi World by the_albatross
Submitted by the_albatross
Description: This is my latest demo for Super Shinobi World. I had to post this ASAP, because I was informed that someone was out to steal my idea of ninja mario. So here is my hack which I've looked over carefully, and playtested. I've corected all the errors, and it plays well. Copyright 2008 The_Albatross


Well, you've made some definite improvements since last time, from what I can see. The error where you die in the area where Mario dashes is removed, for example.

However, there's a new problem. You cannot get past the first level. The message box in this screenshot tells the player not to move, but even if they don't, the turning blocks are solid, no matter what. There appears to be no way though. I had someone else try this as well, and they were also unable to get through the area. This is the most important thing to fix before you resubmit.

The level at the end of the demo was available from the beginning, it seems. I'm not sure what you mean by "Train" though. The level itself didn't seem like a train. :/

I was able to clear it, but nothing happened afterward. One small suggestion for that level, however: try using this patch for when Mario takes the bouncy blocks. Otherwise, you can't see him at all.

It sounds like you've made a serious effort to improve this hack since last time, and it would very likely be accepted if you made it possible to clear the first level.

Removed: Hakurankai Mario
Submitted by: CoinBandit
Description: A short demo of my hack in progress, the full version can be downloaded at my site (check readme)

i hope you like it. ^^

Deja vu! This is just this hack with none of the issues fixed! This would appear to be a bad thing.

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My Hacks:

Removed: Bowser Strikes Back - Demo 1
Created By: Jimmy52905

Originally posted by Jimmy52905
This is my second ever SMW hack. Story: "After Mario rescued the princess from the evil clutches of
King Bowser, the world was restored to peace. But one day...
Bowser returned to the Mushroom Kingdom and kidnapped her again!
But this time, he traveled to an alternate world. Meanwhie...
while Mario was on vacation at Yoshi's Island, he received a
letter..." This is a 1 world demo of my hack. It takes place on Yoshi's Island.

Alot of things have changed while making this hack:
- The levels have been completely redesigned.
- Most of the graphics have been changed.
- A completely new overworld.
- Completely NEW bosses instead of having to fight the same old
Koopa Kids over and over again.
- Added Custom Blocks and Custom Sprites
- No HDMA. :(
- Completely new music. :D
- A new Title Screen
The .zip folder also contains some screenshots and a soundtrack of all the songs used in this demo, so you can get an idea of what the hack is like before playing it. Enjoy! :)

This hack is really good! I liked what I played of it, but there's just one teensy weensy little problem... S L O W D O W N ! ! !

In this area, the game was constantly running at half speed, and for some reason whenever the screen scrolled the enemy Bob-Ombs would move much faster as if to make up for it. It was really weird. Slowdown also plagues other levels.

I like this hack, but you'll need to fix this up before I can accept this, sorry.

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My Hacks:

Man, three hacks in one day. I may or may not be a machine.

Rejected: Super mario demo (cold/world 3)
Author: Andre
Description: This is a hack demo,I worked on...In the music,go to smw central tutorial for get the smb 3 music(On you get it,you not need put in rom! It's a ips file!)... Have fun on play this demo!

Okay, where to start...

Unchanged. At all. Notice that Mario has a poorly MSPainted santa hat on - most of the enemies in the hack have this. Some of them even have it on all of their frames!

The first level: Some engrish, usage of the bottom-most row of tiles as the floor, a couple of hills, an inexplicable pile of clouds, and a long plain platform with some enemies on it, leading to the goal. Designed in about five seconds, I'm guessing.

The yellow switch palace is barely changed: The coins are removed (yet oddly, the P-Switch isn't?) and shelless Koopas are thrown around randomly.

This is pretty much the entirety of level 2! (There's a goal a little bit off screen). No enemies or anything! One of the pipes (the last silver one, in case you're wondering) leads to a room with a flower, cape, and sod all else.

Another nigh-monsterless paradise, level 3's first screen seems to be ripped wholesale from level 105. Then there's some lazy copy-pasted slope-to-slope jumps, a long plain of shelless koopas, and the goal!

Sure thing, buddy.

In short, this hack is a quick and dirty newbie hack by someone who's just got LM. He should stick with it, and try and practice and do something good... but he should never submit something made in what seems to be just one day.

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My Hacks:

Hack Name: The Fatal Race Of Mario... - 115.6 KB - 137 downloads.
Length: 17 levels
Author: reallybighacker - Submitted by: reallybighacker
Description: The story is that mario find a flyer for a race in race land. He thought that he could get a few coins after buying the bowser owner 9000, which was faulty. So he goes to regestration counter so he can enter. When he fanally gets there after a 1h 30min wait, he gets kocked out by some nerve gas. When he wakes up, he finds himself in a stone block cage. After waiting what felt like forever, he was finally released. This race.. was leathal. Chucks, munchers and invisible coin blocks were all around him, it was him aginst the clock.

This is the final version of my hack. I have added an extra world and some plot. Also, I had sucess with editing level 104 without glitching it up. If you are having problems with the patch, try expanding the rom first.

(Please delete super race world v1.1 and this text once read.)

Fixed some glitches and moved the map to the overworld. If you find any bugs please pst.

1. You can not beat the final boss. Too many sprites onscreen, so it will not let you pick up the throw blocks. I strongly suggest removing that Eerie generator - it's more of an annoyance than anything, and also, you should probably have a few more throw blocks. You don't need a way to reset this room since chances are time will run out before you can get a second chance :P

2. That lightbulb at the top of the screen is glitched. If you can't change that without screwing up other sprites, just take it out.

3. These message boxes are both blank. Either fill them in with text (for level 003) or remove them.

4. Foreground palette here is still bad like in the previous demos and the video. Make palette 2, colors 3-7, a dark-to-light gradient of the same color. (BG palette could also use some work, both in this part and the 1-2 remake part.)

5. Overworld problems. This pit-stop has a garbagey name, and I'm not exactly sure what's up with the random black lines and spots on some of the overworld... there's some in the Escape Plains area above, as well.

The half tree should be removed (the castle should have another lava layer 1 tile or something you can put there) and the rock horn and cutoff vines need to have more built around them so that they aren't cutoff - the perspective of the vine going into the water is really awkward, and the horn is missing some tiles on the right side. Also, I think maybe there's a few tiles from an overworld event or something left over (the tiles with the brown spots)

A better look at this island - the path makes the lower cliff cutoff, and the dark green blotch isn't very good either. Perhaps this is caused by another event you may have forgotten to delete.

Also, a suggestion for the Yoshi's House with the weird name: Make a level that acts as an actual pit-stop, so that when you enter and come out of it, the save prompt appears. Put a 0 timer on it and just put in a goal sphere or goal bar, and maybe a few coins if an extra life is out of the question, and let it be a safe zone. This would be useful for people using bSNES or real hardware to play the hack.

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Hack Name: Mario's WTF Land (Demo 1.0) Demo - 147.4 KB - 4 downloads.
Length: 8 levels
Description: This is my first hack on SMWC and It's a mix between Kaizo, fun, and Smarts! Took a month to make.
The switch palaces are unchanged.

1. Forced death if you enter Yoshi's House...

2. You kill either the Koopa or the shell, and you have to die. There is no reset pipe/door for the puzzle.

3. Another forced death. The P-switch from when you get the shell trapped inside the used blocks doesn't last long enough for you to even get close to this part... and yeah. Once again, you're forced to die.

4. Stacked and floating munchers, and extreme overuse of cement blocks (you can/should use land instead of cement blocks.) Change the graphics of the muncher or make a y-flipped copy of them to attach to the ceiling, but you are -not- allowed to stack them or have them floating in mid-air.

The level design is horribly flawed, as though it has never been tested. First three accessible levels are all "you mess up and you die" or "haha you die anyways." It's not remotely fun. It doesn't require smarts, like you said it would, either - it requires luck and psychic powers. There is virtually no drive for me to complete the hack beyond this. If you want a hack on SMWC, this is not going to cut it. Perhaps this is for a different crowd who appreciates these absurdly impossible hacks.

<blink>WE DO NOT ACCEPT KAIZO HACKS</blink></font color></font size>
Unexpected end tag (</blink>) at 1817, expected </font>

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