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Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
Name: Super Mario: Hunter's Revenge 3: Hunter's Return!
Length: 50 Levels
Author: Metalgearhunter


This hack looks like it has a lot of potential. The effort put into it is quite evident. However, there are numerous glitches and oversights that really hold the game back. For example:

Just opening the game up, one can see that your original tile screen has some major problems. Notice the glitchy fireball that the scoprion spat. Also, with so many sprites onscreen at once, this screen experiences some...

Minor case of cutoffnessman in the right corner. Fortunately that seems to be his only appearance in this hack. Just try to fix that. Also, though barely visible, there are some glitched tiles in the top left corner behind the status bar.

Palette error with this message box in one of the early levels.

Is that supposed to say "Mario Start!"? I wouldn't know. I don't read Glitch-ese. Please fix that for the sake of your english-reading players.

A blind jump onto a thin platform with lava on either side. Please try to avoid blind jumps, as they are pretty unfair, since the player has no way of knowing what to do aside from trial and error. (with the latter usually meaning "death")

Bad fireflower palette

The start of a level, with layer 3 tides

...2 seconds later, with the tides being obliterated by a level message sprite.

Also, Major Slowdon's troops are parading through this level too. Try to fix the lag.

This area includes this blue.....line thing with no explanation on how it works. Mario seems to fall right through it, straight into the pit. A pit that, I might add, would be perfectly harmless if the tide hadn't abandoned me.

In fact, tere was no way past that chasm at all, thus making the normal exit unattainable. However, jumping to the left showed me this:

Coins leading upward. I was left to assume there was a P-Switch earlier in the level. However, I swiftly ran out of time trying to backtrack. Restaring the level, I found a little side path that indeed lead to a P-Switch. Along the way, however, I came across this:

Ooooh! PHANTOM NOTE BLOCKS. Is it Halloween again already? These note blocks vanish while you're touching them, and reappear when you're not anymore.

Anyways, I took the alternate route using the P-Switch, and got directly to a key and keyhole set.

But then, to my dismay, the secret exit took me to here:


It's a level you cannot enter, with a FF6 style save point on it. In other words, I STILL can't move on this way either. Thus the game is unplayable after, like, the 3rd level. :(

Try to fix the things I pointed out here. Like I said, tis hack certainly does seem to have potential, but it has some very obvious and even some easily fixable flaws. Tweak the levels, fix the glitches, and you should have a winner next time.

Rejected: Yoshi Hack Demo 1
Created By: Goldenkirby3
Description: This is a short demo.Only the first two levels are available at the moment but your reviews will make this better!

Okay, where to start?

All unchanged. This, combined with the player being a Yoshi and the Yoshi not being removed from the title map, makes the title demo a little... odd.

This one screenshot summarises the hack quite simply: Tons of fireball spewing Piranha Plants placed everywhere EXCEPT pipes. But, for the purposes of not being biased, let's keep going.

OK, this is a seriously bad idea design-wise. If you don't have a fire flower, you WILL be hurt getting past this. There is seemingly no other way around. Also, the Big Mario sprites are the exact same as the small ones. Also, cutoff on the bush over there. Also, the floor is on the bottom-most layer of tiles...

...except when it's not. Aiee! That's a pretty serious dick move, right there. Are you sure you tested this?

Bad edit of SMW level.

The sea is spewing fireballs at me? Man, even LOGIC wants to kill me.

Cutoff in the name of waterfalls. This is where ExGFX/ExAnimated etc. comes in handy.

Hey, you know how this thread has Major Slowdown and Cutoffman? Let's add a third character to the mix, Mr. Johan Sebastian I-Will-Rip-Out-Your-Eyeballs-If-You-Hide-Your-Enemies-Behind-Layer-1. Seriously, DON'T DO THIS.

You'll chafe if you keep overusing it like that.

Yes, that piranha plant head is a message box. No, it's not a graphics glitch.

This, though? Graphics glitch, all the way. This isn't hard to fix, people! Also, floating munchers: the stamp of quality.

Finally, the hack ends not with a bang, but with an unenterable space on the world map.

In short, submitting your first hack ever is never a good idea. Practice a bit and plan things out before rushing ahead. Also, don't use the same two enemies for every level. Thanks!

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Hack Name: Super Mario World and the Seven Shards Demo 1 Demo - 447.1 KB - 2 downloads.
Length: 6 levels
Author: YF501 "Back For The Holidays" - Submitted by: YF501 "Back For The Holidays"
Description: The First demo of SMWATSS!

1. You used a bad dump, so it makes the hack unplayable. You'll have to move all your work to a clean one. We can't help you get one, but here's a tip: Look for a [!] in the title - that means "verified clean dump", and most ROMs labeled with this will be clean.

Now, here's what happens when the patch is applied to a clean ROM:

The moment you enter the first level, you fall to your death.

2. There should be no possibility of death in the intro, since it can mess up your life counter. Avoid using bottomless pits, lava, munchers, and enemies in any spot Mario can reach before being taken to the overworld.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Removed: Super Mario: The Thousand islands (Demo 2)
Author: Blueyosh

Sorry to say, but your hack didn't even have much there to be tested. How, you might ask? Allow me to explain:

Okay, so this is the overworld. There is a bit of cutoffness with some of the water, but that's actually the least of this hack's problems. Entering the first level, "Cave Puddle", there are some immediate problems.

For one, these tiles are unseeably placed on the lowest row of the level. Please move the land up a bit. Also, this cave actually has....the SMB1 1st level theme as it's musc? That's an....interesting choice. o_O (you might want to change it to a more fitting song)

A couple screens later, there is this pipe. Press down on it, and....

....that's right, you get sent to an endless bonus game. (Or at least endless until you die by the timer. :/)

Fortunately, one is able to press up to completely SKIP Cave Puddle, and move straight on to the next level tile.

....but unfortunately, it too leads to an endless bonus game. And this one truly is endless, as not even Father Time can save Mario from the agonizing repetition of the bonus game track for the remainder of eternity.

Please make sure to test your hack before submitting it next time, to ensure that it's functional.

Removed: Super Mario: Hunter's Revenge 3: Hunter's Return Demo
Creator: Metalgearhunter

Hello, Hunter! This hack was removed yesterday, and man were we surprised that it should pop up today, fixed up! What a difference a day makes...

Okay, first thing's first. Why did you make it so we have to apply the N-SPC patch after your hack IPS? Couldn't you just include the fix in your hack, like everyone else? Messing around trying to figure out why I was just getting a black screen kind of put me in a bad mood, so I forgot to take screenshots... sorry!

Second thing: Some stuff DID get fixed, yes. Like the cutoffness, glitched Mario Start text, and it's now actually evident how to use the blue stuff (run along it really fast), so you're actually reading this and learning where you went wrong. That's good! However, this let me reach level three, which I will go back and screencap for you now, because I hate myself.

Please, explain how a maze with no enemies, no way of identifying where you are because everything uses the same tile, and headache-inducing music was a good idea. Then explain why I should accept this hack.

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Removed: Super Mario: Hunter's Revenge 3: Hunter's Return Demo
Creator: Metalgearhunter

I'm pretty sure this is setting some kind of record.

Originally posted by The Kins

Please, explain how a maze with no enemies, no way of identifying where you are because everything uses the same tile, and headache-inducing music was a good idea. Then explain why I should accept this hack.
The changes from the past submission:
- There's some shell-less Koopas scattered around, seemingly at random.
- A springboard got moved.
- A blue marker is embedded in the walls at random intervals.
- The maze is still terribly un-fun to play.
- The maze is now the first level, because you forgot to move the overworld Mario sprite back.

Please, spend more than a few hours trying to fix your hack. Go back, see how this level is fundamentally flawed, and redo it in a way that flows better and is more fun. Mazes can be fun, challenging levels, but this has none of the fun and all of the frustration.

I mean, hell, look at this and tell me it's fun. Go on.

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I'm back

Removal: Hakurankai Mario DEMO
Author: CoinBandit
Description: "I have revised some of the problems I had in my previous versions. i have also editted some of the overworld, but i have restrictions as well, donut land 2 is the end in this DEMO. updates will be posted on my site."

Apparently this has been turned down before already. Let's see what changed...

Stray line to the left of "World". Might want to fix that.

JESUS CHRIST. Why did you think this was a good idea at all?

I'm starting to think otherwise after that greeting of being shot in the face.

Look to the left side of the island. Notice the blue spots? You should fix your overworld.

Said gold bars look really wierd (because they're glowing)

Fake blocks? That's not cool, but at least you have coins that indicate you can jump through it.

Lies, this palace is green.

This is why the switch was located where it was in the original games.

The face on the cloud appears above Layer 1 tiles that have priority.

Bizzare blue stemmed munchers. At least they are correctly flipped.

Looks like Chomps and ON/OFF blocks aren't compatible with each other.

This part of the level wasn't bad (just some simple jumping stuff), but the background? Please change it.

The coins act solid if you're not regular Mario. This means I was forced to take a hit in order to play the level.

Oh... kay...

And like that, I was able to make a cutoff tile.


Yeah it seems to look fine, but...

*too fast
*Kinoko's's glowing ground.

It really stands out here.

Glitched Yoshi tounge! You shouldn't let Yoshi into this level.

Also, glitched graphics for bouncing on a note block.

Now you see it...

Now you don't. The return of the dick move fake wooden blocks!

You might want to position the goal post lower...

I do not like what I am seeing.

Congradulations, you earned an instant delete! DO NOT PUT ENDLESS BONUS STAGES INTO YOUR HACK.

Hack Name: Super Icy World Demo 1 Demo - 20.4 KB - 1 download.
Length: 8 levels
Author: Thwaterguy - Submitted by: Thwaterguy
Description: Hey Thwaterguy Here I Remade My Hack and Fixed it

You sent me a new IPS last night with a couple of new levels, right? Never got around to it, so sorry about that. This should be the rest of the problems in the hack.

1. Your new switch palace has two stuck-forever spots. The first one is a direct cause of the P-switch and the used blocks. If you press the switch and do not make it to the pipe fast enough, you are stuck forever. The solution to this is to have a "reset door/pipe" on another screen that just leads back to this level.

(Create a screen exit on a screen where you can always have access to the door, so not 00, but maybe 01. The button is the door with the arrow, and level to lead to is the same number as the one you are editing. Press F1 to view screen exits - if there is an exit, the screen will be bluish. If it's not bluish, you don't want to put your door or pipe there since it will go to a neverending bonus room.)

You can also re-enter this level, meaning there's no way out but to wait until time runs out so you can die and go to another level. The fix to this is to click on the layer 1 tile for this level in the overworld editor, and change the properties, and make sure it's "No Entry if Level is Passed"

2. Should move the exit to another "level" by creating an exit to a test level, for example, delete the test stuff and put a goal sphere/goal bar and some decorations. What happens here is that after the Course Clear text appears, the tide vanishes.

(Also, if you could do a favor and move the fish generator in this level to screen 01? It's a bit unfair to subject the player to that immediately when they'd have to be fast to avoid getting hit right when they enter the level.)

3. This level is still an obvious edit of 103 (Yoshi's Island 3), and should be Ctrl+Del'd and made into something new. There's also a bad corner tile here.

4. Lastly, pretty much the whole castle before the boss consists of jumping across these sets of cement blocks while dodging Bowser statue fireballs. Up, down, up, down, up, down.. needs some more variety. Perhaps a short maze or puzzle and a few other enemies will spice it up.

Also remember that thing I said about custom palettes the other day. SMW's blue and gray palette isn't exactly the best for the icy feel (especially since it doesn't look too good with the grassland set), and there's another palette built into SMW that's even closer to the ice color than that one, and you should activate the slippery flag in some levels as well.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Super Mario Bros Zero Demo 1 FIxed Demo - 1.5 MB - 82 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: cosmo1215 - Submitted by: cosmo1215
Description: The last submitted hack, I fixed these errors,enjoy it!
!!!!!Moderators please delete the previous one!!!!!
If this stuff doesn't work go to acmlm's board uploader.

This hack has a lot of good things going for it - the graphics are amazing and for the most part, level design is pretty good. However, besides the many fixable bugs and glitches here, the difficulty factor here is pretty unfair in many places. There isn't really a clear increase in difficulty, and in some places difficulty was just plain cheap (i.e. incredibly difficult jumps requiring constant rewinds, unfairly placed spikes, overwhelming enemies plus slowdown, forced hits, etc.) Even if all of the following issues were fixed, I would still say the current difficulty level would prevent me from playing this hack for fun. A good rule is that if you can't play your own levels without using rewind, they are probably too hard.

Here are two blind jumps near the beginning of the game. Add coins to guide the player down. That first tileset kind of bugs me, too, because the very edge is tile 25, so it looks like you should be able to stand on it, but you will fall through.

Apply the Fade-Fix Patch.

When coming out of pipes with Piranhas, Mario gets hurt. There is a patch to fix this, too.

Para-Goombas turn into SMW-style carryable Goombas when cape-swiped. Make sure you enable "dies when jumped on" with these, too. Make sure you also don't mess up your status bar, like you do here and a few other levels, with your custom palettes.

These (and other) Piranha Plants will go behind bushes and other objects placed in front of them. This makes them an invisible unfair enemy. Don't put things in front of them.

Bush got cut-off from my actions.

When a P-Switch is hit, your SMB3 Bricks behave like coins. They still look like bricks, though. ExAnimation can fix this.

I found a cut-off unfinished area. Finish things up to the next screen edge.

This portion of this level behave like the Minus World from SMB, unless you find this invisible used block here. It took me forever to figure this out, and this is only in the first world. This might work for a secret exit, but seems unfair for the regular exit.

Glitched Boo Stream - remap your YI Bat graphics.

^ Completely unfair jumps!!!

Always leave the player with a way to reset (without dying) if they mess something up, such as I did here, leaving me unable to progress. Similarly, don't make puzzles require certain power-ups to work.

Something is really glitchy with your OW. I got glitchy revealed paths on almost every play.

Go here and be trapped forever. There is no way to get out. Also, the Toads seem like they are floating in air in all frames.

It seems kind of cheap to have the platforms go INTO the "lava" at the bottom, especially when it is difficult to tell just where the "hurting part" begins.

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Hack Name: Ow test(please,don't reject! :( ) Demo - 81 KB - 2 downloads.
Length: 4 levels
Author: André(seuimbecil) - Submitted by: seuimbecil
Description: Overworld test,In my real hack(not a test) ill have 5 worlds!

OW Test OW Failed.

Your ROM or the IPS must be corrupt. When I opened it in LM, I got a message about how LM was struggling to correct sprite data errors. Then, the intro level was glitched with SP1 data and then I got a black screen. You game is unplayable at the moment.

Also, you've been a member since November 30. From your screenshots alone, I would say you should play with LM a little longer before submitting anything.

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.

Removed: Super Mario: The Thousand islands (Demo 2)
Author: Blueyosh

Absolutely NOTHING fixed from the previous submission attempt. Don't waste our time like this.

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Hack Name: Ow test (Fixed error) Demo - 152.4 KB - 2 downloads.
Length: 4 levels
Author: seuimbecil - Submitted by: seuimbecil
Description: This is the same hack of other! more,now are fixed the error!
Please, don't reject!

It is really annoying when people say "Please don't reject my hack!" in their hack descriptions. Usually it is a pretty good sign that the hack needs to be rejected. This is no exception.

You need to try playing around with LM for a few more weeks before submitting anything again. This is your third submission in the past week, and each one has been filled with errors. Read this thread to see what NOT to do. Play some other hacks for inspiration of what is good. Please don't submit another hack until you have something of a little more quality. Thank you.

Upside-down water is weird, but that's not a huge deal. If you're going to use upside-down water, you should give it some nice sides, instead of cut-off edges. Also, your BG has a nasty palette, particularly those aqua-colored blocks on the hill.

Reassemble your slope tiles - something isn't working right here. Look at the slope diagram in SMW Data Repository for more help.

Kinda blind jump here. Use coins to guide the player. The Santa hat still leaves a lot to be desired.

This Chain Chomp needs to be chained to something.

"Blue Koopa Again!"
more like
"I Don't Like To Vary The Enemies I Use, Making For A Boring And Sad Experience For The Player"

"No, no, a thousand times no!" - Betty Boop
Seriously - I started with a Super Mushroom before going in this tunnel. I had to lose my power to avoid jump-spamming through. Then, the tunnel is filled with junk like this.

Use custom palettes so your YI Goombas don't look like some horrible reminder of America's racist past. Also, stacked and floating Munchers (see right) = insta-rejection.


Andy was listening to Neneh Cherry - Buffalo Stance while posting this removal log.

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Hack Name: Super Mario World Extra - 166.9 KB - 6 downloads.
Length: 10 exits
Author: MarthX - Submitted by: MarthX
Description: A short little hack I started for fun. It was originally going to be one level (I'll leave it up to you to guess which one) but I decided to expand it to one world. I've spent a lot time making this despite its short length, so I hope you enjoy it.

I'd say that the biggest problem with this hack is its Kaizo-like nature (i.e. requiring perfect jumps, Muncher abuse, one-try puzzles, use of glitches) and the fact that there are many places the player can get stuck until they die. The level design is very repetitive and bland too, though I did like the castle level best (if it weren't cheap).

You have potential - just vary things more. Play some other hacks for inspiration.

In the very first screen of the first level, you can get stuck. There is no way out here, except death - that's never a fun option.

If I use this shell to kill enemies, drop the shell over the side, or do anything with it other than use it to hit this block to make a vine, I am stuck. I can't even backtrack to get another shell because there is a cliff that prevents backtracking.

Well, I used the shell to make the vine, but I let it go and fall off a cliff. Now what do I do? Answer: Kill myself.

There really shouldn't be an easy-to-get 3-Up Moon in the first level of the first world.

^ Repetitive level design. I just rewound my way through because there is no incentive to solve this because it is uncreative - it is just perfect jumping over and over.

If for some reason I don't get across this block bride before the P-Switch times out, there is no way to get another P-Switch, so I am dead.


Andy was listening to New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle while posting this removal log.</div></div>

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Removal: NSMW: TWOBJ (DEMO 2.5)
Author: mariomaniac444
Description: "A new demo of my hack.


- Worlds 1&2 done, plus a portion of World 3*
- Custom sprites
- Custom blocks
- Custom music*

*new feature

Have fun!"

What the heck is this thing supposed to be? Some reject from SCORPION's hacks?

Smashable brick blocks... looking screwy. Parts of the inside glow. You might want to fix their graphics.

Nitpicky, but the bush on the edge should be moved to the left.

Best pratice is to NOT do this. If you want to use the whole still-a-coin-even-if-P-Switch-is-on deal, use ExGFX to have a coin that doesn't change when the switch is pressed, make a copy of the purple coin's Map16 data to an empty spot in page 3 or higher, and edit its tile mappings to use the ExGFX instead.

Extreme lag.

Tricky jump involving bouncing off a Banzai Bill onto that small platform. From this shot, you can see that I failed.

Now you see it... you don't. Please don't do this to players.

More lag, caused by the Rexes and moving coins they spawn when killed with fireballs.

Extreme lag. Again!

Looks like that little wierd thing is back. Apparently it's just an ExGFX'd Goomba. It died in one hit and I got a coin for it.

Glitched the mushroom scale platform out of the level (in the manner of glitching enemies out of screens in Mega Man)

Why do people recolor the original SMW cement block in their hacks? It never looks right. Please consider ExGFX.

You know, this area reminds me of Super Demo World: The Legend Continues.

It reminds me a bit too much. Especially since the item in there was a Goomba. However you have a screwy pallete for the blue ? block, might want to fix that.

Goal post is cut off, move the mushroom ledges around so it doesn't do this.

Also, try to avoid making versions of solid blocks that act like thin air.

The level is a recreation of 1-1 in Lost Levels (SMB2J). This part created a lot of lag.

Glitchy tiles as the flag.

Glowing part of pallete is not affected by fading. This is another reason you should fix the graphics for this block.

Most anticlimatic Bowser battle ever. He went down with one fireball.

Glitchy tiles for the lava splash graphics.

And then the game proceeds to lie - I killed him with a single fireball, then pressed the P Switch to activate the level end custom sprite.

Too many Hammer/Boomerang Bros. will always mean lag.

Bad corner tile, but it's because you didn't want to relocate the Goal Post?

Path in the water seems odd. The waves stop around it.


I'm glad you're not using muncher graphics, but why not use ExGFX to make it more... menacing? I mean, if it wasn't for this message, I would not have known that those blocks were a hazard.

This is the kind of thing that should be left to Mega Man, IMHO.

The yellow hurts my eyes. Also, yet another SDW:TLC ripoff.

Here's an interesting bug in the game that affects Classic Pirahna Plants and mikeyk's custom Venus Fire Traps alike. Try eating a Venus Fire trap and get hit by something (like a fireball) before Yoshi eats the enemy, and this happens. Not a problem with this hack, but still interesting to point out.

Sprite memory errors. Did you test this level with Yoshi?

The ground hurts my eyes.

Again, use ExGFX, don't use recolored cement blocks.

So I went back into the first castle level to look for a secret exit mentioned.

Alright, I'm starting to get really convinced that you're ripping off FuSoYa's work.

This seals it. It's a copy of SDW:TLC's Star World. Including the Red Star levels. Yes, TLC was a great hack. But it doesn't mean you can copy from it! Try to be original instead.

Sprite memory error.

This level feels like a direct rip from Demo World.

To summarize: Lag issues, minor tile errors, graphical mistakes, sprite memory errors, and some plagarism.

Removal: Mario, Curse Hunter
Author: --GAMMAXMAS--
Description: "Mario is taking a Vacation in waffle islands and makes a great discovery...

This hack features:
-Custom Music
-Custom Sprites
-Custom Blocks

Honestly I found this hack to be not that bad. However, you've damned yourself with one of the screenshots you provided:

Glitched sprites. Are those supposed to be hammers? Or a bizzare off-colored Cheep-Cheep?

Hack Name: Super Mario World: The X Quest DEMO v.1
Author: ZeronFX - Submitted by: ZeronFX

There was generally boring level design that needs a lot more variety. This is also probably one of the single glitchiest hacks I've played. Everything needs de-glitching - custom blocks, OW paths, etc.



Lots of issues here:
- First, that's a weird bush.
- Second, this is what happens when you put Green Berries in a level with no time limit.
- Third, this is what happens when you put Yoshi in a level with Baby Yoshis.
- Fourth, having more than one Baby Yoshi in a level will also glitch up the other Baby Yoshi if you take it off-screen from the other one.
- Fifth, concrete block structures suck.
- Sixth, your vines are cut off at the tops.
- Seventh, those gold concrete blocks look horrendous.
- Eighth, if this is Level 104 (which I suspect it is), your game ending back at Yoshi's House will look horrible.

This "door" appears when you touch some blocks here. Not sure of the purpose, really, but it takes you to an endless bonus game. Also, your BG has some glitched palette tiles.

* Sidenote - How many Yellow Switch Palace/Endless Bonus Game screenshots are there in this thread?

By the way, in this level, you're no longer playing as're G.
"What up, G?" Andy ducks
Oh yeah - cutoff edge here, plus you get stuck back there. No way out!

"What am I still doing here?" - Mario
"BLARGGG!!!" - deformed Yoshi
"You have to show how concrete blocks make horrible walk-behind scenery. Also, even though those moons are inaccessible, they really shouldn't be here." - me

Littlehead-Bigpants Mario says, "Don't make enemies invisible!"

A blind leap AND a pit at the bottom? Not cool. Also, if you use ExGFX or change your level settings, you could use normal ground tiles for that ceiling there.

...and Mario slit his wrists as he found himself once again in that all-too familiar tunnel beneath Yoshi Island 1...three weeks later, Luigi found most of his remains, but they had been terribly scavenged by Swoopers...

BLARGG! Cut-off lava, cut-off ground, and a bumpy ride to oblivion.

I don't know what you did here, but you managed to make this Blue Koopa so stunned that all it does is loads on-screen. It doesn't move, it doesn't kick shells, it doesn't do anything. The shell here is intended for a puzzle on the next screen, but I doubt anyone can ever get it activated. Also, if I slip down through some cutoffness to see what's wrong with this Koopa, I fall through the ground and die. Weird.

Your OW has major issues with tile reveals. A little while after this, the Yellow Switch Palace activated, even though I beat it several levels earlier. The lake is cut-off too. Make some tiles to fix that.

Obvious 106 edit. The rest of this level is painstakingly boring hills with Bullet Bill generators on.

Kind of a cool concept for a level. However, it went nowhere. That top rope area? It repeats for most of the level - rope, blocks, Yellow Koopas, repeat. Also, if I don't grab this P-Switch here and now, I can't beat the level. Don't make puzzles like that.

That is lava, not red squares with parts of a gear on top.

This was my game-ending glitch. When I touch those glass blocks, I get warped back a screen in the air, and none of the tiles works the same while there are all sorts of new invisible tiles. I get trapped. Also, the water here rises when you climb, so apply the fix (a sprite) or make this level not vertically scroll.

Andy was listening to At The Drive-In - Invalid Litter Dept. while posting this removal log.</div></div>

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.

Rejected: Mario Curse Hunter

ROM file. This deletion reason is pretty boring, sorry. So let's spice it up and say you smell of wee. Buuuurn.

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My Hacks:

Hack Name: The Bramble Invasion - Demo 1.8 Demo - 789 KB - 110 downloads.
Length: 28 levels
Author: Cooooold Baphomet Jr. - Submitted by: Cooooold Baphomet Jr.
Description: Updates:

- Many Glitches Fixed (PM if you find more)
- Half of Main Overworld Done
- 15 New Levels

1. I already showed you this one via PM. The cemetary level has nowhere out, so you are forced to die.

2. Also worth noting is in each level you use a P-switch with a wall of used blocks or a bridge of invisible coin blocks or coins, there is the possibility of getting stuck permanently or being forced to die to reset the level. You can fix this by using a "reset door/pipe" in such places.

3. "Wooden Skyway" has a 300 second time limit, which is not nearly enough for the size of the level. Therefore, you are going to have to get the midway point and die in order to be able to beat this level. If you double the time limit to 600, it should be fair.

4. This concept isn't one that is looked up to:

Unfortunately, the level also plays out like this. If you would use the green Yoshi sprite, it will automatically respawn if it dies. Having one of these in an area that is always accessible can make a greater margin of error and more importantly, if you end up in a safe spot without a Yoshi, you don't have to jump down a hole or into spikes/enemies to die and reset the level, and this is the way you won't have to rework the entire level so that Mario ends up dying close to immediately after he loses Yoshi at all.

5. Not to fond of interaction with brambles. If you could redraw the bramble to fill its hitbox, then that would be much better. As you can see, I can stand on the hitbox of the bramble, which appears to be safe space.

6. The moment you enter the cemetary level, you start moving down this slope, meaning you are immediately roughly a second away from dying already - forced split-second reaction time parts like this aren't good. This will not happen if you place Mario on a normal or gradual slope, and obviously flat ground is safe too.

7. Two different issues with the sprite tile memory:
a) Decapitated Yoshi is late for Halloween, but I guess a headless green dinosaur is a good Christmas decoration...? This can be fixed by removing a few sprites from this screen. I think two is probably best, but if it still causes Yoshi's head to come off like this, the one placed lowest is probably the best guard since it drifts around the water and the air, meaning Yoshi has to eat that one to be able to pass by here.

b) Something weird with the Sumo Brother - not only does it garble after the flames erupt, but the Koopa (at least IIRC, it was a Koopa, but I really don't know now :s) I just defeated also just ended up flickering everywhere on the screen before disappearing - I recall it blinking to the far left abruptly. Maybe this is too many sprites onscreen, and the Sumo Brother + his fire is often a culprit of this, so everyone should be very cautious about using them. It's a common problem.

8. This part below the pipe is very annoying to get past unless you have Yoshi with you - unless you have a shell or something to make you swim faster, a hit is practically forced because of how fast the arm outputs torpedoes, and the fact that there is no dodging room below the pipe. Increasing the space between the brambles and the pipe by two tiles should relieve any stress getting through here while still making it somewhat difficult to get past.

9. I don't think the Spiny is exactly needed in this level, so it's best to go ahead and remove it, since it conflicts with the Buzzy Beetle and uses the wrong graphics. 'No glitched graphics.'

10. It's not a good idea to not only hide enemies behind layer 1, but also to put the land up behind the status bar, because then you really have trouble seeing them. At least the grass has some spaces between it that you can see enemies through, but please be more cautious about designing your level behind the status bar. (Look in the item box - that is the enemy that got me :/)

11. Also worth noting is a lot of slowdown in this part, and in the level with the layer 3 low tide and the big fish. Perhaps this could be of use, but back up your ROM before applying it since it's an IPS. If you already did that and it doesn't work enough, perhaps remove a few sprites from the laggy areas and see what happens.

12. Cutoff vines. :s Perhaps you can find some tiles you don't need (for example, with the bullet shooter tile, I just x-flip one side of it to use for both sides of the bullet shooter's skull design part, and use the other for something else, and it doesn't look all that different from the original.) Then you can redraw that into a top or bottom for a vine tile to use.

13. Minor issue, but placing tile 1EB under the left-most part of this pipe should fix the issue of being able to walk into the pipe like this.

14. Another minor issue - the horizontal forks here appear to be using the wrong tiles since it's disaligned, but some other horizontal forks are correct.


Also be sure to keep this in mind when fixing the cemetary level: a problem existing in the original SMW, meaning I can accidentally drop the P-switch through a slope and it will get stuck in there, forcing me to die to reset the level.

Overall, after world 1, I came to enjoy a lot of what I saw. My favorite level is Lorenzen's Soil - very well done. I won't get into details, lest I spoil the surprise for everyone else... but this hack turned out to have a lot more variety than I initially expected, and becomes very fun in spite of it being one of the most difficult hacks on the site that isn't a Kaizo wannabe. Keep working on it. :)

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Hack Name: Super Silly World! Demo - 26.3 KB - 2 downloads.
Length: 5 levels
Author: JTGM - Submitted by: JTGM
Description: It's my first hack, and it's really really silly! More levels will come later.

You know... I wish I still had those 3D glasses that came with that movie so I could play this game as it was meant to be, and I'm going to save the IPS just for that. It is silly, and I did have some laughs, and would probably be laughing a lot more if I were awake for 40 hours straight, using coffee to stay awake, since I pretty much think everything is even funnier when I'm awake that long... that being said, this hack falls in violation of rule 4d, and fixing it will make it completely lose its current concept and humor. So it's one of the few -actual- funny joke hacks, but is not SMWC material. :/

Now, for educational purposes:

1. First problem: You die in the title screen, and if you don't press anything before then, you are stuck in the title screen level forever, at least until you reset your emulator/SNES. Not only that, but other problems seen here abundant through the rest of the hack: glitchy fireworks that make you invisible, bad palettes (though they somehow aren't eye-searing... it's like when your dog gets into your tie-dye kit), cutoff ledges + slopes + water, and glitched sprites. Other than powerups, I think just about every sprite I saw was glitched. o_O

2. This Yoshi House is a forced death upon entry. It uses fast scroll, and goes so fast that you can't even control Mario, and after the wall of 3up moons after the xth Yoshi House, you die. However, this was also my favorite level for that reason. Something about rainbow'd up Yoshi Houses scrolling so fast just gets me.

3. Everything from this point on leads back to the stuff summarized in part 1.

Advice if you do a serious hack:
-Fireworks cause Mario to disappear, so you should not use those since you have a very hard time telling where you are.

-Water and lava are liquid - as such, they should have solid barriers (can't use non-solids since it's weird to walk into lava or water from the side, can't do that in real life) on the left, right, and bottom if it doesn't stretch to the end of the screen, and have a proper surface on top.

-Palettes should flow together smoothly and have a consistent intensity for the layer it's on - usually backgrounds will be darker or much paler, but it's important you can always tell a FG and a BG apart since you must be able to judge what you can interact with (and what you can't) easily. Level -> Enable Custom Palette lets you change most of the colors freely, and nothing you change in a custom palette will impact other levels or the overworld.

-Tileset-specific objects typically are restrained to one type of set. I see you used the castle canvas in level 105, so be wary of that. A vast majority of the standard objects will look correct with any set.

-The Map16 editor can and should be used to make new tiles for other purposes - for example, you can y-flip a muncher to have its stem attached to the ceiling, or have water use palette 5 and act like lava for toxic water, or even set up a darker copy of palette 2 on another palette and make land tiles that use the new palette so you can have two colors of land, and carve tunnels into your ground. Get crafty with these and you can come up with some really cool concepts.

-Don't leave stuff cutoff. Attach vines to flat surfaces on the top and bottom, or draw new tiles to fit the top and bottom of the vines. Always end ledges with walls or slopes, always end slopes with ledges or walls, and always attach walls to ledges, slopes, or other walls. Use jointed tiles to connect solid walls to ledges.

-Tileset-specific sprites have a number in one of the top corners of the sprite windows - that tells you which SP the sprite uses, and you should use Super GFX Bypass to set the proper SP to use the correct GFX file so that the sprite does not appear glitchy.

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Hack Name: Mario Curse Hunter Demo - 245.3 KB - 22 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: --GAMMAXMAS-- - Submitted by: --GAMMAXMAS--
Description: Story: Mario makes a Vacation on Waffle-Islands and makes a huge discovery...

-Custom Music
-Custom Sprites
-Custom Blocks (Of Course)

1. The biggest problem in this hack is the scroll setting in many levels. Otherwise fun levels are ruined by lack of "Vertical Scroll at Will" because you can't see where you are and what's around you at some points. "Vertical Scroll at Will" makes it so that when Mario lands on something, the camera goes up to him, and there's also a hex edit you can use (check the ROM map) to make the camera always scroll with Mario when "Vertical Scroll at Will" is enabled.

2. Also, if you mess up this puzzle, you're forced to die. You should use a reset door/pipe in a screen you can reach that doesn't have any other exit you need, leading back to this part. At the top, where I was last screen, you also provide two P-switches for the next part of the level (which I can't get to because of the scrolling making it a royal pain ingame, and there isn't enough time to run back and forth with such small space allowance to build up speed to make it scroll with you when you jump) when in fact I believe only one switch is needed.

There's an invisible solid wall over the pit to the left of this screen, making it impossible to go back.

3. The P-switch/star music glitch isn't fixed. There's a hex edit you can use that's listed in the ROM map (CTRL+F and type in "9C to 8D" without the quotes and it should take you to the correct part.)

4. Interaction is messed up in this level and I'm not entirely sure why. Sometimes I can jump on and carry the switch, other times, like this time, I can't. It happens about 40% of the time in this level, and there's a chance that it may make the level unbeatable any given time through it, so a savestate is recommended for players who are currently playing this hack, in case this bug messes things up for you.

Also, I took a quick look in Lunar Magic to see if there's anything ahead of this point that brings up a red flag. Screen 07 of level 27 which is connected to this ghost house has an exit-enabled pipe, and though you have a lot of screens with exits to level 28, that screen with the pipe does not have an exit. However, it's built on layer 2 and the H-scroll is variable... so it probably doesn't really lead to a neverending bonus room like it seems at first glance, but just in case it does, I'm letting you know.

In any case, what I was able to play before getting qweqdsfsz'd by the scrolling, seemed pretty good, and the hack shows a lot of promise and potential. Keep up the good work.

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