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Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
Removed: M & L : Luigi`s diary by -kamek productions-
Submitted by -kamek productions-

It is possible to die in the intro if you jump several times.

Luigi's head seems to cut off when he moves.

1. There's a patch to fix the problem with the s.
2. Why is it "Mario Start" when you're playing as Luigi?

The hack still has some cutoffness. I noticed a bit in the cave level as well. Not removal-worthy in my opinion, but fixing it would add a level of polish.

So too would fixing some of the palette issues and sprite garbage that comes from coins in a few levels.

The hack has quite a few custom sprites, though not all of them work in all emulators. I found that some Shy Guys were completely still in both ZSNES and Snes9x. There were supposed to be turn block bridges in the above screenshot, but they did not appear due to sprite memory issues. You had a large number of fireballs in the area, causing the other sprites to disappear.

So, this is by no means a bad hack, and even though it has poor English in places, it's an honest effort. I was unable to get past the 2nd castle, even after trying it several different times, which is a shame considering there were likely more worlds to play. I would recommend you using some of the suggestions I posted earlier if they apply to other worlds as well.

So please, resubmit this. The unbeatable second castle should be your prime concern.
Hack Name: super bonus world - 20.1 KB - 8 downloads.
Length: 3 exits
Author: killman - Submitted by: killman
Description: a game with a bonus level:)

1. The first level consists of two things:
a) Bullets
b) Running up slopes, jumping down a huge wall, repeat

2. Use of test levels, but also, overloading them with dragon coins to the point where it's the equivalent of 3up moon spam.

3. Cutoff tile. Fill it in with nonsolid dirt.

4. Bottom row of LM used for walking. You shouldn't do this because it's hard to tell ingame whether or not it's even safe to walk on, since you only see the top pixel. Believe me, that's not a lot.

Advice: Use Ctrl+DEL to delete the original levels, and build your own ideas over it. Brainstorm some different concepts so that you don't end up with very repetitive levels.

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Removed: Mario verses Mouser part one: It all starts here
Created By: waverace123
Description: story:Ah yes, a never-noticed villian of Mario, Mouser. He is pissed. He was a boss, so why couldn't he get famous?
Why couldn't he get a spot in Mario Party games?
Mouser killed Bowser, stole all the sunsprites and hid them and captured Baby Yoshi. He had to star in something. So going against Mario to get his assed kicked, means
that he'll get recognition. He didn't want Peach because he didn't want to copy Bowser.

this hack has custom music(not a patch) custom bosses... Just read about it in the readme

Cutoff on the font in the logo. How did THAT happen? o.O You can just use the lettering already ingame, you know...

Kind of awkward use of English here. You might want a proofreader.

Paths aren't visible on the overworld, making figuring out where to go a bit confusing.

I don't know where to start.
- Move Mario off-camera.
- Build a fancy background, or fancier textbox out of tiles.

This enemy placement is pretty much useful only for comic relief.

Bad camera position as you leave the somewhat over the top bonus room. Also, Mario actually seems to come out of the two tiles above the pipe, rather than the pipe itself.

Boring, tedious and oft-cheap level design.

The effort you used to explain away a crappy palette on the Birdo sprite could have been used to, oh, I dunno, fix it? Also, pink shadows on throw block tiles? I should probably show you this:

Still invisible paths. Invisible water? That's a first, I suppose.

Unexplained cannon-shot entry out of nowhere!

Oh, come on. At least give the chomps something to be tethered to.

DICK MOVE ALERT! You NEED to take the P-Switch from the Chomp cave with you. Otherwise, you need to go back and get it.

This level's just this house copy-pasted for a while. There's a weird invisible glitchy "wall" you can kind of push past here.

Seriously, did you not test this hack? Or is that our responsibility now? How can you not notice stuff like this?

Second Birdo battle is the exact same as the first.

More english mangling. At least you moved Mario off-camera this time.

A blind leap of faith? Sure, why not!

I'm struggling to come up with a complaint other than "just plain looks dumb" but...

Of the various sprite memory errors I've seen in my time, "Mario's head vanishing" is probably a first.


It's the Fishin' Boo custom boss! Nice! Not so nice: The maze you fight him in. See the second shot? I was able to merrily bounce on his head with a spinjump until an Errie clipped me.

No text.

Aaand no further overworld events seem to fire.

In short, your level design is repetitive, poorly thought out and cheap, your overworld's a great big mess, and there's enough left over glitches and oddities to show a complete lack of attention put into actually testing this.

Tell you what! I'm gonna give you a bit of homework. Play through some other classic platformers like the other 2D Marios, and study the level design. See how things are balanced and laid out, and take what you learn back to the drawing board.

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My Hacks:

Hack Name: Hakurankai Mario (demo) Demo - 159.1 KB - 14 downloads.
Length: 6 levels
Author: CoinBandit and kiki-mewmew - Submitted by: CoinBandit
Description: this is a demo, i hope you like it. yoshi's island is the only completed world.

It was, for the most part, good, and I did personally like this hack, but then something really annoying happened at the end.

1. After I beat the castle, Mario gets put off-path a little.

He can't enter this tile, but he can still move as if he were on-path, but really isn't. If I move down a couple levels...

BAM! So basically if you want to keep playing this demo after you beat it, make a savestate before the castle, because you can't replay it all after you do beat it unless you start a new file.

Perhaps you can fix this by using the top of the castle that does not have a path going out the top of it, or having this level not trigger an event, or just enabling right for the direction you go in. *shrug*

2. Exor addressed this issue in your thread. It appears to be cutoff, and/or it just has a very bad palette. Do you have the TPL that came with these ExGFX if you downloaded them, or do you have a screenshot of the level with these graphics from the original game? If you have a screenshot, you can use MS Paint's eyedropper to pick up the values you need to put in for each color to get the correct colors. Remember if you're doing it this way to enable a custom palette (Level -> Enable Custom Palettes) so that your changes to this level's palette are not global.

3. Very much unedited switch palace - the only difference is that you can see where the coins are before you can collect them, and where they were after you collected them. Use CTRL+DEL to remove this level, but be sure to write down the exit in case you forget where it is.

4. Need some forewarning here. These are objects that look innocent because you've been exposed to them earlier in the same levels, but a palette swap isn't really enough to tell you that they are dangerous and not just for decorations/variety.

Also, this mask's palette is awkward. You should enable custom palettes, and replace the pinks with darker blues, and it will look fine.

The smiling clouds will hurt you, but the frowny ones are safe to walk on.

5. Fade fix patch is needed:

6. Cutoffness. The really big one is the overworld, where some of your events cut into a hill, and all the medium hills are cutoff at the bottom.

There are also a few errors in levels, namely with the walls and corners of the ground. I'm not sure if you have enough space in your ExGFX files for them, but I recommend nonetheless that you make a copy of your ExGFX so you have two of each of the ones the cutoffness appears in, and modify one to have the proper tile you need while keeping the other one the same.

Corner tile here is cutoff.

Walls here are cutoff.

Also a final word: some levels overuse Bullet Bills. Perhaps the generator alone is enough but when you stack Bullet Bills to create a wall of them, it becomes a problem, and in excess, becomes a removal reason. You're pretty close to that, so remove a few bullets and it shouldn't be anything to worry about.

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Hack Name: HAKURANKAI MARIO DEMO Demo - 159.4 KB - 15 downloads.
Length: 6 levels
Author: CoindBandit and kiki-mewmew - Submitted by: CoinBandit

1. The new switch palace has two problems. First being that you hit the P-switch, collect the first set of coins, and then you have to wait until it wears out in order to proceed. That's about 15 seconds of doing nothing. :(

Second problem is that even after you get a mushroom, you can still get hit and lose it before you can use your spin jump to break the blocks. The best thing to prevent any chance of getting stuck would to be not to have the turn blocks be important to break to beat the level. Put a prize down there instead and provide the mushroom at the beginning, make the level a little longer and with a few more enemies, so that you'd have to work for your prize, but can still reach the end easily.

2. Defeat all the enemies here, and you are stuck and have to die.

3. "To Be Continued" is a forced death upon entry. You fall to your death immediately. Instead, you should put a flat ledge, the "Side Exit Enabled" sprite, and some "thanks for playing, please rate and review" message and a reward there as your end of demo level. Really, anything that doesn't force you to die to get out, or make you stuck forever, is acceptable for an end of demo level.

4. Still no warning of the orange-shaded clouds being deadly. (They don't look the least bit harmful.)

Just add in a message box like you did about the Phantos, and put it in this room so it doesn't remove the mist from the first part of the level. You are able to put message boxes in rooms that aren't the number where you type in the message - what messages the level gets is determined by the level number you start in. Example: If you make a level 1 lead to level 28, you can put the message in level 28 and get level 1's message, or if you made level 105 lead to 106 and put it in 106 but started in 105, you get 105's message.

Also, what happened to the other level? :[ Good luck, guys, you're almost there. :)

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Removed: Super Mario World AndThe Seven Shards Demo 1 by YF501 "Back For The Holidays"


Where's Mario? Below the ground, of course! Normally, this would be instant removal, but you have the Water Level flag on, so you can swim IF you react fast enough- thus, you don't die.

...Still instant removal, though. However, I played on through this one level to find more stuff. So here ya go:

Seems harmless enough, two 1-Up Mushrooms with a VERY easy-to-get 3-up Mushroom... Wait, what? Please don't make 3-Ups easy-to-get. You put TWO of them together just a few screens back in the level! One per world is good enough...

Okay, this annoys me. Whatever you do, DO NOT FORCE THE PLAYER TO GET TRAPPED AND WAIT OUT THE TIME LIMIT JUST TO ESCAPE. This is NOT good level design!

Finally, I entered the Yellow Switch Palace.

You didn't edit this level at all. Sorry, but this is NOT acceptable.

Ctrl+Delete on Yellow Switch Palace, and please place Mario above the ground on the first level!
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
Hack Name: Super Froglogic World BETA Demo Demo - 172.3 KB - 0 downloads.
Length: 2 levels
Author: SuperFrogWorld - Submitted by: SuperFrogWorld
Description: My First Rom Hack! (Second really...)

Oh No! Your late
for Mr.Kennedy's
Froglogic Test!
Quickly, do all
the Pratice PT's
before going to

Custom Music
Text for Cutscenes

Credit to the makers for the stuff I used.


1. From the ground, there is no way of crossing this row of munchers, and from the clouds, this would be a blind jump. Give the player more margin of error and ensure nothing that they can do will force them to die to reset the level, or get permanently stuck.

On a similar note, you need to put the "Side Exit Enabled" sprite in this level so Mario can leave. Otherwise, it's a waste of time and a life (ingame, mind you, not a real life) you could be using to beat the "real" levels in this hack. :[

2. This is the single best screen I could get to prove that Ctrl+DEL was not used to clear out 105 before building the level. You should never base your levels off of existing SMW levels since it saps all the enjoyment out of playing it.

3. Another bad level design element is repetition - that's best saved for literature and public speaking to stress emphasis to make it memorable, but in video games, it's memorable for all the wrong reasons. There are many other things you could think of than a flat ledge with a ton of Rexes on it, things that are much more interesting, things that would make you want to play this level again, things that make people go, "WOW! This is really neat!" Things that don't end up in the removal log. Might I suggest enabling vertical scrolling at will, and building another path on the top half of the level with completely different challenges from the lower path?

4. "Redrawn" munchers are still munchers. Stacking them is still bad, even if Icegoom's munchers look dozens of times better than SMW's munchers. Make them into spikeballs or something that would look appropriate floating like this, or just root their stem to a pillar of cement blocks instead of another muncher. Similar danger, no real change to your concept, looks much better than stacking them.

5. Cutoffness:
Random piece of wall up there that should be removed because it doesn't seem to have any significance and just creates an aesthetically displeasing distraction.

There should be a wall next to that pipe, and a ceiling above it going all the way to the end of the ledge that Mario's standing on, and you should weld the wall to the ledge and the ceiling with jointed tiles. If you must play with the Map16 editor to get all the jointed tiles you need, please do so. Very easy to use, just click on the jointed tile, go down to a page between 3 and F, make it act like 130, use X and Y flipping to change the way the "outer" corner of it is facing, right-click to paste, press F9 to save, then you can use it anywhere in your levels where you need it.

6. Title screen errors. The P has excess pixels hanging off of it, and so does the W - you can open GFX29.bin and set it to 2bpp GB to edit the title screen font, and clean up these words, or redraw all the pieces of the "SUPER MARIO WORLD" font so that you can have a fancy/cool-looking "Super Froglogic World" font. Also, "label" font looks very bad. Use the font without the background on it.

7. Unnecessary mass of bullets that are easy to dodge. Take out about half of them, since because of their placement (one behind the other), they're pretty redundant.

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Hack Name: Pandemonium Fortress 2 - 72.5 KB - 40 downloads.
Length: 42 levels
Author: Coin Dag-X-Mas - Submitted by: Coin Dag-X-Mas
Description: The long awaited sequel to the ExGFX free hack that made waves many moons ago! Bowser is back and this time he's prepared so many terrible traps, Mario may not make it out alive.

Free of ExGFX, custom blocks, Custom sprites and ASM hacks. This is a purist experience with the magical touch of custom music.

1. The spikes are set to act like the surface of the lava, which actually acts like the surface of water, so your concept of insta-kill spikes not only not works, but it also breaks this otherwise extremely cheap trap. Because the spikes rise behind layer 1, they can kill you when you can't see them when the very top of the spikes are just below the ground on layer 1, so this trap wouldn't be acceptable if it worked, either. Property 5 is what the part of the lava that kills Mario instantly uses.

2. I don't have a pic of this, and I can't remember what level it was (it had a goldish palette though, I think), but there's an auto-scroll part with layer 3 smash in one level, and you start out just a second away from being smushed against a wall that you need to jump over right away. That's not fair, since it's one of those "react immediately or you die" traps.

3. The ceiling here is too low, and the pit is too wide. If you aren't big or if you don't want to take damage, you'd have to savestate here and get lucky to cross this pit of spikes. Raise the ceiling one tile or shorten the row of spikes by one tile.

4. Traps like this make for bad level design, because you don't know it's dangerous until it's too late, usually. This is a pipe you need to enter, as well, making it even worse. Please remove the bullet generators from the pipe.

5. The tide vanishes when the Course Clear text pops up. Solution: Make the exit in another "level".

6. Please don't force the mist above layer 1... it makes it incredibly difficult to see yourself, the ground, and the enemies at times.

7. Extremely low margin of error for getting this balloon - you should stretch the ground a little more and lower the box by one tile so Mario can reach it jumping from the ground.

8. This water surface is glitched because the proper water surface is not included in this tileset - stagnant water is meant for use in the underground set, so you can find the correct tile in there. The top of the bush is not an appropriate water surface. Also, you can combine tilesets and it will still be a vanilla hack, but if you'd be sacrificing something you need in this level by adding in the correct tile, just use the water with the moving surface instead.

9. You can get stuck and forced to die to reset this puzzle (though you'd probably have to bring this upon yourself since most people can't do something this silly by accident) if you drop the springboard into the lava pit with a bottom on it because the springboard doesn't despawn and return to its point of origin when you re-enter the screen it's on. Easy solution: Make the lava extend all the way to the bottom so the springboard can drop out of the level.

10. Numerous palette errors.
The flashing blocks and spikes are not visually appealing. Make new Map16 tiles of them so that they don't use palette 6 when placed on layer 2.

The pinkish outline on the pale, dull sea-green walls in the background don't look good, especially when you have a really bright color right against an extremely dark color.

The BG palette here is really well-done, but the FG palette needs work. The shadow of the grass should not be brighter than the light source of it.

See above. I also think there were a few more like this but I don't have screens.

This foreground's outside is just too dark and doesn't look good. Make color 6 an intermediate between 5 and 7.

This palette doesn't work with this foreground - any one of the gradient palettes should work perfectly here instead.

It's not so much the orange, but the dark blue on the pillar that's incorrect. Although, it would be nice if the orange was toned down a little.

Palette 3 is bad in this level. Not only is the pipe affected, but the toxic doesn't look good since it's very bright. Try to have a smooth gradient, but with better contrast between colors and less intensity, over palette 3, colors 3-7.

This isn't as bad as Vanilla Fortress's palette was, although it's still very awkward here. The castle foregrounds, like many others, tend to look best with a consistent gradient.

The shadow on this pipe is extremely dark - it should not be black, but a medium-dark gray. You can always make new Map16 tiles of pipes so that they do not change color depending on what screen they are on, making it easy to have pipes use colors they always look good with.

The shine on the pipe is extremely bright, and the ground seems paper-flat because of no slight change in the colors. Colors 5-7 on palette 2 should be a consistent gradient for this foreground.

The shadow under the grass + the crates are colored badly. There's an all-brown gradient for palette 2 that would look excellent here if you don't want to make a custom palette.

The contrast between the outer and inner part of the foreground isn't very good. It seems like you're trying to create a glow around it that would be caused by the lava's light, but I think the outside part should be a little less pale, and a tiny bit more intense to suit it.

Cement blocks look awkward here, so you might want to have them use a different palette and make it so that they look shaded correctly.

Lastly, it's very hard to tell by this pic, but easy to tell ingame, that the edge of the grass on this map is a brighter off-green and doesn't look right.

11. Be careful with your use of cannon entries, because these two incidents will kill the player if s/he doesn't react fast. There is little time between seeing what you're falling into and hitting what you're falling into, to the point where you'd have to take the hit and try again to get it right.

11 1/3. You should also be careful of which enemies you place in boss rooms with the Big Boo. Enemies that turn translucent and are hard to see can still hurt you, and the fact that the blocks are at the edge of the screen where an Eerie can spawn almost directly ON where you are standing isn't exactly fair since you have no time to get away from it.

11 2/3. This enemy is poorly placed - Chargin' Chuck basically falls on you in this level, and isn't easy to dodge unless you already know he's there by having played this level before.

12. Lava splash is glitched, but its graphics conflict with other sprites you are using in this level. Therefore, you would have to remap either the lava splash or the other sprite.

13. FG/BG starting position in this level is too high...

...and FG/BG starting position in this level is a little too low.

00,00 is for when Mario starts at the top, 60,60 is for the middle, and C0,C0 is for the bottom.

14. Sprite tile memory problems here: I'm holding a P-switch, but you can't see it. Did you use edit1754's "no more sprite tile limits" ASM and set the memory to 10?

15. Vines are cutoff at the bottom - since this is graphically meant to be a vanilla hack, the best thing you can do not involving ExGFX is add some sort of flat object to the bottom of the vine.

16. This is the only bad corner tile I found in the whole game:

Just a side note: The first time I entered this level, the bush and pipe screwed up, but the other two times I tested it, this glitch did not occur. It's therefore a very rare thing, and isn't something that absolutely needs fixing, but if you can identify the cause and neutralize this problem, then that would be sweet.

As big Mario, I could also run through the part between the steep and very steep slopes and fall down here to my death, but tested as small Mario, it didn't happen.

However, I thought the ending was really great, especially because of how unexpected something like that was. There's a lot you do with layer 2 that is pretty cool, especially when you use it to spice up your Big Boo battles and it makes each one seem fresh rather than recycled. I haven't played the first one, but I'd be interested in that since I liked this hack quite a lot.

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And now, for the most exciting removal log ever:

Hack Name: Super Fritzy World [Demo v1.0] Demo - 411 KB - 0 downloads.
Length: 11 levels
Author: totakk920 - Submitted by: totakk920
Description: This Game Is dedicated to my friend Fritz who does not know much about this game im making using his name.

It's a ROM. ROMs are illegal, which is why we don't host them. We'd get in trouble (for copyright infringement) if we did. In addition, it's also a bannable offense to upload ROMs or any other illegal material to SMWC.

What you have to do is get Lunar IPS (it can be found in our tools section), since we take IPS patches, and this is a very easy patcher. To produce a patch, select the clean, unmodified file first, then your hack, then name it. This patch contains only the changes to the ROM that you've made - not the original game, so the patch is acceptable. Once you do that and resubmit your hack as a patch, it will be played through to search for errors and stuff, and either be approved, or deleted with a post here or a notice in your PM with an error report.

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Hack Name: A New Super Mario World 1 Bowser Island demo 1 Demo - 20.3 KB - 6 downloads.
Length: 2 levels
Author: krackosstorm2 - Submitted by: krackosstorm2
Description: A New Super Mario World a series of hacks im ganna be doin.

Shot yourself in the foot with the screenshots you provided. Do you not know our minimum standards for acceptance? :/

1. Stacked + floating munchers plus the repetitive design of having to jump on a block placed between them for x amount of times. This alone is reason enough to delete your hack; you're not supposed to stack munchers or have them in mid-air. Redraw them into something else or actually attach a proper, flat surface to their stem.

Oh, and also - glitched goal sphere. Make sure you change the SP number to whatever it says in the tileset specific sprites window when you select the goal sphere.

2. Cutoff stuff.

Cutoff pipes = do not want

Water needs a surface, and to have a solid wall on the sides and bottom.

3. Overworld is a disaster. Original events haven't been deleted, the perspective is off, the bridge cuts into the grass, there's more cutoff in that area and around the castle, the blue behind the hill at the top is bad, the large tree has a nasty light brown box around it, etc.

4. Grammar that convinces me that this is a troll hack:

*Mario, help! Bowser kidnapped Peach (for about the 2,000,000,000th time) and took over Happy Smileville Land!

5. More muncher fail and a level built primarily out of music note blocks. The "BOINGGGG BOINGGGG BOINGGGG" gets annoying after a while, doesn't it?

This hack falls into violation of rule 4d, just so you know. If you are serious about this hack... I suggest starting over. Brainstorm some different ideas to put together cleanly.

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Hack Name: HAKURANKAI MARIO DEMO Demo - 162.4 KB - 10 downloads.
Length: 6 levels
Author: Coinbandit and kiki-mewmew - Submitted by: Kiki-mewmew
Description: i have decided to post the hack this time. anyway, small fixes and some other additions, should be good now.

You're getting closer, but with each new revision, your additions seem to bring with them a host of new problems. I think you have potential, but I don't think you're quite ready to try getting something submitted here. Play around with LM for a few more weeks. Get others to playtest and beta test your hack. Play some other hacks for inspiration.

Level design in this seems very rushed. I think spending more time on varying things and making levels more logical and less linear would help immensely. You're using ExGFX, so that means you should probably also be using custom palettes - SMW's palette scheme just doesn't hack it (lolpun) for most things.

First off, your "new" coin graphics here seem like a very arbitrary and pointless change. It's pretty obvious that it is the top of a goalpost formed into a circle. This isn't a reason to reject, but I would suggest getting new graphics or using the old ones. Also here, your "bounce block" sprite graphics don't match what I am hitting. Plus the coin that pops out doesn't match your coins.

Again, the sprite coin differs from your block coin. Also, that "gray coin" there is a solid block. Your solid block graphics should differ from your coin graphics.

Remember what Kyo said before about Bullet Bill spam? This is a bit much. The Cheep-Cheep generator in your first level also was a bit...cheep.

See? Your coins are the top of the goal post.

Even happy Dolphins deserve sprite buoyancy.

This Cheep-Cheep generator only gets triggered sometimes. Also, if you have layer 3 water, you need to disable vertical scrolling or use the fix.

[not reasons for removal]
Also, why put a Question Block that can't be opened or used? Lastly, that water could use some ExAnimation. Still waves are kind of meh.

Not a reason for removal, but this path is awfully close to the map edge. Also, there is still a lot of similarity between this and the YI map.

There is a stray tile far away from the Toad House in this level, letting me fly very far to nowhere.

What is up with your Koopa Troopa palettes here?

Once again - try out custom palettes. They'll do wonders for you. Also, a warning about these Phantos doesn't help much if it comes AFTER your first encounter.

Is that red water? No - it's deadly orange soda. Use the real lava. If it appears glitchy, make sure to change the graphics settings. Also, use the castle candle sprite.

Andy was listening to Björk - Big Time Sensuality (The Fluke Minimix) while posting this removal log.

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.

Hack Name: Super Mario World-Remixed
Length: 16 Levels
Author: Ajreev
Description: A Hack that me and my brothers made while learning to use Lunar Magic (only had it 3 weeks).Its our first one, so there isnt any custom stuff in it.The First 16 Levels have been re-done using trick we have seen in other hacks.Hope its allright. If people like it we'll continue with it and add better stuff as we learn.

Reasons Don't get me wrong, I like a challenge in some SMW hacks, but some stuff, is just plain unfair. I understand its your first hack, so I'm going to try and help you out a bit...

The invisible note blocks and "?" blocks can make it unfair if they stop you from reaching your destination because you don't know it's there. I've seen it a few times in your hack. Might want to get rid of them.

Floating Munchers = bad. As for the rotating bricks that you you have to jump past just perfectly in order to land on them, not such a good idea either...

Stacked Munchers also = bad

Why give the player a chance to be big if they have to loss it in order to progress?

This is the screen shot of that P-switch race. Unfortunately, if you don't make it on time you are forced to kill yourself. If your gonna do something like that, make a reset pipe or something so the player can got back and try it again without having to lose a life. Also the Sprite bouncy wasn't enabled.

Never hide stuff off screen like this. For others people who can't tell, there is a row of water hidden here that you have to be quick and react to as the level starts.

Remember that halfway point? now that I was forced to kill myself, I can no long go any further in the level because I don't have a mushroom.
Layout by LDA during C3.

Rejected: Super Mario Bros. 3 16-bit DX
Subitted by: A Koopa

Screwed up overworld only lets me play Pac's SMB3-ised version of Iggy's Castle.

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Rejected: A New Super Mario World 1 Bowser Island
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Removed: Super Fritzy World [Demo v1.0] by totakk920


Intro is really weird. You have gray lava, cutoff tiles, solid tiles you walk on on the bottommost row, where you can't see them, a floating bullet bill shooter... I forgot to take pics of that stuff. :/

You have a cutoff ledge on the left, and the rest of the level is made out of cement blocks on the ground and turn blocks above. Hit the turn blocks below the shooters, and the shooters become floating/cutoff shooters... Please don't do that.

Also, you have very easy-to-get powerups here... Why are they the ONLY powerups you get outside of places you NEED them to get ahead? O_o

"its" should be "their", since "grasslands" is technically plural...

"I'll" instead of "ill"

Wrong Sprite GFX setting on SP4. These blocks are mostly only compatible with Forest and Underground spritesets... If you're not using the graphics in that space in this level, make an ExGFX file and paste the clear block over it, and use that ExGFX file in this level. ;)

Using the bottommost row of blocks for walking on is NOT advised. Most emulators (and the actual SNES) don't let you see what's down there, so you can't tell if it's solid blocks or a pit that kills you. Raise it all up on block, and it'll be fine. The water, however, is not- the holes at the edges of the cement blocks make it cutoff.

1: Is there REALLY a need for all those cutoff line guides?
2: Water cutoff by cement blocks again.
3: See the tide? Don't hit the Message Box with ANY layer 3 effect active, or you get this:

Yeah, it vanishes. That's because the message box stuff is on Layer 3, too...

Tide doesn't fade out when you clear the level, but that's the least of the problems...

When the score tally comes up, the tide vanishes, so once again, don't use exits on screens with layer 3 tides, either.

!!WARNING!! SERIOUS ERROR FOUND! Do NOT have stacked or floating Munchers! They do not look right at ALL, so please root their stems to something! Perhaps you could move the floating muncher to that ledge up there? ;)

However, hitting the Blue P-Switch reveals that this is merely a small edit of the original Yellow Switch Palace. Please use Ctrl+Delete on ALL your levels before going to work on them.

"Im" should be "I'm", and "i'll" should be "I'll".

Now we have stacked Munchers! Just extend the cement blocks down until they reach the second-to-last Muncher down there. ;)

Some blocks have Munchers in them. I think you should make ExGFX to show what blocks have Munchers in them and what blocks DON'T, as it could be cheap if someone is standing on a frozen Muncher and ends up thawing it out... Also, destroy the blocks they're on top of, and they become floating... There's two solutions:

1: Put all frozen Munchers on the ground.
2: Put cement blocks under the Munchers.

The latter may make it obvious where they are, but that shouldn't matter!

More stacked Munchers. Pull the cement blocks down.

Now you see Message Box...

...Now you don't! Either remove the Wiggler, since it's utterly useless there, or use the No Sprite Tile Limits patch (look for it) and set the Sprite Memory setting to 10. Or just play with the default sprite memory stuff, see if it fixes it.

You're forced to react the instant you enter this level if you want to avoid a hit. Incidentally, this starting point comes with a bit of lag when the diagonal bullet bills enter....

Message Box removes tide again.

Red-Stem Piranha Plants can cause VRAM corruption, so please, use the Piranha Fix patch in the patches section to fix this grave error.

Another Tide-Removing Message Box. Really, why do you even have a tide in this level?

Tide-Removing Goal Post.

This level is absolutely BORING. You fall for a minute or so and get plenty of lives. It's not even difficult at all! No enemies whatsoever!

You have a good bit of cutoffness here...

Along with a BG error. Set vertical scrolling to NONE to fix this.

Okay, now that's just wrong. There's no indication that you have to fall through this. In fact, I'm chalking this up as a bug/glitch, which you shouldn't force the player to abuse to clear the level.

Again, you can't see the bottom row here...

Message background is an odd color... Also, why is this ENTIRE level made out of cement blocks? It creates a LOT of holes in the scenery and ruins the cave look. :/

Now the Used Blocks are getting in on this cutoffness. Please, just use normal ground.

Put holes in the scenery around these, like with those corners over there. Otherwise, these blocks make the BAD kind of hole...

Pipe bottom doesn't match the color of the growing pipe sprite... You can fix this by making a copy of the bottom of the pipe in Map16, pasting it elsewhere so it remains a single color no matter what, and make it use Palette 5, the green palette. Then, insert these pipe tiles in place of the white ones you have here.

Also, cutoff water. The clear blocks make it worse, so remove them, please.

Once again, solid ground where you can't see it. Move it up some!

Green Switch Palace is COMPLETELY unedited!

"ill" should be "I'll", "dont" should be "don't", "to look" should be "the look". By the way, "gray bubble water"?

...Oh please no...

..You did. Please don't use this color scheme for lava. Calling it "gray bubble water" does NOT excuse it at all. Also, the lava is cutoff by the arch ledge because said ledge is solid-on-top, walkthrough elsewhere. Make it a line of cement blocks instead.

Background doesn't fade out. Apply the fade fix patch to fix this.

The Amazin' Flyin' Hammer Bro vanished because two of his platforms were too close to each other. Move the one on the right over some more.

You can walk through this piece of slope... I'll leave this one for YOU to solve. ;) (Incidentally, there's a ? Sphere at the top of the slope- but it's got the graphics of a squished Rex. Since Rex isn't in this level, make an ExGFX file of SP4 and paste the ? Sphere graphics over this Rex.)

The game froze the instant I hit this exact spot, so I can't continue on. For this, your hack has been removed.

Fix this stuff, and you may get it approved!
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
Removed: Super Mario World - Remixed by Ajreev


You misspelled "emergency", just so ya know.

Now for why it was removed:

Bad corner tile near the pipe, bad ledge end corner next to the lava (has ground on the corner, and the edge is non-solid, which looks wrong next to the lava.). Plus, this section, if you don't reach the end pipe before the P-Switch runs out, you're forced to kill yourself. HAVE A LARGER MARGIN OF ERROR. ALLOW THE PLAYER TO RESET THE PUZZLE IF THEY FAIL.

Wait a minute... This is just a minorly-edited YI1 underground! No blatant level edits allowed! Please, Ctrl+delete before working on ANY level, period!

More blatant edit.

This level has three spots where you must kick a shell and time your jump onto it PERFECTLY to get over something. The first one is at the start, over a muncher pit, but is fairly easy to get the timing for. This one, however, is extremely annoying. These are borderline UNFAIR, so please either give a greater margin of error, or just remove them entirely. Simple as that. Oh, and this one also requires you to hit the P-Switch so the coins at the end of this line of Munchers will be solid Used Blocks.

Can you believe it? First level, and I can't even beat it, because this wall requires PIXEL-PERFECT TIMING so you throw the shell at the wall and land on it before you and the shell hit the ground. Near-impossible to do, even HARDER to do consistently. Honestly, THIS is just plain unfair, and shouldn't really be done at all. Maybe to get some super-hidden secret not needed to finish the game or get all exits, sure, but...never for anything else. Not even a 1-Up or even a MOON. Not worth it.
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
Hack Name: Super Mario Thousand Islands Demo 2 Demo - 553.4 KB - 12 downloads.
Length: 17 levels
Author: blueyosh - Submitted by: blueyosh
Description: . . . Ok I checked over the game alot . . . but yah goes to castle 2 bla bla bla. bonus sea cave and level after by L-T08. yah

A lot of the problems I noted previously in the removal log are still present in the one dated 12/12/2008.

1. If you don't bring the P-switch through the pipe with you, you can not go back to retrieve it, meaning you are stuck here until time runs out.

Similarly, if you do not hit the switch to make the blue blocks walkthrough, you had no warning ahead of time that there was this wall and that's another forced death.

2. The background for the Bumpty level is still the same as the foreground - same palette, same graphics - you should make it either extremely pale, extremely dim, or use an entirely different set completely for the background, since it looking the same as the FG is not acceptable.

3. Glitches: The dolphins don't seem necessary in this level, as they don't do anything important, and just conflict with the On/Off switch graphics, so set it to the correct SP number for that. Also, make a block that forces Mario to be small so that you don't have to try to get hit if you are big before this puzzle, or redo your puzzle to compensate for both sizes fo Mario.

Also those blocks are too close to the switches. If you're in the right spot when you hit them, you get pushed down the blocks when they solidify and it pushes you to your death at the bottom of the screen, so add more space between the On/Off blocks and the On/Off switches.

You still have this glitch with the translucent block. Since this is supposed to be an ice substitute, make an extra translucent block that acts like 130 so that it doesn't bounce and turn into half a platform, but rather stays solid. (Ice isn't supposed to be bouncy anyways.)

4. This background palette is still too bright-red. Make it go from a very dark-to-medium dark red.

5. Use of the bottom row for walking. It's very difficult to tell ingame whether that is a trap or not, so move the coin and the ground up one tile.

6. Cutoffness, but you'd need to fly to be able to see them. Nonetheless, because these areas are easily accessible, they should be fixed.

At the top, there's some walkthrough dirt hanging up there - find the area of walkthrough dirt somewhere near the bottom, and shrink it so that none of it hangs at the top of the screen, or overlap the hanging part with a blank tile that acts like 25.

At the end of the level, you can see the cutoff end. Extend the ledge all the way to the end of the screen.

7. You still have weird layer priority for your tiles. Either make all of them have layer priority disabled or all of them have layer priority enabled - don't mix them because you get weird results, like Mario partly holding this Bumpty behind the snow, and part of it randomly in front.

8. Physics problem: After jumping or walking off a ledge, Raccoon Mario has this annoying floatiness to him, and stalls before he drops as normal. There's a patch to fix this.

9. Weird... this Koopa can walk on air. Move him down one tile, and if that doesn't work, remove him completely.

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Hack Name: Mario: The Galaxy Chronicles
Length: 10 levels
Author: Yanamanka
Description: Brought to you by Team 5 Star*-

"Mario has been enjoying his summer vacation without Bowser.
Mario! Set out and find out what has happened to King Koopa!"

Is it just coincidence that Bowser (King of all that is failure) has gone missing? Could it have anything to do with the crime sprees that have been plaguing all of Acrillya? And why is it that the robbers are targeting objects from Space only?

I've seen your screen shots amd a looks like a promising hack...all except for one small problem.

Its like that for almost all of the levels, you might wanna fix that. We'll take a look at it again after its fixed.
Layout by LDA during C3.
Hack Name: Mario: Castle of Time Reloaded - 285.4 KB - 1 download.
Length: 3 levels
Author: Race to Christmas - Submitted by: Race to Christmas
Description: (Didn't post alot of screenshots because it would spoil too much) Most everyone in here who was here back when I was unknown don't remember the hack Super Mario castle of time that me and Kphoenix team hacked. In fact, if it wan't for some idiot hacker, it would still be here in the database, with probably over hundreds of downloads because it was a really good game. So i thought to myself, why not remake it. Of course its way different. I put a lot effort in this one, including custom music and stuff like that. No Bowser final Bowser, however this IS the castle of TIME, so he has his appearance.

The castle of time is a strange dimension-filled building that sucked the Mushroom kingdom in its gravitation pull. So Mario has to find a way inside and destroy what ever it is that's messing up the time stream. Please view this hack as nothing more than a remake of its original classic. If only I still had the classic!

If you need tips on how to get past the puzzles, which you shouldn't, just post it in the forums or somewhere. I'll answer it.

1. Beating the first level does not trigger the event needed to advance to the next level, so you only get one out of three levels. (If there's a secret exit, then the dot is supposed to be red, so that still remains a problem.) Also, the overworld is poorly done, since there's a lot of cutoff. Make sure your events are correct, and you can also use ExGFX for submaps.

2. Menu cuts of your title. Move your title up a bit more, and perhaps just put "CASTLE OF TIME" in the same row and not spaced out so much so that it fits neatly.

3. Why the midway posts for the goal? It doesn't look right, and since you aren't using an expansive BG like a DKC series background or something, there shouldn't be any reason why you can't use a normal goal post. The bar on the left side does not look attached to the post.

4. Lava splash is glitched because it conflicts with the little flying dude with a fork. It would be wise to make new lava tiles that act like 25 (a surface copy and a bottom copy) since you never have any ground below the lava, and it basically serves the same purpose since lava is just there to kill Mario when falling down a hole, but a half second faster.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!

Removed: Mario: The Galaxy Chronicles
Victim: Yanamanka

The same reason as above: The graphics are broken. Please ensure that you're using a clean, 512kb SMW ROM for making the patch.

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