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Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed

Removed: Mario Castle Of Time Reloaded
Magical Snow Creature: waverace123

Originally posted by The Kins
Tell you what! I'm gonna give you a bit of homework. Play through some other classic platformers like the other 2D Marios, and study the level design. See how things are balanced and laid out, and take what you learn back to the drawing board.

You've definitely applied that lesson to the first level. The rest? Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

You've moved up the title elements to avoid getting cut off by the menu, which is good! But the Mario demo seems to be of an entirely different level, which is, well, not so much.

You fixed the events, but the overworld looks a lot plainer without the platform. Also, still some cutoffness up the top there.

Whoops! Should probably put a ceiling on the level to prevent this sort of thing from happening.

There's still a little graphical glitch here when I kill the Snifit. You fixed it elsewhere in the level, so this is probably just an oversight.

Now for inside the Castle...

You might want to tether that to a concrete block or something. Also, the background needs slight fixes. And finally, stationary Magikoopa magic is kind of a lame obstacle.

I, uh, oh dear. This isn't a particularly good idea, design wise, both due to the obviousness of the solution, and the horrible graphical cutoff. You may want to revise this.

Sigh, and here we go again with trying to rationalize glitchiness with text boxes. Didn't I talk about this with you before? Just because something's weird or in another dimension doesn't excuse graphical errors.

These spikes should probably be stuck to something.

The choice of cloud platforms is kind of weird. Also, you should probably replace the "inner" spikes with solidity.

Again with the static magic. They're a pretty lame obstacle, so you should probably try something less "odd".

Weird cutoff background part here.

It was at this point that I realised that there was nowhere to go, and I'd need to go all the way back to the start of this area, with nothing left to do here except backtrack or die. And I'd just savestated.


You may want to change the floor pallete here. Maybe. If you don't want people tearing out their eyes.

what whaaaat

In this area, you're given a star and have to run through about six copy-pasted screens of bridges with earthquaking, hammer throwing Bowsers on them. And if you start accumulating lives from killing them, glitchy sprites appear. And the background pallete is glitchy looking. This is not good level design.

Finally the level ends with an encounter with a horde of slowdown-inducing enemies who can't be killed with a headstomp. Welp;

You're definitely learning, I'll give you that much. The first level was pretty decent, with you providing alternate means around puzzles and it being a genuinely enjoyable level. The rest of the level, however, couldn't decide if it was Kaizo's normal-difficulty cousin or not. Still, it's a definite improvement from Mario versus Mouser.

Your Homework For Today: Work on making things look good using the tiles at your disposal. Your ideas are mostly sound, but fall apart from glitchy, cut-off graphics with odd palletes. Also, test, test, TEST!

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Rejected: Super Puzzle Mario
Badly Wounded, But The Soul Still Burns: rylith08

Please use a clean, 512kb SMW ROM to create your IPS file. You can use this handy online tool to check if a ROM is clean.

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My Hacks:

Hack Name: 101 tutorial for a super mario world hack player - 138.8 KB - 14 downloads.
Length: 12 levels
Author: fiskestang - Submitted by: fiskestang
Description: basics, half-advanced, you wanna learn it? here is a quick 101.

if you want anything added. feel free to mail me. and i will make a second.

1. I can't exactly figure out what's worse here - the stacked and floating munchers, or the fact that this tutorial is mostly centered around things that get hacks deleted from here in the first place, such as pixel-perfect techniques or glitch abuse (e.g. carrying two items at once, this P-switch thing.)

Also on the note of glitches, the Magikoopa spell has the wrong graphics.

2. Grammar is very poor here. There are no capitalized words at the beginnings of sentences, spelling errors such as "dubble" and "spinn", and sometimes commas and periods are in the wrong spots.

While this might be a good tutorial for teaching advanced techniques found in some more difficult SMW hacks, it's very unclean in layout and in grammar.

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Hack Name: SMB3 Deluxe fixed and improved Demo - 575.5 KB - 3 downloads.
Length: 1 levels
Author: Nintendo - Submitted by: Nintendo
Description: smb3 dx improve yes the bugs are fixed and overworld like the regular and racoon mario all smb3 gfx and smb 1 gfx now you can stomp on goombas too! thanks to pac and fusoya and nintendo co.and i used smb dx for a base

1. I tested this in five emulators, and it would not go past the Nintendo logo in any of them.

(For reference:
- bSNES v0.031
- ZSNES v1.51
- SNES9x v1.51
- a SNES9x emulator edited for better BS-X compatibility)

Either you used a bad ROM to make your hack, you selected the wrong file as the "original, unmodified" file while making the patch, or both.

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Deeee-niiiied: Mario The Galaxy Chronicles (demo 1.0)
Smacked Down: Yanamaka

Graphics are broken... naah, just kidding! You got the patch to create properly this time around. Hooray!

The reason I'm declining this is some P-Switch puzzles where you can get stuck and be forced to suicide in order to continue.

One way to fix these is to add a pipe or door which takes players a little way back in the level, giving them a method of resetting the puzzle to try again.

If you can fix this, I'm more likely to accept this than not.

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My Hacks:

Removed: Mario Curse Hunter
Author: --GAMMAXMAS--

This hack was pretty interesting. However, I can't help but think while I was playing it that you're drawing just a tad bit oo much from Keytastophe. Nonetheless, the hack *is* pretty decent for the most part. The reasons it had to be removed are as follows:

First of all, theat ghost house of yours would NOT end! I died from the time limit a couple times until I just turned on the action replay cheat for infinite time. Even hen, I never actually found the key in the level, but rather a really hard to get to secret route involving tile perfect coin block jumping. Did I mention that the floor is slippery too, so it's even HARDER? Anyway, that's actually not the main problem. The secret pipe takes you to here:

A somewhat bland autoscroll segment with nothing but eeries. There isn't a single coin in the whole thing, either, so as you can see in the picture, blind jumps are present. Please fix that by putting lines of coins to at least give the player something of an idea of how far to jump.

The autoscroll segment gives way to this odd, upsidedown boss battle. Sure it's interesting, but it also has so much slowdown, I think the Major might even get promoted to a general. :P

In all seriousness, though, please try to fix the slowdown here.

Now, here's a gamebreaking problem. It seems that the position of the boos above the pipe can end up randomizing. That means that, if you happen to be small Mario like I was...

...Mario is Dead on Arrival. D:

Anyway, beating that boo boss took me to a side path on the map with a red switch palace.

It may just be me, but this palette is rather distracting.

Empty message box from hitting the switch

LIES! That's no red switch palace! Yellow boxes are clearly flying from it!

Also, I never could find that dang key, so I couldn't move on past the ghost house. :/

Please try to fix these problems before resubmitting your hack. It looks like it really does have some potential, if not for all of these problems you left in the demo.
Hack Name: Yoshiro demo one Demo - 240.7 KB - 7 downloads.
Length: 5 levels
Author: Race to Christmas - Submitted by: Race to Christmas
Description: Yoshiro askes
Mario to escort
him to Knight
Town, for his
disappeared. Now
Yoshiro has no one.

This is a demo. Some one named (Raider54-doesn't visit boards) created the OW for me. I did everything else.

It features custom music, baby yoshi in action, custom sprites, custom bosses, and all that good stuff. This only a demo.

Well, there are still a number of beginner's errors here, but this is a marked improvement over your previous hacks. This is actually pretty close to being approved, if you can fix a few things.

Some general advice I would still like to stress though is to pick one hack to submit and stick with it. In the short time you've been here, you've created close to 10 hack demos and we've had to play through each one. You're still trying a lot of things out, and that's great - we just don't need to see the results of each of your experimentations.

Once your forum ban is lifted, I would like to see you make ONE thread in which you post all of your hack ideas/screenshots. That way, you can get feedback while also showing off your doodling and - at the same time - by having one thread, you won't be cluttering things up too much.

Anyway, as I said - this hack is pretty close to being accepted. If you want to get accepted, all you need to do is make a few changes.

There are some bad tiles/palettes on the corners of the OW ledges here. This should be pretty easy to fix, either through custom palettes or pasting the correct tiles down.

The ledge below this Shell Bro should join directly with the ground. Not a reason for removal, but it was the only bad tiling I could find, and so it ought to be fixed as long as you are resubmitting anyway.

This section was really flat and boring. Just adding some more enemies or bushes or coins or blocks or something would make it more exciting. There are a few other places in your game where this could help, too - try to vary things a bit more and add decorations and details. Also, this is the area with your P-Switch puzzle - whenever you use P-Switches, you should always have a way to reset if you fail (if the P-Switch is required to beat the level).

Not a reason for removal, but slopes leading into oblivion are kind of stupid. This is another one of those featureless landscapes that could be improved with some details.

This level was pretty solid and well done. I don't think you need vertical scrolling though, so you should turn it off or apply the Water Tide Fix (each time the screen scrolls up, the water follows you).

You should close off this end of this room. If you stand at the left side, you can get the boss to run off-screen and die, ending the level easily.

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.

Hack Name: Legend of Luigi (LOL)
Length: Unknown
Author: Raptop
Description: An excellent hack you're sure to enjoy. Travel across new levels with Luigi to save the princess from the clutches of Bowser! This hack has great level design.
This hack contains sprites from Super Mario Bros 1.
This hack was made by Raptop. Enjoy!!

I heard of this hack awhile ago and must of originally been lost after the "great hack wipeout of 08" I know it was hosted on this site before, but unfortunately under our new standards, we can't accept this now....*sigh* where to begin...

Text color issuse, use Smallhackers Misc text editor


What's up with the muti-colored coins?

Pipe error and blatant 105 edit

obvious 105 underground edit

Needs fade fix patch

So many mushroom blocks that you should be able to pick up...but you can't.


Castle Level starting in the wrong position

Why give a player a mushroom if they are forced to lose it in order to continue,

Sprite issuses

dood therez a donut land here too!11

level spawns in wrong place on left side

If it look like its suppose to be solid, make it solid.

obvious ghost house edit

Enter this pipe or any one the ones around it and...

you enter the endless bonus game!

Vanilla dome,eh? that sound familiar..

this looks familiar too...

hmm... looks like you didn't even bother to edit any of the levels afterthis...

To tell you the truth, this game felt WAY to much like the original SMW. All the levels were pretty much still in order. There are even more issues than the ones I posted, but this is enough for now...
Layout by LDA during C3.
Removal: Super Mario World: Star Edition Hack
Author: Arathorn21st
Submitter: mariomaster4000
Description: "A brilliant hack made by Arathorn21st. There appears to be no story to this hack- its just one big platofrming experience.

This hack is a vanilla hack, containing some good level design."

There is a readme file.
Originally posted by Readme file
Super Mario World:Star Edition Hack


Story: There is no story to this hack: its just one amazing platform experience!

This game features fun levels ehich you will enjoy!!!

NOTE: This game was not made by me, mariomaster4000. It was made by Arathorn21st.


Ooohkay, so this is an older hack that is being submitted by a newer user. Strap yourselves in, we're going back to 2003!

We begin with some screwy tiles in the title. The SMW logo is cut off at the bottom, and a poor choice of a star icon only worsens it.

Moved to the right. Died in intro. *groan*

A "true" platforming experience. Hoo boy.

Don't edit level 104!

How the hell am I supposed to get up here?

...oh. A sprite memory error led to a message block not appearing, which is used as a stepping stone to get up.

I'll be sure to e-mail you a link to this entry, as long as your email is still valid.

Mystery tile in the sky?

Now you may notice that there are problems with tile arrangements in this hack - that's because this was made in 2003, an era before ExGFX was widely used. (hmm, when the hell did I first start the ExGFX Workshop thread on ACMLMBoard? It's been too long.)

But in this day and age, this shit doesn't fly very well.

Nice place to plant munchers... I couldn't see them as I was sliding down.

Uh-huh. Yeah.

Something should be done about both the vine and the time limit. Speaking of time limits, what the fuck were you thinking with the Yellow Switch Palace?!

Whoops, might want to fix the offsets...

Originally I screenshotted this for the blocks cutting into the bush, but after pausing the game, I noticed a wall of Bullet Bills was comming after me. A warning would be nice! That's why the launchers make a noise when they shoot.


More bizzaro tile arrangements. The water looks cut off...

Floating stacked munchers. I'm done.

Hack Name: Yoshiro demo 1 Demo - 240.8 KB - 37 downloads.
Length: 5 levels
Author: Race to Christmas - Submitted by: Race to Christmas
Description: Yoshiro askes
Mario to escort
him to Knight
Town, for his
disappeared. Now
Yoshiro has no one.

This is a demo.
It features custom music, baby yoshi in action, custom sprites, custom bosses, and all that good stuff. This only a demo.

1. This is the biggie, which if fixed, should mean your hack is approvable: The tide scrolls with the camera, meaning it raises and lowers stupidly at points if you run fast enough and jump. There is a custom code to fix this effect with low tides, I think can be found in the Custom Sprites section. If you can not get that to work, disable vertical scrolling in this level entirely.

2. This enemy just jumps through the wall and dies, so you should probably move him and the shell a little further away from the wall. (BG color isn't eye-searing but also isn't appealing since the mountain colors don't exactly work. The change from blue to light green is too abrupt. Perhaps work with a custom palette or a different built-in palette.)

3. Too many remnants of "Mario" to make it feel like Yoshiro is authentically the actual main character. First up is the overworld sprite, which can be found in GFX10, and should be redrawn into a Yoshi.

Second, open GFX28.bin and set it to 2bpp GB, and redraw "MARIO" into "Yoshiro" or delete it - that's the easiest way to fix this.

Lastly, MARIO START! is still there. You can delete all the letters that make up MARIO START and the like as the fastest fix, though you'd end up getting rid of the same stuff for "GAME OVER", "TIME UP!", etc. I remember seeing something listed way down deep in the Advanced SMW Hacking forums - specific hex addresses for the MARIO START tilemap that you can edit. If you can't find that, it's listed in the ROM map, but not in as much detail.

4. To the left of where I am, there is a corner tile that you can walk on placed on the bottom row. You should not do this because you have safe ground where you can't see it, making it difficult to judge what else around there is safe and what isn't.

Lastly there's an issue with the baby Yoshi - some frames appear slightly cutoff, like when you jump or duck, a piece of your nose is cutoff. IIRC the flying frames are also quite messy, so if you're going to use the cape in this hack, be careful of that.

I recall you saying this was probably your best hack. I would agree - this is much better than some of the other hacks I played that were made by you, and you are showing significant signs of improvement. I would be looking forward to playing this again.

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Big Ugly Demon (kinda sexy in a weird way, though): super mario world hack demostracion
Generous Donor: dragoniante174
Description: aun no he decidido hacer una historia completa ni como sera el overworld solo es una muestra de mi proximo hack demo
para sacar algun ExGFX del hack primero me mandan un pm
Uhh, Come Again?: I have not even decided to make a full story or how it is the overworld is just a sample of my next hack demo
ExGFX to get some of the first hack send me a pm

I'm not entirely sure you'll read this, due to the language barrier, so I'll make this relatively quick.

Title palletes are kind of odd.

More odd palletes.

Again, bad palletes.

Largely unedited overworld.

This is some really bad ExGFX here.

Glitch tiles.

Cutoff from the ground exploding.

More cutoff!

Unedited switch palace? NO.

Not pictured: every single tile on this screen animating.

Your Homework for Today: Resolve to never, ever use poorly MSPainted ExGFX again. Ever.

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My Hacks:

Hack Name: The Really Stupid and Unfinished Hack Demo - 179 KB - 2 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: Ice Wolf - Submitted by: IceWolfSV
Description: This is what my project looks like.
Yea it kind of sucks but its in development and i thought i would just give you a taste of what it's like. :P
Also the screenshots are very crappy.


First of, why would you even submit the hack here if you know it sucks? -_-;


This is the crap-tastical title screen I get, full of bad pallettes and glitched titles not to mention you also die in the intro , which is a big no-no. And if I even try to start a file, the game freezes, So its about as far as I got.

As a hint for next time (and I'm not trying to be rude), don't submit it if you aren't going to put some quality into it.

Tag (b) was not closed.
Tag (b) was not closed.
Layout by LDA during C3.

Hack Name: Ice's Super Super Super World
Length: Unknown
Author: Ice Wolf - Submitted by: IceWolfSV
Description: [insert description here]

Apparently you didn't listen to much of what I said in the last post, but at least you got it to work this time. The game has many flaws in it, palette and level-wise, and some of the challenges are waaaay to hard for a normal person or are damn near impossible. I like you had a variety of music in the hack, but none of it really matched to the type of level that was being played.


Bad pallettes on the boarder, and floating vine tile=not good

Floating munchers and the un-gfx block don't make it any better.

Do I really have to list what is wrong here?

Horrible OV pallettes

Rule number 34 section H) don't place enemies so close to the starting position that the player has almost no time to react.

You get the time-up message when you die. Apply the Time-up fix patch.

Don't make 3-moons so easy to get. Thats just not right.

More floating muncher good-ness

Invisible -movement right blocks, also not cool.

*sigh* another 1-1 remake...yay...nothing wrong with that...i suppose

Except the fact that all the pipe in the level...

lead to the end-less bonus game...

Bad-fire Mario palette

That...doesn't look like a castle, no matter how hard you try..>_>

About that insanely long "spin-jump-on-pumpkin-plants-so-you-don''t-fall-into-floating-munchers" level...yeah also a bad idea.


Couldn't really get any further than this...

This hack needs a lot (and I mean A LOT) of work in it is ever going to be accepted here. Take a look at our front page and look around at the top 5 rated hacks and take note of what we are looking for. Also note though that you don't need to have Exgfx in you hack in order for it to look good, but it is a plus.
Layout by LDA during C3.

Scattered All Over Highway 35: super mario world hack demostracion[demo1]
Poor Unfortunate: dragoniante174
Preach It, Brother!: este es un pequeño hack que muetra algunos niveles que habra en mi proxmi hack

Hello. We've done this dance before.

Your hack has nearly all the problems as to your past submission, with a few more for good measure.

Spinys without the correct graphics.

The switch palace has been changed! But, not for the better. It's full of cutoffness.

Also, this level somehow still exists.

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My Hacks:

So Close: The Legend of Pirra (Demo 1)
So Far: Manuz
So What?: My new hack with ExGFX, blocks, SSP and sprites
Enjoy it.
Demo 1

This is really, REALLY close to getting accepted. Like, really.

There's just two sticking points in my craw, though...

The first is some inexplicable slowdown in this area. Probably easily fixable, though.

The second is this area, where you're basically forced to die halfway through the level if you haven't gotten a switch palace earlier. This is a really bad idea.

I liked this, other than those two things. Fix 'em and I reckon it's an accept.

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My Hacks:

Hack Name: SMW - Moon Edition (Demo 1) Demo - 23.3 KB - 5 downloads.
Length: 8 levels
Author: Brad172 - Submitted by: Brad172
Description: This is My First ROM Hack

This is a new version of SMW.
The Main Target Of This Game is To Try and Find The 2 Moons In Each Level that Have Been Hidden.
You Dont Need To Collect The 2 Moons To End The Level, It's More of a Personal Challenge To Collect The Moons.

1. Many levels are pretty obvious edits of the original. If you were to delete these using CTRL+DEL and make use of Super GFX Bypass so you can change your tilesets to mix different sprites and stuff, you can make a unique level, rather than building off of what's already there. Key things, like block + coin formations, certain land formations, and the enemies used were a clear indicator, though it's not as easy to see with pics as it is ingame. Here is one of the examples:

It's also not good to attach the turning wooden platform to a ledge, since when it hangs below the ledge it looks detatched. It would probably be best to anchor it to a cement block, since you have the P-switch in this level, and used blocks can become coins which are collectible.

2. There is a code in the Custom Sprites section that you can use to fix the vertical position of the low tides so that it doesn't scroll with the camera. Since there are items that float on the water, this makes them also go up high and fall down rapidly when you do, making it look and play out very, very weirdly.

If you can't use custom sprites, then I would suggest removing the tide in favor of water on layer 1, and either use the Map16 editor to make new mushroom column tiles that have the property of water so that you can swim past them without falling to your death or without having to leave it cutoff, or just have the water on layer 1 and your land on layer 2 with interaction. HOWEVER, the former is recommended because sprite buoyancy with layer 2 interaction enabled for sprites can be ajfdalsjhfaljdfal, if that makes sense. Of course it does!

3. Bad idea to put a piranha plant behind the bush, because not being able to see what can hurt you and still have it hurt you when you can see it is very unfair.

4. Also if you are big when you enter this level, you have to duck or jump pretty fast to avoid damage. Never put the player in a situation where they have to react immediately to avoid damage.

5. The switch palace gives out moons too liberally (about 10 and they're very easy to get.) There's nothing wrong with having the switch palace play out like a normal level as opposed to a bonus room.


Since the idea of the hack is to collect moons, I don't think it should be just a side quest. Try to make it so that it's important for continuing, even if it's something as simple as changing the Goal Sphere to a moon, recoloring it with YY-CHR, and changing the Goal Sphere's palette to either 8 or A so that it's yellow. Of course, find ways to hide the "Goal Moon" so that they're tricky to find, but not in such a way that if you mess up, you can't get to them. Non-linear level builds or reset pipes/doors can help you achieve that. Good luck.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Super Mario Del Lago Demo - 376.3 KB - 19 downloads.
Length: 9 levels
Author: tam6231990 - Submitted by: tam6231990
Description: this is one of my better hacks I'm currently working on, this one world demo contains new ExGFX, sprites, music and fairly easy levels so far with a couple tedious problems here and there.

1. P-switch ran out, and none of these turn blocks are the right ones - instead of turning, they just bounce. If you used the patch that turns your turn blocks into breakable bricks, you might either want to undo that or use another item. If this was intentional, you should not mislead players like this; remove the blocks since there's another way to go which is correct.

Also the fact that you need to use this P-switch to continue is an indicator that your level is either too linear and needs another path, or you should have a reset door/pipe so you can redo the puzzle and not have to die, restart the system/emulator, or use a savestate.

2. You have far too many enemies and a few blind jumps and some really frustrating low-ceiling/spike jumps. The third and fourth levels are especially annoying, and savestates are needed. This means your difficulty curve is unbalanced and overall level design is poor. Don't know about you, but fifty homing bullets and a Lakitu over donut blocks isn't my idea of fun. In fact, I have to stop playing here.

3. The usual suspects: Bad palettes, bit of cutoffness, a glitched graphic, and fading problems.

There is another type of "fade fix" you can use in the ROM map, listed near the top that, instead of making all the colors fade after a goal, makes it so that no colors fade at all. The patch won't fix these colors because you used them on important parts used in the status bar that aren't meant to fade.

Title screen's layer 3 font palettes overwrite palettes 0 and 1, which is why you don't use the last halves for anything else. You would either have to scrap the BG in this level and use SMW's underwater or cave background/one that does not use the last halves of palette 0 or 1, or assign all your tiles using that background to a new palette and move all your colors, or sacrifice your font colors and use the background's palettes there by copying and pasting colors. (First is recommended for convenience.)

The pipes with the Venuses in them are badly colored, and they look cutoff too because they float one pixel above the small pipes below it. Either put another end onto the pipe instead of the "body" of the pipe connecting to ...well, air I guess, widen the thin pipes, or scrap the big ones + the Venuses. (Also, the fire guy gets stuck in the pipes and jumps up higher - he shouldn't be able to do that because it looks really silly.)

The cement blocks are bad. Chances are they'll look just as bad with another palette, so just use the Map16 editor to make the ground corners into extra 16x16 squares you can use instead.

Not liking this midway point. Not only is palette 4 consumed by fire overwritten by the FG palette so that it makes it look bad, but it's also... misaligned. o.o You don't need to keep it looking like a midway bar - you can overwrite the tile of the midway bar with a same-property tile, have it use new graphics and a different palette if you want, and delete all the post pieces from GFX33.bin so you can place it out of Extended Objects rather than Direct Map16 Access so it doesn't respawn when you re-enter the level from the midway point. The vegetation below is also cutoff.

The donut sprite is badly colored (set up a custom palette and recolor the sprite with YY-CHR) and there's glitches from the Fireball's splash - get rid of the fireballs. This segment is a royal pain in the yin yang as it is.

Noticable discoloration behind the cloud in this background, so just move it up to where the cloud is supposed to fit.

Just look above you...
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Hack Name: Super Enemy World: The Demo Demo - 201.6 KB - 33 downloads.
Length: 15 levels
Author: The Christmas Logo - Submitted by: The Christmas Logo
Description: This is my second attempt at a SMW hack after my first failed attempt. This hack contains ExGFX, custom blocks, custom sprites, and hex edits!

READ THE README BEFORE YOU PLAY THIS HACK!! It contains some important information and credits!

1. Layer 3 vanishes when "Course Clear" stuff shows up. Solution: don't have the goal in this level - have a pipe or door leading to another room instead where the goal is.

2. Around this point, if I keep walking, Layer 2 messes up since when you get to the next screen, it resets position (and you can see it do that abruptly, and it looks very awkward.) I would suggest not having the spikes be so close to the screens where this happens. A thread stickied in Basic SMW Hacking has more information on this in one of the posts; sorry I don't have the link handy at the moment.

3. If you don't slide or jump immediately, that goomba will walk right into you. Don't have an enemy so close where you have to react instantly, as if you knew ahead of time it was there, in order to avoid damage.

4. Some cases of the bottom row being used for walking. This makes it confusing for the player since he or she doesn't know how far this goes on unless you basically press your face against the monitor like this *bonks head into monitor* - OW, so anyways, yeah, and see the top row of pixels on the bottom tile and that's it. Just end it a little higher.

Another bottom row usage:

5. Caused by changing palette C, there's a very clear crease between the lava and its surface. Restoring the original colors to palette C would be the fastest way to fix this.

Stuff below aren't removal reasons.

I'm not sure if this was intended, so I'm not putting it as a removal reason, but all of the yellow switch palace blocks in the game are solid and don't produce mushrooms.

Also not a removal reason, just a very funny thing I haven't seen until now - being able to ride these things on the lava safely. Of course, you can make a copy of the surface tile that acts like tile 5, or better yet, put a passage under here that leads to secret goodies.

Here's another thing of slight concern, but it's more a problem with the ExGFX themselves: a somewhat bad transition between the snow and the dirt, likely caused by the fact that the top part and bottom use different palettes, so the snow can't be shaded correctly and consistently. It would be better to make a custom palette and change these tiles' Map16 data to use one palette.

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Hack Name: super 100 world Demo - 121.1 KB - 5 downloads.
Length: 5 levels
Author: xxXXAlaNXXxx - Submitted by: xxXXAlaNXXxx
Description: im not sure about the name, it just came to me, and its a easy romhack that actually can fun you, it doesn't have too much changes but it's gonna like you.

1. Nothing works right, because it's a bad patch.


No seriously, you need to get a clean SMW ROM to move your work to, and remember to select the clean ROM first when using Lunar IPS, then the hack, so the patch will work as intended when used on a clean ROM.

Here's a sampling of what happens when the current version of your patch is applied to a clean ROM:

A) Background is screwed up. The floating munchers are intentional, which is bad, because we do not accept hacks with floating munchers, so what you're going to need to do is either redraw these munchers into something that looks okay floating, such as a spikeball, or actually put something below them so their stem is attached to a solid, flat surface. You can also use the Map16 editor to flip munchers upside-down if you need them attached to a ceiling.

B) First level is called Iggy's Castle. I can't move left or right either, and I would think that I'm supposed to be able to because the paths are open to those directions, and you're using the original SMW overworld.

However, after you re-enter this level, you get this for a level name:

inb4 new meme
C) I also end up at the top of this neverending bonus game, because of the bad ROM, after I go through the boss door. I know for a fact it wasn't meant to go here, but because I am here, I can't continue.

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Hack Name: Super Mario World-Quest On Quiet Island - 540.8 KB - 17 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: Nintendude - Submitted by: mariomaster4000
Description: An interesting hack made by Nintendude, in which mario sets off on a quest to bowser's new hideout named the quiet islands. And, obviously, he has Princess Peach.

This hack features good yet easy level design and SMB 3 style sprites.


1. So many spots where you can get stuck forever.

A) Magikoopas can destroy these blocks with their magic, meaning if it hits a vine block, you are stuck.

Solution: Reset door/pipe.

B) This P-switch race isn't well-planned. You can drop the P-switch down that hole and it won't respawn because it came out of the block, for one.

Secondly, if you can't beat the clock, then you can end up stuck in this small area and the only place to go is down the hole to die.

Solution for both: make this a higher path, with an alternate path below this section with different challenges.

C) If you kick the shell from before and it kills the blue shell, and you don't have a leaf, you are forced to die.

Solution: Alternate path.

2. Okay, this was the most ANNOYING aspect of the game by far: having to get the switch palaces or being forced to die.

A) Yellow switch palace: This place warns you AFTER you enter the level. You can not go down the pipe, and side exits are not enabled, meaning you're forced to die if you didn't get the yellow switch. No flying space, no blue shells.

B) Green switch palace: You can fly over this if you have the Raccoon leaf... but if not, consider yourself a dead player.

C) Blue switch palace: Yeah... :/

Solution: Redesign the levels so that the switch palaces are not mandatory, or enable side exits/another way out of the level before you're forced to die because of this horrible level design concept.

3. Numerous cutoff spots:

A) That whole castle wall is cutoff. You can use a nonsolid wall to fix it.

B) Bottom of the hills are cutoff, and the top of the tall island in the middle has brown where it shouldn't.

C) The transition from the mountain to the ground is awful. There were more tiles in that background, I think trees, to make the transition smooth and believable.

D) Too many places to list where there are missing jointed tiles, so I'm just going to show one of the more obvious ones. There are at least 20 other levels with this problem.

4. "Lightning fast reaction time or generic hurf durf waffle deathcake"

A) When shot out of this cannon, if you don't hold B+Y right away then you'll likely fall to your death, so you should have another row of clouds for the lower landing point. MORE IMPORTANTLY though, because you use the generator in the first screen, there's a 1/3 chance you get shot into a fish and are forced to take damage and probably fall to your death before you can even do anything. It's not fair. Never use the fish generator or any other enemy generator in the entry screen.

B) You basically get dumped over this fireball when you enter the boss room. You have to move within one second or it hits you. (The fireball is also cutoff because of sprite tile memory problems)

C) In this lake, if you are big and don't move within two seconds, congratulations, boot Bullet Bill to the head. D:

5. Some palette errors:

A) This ghost's shading has far too high contrast; it should have more pale shades.

B) Yellow switch palace blocks on the overworld are brown. :x

C) This palette is not player-friendly. Too bright. There's a much better ice cave BG palette, if you want to use built-in palettes, as seen in Donut Secret 2 - since you're using custom palettes, you should definitely tone down the brightness and have better contrast, and perhaps pick out better colors for the ground and the lava stuff. *shrug*

D) Fade fix is needed. Since you're using the status bar colors for the background (though you shouldn't) you should use the hex fix in the ROM map for fading - it doesn't work on bosses, but from what I've seen so far of bosses, you don't need it to. Just levels.

E) Boss Bass has a bad palette:

F) The black lines in the foreground seem... wrong. Try periwinkle.

6. Blind jump before the part with the wall springs - I have no idea where I'm going. Use coins or enemies as a guide to safe land.

7. Map16 error. You fall through this corner tile, yet can stand on the all-around-solid wall. Make this corner act like 130.

8. Can't exactly show bad physics through a screenshot, but the Raccoon Mario form has a horrible effect which causes you to stall too long in the air after you jump even if you're not holding B to float. This contradicts what you expect and are used to, making it more difficult to control for a bad reason - it's not intended to mess up like this. Apply the fix patch.

9. Sprite tile memory problems. All of these can be fixed with "No More Sprite Tile Limits" if you insert it correctly and set the memory in these levels to 10.

A) The Pokey just disappeared. Nothing else to it.

B) A piece of this short, fat carrot is always missing, and I know for a fact Yoshi didn't eat it...

C) ...yet the Queen ordered Yoshi's head be removed for it anyways. Also, the platforms are cutoff too as a result of sprite tile memory legato fail.

(Also a side note: The patch is bad but everything seems to work as intended on SNESGT. In case it screws up on other stuff, you might want to move your work to a clean ROM.)

P.S. Nintendude88 is the maker of this hack, so let him fix and resubmit it. It will be rejected otherwise unless you show that he gave you permission to upload it, and/or permission to fix it yourself.

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