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Hack Removal Log
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Hack Name: Super Mario World Remix - 25.4 KB - 4 downloads.
Length: 10 levels
Author: verarticus - Submitted by: verarticus
Description: Ok note to the moderators sorry my last one was an actual rom and I didnt relize that its suppost to be ips file (for some reason my computer didn't recognize the instrcution thing at the submit as a button) I didn't see an edit button for it anywhere so...I guess delete the last one

now the level has some trouble with the over world with the move (the right path at the split you can't go past the s bend but I don't know how to fix)
and you have to move to the next level after you beat a few but I think its an ok first rom hack so please post what you think

Okay, you're pardoned from the ROM thing, but this hack falls into violation of section 4d of the rules, so I advise you not to reupload it until you fix everything mentioned here.

1. This is the tutorial level... there are many things wrong with it. First and most obvious being the stacked and floating munchers that look downright horrible - you're never supposed to stack these. Redraw them into spikeballs if you absolutely have to, or actually use the Map16 editor to y-flip them and attach them to a ceiling properly.

Second, the message box with the tides is a horrible idea because when the message box comes up, the tides vanish. In addition, it's always a bad idea to use tides with vertical scrolling enabled unless you use the fix for it.

Third, the bullet shooter tiles do not make good graphics for custom blocks. They have an awful palette, and they are cutoff. Use custom graphics for it instead.

2. You can die in the intro if you hold B. Never make it possible for Mario to die in the intro because you screw up your life counter on the overworld eventually. :/

3. Things like these are nuke-on-sight. Never, even if you show the player in the title screen, make it so that Mario can get permanently stuck somewhere and/or forced to die/wait the timer out/reset to get out.

4. Bad level entry. When using the cannon entry you MUST make sure that the player can't die during the level entry. If you don't hold B+Y+forward, you end up dead, and you can't tell where you're supposed to land until it's too late. Also, you land on steep slopes, which cause you to slide down unless you move immediately -_-;

5. Don't edit 104. If you absolutely NEED it to be like this, then get rid of the birds and the fire, or more the pipe more towards the left and disable vertical and horizontal scrolling.

6. Overworld is an absolute mess around the lake area, and very plain on the upper left. Dark green hills are cutoff at the bottom, the whole path on the right is cutoff, the wrong tiles are used for everywhere the land meets the water except the flat coastline to the lower right of the switch palace, above the rocks... The map doesn't need to be realistic, but it most definitely shouldn't be cutoff.

7. Before ending this log, here's a bit of the first level (as much as I could tolerate) that needs to be fixed

-Jumping across a really long row of bullets to get to the next steep slope.

-Overuse of music note blocks, and more floating munchers.

-Big blind jump to nowhere. Use coins or enemies as guides to land you can't see.


Cutoff ground = no. You need to have walls to end your ledges.

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If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Sorry guys. I accidentally submitted it early before. D:

Hack Name: Super Mario World: Endless Island Ocean Demo - 234.7 KB - 14 downloads.
Length: 11 exits
Author: Santa's Little Helper - Submitted by: Santa's Little Helper
Description: Hello, everyone! And welcome to the first hack I have ever released publicly. While playing this hack, please be aware that there are some levels you have to visit TWICE to get farther.

After the events of Super Mario World, Mario thinks that he has defeated Bowser for the last time. With no threat, Mario decides to take a vacation to an ocean full of tropical islands. But as soon as he gets there, Bowser's henchmen are already waiting for him! And worse yet, Yoshi has been kidnapped!

I hope you enjoy!

1. I would think that by the first level I played in this hack, that you had known better than this.

You know what to do. Open GFX33.bin and make a good old spikeball. Floating munchers don't cut it.

2. AAAAAH SLOPE DEATH IS NOT COOL D: You're going to want to just use walls instead. If this was meant as a solution to if you mess up the puzzle, never choose death.

Also in the Gold Sanctuary, even though you'd have to be pretty stupid to do this after seeing the P-switch, but you can still get permanently stuck either way, so you need some sort of reset door/pipe or another path to the switch.

3. Sorry, but this doesn't make it okay to put the player in immediate danger of getting hit. When the message box vanishes, it's extremely hard to time the B/A button right to actually get Mario off the ground before the bullet hits you, as if the button doesn't register no matter how much I jam the key.

Also if you don't know these bullets are there ahead of time, I guarantee that you can't dodge them.

4. Miscellaneous associated errors:

A few problems with this pic:
A) Bottom row used for walking
B) Bad corner tile near the pipe, which can be fixed by placing the appropriate tile out of Direct Map16 Access over it
C) I can stand on this thing when I shouldn't be able to
D) The thing I'm standing on is cutoff

Also, this pic is missing an appropriate transition from the ground to the wall; the grass is cutoff:

Bad corner tile near the pipe, as well as an overall bad foreground palette (the brown should be changed to an intermediate green.)

Bad palette on this ledge (make new Map16 tiles of it using a different palette that looks good)

Cutoffness associated with floating spikes. Put some ground below them:

Cutoff vines, so you should draw a bottom for them or attach them to something flat. Also, the fish swims through the cement block and into the air. o_O Move it further to the right.

5. Perspective on the islands on the right side of the screen are off around the corners; the castle bush uses a bad palette; the "Gold Sanctuary" is green. However the events are pretty nicely done and the concept of having to use one exit to get something from one level that you need back at a previous level to continue onward is well-played.

6. Coming back here from the right with the key, the vine doesn't spawn, meaning you have sprite tile memory problems caused by too many sprites onscreen. Use edit1754's patch and set the memory to 10. It should alleviate this issue.

Also yeah. It happens in the castle too.

I stopped after this part when I got pushed into the pit by that cement block. You really need to work on your difficulty curve, because the level before the castle, in the cave part, is excruciatingly painful to the point where savestates are a must if you want any chance at all of beating levels from then on.

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Hack Name: SMDW (Demo) Demo - 95.7 KB - 2 downloads.
Length: 5 levels
Author: Sasukeuchihahaha - Submitted by: Sasukeuchihahaha
Description: Good hack. Funny Kaizo Traps. Ends after Iggy's. Funny dialogue. Iggy's may be glitchy. wasnt to me. all the dialogue is changed (well, most of it)

Full name is Super Mega DOOMWORLD
Read the readme in the hack for more info

1. Bad patch. I think you made it wrong since it goes down to 270 KB and doesn't run on any emulator. (A side note, the internal ROM name is ü but that's likely intentional. I wish you could get ☻ or ☺ as an internal ROM name; that would be sick.) Remember when using Lunar IPS to select the clean SMW ROM first, then your hack, then name the patch. If your initial ROM was dirty, you must find a clean one to move your work to, then repeat the process of creating a patch, reapply it to a copy of the clean ROM, and test it to make sure it runs correctly.

2. Several problems with the screen you provided (which is all we can give criticism, aside from the description, on since the patch doesn't work.) The first and most obvious being on the right, the whole wall is cutoff next to the vine. You can't do this; the ledge has to end in a wall. Second, there's a bad corner tile near the bottom left of the message box - it should have dirt behind it instead of "air". Lastly, grammar errors in the message box, and internet slang is frowned upon in serious hacks... but since this is intended for humor, we'll just go with the grammar fixes.

* Hi. I am Yoshi. My nose itches. I like pie. I like to annoy people, like I am right now. Feel free to say STFU anytime. Blah blah...
(Remember spaces after the period. There's also enough space to fit anytime next to STFU, so you have enough space for "Blah blah..."

Also just a reminder in case you haven't seen it around, but since you're new here I figure you haven't: our policy on Kaizo hacks. These are hacks designed to piss off people, and have high difficulty and some unfair elements, like invisible coin blocks strategically placed near pits so you'll THINK you're going to cross it, but you hit it and fall to your death, and of course, death after the goal point unless a certain condition is met (e.g. blue P-switch is active, Mario is big.)

It is for that reason, that foresight of what's to come is needed to succeed and/or savestates are a must, that we do not accept them, and also in part because of their stereotypical godawful aesthetic quality, which often consists of floating munchers and lots of cutoff tiles, so keep that in mind if you upload this again.

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Hack Name: Super Mario "Tentative Title" Demo - 357.9 KB - 1 download.
Length: 6 levels
Author: LunarDrake - Submitted by: LunarDrake
Description: An SMW hack by LunarDrake.

Don't get the wrong idea from this removal. This demo, aside from these setbacks, was extremely well-done, and this is something I want to see fixed and resubmitted. It's worth a play or two.

1. First of all, the yellow switch palace is unedited. Ctrl+DEL to clear everything, then build your own level. You might want to take note of the screen exit though just so you remember the room that the yellow switch is in.

2. Yoshi's tongue and gulping frames are glitched in this level. You can prevent Yoshi from entering, but also, those tiles Yoshi needs for those actions are unused - you can draw in or paste on the correct frames for them. Yoshi's fireball, I'm not sure of, since I didn't check that. If it does conflict with other sprites, just don't have any red shells available in this level.

3. At the very end of Jungle Fever, you're sent to this room as a substitute for a goal point since it's the end of the demo, but you're stuck here permanently until you reset since there are no enemies and no time limit here. Instead, put in a "Side Exit Enabled" sprite. Also, remove the message box or fill it in with text. :x

4. It's going to need a fade fix type. There's a patch that will cause all colors except those used in the status bar and the flashing part of palette 6 to fade, and another fix in the ROM map that will prevent all colors from fading except those in boss battle rooms. Choose your poison.

5. Yep, that one elusive bad corner tile. Fix it quickly by putting a Direct Map16 Access tile of the correct corner over it.


Not a removal reason but definitely somewhat weird: Something's up with this 3up moon. It looks kind of... bananaish. I think you accidentally changed its lower left tile; it doesn't exactly align correctly with the top tile and is cutoff just a little bit.

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If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!

Faith No More: Ploxerdon world demo 1:ploxerdon town
Mr. Bungle: Ploxerdon
Fantomas: Its my first romhack,so enjoy.
And i know the overworld glitches up,but i don't know why

Crashes after the file select. USE A CLEAN ROM TO MAKE YOUR PATCH!!! THIS IS NOT A DIFFICULT TASK! Also, it's probably not a good idea to submit your first hack. Especially when it allegedly looks like this:


Removal Log
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My Hacks:

Tapestry Of Evil: Ploxerdon world ploxerdon town
Tablecloth Of Doom: Ploxerdon
Nice Little Glass Vase From Hell: Mario jumped in a pipe..
however,it landed in Ploxerdon world.
And he heard remours of the infernalist having princess peach.
defeat the infernalist where the demo ends.

Jesus Christ.

Somehow, you manage to die in the demo, but not be dead enough to screw up the game code? Not sure how that works, but it changes the music anyway. This isn't big or clever, however.

This totally sums up this hack.

DON'T! EDIT! LEVEL! 104! YOU! DOOFUS! Still, thanks for the mushrooms! They're sure to come in usefu--

Never do this.

Don't place Yoshi Coins on the subscreen edge.

Not a reject reason, but long stretches of nothing are boring and lame.

Why is this area slippery?

Forsoothe! Thine sprite settings needst be overwritten! Verily!

Inexplicable overworld glitches are the best glitches. It's like the game itself is protesting against this hack! Keep at it, little ROM! Fight the power!

Well, I've reached the yellow switch palace! That's usually safe...

Well, at least he swapped out the coins. Still, this blatant level edit couldn't get any worse, could it?

This is the entire goddamn level.

I'd complain about cutoff, but at this point, it's a bit like complaing about a stubbed toe while ignoring my blood-gushing arm-stump.

I can't even remember if I'm allowed to swear in hack decline reasons, but holy fucking shit! This is just Yoshi's Island 4 with the entry type changed! That's some serious audacity there to actually submit that here and expect us to add it!

You know those options in LM to view the screen edges? Use them. Also, this is pretty much the entire level. No enemies or anything.

Just the second half of Iggy's Castle with stupid-fast autoscroll.

No, I don't believe we will.

Your Homework For Today: Delete any and all Kaizo hacks from your hard drive, and actually think about your level design.

My Homework For Today: Don't do hack reviews at 4am, you doof.


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My Hacks:

Abominable Snowhack: Super Mega Doom World (IPS Problem Fixed)
Grinch In Residence: Sasukeuchihahaha
Dickensian Prose: After countless hours remaking it, heres the V.2. The levels have been changed, and there are 2 cookie-cutter levels, my sisters, and my other sisters, respectfully, "My Big sister's lvl" and "Fish out of water"


...where the hell do I start? Okay, first thing: Use surface tiles when working with water. Second thing: Don't let water be "cutoff" - give it walls or something. Third - starting the player above a death pit (admittedly an underwater one) is a stupid, stupid idea.

Also, the secret exit didn't fire off the overworld event, to the completely unchanged Switch Palace. Rejected! But let's keep playing to see if you win a consolation prize (my undying sympathy)!

This level mostly consists of running in a straight line for no reason, with next to no enemies. Thrilling.

There's this, though, which is pretty damn dumb.

No words.

Oh criminy...

It's Yoshi's Island 3. With a bazillion switch blocks added. Also, some other glitchy crap.

Aformentioned glitchy crap.

The next level, "Fish Out Of Water" (yeah yeah, clever, okay) is just Yoshi's Island 4 with no tide, rendering it unbeatable.

Your Homework For Today: Use Lunar Magic for more than an hour. Fend off your siblings with a stick if needed.


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My Hacks:

Hack Name: Island hoping Demo - 156.5 KB - 0 downloads.
Length: 7 exits
Author: funcky14 - Submitted by: funcky14
Description: I add ExGFX so I hope u have fun

You are in a long and winding dungeon with stone walls and a dirt floor. The corridors are narrow. Your only source of light is the torches on the wall, with their dying flames. Before long, it will be completely dark. Your weapon of choice to defend yourself against the dangerous creatures lurking around each corner is a large wedge of American cheese, because the only things you have otherwise are the clothes on your back. Suddenly, out from the left passage, a hack moderator wishes to engage in combat! What do you do?

A. Fight back with the cheese wedge
B. Run
C. Surrender
D. Laugh at how ridiculous this scenario is because it has nothing to do with the removal log at all

1. This design element is repeated far too many times (I counted this "maze" of cement blocks in almost the same exact build in three different levels.) More importantly with the first one, vertical scrolling at will is not enabled, so you have a big problem with not being able to see where you are or where the exit is >8(

Last one doesn't have exactly the same build but still overuses cement blocks and creates an uninteresting obstacle, except the one-shot-unless-you-have-Yoshi-or-a-cape jump for the key for the secret exit. You should think of different challenges to use in place of these that involve more than just weaving through stacks of cement blocks, and also try using ground instead of cement blocks - it will look worlds better.

2. Blank message box. Fill it in with text or remove it from the level.

3. There's a blind jump from up there to down here - you can't see that there is a net below and it makes it really difficult the first time you are in this level to be able to grab onto the net before falling into lava. Extend the net up a little. Also, the BG pipes are way too bright to be against a pitch-black background. Please lower the contrast so that either the pipes are darker or the BG is dark gray instead of black, or it is likely that you will be eaten by a grue.

4. Fade fix patch is needed. If the patch doesn't seem to suit your needs, there's another hex edit you can use in the ROM that will prevent all the colors from fading when you get the goal in a standard level, but not in a boss battle room.

5. Cutoffness Man.
This one is pretty big. The tree doesn't go behind its leaves. You will have to move the tree around a little.

Ledge cuts into the wall.

This one is minor, but noticable and a little irritating. There's empty space between the cement blocks and the castle wall. You can easily get ceiling tiles out of Direct Map16 Access to use instead.

6. FG/BG starting position is too low here...

...and too high here.

00,00 for the top, 60,60 for the middle, and C0,C0 for the bottom.

7. This screen has bad corner tiles everywhere. Place the correct one over the offending one using tiles from Direct Map16 Access.

8. Grammar needs serious work. Every bit of text I could find is in all caps, and double consonants are never used when needed. A prime example is the name "Island Hoping" when it should be "Island Hopping", unless I'm missing something and the island is actually hoping for something.

Also, "Sunny", not "Suny".
"Bowser", not "Bowzer".
"kidnapped", not "kid napped".
"once", not "ones".
"Mystical", not "Mysticl".
"princess", not "prinsess"

* Sunnyisland is always sunny. It never gets dark here. Even at night, it is still light out.


Not a removal reason but a level design concept you may want to revise: I got up here on the first P-switch, because I can just jump into a ? block and take the coin spawned (instead of used block, since the switch is active,) and skip most of the maze. I could easily get all the way up to this corner and drop down to the pipe when the switch expires, completing the race before you probably intended for it to end, since you have a lot of other switches in that structure.

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REMOVED: Super Crazy World (SMDW) V.25
Length: 5 levels
Author: Sasukeuchihahaha
Description: Changed the name (Sounded alot like another hack) ill have to get to changing "Fish out of water"'s name and same with sister's level. ittl be different in the V.5


Reasons: Can't go left or right from Yoshi's House (which is named IGGY'S CASTLE for some unknown) reason. Entering the level leads me to Iggy's Castle, which, at the midway door, leads me to an endless bonus game. Upon opening the ROM in LM, it appears all of the sprite data is screwed. By the looks of it, the patch was corrupt. I'd suggest fixing what you need to and then recreating it.

The Jerk Store: Pit of Despair
Out of Stock: MoltovMarioWorld (submitted by jesus)
Yadda Yadda Yadda: this totally isn't a kaizo hack. really its not. easiest hack ever... you can trust me! :D

Retarded Kaizo hack. You can watch a TAS run by the author here.


Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
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Something awry? PM me!
Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Hack Name: Ploxerdon Town demo 1 Demo - 21.2 KB - 7 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: Ploxerdon - Submitted by: Ploxerdon
Description: this hack only contains the first island.
after that island there isn't any more changed.

1. Some stuck-forever spots, including one that prevents you from progressing at all since it's forced. This one is a gamebreaker, in the castle. Enable horizontal scrolling to fix it, otherwise you're stuck here, and either have to die, or sit and watch a bunch of green Koopas act like lemmings.

Those shells are needed to get through since a turn block ahead needs to be hit by a shell. However, it's very possible to kill the shells.



... :(

You should never start Mario off in a place where the player has like one second to react or otherwise takes damage/dies. Also this level is bad. Not counting the part in the pipe, since it's optional, all you do is swim in Layer 3 tide and jump over/swim under fish until you reach the goal.

3. Every level here is an edit from the original - sometimes not so obvious, but at other times, it's very, very clear. First pic is a blatant 105 edit, at the start of the level.

This is the 106 cave, and the only thing added in was a goal post... close to a wall. X_X You also do this at the end of 103, so you should give Mario more space to walk after the goal so he's not walking into a wall like a hurf durf.

4. The Cutoff Compendium III: pl0x edition
The jutting cliff on the left doesn't overlap with the one below Mario. Moving it left or right one tile should reposition it so that the tiles can overlap seamlessly.

The whole top is missing some much-needed filling. Simply put the switch palace "ground" there. Also, your level design here is easily worked around - you are very easily able to skip the shell part in this one and hit the turn blocks with your head to get through after using the P-switch. You also can get permanently stuck here, if you mess up the puzzle, so a reset pipe/door or an alternate path is recommended.

Top left of this screen, wrong tiles. Should use ceiling tiles instead.

Cutoff vine. Put a flat-surfaced block at the end of it.

A wall is needed on the end of that ledge. No reason not to have one. :/

5. Your level design isn't right.. there's something about it that feels very poorly improvised (read: not planned ahead of time, and didn't result in something good) in some places, and repetitive in others. For an example of the former, take a look at this pic where you admit this level's major flaw:

That gray pipe at the beginning takes you to the 106 cave room, where there are no threats, just the exit. So you came all this way for nothing! You already know to delete that bonus cave, and make new levels concepts over it, but what about this path, which is a dead end? Simple - you've got different challenges set up, just make it lead to the goal as well. Bam. Non-linearity.

Now, for the redundancy. Here's an early example: A few screens of bullet shooters placed one space apart, at the same height. None of the bullets pose any threat that the pits don't, so they aren't really needed. But also, doesn't jumping across the same platforms spaced the same distance apart get tiring? You've got to come up with something else to throw in there or replace a portion as a kicker.

There's also the castle, which spams Koopas on thin ledges. It needs more variety.

6. The tide vanishes after you get the goal, when the "Course Clear!" stuff comes up. You should make a pipe or door going to another level without layer 3 used for tides or aesthetics, and place the goal in there. The message box will also kill layer 3 level stuff like this, just so you know in advance.

7. More water fail.
You should never, under any circumstance, have water or lava against a non-solid barrier. Solid walls only.

Even if it might "look okay" it doesn't behave okay.

Similarly, you can fall into the sides of lava and water this way if you use a non-solid barrier to hold up the lava/water. Solid walls only, folks.

8. The candle flames are missing. Either add them with the sprite that generates candles, which is obviously found in the "Special Commands and Generators" sprite window, or use the BG editor built into LM to delete the aura around the... fire... that isn't there. *shrug*

9. Grammar needs work, and Yoshi's PAWPRINT is cutoff! How could you cut off the best "letter" in SMW's font? >8(

* Hello. Sorry, I'm not home... I am on my way to the mayor because he has one of my friends... -Yoshi

Just look above you...
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Hack Name: Pit of despair: not lying edition - 164.4 KB - 3 downloads.
Length: 1 levels
Author: MoltovMarioWorld - Submitted by: jesus
Description: some hard level thing.


i'm not lying this time, and since this hack technically breaks no rules according to the stickied thread, there is no basis on which it should be rejected! :D

boy oh boy, i sure cant wait for this hacks approval! :D


Also, regardless of which "sticky" you have referred to, this is the only one with all the rules and standards of hack submission laid out - namely what not to do in a hack.

1. You did break a rule by submitting content which does not belong to you without permission. /golfclap

2. Bad palettes. The grass's shadow is eye-searing - don't tell me that's blood because blood isn't that bright and it doesn't look one thing like blood, and the shadow on the dirt is horribly colored.


3. The level has no timer, yet when you die, displays "TIME UP!" There is a hex edit in the ROM map that you can use to bypass the routine that checks to see if the timer was 0 when Mario died, so that "TIME UP!" does not display, and it just goes to the overworld instead.

4. The "don't force a player to react immediately upon entering a level" rule and the "don't force a player to use pixel-perfect techniques" rule. In addition, this level also has a NOT AS BAD palette, but still has that problem with the shadow of the FG in which it's actually lighter when it's supposed to be darker.

Also the FG/BG starting position is way too low. Set it to 60,60 since he starts in the middle.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!

Hack Name: Super Fritzy World Demo 2 Demo - 196.3 KB - 5 downloads.
Length: 14 levels
Author: totakk920 - Submitted by: totakk920
Description: Super Fritzy World Is A game about my friend Fritz. the story is here.
a young boy who lives in the graslands named Fritz decides to take walk. when one day he goes out and notices something was wrong because every thing was different than usuall. Him, Birdfree(yoshi replacement), and Mega Mole are now on an Adventure to stop Kadence the main villain and his Bo-Badences(koopas) from doing something horrible.

Well, lets take a look at the pics...

First off, that looks like Mario....but if you say its Fritz who am I to argue? Anyways, don't use hidden ground tile on that bottom row. There are a lot more things wrong with the title intro besides that, but I don't feel like making a mile long post...

Besides the bad pallettes on the status bar, the stacked BB shooters don't look good like that.


unchanged corner tile gfx

Is that suppose to be rain....and a umbrella? no

Miscolored seaweed floating in the air.

Might wanna fix this.


Un-edited level

Fix this so it DOESN'T happen/

I dunno what you did here, but the sprites were acting funny in this area. They were like floating and moving by themselves. o_O
bad place to end a level..

You have some object to the right of here that is making the screen move when it shouldn't

Just looks funny :P

Apply the fade fix patch.

You have breakable bricks here that allowed my to climb to the top. Might wanna fix that.

This...thing...has something in its mouth and it kinda makes it look like its head is falling off....what IS it? o_O

There are a lot more things wrong with this hack, but I'm not going to be selfish and take up the whole page :P

Take a look at some of the hacks on our featured page and play a few of them to get an idea of what we are looking for. ;)
Layout by LDA during C3.
Hack Name: Super Mario Winter Edition - 19 KB - 5 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: Ploxerdon - Submitted by: Ploxerdon
Description: Its the orginal mario world with snow.



Originally posted by Description
Its the orginal mario world with snow.</font size></div></div>

Do you think our standards are really this low...that we would accept something this simple? You can't just take a SMW ROM, change everything to white - leaving some blatant bad spots in like the hill BG, the overworld, and the berry tiles, make it into a patch, and submit it. Anyone could do that, and in this case, it looks very bad. I suggest scrapping this because undoing the "damage" would just mean starting over with a clean SMW ROM.

Unexpected end tag (</div>) at 391, expected </font>
Unexpected end tag (</div>) at 397, expected </font>
Tag (font) was not closed.
Tag (div) was not closed.
Tag (div) was not closed.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!

Hack Name: Super Mario Thousand Islands Demo 2 Demo - 276.5 KB - 33 downloads.
Length: 16 levels
Author: blueyosh - Submitted by: blueyosh
Description: Ok the next Thousand Islands demo it goes to castle two.

REASON: (I'll probably hear some crap about this one...)I honestly debated over whether I was going to get rid of this one or not until SNN said something to me; " if a hack is dull, no one will want to play it".

First off, Graphics-wise the hack looks great, except for a few minor issues in the OV;

The ground tiles at the top of the small island with the castle

the green bridge intersecting the brown bridge that really should be even used like that...It just doesn't look right.

and this;

Might wanna figure out how I did that and fix it...

Notto mention there seems to be a issue with you tile-revealing skills...

Either way the hack would pass in my book normally...if it wasn't so boring.

All of the levels are waaaaaay to easy, about half of them can be beaten in under 30 seconds. Most of the levels just seem like a long flat stretch of land with random enemies place randomly about. The inconsistencies of the ex-gfx's used are driving me nuts; one moment your in Wario's Cave (which looks nothing like a cave mind you) and the next level your in Dreamland with Kirby! Followed by the mushroom house, with a ghost house entrance and you go in to fight a 20 second battle.

Honestly, I can't put our members though playing this hack. I don't even know why the first demo was accepted..:/ Please try again, this hack can become something good, I know it can. ;)
Layout by LDA during C3.
Hack Name: SMW v1.2 Testers Only Demo - 25.9 KB - 4 downloads.
Length: 4 levels
Author: Tommy5 - Submitted by: Tommy5
Description: This demo is for testers only. Please enjoy testers! And when I finish the whole demo, then everybody can play and enjoy this hack.

I, Kyoseron, appointed myself "tester" of this hack, because I'm cool like that. <_<

1. Okay, first of all, the problem with your level designs is that many levels are too empty or flat. You have a pretty good idea about alternate paths in your first level, but it's poorly executed because not all paths present any sort of different challenge that makes them more or less appealing than another, and they're pretty empty.

The Goomba level was especially bland, as much of it was just a flat plain with Goombas, or slopes with Goombas. Even if it's a loose plot for that specific level, I think you should build more stuff above the level, such as putting some blocks up there, vines leading to clouds with coins and Koopas on them, perhaps even a Lakitu later on in the level that they call in because you're "making their land slope-ier."

Also spice it up with some decor. Adding bushes in the grassland levels, some built into the ground, some large ones above, can make flat stretches of land seem a whole lot less bland. Make water sections a bit more difficult by adding some fishes and enabling sprite buoyancy so they can float. In caves, make a ceiling maybe six or so tiles above ground for Swoopers to rest on, waiting for Mario to pass below so they can strike.

Another big problem is that you give the cape early, and don't have any way of preventing Mario from flying over everything... yeah. :/

2. Now for some other issues. You should either use the BG editor to remove the candles, or use the candle flame generator located in the "Special Commands and Generators" window.

3. This just doesn't look right since Mario walks above the midway point (i.e. on air.) Use another type of platform, or edit the tiles in YY-CHR to raise the midway point to the very top of its space so Mario looks like he's walking on it. Another nitpick about walking on the midway points is you don't know fully if you can trust it, since you would think naturally you can just fall through it since in SMW, you collect the midway point - it's not solid traditionally. This isn't as major as the fact that he's walking on air, though.

4. Many levels are unedited. If you're going to "submit" this to SMWC (you did already :[) then you need to block access to unedited levels, and make sure every level of yours is your own - don't do blatant level edits, don't leave the original switch palaces in there, etc.

Lastly, a nitpick about Mario's cape - I think you shaded it wrong. It should be shadow on the bottom edge, main part is lighter, and you have it the other way around. This is very noticable when flying.

Also tip for the future: Do not upload BETAs to SMWC. This is a site for finished, tested demos and full hacks only. Use a freewebs/googlepages page or a filesharing site like mediafire to host your patch for your testers, because if you upload it here, not only are you submitting content which would surely be deleted, but you're also releasing it to the public so people like me can just snag it and see what you didn't want them to. :[

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!

Hack Name: Yoshiro demo v1.2 Demo - 268.6 KB - 16 downloads.
Length: 14 levels
Author: Race to Christmas - Submitted by: Race to Christmas
Description: New things are in this hack. Exgfx, and more challenges. Go past world one first.


I don't feel like typing much, so I'll make it short and sweet.

Empty OV, and Mario still seems to be on there.

Whats up with this spin jump frame?

Nose looks cut off while ducking

bad palettes

what the...

more bad palettes

cutoff tiles=no, not to mention this a blatant edit of that one water level on donut plains

more water weirdness

what the hell is that?

More bad palettes

Take a look at the timer. I should not run out of time on a autoscroll level

fade fix patch pls

You know whats wrong here...

You forgot the candle generator.

Fix these, then we'll talk.
Layout by LDA during C3.
Hack Name: Mario: The Galaxy Chronicles (Version 1.1_ Demo - 329.9 KB - 16 downloads.
Length: 11 levels
Author: Yanamanka - Submitted by: Yanamanka
Description: -Brought to you by Team Five Star-

"Mario has been enjoying his summer vacation without Bowser.
Mario! Set out and find out what has happened to King Koopa!"

Is it just coincidence that Bowser (King of all that is failure) has gone missing? Could it have anything to do with the crime sprees that have been plaguing all of Acrillya? And why is it that the robbers are targeting objects from Space only?

This is Version 1.1 of The Galaxy Chronicles. This is All of World 1 and the first 2 levels of world 2. Due to problems, Team Five Star is releasing this now, and the rest of World 2 will be released soon. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

1. A few places you can get permanently stuck:
Use solid dirt at the top, or else this happens.

No reset pipe/door/alternate path, and the coins are collectible, meaning if you pick them up, you are stuck forever. Instead of using the P-switch, try invisible coin/music note blocks for the player to find.

You can also reach here with a feather, and feathers are available in this hack, which is why it's a problem.

2. The dark level is filled with glitches. For one, the spotlight has the wrong graphics. Secondly, after you get the goal, the screen will constantly flicker - this is practically seizure-inducing. Lastly, the message box makes everything extremely dark while it's up when in this level. Solution: Don't use the spotlight and the dark level mode, just use a custom palette instead.

3. Cutoffness everywhere.
This tileset does not have jointed tiles to connect walls to ledges like this - have the walls extend all the way down instead.

Background. Hills. 'Nuff said.

Two things: The vine, and the little boxes on the mountains in the backgrounds. Do not edit the original BG Map16, since you will mess up a lot of SMW's backgrounds, including when they are shown in the credits, if you are using SMW's original credits. If Redrawn used a different BG Map16 set for whatever reason and this is what causes this, then import it from Redrawn. If not, reimport it from a SMW with an unedited Map16.

Bad corner tile on the left:

P-switch + question mark blocks over bushes = NO. Also, another example of the jointed tile problem... actually, I do not recall seeing many jointed tiles in this hack except for those two grassland sets - one that fits over the original Map16, and the bright one with the mushrooms.

More BG Map16 fail. You even had a pic of this in the hack page, so I know you know about this. The question is, why did you let that get past you? :/

4. Incoming - bad palettes! D:
[17:38] Red Sand crits Kyoseron for 65535 damage.
You need to import the TPL included with this graphics set, or you'll get some very nasty results. It's not just the sand either - barrels and other props suffer.

ALSO! The cloud background is badly assembled and has a lot of cutoff.

This one is fairly minor: The small platforms are a mix of blue and green.

Some trash cans use a bad palette:

5. Sprite tile memory problems. There's a "No More Sprite Tile Limits" patch - everyone should use it; it leaves no valid reason for stuff like this to happen:

6. Bad layer priority settings on some objects. This gives you the impression that the bottom part of the column is not attached properly to the top, thus making it seem like the arch isn't supported correctly, and that part of the column comes way out in front of it all. In a more simple description: it looks silly.

7. As seen in an earlier pic, there's a problem with the fish jumping out of the water. That same problem occurs here, but with the fish swimming into the sand and back into water.

Yet more fish fail. Enable sprite buoyancy with layer 2 interaction disabled.

8. "Wrong side of the solid wall" problems.
In this one, solid and nonsolid walls have the same exact graphics. Any player should easily be able to distinguish one type of wall apart from the other.

The stuff I'm standing on should not be solid. It makes it look like I'm floating.

9. Absolutely nonsensical grape soda. I can stand on some of it, but when I start moving, it's like a staircase that I can walk down until I get to the bottom and die. Shouldn't this kill on contact instead? Also this makes me think you have edited pages 0 and 1 - you really, really shouldn't unless your changes won't have funky impacts like this.

10. Tile 1EB needs to go under the left end of this pipe to prevent Mario from walking through it.

11. Bottom row used for walking in some cases. Raise it up one tile so you can actually see it and know it's safe to walk on ingame.

12. This platform goes up much too high, and when it gets high enough, it forces Mario to fall through it. Lower the platform more so that can not happen.

13. A few grammar errors, but not nearly enough to constitute removal, so think of this as just an added-on piece of information to this log. Sorry should be capitalized, and unless Valley is a proper noun (the valley doesn't seem like one) it shouldn't be capitalized since it's not at the beginning of the sentence. ALSO, in the screen you provided, you misspelled "heirloom" as "hierloom".

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: mario's dinner adventure - 22.6 KB - 5 downloads.
Length: 5 levels
Author: Mah Boi - Submitted by: Mah Boi
Description: the princess is kidnapped by Iggy and Mario has to resque her or he will get no dinner.

1. In Yoshi's Island 3, you can die after the goal point if you do not cross it high enough, as shown here... kind of:

Maybe what you can do is make the land go inward by using other corner and jointed tiles so that the water can stretch more to the left a little so Mario can land on the water.

2. Yellow switch palace is death because the walls are solid and you can not jump high enough to reach the surface of the water. This is the highest I can jump, running at top speed:

3. On a similar note, because you can not get the yellow switch, you must be big upon entering Yoshi's Island 2 or you are forced to die, because you must take a hit by walking on the coins to be able to jump up above the wall of coins. The football is kicked below the surface of the land so you can't bounce on it to get up there. In addition to never making a player take a hit without a powerup provided immediately beforehand, you should also never force a player to "get a switch palace or die" in a level.

4. A little bit of cutoff: The obvious part on the right, and then below the surface of the water is missing. Top pixel of the bottom row is all that's visible, so the one you will want to worry about more is the tile needed on the right.

5. Grammar needs work.

* Welcome to the hack. Have fun, and try not to die.

It would also be most useful for the player if you gave a cryptic hint that some things aren't what they seem. For players who need help in this, here's a cheat sheet:

Munchers ←→ Coins
Land ←→ Water
Clouds ←→ Cement Blocks

Not the first time I've seen this gimmick, but it's still very cool, and much of the challenge is from remembering the things above. It's not a conventional Mario hack in the traditional sense, but it works. I liked this one.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Mario & Luigi - The Living (Fix) - 149.6 KB - 22 downloads.
Length: 16 levels
Author: DJ Galax - Submitted by: DJ Galax
Description: The same as before, except I fixed the Red-Stem Piranha Plants. Remove the other file please.

1. Virtually non-existing margin of error and an extremely bad learning curve. That is a pretty big chunk of what contributes to making this hack "Nintendo hard" but hey, it could be worse.
This jump requires savestate abuse to pass. The furthest I could jump is far enough to fall right down that hole, and never made it to the ledge, so chances are to pass here, you will need to be big and land on a glowy yellow thing.

You have one second to move, or else you get hit by this Koopa. Not fair. Give the player some time to react - at least four seconds. Never place him/her in immediate danger upon entering the level.

In the levels where you have a P-switch puzzle, you never put in an alternate path or reset door/pipe, so if you screw up, you are forced to die as well. Here is one such example:

Also, why have used blocks there when they turn into coins, making the player suspect that there might be land on the bottom row so that you can collect the coins? It's potential death bait - never use death bait.

..I needed a little help since I basically got GRR'd off at "Trial of Death".

Okay - putting a coin near a cement block says nothing to the player even so much as hinting at "this cement block is one you can fall through." You could flip the blocks that you can fall through to face another direction so the player could speculate there's something different about the block.

This is where I stopped.

I didn't make it this far but my friend did. Looking at this, I'm actually glad I stopped there:

Forced hits to get past here as it is. He said it took 133 savestate loads to get here:

He said that this is where he decided to put on debug:

This is where he quit:

2. The worst sprite tile memory problems I've ever seen in a hack. If you have used edit1754's "No More Sprite Tile Limits" ASM, this is a wake-up call. You're using far too many enemies.

I just got killed by an invisible Koopa. AN INVISIBLE! KOOPA!

That's not all... Sometimes I'm the one turning invisible!

Wiggler messes up here:

3. Some palette issues.
Use the hex edit fade since you have the glowy yellow things close to the goal point. The fade fix patch will not fade out the flashing gold, even if it does fix the gray part of the cement blocks.

Tree bark is not colored right, and the chimney should also be gray:

May not seem like it at first glance, but this rope is badly colored. You need to make a consistent gradient of dark gray to light gray over colors 3-7 and leave color 2 black.

Two problems with this one: The yellow is far too intense - it needs to be dulled considerably. Secondly, the piranha plant behind the turn block bridge is bad because it makes the cement block show up above the turn block bridge when the cement block is supposed to be behind it, and it looks wrong. Get rid of the piranha plant.

The hills, especially the large hill with its bad shading, make it apparent that this palette needs work.

4. This Hammer Brother platform is placed way too low - it can push Mario through the slope and kill him...

5. Glitched graphics, no excuses. Either paste the correct tile back in place for this ball and chain, or remap it so that it does not conflict with Pokey.

6. This piranha plant needs more space to jump; it gets stuck in the ceiling when it shouldn't ever do that.

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