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Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
Hack Name: cluless mario Demo - 20.3 KB - 3 downloads.
Length: 4 levels
Author: xxXXAlaNXXxx - Submitted by: xxXXAlaNXXxx
Description: In this hack, every message box has an advice for the next stage, so you must figure it out, that's all, oh, donn't go into the pipe in overworld.

Okay, first of all, why don't you fix your glitches before you submit a patch? You know that if that pipe goes somewhere that screws you over, we'd reject it, right?

That's not even the worst of the problems.

1. The patch does not function properly. You used an unclean ROM as a base or an unclean ROM/incorrect file when selecting the unmodified file to make the patch. Find a clean one - we can not and will not provide one, so look for a (J) or (U) ROM with [!] in the name. Specifically, I can not get any further than this without the whole screen blacking out and the game freezing:

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Super Maki World Demo</s> MAKI MAKI</s></b> - 170.2 KB - 29 downloads.
Length: 11 levels
Author: makattack - Submitted by: makattack
Description: This is my first hack so it is not great. I tried to use some custom ExGFX files and I also tried changing some GFX files. The levels are not that long but I am going to create a better hack later on.

Sorry, Maki Maki had to be deleted. I call it that because the hack name reminds me of Bleach. <_<;;

1. Immediately my expectations dropped to zero when I saw this intro. Two things are wrong with it, both highly severe. First one is the stacked munchers. Look at any given page in this thread. You should know that this kind of stuff is the kiss of death for your hack. If you MUST stack them (and please don't put hazards in the intro) then redraw them into spikeballs. Otherwise, you must have their stem rooted to a flat, solid surface. No exceptions.

Secondly, as noted above, you can die in the intro. You can screw up your life counter on the overworld this way... so you really should take out anything that can hurt Mario between the time the intro begins and the time your message shows up.

2. This was seriously stupid. Random death trap. Enter the horizontal pipe and it spits you out into a pit. Let's assume we're playing this on a real SNES. What can you do about it? Absolutely nothing ingame as soon as you are caught in the trap, and as a player, you are pissed. You rip the game out of the cartridge, whip it again the wall, draw inside the cartridge with a crayon in an attempt to utterly destroy it. If that doesn't work, submerge it in water.

In other words, you can never put players in situations that force death or make you permanently stuck.

3. In a similar vein to the above, you can not put players at immediate risk of getting hit by an enemy upon entering the level or force the player to need to react to some other situation when they obviously haven't played this before and don't know to expect something like this. Jump or they slide right into you. You have roughly 0.75 seconds between entering and impact.

4. Ctrl+DEL. Use it. We do not accept blatant level edits. This is the 105 cave part with enemy spam...

5. Here's that pipe to hell I was talking about. However, there's another big problem with the land around it. Class A Cutoffness Man. It isn't that hard to have the land go all the way over and under the top of the pipe, and use jointed tiles to connect the ends of them to a left-facing wall. Simple edit, amazing aesthetic improvement. (Side note: this is where I stopped playing.)

6. Why are there bullets getting shot out of cement blocks? Also, why the vast overuse of cement blocks? Structuring a huge... uh, fort I guess, out of cement blocks is monotonous and ugly, to be blunt, and it's advised you mold it out of land instead. As for the bullets, 9 people out of 10 prefer bullet shooters.

7. Wrong type of mole - those are surface-dwelling, not ground-dwelling, and as such, should not be in the ground.

8. Overworld events to nowhere - I cleared the level, and the events just take up time. They don't let me go to a new level that I couldn't access before... :[

Unexpected end tag (</s>) at 59, expected </b>
Unexpected end tag (</s>) at 103, expected </span>
Unexpected end tag (</b>) at 107, expected </span>
Tag (span) was not closed.
Tag (b) was not closed.
Tag (s) was not closed.

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If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Super Mario World - 6 Level Hack - 145.3 KB - 16 downloads.
Length: 6 levels
Author: gameboy - Submitted by: gameboy
Description: This hack is not a demo. It's just a short hack. Don't give up on the boss, he has 15 hp. The game is NOT impossible. I tested it myself.

1. You can get stuck and forced to die in this part because the Magikoopa's magic dissolves the music note blocks - most of which you can not cross the chasm without. Work around this by either having an easily-accessible alternate path, or using blocks that can not be altered. If those make it "too different" from what you want, remove the Magikoopa and use different enemies.

2. Extremely repetitive. Every level is copypasta of itself. D: You really, really need to brainstorm more concepts for use in your levels, especially when the hack has only six levels - it shouldn't be hard to plan them out so they don't seem alike or spam one thing over and over again. Here are examples of levels up through and including "Pac-Man".
One level consists of several screens of this:

One level consists of several screens of this:

Here's Pac-Man:

... ._.

3. It's possible to die in the intro! <_< See the log above regarding why not to do this because he did practically the same thing, and for a fix, easy - just take the Thwomp out.

4. Some bad or otherwise questionable palettes.
First up is this blue and gray ground; it doesn't look right at all with this palette. You should use either the generic grassland palette or one of the gradient palettes (e.g. dark to light brown, green, ice, gray) or enable custom palettes and make your own gradient over colors 3-7 of palette 2.

The two images below are both from the same level, but the fix that works for one will more than likely work for the other - the ropes and the mushroom columns have bad palettes. I recommend, like the above, a dark-to-light gradient.

It also doesn't seem right to me that a tiny rope can hold up a huge tank of water... and the ropes have a bad corner tile because it uses the mushroom corner. o.o This is just me though, and not a removal reason.. though the latter could probably use some fixing; just make an ExGFX file with a rope corner tile drawn in and use the Map16 editor to make the new corner with the new tile.

Finally, here's those mushroom columns:

5. Vast overuse of sprites here; there are a couple of sprite tile memory issues causing some of the ghosts to disappear - Mario's invisible because I just got hit... so it could be worse. Either way, remove some before trying the patch because most of these ghosts have no chance of hitting you if you're trying to get by, unless you waltz into them like a clown.

6. Bad corner tile, but this time on a torpedo launcher and not a ground corner. Maybe this is a Map16 issue, and you accidentally altered the Map16 tile for the lower right. It should be easy to reverse; just either fix it manually, with the 8x8 editor as a guide so you know which tiles to use, or import SMW's unedited Map16 stuff from another ROM.

7. Bottom of these overworld hills are cutoff:

8. The problem with your graphics isn't the fact that they're "MS Paint'd" as some people will call it, it's the fact that they recede too much into the background sometimes and it's not easy to tell that they are enemies until they move or something. Same problem with the fishes as with the ghosts. They need better definition - in other words, an outline, to set them apart from backgrounds and insignificant props.

9. This goes all the way back to that music note block thing:

I didn't see you use the grinder or that other thing in this level so it is possible to fix this with ExGFX. Copy the music note block tiles, paste them where needed, and save it as an ExGFX to use in this level over the appropriate SP number.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: cluless mario - 21.6 KB - 14 downloads.
Length: 5 levels
Author: xxXXAlaNXXxx - Submitted by: xxXXAlaNXXxx
Description: in this hack every message box contains an advice for the next stage and you must figure it out.

This is my first hack that I "sorta guest-modded" to relieve some work off of the other staff members. Well, the first one that worked.

Broken overworld. It's not as bad as some others I've seen, but there's a lot of improvement to be made.

Upon entering the first level, we can already see where this is going. If you don't have quick reactions or abuse the fast forward key a lot like I do, you die without knowing what happened.

If you do survive this and attempt to use the P-Switch, there's an invisible coin block above where you'd jump, forcing you to use the P Switch, killing yourself in the process.

If you are able to survive THAT, you jump up through the green pipe on the other side of the wall to here. You need another P-Switch here. There are two in this level, but I wasn't able to get the other one (accessable from the yellow pipe) to here on time. Because of this, I think the level is unfinishable, at least to someone with moderate skills at Mario.

So I took a look at your hack in Lunar Magic. I find tons and tons of floating/stacked munchers in the first level, and tons more in the later levels which I wasn't going to test.
I love the Xbox 360. Games for it are damn addicting. With that said...

Removal: Dragon Land
Author: BobbyBombmaster
Description: "Sorry for the inconvenient of my first realease.

The goal of the game is to beat every monsters in the levels.

I have 4 notes:

1. In Draco's Revenge, you must have a flower to beat the level, it's not a glitch(You'll understand when you make the level).

2. In Dragy's revenge( and Dragogo's revenge i think) you must not have a Yoshi, or you will die.

3. In shaduz 1, you must quit or restart the game or the goal won't work.

4. In Kolos Dragon Form, the glitched twhomp are Kolos' magic."

Okay, first off, from the description you gave, it is obvious that English is not your primary language. It may be best to take some time and improve your English, or find a friend that can help you. It makes understanding your messages a lot easier for everyone :)

Second, you mention a few glitches in the game that you are aware about in the description. It would be wise to make sure those are all fixed before submitting - ask for help if you need it! There are plenty of helpful people around this forum that can take care of a lot of these glitches.

Third, you should not use glitched graphics in your hack. Simply put. Please utilize ExGFX instead.

*Welcome to Dragon Land, Mario!
Like I said, you should consider getting help with proofreading things.

This isn't really changed...

...which makes this a bit odd. Might want to edit either the message block text or the name of the level so it will make more sense.

I'm assuming you meant to say "Practice" here.

A single screen with a few enemies...

...and the level ends when you kill them all. Kind of boring, actually.

First slayer?

Same as the previous level, but with Switch Palace graphics, a single Clappin' Chuck, and a 1UP was on where Mario starts (not shown).

And you clear the level, but no switch was activated. Consider changing the graphics!

The other levels are more of the same. One screen levels where you kill all the enemies. This isn't good level design, it's very boring.

Hydrus? What are you trying to say here?

Glitched Cheep-Cheeps. This is why your hack was removed. Please fix this before submitting your hack again, please.

Hack Name: super besecker world - 23 KB - 3 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: zbesecker - Submitted by: zbesecker
Description: if you like difficulty please try this

1. Everything is a blatant level edit with garbage. Seriously, cutoff teal and orange lava? Come on... -_-

In this wretched 105 edit, you have bad BG palettes (use custom palettes and copy colors 2-4 from palette 0 over to palette 1 and put the same colors on 5-7) and you are in immediate danger of getting killed upon entering the level, AND you have stacked munchers, AAAANNNNNNNDDDDD glitched lava, AAAANNNNNNNNNDDDDDDD *explodes*


...and you have cutoff bushes, and a cutoff ledge.

Then you know what's going to happen when I get to that switch? ...yeah. All these ? blocks I can get are going to turn into coins, creating MASSIVE cutoff in the bushes... then there's another issue. How incredibly annoying it is to try to get through a passageway because it's just one tile high, and 99 times out of 100, even holding forward while duck-jumping, you can't fit through. I stopped playing here, since it's clear to me that this hack is not an honest effort. :/

2. The first screen of 104 was all you needed - everything after it is a horrid mess. Plus, it's advised that you do not edit this level at all because it's used in the credits. The berries have horrible palettes, the fire and birds move along with the camera, and it's just enemy spam.

3. Overworld put through a meat grinder. You should just import an unedited overworld from a clean SMW ROM... or start over, since nothing in this hack is worth salvaging.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: super besecker world ! - 22.7 KB - 1 download.
Length: 7 levels
Author: zbesecker - Submitted by: zbesecker
Description: difficult

It's the same exact thing as above! (Previous was 2063, this one is 2065 - their IDs are different, so it's not the same exact entry.) Why don't you listen to us and fix your stuff instead of uploading it again?! It's in violation of rule 4d. You have been warned. Do not resubmit this again.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!

Hack: Super Hard World
Author: JokeRMario
Description: A hack made by me. It's very hard, so save states and rewinds are a must. The overworld isn't changed, but the levels are. All of world 1 is changed. You will have to be an experienced smw player, and yes, this hack is possible. Hope you have Fun.
(The rom shouldn't be inside, just the ips file, and snapshots.)

Okay, let's start with the first level.

1.) It's an edit of Level 104. This is NOT advised, as it screws up the ending something horrific.
Originally posted by Kyoseron
In a similar vein to the above, you can not put players at immediate risk of getting hit by an enemy upon entering the level or force the player to need to react to some other situation when they obviously haven't played this before and don't know to expect something like this. ... You have roughly 0.75 seconds between entering and impact.

The rest of the levels are, to be polite, designed for the two people who actually enjoy Kaizo hacks.

Removal Log
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My Hacks:

Hack Name: Super Mario Place [Demo 1]
Length: 6 levels
Author: Clockwork Mind - Submitted by: Clockwork Mind
Description: This is a six level mini-demo, unless I count wrong. It is a smackeral, if you will. Lots of hand-made ExGFX, but the focus is on level design more than anything.

(don't mind the .jpgs, computer wouldn't save png's for whatever trout)

The level design and hand-drawn graphics (a rarity these days) were very good, but the hack suffered from one major error and a couple more minor issues.

Demo levels 1-4 are accessible from the beginning of the game. Be sure that the level tile settings don't enable movement for all directions.

There's some sprite garbage when Mario hits a ? block here.

Demo levels 5 and 6 had some issues with horizontal and vertical moving platforms not appearing at times. If you open the ROM in sprite Tweaker, go to those specific sprites, and allow them to process offscreen, the problem should be fixed.

The BG looks a little strange in this. I also noticed glowing layer 2 in an underground area. If you're trying to make it like glowing gold, it's fine, but otherwise, you may want to try a different palette/recoloring.

Down: Super Kunda World
Out: bond84
Words: I am sorry for the last 2! i didnt read because it didnt show up. OK! FINALLY! the castle isnt done, working on it. If you find any glitchs email me at (DELETED)

Please delete my other 2

On the plus side, you sent us an IPS. Which is good!

On the minus side, you also sent us the rest of your emulation folder, including a clean SMW rom, which is bad.


Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
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Something awry? PM me!
Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Hack Name: Mario's Craazy Quest - 138.2 KB - 13 downloads.
Length: 5 levels
Author: sky_blue_wiggler - Submitted by: sky_blue_wiggler
Description: Mario is trapped inside his dream! The only way to wake him up is to get through the levels! Lets-a-go!


Well, this hack had some decent level design, but a lot of stupidity/annoyance as well. First off, although I did in fact enter 5 levels, one was flat land with an almost impossible to find secret exit, one was a top secret area, and one was a boo battle, so I really only ended up playing two levels.


Yes, I'm standing here. Fix your slanted pipes.


I think you missed.

Don't make mario walk on the bottom line, even if it's for a secret.

Although they look like blocks, those pink things are coins.

Overworld Tile Error.


Flew out of a non-existant pipe.

Unreadable Text.

Your layout has been removed.
Hack Name: Yoshiro demo 1.2 Demo - 310.8 KB - 15 downloads.
Length: 17 levels
Author: Waverace123 - Submitted by: Waverace123
Description: Yoshiro asks Mario to escort him to Knight Town for his family was said to have been kidnapped by a mysterious being.
This hack has even more exgfx, custom music, more levels up to the third boss, Ice boo. Improved level design.
One custom block so far, a phanto escape level. And more!

Wow.. this hack has grown on me in the hour or so I spent playing it, and even though it's pretty average, I've started to like it a lot.

1. So you've noticed! Well, there is a problem with this. If you use spin jump to kill all the Koopas before you know about this, you're forced to die to reset the level. A solution: make an alternate path you can take, which is accessible at all times, so that if you fail this portion, you can take the other route. Remember, non-linearity adds replay value as well. ;)

2. This part immediately begins to scroll, and this is the beginning of the level. I don't believe enough reaction time is given. Think back to Butter Bridge 1. You don't need nearly as much space, but it would be good to extend the starting bone for half this screen.

3. Gameplay logic issue. Falling through walls that hold water up. The water doesn't go through, so why should Yoshiro? I would think that these walls should be safe to swim against, since they appear solid, but really aren't. D: Two solutions to this: Make these solid, or do not have these platforms cut through the water like this. They're mostly in the same level, and these are the platforms it happens with:

4. Two things: One, the tides in this level vanish when "Course Clear" stuff comes up. You should not have anything that conflicts with the layer 3 tide in this level, including but not limited to goals and message boxes. Move the goal into another level that you can enter either via pipe, door, or teleport block.

The other thing, of course, is fade fix. You can use the patch to fade more colors, or you can do the hex edit shown in the ROM map to prevent all fading in levels, excluding boss rooms - I strongly recommend the latter because your backgrounds conflict with the status bar, and the first fix wouldn't correct that problem.

Also, the lightning in this level isn't such a good idea because the BG flashes after you beat the level, and it's very eye-searing when it flashes. Perhaps you should remove the lightning effect :[

5. A few bad palettes, mostly with the sprites. You can load a TPL into a separate level, then bring the correct sprite colors from that over to this level. You can also do one of these: Recolor the sprite with YY-CHR, or create a custom palette of your own.

Tweeter here is missing some important color detail:

This goal block thing has a bad palette. Load a savestate from in this level and open the GFX file containing the graphic for this and recolor it:

Minor, but noteworthy: The outline around the blue block is incorrect - it should be black and not sky blue.

This one is also minor but the same issue plagues other sprites using this palette: Shy Guy's face mask is discolored. It uses the second half of palette C, which has no colors other than black, so you will need to copy colors over from their appropriate TPL to fix it or make the palette yourself, or recolor all the sprites with this problem.

It's very noticable on Spear Guy:

Boss Bass's fins and lips show some.. discolor. Was there an oil spill here? D:

The coins here are badly colored, and I'm not sure if your graphics' palette overwrite the colors for the status bar... it's negligible but makes the status bar a little messy. I strongly suggest restoring palette 6 to normal, and the sprite palettes, then using the custom palettes on the second halves of A-D, and YY-CHR to color the Christmas hats on the Koopas correctly.

Goal post here is badly colored. Like the tide issue, you can just make an exit going to another level and have the goal be in there, or you can just use the Goal Sphere instead.

The clouds have some boxy issue. The white for the inside of those background clouds is in another palette - paste the new shade over it.

6. Mystery of the missing flames on the candles. You can use the BG editor to remove the aura, perhaps the whole candle as well, or you can use the candle flame generator sprite. Also with this background, there's some very noticable discolor in the pillars, so if you could smooth that out (the BG should be a consistent dark-to-light gradient on that palette) then that would be sweet.

Same candle issue as above. This jump is also incredibly hard to pass without hitting the spike to the right on top, so it should be one tile closer to still be challenging to cross, but more fair.

7. Garbage at the bottom of this screen when the scroll reaches its lowest point. You should look into disabling layer 2 scrolling vertically in this level.

8. Mario remnants when the main character is Yoshiro! Ok, I don't really care about the whole "MARIO START!" fiasco at this point, but you probably should fix these ones since they're easy to do:

Open GFX28.bin, set it to 2bpp GB, and change "MARIO" to "YOSHIRO".

Open GFX10.bin, set it to 4bpp SNES, and change Mario to Yoshiro.

9. FG/BG starting position is too low here, but this can be overlooked. Setting it to 60, 60 should fix it since Yoshiro starts in the middle.


Now for general level design flaws not associated with removal reasons, but you might want to look into fixing.

With Cloud Fun, you are able to fly over or under the level and skip every danger thereafter. I would box the player into some zone, but also give a way to go back to get the cloud or another path if the player loses the cloud by jumping out and letting it drift beyond reach.

Also, in this level, you are able to run over quite a lot of stuff by jumping into the blocks.

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If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Super Kunda World Demo - 359.6 KB - 2 downloads.
Length: 6 levels
Author: Bond84 - Submitted by: bond84
Description: This is my first hack. It's pretty hard. The castle is not done but at the moment i am designing the level and all of the second world.

1. Perma-stuck...

2. Enemy falls on you upon level entry...

3. Floating/stacked munchers, cutoff ground, and sprite tile memory problems...

4. Glitched graphics used for ground. Use land, heck even cement blocks are preferable to this. Also, the springboard in the item box is glitched. >_<

Top of this post is cutoff, and there's a bad palette for the green block.

Sprite interaction is broken here. Rex can't even hurt you. Also the train of bullets in the small corridor is just dumb. :V

What's with the random square of water? Also, if you don't want a player to access a level, don't make it accessible. It's an extremely stupid and highly unprofessional joke.

5. Bad font for "KUNDA", and excess pixels creating a mess to the left of "WORLD".

This hack...
Originally posted by The Kins
to be polite, designed for the two people who actually enjoy Kaizo hacks.

We do not accept Kaizo hacks. Anyone can make them, and they are incredibly sloppy. They serve no purpose but to piss people off.

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If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Super B World - 21.8 KB - 8 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: zbesecker - Submitted by: zbesecker
Description: difficult is hard but beatable

In violation of rule 4d again! Sigh.

1. Fast scroll fail. You do realize Mario can't jump at all after exceeding a high-enough X-speed, right? Jump is completely unresponsive, so you ARE going to get squished against these pipes no matter what, unless you've seen this level before and know when to time everything... oh wait. I doubt that will help you either. Therefore, this level has been deemed unbeatable by any means other than editing the game itself. I'm positive you didn't test this level thoroughly, because you would know about this problem if you did.

2. This is Yoshi's House. Yes, I patched it to a clean ROM. Yes, it returns a good checksum. Why on earth do you think we would accept a literal glitch bomb? D: ...also that fire is really Peach's head, if you look close enough. X3

3. Cutoff water and stacked+floating munchers. Neither is acceptable. Water must have solid walls on the left and right, and if it doesn't extend all the way to the bottom, then a ledge or something to case it in would be great. It should also have the surface on top, which you got right... and as for the munchers.. redraw them into spikeballs and put the water on layer 2 and the spikeballs on layer 1 so that it doesn't cut into the water like that.

4. Gigantic mess. As stated previously, just use a completely unedited SMW overworld.

5. You overshot the message box and should use Word Wrap, because this is painful to read. Rephrase what you need to say so that it fits in better.

I suggest scrapping it and starting over. Really. Sorry. :/

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If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Super Mario Et L' Océan Au 9 Iles v.1.00 Demo - 23.9 KB - 10 downloads.
Length: 20 levels
Author: Yoshi - Submitted by: Yoshi
Description: It is an original hack to Super Mario World.

1. Level "106", or "ILE YOSHI 2", has a very big problem. Not just the cutoffness, but the fact that the level is a forced death because it is incomplete. There are three screens in the beginning, then a huge gap, then the rest of the level also looks very incomplete and cutoff, and there is no way to cross over to there, and no goal placed in the level, and no goal in an exit inside this level, regardless. Is this an accident, perhaps you uploaded the wrong version of your patch? :s

2. This level is a very blatant 103 (Yoshi's Island 3) edit with a different background and palette, and as such, you should use CTRL+DEL to clear out all of the old SMW levels so you can build your own with no intrusion.

3. Bad corner tile. Go into Direct Map16 Access and simply place the correct corner tile over it.

The vine thing isn't really much of a problem, since I just happened to use a P-switch and collected the coin afterwards - this would've happened regardless since you put the vine in a block.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Super Moon World - 0.1 KB - 8 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: iamyourfatherlukas - Submitted by: iamyourfatherlukas
Description: A hack that will make you want moons. If anybody makes a video of them playing this hack then send me the link to the video. thank you and enjoy.

1. The patch is broken. It's 8 bytes in size, which proves from the start it's not healthy. :s No noticable changes are made to the ROM it is applied to, meaning that your hack just isn't really there. o.o Remember when making Lunar IPS, select the clean SMW ROM first, then select your hack, then name your patch. Don't select your hack twice; I think that's what happened.

2. The screenshot you provided was from MATTAN's halloween hack. Please take pics of your own hack ingame, either by using a built-in screen capture feature if your emulator supports that, or by holding Alt and pressing PrintScreen, then pasting it in MS Paint and saving it as a PNG - feel free to trim off the unneeded part of the window as long as you have your ingame screens.

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If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: SMW: Wario's Adventure (demo) Demo - 238.7 KB - 41 downloads.
Length: 8 levels
Author: ExplodingChair - Submitted by: ExplodingChair
Description: Wario hears rumours about a Shine Treasure being taken by Captain Syrup. At first, he thinks he has enough treasure. Then, he hears that this could be the most valuable treasure in the world. Wario then takes off searching for this 'Shine Treasure'.

This hack includes:
SMB3 Music
Custom Sprites
Hex Edits (not yet presented)

If you like SMW and Wario this is to play.

1. If you do not beat the clock, you are forced to die. Trust me, this p-switch race is a whole lot harder than it looks since you have to keep top-speed just about the whole entire time while dodging ducks and jumping over munchers. Reset doors/pipes and alternate paths are your friends.


Remember: Stem goes on something solid. Plants don't float like this unless they are some kind of seed carried by the wind... lol. Draw them into spikeballs if you must have them floating.

3. Look at this jump:

The ceiling on that is insanely low. You should have one more tile of space to have some sort of margin of error if you have a Yoshi, otherwise it's a forced hit with a Yoshi, and extremely likely damage as any size Wario even if you duck and jump.

4. Cutoffness Man.
Extend the vine and put something at the top of it to make it not cutoff.

The water needs walls all around.

This is not a proper waterfall. Use ExAnimation and some new tiles to create a waterfall, or look for that removal log I posted a while back with a guide on how to make waterfalls without ExAnimation. Too lazy and impatient to find it myself because the site is slow. ._.

More vine cutoff, and the ledge below does not have a proper end to it (i.e. a wall) - instead, it runs right into the used blocks, creating a pocket of air between them and the ground that looks very strange.

5. Sprite buoyancy should be enabled here.

6. You have some bad Thwomp graphics here - when you get close, his face animation is inconsistent with what it is now, which is currently ...awkward and incorrect.

7. Some bad palettes.
This one is of the bounce sprite for the ? Blocks - recolor the bounce sprite to use some better colors. It uses palette 8.

Those flashing blocks for the goal = do not want. Please do not make them use the flashing gold color of palette 6.

The brown around the pyramids do not match the brown of the rest of the land, creating a box around the pyramids. In addition, the pyramids themselves are badly colored.

8. FG/BG starting position is too low here. C0, C0 is for the bottom, 60, 60 is for the middle, and 00, 00 is for the top.

9. The P-switch isn't colored in correctly.. perhaps you (or whoever made this GFX) mistaked the transparency for black. Please correct it; "POW" is very hard to read against pale backgrounds.


Side note: The door looks weird floating like this. Use the Map16 editor to create door tiles that you can not enter, preferably with behavioral property 25, and lower them to the ground.

Also, I believe this hack contains stolen content, specifically graphics - some from a hack made by Alex No, and some more from another hack that I posted a removal log of earlier, but again... can't find the log right now because the site is slow. I'm not sure who made that last hack, with all the skeleton graphics, but I know those are exactly the same as that hack. If you are not the creator of that hack, you must remove these skeleton graphics or your hack will be declined until you do so.

Bring permission from the authors of both hacks (assuming the skeleton graphics don't belong to you) saying that you are allowed to use these graphics, then we'll talk.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Super Mario Bros. - Bowser's Kingdom (demo 1)
Length: 9 exits
Author: Spaciorex - Submitted by: Spaciorex

Description: It's my first demo of my first hack.

Story : Bowser has kidnapped Peach and proclaim himself king of the Mushroom Kingdom. Once again, only Mario can stop him.

This demo is in French.

Red piranha plant stems? They can be easily fixed by using this patch.

Additionally, try using this patch to fix the fade out issues.

Yoshi is glowing and the stars seem to be cut off. If you want this to be darker, or night-themed, try to darken the FG as well.

Status bar palette issues, plus it's never a good idea to have ground you can't see.

Reading the message box here causes layer 3 to disappear.

Strange palette for the midway point.

The biggest problem deals with the secret exit for the cave level. It takes you to a ghost house which isn't done yet. That's fine, but you have the ability to go up as well... you know what that means!


Other than the issues mentioned, the hack was very well done, especially for a first effort. I hope you'll resubmit this! :D
Hack Name: Dragon Land
Length: 96 exits
Author: BobbyBombmaster - Submitted by: BobbyBombmaster
Description: All glitched fixed, excepted one.

The goal is to kill all the monsters in all the levels.

This game has a glitch abuse(Draco's revenge). For the ones who are frustrated by this, it's a secret, not obligatory. I had no other concept to add for this Revenge.

Beating the switch palaces doesn't do anything at all.

There's a lot of cutoffness throughout the hack. Be sure to add edges to the ledges. (lolrhyme)

Um, what? You can't tell from this screen shot, but the key is moving like crazy!

I hit the switch, and that's it?

Noooooo! Stacked munchers of doom!

Yoshi glitches with some enemies, in areas like these.

Note block garbage.

The level tile didn't show up!

Terrible Dino-Rhino palette, plus lag galore.

Wait a minute, why are you swimming? How can there be lava underwater? Details at 11.

Please, just don't use this glitch. Period. I don't care if you change it to how the boss is originally, but this was no fun.

This boss has tons of glitches. Parts of the big boo don't even show up, it can't hurt you, and you only have 3 purple blocks, so you're doomed if you don't get a hit from each. Which is difficult because they tend to disappear in your hand.

So really, this hack has a ton of issues. The layout of the hack becomes extremely tedious, boring and repetitive. Fighting Bowser once is fine, but fighting him two more times, one underwater, and one with a slippery ground, isn't. The secret exits were obvious and in pretty much the exact same places. Leaving the screen can cause you to complete levels automatically, which means you might complete one as you go to the secret exit. Some levels required a trampoline, which you had to get rid of later. This doesn't make sense because the object is to defeat all enemies, not all sprites period.

I would strongly recommend starting a new hack. Even without the issues mentioned, it's not fun to play at all.
Hack Name: Super Mario World Rush
Length: 14 levels
Author: Yoshi Dude - Submitted by: Yoshi Dude
Description: its mainly smw but with all of the time reduced. (this is a demo of world 1 and 2 the secret levels in world 2 have not been modified yet)

First of all, we don't accept modifications of original levels. So, hacks that simply change the time limit cannot be approved.

However, even if they were, this hack is unplayable.

The side exit has been disabled, there's no way out.

The goal tape (and all other sprites) have been removed, there's no way out.

The goal tape has been raymooed, there's no way out.

So please, we don't accept modifications of original SMW levels, especially when they don't work.
Link Thread Closed