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Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
Removed: Yoshiro demo 1.2
Author: Waverace123

Okay, this hack was actually not terribly bad. However, there are many minor problems, plus 2 very serous problems, that resulted in its eventual removal. Allow me to explain:

Small typo. Just remove the "e" from "asks"

Suggested change:

"Yoshiro discovers a town, only to find it completely abandoned. Even the sewers are backed up..."

2 things wrong with this picture. First of all, the tile I am standing on is invisible. Secondly, this overworld is very plain nd boring....I'd suggest you spice it up a little. *shrugs*

Oh my...this screen is very slow-going. I think it mightbe suffering from a case of...

LAGitek armor

*dodges incoming tomatoes* Okay, okay that was bad one. Still, you can't blame me for trying to be original with my jokes, can you?

Anyway, my point still stands. There are too many sprites on this screen, which causes slowdown. Fix it please. :/

The "castle" tileset interferes with noteblocks like the ones that are placed here. Since the only enemy type in this level is phantos anyway, there's no reason why you shouldn't fix this; there would be no adverse side effects at all.

Ow. My eyes. Ow. Fix please.

Glitched sprite. Put the poor thing out of its misery, or use plastic surgery (aka fix your ExGX) to make him show up correctly.

Now for the two MAIN reasons this hack was removed:

This entire level is quite flawed. There are exactly 20 coins in here, and you are supposed to collect every last one of them, and then hit a block at the end of said level, to win. However, you made quite afew oversights:

1.) As with any other level, your coins still carry over from previous levels. Therefore, if the player started out with more than 20 coins, they can just plow over to the end, ignoring the gimmick.

2.) Furthermore, if the above occurs, but then the player collects their 100th coin in the level, they will be awarded a 1up, and their coin counter will be reset, thus forcing the player to KILL themselves to exit, just because they got a coin 1up. How ironic. :(

3.) Bringing a fireflower in results in the player being able to get TONS of extra coins from the generous supply of enemies to burn.

Try to do something to fix these. Custom blocks can beused to reset your coin count upon level entry, and be able to remove any fireflowers the player has (although, bear in mind that arbitrarily stripping the player of a powerup will like cause annoyance too)

Autoscroll here sort of "crushed" me against the screen during the victory march, thus killing me.

Please try to fix these things before resubmitting again. Once these problems are ironed out, you should have a fairly good hack on your hands.
Pending Removal
Hack Name: Yoshiro Demo, Part 127
Length: Several levels
Author: waverace123
Description: slight changes


Three different logs have told you to fix this ExGFX issue, as well as bad palettes like this. You had better do it ASAP.

Now watch this:

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
I got some one-level hacks to remove.

Hack Name: super mario world 2 [1 level] Demo - 19.2 KB - 7 downloads.
Length: 1 levels
Author: killman - Submitted by: killman
Description: my first level in a hack

It's a one-level hack, so there's not much to go on here.

1. Putting level design above the overworld and title screen, you've got a pretty big issue with this arrow here. You would think that immediately below the arrow is your safe landing point.

If you fall using the arrow as a guide rather than straying as far to the right as you can, then you will die in seven days.

2. The title screen needs more 2's.


In all seriousness though, one "2" should suffice. Many 2's also get cutoff by the menu options when they come up, and some on the sides even turn green afterward. The gameplay movie is also covered up by the wall of 2's.

Ok, first, you have two cutoff jutting rocks, and a random garbage tile that alternates between being water and a box with an X on it. Mind you, it's not an Xbox.

The original event still happens when you beat the level... you should delete this event.


Hack Name: Super mario heroes gameplay demo 1 Demo - 127.7 KB - 9 downloads.
Length: 1 levels
Author: The metal Makina - Submitted by: The metal Makina
Description: Well, here comes my first demo, just a gameplay demo of my incoming hack super mario heroes.
Special thanks for whoever made the stupid powerup patch(Wich isn't so stupid at all).

1. The game crashes when you die.

2. Blank message box. I'm guessing this was supposed to tell us what everything did.

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If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Mac's Hack Demo - 21.1 KB - 2 downloads.
Length: 3 levels
Author: McCannMalice - Submitted by: McCannMalice
Description: This is just something I've been working on. Please let me know if you like it.

1. Yoshi's house edit with glitched Thwomps and cutoff in the leaves. <_< Just restore the original 104, especially if you are using the SMW credits... To correct glitched graphics in the future, make sure you pay attention to the SP number shown in tileset-specific sprites and set the SP to the appropriate number using Super GFX Bypass.

2. Stacked + floating munchers, and you can't even see where you are when the level begins. Change the FG/BG starting position to 00,00 since you start near the top, and enable vertical scroll at will.

Still more stacked and floating munchers. The stem belongs on a solid, flat surface. Use the Map16 editor to y-flip them so you can have them hang upside-down. If you MUST absolutely stack them, then redraw them into something that would seem better floating, such as a spikeball (e.g. Gordo from the Kirby series.)

3. Kaizo. We don't accept Kaizo.

4. Cutoff Yoshi paws, albeit this cutoff is rare and minor. D: Also, we're fairly lenient on text censorship, as long as you don't go overboard with expletives for no reason, and warn of NSFW ahead of time (preferably keeping it off the main path and giving the player the option to avoid it) so you don't need to worry too much about censoring your text. :]

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If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Super Noob World - 249.1 KB - 102 downloads.
Length: 88 exits
Author: Noobish Noobsicle - Submitted by: Noobish Noobsicle
Description: A really hard hack designed to bring out the inner noob in everyone.

1. It's a bad patch, so you can't get further than the intro. I believe you used an unclean ROM as a base; you should dig up a new one to move your work to.

See, you fall to your death in the intro, and can not progress as a result.

You also die in the title screen, when doing so makes you get stuck in the title screen level until you reset. The bush also hangs off the end of the ledge, which has no wall at the end of it either:

Also wrong with the title screen is the cutoff water which cuts into this wall, and near the bottom of underneath the slanted pipe, the ledge goes right into the water without any wall at all:

There's also this stuff... the floating ledge with no walls, and the stuff to the right of it, and that thing to the left of it:

(also lol @ random METALKIRBY file)

As for your font, I suggest opening GFX29.bin and redrawing some of the tiles so you can get all big font for "SUPER NOOB WORLD". Keep in mind that tiles 54, 55, and 56 are among those used by the overworld border, and you should probably avoid editing those unless you want a serious bacon in the border. The font is 2bpp, so set your tile editor to render graphics in 2bpp GB mode.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Super Noob World
Length: 88 exits
Author: Noobish Noobsicle - Submitted by: Noobish Noobsicle
Description: A really hard hack designed to bring out the inner noob in everyone.

Well, it appears the patch works now. Let's take a look at it, shall we?

Why is Mario sad? Because you can die in the intro.

Um, why is there garbage on the OW border, and why does it play cut off Forest Maze from SMRPG?


Why are you able to go through the bottom half of the pipe? Also, there appears to be no way to finish this level.

Oh fun, a trap. There's no way to get out of this without losing a life. 5 1-Ups don't make a cheap death any better.

Quite possibly the funniest Yoshi message since FRICKEN NICE NAP.

Why is this pipe not solid at all?

Thanks to good old Slice 'O Watermelon, you can fall through here.

Lag galore, plus the Flying Hammer Bro's platform doesn't even show up.

Cheap death if you don't bring the P-switch.

More cutoffness. Why is a hill above cement blocks?

There's garbage when you hit coin blocks. This isn't the only level with this problem.

It's a well-hidden secret, but some munchers have the ability to give you 3 lives instead of hurting you! MoonyMoonyMoons would be proud.

What are pieces of goal post doing up there?

And this is where I stopped. The boss door is right before this, but thanks to the note blocks and fast autoscroll, it's basically impossible to reach it. I tried many, many times.

In addition to the issues posted, the levels are obvious edits of the original SMW levels. The extreme difficult is not acceptable either. I would recommend that you start a new hack, with original levels (CTL + DEL) and a more fair difficulty. It's understandable if you want a difficult hack, but cheap tricks and required savestate abuse are not the way to go.
Hack Name: Yoshiro demo 1.2 (fixed) Demo - 312.6 KB - 25 downloads.
Length: 17 levels
Author: Waverace123 - Submitted by: Waverace123
Description: Yoshiro discovers that his family went missing. But who is this mysterious being that captured or possibly killed his family. Demo 2 has 17 levels. All the way pass Ice Boo.

Ok, the -NEXT- one will be the real ultimate fix.

1. You should do two things: One, use the ROM map to make a fade fix that will stop colors from fading after getting a goal, but won't work on boss rooms. No problem, though, since you don't need a fade fix for that.

Two, and much more important, move the goal to another level (get there through a pipe or door), because the tide still vanishes after Yoshiro gets the goal. :x

2. These vines are cutoff. Just make them stretch from the ceiling above to the floor below, and there shouldn't be any problem or much difference in gameplay. :s

3. Palette problems - the first does have an impact on gameplay because as it stands, you do not know that these are dangerous to jump on. Remember, add in the custom colors you need for these guys or recolor them with YY-CHR. D:

Then finally, in this level, you still have those problems with palette 6. Import the original colors for palette 6 from a level without a changed palette. :]

Coins suffer the same problem as the block as a result of palette 6 bacon:


Minor because it's now very rare and just limited to this level and object: Yoshiro can still fall through the side of a body of water through the blocks. Near the bottom of the level, where there are no walkable surfaces, this can prove fatal for poor little Yoshiro.

Minor because it's only for a split second: Still have that BG garbage at the bottom, but it only shows up during this brief interval.

There were also a few typos in some message boxes, like "rese" instead of "reset" but I didn't save any pics. It should be easy to proofread those.

Good luck, Waverace123. Keep working on it; you're really close to getting this accepted.

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Hack Name: Mario's Sickness - 133.2 KB - 0 downloads.
Length: 8 levels
Author: Yoshirox777 - Submitted by: Yoshirox777
Description: A challenging, beat the clock, SMW hack where Mario is trying to find the cure to his disease...

1. If you come here without a shell, nothing that can make that turn block passable is available to you as far back as you are able to go, meaning you are forced to die.

There are also some pretty major palette problems. Enable custom palettes, and copy colors 2-4 of palette 0 over colors 2-4 and 5-7 of palette 1 to fix this background.

2. If all the Koopas go by, you have no way of getting up there and you have to die. An invisible music note block would be wonderful to have here as a sort of OH SHI- button.

3. In red, I marked how far horizontally Mario can jump, although the line is way too long to be accurate for vertical range. You will want to reduce the length of the yellow pipe to go out as far as the platform Mario is standing on to be fair but still challenging. The height is fine, though, and does not need to be adjusted. This level was, for the most part, not tested thoroughly, since it can not be beaten as Small Mario, and again, there's no way I can go back and get something so I'm forced to die. :/

Also a point of advice: The yellows of palette 8 are used by many things, so you may want to restore the original palette by importing a .pal from an unmodified SMW, and use YY-CHR to recolor Mario's face to shades of blue to give the impression that he is very ill.

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If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Super Noob World - 251.4 KB - 2 downloads.
Length: 88 exits
Author: Noobish Noobsicle - Submitted by: Noobish Noobsicle
Description: A really hard hack designed to bring out the inner noob in everyone. Also, things are not always what they seem.

Ok, only played one world to get a feel for it, and I know what to expect from the rest of it... keep in mind that any problem similar to the images pointed out here need correction as well; this hack falls under violation of rule 4d.

1. Forced deaths are not cool. Here's the story behind this one: You need the cape at the beginning, and are provided with that and a star. Should you ever lose the cape, then you either have to go through the pipe or die back there, and if you enter the pipe, these blocks around the pipe will kill you. There is no way back.

The vine is cutoff at the top, but that's beside the point. In this hack, vines attached to munchers will hurt you as if they were thorny - although, you can't really tell that until you touch it since it does nothing to set it apart from a normal vine, graphically, aside from a seemingly innocent palette swap. That means this vine is also solid, so you're going to die. There is no way back.

No way out of here. Even invisible coin blocks are placed along the top to prevent you from flying out if you have a cape...

2. Stuck-forever places. Two solutions - alternate paths and reset door/pipes. Use them.
The Rexes are killable by means of Spin Jump. An invisible coin/music note block will help more, and if you have a p-switch anywhere in this level, go with the music note block. That will always provide a way to get up. The player should never have to die because of a level design flaw or purposeful trap crap.

One chance only to get up there - if you kill Banzai Bill and don't reach the ledge, you have to kill yourself. :|

This small chain puzzle requires you to hit a blue P-switch, then climb up to the top by jumping on ? blocks that are spawned by the switch, and then you get a blue and silver switch to kill the munchers and enable the correct path - the lower one takes you to a wall of left-facing spikes that are not rooted to a wall as they should be. Yes... if you screw up, you have to die.

3. "React now or die" situations upon entering a level.
This particular one happens as soon as you exit a pipe - a large Banzai Bill is fired immediately, and you have to run forward in hopes of not getting boxed in and forced to take the hit. Roughly one second stands between you when you land on the ground, and the big fat bullet thing.

Upon entering this level, two columns of bullets are fired - the bottom column poses the bigger threat, and you have one second to move.

Where Mario is right now is where he starts. If you don't press up to cling to the net, you fall in the lava. Again, you have one second to do this.


5. Glitched graphics.
First of all, footballs are safe to jump on, yes? Pokey heads are not, yes? Ok. We agree on something. There is no excuse for glitched graphics, and it's all the more worse when it makes something out to be something it isn't, as in this case. You can either go remove the Pokeys, or you can go remove this Puntin' Chuck.

The falling spike turns into a Magikoopa head. I didn't play this whole level, so I don't know if you used him here, but if you didn't, then you should make an ExGFX file containing the same data, but with the spike graphic pasted over the Magikoopa head so it doesn't screw up when killed.

6. This isn't about the top half being a dead end or having to swim below the bullet launchers to pass this level - it's more about the fact that you can't see above here... If Mario can at all get onto the top half of the level, you should enable vertical scrolling at will since it's annoying when you can't see yourself unless it's THE bottom tile where Mario is allowed to swim on (on the verge of death. Even if you don't modify SMW, if you have ever played a water level, you'll know what I'm talking about.)

7. The layer priority on these goal posts screw the player over because it hides moles and stuff behind it, meaning extremely cheap hits here.

8. Muncher fail. Above where I am, you stack munchers by rooting their stems to each other. That is also not allowed. They need to be rooted to a solid, flat surface, like ground, a cement block, or a used block -provided you do not have a blue p-switch in the level-.

Then, of course, traditional stacked munchers. You used vines before, so why not here as well? ...Also remember what I said about the vine graphics not hinting that the vine attached to the muncher will hurt you. Make them look painful to the touch or give some sort of warning saying that the yellow vines release some sort of deadly toxin when touched or some odd stuff. :s

Here's a screenie you sent us. Floating munchers above the boiling chocolate aren't cool either, pal. :[

9. Cutoffness Man and strange merges of some items that shouldn't go together.
Wall of cutoff water. You know the drill - solid walls against the left and right, and if it doesn't extend all the way to the bottom, also put a solid ledge along the bottom. Surface at the top. Vines should not pass through them. If they absolutely must, then put the vines on layer 1 and the water on layer 2 and set Layer 2 Scrolling to H: Constant, V: Constant so it will always go with layer 1 correctly.

Those slanted ledges do not overlap properly. Move one to the left or right one tile and they should be fine.

Again, the vine cuts through the water, and at the bottom (though this is hard to see) the water is ended by a floor of munchers... that's not right.

Same problems here as above, but here's another weird issue in addition to the cutoff: The clouds damage you on contact when they look safe! The clouds also shouldn't be placed inside the water like that, since they contribute greatly to the cutoffness.

Throw blocks against water - not a smart idea. This was also addressed in a previous pic. This also eats up a lot of time since it requires more care, so as not to fall to your death by picking up the wrong block, so you may want to consider putting a little more time on the clock.

In a screenshot you have provided, which I think to be a Lemmy's Castle edit, you merge lava with water. Common sense dictates that the water would cool the lava and there should be some rock between them, or you can put castle ground between them to keep them separate.

10. Here's a palette error in the beginning - enable custom palettes, and copy colors 2-4 of palette 0 onto colors 2-4 and 5-7 of palette 1 to fix it. If you don't know how to use custom palettes or want a faster fix, cycle through the BG palettes - there are a few shared BG palettes that work well with this BG.

Side note: I think the Koopa People are kind of cool, though their palette kind of bothers me. If you would load a ZST made inside a level into YY-CHR so that you can see the ingame colors, perhaps that would be a huge aid in coloring them better. Also your title screen says "RQVISION" and not "REVISION" but that's minor.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Death Mario Demo - 135.4 KB - 2 downloads.
Length: 6 levels
Author: Verarticus 4194 - Submitted by: verarticus
Description: Ok this is a demo of a hack i'm working on right now. although unlike the name implies your probly not going to die a million times (yet!)
this is my secound hack (my first one I might submit later) and probly has some bugs and such but I hope you enjoy and please rate!

1. I'm stuck in this level permanently. You -need- the "Side Exit Enabled" sprite here. In addition, you put layer 3 tides in with a message box, which would cause the tide to vanish when the message appears. You also have a huge mass of cutoff in the middle.

2. You know we don't allow stacked and floating munchers, right? If you need to stack them, redraw them. Otherwise use the Map16 editor to y-flip them so you can root them to a ceiling properly.

3. "React immediately or die" situations. A player's starting point should never be immediately dangerous unless you're facing a boss or have to race the clock with a super-strict time limit and are expected to move anyways.
Two seconds.

Four seconds.

Glitched football rain - One second.
Also, even if this is "Pokey Power", you are not allowed to use glitched graphics for your football. Remap the football and use proper graphics for it if you need it in the level, or otherwise, just stick with real Pokeys.

4. In a very similar vein to the above, this level spams flames. Even if you don't wait long, you're going to have some kaizo-hard trouble getting past here because the mini-flames are invincible to all but the star and cape, and even spin jump can't protect you from damage against them - there's going to be a TON of mini-flames left by the bigger jumping fires, too... so it constitutes savestate abuse. That's something you really don't want if you're serious about making an enjoyable game.

Also, overuse of cement blocks here. See how much you can replace with land tiles.

5. A major level design flaw with your placement of a speed block, piranha plants, a high platform, a sliding Koopa, a coin guide, and some Spinies.

EXHIBIT A: Depending on how high you jump into speed block, you could either be launched safely atop the platform, or you could go right into either a Piranha Plant or a wall, and you die if you hit the wall. You have zero reaction time and very little control because it's maximum speed.

EXHIBIT B: You make it to the platform, only to fly right into a sliding Koopa that you don't even know is there until you're already dead.

EXHIBIT C: You saw the trap from before last time, and you hold down as soon as you are about to hit the platform, and successfully defeat the Koopa. Then, as you wait for the Paragoombas to float on down, you follow the coin guide, and land on a Spiny and die.

In addition, another level design flaw is the lack of space to get through here in the Tutorial level. Maybe you can get through on your first try if you're lucky, but chances are it's going to take forever even if you duck-jump as Small Mario.

6. Cutoffness Man!
The slope should end in a wall.

Connect a right-facing wall to the left-facing wall. :V

Nets aren't properly connected. Kind of like how ground is joined, you need to use corner/jointed tiles to connect the horizontal outside of the net to the vertical outside of the net.

Where are the walls?

The cutoffness in the walls is bad, even if it is used to hide secrets. Remember Forest of Illusion 2? That level had a much better way of using walls to try to obscure secrets, even though it was fairly obvious you could walk through those underwater walls. Try something more like how that was done, and it will look so much more professional.

It would look better if you y-flipped the bullet shooters to attach them to the ceiling and not stack them, kind of like munchers, but this is far less of a problem, and is negligible since it's not done in extreme excess. Also, many jointed tiles in this level that are needed to properly connect the inside of walls to ledges are missing.

This one isn't so big of a deal but is still somewhat annoying - the bridge cutting into the corners where the wall should meet the ledge.

Event tile spawned after you beat the last level is cutoff and just.. out there. If that would be deleted, then that would be great. The overworld is pretty decent, by the way, so good job on the map.

7. The tutorial has no time limit, yet when/if you die, it will give the TIME UP! message. There is an easy hex edit listed in the ROM map that you can use to fix it, and I believe someone also made a patch for it if you can't use a hex editor or just want it done faster.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Mario the Adventurer- Demo Demo - 206.4 KB - 1 download.
Length: 6 levels
Author: UmbreonHacker - Submitted by: UmbreonHacker
Description: Has Custom music.

I ripped some of ibz10g's GFX.

Eds at Iggys Castle.

Graphics don't make the game, bub. >8(

1. You can not re-enter this pipe, so if you did not bring the P-switch with you, you're stuck here until the timer claims your helpless soul. Never put the player in cheap death situations like this.

2. Kaizo trap:


...stem goes on a solid object. If you have to stack them or leave them floating, redraw them. That is all.

4. Okay, weird glitch here. I hit the top of the wall spring, but fell through it, and when I fell down to the bottom of the hole, I reappeared at the top, and fell down again... and again... and again... and again. o.o You should enable vertical scroll at will and use the hex edit in the ROM map to get the camera to follow Mario at all times rather than waiting for him to land on something, and that will likely fix this freaky... weird... um... thing.

5. Blue question mark blocks kill you instantly on contact, yet you never let us know that they do, and they look completely harmless, making for extremely cheap deaths. Many would advise you make kill blocks and other custom blocks have different graphics than others, rather than a mere palette swap.

6. Glitched graphics. Make a copy of the current SP file, paste the goal sphere over the squished Rex, and save it as an ExGFX file to use in this level. Also... I strongly advise you don't use a plain SMB3 level this early on in the game, especially when it was already available in one of the bases you used in pretty much similar form - it counts as a blatant level edit.

7. In addition, there were several more blatant level edits - the water level had a blatant Vanilla Ghost House edit room or two in it; and Iggy's Castle was just a room in Chocolate Fortress with a little stuff moved around, and an ice palette. Also, all you did in this switch palace was take a row of cement blocks out. Use Ctrl+Del and build your own levels... every last ounce of originality is sapped out when you don't.

8. Big-time sprite tile memory problems in the castle. (Mario isn't vanishing as a result; I just got hit.) Pieces of the statue are cutoff, quarters go missing off of Thwomps, and close to them, Dry Bones disappears COMPLETELY but can still hurt you though he is invisible. Use less sprites, or use "No More Sprite Tile Limits".

9. Bottom row used for walking. I had no idea there was even ground there... you should never use the bottom row of Lunar Magic as walking ground.

10. Some palette problems.
The overworld and the mist here need some fixing, palette-wise. The last halves of the OW palette are the same in all maps, so I advise you don't edit the palettes, but rather open GFX1C and GFX1D to recolor them. As for the mist... yeah. T_T It should be in GFX14.bin.

The background palette is very strong, and you got some random green in the bricks below. This place doesn't need a custom palette.. perhaps the gradient palettes will work best, and I recommend brown if you're not going to use a custom palette. There's also a problem with Mario going behind the brick because his layer priority when entering the pipe will put him behind props.

Very minor, but the music note block changes color big time when you jump on it here. Don't know if you could fix this without screwing some other stuff up though since this place seems very palette-heavy (or in other words, looks like it uses many colors across many palettes), so you can let this go if you want.

11. Wall springs not attached to walls, and are all facing the wrong way! D: (You should also NOT put a muncher on a throw block since the throw block can be removed, leaving the muncher in the sky.)

12. Some of this ledge is messed up - you can see the background underneath the grass, and you shouldn't be able to at all.

13. (THIS IS NEGLIGIBLE SINCE IT'S SO MINOR) I can swim in this tile, woo. That means some of your original Map16 tiles are edited to have properties they really shouldn't, and you should probably look through them to correct any mistakes, or import the Map16 from an unedited SMW ROM in case one of the bases you used are responsible for this error... I personally have no idea if one of the bases are liable for this error. :s

There are also some errors near the chimney, in the leaves of the Yoshi House.


Stuff I put not as a removal reason, but a concern since I don't know what the story behind these are. They seem a little too funky to be intentional.

These always-flipping turn blocks give you a 1up and then disappear when you touch them.

At least in this place, the turn blocks act like cement blocks, and the cement blocks act like turn blocks.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Mario's Sickness
Length: 8 levels
Author: Yoshirox777 - Submitted by: Yoshirox777
Description: A challenging, beat-the-clock, 8-level, SMW hack where Mario is trying to find the cure to his disease.

You made absolutely no fixes since your last submission! Please work on actually making improvements during your 24 hour ban.
Hack Name: Super Noob World
Length: 88 exits
Author: Noobish Noobsicle - Submitted by: Noobish Noobsicle
Description: A really hard hack designed to bring out the inner noob in everyone. Also, some of the screenshots may show cut-offs, but don't worry. They have been fixed.

There are still... strange objects on the OW border, and the music is still cut off Forest Maze.

Good to see you've tried to fix this issue...

...but due to the initial positioning, you die instead of returning to where you were before. Changing the FG and BG initial positioning to C0 will fix this.

Same problem with the pipe right here.

You still get stuck forever in here.

You still can't see Mario back here, so enemies can ambush you.

This Kaizo-esque death trap is still here.

A SMWC hack suddenly turned into Touhou!
But seriously, there's still a bit of lag here.

This jump is nearly impossible to make, and there's still garbage coming from the note blocks.

You still get trapped here if you spin jump the rex.

It's best if you can see where you're standing. It's very hard to right here, and this area is rather difficult and repetitive.

It seems like few improvements have been made since last time. Many issues pointed out in previous removals are still here, which violates rule 4d. I'm sorry, but the consequence for this is a temporary ban.

Be sure to test the changes you do make, as they may not work the way you want them to, such as the "reset" areas. I'd also like to remind you that we do not accept modifications of original SMW levels, which this hack still appears to have.
Hack Name: Super Mario - The Cookie Crisis demo 0.5 Demo - 223.1 KB
Length: 35 levels
Author: yoshicookiezeus - Submitted by: yoshicookiezeus
Description: "Oh no! Just when the new Yoshi Cookie factory was about to be opened, Bowser showed up and kidnapped Peach, Yoshi, and all of the workers! This threatens the entire Dinosaur Land cookie production! Mario, you have to save them so that the factory can open!

This is a demo of my first Super Mario World romhack, featuring five out of nine intended worlds. At the moment it is almost a vanilla hack, seeing as it has almost no ExGFX, custom blocks, or custom sprites, and no custom music at all (yet). Instead, the focus is on the level design."


Not a bad hack. There are a lot of interesting ideas in it. However, the hack has it's share of issues, some of which you may have realized by this point. In no particular order:


Cutoff lava. Can easily be fixed with a little map16 manipulation. Also, please remove the fish generator. It makes this section very difficult and it's only the second level.


Now I know this is the Red Switch Palace but I wouldn't have expected jumping on those yellow switches to have sent me to my death. (They are blank tiles). Please don't do this...


Cutoff lava once more but this main thing is the palette of the background. It's obvious that you used a custom palette for the lava, why not use one for the background? Do something about that sharp contrast between the black and the icy blue, and get rid of that pink stripe in there as well.


BINGBINGBING. I don't care if you explicitly tell us you need a P-Switch and you easily provide it, this is still a Kaizo trap. REMOVE IT. Thank you. Also you may want a better palette for those arches. That orange is too bright.


Screen position is wrong upon exiting the pipe above. Set it to FG = 00, BG = 00 if I recall correctly.


This level was hard as hell. Continually rising and falling water with a muncher floor made for an unpleasant time. And getting myself into that pipe in the second shot (granted, it was a bonus pipe but still) was nigh impossible without slowdown and rewinds. PLEASE do something about this level it's way too hard as it is now.


This area was also very difficult. Sideways scrolling platforms with spikes on both sides and thwomps/circular saws falling from above with little/no warning. Borders on the verge of Kaizo in my mind.


Once more with palettes. I know it's a hot cave but still, paletting could definitely be done better here. Also, if you can't find a way to change that layer 3 BG's colors, it's probably better to bite the bullet and not use it. THe only other idea I have would be to make a "background" of sorts using Layer 1 and some fancy map16 work.


One fall here results in death either by crushing autoscroll or drowning, as there is no way back up from a fall. Please do something about it. This problem plagued the whole level.


Guessing you forgot to remove the layer 3 smash generator or whatever causes the log to appear. Get rid of it and the message block won't screw up like this.


I wasn't able to go up here after getting the secret exit in this level. Am I not supposed to be able to get up there in this demo? If not okay, if I was supposed to, look into fixing it.
On a side note, that bridge tile is very ugly.


Two issues, both from the same level. In the first image, the growing shrinking pipe sprite would always refuse to appear if I dropped down to get the Yoshi Coin below. This sometimes led to an impassible situation as it would disappear too high occasionally.
Second, there is a segment where you ride the cloud up dodging spinies. However, there is no warning to where the spinies are going to fall making this part very based on luck or multiple tries. You had a section earlier warning what vines the falling spinies were going to fall on so you avoid them, why not do something similar here?

There's a lot of good stuff in this hack. The Ghost Houses were very well done and puzzling, especially the one with the invisible/fake platforms which really had me questioning where to step. The muncher house was also hilarious.

Fix these issues and your hack will be readily accepted. And please, I'm sorry for taking so long moderating it. I've had little motivation to do so... ._.
Hack Name: Castle of Time Full version - 306.3 KB - 37 downloads.
Length: 6 levels
Author: Yoshiro - Submitted by: Yoshiro
Description: Well back in 2006 Kphoenix and submitted this hack as a demo. Then someone stupid hacks the site and deletes all the hacks. That's when the hackw as at lost forever because between those ties, we switched computers. But recently, a user name Tabby-sama Im's me on Aim and tells me that he have found this game in the list of old files that was on his flash drive. W00t! So i spent yesterday adding custom music, making fixes, adding custom sprites, and doing other stuff you will have to just find out about. There are credits too with good music. The final boss will probably make you laugh -so make sure you read that message. and well enjoy, because here's the classic hack reborn,
By Waverace123 and Kphoenix.

1. Places that are pretty easily accessible in which you can get permanently stuck until time runs out or you reset it:
Just make this pit wider and have another stone block coming up so that you can jump out, or just don't have the pit.

Take out that extra cement block so you just fall to your death instead.

This P-switch has to be used way over to the left (about halfway across this level) to reveal a door, but a way to reset this puzzle isn't readily available in case you screw up.

2. Some glitched graphics.
Here's the one you need to worry about - the background here. When you re-enter this part of the level, the background is not positioned correctly, so near the bottom of the screen, you get a lot of green garbage. Try changing vertical scroll to none, and also try changing the FG/BG starting position of your secondary entrance.

This one is a glitched stompable Goomba: The SMWiki has some advice for you to fix this; basically remapping it to use another tile and drawing in the graphics for it.

Rather minor, but still very avoidable if you would use a different object to get up there - the music note block's bounce sprite is garbled.

3. Two message problems:
A) Message box + mist = bye bye mist. You should not use layer 3 tides, mist, rocks, windows, etc. with message boxes or goals because they vanish and it looks very bad.

B) This message is completely blank and should have some kind of text:

4. Some palette concerns:
This could use fade fix... preferably the one listed in the ROM map that disables fading at the end of levels, and not the patch because I don't think the patch would fix the candles.

Hell's background is very bright - I would recommend a deep mahogany rather than such an intense red.

5. In regards to Hell, the lava on the sides is acting really strange.
Even though the surfaces naturally act like water in SMW, I think it would be best to create a new Map16 tile that instantly kills, and has the same appearance as the vertical surface.

Then, on the other side, you've got a much different-yet-similar issue - the lava surface is solid.

6. One thing that really irks me is how in some of these levels, you have swim-through lava with the same exact appearance as the lava that kills you, and just an arrow sometimes that points in the direction of the swim-through lava. I would substitute it with water, or at least give it a different palette so you can be assured it's safe, rather than leaving the player to search for alternative ways around it when there aren't any because he or she doesn't trust it. Perhaps something like this would be more suitable for hiding secrets.

Another annoying thing about this is when an enemy drops into this area, the lava covers it up so you can not see the enemy, which may result in cheap hits - especially by doppelshrooms, which follow you constantly.

7. Sprite tile memory problems. Try edit1754's "No More Sprite Tile Limits" and set the sprite memory in each level to 10, namely these two if you want to fix them.

The 1-up randomly vanishes.

8. There's this weird issue with the P-switch when you carry it above the level, so I would recommend a little remodeling so that you're not above the top screen for much of this area.

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Hack Name: Mario's High Flying Adventure Demo - 357.9 KB - 4 downloads.
Length: 5 levels
Author: toa1995 - Submitted by: toa1995
Description: My first hack
only first 4 levles + swich palace

1. It's a ROM. ROMs are illegal. Use Lunar IPS to create an IPS patch, which we will accept and test. To create a working patch, run the program and select "Create IPS patch", select the clean SMW ROM first, then your hack, then name the patch. Be sure to patch it back to a clean SMW ROM so you can be sure that it works as intended as well.

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Hack Name: Mario and The Mushroom of Power Demo - 1011.5 KB - 12 downloads.
Length: 12 levels
Author: SonicSurfer77 - Submitted by: SonicSurfer77
Description: Finally a demo. ;D
This demo has 12 levels done ( I don't call Yoshi's House a level )
Right now, this uses:
Custom Music
Custom Enemies
Hex Editing

Enjoy! :)

1. Many cases where the background is all unused Map16 data. I think you forgot to press F9 to save your imported data for the ExGFX backgrounds. I looked through LM as well, and noticed problems in many other levels past the ghost house, where I got stuck, but here's two such examples:


Ok, here's where I got stuck, and I can't seem to find another way around it. I tried searching in Lunar Magic, but there didn't appear to be any method I didn't already try yet. Pressing R to scroll all the way to the right did not make any of the Eeries appear, and the one on the left close to the vine was actually too close to be able to catch up to and spin jump off of.

If there is a way around this, let me know. Otherwise, this counts as the #1 removal reason instead of the BG messup.

Also, in Tick Lake, just a little note you should make about the dirt - there are some places along the top where you can fall through it, so if you introduce the cape or a Yoshi, you've got a couple of places where you can get stuck. Might want to make the dirt solid at the top, therefore.

However, this hack did look promising, and I didn't notice any other major errors when skimming your other levels in the demo, so resubmit it when you get the Map16 stuff fixed.

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Hack Name: Mario's Excellent Adventure - 413.6 KB - 2 downloads.
Length: 19 levels
Author: PercentN - Submitted by: PercentN


I got stuck here. Only after taking this screenshot and passing this level did I realize that there's an exit pipe down here. Still, make it visible so we know what we're standing on.

Getting past here requires a shell, and I unfortunately killed all of them. I don't even know how I managed to get stuck inside of it, but I couldn't get out.

This little plant guy eats the mushroom, then leaves his stem below for you to...

Touch and die. I'd suggest replacing him with one of those weird square pig like things.

I managed to get to the secret exit, but I couldn't tell what I was doing cause there isn't any vertical scrolling in this level. That, and this little puzzle was a brain buster in the first place that cost me nearly 30 lives/save states.

Speaking of secret exits, the cave here should have a red dot instead of a yellow dot. I personally don't mind this, but it's tradition.

Breaking these bricks prevents the player from going any further in this level. I suggest turning one of them into a coin block.

This jump is difficult to navigate, but possible. I'm not sure of a suggestion for this one.

Your bullet bill shooters either need a re-design or a re-coloring. I won't classify it as a reason for removal, but it won't hurt to work on this while you're fixing the other errors, correct?

These two screens show the exact same thing, one with layers on, one with layers off. These plants are mighty deadly when underwater, cause they appear BEHIND the water and the player can't see them. I suggest you just get rid of them.

In the castle, I didn't have a hard time finding fire flower power ups, which is required to pass this. However, once you're hit, you're boned and need to restart.

Just a few little palette errors that I suggest you fix before you resubmit this. Again, not a reason for removal, just something to work on.

These bullet bills got the best of me, and because of that, I was unable to get further than this point.

To get past here, I need the fire flower. As can be seen in my second screenshot, I lost it pretty easily. Also, because the player is given a silver P Switch, they can not turn the coins into blocks and run across. Because of that, the castle is unfinishable.

I actually enjoyed this hack for what it is. I usually can't say that about hacks I moderate every now and then. I'm hoping you take this advice and finish off your hack, as I'm curious as to what's past the castle.

Also, this may not be removed from the download list yet, as I'm not an official hack moderator and don't have the ability to remove it. Either I or a local mod will edit this post at our next earliest convenience when that's done with.

Gone: Super Mario Bros Zero Demo 1 fixed and updated
Not Forgotten: cosmo1215
Description: The last one, but fixed and updated.
Difficult: Hard!!!
The last submision that I do.
Enjoy it!!!!

Originally posted by andy_k_250
This hack has a lot of good things going for it - the graphics are amazing and for the most part, level design is pretty good. However, besides the many fixable bugs and glitches here, the difficulty factor here is pretty unfair in many places. There isn't really a clear increase in difficulty, and in some places difficulty was just plain cheap (i.e. incredibly difficult jumps requiring constant rewinds, unfairly placed spikes, overwhelming enemies plus slowdown, forced hits, etc.) Even if all of the following issues were fixed, I would still say the current difficulty level would prevent me from playing this hack for fun. A good rule is that if you can't play your own levels without using rewind, they are probably too hard.


This portion of this level behave like the Minus World from SMB, unless you find this invisible used block here. It took me forever to figure this out, and this is only in the first world. This might work for a secret exit, but seems unfair for the regular exit.

^ Completely unfair jumps!!!


Something is really glitchy with your OW. I got glitchy revealed paths on almost every play.

This hack has a LOT of effort put into it, and it's visually fantastic, but due to the frequent slowdown, glitchy overworld, and frequently unfair level design, I can't really accept this in good faith. Sorry.

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Hack Name: SMW : Iggy's Island - 15.4 KB - 13 downloads.
Length: 8 levels
Author: Pirate Yoshi - Submitted by: Pirate Yoshi
Description: A short hack I made in my spare time. This is the first hack in a series that I will release in the near future.

Full story:

Before Yoshi's Island existed, there was Iggy's Island. Mario came to the island a long time ago, defeated Iggy and claimed the isle in the name of the Yoshis. After his defeat, Iggy sat at the bottom of a lonely canyon, letting his hatred toward Mario and the Yoshis build up over time, until finally, he got so enraged that he was able to scale the steep side of the canyon. He got revenge and wreaked havoc on the island, eventually taking over it again. Now it's up to Mario to stop him for a final time...

Also, this hack doesn't feature any custom stuff, just the original SMW graphics and blocks.

Easy-Medium "Nintendo hard" (see #2 for reasons)

because the grue was hungry

1. Very possible to get permanently stuck. In this one, when the Koopa jumps in the shell, that doesn't mean the Koopa can't respawn, so what often happens is the shell kills the Koopa because he reappears and walks right into the moving shell, so this is a one-time only thing. You mess up, and you are forced to die. You should have a reset pipe/door for this puzzle or an alternative path, and since you acknowledged the fact that you needed this Koopa, there's really no reason you shouldn't have fixed it. :[

Yoshi is a necessity to get over the wall, but due to sprite tile memory problems, when I hit the block, nothing came out. You may want to use "No More Sprite Tile Limits" because all that's here is a Koopa and a shell, or just keep changing the sprite memory settings until you get something that works.

2. Artificial difficulty boosters.

2a) Enemy spam. Instead of using enemies everywhere, the difficulty should be more in the level design itself, and in using enemies less often and as effective guards with their placement, rather than filling every possible spot with enemies to make progression a pain. Every level has its share, so here's just some exceptionally notable examples:
Five bullets (I killed one) and a Magikoopa all at once.. dear lord

Up until the door, you get a ton of bullets, and it requires extreme caution not to get hit by one at all since the corridor ahead is very, very small, and there are three or four more bullets in that space alone.

This area also contains five bullets - just beat one, and there's still another one about two steps ahead.

2b) "React nao or dai" situations. At the start of the castle, there's an auto-scroll command, meaning you have very little time to start moving before it crushes you against a wall. Perhaps just move everything to the right a little and give the player half a screen worth of flat ground to prepare instead of instantly coming face-to-face with death.

3. Minor glitch regarding putting coins above blocks. ? blocks, turn blocks, and star blocks containing items will make the area above them solid if there is a coin above them, so you should remove the coins in the tile above them.

4. Some cutoff, such as this:

Instead, you should probably use castle walkthrough dirt, walkthrough walls where these are cutoff on the side, and just put a castle ledge at the top of this.

5. Should never use the bottom row for solid stuff because you can't really see it. There is one more instance of this happening other than the pic below - the area in the red-dot level where you have the key also has ground on the bottom row.

Other things you may want to look into that are not removal reasons:

-Because the moon was placed from Direct Map16 Access, it is in infinite supply. You can fix this by placing it from Extended Objects.

-In the castle, when you die, "TIME UP!" appears when there is no timer. Look through the ROM map (CTRL+F Time up) and find where the hex edit you can use is to bypass the routine that checks to see if your time was 0 when you died.

-Really weird ? blocks in the background:

-Minor problem where the fire flower is hidden behind the foreground. There is an extremely simple hex edit to fix this listed in the ROM map.

(P.S. Tinypic gave this image the best name ever: 2h4xmon There should be a Digimon named Haxmon, seriously <.<;])

First two are the big things you want to fix, then the hack should be approvable. Remember that the player hasn't seen everything yet like you have, so their experience is going to be very different from yours in playing the hack. You might want to consider recruiting some beta testers and see the kind of feedback they give you regarding difficulty especially, as they are a microcosm of your audience.

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