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Hack Removal Log

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Hack Name: Fritz And The Mystery Of The Ocean: The Super Demo Demo - 177.3 KB - 20 downloads.
Length: 6 levels
Author: totakk920 - Submitted by: totakk920
Description: This is a gameplay demo of the game more than a game game with a plot but it has no story right now but im working on it. I hope you like it. P.S. dear mods that rejected that game super fritzy world, i quit making it and now i just use it for fun so....yea....
Bye! (-_-')

Originally posted by "Submit Hack" Disclaimer
The screenshots must be 256x224 or less and must be PNG images. Screenshots may not be any larger than 512 KB. You must submit at least 1 screenshot.

How to make a good screenshot:
Play your hack in Zsnes. When you want a screenshot hit F1. This should bring up a menu. The bottom option should say IMAGE FORMAT:. By selecting that option and pressing enter, you can switch between BMP and PNG. In this case, we want PNG. Now select SAVE SNAPSHOT and press enter. The image will be called <rom name> xxxx.png (where xxxx is a number) and will be saved in your Zsnes folder.

This is not a screenshot.

This is how I feel:
<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Hack Name: Mario's Excellent Adventure (fixed) Demo - 413.1 KB - 31 downloads.
Length: 19 levels
Author: PercentN - Submitted by: PercentN
Description: I fixed a HUGE error in my game plus a lot of the other minor errors in this game. I haven't realized some of these errors due to me being sleepy as hell. Before you couldn't finish the castle in world 1 and things were a little weird. Still the same story line as before.

Theres a demo of a level later on in the game when u get to the star world. Heres a hint: it has to do with boos.

jonwil: blocktool
mikeyk: spritetool
snailhacker: addmusic
Knightkip: for finding those easy-to-avoid errors.
Everyone who made custom music, blocks, sprites, and graphics.

1. Places you can get permanently stuck:

Self-explanatory. No alternate path or reset pipe/door is present.


It's very possible to lose your Fire Flower before getting here, especially if you choose not to go with the star. No reset pipe/door is present.

Two paths to the door but both are one-shot. If you do not guide the coins to the right so that you can walk over the wall, or if you do not have a fire flower, you have to die because you can not reset the puzzle or take another path (a secured one, not a one-shot puzzle.)

If you don't make it up the wall/fall back down when the switch wears off, you lose your only path to the goal. No reset pipe/door or alternate path is present.

2. Blatant level edits, all of which need to be overhauled because we do not accept them:

Yellow Switch Palace:

Yoshi's Island 3's cave is unedited aside from graphics:

Extremely blatant Iggy's Castle edit without use of Ctrl+Del

3. "Red" Switch Palace is possessed by "Yellow"... X_X
Just change the palettes to a soft-on-the-eyes yellow (this may require a bit of work to get looking good) and call it the Yellow Switch Palace, because I mean.. for RED, this is beyond silly. It activates Yellow Switch Palace blocks out in the game anyways. Side note: I do not like the color balancing on the background; the red is far too intense.

4. Extremely hard to avoid damage since this level is also slippery:

5. Lethargic Lagomatics. I blame the mass of Paratroopas. Remove some from this area and test it to see if the slowdown is eliminated.

6. I noticed the Chain Chomp's chain is Glitched Chomp's Glitch, so I would just remove the Chain Chomp from the title screen video, as it's the fastest fix.

7. There's an extremely rare VRAM glitch associated with the Classic Piranha Plant, so you need to apply the fix patch to ensure that it will not occur.

8. Your Ball-and-Chain should have some kind of block at the end of the chain so that it doesn't appear to be floating on nothing. A cement block would suffice.


Other stuff: an extremely minor palette error in the cave, which affects Mario's appearance by turning part of his skin and hat blue. Of course, it's palette 8, and if you fix that, you would also have to change some other stuff back to its normal palette for everything to look right... the blocks and their bounce sprites come to mind. This nitpick is a negligible factor, but I just thought I would put that out there anyways as a non-removal reason.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!

Judged: mario's high flying adventure (I swear I've seen this name before!)
Juried: toa1995
Executionered: my first hack

first world completed

You seem pretty enthusiastic, but your hack has a lot of problems, sorry. Let's go through them!

Misspellings are abound throughout this hack. Maybe use a spellchecker, or ask a friend to proofread for you?

Your level design is very repetitive and flawed. This, the first level, is just bouncing across breaking blocks for a few minutes, with enemies along the way. It's not very interesting. Also, the last bit uses the lowest row of blocks, which doesn't show up ingame.

The Yellow Switch palace is the same as before, but with all the content replaced with water. Interesting level design, this does not make.

This level has you flying through a big blank level, with a bunch of flying Koopas, and munchers on the top and bottom tile rows. While the concept of a all-flight level is sound (see: the Sky Pop levels in SML1), having no obsticles whatsoever renders the exercise a bit boring.

This level seemingly has no enemies, just turn blocks. I'd question why, but it's all of four screens long, so I'll just nod and move along.

In a complete and total dick move, this level is made entirely out of "fling Mario into a super-fast sprint to the right" blocks, meaning that by the time you see an enemy you've already hit him. Also, if you land in a corner between a wall and floor made of these blocks, you get pushed inside and die.

In short, I recommend that you keep trying. You have the basics and the enthusiasm, now you just need to make something that's fun for people other than you. :)

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'70s Disco
Hack Name: super azureblade49 world pre-alpha Demo - 19.9 KB - 4 downloads.
Length: 4 levels
Author: halosecretseeker - Submitted by: halosecretseeker
Description: this is my brand new(and 1st hack)
the story is yoshi hates mario now cuz he killed bowser(yoshis dad)so yoshi gose and takes bowsers place of killing mario.
good and bad feedback alike will be gladly accepted

Retro '80s Synth Rock
In no particular order of severity this time since I'm lazy:

Pipes on a screen boundary cause the pipe to be two different colors. Move it to the left or right one space at a minimum. Or, make new pipe tiles using the Map16 editor since any new pipe tiles on page 3-F will not change colors depending on the screen.

In addition, we do not accept blatant level edits, so you should use Ctrl+Del to clear out the original SMW levels and start fresh.

Also another problem with putting a pipe close to or on a screen boundary is that you can easily wind up in neverending bonus rooms and get trapped there until time runs out or you reset the game. Ensure that you have an exit on any screen with a pipe/door/teleport block in it that does not go to level 0 or 100, and if the pipe/door/teleport block is on or close to a screen boundary, put an exit in the nearby screen as well just in case.

You should never have such spots in your hack, but the fact that this trap was intentional says a lot about the true purpose of this hack's existence... D:

The -last- thing you want to do is frustrate your player by means of cheap traps or "stuck-forever" spots, so never have places that force you to use savestates/reset/to die to get of, never force hits without powerups provided immediately beforehand for progression, and never have such low ceilings that you have pixel-perfect jumps that result in death/damage if failed.

Never use glitched graphics or generic unused Map16 blocks. Tileset specific sprites have an SP number which you should set in the correct slot using Super GFX Bypass to correct the graphic for the sprite. Of course, some will clash, and if you need both of the conflicting sprites, you would have to remap one of them to use different tiles.

The lava tile is also glitched... just don't use it, or create new graphics and use the Map16 editor with the lava's property to have a makeshift 'kill block' instead, without using Block Tool/Super Deluxe, if you don't know how to use those. These glitches are present in several other levels as well.

The ground is cutoff - no wall for ground is included in this set, so you must extend the ground all the way across the bottom... it makes no difference in gameplay since you can not access down there at any point IIRC.

Floating munchers are much overused here - a quick solution to this problem would be to place cement blocks below them or some other flat object.

Also, water must be surrounded on the left, right, and bottom by a solid barrier - leaving them cutoff one space above the munchers is not acceptable.

Lazy grammar is not acceptable. If you are not fluent in English, find a beta tester or friend to help you smooth it out, or feel free to use any language you feel comfortable typing in.

Too much cutoff. X_X I would just reimport the original Yoshi's Island submap from another SMW ROM, because this is crazy... we do not take points off for unedited overworlds, but we do for ones that are edited very badly.

The whole screen is covered in layer 3 stuff, which is a problem when you access the menu because it gets cutoff in the lower middle. The randomly scattered tiles of the wooden border have an awful palette, and should be removed. Preferably, just keep the name of the hack and your name on Layer 3 and remove all the black tiles and the cutoff wood.

The moons currently aren't accessible, but you vastly overuse them in this point. This will become a problem.

A side note: I play a lot of hacks, so I think I could relate to the "Let's Play!" folks - I'm sure that trying to create a hack with the feel of an authentic, clean game would make them feel more pleased to play your hack, assuming this was for one to play... I'm just basing that thought on the name of the hack. Good luck on your next project, in any case =o

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If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Super Corruption World - 104.8 KB - 1 download.
Length: 96 levels
Author: BloodyBanana - Submitted by: BloodyBanana
Description: Please sccept the glitchy graphics.

This was a hex-edited Super Mario World smc file. It is being published to show the magic of hex-editing.

1. Regardless of whether it was done in hex or not, it's still garbagey, and the levels remain, for the most part, very much like the original, so it is not something we can accept. I did play some of the first level and noticed slope interaction is completely annihilated (destroyed is far too weak a word to describe it... you'd have to see for yourself just how weird it is - sometimes jumping up below the slope pushes you to the bottom of the level and kills you instantly, for instance) and 90% of the diagonal pipe is missing. The hex edits negatively impact gameplay, therefore, and not just graphics... and it's a big problem when you can't see objects you interact with.

Aaaaand, here's the overworld:

Yes, you can do everything in hex, but even so, we judge all hacks by the same standards, and this does not pass.

The moral of the story here, folks: Do not fear the hex editor. It is your friend; it is easy to utilize. Just don't beat your keyboard to a pulp when your hack is loaded into it.

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If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Mario's amazing adventure Demo - 576.7 KB - 62 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: omegaLakitu - Submitted by: omegaLakitu
Description: bowser is up to no good as always so mario sets off on an amazing and epic adventure to stop him.

This hack is pretty fun, overall. The game play is pretty tight. There are no game-breaking glitches or bugs. This hack is REALLY close to being approved. My only issue was with the level called Wiggler's Woods (or something like that) - it's a pretty blatant level 11E edit:

If that level were not so similar to 11E (multi-item block near midway goal, exploding block shooting gallery with Wigglers, keyhole to backtrack to underneath ledge, chance for star 1-Up bonanza, etc.), this would have been easily accepted.

Apart from that, there were a number of small things that could be fixed, which I will point out here. None of these were reasons on their own for this hack being rejected:

This 3-Up Moon was amazing easy to grab. I would suggest making it harder to find.

Check your sprite memory settings here (Yoshi disappears).

This is just a personal preference thing, but seeing black Bullet Bills come out of "soft" (un-outlined) brown Bill Blasters looks weird.

Rocky Wrench has a bad palette.

This battle is a little glitchy, probably due to the way that Mouser's HP works - the first time I hit him with a bomb, it generated the Goal Sphere. I rewound and played the battle again, and didn't get the error again. But it is a possibilty. If it's not too hard for you and you still want the goal sphere effect, I would just edit your Mouser sprite to drop a Goal Sphere when he dies. Otherwise, I would just use the level-ender sprite (which seems to work better for some reason).

Not sure if this area is unfinished, but I couldn't move off of the star tile.

Mario's got a glitchy hand in this level for some reason - it's likely because of some of his graphics in GFX00.

The Piranha Plant's stem is very 16-bit for an 8-bit themed level.

I have a suggestion for "fixing" this cutoffness caused by the lava here (by the way, this area was really fun). Anyway, my suggestion is to make a solid straight edge run straight into the ground and off-screen. Do this on the other side. Then, take a flat piece of ground (with no sides) and put it in between these two edges to make a shape like:

]               [                   ] = right edge of a cliff
]               [                   [ = left edge of a cliff
]               [                   - = flat ground with no edges
]---------------[                   ^ = lava
]               [
]               [

In any other spot, I would hate ground tile arrangements like like that. Here, though, it would look so much better, in my opinion.

I think your ground palette here could be much better. Something swampy and brown/brownish-green would be nice. Just a suggestion, though.

By flapping my raccoon tail, I was able to get above the ceiling here by running left. This let me run and fly across the rest of the level. If you close off the ceiling here (and in other spots) you can make this level better.

One more tiny thing - you might want to fix the Racoon Mario Float Timer by applying the Float Timer Fix Patch. Right now, when Mario jumps, he kind of hovers for a brief moment in an awkward way.

All of these things are just suggestions though - like I said, if you fix that Wiggler's Woods level, your hack is pretty ready to go. My suggestions would only improve on something that is already pretty good. Keep up the good work!

Andy was listening to - Butterfly while writing this removal log.

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Hack Name: ProtonjonSA Demo - 360.8 KB - 4 downloads.
Length: 4 levels
Author: camtheman3245 - Submitted by: camtheman3245
Description: THERE!

Well, you're a new member of this website and you submitted a hack that you chose to title "ProtonjonSA" - that leads me to suspect that you probably heard about SMWCentral through ProtonJon's recent feature of Let's Play Super Mario TKO.

First off, if you were directed here through ProtonJon's videos, welcome! We're always happy to see new faces.

So, you've just learned about Super Mario World hacking, and it sounds like a lot of fun, right? Well, it can be.

The only thing is, our site doesn't really get into hacks like this one recently submitted, better known as Super Yo Momma World:

It's not that hacks like these are bad, in and of themselves - there's definitely a group of people out there who enjoy levels like this:
- Level 105
- Level 106
- Level 104

However, most of the folks on this site aren't really into these types of hacks, commonly referred to as Kaizo-style hacks. Most of us tend to like things like Super Mario TKO much better.

And, why is that? Well, I think that if you compare something like Super Yo Momma World/ProtonjonSA with Super Mario TKO (and the other hacks on this site), there are a lot of really clear differences.

First and foremost, I would say most of the hacks here strive for close-to-professional quality. That means we like things like good, solid level design that doesn't rely on pixel-perfect jumping over Munchers (those little black Piranha Plant enemies commonly used in Kaizo hacks to artificially inflate difficulty).

Another definite requirement we have is for the original levels of the game to not be present in what you submit. Anyone that has played Super Mario World would notice definitely similarities between the levels linked above (105, 106 and 104) and their original versions in the old game (the only exception to this is the first screen of Level 104, for reasons which you will learn later if you stick with this).

Like I said - that doesn't mean that hacks like this are bad. They can be fun, as ProtonJon has illustrated in many of his videos. They just aren't really what we're looking for here. Many of the folks here spend months or years working on their hacks before submitting them, as opposed to within the first 24 hours they have been members. ;)

If you are really serious about getting into making modifications of Super Mario World, we're all more than happy to help out. You can look backwards through this thread here for a pretty good list of do's and don't's. Play some of the other hacks here, particularly the featured ones, to get an idea of what we like.

Last but not least, make sure you take a look at the Tips Of The Day which are always featured at the top of the site as reminders of what to do and what not to do when trying to make a good hack.

Thanks again, and welcome!

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Just as a reminder, we do NOT accept the VIP & Wall mix hacks on this site. The authors don't seem to like their work being redistributed on other websites, and that includes us!

Hack Name: The Saga - Pangaroshi Demo - 358.2 KB - 4 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: Rauy Style - Submitted by: Rauy Style

HISTORY: After many battles, Bowser finally obtains to kill Mario, now Pangaroshi, one of the 7 dinossauros that had been born of eggs of the SMW end will have that to face meeting with its friendgirl Hinaroshi, the challenges of Bowser to save its island of the forces of the bad one and to defeat its body guards, including its new son… Kame…


1. A lot of places (at least five) where you can get stuck, mostly associated with P-switch puzzles, and especially in that second water level way on the right path. You will need to provide a reset pipe/door or an alternate path so if the player messes up the puzzle, they are not forced to die or reset the game to continue.

One example:

2. A couple of big glitches.

-When the Course Clear stuff appears, the tide vanishes. Huge graphical error, so move the goal to another level without the layer 3 tide.

-The Koopa does not act properly on this vine; he climbs up a little then walks through the vine, resulting in cheap damage.

-Glitched graphics:
-This thing that moves diagonally is NOT a fish. It's a fireball - do not give it fish graphics.

-That red Buzzy Beetle is a Spiny, not a Buzzy Beetle. It should be removed or remapped so that Spiny graphics do not conflict with Buzzy Beetle graphics.

3. Unfair enemy placement to artificially boost difficulty:
One example is when you are climbing up a vine and suddenly a flashing Koopa shell falls on top of you, and there's no way to dodge it unless you already know it's there so you can stop.

One level has two huge walls of bullets in a row that are nearly impossible to dodge without savestates.

There was also another early level that had vast overuse of blue Koopas that kick shells at you, and the level's vertical build made them extremely hard to dodge since they basically rained shells on top of you. ._.

4. Too many vines that are cutoff at the top and/or bottom. You should attach them to a cement block so they aren't cutoff, or draw new tiles for the vines so that they have proper tops and bottoms.


This is a minor palette error: The blue between the small bricks looks incorrect, and should either be a very dark brown or black to fit in properly.

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If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Automatic mario Demo - 12.6 KB - 12 downloads.
Length: 1 levels
Author: Coin Haruhi Suzumiya - Submitted by: Coin Haruhi Suzumiya
Description: only one level.

hopefully all glitches from my previous upload are gone i used a different rom re-inserted custom blocks and no more automatic death

Even if you have fixed the errors, the patch is still broken because you used a dirty ROM again (proven very obvious before playing by the fact that after patched, the ROM is an unhealthy 636KB in size and returns a bad checksum.) We can not assist you with finding a clean ROM; you will have to find that yourself. When you look, keep in mind that the symbol [!] means "Verified Clean Dump", and you can use the "Clean SMW ROM Verifier" in the Online Tools section to be more certain that it's really a clean dump.

In this version of the patch, two of the levels accessible on the overworld trap you permanently, and the automatic level is still a black screen/game freeze. Last time, it was just Yoshi's House that trapped you, and 105 killed you on entry, and the automatic level was still unplayable because the game froze.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Removal: Pit of happiness
Author: Moltov
Description: "I worked hard on this so I hope you enjoy it =D"

Obvious troll is obvious. First, the "screenshot":

Originally posted by "Submit Hack" Disclaimer
The screenshots must be 256x224 or less and must be PNG images. Screenshots may not be any larger than 512 KB. You must submit at least 1 screenshot.

How to make a good screenshot:
Play your hack in Zsnes. When you want a screenshot hit F1. This should bring up a menu. The bottom option should say IMAGE FORMAT:. By selecting that option and pressing enter, you can switch between BMP and PNG. In this case, we want PNG. Now select SAVE SNAPSHOT and press enter. The image will be called xxxx.png (where xxxx is a number) and will be saved in your Zsnes folder.

Second, is the true contents of this thing. This is not "Pit of happiness", but really "Pit of Despair V 1.1". It's a single level hardtype hack that (thankfully!) uses edited graphics, but has some pretty bad pallete choices, still some glitched tiles, and...

Brutally hard. To the point of being unfair. At least he let me know about this beforehand in the intro.

Please don't decept people. Thank you!

Hack Name: Super Mario World: Searchin for Zelda [Spanish Hack] [Demo] Demo - 217.2 KB - 32 downloads.
Length: 5 levels
Author: Mariomaker789 - Submitted by: MarioMaker789
Description: I so sorry about the glitch in the over world and the bad formation in the way of the Switch Palace Yellow.

I add another character called Squee. the Third Mario Brother :D

Basically, this hack seems like a hack made by someone who just recently started hacking. It's not off to a bad start, but I think it is too early for a real demo. Here's why:

Don't edit Level 104, unless you want your game ending to look like:

Please delete all of the original levels so that your new levels are really new.

This OW glitch can be fixed if you make sure you delete all special events. Also, your OW is pretty much the same as the original SMW - it would be nice to see a bigger difference.

Walking uphill into this spot will kill you.

Cutoff Midway Goal (at the beginning of the level).

You can fall through this pillar.

The bottom row of blocks in LM is not really visible in the game. Move these up one row or delete them.

There is a lot of repetitive level design and enemy use in this hack. Here is just one example. Try to vary things more by adding more details.

This is the second 3-Up Moon I found in your hack. This was really easy to find too - try to hide them and make them more special if you use them.

This is a lot of coins to just give away in a regular part of the level.

So, all in all, there weren't MAJOR mistakes in this hack, but I think you should spend a few more weeks playing around with LM before resubmitting. Also, think about getting some users to help you beta test your hack. Good luck!

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Hack Name: Super Odd World
Length: 9 levels
Author: ~2~ - Submitted by: ~2~
Description: Well i hope this gets accepted cause
I worked 4 hours straight doing this so i guess i'll see if this gets accepted.

Overworld is cut off in many places and the events mess up. (Unrelated level tile appears after completing Block 1 Guide, for example) I would recommend you either:

A. Transfer the original SMW overworld and use it the entire way through.
B. Make a brand new overworld so you don't have to worry about the SMW events.

The graphics for the wall and goal sphere are strange. You could always use the cement blocks with a different palette for the wall jumping blocks. Change the sprite tileset to "Mushroom" so the goal sphere is normal.

In the first real level, this strange sprite fell down. Other than that, I enjoyed destroying all the enemies and getting the key.

Minor issue, but the shell-less Koopas are dancing to and fro on floating munchers.

So, I'm sorry this hack didn't make the cut, as it sounds like you worked hard on it. I would ask that you continue to work on more levels, fix up the overworld, and be sure to test your hack for any more errors. The way the demo is now, it's a little too short.
Hack Name: Epic Mario World Demo 1.0
Length: 14 levels
Author: Kristian - Submitted by: Kristian
Description: Ok so, yeeeeeah, uhhh, I screwed up BADLY!
I posted the really old version of my curse on here, like, REALLY OLD!
So here's the one that was supposed to be on here.

The ZIP you provided contains the patch, as well as an unmodified SMW ROM. Uploading ROM's to SMWC is illegal, and unfortunately, the punishment for doing so is a 24 hour ban. :/
(thanks for alerting me about this, Kip)
Hack: Super Mar Bros 3 The Real LOST LEVELS!! DX demo
Length: 3 exits
Author: Nintendo - Submitted by Nintendo
Description: someone about expanding it to 2 MB.

Yeah, I fiddled with this for a little while, and the patch simply corrupted the ROM, even after expanding it to 2 MB. If I were you, I'd either transfer your stuff to a clean ROM, or try and make another IPS patch. Please make 100% sure it works before uploading it though.
Hack: Super Absent World
Length: 15 levels
Author: TheAbsentMinded1
Description: My first hack, really done amateurishly, with a variety of difficulty and 15 levels, Save State is your best friend in most parts of the game

(initial side note: if I have to rely on save states, I know it's going to be bad.)


Ugliness on almost every letter on the title screen, along with random floating black pixels. If you absolutely must have a custom title here, please use the regular letters instead of attempting to redraw the current ones.

Grammar issues. This should read:

"There really is no story - you're Mario. Of course, you gotta go beat Bowser, so get to it!"

1. You're* Gonna Die (why me)
2. Iggy's Castle is cut off.
3. Blank space where Iggy's Castle USED to be.

1. Corners of the BG hills are the wrong palette.
2. What's with the black item reserve box? It's ugly.
3. The first two slopes are missing a tile on the right side.

Multicolored pipes only exist when you're high. Shift this row of pipes to the right or left one tile.

Piece of land leaves a cut off space.

Not only are the edges of the grass cut off, but below there is a ledge of munchers. The player would not know, thus causing them to get killed. Shift the muncher up one tile, and extend the edges of the grass into the ground.

Same as the image before this one. Also, unfair note blocks = no thank you.

Upon beating this level, you walk into a pit and die. That is not a cute gimmick. That is not fair. Just don't do it.

Floating munchers, cut off ground.

Cut off ground into lava.

I've heard of cutting the midway tape, but don't you think that this is just taking it over the top?

You forgot a corner tile on the pink edge there champ.

Bullet Bills should not randomly come out of empty space.

Stacked munchers.

More stacked munchers, floating munchers, cut off pillars, and the part after this is absolutely impossible without savestates.


I did not play past here, though I already know what to expect. Please go through your levels and fix up all of these cut off tiles, glitches, and ridiculous difficulty. I should not have to abuse save states while playing your hack.

Thank you.
Hack: Automatic Mario
Length: 1 level
Author: Haruhi Suzumiya
Description: ok this time I used used a clean rom. so this is a one level hack i recomend reading the read me.txt before playing this hack and i hope you enjoy.

Kay .. generally, you can't really 'play' hacks like this, therefore they do not make it through approval. I would probably make an exception to the rule if you had about 30-40 levels like this, and they were well polished and worked perfectly.

In your case, the one level that was there did not work. It worked fine until the very last note block, at which point you would overshoot it and miss. The cut off tiles rule still applies in hacks like this as well, and there were plenty of those (most notably, the goal floating over leaves).

My recommendation? Work on perfecting the level, and test it numerous times to guarantee it's success. Not only that, I'd definitely make quite a few more levels like this before submitting it again - even then though, if they aren't done well, the hack risks rejection.
Hack: super mario grand adventure
Length: 6 levels
Author: cloudyboy
Description: A test of my hack in construction world one caslte isn't edited yet. Enjoy!


Please resubmit a working IPS file. Upon trying this on three different ROMs, and even playing through to Iggy's Castle on both, nothing has been edited. Chances are you messed up on the IPS, so fix that and you should be ok.
Hack: Super Odd World
Length: 9 levels
Author: ~2~
Description: I am resubmitting it after i fixed alot of bugs and the bug on the first over world with a useless path is not actually a bug there is going to be a level there in the final version

Oh, there are plenty more bugs than that.


Fix the "ODD" lettering in the title screen. Chunks of blue on the right left (thanks Geno) side, cut off top/bottom, etc.

Oh lord .. where do we begin.

1. Random pink/yellow circle block.
2. Bowser's Castle is cut off.
3. Random floating hill on the right side of the map.
4. Water coating the patch leading to the castle.
5. The green surrounding the pool on the left hill is a different shade than the rest of the green.
6. On the same hill, the back end of it has random cliff pieces cutting off.
7. Top right tile of the main island is cut off.

Fix the tile under the triangle. The rope tile is also cut off, so fix that too.

Floating munchers guarding the pipe = no. Use one, if you must - it will have the same effect. Cut off rope here too.

When I realized I needed the switches, I ran back - only to discover that if you don't take them with you right away, you're stuck. This can be easily fixed by removing the rope that Mario is about to step on.

Floating green water in the background. Ugly.

Random colored Spike falling from the air.


After completing the level to the right of Yoshi's House (Level 1!), you cannot go anywhere. No events occur. This was the game breaker, so I'd suggest adding an event up, along with fixing all of the other bugs listed.

Thank you.

Hack Name: Not yet named
Author: 4400
Description: This is the first level of an upcoming hack that I have been working on. I realize that I need to fix a few graphical and gameplay errors, but they aren't really a big deal at the moment. The only things I've worked on so far is graphics and some gameplay factors (and the first level, of course).
Oh, and the title screen is no where near finished. It is not suggested to stay on there for too long...

Note: I performed some tests on other levels, so if they are even changed its not for good.

Credits go to... mikeyk, MetaKnight, Skwaa, ...Frozen Ellipse...

I had a longer, more detailed post for this written, but my browser ate it, so I'm in a bit of a mood, and will keep this brief.

Dies on the titlescreen. "It's not done yet, I'll fix it later" isn't really acceptable.

Level 104 edited, screwing up the ending. Not sure how it thinks it's a switch palace, either. Also, kind of weird collusion detection decisions on the tiles.

So lemme get this straight: A black pallete-shifted Mario, fending off KKK members and what look like cops, to chase after watermelon? Congrats, you made a NESticle graphics hack!

Obvious, easily fixed graphics problems: Remake the platform using the tiles that make up the other platforms, edit the note block's graphics/pallete, and apply the fade patch.

Not a removal reason, but memes != humor/quality/anything other than eye-rolling embarassment.

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