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Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
Hack Name: Super Mario Feodal
Length: 6 levels
Author: Corentin67 - Submitted by Corentin67
Description: This his a hack super mario world


After hitting the turn block, you can get stuck here and have to wait out the timer.

You can get stuck here as well. Having 3 3-Up Moons doesn't justify it at all.


The notorious overworld glitch has returned! D:

Unedited YSP.

Lots of lag here.

Uh, what's up with these weird blocks? They have layer priority, but you can walk on them like ledges.



Additionally, you can get tons of 1-Ups in these area if you keep jumping on the Koopas.

This level was extremely frustrating, since the screen would not scroll with you. Of course, this would mess up the water, but you could always use the handy custom sprite that fixes the problem.

Most of the castle seemed completely unedited, and when you completed it, this happened. Yes, it leads to an endless bonus game!

All in all, this hack has quite a few issues. There are many instances of cutoff tiles, places where you can get stuck and require you to wait out the timer, a level that you could barely even see because of no vertical scroll, and some obvious level edits. I recommend you polish up some of these areas to make the hack less frustrating to play.
Removed: Super Challenge World (Hack ID 2431)
Author: Hydrodrago (User ID: 5356)

Reasons are as follows:

This was the only screenshot provided. Sorry, this does NOT count. You must have at least one ACTUAL screenshot from your hack before it will even be considered to be accepted. Come on now, it's not that hard to get at least one little picture, is it?.

Also, I suggest you check to make sure your hack's IPS file is completely functional and polished (in other words ready to be submitted) before you resubmit the file. Your description gives a sort of bad impression:

NOTE: (The yellow switch pallace is not hacked.)

I would recommend not allowing the player to access the parts of the hack that aren't modified yet if I were you...
To go along with the previously posted reasons for removal, I wanted to include some screenshots as well. (thanks Hieda no Akyu for sending a compressed ROM/pointing out some issues)

And yes, the ROM size was a big problem. It was 8 MB, so large ZSNES won't even open it. The hack doesn't feature any custom music or sprites, so I'm not sure why this enormous size is even necessary.

You can die in the title screen.

Intro message is madness.

Uh, yeah. As you can see, this OW has serious issues.

Something's seriously wrong with the BG here. Oh, and you can stand on completely invisible blocks.

Uh, what?

This level is impossible to clear thanks to no goal point whatsoever. You have to die here.

Interesting Yoshi message. o_O

This level features BG garbage and Monty Moles coming out of thin air!


Floating bush fun.

I wonder where this pipe goes...?

Aw crap.

You have screens and screens of this.

Oh dear what in the world happened to that background?

And to this one. Plus, the net cuts off a lot here.

Real mature. -_-

So yeah, not only is not providing real screenshots a reason for removal, but the above reasons would cause it to be taken down again if you resubmitted. This seems a lot like a joke hack, but if it's serious, then you really need to improve the cutoff issues in both the levels and overworld, as well as get rid of blatant level edits.
Hack Name: The Legend Of Randorland 2: Randor's Destruction
Length: 5 levels
Author: JELLJELL1111 - Submitted by: JELLJELL1111
Description: This is a sequel to a hack I made but wasn't as good as this one.
It's not very important to the story so yeah you're not missing anything.
By the way the second and the thirth levels are important to the story so when you rate this KEEP THAT IN MIND.
I hope you'll like it.

You provide a Yoshi right before the door here, but unless you're small Mario, you can't get through it. Perhaps you could use a pipe instead?

Strange palette for the goal.

Nothing major here, but the trees themselves look a bit cut off. It may have been how they were originally assembled, but if not, it would be worth fixing up.

There are powerups here, but you can't see them because of the black in the FG. You might want to try changing hex offset 0C5E7 to EA EA EA, and it could fix the problem.

Nice to hear the classic theme here along with the Mushroomy Kingdom graphics, but level remakes are generally frowned upon. We've all played 1-1 several times, but you could try a new level similar in design, still retaining the classic SMB feel. Also, the palette for the ? block looked a bit strange here, as you can see.

The fade fix patch would be great to fix this.

1. The status bar palette appears to have the wrong colors here.
2. You can stand on this cloud, but there are identical ones in the BG you can't go on. Maybe you could change the size/palette.
3. Odd Yoshi Coin colors as well.

All in all, this wasn't a bad hack by any means, though it did suffer from some flaws such as graphical and palette issues, as well as an obvious level edit. Still, I hope you'll resubmit, since the idea of having a bunch of different worlds coming together is a good one.
Hack Name: Super Mario World Time Warped Demo - 210.4 KB - 41 downloads.
Length: 19 levels
Author: etplayer10 - Submitted by: etplayer10
Description: Join Mario as he fights againsts Bowser's minions once again, but this time, through time and space itself. Good Luck!

This hack needs a lot of work to be acceptable by this site's standards. I think you could do it if you put a few more weeks' or months' worth of work in your hack. There are a lot of beginner mistakes here that get cleared up with time. I think having some other members here play your hack before you submit it next time would be a good idea - other people can help you out a lot.

We recently implemented new Hack Submission Guidelines. This hack does not meet the following guidelines:

Originally posted by Hack Submission Guidelines
3. No graphical glitches!
Errors such as garbled sprites/FGs/BGs, message box text screwing up layer 3 items, cutoff tiles, and general graphical ugliness are frowned upon. Also, don't forget about glitches such as sprite memory issues - the graphics of the sprite will 'disappear', but the sprite will still be there, and can unfairly hurt Mario.

7a) Keep it fair, and keep the hack at a legitimate difficulty!
i.e. Avoid things like death after the goal, blind jumps, forced damage, excessive enemies, places where you can get permanently stuck, excessive 3-UP moons, etc.

7b) The player should be able to identify everything's behavior before touching it.
The player should not have to do something illogical, like jump in lava, to complete a puzzle. If something acts "unusual", inform the player ahead of time.

One of the big issues in this hack were the player palettes. It's admirable that you are at least trying to edit palettes, but it's not worth doing if the results aren't better than the source.

Another big issue is the amount of unedited or mostly unedited areas from the original game:

There are also a lot of areas that have cutoff tiles - always use all of the objects and Map16 tiles at your disposal to avoid issues like this:

Also be careful about where you stick Dragon Coins - if they are on a subscreen boundary, they can be collected repeatedly. Watch how high my lives start counting. This makes things too easy and is glitchy.

In this area, you can swim under the goal to find cutoff jagged water.

Don't use the bottom row in LM to make ground tiles for the player to stand on - they can't be seen in-game.

Again, some pretty severe palette issues. The ground tiles look like electric eels and the lava looks like bloody poop. Again, there's nothing wrong with using the original palettes if it it results in this. Also, if you don't make your Skull Raft fall off-screen, it will just float through other objects.

Wrong/glitchy sprite graphics.

More nasty palettes.

Kaizo-esque level design.

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Hack Name: The Legend Of Randorland 2: Randor's destruction. [reuploading]
Length: 5 levels
Description: So I fixed some errors and I think it's ok now.
Well this hack is a sequal to a hack I made before.
But which it quality sucked.
I hope you enjoy playing my hack.


You've made a lot of improvements since last time, though a few small issues still remain.

It was nice to see you add on the 1-1 level to make it feel new, but this strange pink color still showed up for the ? blocks.

The fade out seemed to work everywhere... except here. You might want to try changing some palettes around for it to work, if you have extra space.

This area was rather odd. You could go through some of the pipes, and others of the same color were completely impassable. Perhaps you could change the colors for passable ones so the player knows where to go.

Another issue I noticed was an area in the airship. After hitting the turn block with a Koopa shell, if you don't quickly grab the trampoline, it'll stop spinning and trap you in, forcing you to take a hit from a Bullet Bill. If you had an area to drop down to after getting the trampoline, it would probably help the situation.

Lastly, there were still a bit of oddities with the status bar palette. You may want to move some BG's down to palette 3 unless it's being used for something else. The palettes also gave Mario a gray color instead of black at times.

So, this hack has come a long way since the last submission. Nevertheless, there are a few minor things I'd like you to try and fix. Don't be discouraged: a lot of people would just give up at this point, but it's great to see you're still working on it.
Hack Name: My super mario world
Length: Unknown
Author: theflyingjman - Submitted by theflyingjman
Description: Can Rusty the cat beat me and my friends? MY first post :D If this gets deleted Im going to delete my acount :(


First of all, we need to establish something here. Nobody is able to delete their account. Since this hack is being rejected, if you really, really want your account gone, you can PM an administrator to get it banned. Still, it's a lot smarter to read the removal log entry and try to improve following SMWC's hack standards instead of getting upset for the fact that it was rejected. In fact, a lot of people's first hacks would probably be rejected. My awful "Super Mario World Remix" wouldn't stand a chance. That aside...

In this blatant level edit, we have:
1. A bunch of feathers right in the beginning.

2. Many, many 1-Up's dropping out of the sky.

3. Floating Moonchers galure.

Sorry, but just adding a bunch of powerups and Bowser music to a 105 edit doesn't cut it.

The YSP is exactly the same except for an odd BG palette here.

This is just like Yoshi's Island 2, but with feathers everywhere and Bullet Bills coming out of nowhere.

All the rest of the levels seem completely unchanged from SMW's, though it appears you added more spiky balls to this level to make it extremely laggy.

This was Donut Plains 2. A bad layer 3 palette and area you had to kill yourself in. So, that's as far as you could get in the demo.

So, overall, this hack did have a lot of issues. I recommend you start fresh and work to make each level original and new (press CTL + DEL to delete SMW levels) and keep a balanced difficulty level. It's your choice if you want to continue SMW hacking, but if you do, you may improve greatly.
Hack Name: Super Kevin World
Length: 8 levels
Author: BloodyBanana - Submitted by BloodyBanana
Description: My first romhack.

Try to find all 4 secret levels!

Graphics changes.
Level modifications.


Not sure why there is garbage graphics for the sprite, or why a green ? block is in the status bar.

Yeah, this is how the intro starts... First you're like this, then it snaps to a single screen. Moving Mario's X position more to the left would fix this. It seems strange Mario just falls down a hill and straight to the OW.

The clouds have an odd palette here, and you can barely see Mario's fireballs.

You can use fireballs here to take care of the blocks, but discolored coins show up in their place.

And what happens if you pass through the gate? Yep, you lose your ability and have no way of getting it back. Thus, you'll need to completely restart the emulator.

Additionally, I lost Fire Mario thanks to a muncher hidden under a frozen block. Oddly enough, the purple ones act like throw blocks, but the yellow ones hurt you.

This level begins with a Kaizo, Bullet Bill-jumping extravaganza.

Hm... how do I get through?

This green piece of goal post puts a ? box in as a hold item. Taking it out gives you a trampoline. Great, right?

Wrong! The Yoshi coin in front of Mario is only passable if he's on Yoshi, and you also have to reset the emulator if you mess up the puzzle.

So, all in all, while this hack tried to throw out some puzzle-based concepts, it didn't work for two main reasons:

1. There were many places where you had to completely reset the game for doing a puzzle wrong.
2. It was difficult to tell what blocks did what, even with the tutorial. This made the puzzles far more difficult than they needed to be.

Eliminating the places that force a reset along with explaining (and perhaps improving the graphics of) the custom blocks a bit better, and making the puzzles more fair to the player (not having gates in random placing reducing him to small Mario) would help this hack out in the long run. I hope you'll take this advice to heart.
Hack Name: Mario&luigi Special recue Duo (incomplete)
Length: 13 exits
Author: zocan - Submitted by: zocan
Description: This is the first hack i do using lunar magic, hope you like it and please send comments.

I did not change any sprites, i only modified the OW and the levels.
i have 10 levels made total.

This game Is made of advance player, but is possible to beat and fun to play with a friend.


Uh, yeah, this isn't a screenshot. Looks a little too washed out.

And worst of all, it's a ROM. ROM's are illegal and the punishment for submitting them is a 72 hour ban on SMWC, sorry.

Removed: Super Mario Odyssey (Hack ID: 1032)
Author: BMF54123 (No User ID Available)

Reasons are as follows:

Okay, so this hack is apparently renowned all across the hacking community as one of the best hacks ever made. Well, I played it to see what all the fuss was about, and found that it really doesn't live up to such a lofty reputation. Behold:

...Yeah. This just isn't doing it for me. Cheesy little Exanimated rain tiles are NOT a good substitute for an actual background, n00b.

Wow. You used Volcano Lotuses? Are you kidding me? I HATE Volcano lotuses! They're such a cheap enemy and have no place in any SMW hack, especially not one that raises such high expectations as this one boasts.


Cutoff tiles? BAH! What are these doing in a featured hack! This alone is enough for me to remove this anyway (or at least de-feature it) Also, this is another example of a backgroundless level. DO NOT WANT!


You call that a Piranha Plant?! That is the most Un-Mario looking THING I have ever laid eyes on! Edit or GTFO!

DECEPTION!! A super nintendo game this is not! These floating "button" graphics do nothing but trick the player. They suck so hard! Come back when you can make them dynamically change appearance with the emulator settings. Honestly, who DOESN'T know how to do that nowadays, anyway?

There were many more reasons, but I think these are enough to prove my point. How on EARTH was this hack ever featured? This hack can comfortably rub shoulders with the likes of other horrible n00bheaps like Brutal Mario and TSRP. Try playing Chaos Complexx to learn how it's really done.
Hack Name: My super mario world
Length: Unknown
Author: theflyingjman - Submitted by: theflyingjman
Description: :D enjoy :D


Well, I'm glad you didn't request a ban after your last rejection. Nevertheless, you're getting a 72 hour one for this. Why? Because you made absolutely no changes since last time!

All the level edits and other issues are completely unchanged, and this hack goes a tiny bit further.

The Donut Plains 2 edit doesn't just stop this time.

Indeed, it goes on with cutoff.

And then some.

And then if you don't get in that pipe, you're stuck here. Yep, stuck to wait out the timer and try the level over again.

Uh, no message and a bunch of doors here. You called these "trap" doors you shouldn't go through. And what do they do?

Wham. Please, even with a warning, don't even bother with this. There's no need for tons of exits leading to level 0.

And the level right before the second castle became a star run... with a severe problem. No matter what I tried, the level froze right before the goal post. At first, I thought it was because of the huge number of stars and moons in the level, but even without them it does the same thing.

I also deleted a copy of the hack you submitted right after, because it appears to be exactly the same. Hopefully, this ban will serve as a lesson to you, so you'll learn from your mistakes. I highly recommend you start over, or make some serious improvements, as these blatant level edits will not be accepted no matter how much you fix them.

Hack(s): Hunter and SCORPION's Bet: Hunter's Path to Power and SCORPION's Ravage DEMO
Author(s): Metalgearhunter and S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N.
Description(s): Description: This hack focuses on Hunter and SCORPION for a change. They both are after a rare and exotic emblem known as the Golden Dollar. Whom ever holds this valuable relic will be worth millions and everything will be free instead of having to buy it. Hunter and SCORPION are very greedy and hate trading money as it is. So, the two have set off on an epic journey to get the Golden Dollar. Play as Hunter or SCORPION while you fight the other, go through fun and flourished levels, destroy toad villages by collecting and turning enemies/toads into coins, verse Hunter's minions and SCORPION's army, and laugh at the crateral competition in this fun-filled and epic journey... as the villian!


Hunter's Path to Power (written by Metalgearhunter):

Travel across the lands as Hunter. Help him get to the castle and destroy the villages. Laugh at his funny references on how he will abuse Mario's powers.
!NOTE: Hunter's OW climbing sequence is NOT made yet.

SCORPION's Ravage:

This is a totally different adventure, play as the hilarius SCORPION and venture through the various lands of the outskirts of Mushroom kingdom. Toads have been exiled and they built villages to have a place to live, and castles for storage. All was peaceful... until SCORPION came looking for the Golden Dollar. As you venture the lands as SCORPION, you can destroy both the villages and storm the castles. As SCORPION himself would say, "Destroy anything in your path... leave nothing alive!"

Two hacks joined by one story... and none of them work. Both hacks freeze at a black screen after selecting a save slot. You might want to check your IPS patches to see if they work before submitting.

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My Hacks:

Hack Name: zmario
Length: 3 levels
Author: harley - Submitted by: harley
Description: its hard


It also crashes the ROM. Be sure the IPS you included works properly by testing it before submitting.

Name: First World
Author: SSBBFan888
Description: My first ROM hack (which really doesn't have name). It consists of 10+1 levels. You can explore my poorly made overworld and levels if you so desire. ^^ Altogether, I would rate this a 7/10 difficulty.

Patch crashes the ROM. Also, judging from your screenshots, you should REALLY read the Hack Submission Guidelines.

Name: super lazy world demo
Author: marioisarockstar
Description: my first hack

Patch is empty and does nothing.

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My Hacks:

Name: Super Dark World (I am sorely tempted to insta-delete any and every submission that uses this name or a variant. Thoughts? PM me.)
Author: SSBBFan888
Description: This is my second ROM hack I have created which includes 10+1 levels and 11 exits. Although it is very rare, there is the chance of sprites disappearing. Altogether I would rate this hack a 9/10 difficulty.

This also doesn't work, and judging by the screenshots wouldn't get accepted if it did. You're two for two right now, so actually testing your patches might be in order.

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My Hacks:

Name: Super Twins World
Author: Twinskid001
Description: Fun little average difficult hack.

3UP moon abuse, graphical cutoff, weird palletes, sprite slowdown, muncher-stack mazes... on the TITLESCREEN??? Also you die screwing over the game forever.

Please read the Hack Submission Guidelines, fix your many, many problems and try again.

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My Hacks:

Name: Super Mario World Quick Edition
Auteur: N00BHACKER
Description: My first hack. Not much as a hack. It does just make the game one level long.

This is not a screenshot.

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Name: The Saga: Pangaroshi
Author: Rauy Style
HISTORY: After many battles, Bowser finally obtains to kill Mario, now Pangaroshi, one of the 7 dinossaurs that had been born of eggs of the SMW end will have that to face its GirlFriend Hinaroshi, the challenges of Bowser to save its island of the forces of the bad one together with and to defeat its body guards, including its new son… Kame…


Credits: In the final version… Next version: Only the complete version…

Obs:FadeFix it was placed, but it does not function with all BGs.

Obs2:I do not know to fix the graphical error of pangaroshi in the water when he takes the P switch,therefore the package is not of my authorship...


Right. So, this hack isn't bad, it just needs some polishing up.


The spikes on top of the cement blocks look really weird, as the edges of the spikes cut off. Also, if you could give the vines actual 'bottoms', then that would be great .. though it isn't required.


The pipe cuts off when it goes into the cement blocks.


Along this pipe, you keep putting spikes. They cut off before they hit the pipe. Fix it.


Another cut off tile issue - this time, the horizontal pipe cuts off before it touches the vertical pipe.


The taller bullet bill shooters cut off upon hitting the cement blocks.


Stacked bullet bill shooters are rather ugly.


Major lag issue throughout this whole part. If you let all of the Diggin' Chucks live, they will throw enough rocks into the pit to cause enormous slowdown. This can easily be fixed by removing the munchers at the bottom of the pit.


The item you get from this block ends up behind the brick tiles. Just remove the row of brick tiles above it and you're good to go.


There is nothing wrong with the screen itself, but there are some issues in this area. I've noticed that firing a fireball makes the music very annoying, as it interferes with a sound channel and makes an ugly 'ding' sound. I'd suggest using a different track here, or make it impossible to get fireballs.

No screenshot for this one, but if you're going to make the switch palace mandatory to continue on the left path on the OW, at least give the level side exits. I don't speak the language in the message boxes, so I have no idea what they are telling me to do.


Other than these, it was a pretty good hack. Just fix them up, resubmit it, and we'll be more than happy to accept it.
Removed: Levels hack demo 1
Author: plow
Description: "Again I put it here. This is my hack that WILL have 10 levels! plus after im done it will also have a semi edited overworld. I dont plan to us the normal ending."

This looks familiar... yep, this hack was declined twice but you keep trying to improve it.

Messed up background (cutoff to be a bunch of ? blocks) and a missing tile caused me to die. Whaaat.

Also, the Switch Palace has a lot of invisible block paths leading to blind jumps...

Name: Super Dark World
Author: SSBBFan888
Description: My second ROM hack. I would rate it a 9/10 difficulty (due to some really hard jumps). This hack consists of 10+1 levels as well with 11 exits.

We do not accept Kaizo-style ROM hacks. Please read the Hack Submission Guidelines again, especially this bit:
Originally posted by Hack Submission Guidelines
7a) Keep it fair, and keep the hack at a legitimate difficulty!
i.e. Avoid things like death after the goal, blind jumps, forced damage, excessive enemies, places where you can get permanently stuck, excessive 3-UP moons, etc.

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Link Thread Closed