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Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
Deletion: Super Mario Advanced
Author: Blueredmario64


[16:02:01] <MatthewPZC> OH GOSH
[16:02:03] <MatthewPZC> AAAHHH
[16:02:26] * MatthewPZC dies of lack of brain cells because he looked at the most recently submitted hack at SMWC.
[16:02:52] <KilloZapit> XD
[16:02:58] <KilloZapit> this I gotta see
[16:03:13] <Brett> christ, 6 hacks waiting
[16:03:21] <Brett> I might actually have to look at them
[16:03:47] <BrutalC> *drools due to seeing newest submitted hack, and it's underlying stupidity/
[16:03:59] <Brett> Christian's hack?
[16:04:12] <MatthewPZC> I won't say that normal, outdoors ground + Castle Background = Fail, since it isn't (it's perfectly normal, because the area could like, be outdoors or something)...BUT BLUE GRASS?! BLUE GRASS = FAIL x100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
[16:04:25] <MatthewPZC>
[16:04:48] <Brett> lul
[16:04:53] <Brett> I have ot try this
[16:05:12] <MatthewPZC> LOL
[16:05:14] <MatthewPZC> IT'S A ROM AGAIN
[16:05:16] <Brett> oh boy
[16:05:21] <Brett> I was just about to say that
[16:05:29] <MatthewPZC> That is why I opened it first instead of downloaded. XD
[16:05:45] <MatthewPZC> I don't get why people are that stupid
[16:06:07] <MatthewPZC> Oh well. There's only one good thing about the fact that it's a ROM- I get to be lazy. XD
[16:06:14] <MatthewPZC> (No, that's NOT a good thing. XD)
[16:06:35] <Brett> overworld splits my eyes apart
[16:07:13] <Brett> a pipe in yoshi's island 1 takes you to a test level
[16:07:44] <MatthewPZC> Fire Flower at the start = Fail? What do you think, Brett?
[16:08:02] <Brett> duh
[16:08:15] <MatthewPZC> Heh. I agree.
[16:08:17] <Brett> I did that in the ancient version of NMV that was never seen on the internet though
[16:08:20] <Brett> :P
[16:08:43] <Brett> ok
[16:08:48] <Brett> it's also an obvious 105 edit
[16:08:56] <Brett> because there are pieces of that level left in
[16:09:45] <MatthewPZC> The person even left in the "Invisible Warp" sprite.
[16:09:47] <MatthewPZC> O_o
[16:09:47] <Brett> playing through the yellow switch palace for the billionth time
[16:10:04] <Brett> seriously, is editing this level a crime in the noob population
[16:10:07] <poe7> even my first hack that never made the intertubes was better
[16:10:27] <MatthewPZC> And apparently, the person used the Perfect Breakable Bricks patch, since the Turn Blocks don't turn
[16:10:44] <Brett> yoshi's island 2 uses castle music for no apparent reason
[16:11:16] <MatthewPZC> Yoshi's Island 2 starts you with a ! Block near you, turn blocks at the top of the screen, and turn blocks on the left, right?
[16:11:24] <Brett> yes
[16:11:32] <MatthewPZC> A pipe in YI1 leads you there. XD
[16:13:08] <Brett> the latter half of YI2 is exactly the same as in SMW
[16:13:19] <Brett> I gues he gets bored halfway though editing levels
[16:13:27] <Brett> and stamps them OK anyway
[16:13:59] <Brett> YI3 is impossible to clear without a cape
[16:14:00] <MatthewPZC> Apparently, you need either a Cape or Yoshi in order to get past the start of YI3. :(
[16:14:04] <Brett> beaten
[16:15:02] <Brett> the latter 4/5ths is exactly the same again
[16:15:04] -->| papermario766 ([email protected]) has joined #smwcentral
[16:15:21] <papermario766> ... Hai?
[16:15:28] <Brett> hi
[16:15:34] <Brett> we're discussing another shitty hack
[16:15:41] <papermario766> Ah
[16:15:47] <Brett>
[16:16:03] <MatthewPZC> And YI4 was not edited
[16:16:09] <MatthewPZC> Except maybe the colors
[16:16:15] <MatthewPZC> Castle 1 = Not far
[16:16:33] <papermario766> OH MY GOD, ANOTHER 1337 HACK
[16:16:41] <papermario766> EVERONE, RATE IT A 10!
[16:16:48] <papermario766> lol
[16:16:53] <Brett> no
[16:16:57] <Brett> none of that
[16:17:07] <MatthewPZC> Yyyyeaahh... Not edited AT ALL
[16:17:18] <BZM> omg, it r next victim on my Hacks That Suck vid series D:
[16:17:25] <papermario766> lol
[16:17:28] =-= BZM is now known as poe7
[16:17:37] <papermario766> you can make a sucky hack in less then 10 minuites
[16:17:45] <papermario766> I made one with no GFX
[16:17:49] <papermario766> at all
[16:18:13] <poe7> 0_o
[16:18:28] <poe7> my bad hacks were tolerable
[16:18:51] <Brett> why am I even playing through unedited donut plains 1
[16:18:57] <papermario766> Wow
[16:19:07] <papermario766> A SMC file
[16:19:09] <Brett> I'm posting this IRC log in the deletion log thread
[16:19:12] <Brett> k guys
Mario hack shadow of the colossus
Author: www erea


Pictures courtesy BetaZeldaman
Removed: mario hack hack

Reason: It sucks

And whats with all these S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N.'s Wrath 6 level hacks. Just submit the most recent hack.
Removal:Alex Kidd in Pancake World Demo 1

Originally posted by pieguy1372
I really hate to do this, because it's a great hack otherwise, but...

BOBO's Alex Kidd in Pancake World Demo 1. When you enter the castle you immediately die. :O

Hack: The Eggs of Saear
Author: name128512

Was a good hack other than a few glaring, easy to fix problems; the author is encouraged to fix them and resubmit it

[18:57:21] <Bloodstar> tatrion
[18:57:25] <Bloodstar> did you play saear
f it should be approved or not
[18:57:56] <tatrion> I'll play it just so I can pass my opinion on it
[19:02:33] <tatrion> ew
[19:02:44] <papermario766> Ew wat?
[19:02:48] <tatrion> the super koopas glitch up in that egg of seaer game
[19:03:01] <papermario766> Oh boy...
[19:03:04] <Supertails> sixty-nine
[19:03:08] <papermario766> Ka-nuke
[19:03:14] <Supertails> strike one
[19:03:46] <papermario766> ka-nuke one (3 ka-nukes, your a failure)
[19:04:08] <papermario766> Opps... I mean your HACK is a failure
[19:05:05] <Supertails> they might be a failure too, it depends
[19:05:54] <tatrion> the first switch palace is colored yellow on the OW
[19:06:04] <tatrion> but it activates green
[19:06:16] <papermario766> Ka-nuke two
[19:06:19] <tatrion> ignoring the fact it's got the exact same structure as the original GSP
[19:06:31] <papermario766> Ka-nuke two and a half
[19:06:48] <Supertails> ugh, rehashed switch palace?
[19:06:56] <papermario766> O NOES
[19:07:14] <papermario766> At least he coulda pallete changed
[19:07:23] <tatrion> well, he's not stingy with powerups
[19:07:36] <tatrion> I've got two raccoon leaves and yoshi
[19:08:32] <tatrion> ok
[19:08:38] <tatrion> I find a pipe to a bonus room
[19:08:39] <Must> lo
[19:08:44] <tatrion> the exit pipe
[19:08:51] <papermario766> level 0?
[19:08:51] <tatrion> dumps me in a void
[19:08:56] <tatrion> not level 0
[19:08:58] <papermario766> oh
[19:08:59] <Supertails> fun fun fun
[19:09:08] <Must> I'd rather not.
[19:09:15] <papermario766> ka-nuke three, YOU PHAIL
[19:09:28] <Must> I can make my own bad hack if I want to do that.
[19:09:28] <Supertails> these sound easy to fix anyway
[19:09:38] <tatrion> they are
[19:09:39] <papermario766> Yes
Someone killed "Super Marioooooor" already, but I might as well post some screenshots as to why. Be warned, it's not pretty.

Title screen border is... ugh. Also, the text is unreadable.

Here's the intro. Kinda wierd how everything is always looking at you.

Especially when it makes for a bad riding Yoshi animation. Also, I am able to go BEHIND this pipe...

The graphics for Yoshi's tounge are stored at the same place Dry Bones' graphics are stored. Hence, don't use them together in the same level..

Can you spot the Bullet Bill in this image? If you can, you win a cookie! Because it blends in so damn well with the background that you get blindsided by something you can't even see.

The Birdo with a crappy pallete... spawned a freaking Charging Chuck in my face.

The Chomp magically bounces around on nothingness. The cement blocks look horrible. And those wierd Switch blocks make you slowly sink.

Again, the Note Block bounce effect is another thing that has its graphic data overwritten by something else.

What the hell is with those Spinies, and is that Boo replacing the hopping flame?

Also, this brilliant piece of art comes with ANOTHER hack inside! This is a concept that should be utilized by those that want multiple versions of their hacks so we don't have what appears to be a flood of dupe hacks!

This second one is called "Super Jien World".

Wait, this looks familiar.

Yeeup, it's essentially the same bloody hack with a different protagonist.

Same glitches, too!

Those half net-climbing yellow koopas are supposed to be Yoshi fireballs. Yet AGAIN, another example of why certain things aren't used together.

Whoever beat me to deleting this horrid thing, good job. Meanwhile, I shall be going through the hack collection and be killing other really bad hacks. The best way to eliminate a bad hack is the same way you take a sapper off yer sentry: beat it senseless with a large wrench.

Hack: Mario hack shadow of the colossus
By: www erea
Description: "I got it fix now."

Oh boy.

The typos! The Engrish! Good gravy.

The feather is, uhm, black. Alrighty, but...

Why is the mushroom also like this?

The blue ? on those winged blocks isn't bad. The fact that you left this unedited from SMW is.

Ugh, bad palletes here. This was even with the screenshots in the hack entry. But can it get any worse?

Yes it can.

Though some level design ideas are good, you have some really bad pallete problems and poor English. For the latter, contact one of the other SMW hackers here that is bilingual (or multilingual) to get a proper, correct translation made.

Hack: Super Mario in Eric Land
By: WhiteYoshiEgg
Description: "This is my first hack. I'm not very good at overworld editing or adding ExGFX, so I'm not sure if I will ever complete the hack. I changed the palette in many levels so they don't look to boring without ExGFX. The hack is not locked, but I'm pretty sure you won't want to use this as a base. Anyway, I submitted it because I want to see what you think about it. So have fun playing it!

Available in German and English."

I tried to have fun while playing it, but due to the amount of mistakes I encountered, I could not.

I had made 31 screenshots total for this game showing all the flaws I found before giving up, but that came out to be over 5MB, and since I'd rather not abuse the poor 56Kers on this site THAT bad (get DSL it's cheap), I'm going to sum it up with ten screenshots. OK321GO

The intro. He goes on adventure to save Peach so he can "make a new hack out of it"?

Empty message block. Well, THAT was useful.

Bad pallete choices.


Swimming in the... land?


If you go in here without hitting a P-Switch beforehand, you will get stuck. MAJOR FLAW.

Most message boxes tell you stuff you already know. Also, more horrible palletes.

Creative puzzle, but the flattened switch shouldn't look like eggs. (Not shown: the overworld event that happens after this has Yellow blocks flying out instead of green)

CRITICAL FAILURE. Never put Yoshi and fireballs in the same level. Ever.

Metal 96 World: AHHHHHHHH THE TERRIBLY GLITCHED SPRITES EVERYWHERE. No screenshots available as I can't take any... I'm stuck on a laptop that overheats when ZSNES is run, and I'm stuck using SNEmulDS and SNES9xTYL, for the DS and PSP.
Perhaps a bad IPS patch? :/

Removal: Rise to the Challenge- Demo 1

Reason: Freezes after the title screen.
Originally posted by B.B.Link
Removal: Rise to the Challenge- Demo 1

Reason: Freezes after the title screen.

Regarding this, it seems that I've made a mistake. I tried it again on SNES9X and it worked. Maybe I patched it wrong or something, just resubmit it and i'll approve it.
Declined: Super Firemarioky, Super Firemarioky World, and some others I've had to decline recently
Reason: Do NOT submit a ROM file. Please submit IPS patches only!

Declined: Super Bobido World
Reason: These are actual screens of the game that the author put up with the hack.

Glitchy graphics. Really bad overworld design.

Declined: Super Mario (Carlos182)

Not all of the colors are fading to black.

Overworld glitches to all hell.

Wierd pallete for blocks and giant switch, messed up message.

This is inexcusable.

Removal: Super Mario World Secret Switch
Reason: Mario hits a P-Switch in the intro. YOU DON'T DO THAT. It causes a music error.

Removal: Super Mario Pro 1 Demo 2
Reason: Okay, it shows a good deal of effort, and the game isn't that bad! However, the author needs to fix the following:

Glitchy item in item box in level 1. Also, funky pallete on large Shy Guys.

Pirahna Plant with a red stem. Seriously, there is no reason for this anymore. Get the patch that BMF made that fixes this.

Eye blinding palletes, especially if playing in fullscreen.

Floors invisible to the player. See, SMW does NOT display the lowest row of 16x16 blocks in a level. So if you were to put a platform there, the player cannot tell if there is anything there or not. This causes a "leap of faith" problem, and is considered to be bad level design if the player cannot distinguish solid ground from a botomless pit.

Not all colors fade to black after clearing a stage. Again, there is no need for this because there is a patch that solves this problem. Also, messed up pallete for HUD.

Fish out of water has glitchy graphics.

Fix these things up and try again!


Reason: I can sum it up in three screens.

Glitchy area of bonus level. Eventually the game kicked me into a level that appears to be a bit further ahead (it was a desert with Chain Chomps)

I was able to haul a Buzzy Beetle out of the underground stage and made it appear as a perma-stunned chunk of black pipe.

Bad sprite memory settings for the castle.

Also, this may just be me, but I get some bad vibes from this hack - I think you used one of Anikiti's hacks as a base for this!

Removal: A Koopas:Kooptaststophe
By: A Koopa
Reason: Bad patch. Please check to see that your Super Mario World ROM is clean.

Removal: TAE Mario World Demo
By: grishnax

Reason: Summarized, this game started out rather innocent, and quickly became a (albeit much easier) clone of Kaiso Mario World.
Let's go on the image tour!

No message in the intro O_o

Nipper plants atop Nipper plants in mid-air.

When the turn block bridge is retracted, the top of the vine appears to be cut off. That can easily be fixed with ExGFX!

Gray lava?

A HUNDRED SECONDS?! The only reason I could beat this level is because I had a cape and could fly over the whole stage!
And what's worse, when you go down the pipe to the exit, you then have only 5 seconds to hit the goal tape!

Invisible Bullet Bill shooter. If you're going to use a shooter, it's only common courtesy to show the player where they are comming from with the cannon tile. Otherwise, it's cheap.

Again, ExGFX can make the top of this brick wall not look cut off.

The level that can be accessed from the secret exit of the Ghost House is a Kaiso Mario World reject level.

I rest my case

MORE midair Nipper plants. For those curious, to get past this you have to spinjump onto the spikeball. Also, this level doesn't have a good Sprite Memory setting, as I had a throw block disappear in my hands.

Oh no. Don't you dare. If you send me to a neverending Bonus Stage, consider yourself gone, hack.

Welp, I warned you.

Removal: sonicmike2's unnamed SMW hax, by sonicmike2

...I'll sum it up in 9 screenshots.

This is a Yoshi Egg. Say "hi" to the glitches. Remember, you can use ExGFX to combine tilesets. Normally, the Yoshi Egg glitches in this tileset. But umm... There's no enemies in this level. So why are you using the Castle sprite set?? O_o

See above.

This makes a hack INSTA-FAIL. Do NOT use Podoboos (aka "Vertical Fireballs", as LM calls 'em) in a level Yoshi is allowed in! You will get THIS glitch!!

This pic alone made me want to delete this hack.
But there's more. D:

Podoboo head AND Dry Bones tongue?! I thought it was said not to do stuff like this. Again, see Pic #1's comment for a fix for the tongue... As for the Podoboo... Just remove the Podoboos. Or don't allow Yoshi into the level. Your choice.

Very minor, but the Giant Goombas use Mario's palette... So if you change colors (such as using Luigi, getting a Fire Flower, or get a Star), the feet of the Goomba will change, too. This is a super-easy fix, people- Don't do this. To fix:

1: Open the CFG editor included with SpriteTool.
2: Find the Giant Goomba's .cfg file, and open it.
3: Go down to the palette and change it. May I suggest Palette A?
4: Save sprite, then reinsert into your hack. Fixed! :D

Erm. Bad palettes. Here, just use a custom palette- It's obvious you're using one anyways. .-.

Yep, the Bob-omb changes colors after the Albatoss drops it. This might actually be better fixed with Sprite Tweaker, which is found in the Tools section, though. Or you can jump into Albatoss's ASM file and see if you can't find the palette of the sprite it drops... Your choice.

MORE palette errors? D: You have to ride a Birdo Egg to get to the end here. That's not much of a problem, though. ;)

....This, however, IS. What is this? The last level of the hack, Pipe Maze. Enter 3 certain pipes, and you get thrown into the mud/lava/whatever you call it. And you never see it coming until it happens. BAD LEVEL DESIGN. D:

Please fix up these glitches and try again. Sorry.
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
Removed: Carter's Quest DEMO 3 by S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N.

Why: After you beat the second level, no event activates, meaning you can't continue. At all. Even though it says it has 19 exits... If this was intentional, asdf to me again, I apologize, and resubmit it. I don't want this to be the 2nd time in a row I deleted a hack thinking it had something game-breaking in it, but really didn't...
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
Link Thread Closed