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Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
Hack Name: Super Mario World - Amateur Hack (Demo) Demo - 372 KB
Length: 7 levels
Author: K3Blue64 - Submitted by: K3Blue64
Description: Yup!

Bad patch. Please check your patches before submitting your hacks to the site.
Posting this entry for Hach:

File: Super Mario Thousand Islands Demo 3
Length: 21 levels
Author: blueyosh - Submitted by: blueyosh
Description: Super Mario Thousand Islands is a game where Mario goes looking for Bowser to keep him out of trouble and crash lands on an island chain. It has Custom GFX, Custom Music, Subpop, Raccoon Mario, and more.
Note to mods: Remove demo 1 and 2

Reasons for removal:
The level after Fort Mouser is impassable.

I'm assuming you forgot to put the skulls there. I tested it twice and no dice.

Apart from that, the hack is riddled with many minor errors.

Graphics clash between log and barrels due to perspective issue.


The breakable brick isn't breakable when the blue P switch has been pressed.

Overworld looks strange with that level icon on the bridge, and the level Mario is on currently has no name.

Throw block and throw sprite have different graphics. Also, a large graphics clash between FG and BG...

It's a mushroom house, but there's a Boo Boss in there with no explanation!

If mario is large and riding yoshi, he has to ditch the dinosaur or a powerup to proceed. Make the door 3 tiles high.

No corner tiles connecting the ground.

The dry bones fall from a height onto the layer 2 platforms, or fall into the lava because the platforms are too low/high. Also holy crap this level is so small!!!

Piranha plant heads are drawn in a different style.

Try not to put pipes on top of walkthrough ledges like that.

Not quite a clean connection...

Height of OW cliffs varies.

This level is too boring. It's just goombas and flat ground basically.

Exanimate the ground so it looks like the screen is scrolling. Exanimate the tank treads too.

Little tile priority issue there.

Graphics clash between FG and BG, and the level is snowy while the OW area it's in is grassy.

Graphics clash between FG and BG, and palette isn't that great either.

And that's it. The hack isn't terrible, but it really needs to be fixed up here and there.
The level design is satisfactory in places and not good in others. The levels are too linear. Play some TSRPR or TToE: Demo 2 to see examples of great level design.
Hack Name: Mario and the castle in the sky
Length: 7 levels
Author: lotsofdarkness - Submitted by: lotsofdarkness
Description: A pretty good hack with 7 levels and isn't to hard or easy. this is my first hack the final one should be done soon.

Reasons for removal:

Walking under spikes?

Please use the right GFX for the goal point sphere, unless ofcourse this hack is based on collecting shiney green spiketops.

If you lose the feather (Leaf) then it's impossible to get out of this pit.

Try using Sprite Header 0E here.

Apparantly that's a door, it took me a while to figure that one out, please use the correct GFX.

This slope seems to act like tile 130, which looks a little odd.

Remove the bottom of this goal's tiles.

These spikes don't hurt you, but this path leads to a secret exit, so I presume you did it to throw the player off, IMO I would try to use a hidden passable wall.

Yellow switch palace? Green switch palace?

Blue Switch palace?

Yeah, so here is where it gets messy, I'm actually holding a P-switch here.

Wait, what?

Bad palette on the Bullet Bill machines.

Different colored ground looks a bit odd here.

You can't pass here without getting hurt by the Urchin.

Unreachable mushy x4.

Goal tape, slightly too high, lengthen the bars at either side up by one.

This level just ends here, which is kinda odd, I guess you did that for testing purposes.

Unfinished I guess.

Cut offness makes Kc a sad Kc.

Don't use turn blocks for a goal's poles, it looks really tacky IMO

There we have it, the demo pretty much ended there. There are quite a few issues with this hack, but I can see potential in it once the errors have been sorted out.
Creator of:
Super Mario: Buried Treasure
The Haunt
Jigsaw's Test

Hack Name: Mario's Mountain Kingdom Quest Demo Demo - 151.5 KB - 26 downloads.
Length: 12 levels
Author: Darkrai - Submitted by: Darkrai
Description: Argh, stupid overworld event... Anyway, this is the exact same patch, just the overworld works. So yeah...

Story: Peach has recived and Invitation from The mountain Kingdom's king, Higherupper, to come to the Annual Mountain Kingdom Festival. Little do they suspect that Bowser has intercepted the letter, using it to make a plan to kidnap the princess and take over both kingdoms. Thus, as Mario and Comp. arrive, they are ambushed by Koopas, leaving Mario and Luigi unconcious and the Princess Carried off. Now mario Must go through the Mountain kingdom, find koopas base, and save both the princess and the king, who has been turned into 7 cards. Can Mario save the Day?

This Demo goes up to the castle, and also note that I havn't thought of a good message for beating the castle, so it is unchanged.

This hack is pure Vanilla, so don't expect Fancy ExGFX!

Here's Why

Yoshi's house looks very odd with that palette. You may want to make it so the whole bush has a smoother gradient.

The main thing that I disliked about the hack is that the FG palettes are usually very....bland. The dirt here is WAY too dark, and it clashes with the regular SMW background. You may want to put a little more effort into your palettes, and possibly ask for some feedback. Also, try changing the BG's palette.

The lava here acts like a muncher tile.

What's up with the blocks in the bone cage O_o

Another palette gripe.

Is there a particular reason why this level uses one of SMW's names?
Also, after I beat this level, nothing was activated.

If the player fails to solve this puzzle for some reason, there is no way for them to reset....or even die for that matter. They are forced to wait until time runs out.

This can be a little difficult for some players, as you leave them very little room to slide.

I noticed this with a few of your levels...extend the FG another screen so Mario isn't running into the boundary.

It's a little odd having the field music playing in a cave.

Incorrect corner tile in the top left.

NOT PICTURED: The lakeside level doesn't have a level tile...and beating it doesn't activate any event.


Besides this cumulative minor issues, this wasn't that bad of a hack. The main problems I saw were those palettes. When someone plays a hack, you really want to make the visuals impressive, as they really add to the experience. You don't need ExGFX to do vibrant palettes go a long way. Many of the palettes here were monotonous and bland. Put a little more work into it, and feel free to ask around for suggestions. I personally think that you should blend the colors a little more, and make them lighter. Getting rid of the "squares" in the dirt made it look far more bland. Experiment and ask for will really help.

Also, in your description, you said this goes all the way up to the first castle. Unfortunately, I was halted after Mondo, so I wasn't able to play it any further.

Hack Name: The Legend Of Randorland 2:Randor's Destruction
Length: 5 levels
Author: JELLJELL1111 - Submitted by: JELLJELL1111
Description: This is the updated version with some error's fixed.
For more info read the readme.


This small Shell/Springboard puzzle is way too easy to get stuck in, I suggest having some sort of reset door/pipe incase the player messes up.

Odd palette on the shell-less koopa, it flashes back and forth from normal to this.

The blackness around the level tile looks strange.

Again, I lose the P-switch, I get stuck and forced to run out of time.
Also, bad status bar palette.

'And Robotized almost everyone. But not me, I managed to escape'

'Why Should I help you? Well, I don't want to be his slave again. Anyway, you need 7 emblems in order to enter his castle'

Using the word 'Bastard' in a hack is fine with me, but we have younger players here too, so I either suggest you change the word to something more suitable or have a caution rating when you upload the hack.

The Mouser sometimes throws bob-ombs that hit the ceiling and land right next to him, in theory, you could simply stand under him and watch it kill itself, I suggest hightening the ceiling.

Replace 'have' with 'has' and you're good to go.

Unfortunatly I had to remove this for these errors, please go back and fix them and feel free to re-upload and I'll Re-moderate it.
Creator of:
Super Mario: Buried Treasure
The Haunt
Jigsaw's Test
First removal log. Woo, exciting.


Hack Name: The 3 emeralds - 385.5 KB - 31 downloads.
Length: 17 exits
Author: Mawwo7 - Submitted by: Mawwo7
Description: It's a hack with my own overworld. I tested it 5 times and i am sure that it will be alright.....


Some cutoffness on the overworld (on the bottom of the hill and thje mist clouds). Also, it's kinda weird-looking in general.
By the way, I noticed that all paths (on the second map, at least) already looked revealed, but you still have to beat teh level to go on. You might want to look into that.

Ground you cannot see. Don't use the bottom row of tiles in LM for placing ground - the player won't be able to tell whether or not it's an abyss.

Some sprite memory issues - this happened in many other places too. I suggest applying edit1754's "No more Sprite Tile Limits" patch to fix that.

Several invisible coin blocks here. Looks unfair, if not kaizo-ish, to me.

Minor issue, but Lakitu appears in front of his cloud here, which looks pretty weird. I believe the "No more Sprite Tile Limits" patch fixes that as well.

Slowdown here, as well as in some other places. Remove some unnecessary sprites.

Cutoff vines, and strange lava palette.

Wrong "lava splash" tiles. Be sure to select the right sprite tileset.

Although it doesn't look too bad here, the goal sphere is glitched. See above.

This was where I stopped playing.
Do not use floating or stacked munchers! Make sure to root them to something solid.

Overall, this hack was pretty nice, apart from the errors mentioned above. If you fix them (and read the hack submission guidelines if you haven't already), I'm pretty sure it will getaccepted next time. ;)
Hack Name: Super Mario World Land Demo Demo - 105.3 KB - 39 downloads.
Length: 6 levels
Author: LuigiStar445 - Submitted by: LuigiStar445
Description: Mario has to save Peach (but not yet I'm not finish yet) The Classic Super Mario Land Remake is here! The Lands I finished is
1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, some in 3-1, 4-1, and some in 4-2.
Hint: In 1-1 a pipe leads to 4-1.
So Enjoy this Hack!

I was really excited about playing this since I love Super Mario Land. However, the IPS patch for this does nothing when applied to a clean ROM - the ROM remains 512 KB and nothing in the game appears to have changed. When you make an IPS patch, always test it on a clean SMW ROM to make sure that it actually works before you submit it.

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Hack Name: Bowsers Valley Demo - 384.3 KB - 17 downloads.
Length: 9 levels
Author: reghrhre - Submitted by: reghrhre
Description: Here is Demo 1 of my hack called Bowser's Valley.
My hack includes:
Custom Graphics
Custom Music
Custom Levels & Overworld

Story: Pretty much like old Mario games. Princess gets kidnapped by Bowser, and Bowser takes her to a island of his called Bowser's Valley. So Mario must go after her and rescue her from Bowser.

Hope you enjoy this hack.

For the record, I wasn't too sure if I should accept this hack or not... It was in no way a bad hack, and I was even thinking about accepting it and pointing out the minor issues in a review. However, there was one pretty major bug that made me reject it:

A broken bonus game. You're not able to collect the 1ups, making you stuck here forever. I suggest importing the orginal bonus game from SMW.

Now for some errors that aren't as important, but still worth mentioning:


Those corner tiles are cutoff in the whole hack. If the ExGFX set doesn't contain the right tiles for this, try making them yourself or ask a nice, GFX-skilled person to make it for you. ;)

While most of the palettes in this hack are nice, there are some things that have a weird palette. Try and fix them if you can.

Cutoffness on the overworld (the bottom of the cliff).

As I said, this was a great hack overall, and I'm almost certain it will get approved if you fix these errors, especially the bonus game.
Hack Name: Waluigi World (BETA)
Length: 11 levels
Author: banbadle - Submitted by: banbadle
Description: This Is a Beta Of my first rom hack. as far as I know there are only 2 glitches which i will try to fix.


The clouds have mouths that glow yellow! Wow, what kind of lipstick are they using?

Uh, why do these trampolines fall and appear to land on nothing?

Major cutoff if you get the vine up here.

This level is extremely difficult to finish. You need to hit the P-Switch and make it here very quickly, or else this happens.

Some more cutoff right here.

I didn't encounter Yoshi at all in the hack, so I'm not sure why this is needed. You can just disable the No Yoshi level intro.

This doesn't appear to work. Waluigi doesn't swim in this level.

But the cement blocks act like throw blocks, meaning you can go down here and die.

Stacked munchers and a message box saying that you should have got the green switch, but that isn't possible since you can't clear the other level.

...and I couldn't get past this part of the level.

This hack ended up having a lot of issues that rendered it unplayable past the first three levels. Be sure to test these thoroughly to be sure the player can get through. Otherwise, there were some fairly insignificant cutoff issues. It's neat to see a Waluigi hack, but please work harder on this one before resubmitting.

Name: Bowsers Valley
Author: reghrhre
Description: Here is Demo 1 of my hack called Bowser's Valley.
My hack includes:
Custom Graphics
Custom Music
Custom Levels & Overworld

Story: Pretty much like old Mario games. Princess gets kidnapped by Bowser, and Bowser takes her to a island of his called Bowser's Valley. So Mario must go after her and rescue her from Bowser.

Hope you enjoy this hack.
Any glitches or bugs PM me.

Now this, this I liked! There were a couple of largely insignificant problems that kept this JUST out of acceptance. Fix these, and I'll accept this!

You missed a spot... part of this hill is missing, which causes some weird collusion problems.

The pallete on these break-on-touch blocks is a wee bit weird. Maybe use something a bit less odd?

Strange camera position on start.

Removal Log
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My Hacks:

Name: Super Zario World
Author: Zario777
Description: Super Zario World is exactly like Super Mario World, but with all of the levels remade(except the Front Door, Back Door, and most of the bonuses)There are 75 levels,(76 if u count front and back door) CAN YOU BEAT THEM ALL?!?

Patch seems to convert SMW to SMAS+SMW. Try making your patch from the SMAS+SMW rom, and warning people to patch to that ROM. This will cut down your filesize and be slightly less, well, illegal.

Removal Log
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My Hacks:

Name: Future Flash Recall
Author: metalgearhunter
Description: This is the second
part in the Hunter AND Scorpion Mythos. Mario believes that he has killed
Hunter, but SCORPION is yet to die. However, he decides to take a well
earned vacation in the newly found lands... AKA "New Mushroom Kingdom."
Within the new place, consists a plush and private place full of
wonderful creatures and a small desert. That place is known as Mario's
Garden. He takes a well earned week or two in there until he sees a
very recognizeable building... a SCORPION Fortress! He has found
SCORPION's hiding place... in his private dojo. He also discovers
Hunter isn't quite dead. He was spat out of hell and into SCORPION's
custody. As long as SCORPION lives... Hunter can continue to come back
from the dead with no energy used. So... who is going to go first...
Hunter, or SCORPION?

2.) The three levels I tried all had a goal tape right in front of Mario's starting position. You might want to remove your testing stuff BEFORE submitting something...

Removal Log
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My Hacks:

Hack Name: the six gates [demo]
Author: Kiki-mewmew - Submitted by: Kiki-mewmew
Description: My first SOLO hack, don't be mean if it's bad
(my other post had the wrong pictures, please delete it)

Reason for removal -

It's either my rom or yours. And it's not mine...
Hack Name: Mario In Dragon Land Demo 2
Length: Unknown
Author: BobbyBombmaster - Submitted by: BobbyBombmaster
Description: The second and final demo nefore the full version.
Level desig made by Die_Bomber
All the rest by BobbyBombmaster
If you find error, please tell me how to fix them.
Note: I don't want to put spoilers, so i only took a screenshot of the title screen!
Review World 2 only please, world 1 didn't change. Message Boxes will be added in full version.

The hack plays like "my first lunar magic". The overworld hasn't been changed, and the level design is... well, bad. There are some good things going for this hack, like how you tried to make a story and the music, but the presentation needs work.


Oh. What an unedited overworld.

*Kolos, the evil spirit of the island

Regular level tile, but Ghost house entry.

And it's not even a house.
Also, I don't know exactly what the message box is trying to say here...

*control the

*and make a colossal golem.
Also, the level is kinda a blatant edit of the original.

The whole part is like this...

Cement block cutoffness.

The whole level is like this.

Part of the level is unchanged.
***not pictured: a big boo in the bonus game why is there a big boo in the bonus game.

Yoshi coin on subscreen boundary makes the bottom half not disappear.

And I stopped playing at this point.

Message to authors: Play some featured hacks to get an idea of what is good level design and presentation. I recommend TSRPR and TToe: Demo 2.
Hack Name: Super Yoshi World - Demo 2.1
Length: 14 levels
Author: Superyoshi - Submitted by: Superyoshi
Description: -Plot-
Baby Yoshi was in the Babies Room, jumping around. But when he took a look outside, he noticed he was the only person in the whole Mushroom Kingdom and Bowsers Army came in...

Difficulty: hard
Kind: Skill

Blocks: YES
Sprites: YES
Music: YES (but I need help. If you know the music archive of SMWC like your mother, PM me please)

Levels: Superyoshi
ASM: Ringodoggie, Fuzzyfreak, matrik, mariomaniac444, Alaric, Ersanio, Bad luck man
Blocks: Superyoshi
Sprites: mikeyk
GFX: SNN, André2002, Superyoshi, FPI
Music: SNN, Supertails and some more (I said, I have a problem...)
Betatesters: grishnax, Dinoguy, romscout, tacoguy, LocoRoo, pierro118
Allowed LPers: MegaManX (IRC name)


And now... ENJOY!

The general quality isn't good like your mother, I'm sorry to say. The gfx32.bin could also use some work so it looks better in animation.

Overworld needs more decorations. Also, baby yoshi saw no one else in the mushroom kingdom because he's living in bumfuck nowhere...

FG is too low and the screen has to scroll at the start, and diagonal pipe entry doesn't interact with stuff immediately.

I really don't like the look of the climbing frame and the way you square the used blocks, ground etc.

A bit of a tight jump there.

Repeat this for 3 screens! Instant mediocre level design.

Off-colour switch blocks.

Flatness in the second half of level.

Ughewgross, lag.

3 or so screens of repetetive level design, that's 3 or so too many.

What's with the palette?

OW needs more decoration.

Reword this! It's awkward to read.

Why is there an ice cave in a field? And why is the level not a cave?

Turning frame for yoshi is strange.

What sense does this make?

You have to ditch yoshi at this point. Forced powerdowns are bad.

Sometimes, but not too often...


Bullet shooter skulls... where did the bad man touch you?

Don't use walkthrough edges to wall in slopes like this. Also applies for water and lava etc.

Lag, and lakitu in front of cloud.

This section is a bit tedious.

Bad palette.


Baby yoshi ends the level too high, and fadeout hdma glitches.

Bottom of lava can be swum through. Make it a custom block that kills/hurts the player. SMW's lava acts weirdly.

And that's when I stopped.
Dear Superyoshi, focus on spicing up the level design and overworld. Maybe practice your graphics drawing skills.

I'm on a roll! So here's TSRPR and TToe: Demo 2.
Hack Name: Super Mario Land Demo (Now with Levels and Working Hack) - 789.5 KB - 1 download.
Length: 6 levels
Author: LuigiStar445 - Submitted by: LuigiStar445
Description: Super Mario Land Demo with Levels and Working Hack. This shoud work.......I hope.

You included a ROM in the ZIP folder. Sorry, but I'll have to 72-hour-ban you for that.

(I also watched the title screen and played the beginning of the first level, and already experienced some cutoffness and a weird OW palette - if you resubmit the hack, take care of these issues as well.)

EDIT: Also removed the resubmission. Reason: Same as above. Thanks to Alcaro for noticing it.
Hack Name: The Six Gates [DEMO]
Length: Unknown
Author: Kiki-mewmew - Submitted by: Kiki-mewmew
Description: My first solo hack. Have fun.

Overall it's a pretty nice hack, but there were a bunch of things that kept me from accepting it.

*Yoshi. Move

When I entered the door, the same message appeared again...

Looks familiar. (Read: Unedited)

Not a big deal, but there's a wrong corner tile there.

The sides of those mushroom platforms seem to behave like cement blocks... You might want to check the "acts like" setting.

I understand you're going for a "glowing" style here, but this is just... ugly, to be honest.

The switch blocks, even when filled in, produce cutoffness. Why are they there in the first place? :/

Uh. Don't require having beaten a switch palace to proceed. If you absolutely have to, at least inform the player early enough - Maybe place a message box at the start of teh level and make it side-exit enabled so the player can leave without dying if he hasn't hit the yellow switch yet.

Switch blocks overwrite the message text. In the overworld editor, click on "Overworld --> Change special message levels..." and change the level number for the yellow switch palace to a level that hasn't got any message boxes.

Not sure what you wanted to say there... "Ultimately", perhaps?

The pipes cause cutoff in the water. You seem to know how to edit the graphics, so why not add black lines on both sides of the pipes?

Glitchy moving pipes. Also, you should fix the FG initial position so Mario so the "camera" is not that far down.

Cutoffness on the left side of the cliff.

It looks pretty promising overall, but please work on those errors so we can accept it.
Hack Name: Super Mario Bros + Demo 1
Lenght: 4 levels
Author: growler1109 - Submitted by: growler1109
The hack about the thread I posted.

I got the graphics from a patch of a remake of Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels.

The two glitches are that the level name does not always say the right name INSIDE THE LEVEL!

And also since your playing as Luigi. The message saying Mario Start still appears for some reason.

And also thanks to Peter_AC, who I don't think is a member of SMW central, for making the Graphics.

Removal Reason(s):

I actually couldn't decide whether I removed this or not, until I came across some pretty small "issues" found throughout your demo - don't worry though, since they're NOT the "glitches" you mentioned upon coming up with your description - I actually guess I can forgive you for the issues you pointed out. ;)

Anyway, let me list up the reasons for your hack's removal:

As you can see, these "X"s show up way before the actual title screen shows up, which is rather awkward - try playing around with the Layer Priority for these "X"s, since that's probably what has been causing them to appear before the screen even fades in.

It's kind of weird to have these water surface tiles acting like completely blank tiles - try making them act like actual water surface tiles, instead. ;)

It's a little weird to have these cement blocks partially colored green upon all the grey/black. Try coloring them all grey, instead.

This isn't really a reason for removal, but considering that Mario can't pass through these blocks, and brick blocks are supposed to be broken by Super Mario/Fire Mario/Cape Mario, then why did you make this kind of "blockade" consisted of brick blocks, instead of regular cement blocks?


All in all, this hack was really fun to play through. Yet simple, it provided a rather fun layout in pretty much all the levels available throughout it. I also liked playing through the minigames available in the Toad houses - really neat job on those! Please fix what I stated above, and this'll be bound to get approved. ^-^
(Well, I didn't copy/remember all the hack info... All I know is that it's called "Marios Adventure". Terribly sorry about that... D:)

It's an empty ZIP folder. Feel free to re-submit it once you made sure everything works fine.
Hack Name: Super Paco's World 2 (ips file) - 31.3 KB - 13 downloads.
Length: 12 levels
Author: PacoStudio8 - Submitted by: PacoStudio8


Cutoff at the top.

Yoshi Coin placed on a sub-screen boundary. Move it up or down one tile.

Please don't use floating and/or stacked munchers (black Piranha Plants).

Even more cutoffness. It occured in many other spots, too.

Lots of cutoffness, unfair level design (apparently forced to take a hit) etc.

I actually made a lot more screenshots of problems with this hack, I'm just showing the most important ones here.
This hack needs major work before it can be accepted. :/
Link Thread Closed