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Hack Removal Log
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Hack Name: The Saga - Pangaroshi
Length: 7 levels
Description: After many battles, Bowser finally obtains to kill Mario, now Pangaroshi, one of the 7 dinossaurs that had been born of eggs of the SMW end will have that to face its GirlFriend Hinaroshi, the challenges of Bowser to save its island of the forces of the bad one together with and to defeat its body guards, including its new son… Kame…


Credits: In the final version… Next version: Only the complete version…

Obs:FadeFix it was placed, but it does not function with all BGs...

Obs2:I do not know to fix the graphical error of pangaroshi in the water when he takes the P switch,therefore the package is not of my authorship...

Obs3:All bugs reported fixeds...

I know you said the Yoshi graphics weren't yours, but stuff like this needs to be fixed. You can look into AllGFX.bin and search for the remaining Mario frames there.

This level had some serious sprite tile issues. You either need to change the settings for the level, or use the No More Sprite Tile Limits patch.

This also happened at one point.

The overworld glitched up here, though it seems to be the only place that did in the hack.

Not only did the rising/falling water make this boss fight harder than it needed to be, but it had a huge number of hit points. The boss became extremely long and repetitive as a result. It was very frustrating to get through, and you should greatly reduce the number of hit points it requires.

Another issue I noticed (no screenshot this time) was that the scrolling segment of the second underwater level allowed for a side exit, obviously something the player doesn't want. You could go under the bricks and bypass the puzzles in the area before it too.

While there were one or two reasonable levels, most were extremely long, far longer than they needed to be. Some areas, such as the first water level, suffered from lag, and levels like the temple were far too lengthy. It didn't even include a midway point, so savestate abuse was required.

I highly recommend you work to make these too-long levels a bit more reasonable. A player shouldn't have to travel a huge distance if they lost a life and didn't use savestates.

Hack Name: School Mario World V 1.0 - 752.3 KB - 33 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: pella_dutch2011 - Submitted by: pella_dutch2011
Description: Most of the levels has been changed. This is my first hack. So if it looks too easy, I tried hard for the first time. If there is any problems, you are welcome to change the game.
1. Some Levels are Not Edited.
2. If colors are not right change them. Most colors are green and white. But not all.
3. If you want to make the graphics more "School related", go ahead.
The hack is not locked.

If The game is difficult is too hard that no one would get. Use original Game Genie Cheat Codes.

But originally, I hope you like this enjoyable game.

This Game is Not Educational but is still fun.

There is No Credits at the end. I did this by myself.


The title screen palettes are not that great, and parts of it get cutoff by the title menu.

Cutoff ground, and a less-than-desirable palette.

Lots of slowdown caused by excessive 1ups.

Way too many Yoshi coins.

Enable Sprite Bouyancy (Lakitu Head Button) to make the fish interact with water.

2 screens of emptyness, then 10 Goombas at once. Also, why do most enemies fall down - Why don't you place them on the ground in the first place?

No offense, but those palettes are horrible.

More ugly palettes, and cutoff water.

Why do you provide a feather when Mario has to be small to get through here?

Don't use the bottom row of blocks for ground.

Event glitches on the overworld.

The yellow switch palace is unedited.

Blatant edit of level 106 with cutoffness and weird palettes.

See above. (103 in this case).

Sorry to say, but it's not that great... I suggest you read the Hack submission guidelines and play some of the featured hacks to see what a good hack can look like.
Hack Name: Enigmatic Mario World 2
Length: 8 levels
Author: mathelete - Submitted by: mathelete
Description: Open it up in Lunar Magic before playing so you know what is coming, especially with the invisible coin blocks. To have completed this, you must see the cutscene with Peach riding Yoshi. Good luck with the invisible boss at the end!


You can die in the title screen. Even if you manage to select a file, the screen goes black and it starts to play the title screen music again.

Be sure the game works past this next time. Also, the screenshot you provided showed a rather garbled BG. It's something you may want to fix as well.

Name: Super Dark World
Author: SSBBfan888
Description: My second ROM hack ever made. The ZIP file contains...
1) The IPS file containing the hack
2) A readme file that is utterly usless.

This level is quite hard with many references to Kaizo and some FUs here and there.

I hope you enjoy!

Hey, remember when you last submitted this? Remember when I declined it for being a crappy Kaizo hack?

Remember when you changed absolutely NOTHING of merit since the last time you submitted this?



Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
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Something awry? PM me!
Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Name: First World
Author: SSBBfan888 (Four submitted hacks, all denied. Quite a history going on there, huh?)
Description: My first ROM hack ever, made by SSBBfan888.

At first this was mainly a way to teach myself how to operate Lunar Magic in the most basic ways, but I happen to think that some people might enjoy playing it so I decided put it up on smwc.

This is (in my opinion at least) about medium difficulty (7/10).

Remember that this is my first hack which brings about poor level design, slight chomper abuse, and some glitched graphics (although not many).

I hope you enjoy!

Submitted a ROM file. Maybe you can spend the next 72 hours reading the sodding rules?


Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
My Sites

Something awry? PM me!
Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Name: Enigmatic Mario World 2
Author: mathelete
Description: Sorry, when I previously patched it, I did not own the original rom. Open it up in Lunar Magic before playing so you know what is coming, especially with the invisible coin blocks. To have completed this, you must see the cutscene with Peach riding Yoshi. Good luck with the invisible boss at the end!

You still die on the titlescreen. Don't let this happen!


Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
My Sites

Something awry? PM me!
Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Hack Name: Levels! (Demo)
Length: 5 levels
Author: plow - Submitted by: plow
Description: This is a 5 level hack that I made.
Credit in full version.
Has free scroll and brick block asm and custom blocks!
Have fun! :)

Reasons for removal:

Random star that is completely pointless, and IMO the water theme doesn't really fit here.

Hmm.. okay.

Ahh, I see now, but yeah, umm.. that looks pretty bad using those horrible looking 'purple blueish' blocks.

OK I think we get the picture about the legendary 'purple blueish' blocks. D:

Umm.. wut?

Normal entrance to the Yellow Swtich Palace seems fine, but..

..this happens when you use the reset pipe.

Cut off rope.

The randomly placed blocks get a little boring/annoying after a while.

..But I didn't even land on anything. :S

Uh oh.. the Purple blueish X blocks of death are back. D:

Palettes here need some work.

Randomly place invisible coin blocks make ICB cry.

Purple blueish X blocks of death part 2, Return of the Purple blueish X blocks of death, Co Starring Mr. Fire Flower.

Flat, boring ground for about 3 screens, add some obsticals/sprites etc.

This looks really messy, it looks as though you took everything from the previous screenshot and placed them here D:

Well, refer to this when creating a fixed version.

Creator of:
Super Mario: Buried Treasure
The Haunt
Jigsaw's Test
Hack Name: Marios Adventure Demo - 836.1 KB - 13 downloads.
Length: 9 levels
Author: quiksilverryan - Submitted by: quiksilverryan
Description: Well, it's better than that dumb first release i had.
note that anything past world 1 may be a spoiler.

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...

Invisible breakable bricks?

One 8x8 tile has layer priority, making he block look weirder than it already does.

Cutoffness on the ground and in the wall.

More cutoffness, on the corner tiles this time.

You need a springboard to gut up there, but you can kick it through the blocks, which makes you stuck in the level forever. Put a reset pipe or door there, or simple make the block solid for sprites.

This whole level breaks rule 7b of the hack submission guidelines:

7b) The player should be able to identify everything's behavior before touching it.

Glitching overworld events.

More graphical glitches. The green stuff in the first screenshot is supposed to be lava, but the top tiles act like coins...

These two levels were made entirely out of graphics like that.

If you want this hack to be accepted here, you'll have to work on it a lot. Focus on making the graphics look good (read: not glitchy) and try giving the custom blocks more meaningful graphics so the player can tell what it does. You might also want to read the hack submission guidelines (stickied in this forum) and play some of teh freatured hacks to see what a good hack can look like.
Hack Name: Fighting bowser the hard way
Length: Unknown
Author: coolkidhacker - Submitted by: coolkidhacker
Description: fighting bowser


Submitting a ROM to the site means a 72 hour ban. If you resubmit after your time's up, be sure to include an IPS patch instead.
Hack Name: super red world
Length: 12 levels
Author: dante123456789 - Submitted by: dante123456789
Description: One day mario decided it was time to visit dinosaur island again... but bowser made it all red! Mario must restore the color to the land


If everything's supposed to be red, why are there gray patches near the berries?

This is what happens when you make Yoshi's house go past a single screen.


Mario: Hey, this won't open! Lemme in, see!

uh what

There appear to be a lot of invisible 1-Ups here.

Garbled graphics make Supertails a sad glowing fox thing.

Not only is there cutoff, but the level has no sprites, yet has smashing sounds every so often. At the end, there's the midway point and nothing past it, so you have to die. When you come back, you show up right in front of the exit.

This area is completely unedited, except the palette.

Oddest castle entrance I've ever seen.

So yeah, this hack will need some major changes before it'll be accepted. The SMW level edits need to be cleared, and most of the red palettes were not easy on the eyes. Also, please try to fix the garbled graphics as well.
Hack Name: Hi Mario World Beta Release
Length: 2 levels
Author: mathelete - Submitted by: mathelete
Description: This contains 2 levels that greatly differ in difficulty. The second level is more than a million times the difficulty of the first.


Uh, this overworld needs a bit of work.

Yoshi doesn't appear in this at all, so I'm not sure why the intro is needed. You can disable it easily.

Looks tough, huh? Actually, this is an automatic level, and a pretty well designed on at that. Except for the bad graphics.

And this when you beat the level.

Front Door?

This seems to be completely unedited from SMW's.

Simply including an automatic level and completely unedited SMW level aren't enough for acceptance. If you included real, original levels and perhaps some automatics as a bonus, that would be fine, but as it stands, this is not enough actual content for it to be approved.

Name: Super Nintendo Matrix
Author: GlitcherPwnsAll
Description: The last level is a BETA plz tell me what you think.

You, uh, appear to have loaded your sprite exgfx into the wrong slot.

Not a removal reason exactly, but forcing players to do the "go under the goal post" trick to progress in the game's kind of a dick move.

This level's really, really plain.


Not pictured: You should probably get your text proofread.

You've got some good ideas, but need to work on the implementation a little. Also, giving the player a clue as to what the hell he should be doing is always nice.


Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
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Something awry? PM me!
Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Name: Super Mario World X
Author: thecycle100
Description: My first hack.This hack got removed but they gave me no resaon so if they do it again tell me the reson plz so i can fix it!

Maybe it was because this is awful? Just a thought. I'm in a vaguely good mood tonight (finished sorting my DVDs yesssss) so I'll humor you briefly.

Impressively ugly title screen. Gets overwritten by the file select, too.

Endless bonus games are a bad, bad thing. Read the effing Lunar Magic manual!

Wrong sprites loaded for the ? Sphere... unless your level is about finding six glowing green Rex Carcasses squished atop each other.

Unchanged switch palace.

"Move immediately or you're dead" level start. This is a bad thing because it forces players to spend a life just to figure out what the hell they should be doing.

More wrong graphics.

This bit had a lot of slowdown and sprite memory problems. Cut down on the amount of Sumo Brothers.

This level is all of two screens long and is about picking up a block so that you don't fall to your death after dying. Stupid stupid stupid.

Is there supposed to be a question sphere here at the start of the level? I'm assuming not.

This message box disables the tide effect. The rest of the level uses lots of cutoff and stacked munchers.

In short, practice practice practice. Look at how other hacks are doing things, and read the hack submission guidelines to see what isn't allowed.

And now you know.


Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
My Sites

Something awry? PM me!
Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:


Hack Name: SMW - Amateur Hack (Demo) Demo - 137.4 KB - 3 downloads.
Length: 16 levels
Author: K3Blue64 - Submitted by: K3Blue64
Description: Yup!

Most of the problems with this hack were GFX-related - glitched tiles, cutoffness etc. You'll have to work on those a lot if you want to get this accepted. Besides, the level design was very easy and boring, and the levels themselves were extremely short. I know the hack's called "Amateur Hack", but I'm not sure if if boring level design like this should be accepted here. No offense.

Anyway, some pictures now.

(Yes, that's the whole level.)
Don't use the bottom row of tiles for ground.

The goal sphere - like in almost all other levels - has wrong graphics. Use the "Mushroom" tileset (click on the blue poison mushroom button to change it) to make it use the right graphics. You're using next to no enemies in the hack anyway, so what's wrong with just changing it?

Thw goal sphere is placed too high in this level, causing the fade-out (and possible the overworld) to glitch. Replace the sphere with a door or pipe leading to a seperate level that has a goal point/sphere.

Missing corner tile on the left - also, the lava palette looks very weird.

This could be considered cutoffness - Make some kind of transition between the lava and the ground.

Apparently you're requiring the player to have activated the yellow switch to continue. I highly recommend not doing so, especially since you don't warn the player beforehand.

Something's wrong with that path... (With most other paths too, for that matter.) Also, the thunder effect from Bowser's Valley can still be seen and heard. If I recall correctly, there's a fix for that in the ROM Map.

See the 3rd screenshot.

Glitched graphics everywhere! (The two switches are in the background, by the way.)

Strange background graphics. Also, one can't tell if a pipe is in the background or not.

Wrong tileset again. Change it to something that makes the note blocks look right.

The top blocks are solid, while the bottom ones are not. If only you could notice it beforehand...

You don't even die in this lava! Make the top tiles act like tile 5 using the 16x16 editor.

What are those supposed to do here? Not that it'd be forbidden to have Koopas climb on a donut bridge, but it still looks kind of weird.

Wrong corner tiles everywhere. Make sure to only use this one when there's really ground behind it.

Avoid having areas where the player can get stuck forever.
(Also, this wasn't an underwater level, despite the background.)

Strange ground palette, and glitchy graphics for the rope / guideline.

This level apparently requires the abuse of a rare glitch... Have the rope fall off-screen while you're still on it, and you can climb anywhere after that. This is the only way I found to get to the exit. Don't make the player abuse glitches, especially ones as little known as this one.

If you're on this submap, you can't go back to any other one. Fix the exit tiles.

As I said, this needs a lot of work, especially graphic-wise. Remember: Use the blue poison mushroom button to change the tileset of objects and sprite so they don't look glitched.

Hack Name: Waluigi World (BETA) Demo - 162 KB - 18 downloads.
Length: 11 levels
Author: banbadle - Submitted by: banbadle
Description: This is a Beta of my First Rom hack. If there are any glitches please notify me.

Appearantly, you didn't play your hack all the way through...

Bad text pallette

This overworld looks horribly empty, not to mention the waterfall that start out of nowhere and the random color thing in the middle.

I know he is suppose to have a big nose, but it seems a little to big.

Also, it seems to change color when he dies.

eh, no

Can't get any further into this level.

These stacked munchers (which is a no-no in the first place) seem to act like the wall jumping block...but thats not all...

When you hit the p-block,... they act like solid coins!?

And I can't get any further than that because, you need the green switch to get any further, and you can't because of the block off level I mention earlier.

I want to make this clear for everyone, not just for you, but our normal users too;

Layout by LDA during C3.
Hack Name: Bill's World 3.5.1 Demo - 231 KB - 38 downloads.
Length: 16 levels
Author: Zildjian - Submitted by: Zildjian
Description: After 5 months of work I created Bill's World. A small hack about a little guy named Bill who wondered onto the Peaceful Islands. Granted there is little story the game is fun to play. It is easy and makes for a short but fun experience.

But, before any complaints I want the player to be fully aware that the levels are pretty darn short, but that doesn't make them bad.

No ExGFX were used but there has been lots of sprite edits.

It is 16 levels long. (counting Yoshi's house)
1 main world
and 1 hidden submap with 4 unused levels.
That's about all I have to say, hope you enjoy playing it!


I really liked this hack, and I really wanted to approve it... Then I figured I might as well be a little strict on this one, so it gets a bit more high-quality next time.
Overall it's pretty great, but there were a few flaws you should fix.

Whenever a Banzai Bill is on the screen, some other sprites disappear. Apply edit1754's "No more Sprite Tile Limits" patch and set the sprite memory (Lakitu button) to 10 in every level you have problems with sprites disappearing.

Bill falls through here. A bit strange.

If you could apply the Fade Fix patch, that would be great.

Can't you make some other, more meaningful GFX for the kill block? It doesn't look like one right now.

Not a must-fix, but something's wrong with this slope tile. Just pointing it out - maybe you should look into it.

A little cutoffness here.

The second and fourth pipe (from the left) have a fairly bad palette.

If you follow the coins excatly, you land one tile too far left, which means you fall down.

Yeah... As you can see, those are very minor issues that should be easy to fix. I don't see why it shouldn't get accepted next time you submit it (assuming you've fixed these errors :P).

Hack Name: LOL zone - 280.2 KB - 5 downloads.
Length: 4 levels
Author: PuniperTV - Submitted by: PuniperTV
Description: Agent Mario lands in PuniperTV's LOL zone to fight Bowser! He has to overcome even the greatest challenges to pass. Can you win?

Here's Why

The overworld is incredibly bland and odd. It's flat, has "LOL" written in rocks, has weird specks littered around, orange grass around the castle, and an odd colored house. I understand this is supposed to be some odd reality kinda thing...but can't you make it a little more feasible?

This entire level is made out of POWs. I understand your gimmick here...but seriously...a level made of POWs? Also, the player can climb over this next area.

Ugly door.

Let's see....cutoff, quirky palettes, and a solid green backdrop. The green stuff is what concerns me the most....remove it.

Glitched up animation.

Why does this pillar hurt me?

This ball and chain revolves around a patch of water. Makes sense. Also, the blocks above are oddly colored.

Oddly colored spring ball. Also, the player is more or less forced to take a hit to continue.

These palettes have a gradient that doesn't even look remotely like a gradient.


Longstretch64: The Second 20 Screen Sprint
Also, what's up with the POW.
Alsox2, what's up with the block that is cutoff by lava.

I THINK that's a door.

Yeah, this hack has quite a bit of quirks. Please look into them.
Hack Name: Mario And The Haunted Forest 2: Kameks Return Demo v2.4 FIXED!!!
Length: 20 levels
Author: MrGameAndWatch - Submitted by Mr.GameAndWatch
Description: Well After going though every level to make sure nothing was out of place, I checked every dragon coin to make sure it was not on any screen sections.

Please Enjoy, Rate and comment

(Fixed all the prolblems)


Like the hack before last posted, this one got quite close. There are a few more issues that need to be addressed before being accepted though.

There's an edge for "filled in" dirt when a regular one would work. Also, if it's Luigi, why does he have Fire Mario's palette?

Not shown here, but the ! blocks on the overworld that come out aren't green. That's pretty easy to fix by changing the OW palette.

Just after you get it from the bubble, this mushroom will disappear completely, though you can still get it.

Rocks (which have a strange color) also disappear. There appear to be quite a few cases of this in the hack. Be sure the sprite memory settings are best for the sprites used in the level, or use edit's No More Sprite Tile Limits patch.

Odd palette for the Shy Guy's mask.

I would recommend making a couple blocks in Map16 that are like the walls and edges here, but with layer priority enabled. You can then place them right by the quicksand sides to prevent it from doing this.

You can get permanently stuck here.

These green blocks kill you, but you're given no warning on what they are or what they do.

I'm not quite sure what these blocks do. Some of them look identical but pull you down like quicksand, but these seem to just slow you slightly.

There's a little bit of cutoff on the bottom of the overworld. Also, while the event showed up leading to the star world once you beat the pipe maze, you couldn't enter the level. If you had a message once you reached the star world saying it was incomplete or something, that'd be fine, but without one, it seems strange getting nothing for making it this far.

This hack's gone along way and is very close to acceptance. Just fix these things here and you'll be set.
Hack Name: Hi Mario World Beta Release 1.1
Length: 3 levels
Author: mathelete - Submitted by: mathelete
Description: I made some changes. Comment on the changes I made, not what I did not do. That way, I know what to fix one step at a time.


No no no, the idea is that you fix all the stuff pointed out in the removal logs before resubmission, not one thing at a time. Just changing one or two issues of several listed is silly, and if you do this again, you will receive a temporary ban.

The first automatic level and lousy overworlds are still here, and completely unchanged.

You've included ANOTHER automatic level for the Front Door.

As to the Back Door, well, it's a completely unedited Back Door from SMW.

Originally posted by Hack Submission Guidelines
4. Unless you intend to make your hack contain very long and very high quality levels, demos which are too short to provide any feedback on or be enjoyable will be subject to removal.

At this point, the hack has neither. While decently designed, neither of the automatic levels qualify as gameplay, and neither does the unedited SMW level. This, along with the lack of fixes, means you're on thin ice. Please actually fix what's pointed out here. That's what the removal log's for.
Hack Name: The Island
Length: 1 level
Author: KingYoshi89 - Submitted by: KingYoshi89
Description: Im have nothing to says.


You may need to work on improving grammar here.
*has, *fell, *him

In the house, you can get garbage by hitting these.

If you destroy the shell, you'll get permanently stuck here.

Oddly enough, the P-switch disappeared every so often when I was carrying the shell. You may want to change the sprite settings here.

If you don't bring the key here, you'll be permanently stuck as well.

You didn't include a sword at all in the hack, just some glowing cement blocks and a goal sphere. After this, you get to return with the special world palette, which was very clever.

This hack managed to avoid a lot of issues many other submissions face, but had a couple things that should be fixed. The biggest issues were cases where you got stuck and had to wait out the timer if you did a puzzle the wrong way. This could easily be fixed by adding reset pipes or doors that restarted the area.
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