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Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
Hack Name: Hi Mario World Demo - 136.6 KB - 9 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: mathelete - Submitted by: mathelete
Description: Uh, the hack was not rejected or accepted, so maybe there was an error submitting it. Oh well.


Wrong tileset for the note block bounce sprites on the title screen. (Also, the music stops when the title screen starts over. You don't seem to die or anything, but I suggest you look into it.)

The overworld looks pretty horrible, to be honest. If you really want it to say "HI" and nothing else, at least put edges/corners/cliffs on the land to remove the cutoffness.

EDIT: I'm sorry for not noticing the levels were automatic earlier... I thought they were kaizo-like at first. (Wow, I've been pretty retarded lately. >_<) While the levels themselves were fine, it would have been rejected anyway due to the stuff mentioned above. Fix those before resubmitting it (maybe change the berries to spike balls or something? They don't look like they can hurt you when they have berry GFX).
Hack Name: Super Mario Bros + Demo 2
Length: Unknown
Author: growler1109 - Submitted by: growler1109
Description: Now with 6 worlds. Demo 2 of Super Mario Bros +. And thanks to Pac for making the graphics. The 2 old glitches aren't fixed. Check the thread to find them out.

This hack is inspired by SMB. In this context, it means that the level design was quite boring and linear.

Bad palette, and you can die by floating offscreen in the water.

...What's the point of having 3 mushrooms?

And the point of having 3 1ups, don't you think that's a bit much


A bit of lag here.

What's with the graphics.

Same again.


Fall for 6 or so screens what fun

What has happened to the graphics here?

You can't continue on from here, the path is broken. I assume this is not the end of the demo.

Well, that concludes that part. I still have some words to say, and they are that the whole hack wasn't fun to play. The levels had nothing to distinguish themselves from one another. I suggest that you play some of the featured hacks to see what good level design is.
Hack Name: The Secret of the Switches (Demo 1)
Length: 10 exits
Author: arotenbe - Submitted by: arotenbe
Description: A hack that is all about level design. I spent several months working on this intermittently (plus several more months letting it sit on my hard drive due to school).

Read the readme! It has some important stuff in it.

As excellent as this hack is, there is one reason for removal.

A parody level the mountain secret may be, but I don't think this is intentional...

A minor thing, but the luminosity gradient could be steeper.
Hack Name: SMW - Amateur Hack (Demo)
Length: 37 exits
Author: K3Blue64 - Submitted by: K3Blue64
Description: Yeah, the name is still the same. Lolz...

You seem to have fixed some stuff since your last submission, but there's still lots of things that made me reject this.

The goal sphere is still placed too high...

...which causes glitches like this.

The overworld could use some work. Either get rid of the brown ground, or make transistion tiles between the green and brown grass.

Bad FG Initial Position settings. Click on the 1st door button and play around with the "FG" settings.

This is a boss battle, but you can barely see the boss... In fact, you can't see him at all.
(Also, what did you do to Mario's palette? I suggest chaning it back to the orginal one, as this one looks kind of terrible.)

Palette issues on the cliffs. Edit those colors to be all the same.

Still weird lava palette, and still a missing corner tile.

Place a lava corner tile here as well, so the slope doesn't look like it's going right into the cement blocks.

Glitchy goal sphere. Okay, you've fixed most of the goal sphere glitches, and you probably can't in this level, since it would interfere with some other sprites' graphics. How about replacing al glitched goal spheres with doors/pipes that lead to a level with a good-looking goal?

You're forced to take a hit to enter this door. Don't do something like this - if you absolutely have to, at least give the player the possibility to hurt himself, like a muncher near the door.

The pipes are cutoff where they touch the cement blocks. If you can't get it to look right, just make a normal pipe.

What's so bad about switch palace ground?

More OW palette issues, and a weird floating Famicom logo.

Cutoffness where the pipes touch the yellow upside-down ground. How about placing walls at the edge?
Also, if you jump while runing fast, layer 2 scrolls with you, but the sprites don't, which looks ugly. Click on the Mario head button and select "No vertical scroll".

A weird pipe-ish background with an ugly palette.

Wrong sprite tileset for the note block, and you're not supposed to have Yoshi in a castle.

More strange lava palettes.

More cutoffness (do it like in the next screenshot), and a not-so-good-looking multicolored pipe.

More ugly palettes. Change palette 2 to a dark-to bright gradient instead of green and brown ground colors.

Four or five screens of this - pretty boring. Add some enemies (or more varying ground). Also, how about replacing the cement blocks with actual ground?

Wrong switch sprite tileset.

There's a message box here, but it disappears sometimes. Set the sprite header either to 04 or 09 (Lakitu button) - I can't remember which one's right. :/

Please don't use floating and stacked munchers (black Piranha Plants).

When fixing all this, don't just fix everything shown here - look for similar spots that have the same problems. There were quite a few, but I don't think I need to post them, since they show similar stuff.
Hack Name: Ghosts of time - 35.3 KB
Length: 20 levels
Author: Mawwo7 - Submitted by: Mawwo7
Description: Some big boos controles the time and mario has to beat them . I changed some colors so please don't reject my hack.

Sorry, but I had to - it had too many flaws, which I'll point out in a minute, and the palettes weren't the best either. Tip: When making new palettes, make the leftmost color the darkest and the rightmost color the brightest. Also, use the Alt + Right-click function: Right-click on the first and last color while holding Alt to make a smooth gradient.

Now for the things you should fix:

Some sprite tiles, such as Spinies and Turn block bridges, disappear in this level. Change the sprite memory setting (Lakitu button) or apply edit1754's "No more Sprite Tile Limits" patch and set it to 10.

The tree trunk cuts into the water, making you able to fall through it. How about making a custom Map16 tile that looks like a tree trunk but acts like water?

All four switch palaces had these problems: Glitched graphics in the message, wrong graphics for the flattened switch, and they can be re-entered after beating the level. (Also, they were extremely hard to beat without savestates - may I suggest decreasing the difficulty?)

The whole level was like this - You should really be more creatve when designing levels. Making sketches on paper before creating it in LM often helps.

The auto-scroll doesn't stop here, and you can miss the pipe. Use the "Turn off generators" sprite or make sure the screen with the pipe is the last one.

Cutoffness on the logs in the middle.

More cutoffness. I suggest you make it an invisible door (on solid ground instead of coins), and place brown blocks around it.

More cutoffness, on the climbing net this time

If I were you, I'd make sure Sumo's flames can't be floating.

Wrong corner tile next to the note block.

3/4 of the level were like this. You should really add some variety to your levels.

The berries don't fade out. Either remove them or apply the FadeFix patch.

Cutoff pipes.

More sprite tile issues that can make the player think the tile next to the hole is solid (which it isn't).

Wrong sprite tileset for the not blocks. I suggest replacing them with cement blocks or springboards surrounded by cement blocks (exept for the top, obviously)

Wrong corner tiles.

It was pretty okay overall, but as you can see, there are still a lot of things you can fix. Also look out for other places that have the same issues.
Also, try and make the palettes better by doing what I suggested at the beginning. ;)


Name: The 4 Keys of Safety
Author: Hiyoko
Description: This is the C3-demo release of The 4 Keys of Safety, enjoy. I know there are some bugs, as far from what I know it's the red mountains in the 29th screenshot. I have no idea how to fix, so just rate the level design.

Enjoy. :D

You're nearly there, but you have some nagging problems.

Seems like when you copied over the background for this level, you forgot to copy over the background colour. Whoopsie!

I don't think this is what you wanted this textbox to say, seeing as a Toad at the start of the level already said this!

Also, not screengrabbed but you should probably apply the fade fix patch.

Fix these, and you're in, I reckon.

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My Hacks:

Hack Name: Mario Planet: Bowser's Revolution Demo FIXED
Length: 11 levels
Author: FaTalErrOr - Submitted by: FaTalErrOr
Description: Okay, now I have the right version. After some beta testing, I really think this should make it.
Credit to DukeSol for the YI OW.

A really nice hack overall, though it had some (game-breaking) flaws that made me reject it.
I'm not quite sure which one of the two IPS's you provided was the newer one, so I'm just going to point out the issues in both of them.

MarioPlanet 1.3.ips

If you take this reset door...'ll die. Check your FG (and BG) Initial Position settings.

Instant death after cutting the goal tape.

MPBR Demo (fixed2).ips

You don't have much to say, do you? ;)

Not something you absolutely have to fix, but you should make the ! blocks look a bit better (palette-wise) if you can.

Both versions had these weird-looking ground tiles on this submap. Again, not not a must-fix, but normal ground tiles would look a lot better in my opinion.

Wrong corner tile. Not a big deal though, and it was the only one I could find.

The rock platform doesn't always show up, making you unable to go on. Play around with the sprite memory settings until it's always there.

Same for this springboard, which rarely appears.

As I said, it's a cool hack overall. If you fix the stuff I pointed out, I don't see anything that prevents it from getting accepted. ;)

Hack Name: Yoshi's missing
Length: 5 levels
Author: TheLordMax
Description: Very fun hack with sense of humor and not hard -it is an 5 level hack of Yoshi's kidnapp.Mario needs to defeat Ultimate Koopa and save yoshi .


Where to begin...

-Ugly black behind the title screen lettering.

-Spelling errors - "resque" should be "rescue", "meens" should be "means"

-Overworld is cut off in numerous places, tiles are misaligned on the western island, misproportioned, etc.

-Horizontal pipe cuts the vertical pipe and vine off.
-Incorrect ground corner tile used (left of the rope).

-When I got this flower, the block animation turned really funky. If you insist on changing the graphics, change the animations to prevent glitches - otherwise, leave the graphics as the original.

-The bushes to the right are cut off.

-Should be "Yoshi has been here. Looks like he is in the Cannon Creek".

-As you can see, I am being eaten by a jumping Pirhana. This is because the diagonal pipe you put in fired me directly into it. Move the pipe and the pirhana away from that position to prevent unfairness.

-Lag in this area. Remove some of the sprites.

-Vertical pipe cuts the horizontal one.
-Those Goomas change their graphic when they hit the ground, and it looks ugly.

-If you do not jump off of that Paragoomba, you will be trapped here forever. Add a cement block or something so the player can escape.

-White pipe cuts off the horizontal one. Also, huge lag here.

-This should say "This Lakitu is sent from U. Koopa. That means Ultimate Koopa is hiding somewhere."
-Use normal lettering for KOOPA, and not the ugly blue lettering.

-Lakitu head on the Pirhana Plant. I would .. strongly suggest removing that sprite.
-White pipe cuts off the horizontal one.
-Heavy lag here. Remove some sprites.

-I will let the <13 year olds here interpret what this palette reminds me of.

-This should read "Ultimate Koopa plans to defeat you at all costs - beat U. Koopa's army and defeat the roadblocks up ahead."
-Use normal lettering for KOOPA, and not the ugly blue lettering.

-Yellow pipes cut into the ugly dirt.

-Cut off corner to the left of the bottom ? block.

-Give the dirt a left edge tile - it cuts off.

-The lava waterfall is cut off at the bottom and on the left side. Remove it, or alter it so that it is not cut off.

-Randomly falling chainsaws are not a good idea.

-This should read "Yoshi isn't here. Looks like it's up to Ultimate Koopa's Mountain!" (Thanks for the translation Spade!)
-Fix the ugly KOOPA text again.

-Signs on the mountain look wrong.
-Fix the ugly KOOPA text again.

-Fix the ugly KOOPA text again.

-These blocks animate as regular turn blocks. If you are not going to change the animation, use the original GFX

-Random falling chainsaws again.

-This big mass of blocks is ugly.

-Large amount of lag here due to sprite overload.
-Blue Koopas get stuck in the pipe.

-Pipe tops are yellow. Fix that.

-Glitchy Koopa head goal sphere.

-Might want to play with this event, along with many other events. Most were glitchy.

-Should be "Ultimate Koopa is defeated and Mario is here. The mission to save Yoshi is going to be successful."
-Ugly KOOPA text again. Fix it.

-"saved" *
-"happily" *


You really need to touch up on the design of this hack before you submit it again. Please read through the log carefully, and fix up all of the errors.

Name: Survival Challenge
Author: Tri-Edge 020
Description: When I made this hack, it was designed for the experts of Super Mario World. The only reason is because every hack I have ever played was too easy for me, even kaizo! So I decided to make my own expert hack according to the tricks and skills I learned through experience. So don't go saying I didn't warn you about the difficulty of this hack, and this is not for the faint of heart! So if you seem to be having a tough time going through these levels, SLOW DOWN! You will get better with each passing level. So I happily donate this rom hack to SMW Central, for all the lovers of Super Mario World, and the future experts of Super Mario World. Plus, this was made from the original because I liked the original, so don't go saying I should put custom music in it, or anything, its original, because I LIKED THE ORIGINAL! So give me a break! Plus I have tested each level myself, THEY ARE PASSABLE! If you need any help, I will assist you if you just send me an e-mail. So have fun!

From our Hack Submission Guidelines...

Originally posted by S.N.N.
3. No graphical glitches!
Errors such as garbled sprites/FGs/BGs, message box text screwing up layer 3 items, cutoff tiles, and general graphical ugliness are frowned upon. Also, don't forget about glitches such as sprite memory issues - the graphics of the sprite will 'disappear', but the sprite will still be there, and can unfairly hurt Mario.

7a) Keep it fair, and keep the hack at a legitimate difficulty!
i.e. Avoid things like death after the goal, blind jumps, forced damage, excessive enemies, places where you can get permanently stuck, excessive 3-UP moons, etc.

Just because something's "for experts" doesn't mean it isn't crap.

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My Hacks:

Name: Luigi's Superstar Search
Author: Delmaru
Description: Alright, my first official demo release of Luigi's Superstar Search. I realize there's a bit of status bar color problem, I'm not exactly sure how to fix that. The only level not available is the cave level, and the main castle level DOES have a secret exit.

Custom Music: Yes
Custom Blocks: No
Custom Sprites: Yes
ASM: Yes

Please delete the other one, as this one fixes an overworld level issue.

The level "Shroom Platformin'" appears to be missing it's goal sphere. There's a area at the far right of the level that seems set up for an exit, but with no sphere or other form of exit... Fix that (or inform me where I've gone horribly wrong) and you're in.

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Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Hack Name: Soopa Koopa World 1.0 - 4 KB - 1 download.
Length: 25 levels
Author: Tioruben - Submitted by: Tioruben
Description: KOOL H4X

If you do not understand why this was removed, you never will.
Hack Name: Super Luigi & The Quest For The Seven Golden Eggs Demo
Length: 9 levels
Author: Jorshamo - Submitted by: Jorshamo
Description: A hack that I've been working on for a while. Here's the skinny on stuff that was inserted:
ASM: Some, but not much
ExGFX: Yes
Custom Sprites: Yes
Custom Blocks: Yes
Custom Music: Yes

View REadme for plot.

Reasons: While the level design on some areas were average, others were quite lacking and unpolished. They were also way too short.

What has happened?

Those are some chuffed bushes.

That hole is pretty much impossible to get out of. also, don't put a time in the welcome level just make it 0.

Graphics clash!

Untidy OW and paths.

Switch isn't flattened upon completion

Why have a message box if the toad says the same thing?

Run out of ideas?
***this isn't the only time, either!

Some small cutoff.

About 2 screens of this. 2 too many.


OW looks bad, and why are all the paths revealed?

Forced powerup status is a bitch, but doubly so if the level is a cramped corridor with many chuffing chucks.


You need to put tile 1E5 or something under the triangles, otherwise Mario doesn't automatically climb walls.

This is looking terribly familiar!

Why such graphics?

Blind jump.

Ground on bottom floor

MAP16 error.

ugh. ew. gross!

Why the moonwalking koopas?

What a short and unfulfilling level.

I don't see any lava. Also the path is screwed here, I can't go up.

Well, this definitely didn't pass my strict butt standards. I suggest you touch up the level design (and start over for some levels) and make the hack more presentable and polished.

Hack Name: Goombario's World Demo 2 v 1.2 Demo - 486.9 KB - 39 downloads.
Length: 25 levels
Author: Cellcen - Submitted by: Cellcen
Description: Goombario is Back!
Difficult:World 1 Normal World 2 Hard!
Have fun with the new Demo!

I have fix the bug from Pokey House and the Fortress Boss!
And more little errors.

INFO:"I tried to use FadeFix, but for some reason, it refuses to work in some levels."

@ SMWCentral Mods & Admins: The Version 1.1 of Goombario's World Demo 2 please remove. if this demo has been moderated, please Goombario's World Demo 1 Final version removed. Thanks!

REASON: Its a good hack but suffers from a few flaws that can be easily fixed.

You've already noted that the fade patch doesn't work so this isn't a problem.

lol, you may wanna fix this.

The beta goomba i presume?

Two things here; according to the status bar, I have a 1-up in my inventory. and two why have coins leading down to a death pit?

After you collect 100 stars you get stuck here and for what ever reason, and can't seem to hit the bonus game blocks, I just go right through them...

overworld go boom.

Status bar got fugly

Unless I'm missing something, I can't get seem to get much further than this, not to mention this level would of been insanely hard if I hadn't found that Cape glitch.
Layout by LDA during C3.
Hack Name: The Forgotten Island
Length: 18 levels
Author: I8Strudel - Submitted by: I8Strudel
Description: Here is my submittion for C3 in May 2009; an 18 level hack that has the following:

Custom Music
Custom Sprites
Some Custom Blocks
A Little ExGFX
Use of Certain Patches

Credits included in the readme.


Remember that island in the top-left corner of the Super Mario World OverWorld that you couldn't go to? There was something there that Mario & Luigi never thought could be anywhere...

It's two months after the death of Bowser and the end of Super Mario World. Mario & Luigi are enjoying their final days of vacation. Mario decides to go to the beach. He soon finds a washed up tape recorder. This is
where you take control.

Big note: Do not make an LP of this hack unless I ask you to. Seriously, it's as annoying as heck when you work hard to put a bunch of secrets in your hack and someone decides to put them all on YouTube. ASK FIRST.

A pretty nice hack actually, but some things need to be fixed.

First of all (not pictured), you have a message box in a layer 3 level, which causes layer 3 to disappear once you read the message. Either remove layer 3 or move the message box to another level.

That multi-colored pipe would look better if it wasn't multi-colored.

Glitched graphics - this flopping Cheep-Cheep turns into a hammer for one frame.
Also, it's flopping, but it's underwater - you might want to enable sprite buoyancy.

Minor issue, but every midway point seems to be missing a "bar <-> post" connection tile on the left side.

It's not really clear that these are left-only blocks... Please give them more meaningful GFX or explain what they do in a message box that can't be missed. (Also, the palette doesn't really look good.)

Looks like Fade Fix is needed here.

Fix these, and we'll talk again. ;)


Hack Name: Levels (Demo) Demo - 157.7 KB - 50 downloads.
Length: 6 levels
Author: plow - Submitted by: plow
Description: This is my hack, enjoy! It has custom blocks and custom asm!
Credits in the final version.
(Note to mods: I think I fixed everything, I tested it so many times so it should be good.)

Here's Why

Ugly triangle palette.

This part is hard to maneuver through.

Odd coin palettes.

Blind jump, and piranha plants look odd coming out of the ground.

Look at the may want to lengthen it.

The ? block makes the pipe cutoff. Why don't you replace them with solid switch palace ground?

Why don't you use the switch palace ground here as well?

Umm...odd green blocks.

Same comment.

Ugly palette.

Why, hello there.

Super long stretch.

I died :( Not sure what this area is for.

Floating muncher due to being on a breakable block.

Don't put blocks on the lowest row in Lunar Magic...move them up. Also, may I suggest that you make this level out of regular cave ground instead of cement blocks? Just manipulate the tiles in map16 and you'll be set.

The dual-colored pipes is non-acceptable. Also, the muncher Mario is in front of in the last shot is harmless....?

I'm stranded out here.

Ground is cut-off...yet acts like a solid block.

I wasn't too sure what to do here at first. Maybe use coins to indicate that Mario is supposed to remain on the platform?

I see a fish stem...and why is the piranha outside of the pipe.

1. Hammer bro cutoff.
2. There is a piranha directly in front of Mario. Can you tell?
3. There is a 1-up on the block.

All of these are due to sprite memory issues.

Mario started this area while having a seizure D:

What's up with piranha plants coming out of the stonework?

I see that you are really trying hard here...but don't feel like you have to nuke every level. Just focus on the problems pointed out. Unless you enjoy trying something new...which is perfectly fine.

Hack Name: P-Switch Mario
Length: 5 levels
Author: I Like Orange Soda - Submitted by: I Like Orange Soda
Description: Well all I can say is that it's my first rom hack. I attempted to make a new overworld and failed terribly, so don't rate me too critically on that. I tried to make it a tradition Mario game, by not using custom sprites or custom blocks. At a later date I intend to make a full version of this. Well other than that have fun!


I can understand having trouble with the OW, but by being sure dirt areas and whatnot use the same palette would at least help it a little. I would recommend getting rid of all the SMW level tiles and starting over as well.

These springs don't appear to be attached to anything.

I tried getting down Yoshi, but it was very frustrating, and impossible to get through if you remove the shells.

This hack became quite frustrating with so many blind jumps.

Noooooooo! Stacked munchers! (the coin patterns for the mushroom, flower, and star were cool through)

Arrow cutoff makes Supertails a sad glowfox.

Please don't do this. With correct timing, one can fall to their death right at the end and cause the overworld to glitch up.

Bad idea. If you die here, you have to go back to the previous level to grab a cape.

I believe the fire had something to do with the Pokey glitching and appearing here.

Stacked munchers, and I believe this area was impossible to get through.

So, this hack ended up having quite a few issues, such as blind jumps, stacked munchers, and areas requiring items from previous levels. I would recommend you smooth the difficulty and be sure the player is able to get whatever it needs in the level.
Length: 6 levels
Author: Tioruben - Submitted by: Tioruben


Bad palette, especially for Mario.

Major lag and tons of bouncing powerups here.

This is completely unedited.

Oh please help me Eirin.

It's pretty clear this hack isn't a serious effort, as the levels are obvious edits of SMW's. We do not accept joke hacks here, so please work on a more serious entry next time.

Name: Zizuma and the forgotten flower [DEMO 2]
Auteur: Kh2playa
Description: One day Zizuma was thrown off the highland cliff by the villagers he knew. thinking he wouldn't survive he thoght it will be best for him to die.

Bit of a sprite-priority issue on this waterfall. Easily fixed, though.

Your message boxes could use some proofreading.

Please apply the Fade Fix patch.

SHOWSTOPPER! Upon beating this boss, I was unable to continue, because the Bullet Bill generator meant there was always a sprite on screen. Please test your hacks before submitting them!

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My Hacks:

Name: Super Mario XP [demo]
Author: MikeFuryXP
Description: A couple of years ago mario came to dinosaur island to take a vacation, however when bowser and his kids appeared there was total chaos.
Mario, Yoshi and a few dino's put a end to the nightmare that was started by bowser.
Mario get's a express letter from yoshi, saying that he has a new girl friend and a few newborns and a new surprise.
Seeing as how mario wanted to see what the excitement was all about he grabbed peach and they traveled by boat.
Upon his arrival on the land of yoshi's island, things had changed big time.
When yoshi wasn't at his home, mario was greeted by a message music box saying that he went off to find...... birdo and her children ?!?!
When starts his new advanture he is welcomed by a shiny silver spotted egg where his new partner appears, BIRDO!

In this hack, normal mushrooms are gone and replaced with a angry helpful poison mushrooms, fire flowes are replaced with hot onioins and one very angry power star looking to give you his power to knock the livin daylights out of some koopa's.
You will constantly be big mario, but you have use of a energy meter and a air meter.
If you get to many times you will die, and getting hit as like being punch by stone steve austin.

Credits and thank you's in the following order.

Ice Man: for his teachings of LM and graphic insertion and the occasional 50,00 credit charge for help.... j/k ice.
Pete ac: for his assembly of smb gfx and some of his tiles.
Keikonium: for the Hammer Brother GFX suit which never made it into the hack.
Andres: for converting my midi into mario's time machine "morning surfing remix"
SK26 from the IB: For actually provoking me into fixing some major problems with my hack.
Ghetto youth: for being there for me and also teaching me a couple of neat but helpfull short tricks in LM.
Xkeeper: for readjusing the color depth of my title screen graphics.
Small hacker for one his utilty's for changing around mario's gfx graphics.
SNN: For spending five minutes with me every so often and teaching me how to do custom music properly and posting that damn image on his profile page that says" last message from: MadMikeXP 9882 leave me alone ! :(
Kyoseron for advance techniques on custom music and a few others I promised I wouldn't tak about here.
Hadron for pointing out some minor and major bugs still left in the betas of my hack and for understanding of what I had to go through to make this hack playable and posssilby and enjoyable to you all.

Dies on the titlescreen.

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Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Name: SMW DSM#1: Bowser's Ultimate Labyrinth (C3 Demo!)
Author: Sniggerb0bble
Description: 4 Worlds.
23 Levels.
And a plot to destroy the whole of existence.
It's timne to save the world!

Welcome to Bowser's Ultimate Labyrinth- The Demo! This is the first full installment of the Dark Sniggerbobblian Mythos after it's optional prequel- Sniggermageddon!

You must battle your way through the 4 worlds, and find Bowser, who apparently has something really important to tell you.
Can you do it before the forces of darkness unleash a power never seen before?

Difficulty: Varies from Easy to Hard
NOTE: Contains some strong language!

Your palletes are a interesting blend of "messed up" and "painful".

Background cutoff.

I'm going to go off on a tangent here, so I hope you don't mind.

In your C3 thread, there was discussion that we're coming down as, and I quote, "REALLY strict on difficult hacks". I hoped we didn't project this sort of image, as I have nothing against hacks that are difficult. I just find the methods that 99% of hackers use to make their hacks artificially difficult distasteful and stupid.

Here are three such examples! Shot 1 shows Mario coming out of a bonus area. If you do not touch the controller within a second or so, you fall into a pit and die. "Move or you're dead" entrance placement is stupid. The second pic showcases an area where you have to climb through a small maze of Munchers (with only just enough space for Big Mario) while Bullet Bills bombard you, and the third shot shows an area where the autoscroll is faster than Mario can run. These last two shots showcase areas that demand either perfection from the player (who, level designers should keep in mind, has never played your level before), or a lot of savestates and frustration. This is not fun difficulty. This is stupid.

Anyway, the point I'm making is that your hack is hard in a bad way. Also, I type stupid, rambling essays at the slightest provocation.

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