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Hack: Survival Challenge
Author: Tri-Edge 020
Description: This hack is one of the Hardest Hacks around, but it is only for experienced players, or players who want a bit of a challenge after playing Kaizo Mario World.

Not for the Faint of Heart!

Originally posted by hashcalc.exe
Survival.smc: 0aaa4838f53213699ce69756dc96d3d2
Survival2.smc: 0aaa4838f53213699ce69756dc96d3d2

guys i think he just resubmitted without fixing anything

Originally posted by The Site Rules
Consistently re-submitting bad content will get you banned.

You have been warned.

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My Hacks:

Name: Illusiyellow
Auteur: MarikoTohno
Description: A small, on-the-side project I'm working on. I might do a full game, but it's unlikely.

At times, it may be abit frustrating, but it's passable. All of it.

Terrible title screen, cut off by the file select.

Not big or clever.

The level that should not be.


Language! At least provide a language warning. Also, don't go blaming your crappy hack on a decade-old OS!

"move-or-you're-dead" level start.

I'm gonna give you two options.

1.) Read the Hack Submission Guidelines, play the featured hacks, learn from your mistakes.
2.) gb2youtube.

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My Hacks:

Hack Name: Ghosts of time - 34.7 KB - 27 downloads.
Length: 20 levels
Author: Mawwo7 - Submitted by: Mawwo7
Description: ok! i worked very hard and corrected all the mistakes and cutoffs and slowdowns and so on. So far i think it's an awesome hack =)

This hack was rather unpolished. The level design wasn't the worst I've seen, but it dragged on a bit. Playing each level in the worlds felt like playing one large, linear and generic level.

Cool edit of the original!

Bad palettes. I suggest that you import the regular SMW ones for palettes 4-7.

Solid and walkthrough stuff being connected!

Door cutoff.

Too many screens of this. Also, I've noticed that you use pipes, climbing nets and chucks a whole lot throughout levels.

Bullet shooters cut off pipes.

Bad palette for FG3, and no sprite bouyancy enabled.

Rope connects to walkthrough wall, and there's no way to get back up if you have no key.

Solid connects to walkthrough again.

Too many screens of this.


BG bad palette.

Moon's too easy to get, don't you think?

my eyes!

Bad corner tile.

Cutoff pipes.

More cutoff.

Palette could be better.

Same as above.

This is a bit annoying... Raise the fishing boo.

For some reason, you can walk off the side of the fortress.
By the way, why are all the paths revealed and walkable from the start?
***this is the main reason for removal.

Where's the keyhole? And the way back?

What if the player presses the switch before?

Cutoffness on the left.

Not a good lava palette.

This looks familiar.

Plant goes behind the net.

Ew the pipe!!



More bad palettes! And the big boo + tile priority stuff...

Chuffed noteblock bounce sprite.


This is a bit of a bitch to grab, eh? Also, I think you should put more than 3 grab blocks in the boo fights.

Piranha goes behind leaves.

Rope connected to decoration tile.

Why does the level end abruptly like this?

The whole level is this for screens and screens, but with easier jumps for the most part.

So yeah. Basically, what you need to do is fix up the overworld and palettes, which are the worst parts of the hack. Then, expand the levels a bit, make them more unique and exploratory instead of "Summer 1,2,3" etc.
One problem with the overworld is that the winter world is the last world and it finishes the game, but the worlds can be played in any order. How about having a fifth world only playable once the others are done?
After that, fix up the presentation of the plot. The player pretty much gets dumped in and out of the story, with no explanations.
This hack was better than others that I have moderated, so goongrats I guess.
Hack Name: The Koopa Story Demo - 237.7 KB - 80 downloads.
Length: 15 levels
Author: fiskestang - Submitted by: fiskestang
Description: FuSoYa, for alot.
music: every person that submittet something.
gfx: black yoshi, Chickenlump, and everyone making fg and bg.
tools: jonwil.

and to the person making the great asm patches.


Bad ground palette. This is probably caused by the FG and BG sharing one palette, so make them use different ones.


A bit of cutoffness where the ground touches the wall jump blocks.

2 screens of this.

Make that tile act like 25.

Cutoffness when those blocks get broken. The easiest way to prevent this would be to remove the hand rail completely.

This Goomba-like creature is needed to get rid of the magic, so you're stuck if you accidentally kill it. Suggestion: Use the "Side exit enabled" sprite and tell the player to go left if they screw up, maybe with an arrow sign or something.

See the comment on the first screenshot.


Making the spots in the dirt a light brown instead of gren would look way better. Also, the cloud palette isn't the best either - Perhaps use colors that are less different from each other?

Looks like you need to apply the Fade Fix patch.

*"But why is there one here?".

Floating triangle.

Apart from these issues, it was quite a good hack actually. Frankly, the levels were pretty linear and boring, but they're not too horribly designed, so that's not a reason for removal in my opinion.
Hack Name: super noob world
Length: 6 levels
Author: popboygiz123 - Submitted by: popboygiz123
Description: here is my first rom hack and it a demo and there are some stuff i can't fix in it but it works well i hope you like it and plz play all the levels
It's a ROM. Uploading ROM's to SMWC is illegal and the punishment for it is a 72 hour ban, sorry. Please include an IPS patch next time, and verify that it works.
Hack Name: Kamikaze Mario World!
Length: 15 levels
Author: buggsbunnygotshot - Submitted by: buggsbunnygotshot
Description: Trickery and Deception around every corner! Mario must triumph over bowser once again, because the princess got captured, again.

First of all, the player shouldn't have to use savestates to beat the levels. If they do, that means it's too hard to be acceptable.

I would suggest removing vertical scrolling here to prevent this.

What would you do to get that stacked munch in your lunch?
Please don't use stacked munchers. Also, just about every single level ended up being a repetitive maze, complete with areas in which you could get stuck and be forced to wait out the timer.

Like here.

And here.

And here, with some bad palettes.

So, overall, this hack needs quite a bit of work. It's nice to see that the levels themselves are original, but they end up being mazes with stacked munchers, many areas to get stuck, and are too hard to be any fun. Please work on the difficulty and try to make the levels themselves more varied before resubmitting.

Name: The Big Boo's Legion
Author: Hadron
Description: Hello, I'm Hadron, and this is my first Super Mario World hack, The Big Boo's Legion. It's a short hack, it have 10 levels, but I think, these levels are very substantial. I disabled the pause button partly because of a major error. This hack is pretty easy, so you can play it whitout savestates. There are two readme files, a hungarian and an english one. Hope you will enjoy it.


The Toads lived in Mushroom Land in peace and calm. But the Big Boo attacked the Toads' village with his huge legion! Mario, the big hero of Mushroom Land must save them.

-custom ExGFX
-custom music
-custom sprites
-and other fun stuff!
Have fun!

This is good! But there's one thing that bugs me...

Some of your overworld paths are corrupted-looking! If you fix this, I'll accept it.

Message boxes screw up certain Layer 3 visual effects, like the spotlight and tides. I recommend removing this text box, or moving it to a normally-lit area.

While you're at it, you might want to get someone to proofread your text. Not a decline reason, but something you might want to do.

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My Hacks:

Hack Name: Hi Mario World - Ignore Previous Submission Demo
Length: 18 exits
Author: mathelete - Submitted by: mathelete
Description: 3 worlds finished.



Ugly flashing berries, note block bounce sprites use wrong graphics, Mario falls offscreen at the end.

Why use the intro level to show these things? Make it explain the beginning of the plot, then have message boxes in levels.

Why the lack of effort?

Crappy BG, and wrong sprite set.

you made an original level worse, g00ngrats!


Land is too square, undecorated and cliff edges don't match up.

I think this is all I need to know.

Hack Name: Mario's Journey - The Mistery of Runys
Length: 18 exits
Author: Shinnok - Submitted by: Shinnok
Description: Peace hasn't been broken for years in Mushroom Kingdom, until something strange starts to happen, making Mario involved in a journey in another dimension!


This is probably the best hack I've removed yet. ;) The graphics, level design, music etc. were great, and I would have been glad to accept it if it had not been for these few flaws...

Seems like you overwrote the turn block anmiation with sideways munchers (which is perfectly fine), but accidentally used turn blocks here.

You're able to bring Buzzy Beetle from a cave to here, resulting in a glitched sprite. Easiest solution: Remove/Replace the beetles.

Not sure if it's intentional, but what's with the "1F" (and "2F" in the next room) in the level name?

(Also, there were some grammar issues in the message boxes/cutscenes... Not really a reason for removal, since it's perfectly understandable, but if you could get someone to proofread the text, that'd be great.)

So yeah... Fix these, and you're in (assuming I didn't overlook any major flaws >_>).

Hack Name: Yoshi is missing
Length: 5 levels
Author: TheLordMax - Submitted by: TheLordMax
Description: This is a very fan hack made by the Lord Max.
It has a little custom ExGFX.
A little custom sounds.
One Ultimate Sprite.
And this hack is very easy to complete and save yoshi!

You may want to give the title screen text layer priority so it doesn't do this.

There's no barrier here, so you can get stuck in the pipes like this.

Freaked out Lakitu graphics for the stem.

Weird tiles from the OW show up here. I believe you should remove any layer 2 events you don't need.

This palette could use some work...

With some graphics like these, the frames appear differently. For example, this changes into a regular redrawn Goomba, and shell-less Koopas do the same thing.


Why is the goal sphere a disembodied Koopa head? ._.

In this area, you can't get any of the powerups since there are more turn blocks above them.

All in all, this hack needs work. There were a few glitches, most of them graphical. The levels themselves were pretty bland, but at least they were original. Please resubmit with these fixes.

Name: Super Mario: Hunter's Revenge 3: Hunter's Return!
Author: metalgearhunter

In the beautiful lands of the Mushroom Kingdom, the entire kingdom was celebrating the 14th year of no Hunter and SCORPION attack since Mario saved the Fourth Sector. Sonic and Tails were invited to the celebration due to Sonic's helping of getting rid of Hunter. Mario knows there was more to Sonic, but for now, he wanted to enjoy himself. They celebrated near some unexplored lands inhabited by the Ika Village people. These lands were to soon be explored, but sooner than they thought.

On Arinid, the Barakin were mobilizing. Hunter had given them 2 orders 14 years ago. The 1st was to set up for World Domination. The 2nd, was to dominate the Mushroom Kingdom, then turn it into dust. The Barakin had set off a course for Earth so they can complete their 2nd order.

Mean while, in the Cataclaysm, Hunter had every dead being under his control. He sensed his army headed toward Earth and knew it was the perfect time to activate his perfect plan. He called SCORPION, Slayge, Zylone, and Meldar to the Cataclasm (The place of which the living escaped). They knew the plan and SCORPION was anxious to get on with it. Hunter used the Dead Power he had left to open the Cataclaysm. The opening was known as: Revival Hole, but it did not have the power to revive Hunter himself and he knew that.

The 4 soldiers had landed on the Mushroom Kingdom with brutal force, and SCORPION landed near the celebration. Mario saw SCORPION and he was getting away. Mario, Sonic, and Tails must track down SCORPION and find the other 3 and figure out Hunter's plan, but little do they know, that it is a FLAWLESS plan and nothing can be messed up, even if SCORPION, Slayge, Zylone, and Meldar die once again.

Ah, memories.

I remember declining this hack twice before, way back in... December, I dunno. Let's look back at those two entries!
First Time
Second Time

So, what's changed? Judging from what I saw playing it, a couple of graphics. Which means that the level I've lovingly dubbed "that effing maze" is still there, which means I'm still not accepting it.

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My Hacks:

Hack Name: Mario&luigi Special recue Duo (incomplete)
Lenght: 17 levels
Author: zocan - Submittted by: zocan
Description: well here is my hack, not yet completed, it ends at the level after castle 2.

Removal Reason(s):

Let's first consider taking a look at the screenshot that had been included within the download page for this hack:

Frankly, I consider this an awful-looking overworld, and I highly suggest getting rid of all the tiles that are causing cut-off in it (as for example, that half of a cliff that is located exactly above the large red level tile, the small pond that comes before the castle, the path tiles located in the bottom-left-hand-corner etc.).

Oh, and speaking on your overworld, it needs major work with the events as well, despite of simply its general appearance:

As you can see, there is a level tile that shows up before the path for its respective level is triggered, which is just wrong. :(

Yet another complaint of mine regarding your overworld design; you apparently set those ground tiles which Mario's passing through to have Layer Priority, making everything turn out weird. Please consider disabling the Layer Priority on them. Also, there are plenty of cut-off tiles throughout this submap, as well - you should have fixed everything regarding the submap's general appearance before submitting your hack to the site...

The overworld level icon for the switch palace doesn't match with its switch color, as you can see by comparing both the screenshots upwards.

These are some examples of cutoffness that can be found throughout your demo. Please fix these, since they are quite noticiable (especially the ones caused by supposedly wrong placements of various blocks) and they do not look so good.

Not really a reason for removal, but what's up with the font you are using in the title screen?

You sort of overused those turn block bridges and the question blocks with fire flowers on them, respectively... eh?!

It seems like you didn't set up the sprite memory correctly here... if you really want to use those platforms in this level, you ought to set it to 0E, just so you know.

It is kind of strange to have these spring board platforms stickied on mushroom platforms, since Mario can actually pass through them. Also, you placed that Yoshi coin in the exact limit of the top-half of its respective screen and the bottom half of it, which makes half of the Yoshi coin collectable and the other half uncollectable, which is awkward. Please consider moving the Yoshi coin shown by the screenshot above one tile down/up/whatever.

The main reason for this hack's removal (please do not read this as if your hack would get accepted despite of this flaw's absence... you MUST fix all the already-mentioned flaws in order to have this hack accepted, too) is something we call BLATAND LEVEL EDITS - this hack has A LOT of them, and you should definitely stop making such blatand edits in your hack! Instead, what about pressing both the control and the delete keys on your keyboard so that everything on whatever original SMW level you want to replace with your own level automatically vanishes from existence? Come on, this isn't SO HARD to do at all... please try doing what I just mentioned, and you are okay, I guess. yeah. This actually needs a lot of major work in order to get accepted - please consider fixing all the bugs I mentioned, as well as everything that you reckon that is wrong and do NOT match with the SMWC Hack Submission Standards. Furthermore, I highly recommend getting some beta-testers ready to test your project, so that you are aware of any flaws you might have overlooked.

Well, so, good luck with fixin' stuff. ;)
Hack Name: Super Mario Adventures
Length: Unknown
Author: Mew3Mew37979 - Submitted by: Mew3Mew37979
Description: Another Super Mario World, its not the same thing as Super Mario World. Princess Peach has been kidnapped again and
Mario/Luigi has to save Princess Peach. Travel all levels to save the day!


Among an IPS and lots of useless other files (.url, .srm, .cht, .spc), it includes a ROM. Don't do something like that!
You'll get a 72 hour ban for that.

-> Removed:
Hack Name: Super Impossible World
Lenght: 3 Levels
Author: Abissionking - Submittted by: Abissionking
Description: DELETE MY OTHER HACK!!!! This is a demo of my hack, Super Impossible World. PM me if there is acything wrong. I dont know how to do much in LM,so plz dont be critical!

-> Removal Reason(s):
It seems like you included the wrong IPS patch within the ZIP (strangely, the patch you included seems to be something related to the original SMW... O_o). Please re-submit your hack, including the original IPS patch for it this time.
Hack Name: stick man sam [demo]
Length: 11 exits
Author: dante123456789 - Submitted by: dante123456789
Description: stick man sam demo, one day sam wanted to go to dinosaur island but he took the wrong path... you got to
find your way back!


Uh yeah, you may want to fix that. I believe it has to do with the fact that the title screen tiles lack priority.

Looks like you used too much...

Why is the OW sprite a red Mario? The actual overworld's palettes could be better, and it's quite bland.

...yeah, please work on these palettes.

I'd suggest adding back the flame generator for the BG candles.

This part got quite laggy.

The outline for Mario's feet still remains here.

Bony Beetle goal sphere?

So I hit the RED switch...

And YELLOW ! blocks come out of a GREEN OW switch? *scratches head*

I'm not sure why the key and keyhole are even here, since you can't reach them.

No comment.

This hack needed a lot of work. It wouldn't even play past the red level in the bottom right, the few levels that could be played were either just areas with powerups and side exits, or long, extremely repetitive ones with bad palettes. Sam's frames were also quite choppy: with his head sizes changing a lot and some outlines from Mario's frames still remaining. It's great to see a hack with an original character, but please try to improve the hack before resubmittin.g

Name: Hi Mario World
Author: mathlete
Description: Can you activate both the red and green switches, as well as defeat lemmy?

If you're not going to put any effort into taking proper screenshots, I'm not going to put any effort into reviewing your hack.

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My Hacks:

Hack Name: Super Water World Demo
Length: 7 levels
Author: Thwaterguy - Submitted by: Thwaterguy
Description: This Is An Easy Yet Short Demo Of SWW.It Requires (Little Skill)And Fun :D


Extremely short title screen. Right after it shows up, it fades out again, and you hardly have any time to press a button. There's a hex edit that disables the title screen movement and also prevents the title screen from looping.

Glitched tile on the right.

*"Welcome to Water Isles! Bowser has stolen Peach for the last time. He's gonna die, or fly away in his magical clown-balloon-thing."

The overworld is pretty square-ish and looks weird in general, especially those small hills on the left.

Hammer Bro.'s hammers sometimes disappear.

Please Stop Capitalizing Every Single Word. Don't You Realize How Ugly This Looks?

You can't even get all 10 coins needed for a 1-up here, so there's no real point in this bonus area. Also, you come here from a pipe, but don't come out of one at the start of this area.

Same here. Also, why do you lead me all the way back to the beginning of the level?


You shouldn't use the bottom row in LM for ground, since it can't be seen in-game.

I couldn't find any way to go on (not even go back). This level seems to be one screen long, with no exit whatsoever. If it's intentional, at least give the player the ability to go back or leave the level.

Also (not pictured), there was a very easy-to-get 3up moon in the bonus level.

Apart from fixing the issues I mentioned, you should also focus on improving your level design. The levels are quite boring, and you can tell they are edits of original SMW levels. If you already used Ctrl + Del to remove a level, how about using different palettes or tilesets to make it even less obvious?

-> Removed:
Hack Name: Super Impossible World (demo)
Lenght: 2 Levels
Author: Abissionking - Submittted by: Abissionking
Description: this is a demo of my "first" hack, Super Impossible World. Plz, i dont know how to do much in LM, so dont be critcal!!!

-> Removal Reason(s):
I'm not sure if you actually wanted this to be deleted (hence the description of your other submission, which I'm not sure if it was whether submitted before this one or not), but I was forced to delete it from the site anyways, mostly because of the following flaws:

I do not recommend using the Jumpin' Piranha sprite in this part of the level, since it gets stuck in the rope platform before passing through it, which is weird. Also, in all honestly, that's a really bad way to place your tiles together... ropes sticking from happy clouds is just awkward, eh.

This reminds me of one of the most hideous things that Spade showcased in these forums.

In all seriousness though, avoid scattering floating munchers around your levels, since having plants rooted on nothingness is just weird. Also, it is kind of unecessary to have all those note blocks placed together like that... you should be willing to delete some.

Mario shouldn't manage to die as soon as he reaches the goal point... you ought to fill that unecessary pit with whatever solid tile(s) you want (though I personally don't recommend using grey cement blocks for that, since they are kind of getting overused in that level...).

I'm pretty sure that this message was included within the original SMW...

What is the point of having a blockade of red switch blocks here? This super-small demo does not feature a playable red switch palace within it. Even then, though, in case the red switch was activated, the player would be unable to proceed further the level in case he/she wanted to play through it again.

You shouldn't place such blocks under the level's goal point... let me show you why you shouldn't do that...

...simply because of that - by taking those blocks out of their respective spots, the player would be able to cause cutoffness in your level, and, as you should know, cutoffness is something people should avoid including within their hacks when submitting them to the site.

Not really a reason for removal, but I personally find having a throw block blockade in the very end of the level kind of odd - it just disallows Mario to espendidly get done with his ending moves. I would suggest getting rid of such a thing.

-> Suggestion(s):
  • Your levels were generally too short; upon playing through your demo, I felt like playing a SMW-sized level - try making them longer instead, and try adding more interesting stuff to them, as for example, more enemies, more tileset-variety etc;

  • Avoid overusing grey cement blocks as frequently as you are - try using regular ground tiles more frequently, instead;

  • I would assume that your hack is supposed to be quite difficult to play through, though I found it rather easy, to be honest. Try toning up the difficulty a little, but make sure to not make it as ridiculously hard as a Kaizo, and the likes.

  • ...that's it. Please consider fixing everything I stated above, as well as whatever you find wrong upon testing your hack. Once you are done with fixing everything, feel free to re-submit it to the site.

    Good luck!
    Hack Name: TresCuatroCinco: No Time To Waste
    Length: 5 levels
    Author: Nin10doWii - Submitted by: Nin10doWii
    Description: This is a short 5-level hack taking advantage of several glitches and non-obvious level design.

    To tell my reviewer the truth: I'm just submitting this for the hell of it, I haven't been here for a while, and I just want to see what you have to report to me about this hack. Enjoy.

    Vanilla Hack, no Custom Sprites or ASM. One custom block.


    You can die in the title screen, triggering the special world music.

    You can die in the intro as well.

    We don't accept hacks that require players to use glitches, such as keyjumping.

    Submitting hacks just to show off glitches that the player needs to use is not a good idea, as we already have this hack for it. So yeah, I realize you may have moved on from this one, but I'm going to have to reject it unless improvements are made.
    Hack Name: Ultra Mario Bros Demo 1
    Length: 9 levels
    Author: CloudOfDarkness9999 - Submitted by: CloudOfDarkness9999
    Description: This Is A Hack With Some ASM Some Custom Graphics And Custom Music.It Covers World 1 And There Is 9 Levels If You Count The Switch Palace.

    Inspired By FPI's TSRPR Its Pretty Good I Think And All My Friends(on and offline) think its pretty good. Final Version Will Probably have custom graphics on everything but maybe not. Thanx


    Badly assembled title screen text. Use the normal letters.
    Also, the menu text palette isn't that great.

    Various incorrect cliff and edge tiles.

    What the heck is that supposed to be? Cutoff tiles (ground, rope) and bad palettes (water weed)... I suggest removing this "thing", since it doesn't seem to serve any purpose.

    This 3up moon is way too easy to get.

    Cutoff vines and water.

    Why provide a Yoshi when there are No-Yoshi blocks right next to it?
    Also, those custom blocks don't have good graphics... The player should be able to tell what they do before touching them, so five them more meaningful GFX.

    Wrong corner tile.

    More cutoffness.

    Please Do Not Capitalize Every Single Word. It Just Looks Horrible And Doesn't Make You Look Intelligent.

    Please apply the Fade Fix patch.

    nother wrong corner tile. Only use this type of tile when there's dirt behind it.
    These appeared all over the hack, so be sure to look out for other places that have them too.

    The tide falls with you.

    Cutoff on the left side of the mushroom pillar.

    What's that tile supposed to be?

    Bad idea, since you're forced to die if you're not the right one. At least make the level side-exit-enabled.
    Also, these blocks could use some meaningful GFX too.

    Sprite Memory issues. Click on the Lakitu button and play around with the settings in the first menu.
    (There were als Sprite Memory issues in the Big Boo Boss battle - change the sprite memory setting there to 04 or 09 - I don't remember which one.)

    Bad lava palette.

    The multi-colored pipe looks odd. Also, why can you walk through the bottom part?

    Don't use the bottom row in LM for ground, not even for a secret exit.

    There is no switch palace tile here.

    Weird door palette.

    1. Glitched events, and weird-looking waterfall.
    2. This world contains unedited SMW levels. If you want the demo to end here, make sure the player can't access them.
    3. If you take the pipe, you come out on the original SMW overworld instead of the last submap.

    So yeah... This hack needs lots of work beforewe can accept it here. Fix all the glitches and bugs mentioned here, including other instances of them - maybe hire some experienced beta-testers, too.

    Link Thread Closed