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Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
Hack Name: Mario : Lost in Crazy World
Length: 5 levels
Author: PuniperTV - Submitted by: PuniperTV
Description: Mario hears that Bowser captured the Princess, but his clown balloon malfunctioned and took the princess into Crazy World. Now it is up to Mario to save the princess. Demo.


What's with these weird tiles on the left side of the waterfall?

You shouldn't connect water to non-solid tiles. Also, bad BG palette.

Same as above.

Something just doesn't look right here... It may be the fact there's lava on the pipe, or the star blocks used as ground, or the cutoff slope... who knows.

This repeats for about 3 screens and them goes back down again another 2 screens. Booooring.

That event isn't the best either.

The palette of the green coin could be better. Also, the clouds could use an outline at the bottom.

More repetitive level design. About 5 screens of this, with no enemies whatsoever.


That 3up-shroom isn't that hard to get... Also, it's the second one in one world.

Even more repetitive level design.

The pillar causes invisible cutoffness in the water. Also, why is that plant multicolored?

Sprite memory issues. Lakitu button, and 0E.

Is it that hard to edit the level a bit and put a goal post there? Also, why are there unnecessary star blocks in the ground?

Glitchy tile in the background.

Apparently you have to be small to get through here... Don't do that.

Why is that pipe not solid?

Something strange happens to layer 2 here... Not visible in the picture, but you might want to look into it.

Even more repetitive level design.

That moon is the third one in one sibgle world! Also, it's not that hard to find. You should only put one, very hard-to-find moon in one world.

Feel free to resubmit this hack one everything mentioned is fixed.


Name: Hi Mario World
Author: mathlete
Description: Now with an ending!

Your patch is corrupt. Please submit a proper patch once you have fixed ALL the problems listed in previous submission logs.

Removal Log
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My Hacks:

Hack Name: The Deserted Island [Beta] Demo - 137.7 KB - 6 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: Jarimii - Submitted by: Jarimii
Description: Hey! This is my first ROM hack! So I know it's not very good. Like, at all. ;)


Good thing you already know it's bad. :P There were lots of mistakes that pretty much everyone makes in his/her first hack, such as cutoff tiles, blatant level edits, bad palettes, boring level design etc. I'll show you screenshots of most of them.

1. Cutoffness
"Cutoffness" is when tiles are not ended or connected to each other properly, making it look as if they were cut-off. Here are some examples of it:

The vine has no block or something on top of it. Also, it cuts into Yoshi's house.
(Oh, and the berries have a bad palette around them. Make sure it's the same color as Yoshi's house.)

The berry cuts off the bush.

Cutoff bush and slope.

Use edges to end the ground properly. Also, use surface tiles for the water.

To fix this graphical glitch, move the goal post one tile down and then put the ground on top of it.
Also, the goal bar is placed way too high - put it at the bottom of the goal post.

The easiest way to remove this instance of cutoffness would be to remove that ledge completely, or give it non-solid edges.

Lots of stuff gets cutoff by small bushes in this level.

Another cutoff slope.

More cutoff ground, as well as a very bad lava palette. Make a gradient from red to orange or something.

The pillars should be one tile thinner on the left and right respectively. Also, the layer 3 water disappears once you hit a message box. Click on the goldfish button (next to the Lakitu head) and select "No layer 3" from the Layer 3 options menu.

Cutoff water. Press F3 to see the screen boundaries, and extend the water until the end of the last screen.

Move the chains one tile down so they're connected to the cement blocks.

More cutoff ground.

Use edges on both sides.

2. Boring level design / unedited levels
You shouldn't make a level where the player just has to run through, without any interesting stuff like hills or enemies. You shouldn't place tons of enemies in a row either.
Also, your levels looked like you just edited the original SMW levels. Press Ctrl + Del to remove everything from the level to start fresh. You can also change the palette or the tileset (blue poison mushroom) to make it look different. Here are some examples:


Unedited message box.

Completely unedited switch palace.

Looks a lot like level 106.

Unedited room of Iggy's castle.

3. Bad Palettes

4. Misc. Stuff

Land tiles in the water, and water tiles on the land.

A new type of cutoffness... Cutoff messages! Shorten your messages so they fit in one box.

In "The Great Lake", you end the level too low, causing this overworld glitch.

This pipe...

...leads here. If you don't know how to make pipes lead to different areas, read the F.A.Q.

My suggestions? Read the F.A.Q. if you have problems, read the Hack Submission Guidelines to see what's allowed and play some Featured Hacks to see what a good hack can look like.
Fix all the stuff mentioned above, and feel free to re-submit it then. ;)

Hack Name: MARIO VS KOOPA WORLD Demo - 3.3 KB - 3 downloads.
Length: 18 levels
Author: Tioruben - Submitted by: Tioruben



***Whoops, left capslock on and also pasted same 3 screens in a row. it was meant to be like:

Hack Name: SMW - Amateur Hack (Demo)
Length: 44 exits
Author: K3Blue64 - Submitted by: K3Blue64
Description: Features non-kaizo fake exits.

In the title screen alone, Mario's doing the weird error with the ropes, climbing on nothing. I'm not sure why you did this.

Uh... the BG is scrolling pipes for whatever reason, and there's Shy Garbage with bad palettes coming after you!

This is the "invisible" boss. It normally looks like this, but when hit, there are even more garbled graphics. You should probably fix this.

If you haven't activated the proper events yet, you can get permanently stuck between these two pipes.

Why can you go inside these cement blocks?

Yet again, a weird pipe BG.

This section was cheap, requiring savestates and trial/error. Please remove it.

I did not understand this level. Also, why is the goal sphere Monty Mole dirt?

Uh... this leads to a submap.

Swimming in an area with lava? MADNESS!

Bad palette + you may want to activate vertical scroll at will here.

This was a very odd place to put the keyhole.

The graphics for these on/off activated blocks could be better.

These blocks hurt Mario, but you don't know that until you hit them. To get through the door, you're required to take a hit, which shouldn't be the case.

Bad layer 3 palette.

Bony Beetle goal sphere GFX.

While I wouldn't call this hack bad, it ended up having quite a few errors, with odd palettes and backgrounds in places. The overworld itself revealed some strange arrangements for tiles, and the levels were very short, with similar (sometimes identical) ones such as the Yoshi levels. I'd recommend fixing up the OW as well as polishing up the levels along with the issues mentioned here.
Hack Name: Mario mario mario
Length: Unknown
Author: quiksilverryan - Submitted by: quiksilverryan
Description: buhh.....
This was not made by me, but it reminds me of the part in "Being John Malchovich"
where he goes inside of himself.

My guess on the story:
"Mario went into the real world, and ate a poisonous mushroom. now he's having an
acid trip in Yoshis Island."


The badly culored menu text cuts off the ugly title screen.

Basically, all this patch does is replacing some graphics with Mario heads and all message boxes/most of the status bar texts with "MMMMM...". And most of the graphical edits were poorly executed, as seen above.
Also, completely unedited levels/overworld obviously. Sorry, but hacks like this can't be accepted.

Hack Name: MARIO MIERCOLES - 376.5 KB - 54 downloads.
Length: Unknown



The lack of fade-fix is the main reason the hack was removed. The level design was alright, if a bit linear, generic and boring at the start. The music owned, but there could have been more variety in tracks, graphics and palettes.

Minor palette issues like this hamper the levels throughout the hack.

Why does the tile fade in like that?

A larger palette issue.


So basically, just fix the fading out and palettes, maybe give the levels some uniqueness and you have an excellent hack on your hands.
Hack Name: Finlandia Demo - 214.2 KB - 6 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: jcv1235 - Submitted by: jcv1235
Description: Mario is lost in another world looking for Toadstool whom was captured yet again by Bowser. This is demo 1.

Well, you seem to be on a good enough start. Not much cutoffness or general newbie mistakes, but some things really need to be fixed.

Bad text palette, and why is the title video so bland? It's just mario jumping and running on a bridge and cement blocks.

Also, the pawprint actually uses 4 tiles in a 2 by 2 square.

You really should scrap every instance of this kind of level design. Play featured hacks to see how a fun and interesting level is laid out.

Screen starts a bit high.

Why does yoshi spit out spikes??

Forced powerdowns are bad!

No sprite buoyancy enabled here.

This level consists of mainly jumping on the platforms and avoiding spikeballs and fish. It's level 103 edited to be worse.

Try not to have 2 yoshi blocks so close to each other. Not only is it redundant, it glitches the game a bit.

So, you have done some things right, but the level design is really lacking. Good efforts to have P-switch puzzles though.

Not pictured: Overworld land edge and sea edge aren't same shape.
Hack Name: Super Mario Thousand Islands Demo 3 Demo - 411.8 KB - 86 downloads.
Length: 21 levels
Author: blueyosh - Submitted by: blueyosh
Description: Description: Super Mario Thousand Islands is a game where Mario goes looking for Bowser to keep him out of trouble and crash lands on an island chain. It has Custom GFX, Custom Music, Subpop, Raccoon Mario, and more.
Note to mods: Remove demo 1 and 2

Not much has been changed since the last time I moderated this. Some small things were fixed, as well as that game-breaking error, but you didn't seem to make a large effort. You should aim for the stars and try to fix everything bad.

The graphics for the hopping thing use the part of Mario's palette which changes upon getting a fireflower etc. and so the colours change on the enemy, too.

Think back to the previous removal log.

The message block didn't appear at first, as there were too many sprites.

Mario goes behind the water when entering.

Leveltile looks strange on bridge, and pipe looks strange in water.

Not quite a clean entry.

This level is just boring as hell, to be honest. Spice up the level design with alternate paths, and well just anything that's not flat ground and enemies!

I'll just mention here that Mario's graphics clash with most other things.

...and I'll mention here that a plot that doesn't require the smw cutscenes and yoshi eggs is something you should try.

Pipes on water. Also, fix up the overworld a bit make it look really professional.


Initial FG position is a bit low.

Some lag here.

Why is the message block looking like a question block bounce sprite?

The solidness of the decorations and such in this tileset is ambigious.

No level name. By the way, I'd suggest having the doomship lead to a level tile that says "end of demo" or something, instead.

Cement block ground looks ugly, and layer 3 stuff disappears when a message is shown.

Bit of a forced powerdown there...

I see no burning bridge.

I think this level should be an autoscrolling level with a star run at the end, instead of just the star run. Also, the ledge just disappears behind the beam.

The shy ghosts look like they're safe to jump on. Also, vary the narrow sections up a bit, make them wavy or something.

*chubby plumber
Also, I don't know exactly what you're trying to say in that last bit...

So, basically, work on improving the quality and length of the levels and overworld, and maybe present the plot a bit better.

...and sorry on behalf of the staff for the long moderation wait.

Hack Name: Season of Ice Demo
Length: 7 levels
Author: PercentN - Submitted by: PercentN
Description: This is a demo of my sidehack, Season of ice where mario resturns to the mjushroom kingdom, but its frozen over. Credits in the final version. check out my thread for more details. The 2nd world has a 1 level demo. Enjoy!

The main removal reason is this:

When you die in lava, this glitch occurs.

There were several other things you should fix as well.

The event tiles around the hill don't match.

You can't really tell those are death blocks. Either make skull GFX or something for them or have a message box that explains what they do and can't be missed.
Also, they caused the same glitch as the lava.

I have... G2 coins?
(Oh, and the fourth Yoshi coin has a different color.)

Yellow Palace, green tile.

Not sure if you intentionally replaced the used block GFX with these... Anyway, they have a weird palette.

I couldn't find a way to go on here... Are you missing a platform? Sprite memory issues, perhaps? I really don't know, but that should be fixed.

It was not that bad overall, but it had really major flaws, as you can see. I'd like to see all of them fixed in the next version.

Hack Name: Super Mario World: Mission 'Island'
Length: 1 level
Author: XxSuperLinkxX - Submitted by: XxSuperLinkxX
Description: This is my very first hack. I have only one Level, have Fun playing it.


You shouldn't try to make new words out of the big title screen letters. I suggest you use the small letters (the ones without black around them), especially since they don't get cut off by the menu text, as these letters do.
Also, the "2009" has a bad palette.

Some wrong tiles on the overworld, namely the tiles in the top left corner of the hills and the small island.

"traps", not "trapes".
Also, the pipes cut off each other (there's some space between them, which looks odd).

Don't use glitched graphics for sprites. I know those aren't really glitched, but they're not supposed to look like skulls.

The pipes cut off the lava and the dirt.

Wrong corner tiles on both sides (there's dirt behind them).
Also, why did you put coins there? Following them and falling down there kills you.

Another wrong corner tile.

Entering the second level leads to an endless bonus game. I know you said only one level was done, but don't make the other levels accessible then. In the overworld editor, hold "Alt", right-click on the level tile and check both the "Level has been passed" and "No entry if level passed" boxes.

Please fix these errors, and also remember not to make the same mistakes when making the next levels.

-> Removed:
Hack Name: Yoshi is missing
Lenght: 5 Levels
Author: TheLordMax - Submittted by: TheLordMax
This is a very fan hack made by the Lord Max.
It has a little custom ExGFX.
A little custom sounds.
One Ultimate Sprite.
And this hack is very easy to complete and save yoshi!
-> Removal Reason(s):

There were a few parts of the level shown by your title screen that were cut-off.

This would probably sound better if it was something like "Hmm... I haven't seen Yoshi anywhere - it looks like the Ultimate Koopa is at it again!". Nevertheless, your hack would most likely not get removed if this were the only one "issue" found within it.

How about adding commas and points among the words showcased above? It would be way more interesting, and your hack would look much better if you did it. If I were you, I would most likely go for something like this: "Yoshi has been here, looks like he is in the cannon creek.".

It would be great if you worked out with your grammar a bit here as well; "He is not here. Where in the world is he?" would be a great replacement to the message you currently have there.

*"This Lakitu was sent from Ultimate Koopa. That means Ultimate Koopa is hiding somewhere.".

*"Ultimate Koopa plans to defeat you at all means - beat the U. Koopa army and defeat the roadblocks up ahead.".

*"Yoshi isn't here - looks like he is up to the Ultimate Koopa Mountain!". Also, what's up with the different sorts of exclamation marks you are using there? Oh, and by the way... notice the cutoffness in the background.

*"Ultimate Koopa is defeated, and Yoshi is here. The mission to save Yoshi HAS BEEN successful."; I would assume the mission ends at this point, doesn't it?

*"The mission is over - Yoshi is safe, U. Koopa is defeated, and they all live happily ever after."; Personally, I reckon "U.K." sounds kind of strange, since it sort of reminds me of the actual United Kingdom - however, it's up to you to decide whether you will be using "U.K." as short of "Ultimate Koopa" or not. ;)

There are quite some cut-off tiles scattered around this overworld of yours, especially towards the bottom of the cliff located on the left. Please fix those.

Having Bullet Bill cannons placed together with pipe tiles is pretty weird - I would suggest either getting rid of those Bullet Bill cannons or sticking the pipe tiles onto something else.

What's up with the level tile absence for the level Mario's currently on?

Having a sprite placed way after the goal point isn't such a nice idea, as the sprite colors (that specific sprites's colors, at least...) don't fade up, as opposed to nearly all the tiles' colors.

You apparently haven't fixed what has been mentioned by Supertails here, eh...?

Using these corner tiles exactly next to water tiles as you did there is not recommended, since Mario can pass through them. Try using solid corner tiles, instead. Also, you can have a "cleaner" view of how cut-off the background you are using is by taking a quick look at both screenshots above.

(from left to right:)
First screenshot: It is pretty weird to have Mario straightly climbing such a diagonal cliff. Also, the green path located towards the bottom-left-hand-corner does NOT triggers as soon as the level before the pipe is beaten, so I would suggest removing it from your submap if you REALLY do NOT know how events work;
Second screenshot: Having signs placed on dirt sure IS odd. Also, there are some "mild" cutoffness issues along that overworld section.
Third screenshot: There are some REALLY notable cutoffness issues included throughout that section (e.g. the corner of some rock that is placed ALONE towards the right).

As shown by the first screenshot (from left to right), you haven't changed the graphics of that one animation frame used by the Koopas, privately, making the Beach Koopas have a weird animation when coming out of their shells. Please provide some new graphics for that animation frame as well. Also, by looking at the second screenshot, you will probably realize that placing munchers on this kind of block doesn't turn out THAT good... therefore, you should remove those munchers from the top of that sort of turn block building or something. Oh, and by the way... you can easily notice some cutoffness in the background of this level as well. ._.

What's with the graphics used by the Jumpin' Piranhas there?

This level has MORE than five "Yoshi Coins" - since you gain an excessively ammount of lives ( least that IS what happens from what I REMEMBER... :P) upon collecting more than five Yoshi Coins in a level, you should REALLY get rid of the sixth one there.

You apparently set the wrong values for the FG/BG initial positions - try playing around with these properties until you get the screen not to scroll up as soon as the levels shown by the screenshots above are accessed.

-> Suggestion(s):
  • Your levels were generally too bland - try adding more variety to them, such as more obstacles, instead of filling your levels with just enemies - when used excessively, enemies can actually make the level turn out boring to play through;

  • I highly recommend looking at the several overworld tutorials we have both in the documents section and in the N00b SMW Hacking forum - they should really help you out with overworld editing, including how to properly get events to work, how to avoid having several cutoffness issues, etc, as well as they should help you making your submaps/your namin overworld look WAAAAY better and way more appealing;

  • IMPORTANT: Avoid putting more than/less than FIVE Yoshi Coins in your levels - putting LESS than five Yoshi Coins in your levels make them turn out odd in comparision to levels that have 5 Yoshi Coins in them, and putting MORE than 5 Yoshi Coins in your levels result on gaining an excessive quantity of lives.

  • That's it... as I mentioned upon coming up with my suggestions for this hack, the level design of it was pretty bland overall, so I HIGHLY RECOMMEND adding more obstacles/decorations/etc to your levels. The overworld design also needs major work, and you should totally pick up overworld editing if you want to be able to create "perfect" submaps, etcetera. Please fix EVERYTHING that has been mentioned in this removal log, plus any other things that you find wrong while playing through your hack, and this may get accepted.
    Hack Name: Investigator Corruptendo (Second update)
    Length: 1 level
    Author: Illusiyellow - Submitted by: Illusiyellow
    Description: 1/2 of Stage 1 finished, just need to finish it and i'll release 0.2.
    Please be aware that the title screen is not confirmed the final design, when the hack is completed, i'll update it.

    WARNING: If the IPS patch didn't work or if it corrupted your game, you used it on the wrong region of the ROM (The correct region is US NTSC), patched it incorrectly, or got a broken download.

    Updates: Mosiac COMPLETELY disabled, When you pause, the music still plays, and now you have to press B to advance through the text.

    This is a rather strange intro message.

    Why does the hammer have a blue outline? I would also suggest fixing the status bar colors or hiding them to make them black.

    I don't understand why this message says you're "unlucky" since you can go through the area where the glass breaks anyway.

    The top half of the box cuts off here.

    This section is quite frustrating and difficult.

    ...and the door leads to an endless bonus game.

    Even if the issues mentioned were fixed, this is a pretty blatant rip-off of Jigsaw's Test. The puzzle in the beginning was extremely easy to figure out, and when I tried an earlier version of this, the level looped without even a proper message saying it's the end or something.

    I would highly recommend at least finishing the level before you consider resubmitting.
    -> Removed:
    Hack Name: Bowser Battle
    Lenght: 1 Level
    Author: ProductionsJavier - Submittted by: javiertello
    Bowser with Yoshi and Peach captured these very close to your castle, so we faced quickly.
    Bowser has a normal energy.
    -> Removal Reason(s):

    Not really a reason for removal, but don't you think that it is QUITE WEIRD to have some water tiles placed in the title screen, considering the fact that Mario obviously CANNOT swim through them?

    Terrible palette choices for the baloon-like platforms, absolutely HORRIBLE placement of the boss door tiles, as well as Layer 3 messages being displayed in a level that actually uses Layer 3 for the light effect MUST vanish from this hack.

    What's with the smoke effect that constantly appears towards the top of the screen?

    In all seriousness, this needs A LOT of work overall - I was kind of disappointed to play through something SO small, yet with SO many flaws regarding its general appearance. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND playing some featured hacks, checking our hack submission guidelines and such before you consider submitting such a hack to the site. Thank you, and happy hacking.

    Way to waste my 2000th post... :<
    Hack Name: Bowser's Evil Hack
    Length: 22 levels
    Author: jbarker - Submitted by: jbarker
    Description: SMW world fans who want a hard challenge will like Bowser's Evil Hack because it provides challenging levels an puzzles as well as hidden, glitch and trap areas and to beat this hack, you will basically have to find all of the secret exits... Be warned! Save states, slow-down and glitches are necessary. This game also contains long sequences of normal and spin jumps, so be prepared.

    If you are into hard SMW hacks, then download this. Have fun!

    This hack is not locked. If you get stumped on a level feel free to look at it in lunar magic. I don't mind if you use my level ideas in your own hacks either.

    Yeah, this is the intro. Having Mario die in intros is not acceptable, since it screws up your life counter past zero. It's also very cheap and unfair, with a Thwomp made out of garbage tiles.

    And then you get to another room if you manage to get through the last one.

    The pipe goes to a red room that kills you as soon as you enter it, and there's nothing else you can do.

    Your levels appear to have some floating/stacked munchers as well as glitched graphics. Your description even explained that the hack had a very high difficulty level and required the use of glitches, which is not acceptable. If you resubmit, please be sure it meets the hack submission guidelines.
    Hack Name: Luigi Takes Over [Demo 2]
    Length: Unknown
    Author: ninjablooper - Submitted by: ninjablooper

    This game does not have many text edits yet. I included a pack of just about everything I used except a ROM!

    The file selection text messes up the title screen text. You may want to fix this.

    There's screens and screens of just water and then...

    MOONS! Having an extra life or two here, or maybe one moon would be fine, but this is a little too much.

    You can fly above the ceiling and potentially get stuck.

    Spike top GFX for the goal sphere.

    Monty mole dirt GFX for the goal sphere.

    The graphics seem quite strange for this, but it may be because of the palette. I recommend fixing this.

    The piranha plant stem uses the wrong GFX.

    Bad BG + status bar here, and I'd recommend fixing the cement block's palettes too.

    The level afterwards is just this, an incomplete area. Having a level that just says "end of demo" or whatever, along with a side exit would be fine, but forcing the player to die here isn't fair.

    In the future, please upload proper screenshots for your hack before submitting.

    This is not an acceptable screenshot.

    The levels were a bit bland and the music seemed too quiet at times, but the overall hack wasn't that bad. Just fix these errors and you should be okay. One last thing though: you don't need to provide all the things you used, such as the Map16PageG and all that, just the patch is fine. If you want to include graphics or SPC's to listen to for the music, that'd be okay, but other files are unnecessary.
    Hack Name: Mario's Timely Adventure [Demo 1]
    Length: 8 exits
    Author: xman0444 - Submitted by: xman0444
    Description: Mario's Timely Adventure is my new hack about Mario sailing on a ship to the mushroom kingdom which is then shot and is forced to land. He lands on a strange island and is told (through a message block) by a mysterious character (me) who lives alone on the island that Bowser was involved. So Mario sets off to find and defeat Bowser and a obtain new ship or parts to repair it. And Peach gets kidnapped as well.

    This is my hack that I've been working on for a while. It has the redrawn graphics and FuSoYa's screen scrollong pipes although there is not much use of them.


    You can and will die in the title screen, which causes the music to glitch and possibly does some other things you don't want to happen.

    Minor issue, but you should use a proper edge tile here (as well as next to the Bullet Bill shooter in the same level).

    When you take this reset door...

    You die. Play around with the FG Initial Position (2nd door button) so the camera is at the right height at the beginning.

    A fish... swimming and jumping in the air? Very weird.
    Also, I'm not quite sure how one should get that Yoshi Coin.

    The reset door in the boss battle also make you die. Solution: See above.


    Yoshi semi-disappears here. Change the sprite memory settings (Lakitu button) or apply edit1754's "No more sprite tile limits" patch.

    More cutoffness.

    The lil' sparky sometimes disappears as well.

    Strange palette here (black around the text, gray everywhere else). Not sure how you can fix that, but I thought I should point it out.

    Also, why does this level have a No Yoshi intro? Disable it (goldfish button).


    Though the levesl were pretty linear and boring, it was a decent hack, and I don't see any reason to not accept it once everything mentioned is fixed.

    -> Removed:
    Hack Name: The Big Boo's Legion
    Lenght: 10 Levels
    Author: Hadron - Submittted by: Hadron
    Hello, I'm Hadron, and this is my first Super Mario World hack, The Big Boo's Legion. It's a short hack, it have 10 levels, but I think, these levels are very substantial. I disabled the pause button partly because of a major error. This hack is pretty easy, so you can play it whitout savestates. There are two readme files, an english and a hungarian one. This is the fixed version. Hope you will enjoy it.


    The Toads lived in Mushroom Land in peace and calm. But the Big Boo attacked the Toads' village with his huge legion! Mario, the big hero of Mushroom Land must save them.

    -custom ExGFX
    -custom music
    -custom sprites
    -and other fun stuff!
    Have fun!
    -> Removal Reason(s):
    This was a quite fun hack, actually - your levels (at least the ones I was able to play...) were pretty fun and featured quite a few places to explore - in fact, I reckon this was one of the best hacks I have moderated so far. ^_^ HOWEVER... there were some major flaws included within it that unfortunately forced me to remove this hack.

    I'm going to split this post up into TWO sections; the MOST SERIOUS issues I found when moderating this hack will be included within the FIRST section. As for the NOT-SO-SERIOUS issues... they will be included within the second section, of course... :P, let's go onto the removal reasons...

    Things you should TOTALLY fix:

    Cutoffness in the background (on the bushes' top, more precisely).

    Now this is something REALLY serious; most of the FG graphics in this level, as you can see, are completely garbled. I would assume you accidentaly changed the graphics included within the FG graphics file you are using there after testing your hack for the last time, consequently resulting in garbled graphics. Please fix the graphics you are using in this level of yours. Also, bad palette at the status bar.

    I couldn't get past this part of your cave level, and thus I was not able to complete your hack entirely. Are you not missing a platform or something in this part of the cave level, particularly?

    Things you do not necessarily need to fix, but it would be nice if you did:

    Personally, I'm not too fond of the colors you are using for this kind of block...

    I would assume that the top section of that pipe uses a different palette row from the other parts'. If I am actually right, I would recommend making the top section of it use the same palette as the other tiles of it.

    I do not recommend placing that huge, 32x32 tree in the exact middle of an event, since it is pretty weird to see such a big tree being "broken" into small 16x16 tiles while disappearing from the submap. Also, not really a reason for removal, but I personally dislike the color you are using for the ground in the cave level tile there.

    -> Suggestion(s):
  • One thing that I personally dislike in your hack is the way you use more than one graphical twist for very common objects found within your levels, such as coins, pipes, etc, as shown by the two screenshots below:

  • As you can see, you are using both the SMW pipes and those alternate pipe graphics in the same level (screenshot #1) - you are using both those alternate coin graphics and the regular SMW coin graphics in that exact level, as well (screenshot #2); it would be great if you used just one graphical twist for these kind of objects;
  • I suggest getting someone to help you with grammar, since I was able to find some grammar errors here and there upon playing through your hack - of course that you do not need to find someone to help you there, since it's truly understandable that English is not your native language, but it would be nice if you had someone to do the job. ;)

  • So, as I said, this hack was pretty fun to play through, though you need to fix what has been mentioned above (especially the serious issues I came across when moderating your game). I'm pretty sure that ,once everything's fixed, this hack will become DA BOMB! :D
    Length: Unknown
    Author: Zerio - Submitted by: Zerio
    Description: Well, this is my latest hack. This hack is only in its BETA form, but it's still fun. It doesn't really have any secrets... yet. It has loads of custom stuff! I spent some time learning how to make my hacks better. I have been making lots of hacks, then canceling them!:B If you're looking for a different style of hack, then choose this one! I don't have anything else to say but enjoy!

    You may want to get the black used for the title screen layer priority, or else this happens.

    I did not find out until much later that you can wall jump on those blocks. Having an information message or something may help.

    Some of the objects in this hack use strange palettes.

    Being able to run on nothing doesn't make much sense here, even if it's at a high speed.

    You start in this pipe and the bottom of your feet are visible. May want to change that to just being shot out of the pipe.

    Again, unusual palette choices.

    The layer 3 rocks don't really look good here scrolling at a different rate than the BG. There's also messed up scores for the coins that come out of ? blocks here.

    I was confused as to why the coin here didn't do anything.

    This was actually a pretty clever level in my opinion. After finishing this part, you go to a "normal" version of the level and it looks normal again on the OW. Not removal-worthy, and a similar idea to Cutoff Keep from The Cookie Crisis.

    You may want to add fire generators for the candles in the BG.

    The graphics for the bottom of the Thwomp need work here. It looks like you were starting something, but it doesn't match with the rest of it.

    For the really short level, the fade out left this letter here. You might want to make it teleport a little sooner.

    Despite it being an interesting idea, I would highly discourage a Super Mario Bros. 1-1 remake here, since they have been used in hacks many, many times.

    The berries for the castle don't really fit at all.

    And after defeating the boss, they don't fade either.

    Um... while having a single level that was cutoff in the beginning and changes to normal later isn't bad, another one with intentionally bad graphics is a bit too much.

    When you died on the bonus submap, you move back to this one, but your character is still on the bonus one. This is a pretty significant error, so you should really try to fix this.

    Other than that, this hack wasn't bad and it's clear you put quite a bit of effort into it. The video you included was rather odd and some of the levels seemed a bit empty in terms of enemies and decorations, but they were generally solid and had some good ideas. Keep working on this.
    Link Thread Closed