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Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
Hack Name: Mario's Sadist Mission
Length: 8 exits
Author: Kyuutoryuu - Submitted by: Kyuutoryuu
Description: Hello everyone! This is my very first hack, and my very first post on SMWCentral. I've been seeing many great hacks, and it inspired me to make my own hack. Although it is not that great yet, this is only the first demo, and I'm quite new with lunar magic, editing, and all that. Even though this hack only goes up to the first donut plain, (you can play the donut plain level), I put A LOT of time and effort into this. I will still continue working on it, so tell me what you guys think about my hack, and I'll try to improve it and make an even better and longer one in demo 2. Alright, thanks guys, and I hope you enjoy this rom hack! Oh, and btw, this hack is named "Mario's Sadist Mission", is to first of all, be the (not-so) opposite of Mario's Masochistic Mission. It's also named that because there's alot of... killing of others. Sorry, don't want to spoil it.


The ZIP supplied a "file." I was a bit skeptical about this, especially since it was 2 MB. When I added the .smc extension, wham, it was a ROM. This is just as bad as having a regular ROM, and unfortunately the punishment for doing this is still a 72 hour ban, sorry. In the future, please create an IPS patch instead.

Based on your description, it sounds like you're quite sincere with this hack. However, please keep in mind the Hack Submission Guidelines before resubmitting. I noticed quite a few cutoff tiles, stacked munchers, areas that required a Yoshi to pass, and the P-switch goal thing based on the screenshots. I hope you fix these up before resubmitting.
Hack Name: SMW Star World
Length: 3 levels
Author: BB - Submitted by: BB
Description: Mario is trapped in the star world.


I wasn't so sure about this one. It looks to be a somewhat generic ghost house with an easy door to reach at the end.

Layer priority may make this look a bit better.

The level also had a vine that led to the ceiling, but the camera wouldn't scroll so you couldn't see it, and there appeared to be nothing up there.

Upon completing the level, there appeared to be no event and you couldn't reach the next one. I'm assuming this was an accident, since the hack is supposed to have three levels. Anyway, that's something you'll certainly need to change, and please take my other suggestions for the ghost house into account.
Hack Name: SMW Star World (Bugs Fixed)
Length: 4 levels
Author: BB - Submitted by: BB
Description: Mario is trapped in the star world! Bugs are fixed. (hopefully)


Looks like you've fixed a few things, but this time some of the Boo Buddies from the stream disappear.

There's a similar problem with a disappearing Boo here. You may want to try adjusting the sprite settings here.

Additionally, this looks rather strange. I'm not too fond of the FG palette either, and the BG one seems quite repetitive.

Uh... what? Why does the door lead to an outside area?

With a bunch of Porcupuffers and dolphins here, it got very laggy.

Each of these gave you an extra life for whatever reason. It's a little excessive though: I think just one extra life would suffice here instead of several.

The third level seemed like a 105 edit, except you had screens and screens of just this, then the goal.

There were some overworld problems too. This level had no name.

And you may want to change the names for the other two level tiles as well.

There ended up being a few problems that popped up the next two levels. This hack would improve a lot if you fix them and work on getting the level names for the overworld working too. The length said the hack had 4 levels, but I was unable to get past the third.
Hack Name: Bowser's new fortress 0.1
Length: 2 levels
Author: BB - Submitted by: BB
Description: bowser has built a new fortress and captured the princess again!


The overworld isn't exactly removal-worthy, but there's some things you could improve on:
- Make visible paths between level tiles.
- The floaing level tile on the brodge looks kind of weird, as does the bridge itself.
- The OW desperately needs some decorations, especially the empty water area (place small islands, rocks etc. there).

I was unable to get past here. A misplaced moving block, maybe?
I ended up editing this level in LM to go on, when I realised you probably need a cape to continue. This would mean powerup requiring, which is frowned upon and can be a reason for removal.

Glitched tiles when the reflecting Podoboos touch the lava.

Seems like you barely edited this part - You just made it longer and placed a few obstacles and a Magikoopa (which makes Layer 3 translucent, looking really strange) there.

It still says "Vanilla Secret 2"? I highly recommend making new level names.
This wasn't the only unedited part - The title screen and the intro level weren't changed either. Though it's not absolutely necessary, I recommend editing the intro level (and maybe the title screen, though you can leave it unedited if you don't know how).

This goes on for lots of screens. Can't you think of something more creative?
Also, this level wasn't edited that much either. Use Ctrl + Del to start fresh.

Way too many Yoshi Coins giving you way too many easy lives.

A little cutoffness where the bridge touches the pipe.

Okay, but please give the player to exit the level without dying. Use the "side exit enabled" sprite or something.

Hack Name: Super Mario Omega [The Demo]
Length: 7 levels
Author: JayneoProductions - Submitted by: JayneoProductions
Description: Believe it or not, this is my first hack. It Came out pretty good! Sorry if you don't enjoy it. But it is meant for all players. So that means it starts out easy and ends hard.


First of all, this is not a real screenshot:

Make sure to provide real screenshots once you resubmit it.

The palette is pretty bad, to be honest. Use the one from the first level and it'll be fine.

A part of the Shyguy (The shading of the mask, to be exact) is transparent, meaning you can see the ground through it. Fix it with YY-CHR.
(Also, why doesn't this level have a background? It would look so much better if it had one).

The coins cause a little cutoffnss on the ground. Replace the bottom block with a cement block or something.
Also, you don't seem to have a way to reset the level, which the player needs if the P-switch runs out.

Yellow blocks with a blue switch? Pretty weird.

This is a little cut-off as well. Aren't there proper tiles for this?

You said "Blue switch", but this switch is green and says it's yellow in the level name... What the heck?

Wrong tile up there.

Wait... so it was a yellow switch in the palace, a green one on the overworld, and you say it's blue and activates blue blocks, when you mentioned yellow blocks before? Fix your colors please.
Also, the flattened switch looks wrong. Choose the "Switch Palace" sprite tileset by clicking on the blue poison mushroom.

Minor issue, but the left bar has a pretty bad palette.

I really recommend inserting the midway bars through Direct Map16 Access, as they dont show up correctly and reappear when re-entering the level otherwise.

-> Removed:
Hack Name: Mario Revolution (Demo 1)
Lenght: 21 exits
Author: goomba head - Submittted by: goomba head
Mario Revolution Demo 1:

A new hack, a new adventure ...

You will explore a new island, the new hideout of bowser.
The Princess and Yoshi's friends were caught again by the terrible bowser.they must be saved as fast as possible.
You have to go through several challenges in island to reach the bowser castle.

Custom Music:Yes
Custom Block:Yes
Custom Sprites:Yes
Custom Boss:Yes

Classic Fireball
SMW Time Fix
Darken Pause
Perfect Cape
Flying Disable Patch
Dark Room BG Fix
Fade Fix

1-Lost Island - Complete
2-Fear Cave - Complete
3-Green Valley - Beta
4-Turtle Bay
5-Hauted Jungle
6-Dry Dry Desert
7-Frozen Montain
8-Rock Valley
9-Forbidden Land

Levels and Exits:
18 Levels (2 castles,2 Switch Palaces,2 Secret Areas,1 Ghost House,11 Normal Levels)
21 Exits

Credits in final version.

Sorry for bad English.

-> Removal Reason(s):

Bad patch. Please test your IPS patch before submitting your hack to the site next time.
Hack Name: Hi Mario World - 198.5 KB - 4 downloads.
Length: 255 levels
Author: mathelete - Submitted by: mathelete
Description: Introducing the golden banzai bill!!!
I changed the title screen music to the special world music and played around with the palattes and colors. The ultimate goal is to defeat Wendy Koopa.

I loaded your hack, but the IPS created a corrupt ROM with incorrectly sized GFX files.

That being the case, plus being familiar with this hack's progress, I'm led to believe the following screenshot is fairly representative of the whole.

Until your hack stops looking like this:

it is not welcome here.

In accordance with our Hack Submission Guidelines, this hack was rejected for the following reasons:

Originally posted by Hack Submission Guidelines

3. No graphical glitches!
Errors such as garbled sprites/FGs/BGs, message box text screwing up layer 3 items, cutoff tiles, and general graphical ugliness are frowned upon. Also, don't forget about glitches such as sprite memory issues - the graphics of the sprite will 'disappear', but the sprite will still be there, and can unfairly hurt Mario.

7a) Keep it fair, and keep the hack at a legitimate difficulty!
i.e. Avoid things like death after the goal, blind jumps, forced damage, excessive enemies, places where you can get permanently stuck, excessive 3-UP moons, etc.

7b) The player should be able to identify everything's behavior before touching it.
The player should not have to do something illogical, like jump in lava, to complete a puzzle. If something acts "unusual", inform the player ahead of time.

Please do not resubmit any new material until you've spent several more weeks/months using Lunar Magic and until your hack is on the same level as some of the other hacks we host here.

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.

Name: Hi Mario World
Author: mathlete
Description: I hope the ips patch works this time.

I should probably remind you of this bit of the rules:
Originally posted by Techokami
4d) Don't submit crappy content
Don't submit buggy hacks, don't submit horrible ExGFX, and don't submit glitchy custom blocks/sprites. They will be deleted. Consistently re-submitting bad content will get you banned.
Make extra-triple sure your patch works before you submit next time...

Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
My Sites

Something awry? PM me!
Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Name: Hi Mario World
Author: Mathlete
Description: I redownloaded a clean rom. If the patch fails this time, then I know it is lunar IPS that glitches. Then I can redownload Lunar IPS. I am using process of elimination to figure out why my patches are bad.

Your demo map has lots of glitched graphics, and Mario dies at the end. This shouldn't happen!

Your overly cryptic intro map still hasn't been fixed.

Not even self-depreciating references will save you.

Your overworld's a bit plain, no?

This is the whole level: One long ledge covered with Volcano Lotuses and a Cheep Cheep Generator. Adding some interesting extras would make this acceptable.

NO! BAD MATHLETE, BAD. Relying on glitches is not kosher!

In short, play the featured hacks and figure out what makes them tick design-wise, then apply it to your own work. Or else I'll eat you.

Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
My Sites

Something awry? PM me!
Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Hack Name: muncher island
Length: 1 level
Author: dude4 - Submitted by: dude4
Description: i hack I worked on a while


Bad palettes.

I noticed this in the boss as well. Why do bullet bills come out of nowhere? It would be a lot better to have a Bullet Bill Blaster for where they come out.

More bad palettes.

Originally posted by Hack Submission Guidelines
4. Unless you intend to make your hack contain very long and very high quality levels, demos which are too short to provide any feedback on or be enjoyable will be subject to removal.

While this level was by no means awful, it did suffer from fairly bland design and bad palettes. What's more, at one brief level, it's too short to be worth playing. Please work on making more levels and improve some of the aspects pointed out here.
Hack Name: Hi Mario World
Length: Unknown
Author: mathelete - Submitted by: mathelete
Description: Oops, I forgot to change Mario's start position back to yoshi's Island 1. I fixed the note block graphics. I thought of a cool idea: if ghost house is to ghost ring, water level is to fish ring! I included a fish ring of rip van fish, since rip van fish are like ghosts (they follow you). Hope you like the giant goombas (which can be killed with 5 fireballs)!


Mario dies in the title screen. Again. If something's clearly pointed out in the removal log, we expect you to fix it.

What, this kills me?

And this is like water?

Now you tell me. ._.

Despite including a 1-Up for each time, having the player be able to die in the intro isn't smart. I would suggest just eliminating the blocks entirely and displaying the message.

Why is there a Yoshi sign before the first level?

Bad palettes and graphics. The entire first world is just automatic levels. No fun.

Not to mention they don't fade out and look weird like this.

Overworld could use improvement, and why is there a O square by the castle?

Glitched graphics and ? blocks used to stand on? Strange.

Not only does Iggy have an odd palette, but one of his frames doesn't fit with the rest.

This linear, boring level pointed out in the last removal wasn't changed either.

I actually thought about it this morning, so this time isn't as bad as me losing my two week streak last time. Also, strange egg graphics and real mature message.

I have a better idea. Use this patch instead.

It appears you've fixed little this time around. You can still die in the title screen and intro, the level design still requires the player to do things they shouldn't have to, and the automatic levels are still there. Please fix everything mentioned here before you resubmit: if the same issues are found again, you may receive a temp ban.

Hack Name: Misdirection Mario World V1.1 - 31.5 KB - 30 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: mindscapejem - Submitted by: mindscapejem
Description: New Levels, and the old ones have been fixed up!

Here's Why

The title screen if full of cutoffness, both in the playback demo and on the actual text. Use ExGFX if you need to make a custom title. Also, the music stops when Mario grabs the star, and consequently freezes the game upon starting.

Yeah...I take it this is a Kaizo-ish hack. You shouldn't be able to die on the intro screen, as the player becomes permanently stuck unless they restart. A rather large problem, and results in a decline.

My hunch was right. We do not accept Kaizo hacks here. There are threads on the forum where you can post them, but do not upload them to the site.

Hack Name: Yoshi is missing Demo - 159.8 KB - 17 downloads.
Length: 5 levels
Author: TheLordMax - Submitted by: TheLordMax
Description: Made by The Lord Max
Exgfx used for the custom koopas.
Custom music.
Very fun hack with sense of humor and not hard -it is an 5 level hack of Yoshi's kidnapp.
The very fixed version helped by Broozer.

Here's Why

Your overworld is pretty bland. Add some elevation to make it more defined. Adding some of those black lines to the orange part can help you signify turns and corners.

Block off the right side of diagonal pipes.

When pipes intersect, they create cutoff. If you go into YY-chr, you can draw a black line on the sides of the vertical pipe to solve this.

I shot out of a diagonal pipe right into this piranha plant.

Not too sure what happened here.

FG starting position too low.

I believe this should read: "Watch out for the cannons! Yoshi has been through this pipe and vanished. Mario has a hunch he is at Ocean Peak."

This turned out to be an edit of one of the Forest of Illusion levels. (Forgot which one.)

This whole cave area seemed to be pointless.

Don't make the signs point out of the rock like that. I suggest you make a grassy ledge for them to be placed on. It will also help your mountain look more appealing.

I'm probably just nitpicking here, but the bullet bill launcher looks odd being extended all the way down. Make a horizontal ledge for it to be placed on.

FG startings position set too high.

I didn't realize I could get hurt by jumping on this koopa. Make a note somewhere, so the player doesn't accidentally lose a life. Also, this boss seemed kind of pointless, as you can easily just jump over it and finish the level. On the other hand, it just takes one shell to defeat it. If you want to force the player to beat the boss, try using the sprite that generates a door when all sprites on screen are defeated.

Not pictured: At "U. Koopa's Storage", you are forced to wait the timer out to continue. Either enable "Start + Select", or enable a side exit.

Another thing I wanted to note. On the overworld, you have two red level tiles. These signify 2 exits within a level, but I couldn't find any. I eventually looked in Lunar Magic, and validated my guess. Don't use that level marker unless there are really two exits. This will confuse the player.

Hack Name: Mario vs puzzles. Demo - 155.7 KB - 43 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: VanillaHacks - Submitted by: VanillaHacks
Description: Can Mario beat the puzzles? Very hard and easy puzzles ;).

Here's Why

I didn't realize what these doors meant. You didn't inform the player until later on. Also, the player can get permanently stuck here in the intro, as you don't give a reset door.

The first reset door in the first level leads right to Iggy Koopa....O_o

Er...why is this whole section made up of doors?

There was something right above this "poison" block that made this jump really hard without getting hurt.

When I first got up here, the p-switch wasn't there. I had to go through the entire level over again to find another switch, only to find that it didn't appear due to sprite memory issues. Notice the time by the way.

Intense slowdown.

Not pictured: I noticed it for a split second, but that porcu-puffer fish was swimming in air due to the fluctuating tide.


-> Removed:
Hack Name: Super New World
Lenght: 10 levels
Author: Super Star123 - Submittted by: Super Star123
I don't know if it willwork this time i just hope it does

-> Removal Reason(s):

As you can see, there's a black line being displayed on the left of the "W" in "World" - I would suggest editing the title screen graphics so that you can get rid of such flaw.

Some examples (actually, these were the ONLY examples I could find while playing through your hack... :P) of cut-off tiles. Since they are quite noticeable, I strongly advice to get rid of them all.

...and that's why you cannot use such sprite in non-Layer 3 water.

The background palette here certainly needs some work - I would suggest playing around with custom palettes before coming up with something like this.

This screenshot doesn't exactly show the flaw found in here, but eh. Anyways, I reckon you would be quite interested in fixing up the FG/BG initial positions in here, that can be easily changed in the window displayed by clicking on this button: In this case, I would say that the FG/BG initial positions would have to be set to 00/00.

^ the same goes to the FG/BG initial positions for this level.

Bad palette for the status bar - I do not think this should be too hard to fix, considering that you are using a few things that require a custom palette usage to be displayed correctly.

This pretty much explains why placing a Hammer Brother at the top of some tile that is supposed to act like a cloud is definitely worth it than placing such sprite on regular ground.

Levels that require a specific switch to be activated in order to be beaten is not a very good idea. I would suggest working out with this level a tad little more, especially with its concept.

I would assume that you are using the wrong sprite memory in here, making the tiles' of these Thwomps show up incorrectly at times. If that is really the case, then simply click on the button and change the sprite memory to 0E - this should do it. Also, I highly recommend getting rid of some unecessary sprites in here, since such sprites can create some constant slowdown in that section at times.

Another problem caused by not placing the Bullet Brother sprites on a tile that is supposed to act like Map16 tile 106. Also, there is some intense slowdown packed within this section, too.

I really do not know why these pipes showed up BEFORE I had defeated the very last Hammer Bro. ._.

Also, I could NOT get past this level, mostly because of the time limit - I strongly advice to increase the time, so that people can beat such level easier.

-> Suggestion(s):
  • Your levels were generally too linear and straightforward, making some of them extremely boring to play through (such as the Hammer Bro level, as well as the "Giant World 1" phase). I would suggest adding more sections to your levels, so that they turn out nicer and more fun to play through. Making up something extremely linear and adding lots of unecessary sprites to your creation do NOT make levels fun;

  • The difficulty factor is something that definitely DOES need some work in this hack - the Hammer Bro level, for example, was quite frustating to beat, while some other levels that can be found AFTER the level I just mentioned, like the bridge level, were quite EASY to be beaten. I would say that you sure need to work out with the difficulty factor a little.

  • This pretty much sums up why this hack was removed. Please fix what I just mentioned and it shall be accepted the next time you submit it to the central.

    Hack Name: Kamikaze Mario World! Demo - 152.7 KB - 32 downloads.
    Length: 21 levels
    Author: buggsbunnygotshot - Submitted by: buggsbunnygotshot
    Description: Peach has been kidnapped, yet again. So, Mario must conquer bowser once again, but this time, Bowser is ready for him!

    Here's Why

    You can die on the intro screen, but I didn't get permanently stuck like you would normally.

    Not sure why there are a large amount of moons here at Yoshi's house. Also, the fire in the fireplace travels with you. Daw.

    Stacked launchers look odd.

    Missing tile.

    Put a coin arrow or some other indication to help guide the player. I wasn't too sure where to go, and did this bullet bill thing as a last resort.

    The ground is cut off here. Use corner and side tiles.

    That shell came out of nowhere :(

    One of the major issues I found with this demo is the mass usage of cement blocks. Just about in every level, there are long structures made up of these blocks. Sure, they are easy to use, but they really take a toll on the overall appeal of the hack.

    You can easily pass this section by hopping over the top.

    FG starting position is set too low.

    Using a glitched goal sphere isn't right at all. Use ExGFX to solve this problem easily.

    The triangle requires that little ledge tile...but it doesn't do this area any justice in combination with the cement blocks. Just make the area made out of grass or any other ground type by manipulating the tiles in map16.

    FG starting position too low.

    The current graphic set makes the lava glitched.

    I had no idea that I was going to die until it was too late. Use coins or something to indicate where the player should go.


    Oh my god. I was almost blinded by the contrasting colors here. Doesn't help if you're playing in a dark room x(

    Fix your paths here so that the dirt path is a bridge.

    The triangle requires that little ledge tile...but it doesn't do this area any justice in combination with the cement blocks. Just make the area made out of grass or any other ground type by manipulating the tiles in map16.

    You don't seem to enjoy using corner or side tiles. Please replace the blocks with the correct tiles.

    You don't seem to enjoy using corner or side tiles. Please replace the blocks with the correct tiles.

    First case of a floating muncher so far.

    The vine is cutoff at both ends. Either put a block at the ends, or use ExGFX and make your own end.

    The message block here kills the Layer 3 rocks.

    Here is another major problem I found with the hack. You don't provide any powerups throughout the game, but you use a midway point every once in a while. (That's another problem too...unfair difficulty in many places.) Since Mario gains Super status through the midway, he must take a hit to continue through the game, as there are many places where Super Mario cannot enter. This forces the player to take a hit, which isn't something people think fondly of.


    Blind jump.


    I always had a problem seeing jumping piranha plants anywhere but a pipe.

    Even though the player doesn't die, I still think you should extend the ground.

    Note blocks make cutoff in the water.

    Cutoff, and gray lava. Seeing lava in illogical places is a little nitpick thing of mind...I just never could grasp the idea of seeing lava in a normal grassland like level. Another thing I want to mention while I'm here. Each level seems to follow a similar pattern...especially with blue P-switches. It's like...every level revolves around using a P-switch to create a brown block bridge/maze/wall.

    If the player killed the enemies before here, there is no way to continue. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe there is a way to die you are stuck down here.

    This section got really tedious, since you can easily fall if you don't press the "grab" key at the right moment.

    If you don't make it down here before the timer is up, you are stuck.

    I failed to take a successful screenshot of it, but the note block graphic when Mario bounces on them are glitched.

    These jumps are very difficult, and provide a lot of frustration without savestates.

    That was rather asshole-ish. At least provide a warp to the beginning or something.

    Ugly lava palette.

    Odd piranha placement.

    I was stuck in this little tunnel when the P-switch ran out.

    Ah, the infamous muncher placement.

    There is cutoff where the ground meets the lava.

    I fell right into that Koopa because I couldn't see it when falling from the ledge above.

    The piranha here never appeared again for some reason, forcing me to start over.

    Intense slowdown from the mass usage of switches here.

    No goal post made Mario very, very sad.

    Using a glitched goal sphere isn't right at all. Use ExGFX to solve this problem easily.

    What is with the path?

    I'm stuck down here :(

    When the player enters the wrong door, in the room previously shown, they are treated to this long tunnel with a door at the end. This wouldn't be that big of a problem if the door didn't loop back to the beginning of the tunnel, causing the player to be doomed until time runs out.

    I'm seriously getting sick of seeing so many cement blocks. They cause cutoff everywhere, and no offense to you...signify laziness. It shouldn't be too hard to take some time and either combine some sets using ExGFX or manipulating existing tiles.

    The piranha here never appeared again for some reason, forcing me to start over.

    Flat pipe causes cutoff in the rounded mushroom/flower/whateveryoucallit.

    The current graphic set makes the lava glitched.

    Note blocks make cutoff in the water.

    Here is another major problem I found with the hack. You don't provide any powerups throughout the game, but you use a midway point every once in a while. (That's another problem too...unfair difficulty in many places.) Since Mario gains Super status through the midway, he must take a hit to continue through the game, as there are many places where Super Mario cannot enter. This forces the player to take a hit, which isn't something people think fondly of.

    Also, yes, I have copied and pasted a few statements I previously said just to help suggest certain parts of the hack I have already criticized.

    *Insert cement block rant here*
    Also, the water looks really....odd here.

    I'm loving the background.


    If the player jumps here before the P-switch runs out, they could accidentally collect the coin after hitting the invisible block, resulting in them having to reset the emulator.

    I've seen piranha plants with fish as stems, but never fire.
    (Your fire here is glitched. I assume it's because of the mass amount of sprites around this section.)

    Apparently the fire can float as well as producing piranha heads.

    The mega-sparky at the bottom is having a little trouble figuring out where to go. Daw :'(

    Mass slowdown.


    Well, this hack seriously needs work. I have stated what should be changed multiple times, but here is a quick recap:

    - Do NOT build levels (or large portions of them) out of cement blocks. They are fine when used here and there, but they should never be used as a base.
    -Don't let the player become Super Mario if they are going to have to take a hit 1 minute later to continue.
    -You use the P-switch gimmick way too much. I understand this is a vanilla hack, but there are plenty of gimmicks you can use. Heck, you don't have to implement one in every level. Just look at the original Super Mario World. Some levels just involved platforming. You used the P-switch gimmick so much, it became predictable, and resulted in this becoming incredibly boring.
    Hack Name: Outrageus Mario World
    Length: 1 level
    Author: era32a - Submitted by: Mriohony
    Description: Description is a screenshot 3.

    (This was the message in Screenshot 3: This is outrageous Kaizo World. It's very hard. You should use savestates, noob. After this it will easier. This is easier than Kaizo.)


    I wouldn't exactly say this is a Kaizo hack, but it's really hard nonetheless - mainly because of this:

    Apparently you used the "Layer 3 Smash" command but removed the smasher's graphics, making it impossible for the player to tell where it is and whether he will die when it hits the ground.
    Another reason for removal is that the levels (which were merged into one level) are almost completely unedited, except for stuff like a changed background and added decoration. (Well okay, I couldn't get past the second sub-level, but I'm pretty sure the other levels are like that too.)

    Not pictured: The tree tops in the first level kind of acts like water that makes you fall down slowly. Not sure if it's intentional, but it's weird anyway.


    If you want people to play difficult and pretty unfair hacks like this one, I suggest you upload it to the file bin and post it in the "Kaizo Hack Submissions" thread here in SMW Hack Discussion.

    Hack Name: Super Frenzy World C3 Beta Release Demo - 392 KB - 186 downloads.
    Length: 29 levels
    Author: RedToonLink - Submitted by: RedToonLink
    Description: Super Frenzy World C3 Beta.
    Tested, played, and loved by many.
    Moderators, if this hack is moderated, please delete the older beta version.

    This hack has some enjoyable level design and custom music, but the roughness around the edges is really debilitating.

    What's with the invisible blocks walling off parts of levels throughout the hack?

    Cement blocks used like this is rather ugly.

    Mario comes out of the pipe 1 block too far right. Not sure if this is intentional or not, so I'm just bringing it to your attention.

    Init FG position too high

    May I ask about the purpose of all the blocks that set $19 to #$00?

    How are we supposed to know that's death water? Or walljump blocks?

    The overworld design isn't that great. Unnecessary cliff lines, blocky design, revealed levels and paths...

    The way you implemented the shop is very ham-fisted. Just go with shop blocks or somthing.

    The whole "custom block test" thing isn't required. Just have message boxes throughout levels explaining the block functions as they appear etc.

    Discoloured switch blocks.

    Forced powerdowns bad.

    What's with goombas falling in from above??

    Reaching the midway point, dying, and reappearing being used in the main path isn't too good. Use that trick for a secret exit.

    This kind of level design is bad.

    Wrong corner tile.

    I think you misplacded that vine.

    The very top of the canopy is solid for whatever reason.

    This kind of level design gets repetetive after a time. Also the BG palette could be improved.

    Top of bush is cutoff. Why is there a bush growing out of bricks anyway?


    What temple??????

    I guess the message block could be counted as a warning but traps like these are not nice.


    What the hell is the purpose of the forced powerdown and powerup? Just put a mushroom incase Mario is small otherwise let the player continue as normal.

    No sprite bouyancy and it would be nice if the blocks were replaced with non-cutoff corner tiles.

    a) blank message
    b) Wwhy do most of the levels end with the same area?

    Graphics alternate between kirby frame and koopa frame.

    Yeah this level is ridden with incorrect fg initial positions.

    Graphical inconsistency.

    FG init position.

    Notpictured - the "end of demo" and credits being reached through a pipe in the last level rather than having their own level on the overworld.

    While I did have fun playing this hack, the overworld and lack of explanation for custom blocks ultimately barred the way to acceptance. Just fix those things and what is depicted in the screenshots above, and you have a winner.
    Hack Name: Super NOOB World
    Length: 7 levels
    Author: JIM4741 - Submitted by: JIM4741
    Description: a really crappy hack where mario must defeat king boo. (not like it's that hard, really...)


    Try again with less ROM. That's illegal, and for submitting one, the punishment is a 72 hour ban. Submit an IPS patch next time, please.

    Name: vertigo mario world 5
    Author: shiloa437
    Description: Here is the hardest vertigo hack ive made so far this hack is for advanced players who are realy smart

    Based on the provided screenshot...

    ...I don't even think I need to play this hack to judge it wanting against our submission guidelines.

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