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Name: vertigo mario world 3
Author: shiloa437
Description: This hack is harder and better than the first hack

Based on the provided screenshot...

...I don't even think I need to play this hack to judge it wanting against our submission guidelines.

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My Hacks:

Name: Vertigo mario world 1
Author: shiloa437
Description: The first vertigo hack its got two or three flaws its a bit hard its basicly a rely easy kaizo mario rom

Oh, only two or three? Can't be too bad! Let's have a looksie...


You should probably read the hack submission guidelines from cover to cover if you plan on submitting anything else - you're three submitted, three declined, and that's not a good batting average.

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My Hacks:

Name: Super Custom World
Author: DJSecret
Description: This is my very 1st ROM hack. Please give me your honest opinion on it :)

Do "DON'T SUBMIT ROMS!" and "DON'T ATTEMPT TO HIDE THE FACT YOU SUBMITTED A ROM!" count as opinions? Read the rules and hack submission guidelines during your ban.

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Something awry? PM me!
Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:


Details for Falling
Hack Name: Falling Demo - 414.2 KB - 16 downloads.
Length: 12 levels
Author: PTMarc33 - Submitted by: PTMarc33
Description: Let's fall!
My first hack!
Feel free to make a "Let's play" on Youtube ;)

Here's Why

Title screen needs work.

Mario is Missing!

FG starting position set too low. Also, just to save space, EVERY level had the same problem.

Cuttoff where the horizontal grass meets the vertical edge.

Why does Mario just walk over all terrain and return to Yoshi's House?

The player shouldn't be presented with an easy 3-up moon. And the player should definitely not be presented with so many at one time...that's usually more moons that a single hack uses.

Don't make the player walk on the lowest row in Lunar Magic, as only the top pixel is visible. Also, the little "goal" area to the right looks odd.



Blocks create cutoff once broken.

To put is plainly, this overworld isn't good at all. It's pretty flat with hardly any decorations. The corners are miscolored as well.

This level is the exact same as the last, except you have to retrieve the key from the BOTTOM and work your way back UP.


Since the player is required to be big to beat each level, why did you make a part that is difficult to pass while Super Mario?



Please explain to me how I was supposed to know that these seemingly normal SLOPES hurt me. I mean, come definitely should have put in an explanation for this. Also, those climbing net edges hurt. Go figure.

Recycled section...again.

Top and bottom of vine creates cutoff.

What is with the red switch block outlines?

? blocks for the fire of lit candles. Nice.

Going down these sections is no problem. But going up is a whole different story.

Vine abuse.

Glitched bouncing frame. And from this point on, I got frustrated beyond words. You are frequently being glitched all the way back down due to one tile passageways, and Super Mario just gets pushed down. After this, you have another vertical section of turn blocks, only this time, you have to pick the right shaft, or else you have to climb back down and start over. Not to mention I only had 30 seconds to do this, and died on my way back down.

This hack had a nice idea I suppose...a hack full of vertical levels. But in my eyes, vertical levels are very hard to perfect, and most end up being sloppy, as the case here. What I hated the most was that you had no idea where an enemy was, as they all just fall down at once. You can be climbing with no problem, and then get assaulted by 4 Koopas at once. Not fun, especially when you need a feather to beat the level. I can't really suggest anything besides reworking every level, or just starting fresh. You had a nice concept, but executed very poorly.

Hack Name: Goombario's World Demo 2 Demo - 1.2 MB - 42 downloads.
Length: 25 levels
Author: Cellcen - Submitted by: Cellcen
Description: Goombario is Back!

Difficult:World 1 Normal World 2 Hard!

INFO:"I tried to use FadeFix, but for some reason, it refuses to work in some levels."


@ SMWCentral Mods & Admins:if this demo has been moderated, please Goombario's World Demo 1 Final version removed. Thanks!

Have fun with the new Demo!

Here's Why

I hate to do this, but rules are rules. You included a ROM in your zip, so that results in a 72-hour ban. ROM's are illegal, and are not allowed on this site. Please double check your folder next time before you upload it. Remove the ROM, and resubmit your IPS. I will gladly play through it in its entirety then :)

Hack Name: Super New World Demo - 445.1 KB - 52 downloads.
Length: 10 levels
Author: Super Star123 - Submitted by: Super Star123
Description: I don't know if it willwork this time i just hope it does

Here's Why

Standard door creates cutoff in the dirt.

The cave tileset actually has corners that fill in these gaps in the water, so make good use of them.

The first Pix battle is a little hard due to the cramped space. Maybe you should make the area a little bit easier to move around in. Also, the background is very may want to rework it a bit.

FG starting position starts too low.

Odd status bar palette. Also, the top part of the screen had a flashing black bar going across it. Not sure if it me or what O_o

This whole level is very flat with only hammer bro. type enemies to hop over. Seriously, besides the enemies, you can literally just run and jump over walls. Not very fun at all.

This level leads to an infinite bonus game.

If you pass the Yellow Switch Palace, this level turns into another run and jump segment. I have no problem with you providing a safety net as a reward for pressing the switch, but you took all of the challenge out of the level.

Use the candle light generator, or just remove the candle sticks.

These bullet bill bros. get stuck in the ground.

I found this jump very annoying. (From the bottom right block to where I'm at now.)

When I killed the final enemy, this pipe just popped up and killed me. You may want to move it so the player can't die.

The second Pix battle was far more frustrating. A green Pix got stuck in the little area I started in, and made things very challenging, especially as Super Mario. Again, this fight is very hard due to the cramped space, so maybe you should rework it a bit.

After the Pix battle, I was rewarded by visiting our old friend Iggy. Note the time.

Looks like you forgot to rename these levels.

Too many sprites here caused Mario to gain floating abilities. Look at him go. Remove some sprites in this area so Mario can safely travel this area without losing his vehicle.

The palette here is a little eye-searing.

There is an odd slope tile right where the lava meets the slope.

Mario just exits a pipe from nowhere.

This spike top must be related to this guy. Daw. (The spike top seems to get confused when placed on a slope.)

FG starts too low.

And I met an abrupt freeze here. I couldn't pass this level for some odd reason...the game just locked up here.

Hack Name: Super Mario World "Title Pending" Demo - 400.8 KB - 14 downloads.
Length: 8 levels
Author: ChaoticFox - Submitted by: ChaoticFox
Description: As you can tell by the title, this hack is currently unnamed. Which means the introduction level isn't complete either. But don't let that stop you from playing! This hack has received great scores by fellow hackers Hellsingrunner and MegaFonzie!
I hope you enjoy!

Here's Why

Looks like your patch corrupted. Try re-patching a clean Super Mario World ROM. You may have to re-download the ROM from another source if all else fails. Just make sure you test your patch before submitting.

Hack Name: Yoshi's Adventure (Fixed) - 124.3 KB - 30 downloads.
Length: 5 levels
Author: Gamecubeman - Submitted by: Gamecubeman
Description: Hello. Sorry I missed some stuff. I forgot to add a yoshi coin and named the title screen. Enjoy!

Here's Why

The bottom of the islands are a bit cutoff...use the tile that joins the land with the ocean. Also, see if you can change the palette of the OW Yoshi to blue to match the player sprite.

The munchers here are harmless. Go into map16 and change them to act like tile "12F". That will fix the problem.

Perhaps you can limit the 1-ups here to one?

The tile where the slope meets the flat ground is a bit quirky. Try using the normal south west inside corner.

Hard to see, but the side of the lava acts like a solid ground. Not too sure how to fix this, as I remember that Nintendo programmed the sides in a strange way, since they act solid on most tilesets. Try making them act like the flat lava...and if that doesn't work, don't worry about it.

The door looks like it's floating when placed over those spikes. Perhaps you can just move it above flat ground instead.

To fix this glitch, just make sure that there are no graphics beyond the last screen you use.

This is just a pet peeve of mine...but you can easily replace these cement blocks with the large castle stones you used earlier. Makes this area look much better.

Hard to see, but the frame for when the player turns while holding something is glitched. Perhaps you forgot to draw that one?

This just blew my mind.

Make sure you fix that muncher problem, as well as that glitch with the crushers. Other than that, the other things are minor. I suggest you look into them if you wish...but it's up to you.
Hack Name: Super Nova World Beta 2
Length: Unknown
Author: OmegaMario - Submitted by: OmegaMario
Description: The 3 Worlds and the Spacial are redone.
No new story.


The IPS patch does nothing. Make sure it works correctly and test it before resubmitting it.

Super Mario: Hunter's Revenge 3: Hunter's Return! 70 levels metalgearhunter
Submitted by: metalgearhunter 1.02 MB Download
289 downloads Approve Delete
Super Mario: Hunter's Revenge 3: Hunter's Return! v1.1 70 levels metalgearhunter
Submitted by: metalgearhunter 1.02 MB Download
25 downloads Approve Delete

Deleting these because they are older versions.
Hack Name: L4good island (fixed)
Length: 6 levels
Author: L4good - Submitted by: L4good
Description: this is my L4good island demo. i did some fixing on this and changed some things, and i did change the music. i hope you like it.


The title screen text looks just ugly. Use the capital letters that don't have a black box around it. This will also fix the priority problem with the "Goodgamer" that appears behind the ground most of the time.

A bit of capitalization and punctuation wouldn't hurt.

About half of this level consisted of flat terrain with a few Goombas and Chucks added. Pretty boring level design.

These two corner tiles are wrong. Only use this tile when there's dirt behind it.

Use a proper edge tile here.

The area around the pipe looks odd... Why not just use corner tiles?

Another example of not-so-great level design.

I dont really like the color of the spots in the dirt here. No need to fix it, just my opinion.

What you need to fix, however, is that the player has to beat the yellow switch palace in order to proceed here. You should make the level side-exit-enabled, so one can leave the level without dying. Better yet, get rid of this whole "switch requiring" idea.

You enter a door...

...and come out of a pipe? (Which is invisible, to make matters worse.) Change the door to a pipe or vice versa.

You shouldn't use the bottom row of tiles in LM for solid ground, not even in cases like this.

Really bad foreground palette. Change it to the castle-default gray.

Sprite Tile issues. Set the sprite memory to 0E (Lakitu button) or apply the "No more Sprite Tile Limits" patch and set the sprite memory to 10 to fix it.

You have to react rather fast to not get hit by the grinder. Make the player start in a safe spot.

Do not use floating or stacked munchers (black piranha plants).
Also, I didn't manage to get the blue P-switch before the silver one ran out in time, and I couldn't retry without dying or using savestates. Always give the player an option to reset the level (pipes or doors leading back to themselves) if it's possible to screw up.

See screenshots 2 and 3.

Hack Name: Miyu Adventure [KOR,Demo 2] - 532.7 KB - 112 downloads.
Length: 27 exits
Author: AirMario0 - Submitted by: AirMario0
NOTE 3: Intro isn't finished.
NOTE 4: Credits will be on final demo.
I made the first(not real -.-) hack.
This hack contains some Graphics, Custom musics, Sprites, etc...
(I'm REALLY sorry for REALLY bad Level Design!)


If you jump up here as big Mario, you die.

There's a fake hole under here, and you die if you don't hit the invisible coin block here, which I couldn't figure out for like 15 lives.

I'm not sure if this was the intent, but this moon is unreachable; Fireballs don't destroy what look like ice blocks.

Putting this over a muncher pit is a bad idea.

More invisible coin blocks. I didn't see these until I hit my head on them and died.

Why am I dieing when I'm touching this?

This door has a missing key hole. If I didn't realize it was supposed to have one, I would think the door was busted and didn't work.

I couldn't get any further than the Doomship part of the castle level. I'm sure there are more mistakes past that, so run through your levels a few times to make sure you find all (or at least most) of them.

by YamiMario

This was by no means a bad hack at all. I rather enjoyed it, in fact, despite its shortness (which could be seen as a rejection issue, but I don't think it warrants it much due to the style of the hack.) I only found two issues with the hack:

A bit of an odd coloration. Not an issue that warrants removal, but since I'm writing the log, might as well put it up here.

The major issue that I'm removing the hack for, however, is the fact that despite being unable to see it on the status bar, there is a time limit to deal with. It came as a nasty surprise, and... despite having definitely taken my time and searched a couple places to figure this one out, the issue's there, and it's got the potential to cripple things.

Just patch up the time limit issue (and the miscoloration, but I'm not picky about graphics issues unless they're GODAWFUL) and you've got yourself an approval, in my eyes.

Hack Name: Super Mario Omega (Demo 1.1)
Length: 7 levels
Author: JayneoProductions - Submitted by: JayneoProductions
Description: This is the fix of Super Mario Omega.
**Mods delete other one


I was pretty close to accepting this one, but felt there were some issues that should be fixed so your hack ends up being even better.

You mentioned in the readme that you couldn't fix the Y. I'm not sure why this glitch occurred, though you may want to try using a different level altogether for it to fix the problem.

Something about the huge number of stars in the background planets below you seems a bit strange. Kinda cool though.

For some reason, the level tile didn't show up here and there was a castle destruction event. Might want to look into it.

This message cut off.

No offense, but this palette's pretty bad.

The TXT says this is the last level, but it'd be nice if there was some sort of message. I almost thought there was something beyond this since an event was revealed to the right.

I would suggest you either:
A. Get rid of the SMW overworld entirely except for what you're working on or...
B. Disable viewing the rest of the world with Start. You can change that in the extra overworld options.

So yeah, that's about it. Good luck fixing it up a little more.
Hack Name: Super New World Demo 2
Length: Unknown
Author: Super Star123 - Submitted by: Super Star123
Description: This has been changed a lot and is not as hard as the first one hope you like it and i forgot to change the welcome to dinosaur land thing it will be changed in the next demo.


Uh, okay. I'm not even sure why this level is still here then.

Bad palettes for midway points and pipes here.

I'd suggest using the Fade Fix patch for this. It was an issue in most of the levels.

Some of the Yoshi coins were on a sub-screen boundary, causing them to glitch as shown here.

Having this scroll wasn't the best, since Mario doesn't move at all while the net does. He can even be climbing on nothing.

Again, the palettes need work here and there appears to be no solid surface.

Um... again, it looks like Mario's just walking on nothing and the placement of the flames in the background seems odd.

Massive lag here.

You might want to work on your grammar here. Mario didn't slow down when he hit the brown mushrooms!

Goal point palette needs work here. Also, why isn't there any background?

I'm not too fond of the FG palette here, and what's more, the glowing is very annoying for this level.

Looks like there's still a Goomba frame here.

There's also a shell-less Koopa frame left intact.

I had no idea this was a door. Seriously, it looks more like a window than anything, and it took me quite a while to figure out how to get through.

Yeah... I have the same concerns here as the Iggy robot boss.

Might want to fix the display message colors here. Also, by going to the very far left for the pink door, I was transported to an endless bonus room.

I did not understand how to get through this. Even after using the P-switch, there was no way to grab the key, since it was surrounded by cement blocks.

All in all, a fair amount of work still needs to be done with this hack. There are some palette and graphical issues, as well as a few glitches as mentioned above. I have to say though, the green switch palace and its math problems was especially clever, and I felt you did a good job with it.
Hack Name: Super Koopa World- THE MOON EDITION!!!
Length: 9 levels
Author: Rita - Submitted by: Rita
Description: There are some bugs I need to fix, But THAT IS FOR ANOTHER TIME! Also THIS HACK IS SUPPOSED TO HAVE A RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF MOONS! So don't say it is total crap.


Bad patch. Try again, and be sure it works next time.

Also, I'm slightly concerned with the hack itself. It's not a good idea to have a ridiculous amount of moons, and while we all love Moonymoonymoons, a joke hack like this probably won't be accepted.
Hack Name: Super Mario Bros 96;1 Hard Challenge
Length: 4 levels
Author: McafeeCenter - Submitted by: McafeeCenter
Description: A very hard challenge. Link to the
hacking problem forum.


This title screen is quite cluttered, and the rope makes some of the text hard to read. I'd recommend fixing it up a bit.

What have you done to poor old Yoshi's House? If the player isn't supposed to be in the level, you can just remove it entirely. Remember that this level will be needed for the credits.

Quite a bit of cutoff here and a floating muncher. Also, the goal sphere was Monty Mole dirt.

You may want to fix the green berry palette a bit.

I think you have the spring facing the wrong way. Also, please don't do this stuff with the P-switch and goal point.

Might want to fix Mario's

frame here.

As for the hard level... oh dear. First of all, what in the world is the ? block for in the FG, and why are there random ? blocks and bits of seaweed in the BG?

The autoscrolling gets very annoying here, to the point that you can't even jump by now.

This hack needs quite a few fixes. It's nice to see you were able to make an IPS patch this time, but the hack was too short and the levels had some serious issues. You may want to significantly lower the "hard" level's difficulty, or at least get rid of the autoscroll generator.
Hack Name: Super mario world hack (untitled) BETA
Length: 2 levels
Author: Mariosonic - Submitted by: Mariosonic
Description: This is a short demostration of my Super Mario World hack.It is only a beta.


Interesting display message. It would've been nice if you had tooken more time to fix the grammar though.

Oh dear... Also, please fix the berry palette.

I have some sage advice for you: please don't have unedited SMW levels!

The one somewhat edited level here only added a few more sprites and several capes. Please remove any traces of SMW levels (CTL + DELETE) and make original ones instead.

Please place a ledge over the goal point bush tile here.

It sounds like you're just getting into SMW hacking, and it's great to have new members, but please include some original levels next time. I would also work on fixing up the OW and on grammar here as well. Good luck with whatever you decide to do next.
Hack Name: Super Cape World Demo 1
Length: 8 levels
Author: madcat7673 - Submitted by: madcat7673
Description: Take to the sky in my first serious hack!


Floating munchers.

Lots of cutoff.

What in the world... the munchers don't hurt you, and why are there switches under them?

Some bad palettes here.

This transition needs work. You may want to use edge tiles here.

Why can Mario stand here?


This is a blatant SMW edit. You only added a few sprites here. Please make this an original level or remove it entirely.

Even more floating munchers and bad graphics for the Piranha Plant stem.

The ledge here cuts off and the palette used for the arches needs work.

After screens and screens of nearly nothing, there's a P-switch, and you expect the player to zig-zag back to the beginning of the level. It ended up being very repetitive.

Red Switch Palace was completely unedited.

Unfortunately, this hack needs a lot of work before it'll be accepted. There are a couple of clear SMW level edits here, many of the levels have cutoff tiles, and one must go back to Yoshi's House to even get capes. While a hack that uses capes as a main gimmick isn't bad, you still need to improve some things before it'll be accepted.
Hack Name: Mario Burn World (Beta)
Length: 2 levels
Author: gone2play - Submitted by: gone2play
Description: I haven't finished the whole game but it has two levels done (level 1 and 128 {i.e. the title is only slightly modified} are the only two levels i modified).


I think the title screen still needs some work here. There's a couple garbage tiles and it overall is on the messy side.

What happened to the overworld? You still have some cloud pieces here as well.

Please don't include so many moon so early in the level.

Floating munchers + jittery Koopas + cutoff = no.

Next time, please put more effort into making new levels and getting rid of cutoff tiles here, both in the levels and on the overworld.
Link Thread Closed