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Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
Removed: Super Mario World: The Seven Power Stars by Mario_World_Hacker


Glitches abound, people. Pics courtesy Kyoseron (who graciously added comments to her pics), except the last, which is mine:

Why is the BG here nothing but "default" Map16 tiles?

Also, why can't you enter the levels PEACH'S CASTLE?, GRASSY VALLEY, and YELLOW SWITCH PALACE? And why is the Special World Cleared setting stuck in perma-on mode? O_o (Well, it LOOKS that way to me.)
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
Removed: Super Mario World: The Seven Power Stars DEMO by Mario_World_Hacker


Unfair deaths. Really now, Spin Jumping off bricks just to continue? Umm.. Got Cape? If yes, you get an EXTREMELY unfair death in the Spin Jump portion of KOOPA BROS. FORTRESS. :( In the same level, there are two parts where you're just dropped onto a P-Switch above lava. DO NOT DO THIS. P-Switches can be carried if you hold Y or X, and I hold them ALL THE TIME. Meaning, if I don't see it coming, it's too late- I die. You REALLY shouldn't be making such unfair deaths. Also, why are nearly all the levels closed off? I can walk all the way past World 2 castle, but half the levels can't be entered- Why? D: It doesn't seem right. D: If you're not fully done with certain parts, don't allow the player to get to them. Or better yet, give a warning. Please. :)

On a side note, I liked some of the levels. Really nicely done now, except you get a Yoshi in nearly every level. O_o
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
Removed: Super WTF Mario World by reallybighacker


You die in the title screen. Umm... WTF? WHY WOULD YOU REFUSE TO FIX THAT? O_O Also, every level is just an edit of the original levels. We don't want that...

Need I say more? Honestly...
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
Removed: Luigi's Quest: Demo 1 by CharMixa64


I'll show some screens, but first, I need to explain why....because you may not wanna see them.... I'm serious.

Level 1: EYE-BLINDING PALETTES. And for the most part, everything's only one shade of 2 or 3 colors. D: Well, for the FG. BG? Non-existant.

Level 2: Just an edit of the original Donut Ghost House. It's SO OBVIOUS it's an mere edit. D:

Now for the screens. Due to what Level 2 is, there will be no pics of it. I mean, do you REALLY need pics of an unedited room of Donut Ghost House, and the room before it unedited save for two added Boo Rings? D: Here comes Level 1's pics... HUGE wall of line breaks to save your eyes. LOOK DOWN AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

Coin Sparkles are glitched. They were obviously overwritten...

This is actually cute, silly, and nice. XD

OH MY GOSH, WHAT DID YOU DO TO THE MIDWAY?! (Also, glitched sparkles when you grab the tape.)

Can you spot the error? *coughcornercough*


So....yeah. >_< Plus, it's just a two-level demo. Do we REALLY need a two-level demo that 1: isn't a full world, and 2: only takes like, FIVE MINUTES to finish? D:

<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
Removed: mario's big s island adventure by flyboy3451


Need I say more?

Bad level design. (Like here.) Unfair deaths. (Like here. Also, World 1 end- You die if you try to walk through the goal post- You have to edit the level above it. WTF?) Start of Level 2 is an insane Bullet Bill dodge on small platforms. Honestly... This is...terrible...
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
Removed: Luigi's Adventure: Version 0.27 by CharMixa64


Exact. same. errors. as. before. Eye-blinding palettes. Obvious Donut Ghost House edit... But now, a NEW "feature" has appeared! :D Luigi has a really high jump normally. What does this mean? That jump gets INSANELY high when you bounce off an enemy. I bypassed the last rooms of "Old House" with this. x_x D:<

Also removed: Super Mario Bros.: The Great Quest demo by CharMixa64


1: You "forgot" to credit Glyph Phoenix for everything in this hack. Yeah, that's right, people- CharMixa64 just took that Powerup Patch Glyph made and gave it ONE new level. JUST ONE. D: (I don't count "CHARACTER SELECT" as a level.)
2: There's no excuse to not fix the ground. Don't say "I can't draw, so I'm leaving it like that." You have the original SMW ground, y'know.
3: LAVA ACTS LIKE SLOPE ON TOP. AKA, you can walk on lava...unless you try to go to the left on it. THEN you die. D:<

<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
Okay, what the heck? Stop making me post here over and over and over again... x_x

Removed: Toad Town Stories by CharMixa64


See the reasons for Luigi's Quest/Adventure and SMB: The Great Quest. x_x This hack is both of those combined. Lack of credit, ugly palettes, PLUS a new glitch, a door that throws you into Level 000, Endless Bonus Game, is equal to FAIL. Sorry.... >_>
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
Take a quick break Lucario, and let me murder some hacks today.

Removal: SMW Boswer Island
Author: Garis208
Description: "8 Levels and 1 Boss. Enjoy!"

I only saw 7 levels and one boss. Are you lying to me? >=/ Anyways, this wonderous hack starts with a new intro sequence that is a single frame long. That's right, as soon as it begins, it ends. So you have to mash the Start button like a madman hoping that your input gets read in time. >_>
The intro is unchanged, but not the map!

This is quite horrible.

But the warning is true, you have to clear out the enemies, then make a run for it and jump off a Banzai Bill to clear a massive leap of faith.

All the levels in this game are like this.






Wow, semitransparent Layer 3! This is what happens if you have a Layer 3 object (like the wooden crusher) and a Magikoopa in the same level.

Is it over? :D

No it isn't. :(
It's a level made entirely out of cloud platforms with a bunch of enemies and no obvious goal.


Removal: Toad Town Stories: Version 0.52
Author: CharMixa64
Description: "(New Features)
Stompable Goombas
Fire Koopas
Hp Mushroom
Stunning Fireballs
New Signs
New Ladders
Thanks to Glyph Phoenix for
making the "Stupid" Powerup Patch."

There is a lot of interesting ASM hacks in this one, and I'm actually impressed at how far SMW hacking has gotten, BUT this hack is also not very good.

Now there are two things one can do in this intro.

Go to the right and find that the level is cut off -_-

Or more fatal, go to the left and enter the door. ENDLESS BONUS STAGE.

The rest of the game? It's actually rather bland in terms of graphics and level design.

Seriously, where is the definition?

It really doesn't look all that good.

The graphics for Toad are custom, but are flat and need a lot of work.

Maybe you'll be able to make this into a good hack!

First, a notice to the hack moderators: When you remove a hack (even from the "Waiting for Approval" list) you are supposed to write in a reason here so that people can learn from others' mistakes! Thanks.
Back to our regularly scheduled program...

Removal: Super Dave World Demo 1
Author: P.N.M.
Description: "Hello! This demo took a week to make. Or 2.

This demo only includes 4 levels.

The next demo will come soon.

Also please p.m. my youtube account in the read me or p.m. me in smwcentral incase you found a glitch! Also I need someone to make a title for me.


First, there is something in the readme file that piques my interest...
Originally posted by P.N.M., in the ReadMe File

No Ex-GFX were used in the Hack so no credit for anyone! Except my self lol.

And what do I see when I start the game up?

Nice try buddy, that earns you a tempban for theft. As for the rest of the hack...

Le sigh.

*Be careful

The player cannot see the lowest row of 16x16 blocks in a level! Stop putting in low platforms thinking the player can see them! It makes it hard to judge if a pit is ground or death.

Those Pirahna Plants go behind the ledge, you know.

Purple Coins look funky in the Redrawn tileset, you know.


This ground looks funky. Also, why is grassland music playing underground?

Removal: Super Insanity World FIX
Author: reallybighacker
Description: "Alright this time around I made some Required fixes, the plot remains the same. This is a VERY HARD GAME! so if you say it is too confusing, your not good enough. I am trying to stay away from repetitiveness, so ya.

So Mario is going home to get ready for a date with peach, when he finds his home has been replaced with a pipe. He needs his foot odor nullifier, so he goes down the pipe and find that..............................
He is in bowsers valley, but the land has broken up and is floating in space, wanting to find out the cause, he ventures forward.

I have placed coins in the Forest maze to direct you, extended icy cave a bit to compensate for the loss of the munchers, spaced out the enimies in the abyss, removed a boo block in luigi's manson, and made the overworld look a bit nicer."

Bushes have screwy graphics.


Well at least the description explains why the the overworld looks like this...



That one color in the BG isn't fading to black.


Players cannot see the bottommost row of 16x16 tiles in a level!


The spindles appear in front of Mario. I'm guessing they aren't?

Bill Launchers have messed up pallete.

That glitchy thing to the right is supposed to be a fireball from a Fire Lotus.

And now, here are some screens provided with the hack:

Blind jump = NO


Torpedo Ted generators without the launcher blocks. NO

There is no good explanation you can possibly provide for this.

Luigi's Misadventures and Super Hyper World have been deleted because they were submitted as ROM files.

Removal: Sando Adventure Demo 1
Author: Lunartoad
Description: "A first demo of my current hack.
Use Snes9x emulator.
Story :
Sando & Wakoo is in search of the Delta pendant which hides on the Erabella island."

This is the definition of "style mismatch". Flat character that looks like Alex Kidd on a super-detailed top-down view of what I think is some sort of temple.

Wait... Alex Kidd?

This is looking oddly familiar...

Hey, this is Alex Kidd in Pancake World!




More style mis-match.

Apply the fade fix patch!

And don't try to submit this hack again unless you get permission from the author of Alex Kidd in Pancake World, or replace the stolen graphics with your own!
EDIT: Welp, that was a big mistake. Apparently he ALSO made Alex Kidd in Pancake World. :(
At least apply the fade fix patch, then resubmit it. Sorry!

Removal: mario saves the orld demo
Author: what!
Description: "just a hack"

You seem to have a nipper plant fetish. You get past this by finding a hidden note block above one of the Bullet Bill launchers.

The goal posts aren't tall enough.

First, why is there a bad corner tile on that ledge? Second, why don't you just extend the platform instead of putting in a thin vertical pipe in Mario's way?

Again with the bad corner tile. Also, gray lava?

Broken midpoint.

MORE bad tiles!

I cleared the level, only to shortly thereafter fall into a bottomless pit.


Removal: Super Mario World: Extra!
Author: Wander 08
Description: "My first hack so its basic and not a lot of advanced things have been added, I'm pretty sure that I got all the bugs out so it should work fine. This is the original Super Mario World with two extra levels, a second top secret area and a new castle. Any tips or suggestions are welcome."

In other words, barely edited?

Here is the goal: a new castle area in the water.
One short speedrun of SMW later, I reach the Top Secret Area. A hidden pipe on the top left side of the level is the enterance to the new content - the stuff I have to overview before this hack can be given a yay or nay.

...a bunch of 1-UPs...

...and a green Wiggler head?

Okay, time to take on the first new level.

Yoshi eggs? Don't you know that if you try this, only one can grow up? (Yoshi grows more rapidly and the others are destroyed)

And the floor is coated with 3-UP moons -_-
There is also another green Wiggler head goal sphere.

Time to storm the castle! (Notice the lives - I wasn't joking about the 3-UP moons)

This does NOT look like a castle. You can't fool me.

So, door number one...

Yes, all the doors lead to boss fights!

And that's all that got changed!

Removal: Luigi's Misadventures Demo 2 (IPS Format)
Author: Maxmillian
Description: "I fixed the problem and made it into an IPS patch,but I am planing to change the hack's name and I already got a new plotline to match,even though it doesn't show up in the game as of yet.

New Plot:One day,Mario and Luigi were taking a walk in Toad Town when suddenly Purple fireball from above started to hit Toad Town and therefore causing explosions and then a chunk of debris hit Luigi on the head and he was out for two hours and when he woke up two hours later,
Toad Town was gone except for one building and that building was the the harbor's boathouse and Luigi decided to enter the boathouse and he found toad inside,and toad preceded to tell Luigi that he saw an Evil Genie floating away over the sea towards the Goodluck Island.

And yes,the plot is dark cloud 2 related."

This hack was submitted earlier, but as a ROM. Now it's an IPS patch, so it's time to playtest this.

Why is this blank? That's not very helpful...

Screwy HUD colors.

For some odd reason, this very simple-looking screen created unplayably horrible lag. Also, shouldn't that pipe-dwelling Lakitu be in a pipe?

Protip: When you make the regular Goombas stompable, you have to edit the graphic mappings to have squished Goomba graphics, otherwise you get garbage like this.

Eye-blinding "Mario" text (shouldn't that be Luigi instead?). Also, you forgot to apply the fade fix patch, but to be honest, just the moon in the background like this isn't too bad.

There is a very good reason the Switch Palace switch is not raised up.

You can re-enter the Switch Palace as well, which makes the level unbeatable.

More hack-killing LAG. Also, why are Torpedo Teds comming out of the logs and not from a Torpedo Ted launcher?

Putting Monty Python quotes in your hack makes you witty! Except it really doesn't.

Are you even aware that putting this many sprites on one screen will cause insufferable lag?

Okay, you really DO need the fade fix patch applied to this.

The corners of this level tile on the overworld don't look right.


In the Retro Path, half the blocks are SMB1-styled, the other half are SMW-styled. Pick one and stick to it!

Green Switch Palace can also be re-entered. Why do you allow for this?

Re-entering this area from another part of the level fucks up the BG, causing garbage.


Funky-looking SMW2-styled Goomba you got there.

Coin sparkles are glitched.



All that for a springboard. That custom block is glitchy.

This is because I couldn't see that you had a Silver P-Switch that you had to press to clear the munchers out. Also, at the end is a bunch of lag-generating Hammer Bros., and a blue P-Switch.

In short, this game is filled with lag lag lag.

Ugh, stupid people breaking into mod accounts to delete stuff from a website. Why must low lifes like that exist? =/
I need a hack to kill to lighten my mood...

Removal: Mario: The Fourth Sector
Author: S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N.
Description: "This hack does not require savestates.

This hacks features:

Bonus Rooms
New Bonus Game
Custom Music
A new World!

Mario has defeated Hunter and now Hunter's Revenge is finally over. A year has passed since then and Hunter and S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N. have yet to appear. He is back to battleling Bowser and has beat him 3 times during the year. Soon Mario heads off to the Garden where "S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N.'s Flash" takes place, but he runs across a portal on the way. What on earth could be in the portal?"

Personally, I am not fond of these kinds of stories in hacks. It's almost like playing bad fan fiction
But that's just me. Onto the hack itself!


The ground is a bit too dark for my tastes - it almost looks like a solid black pillar with no definition on it.
Also, why are you playing event music on the overworld? That event music isn't very fitting at all for a repeated use overworld BGM, IMHO.

Style clashing. Pick a style (SMW or Redrawn) and stick with it!

Why does this pipe have strips of glowing color on it?

Where the fuck did Mario go??

Good greif, the sprite memory settings for this level are totally wrong! So wrong that Mario disappears!

What the crispy shit is that supposed to be? Because it doesn't look like something that makes sense, like a goalpost.

Bad ledge tile.

This is a tricky jump if you're not Small Mario.


You really have to fix the sprite memory settings here. How could you overlook something this major?


Nifty trick, but I bet it'll somehow bite you in the ass later in this level.

Another bad ledge tile.

Hey hey, I was right.


It seems I have entered bizzaro world. Yet, it still suffers from the wierd glowing pipe thing.

If you have over 400 seconds on the clock, and you clear a level, the time bonus kinda bugs out.

Also, that was the aftermath of some sort of boss battle against a bunch of Fire Chomps that clone themselves. Since I wasn't able to safely hit one at the start, all four spawned another four. That meant LAG, and lots of it. Clever ideas, though!

EDIT: I just finished writing this up, and there's already a newer version uploaded. Stay tuned.

Fuck you real life and me having chores and errands to do while playing through the newer version of that hack.

Take 2!

Removal: Mario: The Fourth Sector
Author: S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N.
Description: "*Sorry, had to fix a small amount of issues*

This hack does not require savestates.

This hacks features:

Bonus Rooms
New Bonus Game
Custom Music
A new World!

Mario has defeated Hunter and now Hunter's Revenge is finally over. A year has passed since then and Hunter and S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N. have yet to appear. He is back to battleling Bowser and has beat him 3 times during the year. Soon Mario heads off to the Garden where "S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N.'s Flash" takes place, but he runs across a portal on the way. What on earth could be in the portal?"

Okay so this is a fix for the previously submitted hack. Let's see what has changed.

This is unchanged from the previous version!

The overworld looks a LOT better, but it does not sound better. Please find a better overworld BGM!

Water looks good, but the mix of SMW and Redrawn graphics is not.

Wierdass semi-glowing yellow pipes.
This is unchanged from the previous version!

You fixed the sprite memory problems! Hooray!
However, the coin in front of the mushroom looks really wierd.

It lags like hell here.

This still looks crappy and makes no sense.
This is unchanged from the previous version!

Something I didn't notice before: The bridges look a bit messed up.

You fixed the bad tile! Hooray!

Something I didn't notice before: That horizontal orange pipe looks... odd.

You didn't fix this awkwardly hard jump.

Lag lag lag. Also, there is a powerup on top of that there blue block, but it is hidden behind the water. However, it appears in front of the platform's chain of balls...

This is unchanged from the previous version!

This little WTFling lept into the ceiling, and got stuck, then started to jump from there.

You missed a spot.

You missed a HUGE spot.

And I can't go through it

Well it seems you removed that mock boss battle against the self-replicating Fire Chomps and put in a new, proper level.

For some unknown reason, Fire Mario appears as Super Mario in this area (proof I'm Fire Mario: I can still shoot fireballs)

A Pirahna Plant with a fish for a stem is just plain wrong. And so is this.

The secret area idea is good... however I shouldn't have to find it in order to progress through the game! Also, I really do not like the idea of having walls be represented by tiny glowing dots. It's actually hard to see.

Top right of this ledge has a bad tile. All similar ledges in this area are like this.

Again, large time limits = messed up time bonus.

Kind of hard to see, but the lighter browns on this level tile are dark blues, which look really wierd. Also, the top of the hill is cut off.

Odd gray Bullet Bills.
Hangon... something's odd...

You forgot to turn off Vertical Scroll!

And now I am stuck here with an absurdly long time limit.

It's an improvement, but not enough!

Hey, you know how I declined Sando Adventure Demo 1, then re-accepted it after a small mix-up? Well I'm taking it down again. Here's the Private Message I got this morning:

Originally posted by metalgearhunter
I was looking at the Hack removal (which is very funny), I noticed that this

is and EXACT replica of the Dragon Boss Battle on Brutal Mario. If he reuploads it, I would not even play it due to the fact that he is using an EXACT replica of a stage. Plus the Stolen ExGFX. I would ask before using ExGFX from another hack.

Well, I did not know this. Sorry, but your hack is removed again for stolen content. For reals this time.

Removal: SMW - The Return Of Bowser v2
Author: Bmann7000
Description: "This is a slightly more updated version of my SMW hack.

I would like to give credit to 'BMF54123' for the "Perfect" breakable bricks patch.

1) Brand new Overworld.
2) Brand new Gh0st H0use.
3) Most levels have either been updated, deleted, or completely re-edited.

Thank you for downloading, and I hope you enjoy my SMW hack."

You show a lot of good ideas in this hack! However, I have some problems with it.

You need to put in some ExGFX for having the horizontal pipe join into the vertical pipe, otherwise you get a rather displeasing gap.

I fell into this here water-filled pit with no way of getting out... there's two on each side of the area. =/

Any reason as to why you're using the wrong pallete for Buzzy Beetles? :P

I flew above the level and the ground just ends like that.
This was done while I was frantically searching for the secret exit in World 1-2. This is because the level was a red dot on the map - red dots mean secret exits. And there's no secret exit here... you lied to me! Either put in a secret exit to a hidden level (like a Switch Palace) or change the overworld so it is a yellow dot!

There is a reason the Big Boo Boss originally had a single-screen arena with no vertical scrolling. He kinda glitches near the top edge of the screen.

This jump is an impossible jump, despite anything you might say about it.
In case you are wondering, that is how far to the left that Amazing Flying Hammer Brother is able to reach.

Removed: Chuck's Demo 2008: Demo 1
Author: CharMixa64
Description: "1st demo of my new hack."

This game again?

I said it before and I'll say it again: you need to learn to give your graphics definition. They don't look good if they are flat like this. Add some shading, please!

So why are buildings made out of 16x16 mono-colored blocks?

Wait, what?


You don't die on the title screen. For that, this hack is toast.
But let's press onwards, anyways, and see what else is in store.

Standard fare storyline. No typos, which is a plus actually!

There's three places on the map like this...

Again, missing definition.

Compare the Goomba in this screen and the previous one... his mouth keeps flipping from side to side!

To be honest this is a lot better than your previous submissions, but it still needs work.

When holding something, the player's graphics are... unedited it seems.

Again, more unshaded buildings.

I had a Feather in my item box, now it's an O Balloon?
Also, where is my cape?

Uhhh, yeah...
So this fight is against that earthquake-generating Bowser custom sprite, but made to look like a Magikoopa. If I lose my newfound ability to throw non-bouncing fireballs, I cannot kill this boss! And the fact that it shoots projectiles that stop fireballs at the same height as my fireballs, and that it constantly creates quakes that stun me, this was a horribly difficult battle that required use of the rewind key in ZSNES to beat.

So that Ghost House was really a castle?!

No matter how much I try, I can't reach the yellow dot...

Prize, you say?


It's wierd how that, when I shoot a fireball, the player's eyes vanish.

At the end was a battle against TWO hammer-spamming quake-generating Bowsers in a cramped area. WHAT THE FUCK

I rightfully earned my prize, damnit! Stop refusing my entry!

Link Thread Closed