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Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
-> Removed:
Hack Name: Mario's infinite hill.
Lenght: 1 Levels
Author: razenoku - Submittted by: razenoku
This is my first hack, is very easy but is good, you sure like it.
Is fully made with lunar magic.

-> Removal Reason(s):

As you can see, there are cut-off tiles in all the areas shown by the above screenshots. Also, in regards to the area shown by the leftmost screenshot, if Mario is big before coming out of the green pipe, he kind of "vibrates" after coming out of it, and weirdly falls through the small, yellow pipe. I would suggest placing ground edge tiles right below the end of the green pipe - this should prevent such issue from happening. I would also suggest getting rid of all the repetitive flower/cape/Yoshi question blocks in the area shown by the screenshot in the middle, and possibly tweak the palette of the cloud platform in the rightmost screenshot a tad little.

I don't see the point of including question blocks with Yoshi in them in this section of the level if you will shortly have to access a door, and you cannot enter doors if you are riding Yoshi.

Aside from that, there were also some grammar issues here and there, though it is most likely that we would accept your hack if these were the only issues in it, as it seems like English isn't your native language, judging by your "From:" line. Still, since this gets an automatic removal because of the extremely noticeable issues I listed up, lemme just let you know of the major grammar issues included in your messages:

The message shown above would sound better if it was written like this: "After defeating Bowser, Mario starts an expedition on a hill that the Toads say it is infinite."

This one would sound better if it was written like this: "Hmm... some people say that this hill hasn't got finished, better go explore.". Although, I didn't quite get what you meant by "finish", but eh.

-> Suggestion(s):
  • The atmosphere of this one-level-hack is something that didn't please me so much - it just doesn't make much sense starting off in a generic grassland, then going straight to some sort of lake or something, then going into an abandoned chateau/house/whatever, and finally, finishing off in a cloudy area. It just doesn't suit with the environment the level is in, nor it suits with the level's respective name. I would suggest giving each section of the level a proper atmosphere.

  • That should be it. Be sure to fix all the major flaws I pointed out if you plan on re-submitting this to the site.
    Hack Name: surely besthakc eva
    Length: 199 levels
    Author: Ulquiorra Schiffer - Submitted by: Ulquiorra Schiffer
    Description: this is the besthack in the world, trust me, best levels best music has nearly infinite levels, just have to love it <3

    i reallllly hope this will be accepted cuz this my first hack and i really wanna show it off so dont reject liek the most things i post :(

    PS: Please, don't take this serious ;)


    If you absolutely want to get a joke hack accepted here, give it a "real" description saying that it is one, provide the right screenshots and make it fun to play, and you may have a chance. This one was just... neither funny not fun.
    Hack Name: Super Mario World 128 DEMO
    Length: 1 level
    Author: Mew3Mew37979 - Submitted by: Mew3Mew37979
    Description: This is a DEMO not a real game. Welcome to Super Mario World 128 where there's lots of adventures. Princess Peach got kidnapped again and Mario had to save her. Can you Mario save the Princess?


    I can't see any differences to the original SMW... Try again when you actually have something to show. Oh, and even if you've made some custom levels, please provide more than just one, beacuse...

    Originally posted by Hack Submission Guidelines
    Unless you intend to make your hack contain very long and very high quality levels, demos which are too short to provide any feedback on or be enjoyable will be subject to removal.
    Hack Name: Goomba Islands Version 0.10
    Length: 6 levels
    Author: BakuganBrawlerLR99 - Submitted by: BakuganBrawlerLR99
    Description: My first hack. My custom goomba GFX wasn't done yet so I had to use the patch for this demo. Unfortunatley, it deleted my other GFX but thats ok for now. Credit to Majora252 for teaching me how to use LM, edit GFX as well as other things. Enjoy!


    The main issue of this hack was the so-called "Cutoffness". As the name implies, that's when objects cut off each other, aren't ended properly or are just floating in the air. Here are some examples of it:

    These are just some examples, so be sure to fix all of it, not just the instances heen here. Some suggestions:

    - Remove the water on the bottom from all levels, as it makes the bottom of the ground above it cut-off. If you really want to have water, use layer 3 water (by clicking on the tiny fish button).
    - Don't use floating munchers (black piranha plants). Make sure they're always rooted to something.
    - Don't use wrong corner tiles. In most cases, there's dirt behind it when there's actually nothing behind the ledge. Keep an eye on that.

    Other flaws I found:

    "Dear Goomba. Bowser has ruined the Goomba factory and now they're all turning evil!" You're the only one who can save us! -Gamba"

    Wrong palette for some cliff tiles, missing corner tiles, and the overworld looks kind of bland in general.

    Why a Ghost House intro if it's just Goomba's House?

    Bad ground palette. Also, what's with the water weed here?

    Cutoff windows, door, and a weird green tile behind the bush.

    Don't try creating furniture out of SMW blocks, it looks awkward almost all the time. Better make your own GFX or ExGFX.

    React fast or you're dead. Level entires like this are frowned upon.

    Candle light in the background, but no flames? Looks like you didn't add the "Candle Flames in background" generator.


    So yeah, this hack needs a LOT of work before we can accept it. My sugestions: Read the FAQ, the Hack Submission Guidelines and possibly play some of the Featured Hacks to see what we're looking for and what should be avoided when making a hack.
    Hack Name: The Tas World - Demo 1
    Length: 4 levels
    Author: pieguy184 - Submitted by: pieguy184
    Description: Just a little short hack with not too much difficulty, great hack to begin to do Tool Assisted Speedruns.


    It does have some rather unfair and difficult spots (for me, at least). Besides, I'm not so sure if we accept hacks that are intended to be "TAS'd", and not actually played. If you really want people to play this hack, you should upload it to the File Bin and post a link to it in your sig (or in the "Kaizo Hack Submissions" thread, if you think it's kaizo-ish enough).
    Hack Name: Mario's World
    Length: 4 levels
    Author: sedworld - Submitted by: sedworld
    Description: Very short hack, enjoy!!!!!!5 Levels counting yoshis house 4 levels not counting yoshis house.


    You can (and will) die in the title screen. Major flaw.

    Another thing you shouldn't do. Don't force the player to react fast at a level's start to not die. Suggestion: Remove the Thwomp and the Thwimp. (What purpose do they serve, anyway?)

    You've got some really boring spots in your levels. Flat ground, few enemies... You can be a little more creative, can't you? Maybe you should play some featured hacks to see what a good level can be like.

    Missing water top tiles. Also, water shouldn't be connected to non-solid walls, as seen here - it's just weird.

    The pipe cuts off the water a little, and the moons have glitched graphics. Why did you put so many moons there in the first place? They should be a reward for finding well-hidden secrets, and you should only give the player one moon per WORLD.

    The castle is already destroyed, and I can only enter it by pressing L + R... What the heck? (By the way, your overworld looks pretty bland.)

    Glitched bush in the castle intro. You should get rid of it (the intro, I mean).

    Apparently you're carrying a silver P-switch, but you can't always see it... To fix this, click on the Lakitu button and try out a different sprite memory setting (0E works in most cases). If no setting works right, remove some unnecessary sprites or apply the "No More Sprite Tile Limits" patch.

    The Ball 'n' Chain isn't intended to be killed, so it has a glitchy dying frame. Why not just remove the star?

    No floating munchers (black piranha plants), please.

    Chain connected to nothing, and more sprite memory issues (Hothead's eyes are missing).

    Not only do stacked shooters look ugly, they also cut off the lava in this case. Also, why does this level have no background?

    Cutoff bones.

    Sudden blackness in the FG, and... a floating hole edge?

    Sprite Memory issues, Take 3: Where's Mario?

    I guess this is the end of the demo, right? You might want to make that pipe lead to an "End of Demo" room that has side-exits.

    To be brutally honest, this hack was just... not good. You should read our Hack Submission Guidelines so that you know what not to do in a hack.
    Hack Name: Super Mario Island
    Length: 3 levels
    Author: Et3rnalmariofan - Submitted by: Et3rnalmariofan
    Description: Really short hack.

    Difficulty: easy



    Try again with a working IPS patch. Also, the folder containing the graphics was empty. Be sure to verify that both are how you want them before you submit.
    Hack Name: Mario's infinite hill.
    Length: 1 level
    Author: razenoku - Submitted by: razenoku
    Description: This is my first hack, is very easy but is good, you sure like it.
    Is fully made with lunar magic.


    You seem to have fixed some stuff since the last version, but most of the flaws Katelynn pointed out are still present.

    The level design is a bit repetitive in some spots. Several screen of water, a few fish / dolphins, and that's it.

    That's lava, and it's not supposed to be gray.

    Not a removal reason, but don't you think ground (or mushroom platforms) would look way better here?

    Bad palette.

    See above.

    Also, unless I missed something, the hack was really short... Too short in my eyes. Look what the Hack Submission Guidelines say:

    Originally posted by Hack Submission Guidelines
    4. Unless you intend to make your hack contain very long and very high quality levels, demos which are too short to provide any feedback on or be enjoyable will be subject to removal.
    Hack Name: super mario world boswer blow ups
    Length: 9 levels
    Author: super pokemon world - Submitted by: super pokemon world
    Description: a hack that takes place in yoshi's island, boom boom cave and boswer's vally.


    Blatant SMW edit with a bad BG.

    Cutoff water. For a truly clean cut, use... oh wait water can't be cut.

    This doesn't make sense. You might want to use a solid edge here instead.


    Coins cut off the net here.

    You should either keep SMW's overworld, or make your own without a bunch of cutoff and random layer 2 tiles showing up.

    More cutoff.

    Going this way makes you stuck and forces a reset.


    Bad sprite memory settings put Dry Bones a head of the game.

    Bad palette.

    I lol'd.

    Each and every level in this hack was a blatant SMW edit, which is not acceptable, the OW was glitchy, and poor grammar was used. Please work to make original levels next time and fix any sprite memory issues or cutoff mentioned above.
    Hack Name: Super Mario World 128 DEMO
    Length: 1 level
    Author: Mew3Mew37979 - Submitted by: Mew3Mew37979
    Description: This is a DEMO not a real game. Welcome to Super Mario World 128 where there's lots of adventures. Princess Peach got kidnapped again and Mario had to save her. Can you Mario save the Princess?



    More cutoff.

    Lag and sprite memory issues here.

    The entire level was placed in the intro level, which caused a lot of problems. It played no music after the fanfare, and it was possible to die, glitching up your life counter. What's more, it was too short to be acceptable. Please provide more levels next time, and not in the intro.

    Name: Super Mario World 2 The Lost Levels Demo
    Author: kingcJ1994
    Description: This is the beggining of my first hack. After Iggy's Castle everything is the same as before. Changes are to summarize it all up:
    -5 changed levels
    -New Luigi Gameplay

    Barely edited from the original game. How barely edited?

    This barely edited.

    Removal Log
    Hack Submission Guidelines
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    Something awry? PM me!
    Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

    My Hacks:

    Hack Removal:
    Name: Super Shadi World [Demo 1]
    Author: Ymro
    Description: This is a demo for Super Shadi World. Hope you like it, but more interesting (for us): what do you think about it? And please report glitches.

    Thanks! Ymro and Yorn!


    Alright. We've got many issues with this one.

    -The word "Shadi" is rather ugly and cutoff.
    -Palette for the game slots is ugly.

    -Vine cuts off the ground in the background.

    -Change "want" to "wants". (...wants to defeat...)

    -This house is full of bad palettes and really ugly things. I would really consider correcting it.
    -Both text boxes in this house read the same message.

    -Ugly black on the ghost house.

    -Luigi-thing's hat is cut-off. Fix the graphics for it.

    -Another ugly house.

    -Change "wich" to "which".
    -Change "nonsence" to "nonsense".

    -Much like Luigi's head earlier, Mario's head is also cut off.

    -There is a pit here which you can barely see (in fact, the only reason you can see it here is because the screenshot cut off the ground a bit.)

    -Foreground palette is bad.
    -Background is glitchy.

    -The player cuts off upon entering the pipe. Trying making a vertical pipe instead which is coming off of the ceiling (OUTSIDE of the water).

    -Fix the palette of this Pirhana thing .. the outline should be black.

    -The points are glitched.

    -The overworld event which led to this level didn't really .. do anything. I would suggest making some trees vanish, or make a patch appear, or something.

    -Many cut-off pipes here.

    -Ground palette is ugly.
    -Sprite palette is really ugly.

    -Left side of the pipe cuts off the right side of the water.

    -Right side of the pipe cuts off the left side of the water.

    -Bottom of the Bullet Bill shooters cut off on the bones.
    -The BG is ugly and should be changed.

    -Left corner of the ground cuts off on the water.
    -Water cuts off on the pipe.
    -Ground cuts off on the pipe.

    -I was able to fire a shell directly through that slope. I would fix the tiles underneath the slope such that this doesn't happen.

    -Multiple cut-off corners.

    -More cut-off corners.

    -More cut-off corners.

    -Cut-off vine bottoms.

    -Goal posts end up getting cut-off on the cement blocks. Try using regular ground here instead.

    -Change the outline to black on these Shy Guys.

    -Major issue here. You need to change the level so that "No Vertical Scroll" is selected instead of "Vertical Scroll Only When Flying/Climbing/etc". Because you didn't do this, the layer 2 scrolling is screwed up.

    -Iggy's platform palette is ugly, and the sprites he generates appear glitchy.

    -Assuming this is where the demo ends? You didn't really give any indication.


    A lot of your issues come from cutoffness and ugly palettes. I would suggest fixing everything I have listed here, and then resubmit it. Thanks.
    Hack Name: Nolt
    Length: 2 levels
    Author: cardius142 - Submitted by: cardius142
    Description: This is just a tiny taste of the next demo.
    I know it's not perfect glitchwise, and the text is just lazy. BUT I NEVER SEE YOU DOING CUSTOM TEXT TO F TO YOU


    The text is lazy. You should either get your custom text done or stick to SMW's. This odd mishmash doesn't work very well.

    Oh no...




    That's right, no glitched graphics. They were everywhere in this hack. Be sure to use the correct tilesets for them, and use ExGFX if two sprites don't normally work together.

    It didn't force death, but it did get rid of the layer 3 water that was there. Might want to fix that.

    Otherwise, the hack had very short, bland levels. You need to work on improving it considerably before it'll be accepted.
    Hack Removal:
    Name: boswer's giant castle
    Author: super pokemon world
    Description: this hack has 2 levels boswer's giant castle and creadits level the creadits level is just boswer battle exept it has creadits at the end. boswer's castle has no creadits at the end.



    Now that I have that out of my system, you need to do a lot of work on this. You're simply linking levels from the original together in any order you please. Going from the "Back Door" level to "Yoshi's Island 1" was not only a senseless translation of scenery, but both were barely edited.

    I was nice, and pulled specific glitches out of what you did edit (which was very little):

    -Text is very badly worded and spelled. It should be:

    "Ga ha ha! I took your Princess again! Let's see if you can get out of my giant castle!

    -Cut off level tile (the one Mario is standing on)
    -Should be spelled "Credits Level".

    -The pipe is cut off on the cement blocks. Try using regular ground instead.

    -Add text to this message box. In case you didn't notice (I pray you do now), it's empty.

    -Pipe is cut off. Try putting it against a regular grass wall.

    -Cement blocks are cut off. Try moving them + the ball and chains up a tile.

    -Pipe cuts off on the wall. Link the two corners together into a flat wall to fix this.

    -The "exit" door follows Mario. Try making this area only ONE screen long rather than a few to fix this.

    -Incorrect corner tile on the left.
    -Set "Vertical Scroll at Will" here - NOT "Vertical Scroll only when climbing/flying/etc.

    -Pipe cuts off on the clouds.

    -Pipe cuts off on the corner. Remove the bush and shift the pipe one tile over.


    At this point, I ran out of time. Please, create new levels - don't make cheap edits of the old ones.
    Hack Removal:
    Name: Wendy's kingdom
    Author: Mawwo7
    Description: Mario has to beat Wendy to rescue Peach. Custom Backgrounds , Custom Music and Custom generators included.


    This hack is actually quite decent, so before I go ahead and post all of the glitches I found, I just wanted to get that out. The design in it isn't bad at all, and some parts are quite enjoyable. However, there are some killer bugs which bog this down, so get them fixed right away so you can resubmit this.

    -The background color changes from the original dark blue to this light blue upon toggling the "File Select" menu. Try making the original color light blue as well, and see if that fixes it.

    -The faded outlines on everything look kind of out of place compared to the rest of the hack. May I suggest making them black to match every other level?

    -The palettes here are hideous. Please make them more appealing to the eye.

    -The bottoms of the two islands that Mario is on cut straight into the water, as you can see. Round off the bottoms so that they match the top of the island.

    -Another rather ugly palette.

    -These ropes cut off before they reach the pipes. I would suggest using the regular grass ground graphics here instead (try making a vertical wall that is two tiles wide).

    -This is the start of "Rex's Cave". As you can see, the level starts too high up. Change the FG/BG initial position in the header to C0 (for each of them).

    -The midway for this level is broken. I would suggest making a room in the first screen of the level (with the pipe) which can hold the midway.

    -Ropes cut off here. Once again, I would suggest using a normal ground wall instead of the pipes.

    -Round off the bottom of this island's cliff rather than making it straight.

    -Ugly BG palette. I would leave it as it was before (unaltered).

    -The MARIO in the status bar has poor coloring.

    -I would remove this note block from the level entirely, and rework this little area. It glitches due to not using the right tileset.

    -Many issues with cutoffness on this submap. One of the major ones is directly above Mario - notice how the cliff sort of cuts off there.

    -Cut off bridges throughout this level.

    -Horrible palette on these arches.

    -This is where the midway for this level leads you. You need to fix this.

    -Ugly status bar palette.
    -Lava appears cut off when it reaches the cement blocks.

    -Ugly ghost palette.

    -I'd fix the message box palette as well. Remember that the right side of palettes 0 and 1 in Lunar Magic are the status bar and other Layer 3 things. Generally, you don't want to edit these.

    -If you die in the 'running' part, you end up in a random position on the overworld.


    Despite all of these glitches, the hack isn't bad. Just fix them up, and it will be accepted.
    Hack Removal:
    Name: Super Nova World Beta 3
    Author: OmegaMario
    Description: This is a Beta Ver.
    I will Submit the full Ver. but I need help.
    Please find EVERY bug in this game!
    ^o^ That`s it.
    Over World Not all done
    Most Levels Redone
    # of Bugs unknown.
    Thanks for Reading and Have fun!


    Please find EVERY bug in this game!

    x -> infinity


    where x is the amount of bugs in this game.

    I have put together twelve images. Be thankful I even did that.

    -Title screen is awful. Random tiles are everywhere.

    -Water cuts off on the turn blocks.
    -The message box has terrible grammar.

    -Cut off hills scattered all over the barely edited map.

    -Cut off bridges everywhere.
    -Clashing background.


    -Double ugh.

    -Berry palette is awful.
    -Cut off cement blocks.
    -Random Koopa death trap right at the start.
    -Random bridges everywhere.
    -Random Map16 garbage (blue squares).

    -Arches are cut off.

    -Bottom of the goal is ugly.
    -Ground is cut off by clouds and cement blocks,

    -Hardly even edited from the original level.

    -What is with this mess of blocks?

    -Triple ugh.


    The glitches continue like this throughout the hack.

    Before you even think about submitting this again, read the "Hack Submission Guidelines" stickied thread, and fix all of these bugs.

    Name: The Deadly Dino
    Author: lime
    Description: So awesome youll explode.

    Don't waste my time.

    Removal Log
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    Something awry? PM me!
    Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

    My Hacks:

    Name: World Mario Super
    Author: Chamchir9482
    Description: Bowser and the koopalings have kidnapped the princess again AND have somehow messed up the graphics of Dinosaur Land. Now it's up to Mario to stop them! This hack features challenges that are worthwhile. If you don't believe me, try getting to the yellow switch palace (yes the one in the very beginning). I was surprised at how glitched up the forest was (you'll see what I mean) but I was happy.

    Yaaaay! You can place random sprites at the start of the original levels! You get the GOLD STAR! Also, a ban for not realizing that changing the name of a file to .zip doesn't make it a zip.

    Removal Log
    Hack Submission Guidelines
    My Sites

    Something awry? PM me!
    Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

    My Hacks:

    Hack Name: boswer's giant castle
    Length: 2 levels
    Author: super pokemon world - Submitted by: super pokemon world
    Description: this hack has 2 levels boswer's giant castle and creadits level the
    creadits level is just boswer battle exept it has creadits at the end. boswer's castle has no creadits at the end.


    Borders for this level tile look a bit odd, and what's up with Boo in the corner?

    Yoshi's House is completely useless and unfitting here. I don't know why you included it.

    As for the actual levels, they're made up of several small SMW edit sections like this.

    The levels are clearly edits from SMW, and the overall hack is too short to be accepted. Please work on making this a bit longer, and use original levels (CTL + DEL next time!) instead of edits.
    Hack Removal:
    Name: Return to the Island Where we Started
    Author: Neeheh
    My first demo of a hack! This is plain exciting. Well, not the first one exactly - I've done some Kaizo-ish hacks for some friends and stuff. But this one, this one is serious. My newbie condition don't let me to do a different plot from the original one, but well... I will get some skills to make it some day.

    ---Un-edited Storyline---

    In the way that all love and hate at the same time, Bowser has escaped, again, to the before named Dinosaur Land, and, how not, Mario have to get him again.

    The hack is difficultier than the original Super Mario World, but is okay to be the first world. I hope that this don't make the hack less fun


    This hack isn't bad. There are several minor and a couple of major things that need fixing though. I won't knock the grammar in this case since I can tell English is not your native language.

    -I'd change the palette for the map. It's quite ugly.

    -This room is rather laggy. May I suggest removing a couple sprites and finding a different way to put a 1-UP in here?

    -Change the FG/BG initial position to C0/C0 for this room.

    -If you re-enter this level, you are forced to suicide. I would suggest unchecking the "Allow L+R to Re-enter Old Fortresses and Castles" in the Overworld Editor.

    -Change the FG/BG initial position to C0/C0 for this room.

    -Change the FG/BG initial position to C0/C0 for this room.

    -Change the FG/BG initial position to C0/C0 for this room.

    -This midway point DOES NOT work. Fix that.


    So yeah. Fix these up and resubmit it, and you're good to go.
    Link Thread Closed