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Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed

Hunter and SCORPION's Bet: SCORPION's Ravage and Super Mario: (SCORPION's Wrath) The Crater - Demo have been removed by request of the author so that they may be improved and updated.

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My Hacks:

Hack Name: The Legend of Randorland 3 RPG
Length: 9 levels
Author: Randor - Submitted by: Randor
Description: This is a RPG based hack.
This hack is about Randorland, it got ruled by Randor again.

This is the sequal to Randorland 2.
It has 9 levels including the bonuses, Yoshi camps and one secret bonus level.

For more information about the story or the copyright check the readme.


Just a couple of rather minor issues.

That palette hurts my eyes a little. Choose some more equal colors, and maybe turn down the brightness a little.

Wrong FG iitial position. It's especially bad in this case, since you can already see what bonuses you are going to get. Also, if you're small, you can't spin-break the blocks and are stuck forever. Perhaps you should use side exits?

If you lose an item that's important for a puzzle (like the shell in this screenshot), you can't complete the puzzle without committing suicide. Reset pipes, doors or any other way of resetting would be great.

Now for two things that aren't really removal reasons for themselves, but that I'd really like to see fixed:

Bad "file select" palette.

If you bring Yoshi in the boss battle, you're pretty much forced to lose him to fight. A "No Yoshi" intro or something would solve the problem.

Name: super super world
Author: d5511282
Description: my first hack,i tried to do it hard.

I hate my life.

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My Hacks:

Name: SMW lol demo 1
Author: Will not be named, so as not to glorify them.
Description: O LOL!

It custoffman returns!

Yeah,, do not read this in intro, OK?

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My Hacks:

Hack Removal:
Name: Unknown Islands
Author: olipidolio
Description: This hack is not meant to be hard at first, it is a standard progression hack.


Glitches ahoy!

-Title screen letting has an awful palette.
-FG palette is also awful.

-Mario dies on the title screen right at this point. Edit the playback moves so that he doesn't, or change the design of the level.


-Palettes here kind of hurt my eyes, and it seems to be lacking decoration. I'd play around with this map a bit and make it look more interesting/eye friendly.

-Ugly ground palette.
-Ugly wall jump block palette.

-The corner tiles "cut off" as they reach each other. Add some "inner" corner tiles to join them.

-Hitting the transparent blocks produces garbage. If you insist on using these graphics, then copy the translucent block GFX to a blank Map16 tile and make it act like block 130.

-Why was there only one Dragon Coin in this level?

-I have no idea what you're even trying to tell me.

-Water cuts off at each corner. Try using straight, flat ground instead of adding the corners.

-Ugly FG palette.

-I've come to the conclusion that 99% of your message boxes suck.

-If you're going to make a "run under the goal" gimmick, at least make sure the graphics look correct and not cut-off.


Generally, your levels are quite boring as well, especially the first one. Try spicing them up a bit - add some sprites, or mix them up. Don't keep repeating styles.

Author: Some schmuck
Description: A JOKE HACK MADE BY **************


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My Hacks:

Hack Name: Return to the island where we started Demo - 40.9 KB - 19 downloads.
Length: 6 exits
Author: Neeheh - Submitted by: Neeheh
Description: Due to the other one having a bit of flaws, I had to fix them. Was a minor things, but I think that now, this hack has no problems.

The plot, is basically the same that the Super Mario World's one. A bit of twists and stuff, heh.

The difficulty, well, is medium.

Here's why

One thing I found strange with this hack as a whole are the odd palette choices. Most of them are very bright and can easily harm the eyes. Maybe you should consider toning down the colors and making them "blend" some more.

This is rather nitpicky, but I don't really like the idea of just "plain" backgrounds. This wasn't a reason for removal, but I figured I might as well comment on it.

I suggest you replace the brown blocks here with normal ground. Since the player will more than likely reach the midway with the effects of the P-switch still running, they won't realize that they fell through until they die.

In this level, if the player takes the regular pipe exit to the standard goal, they can easily reach the key and keyhole by jumping to the left.

This whole area seems odd to me. Perhaps you should just replace the clouds with normal ground and see how it looks.

I can walk through some of the blocks here.

This is the reason why this hack is getting the kick. If you answer the quiz question wrong, you get thrown into this room where there is a line of brown blocks above you, forcing the player to die. This isn't really fair...I have no problem with you penalizing the player when they answer wrong, but don't force them into death trap.
Hack Name: Randomhack
Length: 100 levels
Author: Et3rnalmariofan - Submitted by: Et3rnalmariofan
Description: Random random random...


No Yoshi intro for Yoshi's House? What's next, a No Mario sign for Mario's house?

This is quite random.


Why do you put a goal post right at the beginning of the level like this?

BG needs lots of work here.


And this leads to an endless bonus game.

It's clear this is not a very serious hack. Just about every level puts the goal point at the very beginning and there's a major glitch by the end of the hack. Please work on making the levels actually have a bit of length and decent design to them: submitting this sort of thing again won't be tolerated.

Removed idiotic joke hack of the day:Funnny Mario World

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My Hacks:

Hack Name: Super Edited World(v. Gamma)
Length: Unknown
Author: SmwCoolHacker601 - Submitted by: SmwCoolHacker601
Description: Things to fix:
Some lvls neme changing,removing some spirites of 1st common gosht house,forest of illusion levels is just a difficult for non expets players,and difficulting yoshis house,change text of some message boxes and edit "Funky" Special World


Cutoffness in the intro level, which you can die in.

More floating stuff. Also, the auto-scroll makes the camera scroll up and leaves Mario too far down, thus he dies.

The original levels are blatantly edited - all you did is add a few doors and unnecessary enemies. Small edits like these are really frowned upon. Press Ctrl + Del before starting a new level.

The few completely custom levels are horrible, to be honest. Cutoff tiles everywhere, bland level design etc.

You already placed a yellow switch in the first level, and pressing it makes it disappear in the actual switch palace, so you're forced to die there.

I see.


A you can see, this hack needs major work before it can be accepted. Take a look at some featured hacks and read the Hack Submission Guidelines to see what we are looking for here. Perhaps you should even make a new hack from scratch?
Hack Name: World Mario Super
Length: 165 levels
Author: Chamchir9482 - Submitted by: Chamchir9482
Description: Bowser kidnapped Peach, messed up the graphics, and it's up to Mario to stop him. Armed with fire flowers, caps, 1-ups, and mushrooms Mario went to Bowser's Castle. Unfortunately Bowser hid all his power ups in blocks, scattered them across Dinosaur Land, and cursed Mario with a blue outline so that now Mario has to go through all of Dinosaur Land again. Don't worry people, you only have to go through the 8 worlds once.


Based on the file size and name of the ZIP (Super Mario World (U) (!)) I'm assuming this was a ROM. Normally I'd ban you for 72 hours, but the ZIP is invalid and I can't be sure it really was one. Nevertheless, since the ZIP is invalid, the hack can't be played. Be sure it works correctly before submitting.

Some oddities I noticed in the screnshots were bad palettes, random tiles on the overworld, and clear level edits. Keep in mind we look down upon those and may not approve your hack if it contains them.
Hack Name: Boomerang island
Length: 2 exits
Author: Chris18 - Submitted by: Chris18
Description: My first hack that I released! :D There are 3 levels, 2 of them are playable and there are 2 exits.
Can you help him escape?


This doesn't look too bad, and I wasn't even completely sure if I should remove it at first...

I might just be missing something obvious, but apparently you're forced to take hit to get across the munchers, which is bad.

The ground between the two green pipes acts like water, and you can swim from one end to another. Not really a removal reason, and you don't need to fix it, but it felt really odd to me...

This seems to be the last level. Well, I wouldn't even call it a level, as it's just one screen long. So basically, the hack consists of one level... Is that supposed to be a full hack?

So yeah, the only real problems were the "get hit to run over the munchers" part and the hack's shortness. If you get rid of that issue and add some more (and longer) levels, it should get accepted next time.

-> Removed:
Hack Name: The Grassy Plains - Demo 1
Lenght: 4 Levels
Author: Pieguy184 - Submittted by: Pieguy184
My first serious hack.
As you can tell from the title, the main theme will be grass.


-> Removal Reason(s):

Avoid using bicolor pipes in your levels, as it is just... eh... plain awkward to see pipes like the ones shown above.

This is actually quite minor, and I wouldn't say this would be considered an actual reason for removal, but I would advise you to use the midway point tiles found within the "Standard Objects" and the "Extended Objects" categories, instead of building up your midway points by throwing MAP16 pages tiles together. Why I say this is because all the midways points found throughout the demo were not built up correctly (you should have used tile 35 on the left of the midway bar).

I recommend not placing the Paragoomba generator in this screen, or not using it at all, as from this screen on, the level gets extremely short. As you can see, the Paragoombas that are generated sometimes can land ON the ceiling of the area shown by the screenshot above, which is quite odd.

You can fall through this kind of tree trunks - this level was full of them. I'm not exactly sure of what you would go for doing to make them work the way they are supposed to, so I would just suggest not using this kind of tree trunks in this level.

The palette used by those vertical logs could be worked out a little bit...


Using sprites that do not match with the graphics of the sprite set you had initially chosen is not a very good idea - I would recommend making another section for this level where an ACTUAL goal sphere would show up. Although, this would totally ruin the message displayed regarding the Wiggler head and stuff... eh.

The above message also goes to the stem of these upside down Piranha plants.

There's a small cut-off tile on the rightmost of the ground located towards the left.

The hack had several blatant level edits, especially in bonus areas and cave sections. It is highly recommended that you press CRTL + DELETE in order to make a brand new level/sub-level out of the already-existing ones.

All in all, the hack wasn't bad at all. I actually found some sections throughout it to be fairly nice. It is obvious, though, that you ought to fix pretty much everything I pointed out in order to this get accepted.

Good luck!

Name: Desert palette
Author: Demoni - Submitted by bakash

Not a proper screenshot.

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My Hacks:

Name: Super GOTHCLAWZ World Demo 1 - Bowser's Cave [ONE LEVEL]
Author: GOTHCLAWZ, assumedly.
Description: This is one level from the Bowser part of my hack. The palettes featured in this hack are used in the main project.

Screenshots are from Lunar Magic. We want in-game shots.

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My Hacks:

Name: mario's super adventure demo 1
Author: mariocool1999
Description: ........... not gonna write a description until the final release

For one, you included a ROM instead of an IPS patch. Therefore, you get a 72 hour ban. Might I suggest learning to read the Hack Submission Guidelines?

For another, let's look at your screenshot:


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My Hacks:

Name: Kilgo's Adventure
Length: 13 levels
Author: RagingFury
There are 13 levels (11 regular PLUS 2 switch places [will ad the yellow]) and yes, I know, the some of the names of the levels make you go, "WTH??? THIS AIN'T (what ever the name is. like: Brownie Island 1)!!!!"

and the OW is kinda messed up (if one of you guys can make a better OW for me, I will be HAPPY!)
and I need to update a couple of the levels...
So enjoy for now! :3

Oh god I love it when users already talk about issues in their hacks in the descriptions... that gives me tons of hope that their hack will be amazing.

Also, I'm going to put as much effort into this review as you obviously put into this hack. I seriously am doubting that you actually even played the levels before you submitted the hack...

Screenshot Time:

Palette=No , and I couldn't escape this level... why the heck did you turn of side exits?

WTF blue blocks, horrendous level design

Falling garbage, I must be at a landfill!

Note block bounce pallete, even more great design

I never knew halves of floating platforms needed wings to fly, thanks for the info...

I hate these...

Oh, so they're glitched water tops >_>

With this kind of design, I can't believe Nintendo hasn't offered you a job yet

I wonder why these pipes were never used like this in the original SMW...

Hey, at least the screwed up enterance settings make this bonus room unique.

Also, I couldn't get to the 2nd level after I beat the first... if this was more promising I may have tried to enter the other levels to see what they're like, but since my blind grandma could probably design a better hack, I thought I'd skip that.

Constructive criticism: If you seriously want to continue making hacks, vary your level design more, check settings, test your levels, add more enemies, etc. This hack obviously was not a polished effort and thus I will regard it as someone screwing around in Lunar Magic so please try again.

Name: super weird world
Author: lo0katmyn4me
Description: really i made these levels pretty quick if you dont like dont play.

1.) This is not a proper screenshot:

2.) There are many ways to package up your hack for download. Zipping up a ROM with a bunch of MWL files is NOT one of them. Way to read the rules, zipperhead!

Man, I like this trend of hacks I can decline without ever playing. Saves time.

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My Hacks:

Hack Name: Mario's real enemy
Length: 35 levels
Author: Mawwo7 - Submitted by: Mawwo7
Description: Please read the readme first.
After 2 months of work i finished this hack!


The pictures really speak for themselves here...

It's more than obvious that you based this hack off of Brutal Mario. I highly doubt he allowed you to do that... Hacks with stolen content without permission = NO.
Hack Name: Time Passage (Demo 1)
Length: 4 levels
Author: Twilight - Submitted by: Twilight
Description: Just some levels I made over the past year that were decent. So I put the best ones in a single hack.


Actually, it's a really nice hack, and it's a shame I had to remove it...

This was the main removal reason. Swimming up on the left wall teleported me to an endless bonus game. To fix that, simply set the proper screen exit for the left screen.

The Mario block doesn't work properly - it still says "Luigi in the status bar. I'm pretty sure a fixed version of these blocks exists.

I don't like the idea of having "WRONG" rooms that you get to by taking the wrong door... You can't tell which one is the right door beforehand, so that's just unfair. Taking the player back to the start of the level instead should be a good alternative.

Which door was the right one, anyway? I suppose there's something up there, but I couldn't see it, since you didn't enable vertical scrolling...
(Also, slight cutoffness on the doors.)

The following issues are rather minor, but should still be fixed:

Stacked Bullet Bill shooters look real odd.

Minor case of cutoffness on the ceiling caused by the pipe.

The corners leave some wir behind them, though they're supposed to be in water. You could make some ExGFX with water behind the corners, but simply editing the graphics to make the corners square works fine too.

Missing inner corner tiles. Also, you can't tell there's ground here.


As I said, it's a well-made hack overall, but these issues kept me from accepting it. Fix them all, and you're in.

Link Thread Closed