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Hack Name: mario's super adventure demo 1 remake Demo - 20.1 KB - 3 downloads.
Length: 10 levels
Author: mariocool1999 - Submitted by: mariocool1999
Description: this is a remake


Missing candle flame generator, and that door...

...leads to an endless bonus game that I can't even start because I can't reach the blocks.

Obvious level 101 edit. Use Ctrl + Del before making custom levels.

What's that garbage?

When I died there, the level name on the OW changed and it led me to this level... o_O


Even though I was only able to play one level, I can already tell that this hack needs some serious work. Even if you fix the stuff shown above so one can play all the levels, I honestly have to say: Don't bother uploading it again. Frankly, you should start a new hack from scratch and read the Hack Submission Guidelines to see what's not allowed.

Hack Name: Mario Island (V.1-Beta) Demo
Length: 8 levels
Author: quiksilverryan - Submitted by: quiksilverryan
Description: Beta.... ummm nothing really to say except it's for people to test my brand of levels.

Firstly it seems you forgot to use ExGFX!

This is reason 2. 1 tile wide ground columns, and stupid custom blocks and their graphics that make the hack look like "My First Moony Moony Moons Magic Level With Custom MAP16!!!"

I know I sound like the asshole in my sig when I say this but basically what you should do is play some of the quality hacks, then restart your hack and make it a lot better.

Name: mario's super adventure by mariocool1999
Author: mariocool1999, allegedly
Description: i mean THIS is the REAL HACK so dont BOTHER the OTHER ONES
"READ ME!!!!! PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!.txt": if you FIND A LEVEL WITH AN EXIT TO START, DON'T GO FURTHUR OR ELSE...................
oh the number are the world you are in. not what boss in the world is.

oh... remember this:

2 6 1 3


Right, let's have a look and... oh dear.

Right, so let's see what we've got here.

1.) Horrible title screen that is cut off by the file select.
2.) Title demo in which the player dies, trapping them inside the title forever.
3.) Intro level consists of various ways to die, including stacked munchers. Game Over on the intro level means bad things, if I remember correctly.
4.) Lots and lots of cutoff.

Please spend more than five minutes on your hacks.

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My Hacks:

-> Removed:
Hack Name: SMB+ Demo 1
Lenght: 5 Levels
Author: The Oncoming Storm - Submittted by: The Oncoming Storm
Not very good but it's probaly my best.

-> Removal Reason(s):

Not really a reason for removal, but if possible, could you adjust the message window colors?

The overworld paths that are made out of just one 8x8 tile look kind of cut-off. I would suggest including more tiles for such paths, as it would avoid the cutofness caused if you use just that one triangular tile for them.

Why does the castle destroying animation plays at the top-left-hand -corner of the submap once the level 2 event is executed?

The fire caused by sprite 2B was supposed to show up in both the screens above. I would suppose they didn't do so because you are possibly using a sprite memory value in this level that is incompatible with such sprites. Try sticking with value 07 for sprite memory (in case you don't know how to change several properties in sprite header, simply click on the button to be directed to the "Change Properties in Sprite Header" window) - it should make these sprites actually show up in the areas shown by the screenshots above.

The bush here looks cut-off. I would suggest getting rid of the castle intro in this level to avoid the cutoffness caused by such thing (to do that, simply change your FG/BG set to "castle 2").

The hack was quite enjoyable, actually - it really reminded me of SMB3 at some points. Just be sure to fix at least all the major flaws I pointed out to have this accepted.


Name: Super hammer bros
Author: Flopping luigi
Description: Hammer bro decid to go on adventure full of fun
This is my first hack
This game is in two languages English and Brazilian
Custom sprite
Custom blocks
Custom music
Custom bosses
and much more

No hammer power up on this demo sorry

I found this quite fun, actually! But there's a few little problems that should be cleared up.

The front and back frames for the Hammer Bro are really, really badly drawn. Which is weird, since all the other graphics in the hack are good. If you're having problems, try using SMB3 Hammer Mario as a base for those frames, or ask a spriter on this forum.

Not all the overworld Mario frames are replaced.

The end-boss message is unedited, which is a bit odd.

Your midway banner looks kinda glitched for some reason.

Might wanna set Layer Priority on the solid underwater tiles as well.

Not a removal reason, but this seems a bit anti-climactic.

Might wanna turn off vertical scrolling on this level.

Fix these and you're good.

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My Hacks:

Name: Chomper Island
Author: YoshiNextGen
Description: Mario has traveled to Chomper Island.
Title Screen
DarkestIntellect is my YouTube so forgive the use of that name.

Crashes upon trying loading the overworld. Please remake the patch from a clean ROM.

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My Hacks:

Name: an untitled SMW hack
Author: pain-is123
Description: this is a Hack for just people's critisism meaning this is 1 level and I expect for people to see how this hack progresses. there will be more level production and all that stuff

Not really long enough to accept. Please resubmit when the first world is done! It looks alright from what I've seen.

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My Hacks:


Hack Name: Mario and the Rainbow Stone Demo 1.0 Demo - 240.9 KB - 86 downloads.
Length: 9 levels
Author: Magmite - Submitted by: Magmite
Description: This is my team hack's first demo.

Known Glitches:The wall kick mushroom doesn't let you wall kick on the right side of walls.IDK how to fix.

Features:Custom Sprites Blocks and Music.
Custom Powerups.
Original and ripped EXGFX.

Here's Why

Palette needs some work. The BG is way too bright.

The use of enemies and powerups as blank tiles really makes this level misleading.

This level seems to be an edit of Level 6 from the original game.

I died here for some odd reason, and there is a missing corner tile.

The P-switch is lacking an outline. Try to fix the palette so it has one.

Using square blocks for pipe joints doesn't really work that well. Try to make some kind of connection. There are some in the ExGFX section if memory serves me right.

The bush doesn't work well when it is above a rounded edge tile.

This part seems a little misplaced to me. Can't you just use normal ground?

Try toning down the BG a bit.

"their" should be "they're"

This part was one of the hardest parts of the hack honestly. It's completely unfair too. You end up killing the koopa with the shell 9.5/10 times.

Those bricks to the right are a bit misleading. I thought you could walk on them :/

There are some glitched map16 tiles up near the top.

Both the block and the post's palette needs some touching up.

Why does Peach's Castle have a Ghost House entrance?

Er...this is a bit out of place. A rocky space area for a level called Peach's Castle.

Lava's palette could use some work.

Does the weird tiles in the center of the stone blocks serve a purpose? They seem a bit glitched to me.

Why does the hammer bro throw P-balloons?


All in all, it wasn't a horrible hack. There are quite a few oddities that you should try and fix. But other than that, it was decent overall.


Hack Name: Beta1-GGY Demo - 134.8 KB - 13 downloads.
Length: 3 levels
Author: YoshiNextGen - Submitted by: YoshiNextGen
Description: This is just a Beta. There is a custom OW, Blocks and thats all the custom. Yoshi's House has an alternate exit. Not much of a story as of now.

Here's Why

Got a bad rom header after applying the patch. Make sure you're using a clean SMW rom when making the patch.


Hack Name: Chomper Island Fix - 210 KB - 19 downloads.
Length: 4 levels
Author: YoshiNextGen - Submitted by: YoshiNextGen
Description: Mario has traveled to Chomper Island.
Title Screen
DarkestIntellect is my YouTube so forgive the use of that name.
The ips Patch hopefully got fixed now.

Here's Why

You must not have a clean ROM, as this is the second time this hack failed to load the overworld. Search google for a new one.
Hack Name: Supreme Mario World demo 1
Length: 6 levels
Author: metalman - Submitted by: metalman
Description: This is a demo of my hack. Currently it features 5 levels and 1 castle. It should be glitch free, but if there is a glitch, PM me and I'll try to fix it. If it is removed, I'll read about it and get right on fixing anything that needs to be fixed.

The final version will feature: More levels
A bigger overworld
Smoother Mario graphics

The final version may feature:
Custom Blocks
Custom Music
Custom sprites

The final version will not feature:
Stacked and floating munchers
Guitar Hero style gameplay
Keanu Reeves


This was the main removal reason. The garbled castle cutscene glitches the overworld too.

The following screenshots show examples of bad palettes:

Badly colored Mario, Goombas, Koopas, pipes, lava, background, candle flames.

Other issues:

SMB1 remakes! How creative! I can't believe only thousands of people thought of that before!

The pipes cut off the ground.

I'm probably just retarded, but what does this have to do with anything?

Looks a lot like a 105 edit.

Glitchy cape frames...

...and glitchy fishies.

More cutoffness.


Meh. It could have been worse, but you need to fix a lot before we can accept it - namely the bad palettes and (graphical) glitches. Additionally, you should play some featured hacks to get an idea of what else you could improve - the level design or the music choice, for instance.

-> Removed:
Hack Name: Boomerang island
Lenght: 5 Exits
Author: Chris18 - Submittted by: Chris18
Boomerang island mini-hack re-submitted.
Mario got blown away by a big storm, now he is on boomerang island.
Can you help him escape?

-> Removal Reason(s):

Not really removal-worthy, but... if I may ask, what's with your overusage of goal points in pretty much every level in the game? The weird thing is, some of these goal points you scattered throughout act differently than others (for example, I managed to come across some of these that acted like teleport blocks, while others acted like platforms, and so on...).

When placed inside dirt, Bullet Bill cannons can cause a small amount of cutoffness... speaking of these cannons, I actually don't see the point of placing them over there, as these particularly don't launch the actual foes.

Strangely, once the secret exit of the "Boomerang island 3" level is acessed, the event that had been revealed by the previous level disappears - is this really supposed to happen? By the way, since we just mentioned the "Boomerang island 3" level, I would like to say that you could have put more effort towards its development. I found such level extremely short, and EXAGGERATEDLY easy to beat. Not to mention that the key that needs to be put into the keyhole suddenly falls from the sky at the very beginning of the phase, making it quite easy to access the level's secret exit. I strongly advise you to work on that level a tad little more... perhaps you could actually re-start if from scratch?

The fact that Mario cannot swim in most of the sections of this long portion of water is actually rather odd - I would suggest actually making every single section of the water swimable (is this even a word...?) - I say this not just because of the fact I find it odd as it currently is, but the regular water tiles actually cause some visual oddities to the background, also.

That should be it. I actually enjoyed some of your levels very much, though some of them, such as the "Boomerang island 3" level, need some extra work.

Name: Bowser's armada part 1
Author: One Chance Speedrunner
Description: Here is part 1 of bowser's armada. i decided to have smb3 tiles and grapics on part 2. ( it's for the armada)

Your zip included Lunar Magic, Lunar IPS, a clean SMW ROM... and no hack. DOY!!!

Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
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Something awry? PM me!
Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Hack Name: [Demo] Tricky Mario
Length: 8 levels
Author: Samuka97 - Submitted by: Samuka97
Description: A hack that's not meant to be easy as the original SMW, but not hard as Kaizo.

It's also my first serious hack.


Just a small issue, but you know you can set it so Mario doesn't move in the title screen, right? He tries jumping several times in the confined space here.

Moving left or right in the intro causes Mario to die. Sorry, but the hack can't be accepted if this is possible.

Bullet bill generators a ways back and fish generators here seem to just artificially make the levels harder.

You may want to use the fade fix patch here.


After this, you require key-jumping to get through. Don't make the player rely on glitches to complete the level.

I'd suggest you remove the bullet bills ehre, as the player has little time to react.


A few floating bill shooters here.

Yeah... this section was pretty frustrating.

Please don't do these things with the goal. It's possible to glitch the level and generally is an annoying Kaizo trap.

You can just get rid of the No Yoshi level intro here since Yoshi isn't even in the hack. Also, what happened to the colors?


Yet again with the goal thing.

How am I able to walk on nothing?

More strange colors. Don't forget you can use custom palettes.

Bad sprite tileset causes garbage here.

You pretty much have to die to read this message.

This jump was very difficult to make.

I'm guessing this is the last level, but still, it'd be nice if you had an end of demo message or something instead of making the player die here.

This hack ended up having quite a few difficulty related issues. While you said it wasn't Kaizo-hard, it required using some glitches to get through and had cheap areas. What's more, there were a couple sprite and palette-related issues as mentioned. Please work on fixing these things up and smoothing the difficulty.
Hack Name: Super Mario World Plus!(demo 1)
Length: 96 exits
Author: SmwCoolHacker601 - Submitted by SmwCoolHacker601
Description: Featuring an edited star song!!


This isn't a good sign...

Oh dear.

Uh, it looks like there's something wrong with the patch. Be sure it works correctly next time. Not only could you die in the intro, but the hack froze right after it.

Hack Name: SMW - The Mystery of Eternal Night Demo - 259.8 KB - 43 downloads.
Length: 8 levels
Author: mortinho13 - Submitted by: Golden Mushroom
Description: First hack by mortinho13.
This is a first demo his.

Here's Why

This area is impossible to go through as Super Mario. It's impossible to go through while riding Yoshi too...and I just got him shortly before.

Not a big issue, but most of the time, clouds are not solid on the bottom. It's a bit misleading, since here they act completely solid.

Putting an invisible note block directly below a coin causes the space where the coin used to be become solid.

The brown blocks here don't turn into coins when you hit a P-switch, yet they still act like's misleading once again. By the way...note the time on the clock. You may want to increase the time allowed for this level.

Why does the goal post use the midway bars?

Immense slowdown in this area.

The used coin block graphics in this level are glitched up. I assume the background has something to do with it.

The background looks a bit cutoff here.

I suggest you apply the fade fix patch.

This jump is incredibly difficult to make without getting hurt.

Sprite memory issues.

Another tough jump.

Odd music choice. The original grassland theme doesn't really fit this area especially since the rest of the music is custom in this level.

I hit the boss with every block available. I suggest you take his HP down and give the player some room for error. Note the time also...I suggest you increase the allowed time.

You need to be small to enter this area.

More glitched "used" blocks.

The pipe creates cutoff in the water.

Immense slowdown and cramped swimming area.

I hit a teleport block underwater and I was brought here...odd transition.

I see a test goal sphere.

I'm able to stand on some invisible block here for some reason.

Not a good place for a powerup block.

There is a 1-up down the hallway here, but the mushroom stem is solid.

Sprite memory issues.

Missing corner tile.

One thing that I was concerned about was the lack of level tiles on the overworld. I didn't know if there was a secret exit for me to find. I suggest you add appropriate tiles.


Well, that's it. It wasn't a horrible hack by any means. The level design was pretty good. But there are quite a few errors that should be addressed as they pull down the enjoyment factor quite a bit.
Removed: Super Mario: Hunter's Revenge 3: Hunter's Return! v1.2
ID: 2825
Author: Metalgearhunter

Summary:'s been awhile since I've done any hack moderating, other than review moderation, due to my life being a it busy lately, even during summer. However, before break ended I went and took the chance to at least get one hack moderated over summer. Today, I moderated a hack I remember moderating a much earlier version of in the past.

For the most part, this isn't a bad hack! You have some nice and interesting ideas done here, such as the awesome Mirror castle, and the futuristic tank level. (which also has an interesting way of moving on from) What the hack lacks, however, is polish. There are tons of tiny glitches abound in this hack, which drag the experience down, as well as one very major, gamebreaking one which I will cover at the end.

To start with, there is slowdown. A LOT of slowdown. It's a curse that haunts this hack in many areas, such as the ones below:

There were some palette and graphics problems in this hack too, including cutoff.

These include...

(Also I don't really get what the deal is with the part that says "humor text", by the way)

(Sonic is red if you have fire ability on the same screen as him. He reverts to blue when you are normal. This means that Sonic's palette uses the same as Mario's...I'd fix that if I were you.)

(Fade fix patch or something please. Many, many of your levels suffer from this problem.)

(Garbage tiles in BG)

(When grass meets water, some cutoffness occurs. Also, that pipe end there looks a bit...odd to me)

(cutoffness behind the block)

(Note blocks that turn invisible on contact. Also, many of these shots include a bad-palette fireflower in my item box)

(glitched ptooies)

(tiny amount of cutoffness on stacked launchers)

(little bit of discoloration on the "tape")

(Disappearing POW)

(These OW paths seem a bit weird too)

There were a few instances of unfair level design as well:

(Even with savestates, I could never get through this without getting hit)

(unavoidable powerdown here...right before the end of the level, too!)

(Not a single hint that I know of telling the player that they needed a fireflower here in order to move on at all. I died of time once before I figured it out myself)

Miscellaneous Errors:

(1-tile solid space here?)

(common mistake in many hacks - flipped lava can be swimmed in)

(After this message, there are warp tiles to a duplicate of the level for some reason. It does absolutely nothing, and it seems rather pointless)

Lastly, the biggest reason for removal was this. I got as far as Spikeball Castle, before this happened:

A fatal GFX crash that ruined the stage...I really hope you can fix this.

Please don't be discouraged. Stick with it, and this hack could be great! I know I pointed out a lot of things here, but I wanted to make sure I pointed them all out - not to bring you down, but to help you improve.

Hack Name: Super Extreme World - 46.5 KB - 17 downloads.
Length: 13 levels
Author: jbarker - Submitted by: jbarker
Description: This is somewhat short but ridiculously hard hack of Super Mario World. It has 13 levels. All of these levels will require you to solve a puzzle, make ridiculous manuevers, or beat a harsh time limit. One level even looks like it came strait from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Unless you practice for hours and hours, you will need to use savestates. I have enclosed a document in the download to help you learn how to use them well. I hope you enjoy this hack!

Here's Why

You can die on the intro screen. We cannot accept your hack if this is possible.

Constant spin jumping that relies on just as much luck as skill is a big no for me. We don't accept hacks that border the line between fair and unfair, as well as those that encourage constant use of savestates and slowdown. Just because you included a readme that explained how to use these tricks properly, it doesn't make it right.

Please read the hack submission guidelines before you upload another hack. If you want to share your hack with others though, feel free to upload your IPS to the file bin and then post a link in this thread.
Super Dark Dyllon World
Author: Darkdyllon
Hack ID 2982

Umm....I think in this case there isn't much to say. I will let the screenshots do most of the talking.

(You lost me there. Also, this level is very frustrating and annoying, since it is comprised almost entirely of note blocks)

(underwater, cutoff, floating muncher maze, which is also extremely hard to boot)

(Bad P switch palette. Plus, I will take this time to point out Mario's bad palette as well)

(Infamous quiet bullet bill spam)

(I had the p switch, so it didn't get me, but seriously that trick is stupid, cheap, and overused.)

('re kidding me. A level in which you die for entering if you haven't gotten the yellow switch? That is another cheesy, overused, and unacceptable trick)

Sorry to say, but I highly recommend you look at the FAQS, and the hack submission guidelines, and then start over your level designs from scratch. Why? I'm not saying this to be mean, but rather, stating facts - these levels are filled with errors, are messily and unfairly designed, and are not enjoyable to play. Try the hacks that are already on this site, and get a feel for what's good and what isn't.
Hack Name: Hi Mario World 2
Length: Unknown
Author: mathelete - Submitted by: mathelete
Description: the sequel is out! this is a very short demo, with only level c5 in it.


^ This is not a proper screenshot. Someone who wants to play the hack doesn't get an accurate preview with a tiny picture like that.

Bad tiles along the edges of the pipe here.

Selecting a file completely removes the spikes. That's rather... strange.

The Chuck's foot looks a bit odd here.

Are you serious? That's it?

Originally posted by Hack Submission Guildelines
4. Unless you intend to make your hack contain very long and very high quality levels, demos which are too short to provide any feedback on or be enjoyable will be subject to removal.

Yeah... just a couple screens of an area with some Chucks isn't an adequate length, and even if it were longer, some of the other issues I pointed out, such as the tiny screenshot you uploaded the hack with, and the graphical issues would keep the hack from being accepted. Please put a bit more effort into this before submitting again.
Link Thread Closed