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Author: mathelete
Description: The best hack ever!!! This should be rated highest of all hacks!!!

Simply a txt file reading "PSYCHE!"

This is the BEST 72 HOUR BAN EVER!!!

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My Hacks:

Hack Name: Land Of Stuart
Length: 2 levels
Author: Stuart - Submitted by: Stuart
Description: The evil king Stuart takes over the world! Help Mario save his friends!


This is BETA and my first ROM Hack it only has the first level and the yellow switch palace so far
please don't rate crap because it sucks, remember this is my first I'm still figuring out Lunar Magic.


3 things:

1. Although you changed the file extension to IPS, it's still a ROM, and submitting those gives you a 3-day ban. Please learn how to properly use Lunar IPS to create IPS patches.

2. Why do you people keep uploading betas? This one only contained a bit more than one level, which is too short to get it accepted here.

3. It's a typical "first hack" that contains lots of flaws beginners make. Read these two threads (One, two) before submitting it again or making another hack.

Name: Shell jump
Length: 7 levels
Author: ds777fighter
Description: Just a basic hack about shell jumping. This is my 3rd hack MADE, but first uploaded. It may look hard, but trust me, it is very very fun! The first world overworld is unchanged, but the next map is... Only a demo, in the next, i will change chompers to a block or something with yy-chr, and will look a lot better. will change lots of things, this is just pretty much almost there demo. ENJOY!


The IPS you supplied was an exact copy of the original Super Mario World. No changes are made to the ROM whatsoever upon patching it. Clearly, you created the patch wrong.

Please read this to learn how to create IPS files, and then try again.
Hack Name: The Mystery Of The Bridge Demo Demo - 460.8 KB - 8 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: ShyGuyInForest - Submitted by: ShyGuyInForest
Description: A cool hack I made about an old bridge.
Its fun but not too long.

Reason: rom
Hack Name: The Great Tree Demo
Length: Unknown
Author: EnDip - Submitted by: EnDip
Description: My First Hack...
Its short but i think its good.


Bad Pokey palette and missing pieces of BG.

Huh? Let's see what's in this level.


What ended up happening to your MARIO START? You may want to check it in ALLGFX.bin to be sure you didn't change it by mistake.

No display message.

The entire level consists of choosing one lettered door out of a bunch that go from A-Z. What's more, choosing the wrong one makes you start all over. Sorry, but that's not passable level design.

You may want to get rid of the bushes under the goal point here.

Garbage BG + garbage comes out of the coin block = a bad day for the trash collector.

Once you've gone to this level, you can never leave. Please check the OW next time, and don't pull a Hotel California.

Quite a few bad tiles and cutoff here.


This hack had quite a few serious issues, such as bad graphics, cutoff tiles, a not-quite-functional overworld, and generally poor level design. Please work on this more, and check out the Hack Submission Guidelines next time.
Hack Name: Mario Fury
Length: 7 levels
Author: stevolandis - Submitted by: stevolandis
Description: This is my first hack- I finished the first world, and have a problem with the exit from the first world to the next one. No extra graphics, music:( Next update will hopefully have world 2


The title screen starts with a castle intro...

...and takes you to this level with no automatic moves. (Also note the garbled GFX in the BG.)

Flying Birds? o_O That's so illogical...
Also, cutoff ground and badly-colored platforms.

Way too many screens of this. Good level design is something else.

Three more instances of cutoffness.

This is an auto-scroll level. When you don't press the P-switch as fast as possible, you will auto-scroll into a coin wall (not visible here) that turns into blocks unless the switch has run out. (Dificult to explain, I know, but the crator of this hack probably knows what I mean.)

Ah, that sure clears things up. Thanks for the useful info!

Cutoff ground (at the bottom where it touches the switch blocks), and a quite obvious level 105 edit.

Glitchy sprite GFX.

Invisible ground = Nah.

Having to be small to pass = Double-Nah.

BG Garbage.

This happens when tide levels are too long.

I was unable (and a tad too lazy) to find the exit here, so these pictures will have to do.
So yeah, this hack obviously needs a lot of work before we can accept it. A better alternative - in my opinion - would be to start a new hack from scratch while considering the tips and warnings in these two threads.

Hack Name: Super FTW World
Length: 5 levels
Author: RandomGuyFTW - Submitted by: RandomGuyFTW
Description: My First hack. Its still being made this is just a demo.


The red shadow for the OW doesn't look so great here. I'd suggest changing the palette.

FG cutoff and the some background tiles don't look correct.

Goal point goes way too high, and what's more, you didn't cover the bush tiles on the bottom.

Unedited YSP is unedited.

Not only are there stacked munchers here, but the FG palette looks... pretty bad compared to the BG.

Net cutoff.

Oh dear... floating and stacked munchers galore, and the water tiles you used don't look so great either. Try the animated ones.

If the player hasn't reached the YSP, this isn't fair to them since they can't complete the level. At least give them a warning or side exit to use.

Also, the water rises with you in this level. You may want to disable vertical scrolling or find the sprite that fixes it.

What's happened to Yoshi's tongue? D:

Overall, this hack had a lot of issues, and each level was a blatant SMW edit. Please work harder on this one, and follow the Hack Submission Guildelines next time.

Mario Fan 15!!! You have been found GUILTY of submitting terrible, terrible hacks!... that are ROMs. ROM Hack No. 2 (DEMO) and NintendoIsASUME's ROM Hack Version 2.1 (BETA!) have been struck from the public record, as has your face.

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My Hacks:

MSAhm3d59113!! You have been found GUILTY of submitting a ROM... alongside a patch. Oh, you were so close, yet so faceless after I kicked yours off.

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Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Name: bosers armada part 1
Author: One Chance Speedrunner
Description: here's part 1 of bowsers armada. i thougt a part 2 with smb3 tiles/ grapics would look nice. oh and IM DOING THE EXACT SAME THING ON THE TUTORIALS ON YOU TUBE BUT EVERYTHING LOOKS WIERD LIKE GREEN SMAL PIPE PICES PLEASE HELP ME!o_O

Right, let's have a look.

Mario dies in under a second on the titlescreen.

As hinted by the title, you should probably get a friend to proofread your English.

I got a lot of slowdown in this level.

If you fix these, I'd say you're looking at an accept - The level design was pretty decent.

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My Hacks:

Name: MGL2 Overworld
Author: MarioGameLand2
Description: My custom overworld.

We don't accept overworld only hacks. Especially when they look like this:

Also, there's cutoff on the titlescreen, and none of the levels have been altered.

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Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Name: MGL2 Overworld Update
Author: MarioGameLand2
Description: My custom overworld. Since the last one was deleted, I've updated it.

What part of "We don't accept overworld-only hacks" do you not understand?

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Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Mane: Super mario is lost!
Author: dennisber
Description: ok, about super mario is lost!.
it has 15 levels, which 2 of them are switch palaces. it also contains a few haunted/ghost houses and an underwater lvl.
and the 1st level may look stupid, and is too simple, but yeh, this is my 1st smw hack. but later on the levels will be better and also harder.

so yeh, plz play it and tell me what i can do to make it better.
and if you ppl like it, then i will post an updated version later, which ofcourse contains more levels.
so yeah, have fun with it :)

Ze title screen, she is ugly.

Your english can be politely described as "appalling". Get a friend to proofread your textboxes!

First level, three "stuck until the timer runs out" traps on the first screen. Congratulations! You win the Asshole Of The Week Award! The prize is a kick in the shins.

Play the featured hacks, and see how they do things.

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My Hacks:


Hack Name: Mario: Dawn to Darkness (Demo 1.42) Demo - 400.3 KB - 114 downloads.
Length: 21 levels
Author: Yanamanka - Submitted by: Yanamanka
Description: Heya One and All, This is the Demo release (version 1.42) For Mario: Dawn to Darkness.
Dawn to Darkness has been in the works since the early fall of 2008, and has turned out to be a great joy to work on. I hope you all enjoy playing the demo as much as I loved making it.

If you have any comments or suggestions about the hack, please feel free to PM me.

Here's Why

I caught this one by accident really. I noticed some weird tiles near the bottom of the screen behind that green pipe. And sure enough...

You need to fix the BG starting position.

Just a nitpick issue here...but the water here should be a different color. The green here really contrasts everything else.

Odd palette.

More odd palettes.

Could you use anything better here?

Palette issues.

Incorrect corner tile.

Headless Mario :(

I didn't think of grabbing the springboard the first time I played through this level, and I was stuck with no way of going back down to grab it. I suggest you open up a hole somewhere for the player to travel back down.

This was a bit cheap really.


All in all...the hack wasn't terribly bad in terms of playability. But there was one thing I wanted to address here. The first 3 or 4 levels were fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed them, and was expecting to see more levels of that quality. Unfortunately, as soon as I entered the city level, the game plummeted in the enjoyment factor. The levels after the first castle my eyes...lacking when compared to the other levels. I really don't know what happened, but the levels became bland, boring, and frustrating.

Anyway, the major issue here was the springboard issue, and the background glitch. The rest are mainly just palette oddities.

Hack Name: Advent-U-RE Mario - 145 KB - 27 downloads.
Length: 1 level
Author: Et3rnalmariofan - Submitted by: Et3rnalmariofan
Description: hack with only one level I promise it's fun.

I hope you like it..

see ya.

Here's Why

When it comes to one level hacks, I'm usually pretty strict with it. I assume one level hacks to have enough content in it, or having something truly enjoyable that will substitute its length. Unfortunately, this hack doesn't fit the bill. As well as fixing the issues I'm about to show, I advise that you add a bit more content to your hack.

Er...right. I suggest you adopt a more serious message.

This entire area looks horrible in all honesty. I don't know about the design of the foreground either...I assume that if this is something you downloaded from the ExGFX section, it must have come with a custom palette that shows how this is supposed to look. I advise you either use that one, or make a new palette.

This looks like something you can stand on, but it's a dragon coin. put this message box after the fact.

A water recolor meant to look like lava still acts like water. It's a bit misleading.

I'm a firm believer that internet speech should be left out of hacks.

Don't force the player to walk on the bottom row. The player can only see the first row of pixels, and it is generally unfair to do so.

I suggest you use coins to indicate that the player must bounce over this gap.

This is an odd end to a castle level.

Unless I'm missing something, I can't continue from here. Also, if you get hurt on the munchers, Mario can't escape since you were so kind to put a bunch of invisible brown blocks over the munchers.
Hack Name: :P:P:P
Length: 8 levels
Author: Unknown - Submitted by: ds777fighter
Description: If youv'e seen raocow do this, and wondered where it was here it is! I recommend this hack, extremely fun!


This hack had to be removed before, and unfortunately, it'll need to be removed again. Please don't upload Japanese hacks unless you're sure they're allowed here, because most of the time, they aren't as the case as is with this hack.
(First Removal Log Yay!)


Hack Name: Pathetic Mario World
Length: 6 levels
Author: MitjaKun - Submitted by: MitjaKun
Description: Here are some levels I made. I WILL probably make them eventually longer, as well as change the overworld, title screen, and make the game overall more longer. But I'd want to ask your opinions about my precious levels, like were the ideas fun or what should I improve etc.


Not necessarily a reason for removal, but it would have been better if you had made an actual overworld instead of having just a completely blank one.

If you fall down here, there is no way to get out of here unless you wait for the time limit to run out. I'd recommend just putting a pit here instead.

There's cutoffness here. D: Also, there doesn't appear to be any way to continue the level from here unless I'm missing something. This should be fixed.

This area has several screens of doing nothing but this, and ends up being quite repetitive. You should add some more creativity to your level design.

Whenever I die in an area that has no time limit, this shows up. To fix this, go to offset x52F1 in a hex editor and change D0 to 80.

More cutoffness... Either remover the bush or the vine.

The pipe in this screenshot has a pretty bad palette. You should try making some smoother looking color gradients with LM's palette editor.

Overall, this hack needs some work. If you want to make some better quality hacks, my advice would be to practice around with Lunar Magic a bit until you get the hang of it. Good luck.
Hack Name: Super puzzling mario
Length: 25 exits
Author: Z. Raffle tikt - Submitted by: Z. Raffle tikt
Description: This is a puzzle game with a similar idea as Lechucks games. This is the final version of the hack. I also fixed the bugs that were in the demo...

(Please delete the old one)

Removed at the author's request.

Super Luigi World: Luigi's Quest!
Author: Yashum
Hack ID: 2983

Removing this hack was actually a very sad thing for me - I was enjoying it! It's a pretty fun hack and has some interesting graphical choices. However...

This screen, is almost entirely one long star-rush segment, where the player runs across glowing hot blocks that would normally hurt Mario. However, then there is a segment across more habitable, normal blocks that don't hurt you, and is a maze of sorts. However, as it turns out, if the player did not make it through fast enough, this situation is easily attainable.

I tried this room multiple times and the same result happened over and over. That box in the picture is another star 2 box, so it's worthless if, like me, your star ran out. Even as big Luigi, taking a hit and running across the ground as fast as you can is not enough at this point because it is just a loooong, flat area that seems to do nothing but assure your death if you had no star.

Bottom Line: This screen is quite unfair, and makes it nearly impossible to pass the first castle. Otherwise, so far I have loved this hack! Just please go back and tweak this screen to make it less frustrating, and more fair.

Hack Name: Kaizo! Sexy Edition! - 213.1 KB - 7 downloads.
Length: 6 levels
Author: TimothyBor - Submitted by: TimothyBor
Description: I am such an idiot.

Here's Why

As if the name itself didn't give it away...this is a kaizo hack. We do not accept these kind of hacks. Please read the hack submission guidelines and try again.
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