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Hack Removal Log

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Name: NintendoIsASUME's ROM Hack Version 2.1
Author: Nintendo Is AWESOME!
Description: My 1st ROM Hack. It's challenging. In some places the ROM may look Impossible BUT, It is.

When you clear the 3rd Switch palace at the top of a climbing wall. THAT IS THE END OF MY ROM HACK!!!

Can you find all the Exits?

If you get stuck Please let me know and, I'll try and help you out.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

Using a SMW rom to make a patch of a SMAS&SMW hack probably isn't the smartest idea. Make your patch using a clean SMAS&SMW rom.

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Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Hack Name: Super Mario Redux - 117.8 KB - 28 downloads.
Length: 7 exits
Author: TRS - Submitted by: TRS
Description: This is my first hack, all done over the summer.

It is mostly "vanilla," with some palette changes, and is around medium difficulty throughout.

Based on how this hack is received, I may start working on another, longer one, to hopefully finish around the end of the school year (the beginning of June for me).

NOTE 1: The screenshot of the water level shows layer 3 fish. I removed those later because the level has a message block in it.

NOTE 2: There are no overworld layer 2 events because I am still very inexperienced at this and Windows Help does not appear to work on my version of Vista. But with 6 levels, I don't think this should be that much of a problem.


The main removal reason was the hack's unfair level design:

1st screen: Throw the springboard up there and you're stuck. I I recall correctly, this wasn't the only level this could happen in. Make sure that one has a way to reset the level (without having to die) if he loses an important item.
2nd screen: Luckily I brought a P-switch here, but how was I supposed to know I had to? Punishing the player if he didn't bring an item is just unfair. As I said above, inform us that we need the switch beforehand and give us a chance to go back if we don't have it.
3rd screen: If the switch runs out before you can reach the end, you're stuck. Same as above: Provide a way to reset if one screws up.

Other removal reasons:

If you go too far right too early, the skulls will disappear and you can't continue.

It can take really long to find these invisible blocks.

Floating Bullet Bill shooters? :/ Flip them please.

Overall, this was quite an enjoyable hack, but it suffered from these gameplay issues a lot. Fix them, along with the other flaws I mentioned, and it will likely get accepted next time.

Hack Name: Smw the lost levels(demo)
Length: Unknown
Author: mario fan...... - Submitted by: mario fan......
Description: This is the first demo of my latest hack.It features luigi from smas+world.It doesn't have a custom overworld or custom music in it.It shoudn't have any glitches in it i played it over and over.There is one unmodified level witch is the castle(Iggy).Feel free too rip anything you want from the hack.If you find any glitches or have some questions feel free to PM me or contact me at [email protected]


Looks like you forgot to include your patch in here. The file read as "0 KB" and the ZIP itself was empty. Please be sure to supply the patch next time so we can play it.

Name: Mario Great Adventer!
Author: flysonic22
Description: Yea My first hack!So don't complain!Sorry i have no screen shots!It didnt come to me I was gunna need screen-shots than again its a short demo!Hehe!If you play and notice at the second part the road is Cut off yea i did that because Its a demo! and im going to put the road back in the full verison! Have fun! and tell me what you think and what should I delet/edit/ or add ^_^!Oh yea the water level is editted in the frist world :P!

No proper screenshot, no deal.

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Something awry? PM me!
Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:


Hack Name: Alternia Adventures V4.2 Demo - 343.6 KB - 155 downloads.
Length: 31 levels
Author: XradicalD - Submitted by: XradicalD
Description: A hack from youtube tries the big leagues!

NOTE: This hack can be labeled as hard, it's meant to be challenging. It's not a Kaizo like Hack, don't worry.

This hack features:
- ExGFX (Backgrounds and Foreground)
- Custom Music
- Custom Sprites

There are a few known bugs. Such as the tittle screen says 4.0 instead of 4.2, but that is not gonna stop you.


Here's Why

In the first level alone, I encountered many errors that kill any hack:

Tight areas...

Confusing blocks...

Traps that you cannot escape from...

Unfair positioning of invisible blocks...

And the real killer...death during the end level animation.

I HIGHLY advise that you remove these issues, as well as any further use of these in later levels.

Name: Mario's Sadist Mission
Author: Kyuutoryuu8
Description: Welcome! This is my very first hack that I made, and my very first hack-post on SMWCentral. It is still raw, and needs to be edited. When I edit more levels, get more ideas, and finish more levels, I will post up Demo 2. This hack has 20 exits, going up all the way to the first level of Vanilla Dome with every single level in between edited (other than the star world and special wor--... well... never mind. It's a secret in this hack). Please enjoy my hack, email me any level suggestions or rom hacks you'd like me to review at kyuutoryuu(at) It might not seem like it, but I am an expert player of SMW. Thank you for visiting my rom hack page.

Hooray for poorly edited original levels, poor understanding of difficulty in regards to fairness, and a general air of trying to make a Kaizo hack, which we don't accept anyway!

Removal Log
Hack Submission Guidelines
My Sites

Something awry? PM me!
Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Hack Name: Super One World. Demo - 20.5 KB - 38 downloads.
Length: 5 levels
Author: UltimateLegend - Submitted by: UltimateLegend
Description: This is my first hack so please don't think It is very good.Enjoy and have fun.


The first level is unchanged?

Sorry, we don't allow unedited levels in a hack. What kept you from editing it in the first place?

Many floating and cutoff tiles in the switch palace.

Floating berry, bush cutoff by question blocks.

See above. Make sure to connect every tile properly, and don't make them float or look cut-off.

To fix the glitched graphics at the bottom of the goal post, place some ground above it. Also, the goal bar should be placed between the two goal posts, not next to them.

This part looks unedited too. Be sure to use Ctrl + Del and start from scratch.

Work on your spelling please. Something like "Hardest level in the hack" (or if that's too long, "Hardest level") will do.

Your punctuation also needs work. Leave a space after every dot, comma etc.

That stuff looks unedited too. You can easily tell that you just slightly edited the original levels.

It's pretty hard to go on here if you've already pressed the yellow switch.

Well... At least you know it's not good. Fix all the stuff mentioned above, read the "What NOT do do in an SMW hack" thread in N00b SMW Hacking, and this hack will have a chance to get accepted next time.

Hack Name: LT's First Hack ~DEMO~ v0.43 Demo - 158.2 KB - 33 downloads.
Length: 9 levels
Author: LT - Submitted by: LT
Description: *Mods, please delete the older version, thanks.*

This is an updated verion of my first hack. Screenshots and other info is currently in the thread *link below*.

9 complete levels in this demo including 1 fortress and a palace.


Here's Why

The bushes here are discolored...try and fix their palette.

This part is incredibly frustrating...and in my book, it passes that line of fairness that should be met for a hack. What makes things worse is that you use this technique about 3 more times in the coming levels.

Purple lava?

Nothing there but...

...there was a bomb there all along. Check your sprite memory setting.

I wasn't able to get a successful screenshot, but that glitched tile is actually a "gray" spiny. I take it that it is a Buzzy Beetle that doesn't have the correct graphic setting.

A seemingly harmless fire flower...

...but the game crashes upon shooting a fireball. This is the main reason why this hack cannot be accepted.

Don't force the player to walk on the bottom row of Lunar Magic.

This level in general was probably the most difficult level in the hack for the wrong reason. It's nearly impossible to make it through as Super Mario, and even then, there is absolutely no room for error. I highly suggest you rework this entire level.

Odd palette as well as being able to fall through the mushroom stalks.

Not a good way to prevent the player from dying...just extend the ground.



Sigh again.

Floating fire.

This area is very troublesome without using savestates.


There are a lot of issues that bogged this hack down. The fireball glitch should be your main priority, as well as removing that glitched spiny. The rest are minor, but shouldn't be overlooked either.
Name: Super 5 Level World
Length: 5 levels
Author: UltimateLegend - Submitted by: UltimateLegend
Description: This is my first SMW hack don't think it is good.It is easy also.


Sorry, but there's no excuse to have unedited SMW levels in your hack. You should either remove the level entirely or work on creating a new level instead.

What in the world happened to Yoshi's House?

First part of YSP is completely unedited.

Second part is filled with cutoff tiles such as this.

Alright, sounds good.

...or not. We don't accept edits of original SMW levels here, especially when they contain floating/cutoff tiles.

This just wound up being a 103 edit with the same issues as the level before it. It wasn't that difficult either. False advertising ftl. :(

Because you placed a coin above the block, this glitch can occur.

A Wild Yoshi appeared!

Wild Yoshi used Sunny Day! The Layer 3 water disappeared!

This is a pretty serious issue, so I'd recommend either not including Yoshi in the level, or getting rid of the layer 3 water altogether.

I had the same look on my face when I saw this as the Koopas did.

All in all, this hack needs a lot of work. The levels are clear, blatant edits of SMW levels, and one wasn't even edited at all. Check out our hack submission guidelines next time, please.
Hack Name: Super Short Mario World
Length: 9 exits
Author: megamario - Submitted by: megamario
Description: My First Completed BUT Short Hack.
It has Un-imaginable Levels but only 2 bosses. (Sorry I was Tired!)

PS: The Moving Land under the castle WILL change colours after ghost house but will return to normal after Completing any other level!

2 Bosses
2 Castles
5 Awsome Levels and 2 Switch Places!(Makes it More Hard!)


Not a removal worthy issue, but I'm a bit curious as to why the title screen plays the pause sound and stops for a while.

Midpoint slightly cut off here.

Odd glitch occurred here. I'm assuming it's related to the flames, in which case I'd suggest you not place any near the goal.

Palette for the FG and stream of Boos seems a bit off here.

The overworld has a quite a few off tiles that could use some polishing, but this odd glitch occurs upon getting to the Green Switch Palace.

It's a little strange for the Blue Switch Palace to look red from the OW. You may want to consider adjusting the palettes.

Both of these switch palaces are unedited from SMW's. Please work to be sure all the levels in the hack are original.

The way you have the reddish tiles here looks a bit cut off, and sprite memory issues here.

Bowser's Castle was also unedited.

This wasn't actually a bad hack overall. It's a little rough on the edges though, so I'd highly suggest fixing up what I pointed out in the removal log entry, as well as making sure to get rid of original SMW levels and replace them with new ones.
Hack Name: Super MarioWorld 2 Demo
Length: 7 levels
Author: Super Stupid Mario - Submitted by: Super Stupid Mario
Description: Welcome to my hack this is the demo
on world 1 only. I might Cancel the full hack. But Just Have fun.
Sadly im submitting a Kaizo Pic Cuz fogot to get a pic


First of all, in the future, you need to supply a screenshot of the real hack. Posting one from another hack is not acceptable and that alone warrants removal.

The sprites glitch up here, since Yoshi's House goes for more than one screen.

This level is a clear 105 edit.

Due to no vertical scrolling, there's no way through here. You can't get on the higher spring.

You really need to enable vertical scrolling here. Just click on the Mario head and choose "vertical scrolling at will."

Unedited YSP.

Yoshi's Island 2 edit with the frustrating Kaizo coin trap. Please don't include this, as dying at a specific time after the goal can cause the graphics to severely glitch on the OW.

Some cutoff here.

I found no way through this area.

This hack ended up having a lot of problems, the most serious of which were the fact that they were SMW edits. Please use CTL + DEL to get rid of SMW levels and try building your own from scratch. I hope you're able to include actual screenshots next time as well.
Hack Name: Kuribo_Shoe The adventrue [Demo 1]
Length: 5 exits
Author: Kuribo_Shoe - Submitted by: Kuribo_Shoe
Description: This is a test to see how far I can push my vanilla hacking skills. It's not the best hack, but I think you are gonna have a fun time playing it. It's short, but worlds 2+ are on the way.



Very close to being accepted, but there were I few things I didn't quite like. All pretty minor though.

The Piranha Plant gets stuck in the ceiling and won't go back in its pipe.

That level has a really low time limit. (Maybe it was just me doing womething wrong or taking too much time to explore though.)

You can get stuck here when you're big. If you don't duck, you're pushed to the right and killed, and trying to duck-jump out takes way too long - and then there's this Koopa who blocks your path. How about covering the key with spin-breakable turn blocks instead?

I didn't grab the rightmost block before I jumped down, and now it's blocking the vine and I can't get up anymore.

Having to lose Yoshi to get up there doesn't sound too great.

Spin-kill the buzzy beetles and you wn't have anything to hit the block with. Sadly, you have to hit it to go on... This wasn't the only time this could happen either. Provide some way to reset everywhere that one can screw up.

I'm probably being very nitpicky here, but it would be nice if you gave the bottom tiles priority too. Not a removal reason though.

Apart from these issues, it was a well-made hack overall, and I can almost guarantee that it will be accepted once you've fixed them. ;)


Hack Name: Defending the Mushroom Kingdom Demo 1.5 Demo - 33.1 KB - 11 downloads.
Length: 6 exits
Author: pokedude987 - Submitted by: pokedude987
Description: Instead of taking the princess to try to cause havoc in the mushroom kingdom Bowser sets up 7 army base and his army base around the land. Each day he'd send waves and waves from each base to attack the mushroom kingdom. It's up to Mario to go out and stop these waves from coming.

This demo has the whole world 1 + a switch and the castle.

Here's Why

Is there a particular reason Mario can stand on air here?

It looks very odd using these pipe tops as a ledge...

...and even stranger to allow Mario to enter one O_o

Apparently...if you use a Pswitch here, a stairway of blocks appear. However, you showed no indication of this...and consequently...I died.

FG starting position is too high.

Floating munchers :o

The goal post is too low...and as a result, the goal tape goes off screen.

The player can swim over most of the level by doing this. I suggest you seal the top off.

It's usually not a good idea to allow the player to walk on the bottom it is incredibly misleading.

This level is a bit misleading as a enemies fire out of places they don't normally (such as the bullet bill from the torpedo ted box.)

Same as before...the goal post isn't tall enough.

Please explain WHY I died upon hitting the floor.

Glitched note block.

Stacked munchers = No

This section was completely unfair...if you don't step on the parts that the coins are on, you die. are you supposed to make it back the other way? It's nearly impossible without savestates.

The tiles around the pipe are odd. can walk on rope. But on this occasion, you can't...instead, you must climb on it. If you are going to change the properties of tiles that are universal in just about every other hack...inform the player.

The tiles here are very disorienting.

Intense slowdown.

Unless I'm mistaken, this part is impossible without a cape.

FG starting position too high.


More well as the tiles being placed very oddly.

You might want to lower this tile one spot down.

Missing corner tile.

Apply the time up patch if you plan on not using a time limit.

This freaked the daylights out of me. Well...not really...but that chuck has a mushroom for a head. Don't do drugs kids.

If you absolutely must use the lakitu here....extend the ground another row.

Missing corner tile...and this lovely castle foyer plays the grassland music....:(


This wasn't a horrible hack by any means. It was a nice, short hack to play. It wasn't incredibly hard, and I had fun with it. Just fix these issues, and I'm sure you will have no problem getting this accepted.

-> Removed:
Hack Name: Mario Fan15's First ROM HACK! (Demo I)
Lenght: 2 Levels
Author: Mario Fan15 - Submittted by: Mario Fan15
I'm working on the rest of it.

-> Removal Reason(s):

First off, two leves isn't enough for your hack to pass the moderation. Please consider reading the Hack Submission Guidelines before actually submitting yours.


This is an instant NO.
Hack Name: Peach´s world[Demo]
Length: 5 levels
Author: Pribor - Submitted by: Pribor
Description: Bowser kidnapped Mario and Princess Peach is going to save him. In this demo you can play first world. This hack contains some custom sprites,ExGfx from mikeyk,Len Kagamine,Exor, Aqualakitu,NekohDot,WhiteYoshiEgg,Black Sabbath and Lavos.Enjoy


Welcome message has a discolored berry here.

This is a 106 edit, just with some custom sprites added and a different background.

This happens when Yoshi tries to eat the Shy Guys. I'm assuming the sprite isn't meant to interact with Yoshi, so you may want to consider removing him.

The FG palette could use some work here, and it appears the status bar palette is off as well.

There's no way to know you need the yellow switch before coming here, so you have to die unless you have it. Enabling a side exit may help here.

Unedited YSP. (this is like the third hack in a row I've moderated that has this problem)

Boss Bass palette could use some work.

Oddly enough, a Koopa came out of this pipe half, and I was unable to get through the pipe as a result.

This wasn't a bad hack overall, but still had some traces of SMW levels. Be sure to eliminate all traces of them. It wasn't bad otherwise, and I overall enjoyed the original levels you provided.
Hack Name: The Mystical Island Demo 1
Length: 5 levels
Author: nicknick293 - Submitted by: nicknick293
Description: Mario and Luigi (Player 2 optional), Are stranded on a Mystical Island and need to survive!
This Hack features
-Custom Music (SMB3)
-Custom Blocks
Demo 2 will include
World 2
Custom Title Movie (Possibly)
Please leave feedback by PMing me


Cutoff between the ledge and water here.

It's possible to get permanently stuck here and have to wait out the timer. You may want to make it so the player can't get here.

I had no way of knowing these blocks broke, and assumed they were solid.

Hitting this block causes the graphics to glitch.

The note block cuts off the ledge here.

103 edit.

Yoshi coin placed on a subscreen boundary glitches like this. You may want to move it up or down a bit to fix the problem.

The end of demo level contains no display message. I'm not sure if that was intentional or not.

This hack had some good ideas, and quite a few of the levels were overall fun to play, but had some aesthetic issues, and one of the levels was a SMW edit. Keep working on this.
Hack Name: the new one and improved super Mario world
Length: 40 levels
Author: olah-123 - Submitted by: olah-123
Description: muy bueno


This is not a proper screenshot. Upload actual screenshots of your hack next time, please, instead of stuff like this.

The ZIP was also invalid. Opening it with WinZIP worked, but the patch crashed the ROM when applied. Please be sure both the ZIP and the patch work correctly next time.
Hack Name: SAHMW
Length: 11 levels
Author: MSAhm3d59113 - Submitted by: MSAhm3d59113
Description: This is my first hack! It contains Custom Blocks, music, graphics and even a shop system for power ups.

It contains 11 levels which is 1 bonus level, 1 mini boss and 9 playable levels.



Yeah... this is what happened when I patched the hack. This issue is most common when trying to insert ExGFX without extracting the graphics first. It could also be a patch-related issue. Be sure everything's working correctly in the future.
Hack Name: The 64 Trials!
Length: 13 exits
Description: Are you tired of Hard hacks? Do want a Hack to help make you play better WITHOUT savestates? Do you just need help with smw in general? Well that's what this game is about! The 64 trials is an incredibly EASY game, meant to be played savestateless. As the title says, there will be 64 total trials, and maybe a few extra bonus levels. But this is only the demo. ;) As you progress through the game, the trials will get harder a little bit at a time. Seriously, it's a fun game, and it will hopefully make you become better in any hack that you play. I wish you all fun with it.


The palette you have for the ghost house exit here is a bit odd.

The display message gets rid of the layer 3 rocks here. It'd also be nice to see a BG of some sort.

I'd suggest placing something to keep the player from getting here. The slanted pipe interaction is an issue with the original SMW.

Due to the nature of the levels, it's common to get to bonus areas. This is what happens if you go too far to the side in them.

Overall, this hack was quite close to acceptance. I liked the overall premise of it, and thought it was executed fairly well apart from these few issues. Here's hoping you can fix them up and resubmit.
Hack Name: Cursed Mario World Demo - 522.9 KB - 39 downloads.
Length: 19 levels
Author: Fatguy703 - Submitted by: Fatguy703
Description: Mario wakes up after ha fought Bowser and nothing is like it was, whatever could be going on?
Yes, I know, I didn't make a overworld yet...but it's a demo!

Since this IS curse Mario World... I suppose the wonky overworld palette is acceptable. However, there's a lot of work to be done still, despite it being a demo.

First? Your title screen. The only change is a crap load of fish, which causes slow down errors.

Here's the intro level. This doesn't look fun. I have to get in that orange vertical pipe on the left while avoiding the plants.

Memory Lane... ah. Good stuff. But last time I checked, remakes (and empty ones at that) are frowned upon.

Especially when they don't end properly. I just walk off the side of the screen to complete this level.

The first level's first pipe leads to a ridiculously difficult boss fight which I could not complete. I hope this isn't an indication of what's to come.

Major slowdown here.

I hate levels that offer no way to reset them when you screw up and miss your chance at completing them. This is an example of what I mean.

I can't tell what's the background and what's not. Make sure I can do that right off the bat in the level instead of having to move and see the difference in scrolling rates.

These break under you. There's no warning of this. Not cool.

The fire flower here is pretty difficult to get. Fair enough, but you need that fire flower for this part:

If you don't have it and break down that house trying to get it, you're shit outta luck. Unless you spin jump on the ghosts over that wall.

Hitting that box puts some garbled mess in your item box. I didn't bother to check to see what it was.

It looks to be in working order...

Well fuck me, it isn't. Could you at least put a little color difference like in the above screenshot to warn people?

I see some roken collision on this guy.

Stairs generally are not a pain in the ass to climb. These are, though.

You might wanna fix this up.

I can't tell which is the background and foreground again.

I fireballed the guy I needed here, and there's no way to reset the level besides dying.
Link Thread Closed