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Hack Removal Log

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Hack Name: Chronicles of Koopa (demo) Demo - 464.5 KB - 23 downloads.
Length: 32 levels
Author: Lolin8r - Submitted by: Lolin8r
Description: This is my first SMW hack, Chronicles of Koopa.

Story: Koopa was cleaning out Bowser's Keep when he overheard Bowser talking and finding out what use Koopas were to Bowser, so he ran out on him via an escape tunnel in order to try and find Peach and start up a new life.

Ok, the screenshots look good. However.

For those who are viewing this thread and don't know, I'm the koopa down at the bottom. Right in front of me is a hole I can't see.

And fate would have me fall down another, bigger hole that I can't see after avoiding the first one.

This jump is pretty ridiculous. I've never made it through full grown, and I have a tougher time not getting killed by the obstacles that await me.

Spin jumping on this guy to progress through the level has gotten me killed multiple times on my way down. I gave this jump 15 tries alone and could not get any further. So, I cut my review short and decided to dig around in lunar magic to see what I could find.

Looking at the rest of your levels... Man, some of them look like they were designed by someone with no heart or soul, a creature of terror and agony that knows nothing of human emotion. Some of them were downright painful to imagine going through. :S
Hack Name: FIX Rico and the Yoshi Eggs Demo - 331.6 KB - 8 downloads.
Length: 6 levels
Author: Lunar Rico - Submitted by: Lunar Rico
Description: lots of lines

For some reason, I couldn't get past level 1. I dunno if it was intended that I collect four or five eggs before the door opens, but I only found four and couldn't get any further.

Walking under the door here will crush and kill you if you're not careful.

Or, throw you through the ground.

I looked at the rest of your levels in lunar magic and th
Ok, it seems my last post got cut short. I can't edit that post or delete it and start anew, so I'll finish what I wanted to say:

"I looked at the rest of your levels in lunar magic and they're pretty well designed for being so small, so I dunno what went wrong. This level needs a little work before it's ready, and maybe it was a bug on my end that was telling me that instead of letting me get any further."

Now, onto the rest of this post.

Hack Name: Defending the Mushroom Kingdom Demo 1.7 Demo - 35.5 KB - 7 downloads.
Length: 6 levels
Author: pokedude987 - Submitted by: pokedude987
Description: Instead of taking the princess to try to cause havoc in the mushroom kingdom Bowser sets up 7 army base and his army base around the land. Each day he'd send waves and waves from each base to attack the mushroom kingdom. It's up to Mario to go out and stop these waves from coming.

This demo has the whole world 1 + a switch and the castle

The hack isn't that bad. However:

This jump and the two around it are totally ridiculous. Tone 'em down a bit.

I was able to swim over the entirety of Lake Ted, which completely invalidated the difficulty to the level. You might wanna put a ceiling here so people can't do that.

Hack Name: Mario : The Quest for Chicken Demo - 18.8 KB - 37 downloads.
Length: 2 levels
Author: Mario'sPetChicken - Submitted by: Mario'sPetChicken
Description: This is my first hack and I hope you enjoy, its pretty short but im already working on the full version and it will have ExGFX, a custom overworld and hopefully i can get my computer to work properly with putting in custom spites.

Here's Why

First off, one edited level is way too short...even for a demo. I suggest you add about 5-6 more levels, then submit your one world demo.

Now, onto the hack.

Bouncing birds made me lol...but you should still fix it.

Multiple instances of cut-off...mostly due to intersecting pipes.

Don't place tiles on the lowest row...just shift everything up one row.

Extend the level to allow Mario to finish his well-deserved ending sequence.

Unedited YSP.


Besides the one unedited level...all that was left was the unedited YSP, Yoshi's House, and an "end demo" level. Not nearly enough content for a demo...and the one level wasn't exactly fitting enough for a one level hack in the first place. I suggest you touch up on the first level, as well as adding a few more levels into this before you submit again.

Hack Name: Return To Super Mario World Demo - 183.1 KB - 38 downloads.
Length: 7 exits
Author: MetaMauler1987 - Submitted by: metamauler1987
Description: The First Demo Of my First Hack. Features 6 levels, 1 "castle", 1 switch palace, and 1 secret exit, and 3 regular levels. They tend to be rather linear. You'll notice allot of map 16 editing(no stacked chomps here ^.^)custom music(by the composers of SMWcentral) and a custom overworld. I also included the incomplete Rainbow road level.

Here's Why

Very odd choice of graphics here...

This made me lol. shouldn't force the player to take a hit under any circumstance.


Also, another excuse...which isn't very acceptable. Just change the palette of the overworld to fix the problem.

Flip the two corner tiles to correct this problem.

More incorrect tile usage.

Cutoff where the dirt meets the water.

This part was a bit frustrating due to the walkable tiles. I suggest you darken them just a tad to make them stand out more.

Just make this area open like you did in the previous two pipe areas.

Unless I'm missing something painfully obvious, I can't beat this level due to Mario dying after hitting the goal tape.


Because of the last issue, I couldn't play any further. Please look into this, or PM me telling me what I'm doing wrong.

Hack Name: Harry Hammer Bro saves Christmas Demo 1 Demo - 160.6 KB - 53 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: Lunar Rico - Submitted by: Lunar Rico
Description: Harry Hammer Bro wanted to celebrate christmas again, so he visited Winter Island. But then Santa was stolen! Now it is up to Harry to save christams.

(To everyone, it is one level short. Sorry.)

Here's Why

I have no idea what happened here.

Major issue number 1: You die on the title screen, resulting in the player being stuck in an infinite loop. I wonder if death is like this...

Glitchy intro screen...this may be linked to what happened during the intro. At first I thought it was a faulty patch, but the rest of the game played okay for the most part. So maybe you overwrote the previous graphics.

The player's graphics still contains some missing frames.

That bullet bill shot out of the top left block, which had no indication to show that it was a bullet bill shooter.

Oh, how I hate this evil trick.

Mrs. Claus kills me even though I was a good boy this year :(

I can walk through the floor here.

Unless I'm missing something, I can't continue from this point. The pipe a few screens back has a tile over it, preventing me from entering it...if it was enterable to begin with.


Fix the issue in the workshop level, and I can moderate the rest of the hack.
Hack Name: SINISTER Mario(0.1 BETA)
Length: 31 levels
Author: LukaNuva - Submitted by: LukaNuva
Description: My first hack.Things to be fixed include:OW,Level Design.

New features to be added:Custom blocks,New OW,and more levels.



The IPS patch doesn't work. Make sure you have a clean ROM, and test your patch before submitting it.
Hack Name: Super Mario Illusion (Demo) Demo - 135.4 KB - 3 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: K3Blue64 - Submitted by: K3Blue64
Description: Nothing to say. Just a hack.

Ok, I believe I got through all of the levels available. It's not a bad start, but there are a few things to fix up, first.

Going through this pipe causes the camera to jump around wildly. Setting the BG and FG camera coordinates in the entrance and moving the pipe a bit to the left should fix all of that.

I wasn't able to do it easily, but I was able to jump INTO the pipe and get stuck. Not a huge error, but try to block off access to this part of the pipe.

With no time limit, nothing stops me from watching this shell kill the bullet bills so many times I can get 99 lives.

There's a little... grass? in the water up here.

Neato background. But when I first entered the stage I was afraid to move thinking I would die. Try to make the background a little more distinguishable from the foreground and we're good to go here.
Hack Name: Smw the lost levels(demo) Demo - 190.8 KB - 53 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: mario fan...... - Submitted by: mario fan......
Description: lots of stuff


This is Yoshi's House. But... where is it? And why can't I exit the level through the sides? Worst of all is that there is no timer, so I can't even die to get out. I have to reset.

I need to activate the yellow switch palace first. Fair enough. However, I can't exit out the side of the level here. I'm forced to die.

This level is pretty cool looking with all of the big plants and all, however it is impossible to get past this point. There aren't enough turtles to bounce off of to get to the other side.
Hack Name: Super Mario Worldy 2
Length: 17 levels
Author: megamario - Submitted by: megamario
Description: I made this as my first one! I think its good but thats up to other people.


? block cuts off Yoshi's House here.

Even with a cave tileset, a 106 edit is a 106 edit and isn't acceptable.

More cutoff.

No offense, but your overworld needs a lot of work, especially with the colors of the cliffs here. Also, why is the Yellow Switch Palace green?

Eleventy billionth hack with an unedited YSP. D:

Message box here disappeared due to sprite settings. Also a blatant SMW edit.

In a bizarre twist of events, Yoshi swallowed his own head and now his tongue only remains.

The tiles here don't match the cliff edges.

Sprite issue.

This level ended up turning into Bowser's Castle halfway through.

105 edit.

Iggy's Castle is barely edited.

Bad tiles used here.

This seems familiar...

The biggest problem with this hack was the large amount of levels that were just SMW edits. Slightly editing them or changing the tilesets isn't enough: press CTL + DEL and start your levels from scratch, as well as fixing some of the other issues I mentioned.
Hack Name: Peach´s world[Demo] Demo - 171.4 KB - 81 downloads.
Added: 2009-08-30 06:10:40 PM
Rating: 7.6 (3)
Reviews: 1 (jump to reviews)
Length: 5 levels
Author: Pribor - Submitted by: Pribor
Description: Bowser kidnapped Mario and Princess Peach is going to save him. In this demo you can play first world. This hack contains some custom sprites,ExGfx from mikeyk,Len Kagamine,Exor, Aqualakitu,NekohDot,WhiteYoshiEgg,Black Sabbath and Lavos.Enjoy

Looks like this slipped under the radar while I was reviewing it. I didn't notice one grave flaw in this hack, despite me walking right over it.

Oh the horror! Floating munchers! And a little cut-off. Shouldn't be too hard to fix. Put a platform under and connect the slope and it's golden.

Still a decent hack despite this little error, but floating munchers are floating munchers.
-> Removed:
Hack Name: mario and the watering problems
Lenght: 1 Level
Author: oie_tets - Submittted by: oie_tets
o mario estava caminhando e acabou q se avistou com problems na agua e resolveu ajudar no problema

-> Removal Reason(s):

This screenshot doesn't have anything to do with the hack you uploaded. Why would you include something like this in the hack download page? I partially consider this as a nice alternative to hide the true ugliness of this piece of work, actually, though you really should have included a screenshot taken from your actual hack.

There are quite a few graphical oddities in this submap, in which the most noticeable one would obviously be the corner tiles you used as grass tiles. How about using proper grass tiles instead? Also, isn't Mario supposed to swim, considering that he is inside a pond?

No. We really do not approve hacks that are 100% impossible to play through.

I don't quite know if you will be able to understand what I tried to say, since it seems like you cannot speak English. Therefore, let me quickly sum up everything I mentioned above in Portuguese for you to possibly understand in a better way why this hack was removed (tentarei resumir o que eu quis dizer acima em português para que você possivelmente possa entender melhor a razão de sua hack ter sido removida do site):

Primeiramente, a imagem que você incluiu na página de download da hack não tem absolutamente NADA a ver com o jogo mesmo. Segundo, há vários errinhos em seu mapa que podem ser facilmente consertados e/ou são bastante estranhos, como o fato do Mario estar ACIMA da água, ao invés de estar NADANDO e o fato de você ter usado "tiles" de canto de penhasco como grama. Terceiro, sua hack é uma total vergonha, já que você pode instantaneamente morrer assim que é acessado o único nível do jogo.

Hack Name: Mario on ice - 159.3 KB - 65 downloads.
Length: 6 exits
Author: Chris18 - Submitted by: Chris18
Description: My Ice themed Mini-hack.
There are 5 levels and 6 exits.

Here's Why

The biggest problem I noted was the fact that many spike look similar, yet only a few actually hurt you. There is really no way to tell what is safe and what is not until it's too late. I suggest you change the color of the spikes that can hurt you to a darker color.


Even though this water is a different color, I didn't think it would kill me...

Unless I'm stupid, this part was impossible to make it through without taking a hit.

I can stand on a block here...

Having doors underwater causes "holes" in the water.


Another problem that I found was that if you stand right here when you defeat the enemies in this area, you skip the next few fights and go right to the next area. I suggest that you move the door to a new screen, and make this screen go to the next fight as well, that way the player can't skip the fights.


You are off to a great start. The hack was enjoyable to play, and if you fix these problems, I see no reason why it shouldn't be accepted.

Hack Name: Super Senjan Realm Demo 1 Demo - 14.1 KB - 35 downloads.
Length: 5 levels
Author: Senjan - Submitted by: Senjan
Description: It's taken quite a while, and I havent talked much about this dispite all the help I have needed to proceed. But now it's here! Super Senjan Realm!
This is my first submitted super mario hack here on SMW central. I have mainly worked on the first world, which is the only one you will be able to play in
this first demo. Of course I have many more courses done already, but I want to spice them up with some hot ExGFX. And that might take some time to pick out
and work with some. So in the meanwhile, please enjoy the first world of Super Senjan Realm!


Music: Jimmy52905, Yukari Yakumo, FPI, Chinelin (Black Yoshi), carol (Addmusic Japanese Version's included music).

Graphics: Black Squirrel,Ghettoyouth, Kaeru, DragonFire6780, An00bis.

Blocks: Ersanio, Cortez.

Please! If I have missed out someone in the credits, tell me so I can add your name here!

Here's Why

I got a black screen upon loading the patched ROM. Your patch must be corrupted...try making a new one and trying it out before you submit it again. If it doesn't work, then you will probably have to find a clean SMW ROM.

Hack Name: Super Mario Insane - 226.3 KB - 28 downloads.
Length: 95 levels
Author: Toad-Demoniaque - Submitted by: Toad-Demoniaque
Description: This game is my first Hack and he is pretty hard.

He is written in French. You can found a preview of my second Hack.

Here's Why

Despite the screenshots you provided showing that this hack is Kaizo, I decided to give it a go to see how bad it truly is.

The title screen features floating and stacked munchers.

Mario dies during the title sequence, causing the player to be stuck in the title screen until they reset.

I'm treated to a black screen after choosing one player while the title screen music infinitely plays. The ROM did have a BAD ROM header, so that may be the problem.

Despite this, I strongly suggest you forget about uploading this hack to the site. Read the hack submission guidelines to get a better understanding on what we will accept.

Hack Name: Cool or Cruel (Demo v0.2)
Length: 10 levels
Author: worldpeace125 - Submitted by: UntitledUser
Description: A very hardest hack with some hardest levels.


We don't accept Kaizo hacks here. Sorry. Use this thread instead.

Name: Super Kaizo World 2
Author: Unknown - Submitted by: jimmy1up
Description: I didn't make this game. I found it on youtube after some searching. It's REALLY hard, that much I can say, unless you're elite at these games.

Dammit internet.

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Hack Name: SMW The Palace of Peril Fix Demo - 56.3 KB - 63 downloads.
Length: 19 levels
Author: Artsy2 - Submitted by: Artsy2
Description: In this hack, you must again save Peach from Bowser. Along with that, there are no custom sprites, music, or blocks, but there is a custom palette. This hack is focused on level design. I want to show how good an uncustomized hack could be, so give it a try. I made a lot of fixes and changes:

1. Fixed a lot of cutoff ledges.

2. Provided Yoshi for Yoshi's Trial and replaced Yoshi's prison with something else...

3. Small level edits.

4. Made a custom palette. (Seen in screenshot.

P.S. Sorry for the lack of screenshots, several things got disorganized.

P.P.S. You may notice some random events in world 1, but believe me, I've tried so long to remove, or at least find them, but no luck. Please try to understand.

Have fun, and be sure to point out anything awry I may have missed either by PM or my hack thread. Enjoy!



Bad/clashing palettes.

Overuse of ugly blocks.

What's with the cloud?

OW isn't edited very well...

Not really a sprint when you're underwater. Also I recommend just changing the timer to 100 and using the underwater music in this level.

FG/BG starting height is a bit off.

Needs candle flame generator.

Why not just use megaspikes?

The overworld in general needs a lot of work. Don't have level tiles placed on grass use the path graphics and unrevealed level tiles. Make the terrain more natural and stuff.

If you take the pipe back it lands you here because the tiles aren't linked properly.

So, the level design isn't the worst (but still not that great). Make sure to fix everything I posted about here and improve the quality of the hack and it'll one day get accepted.
Hack Name: Goombario's World Demo 2
Length: 25 levels
Author: Cellcen - Submitted by: Cellcen
Description: Goombario is Back!

Difficult:World 1 Normal World 2 Hard!

Have fun with the new Demo!

INFO:"I tried to use FadeFix, but for some reason, it refuses to work in some levels. READ THE README PLEASE!"

@ SMWCentral Mods & Admins:If this demo has been moderated, please Goombario's World Demo 1 Final version removed. Thanks!


First of all, wanted to apologize for the length it took to moderate this. It had been unclaimed for a while, and I found myself often frustrated with the hack in points. Needless to say, it falls just shy of acceptance, for a few reasons I'll mention below:

This was the biggie. I noticed this overworld issue in the desert as well. It was most likely caused by the patch itself. I'd recommend repatching it, and being sure to test it so this won't happen again.

This area was extremely laggy.

Occasionally, the sprite here wouldn't even appear, so you couldn't get across.

Goombas had Koopa squashed graphics here, and the status bar palette looks a bit off.

Issue with sprite settings.

You are given extremely limited time to get across these.

I'll be honest... a big problem with the second world was that it was far too difficult. It'd be one thing if it gradually got to this level, but the difficulty just spikes and levels like this become very frustrating to get through.

You have know way of knowing you need the Red Switch Palace activated in this level, and the only way back is to die.

Name: Super Random World
Author: XxAfroxX
Description: This is just the bigging of this hack like its a Beta of a Beta!!!

This is not a screenshot.

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