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Name: This Is The Only Level
Author: KingYoshi89
Description: This Is The Only Level in the Game..
Or is it?


A well made level, but regardless, only one level and thus way too short to accept. If you make more, I'd be up for playing it.

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My Hacks:

Name: demo hack klap
Author: koopa troopa
Description: patch ow mario bros 3
c ma premiere hack je debute avec lunar merci dessayer bonne chance

Il y avait une salle de bonus sans fin dans le premier niveau. S'il vous plaît assurez-vous que votre jeu n'a pas de bugs de sortie avant de le télécharger.
(Sorry, I don't know French)

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My Hacks:

Name: Return to Super Mario world(v1.2)
Author: SacredSilverYoshi
Description: (please delete the other one on the list, as i forgot the description)
My second attempt at uploading this hack. The updated version includes new music, My "Thorny Vine" graphics, and an interesting switch palace.(though it wont make much difference till later demos) You may already know what it is if you frequent the Basic SMW Hacking forums, but if not it will be a nice surprise.

I tried the patch on three different ROM versions, and it corrupted all of them. Try reuploading a working patch, as this one appears to be broken.
Name: Super Short Mario World (fixed!)
Author: Metaknight1996

I have fixed it!

2 Bosses
2 Castles
5 levels
2 Switch Palaces

Okay, this hack needs quite a bit of work.

-Fix the "Mega Mario" and "Short" text. The black behind them looks ugly.
-The foreground palette in general looks ugly. The light green needs to be changed to something more appealing to the eye.

-This overworld has many, many issues. The bridges are miscolored, there is a half cut-off cloud right in the middle, the cliffs above the ghost house look odd, the level before the ghost house is shifted too far to the right, and some of the cliffs and water are miscolored. Work on shaping this up before you resubmit it.

-Throughout this level, there are many instances where the green pipe "slices" the yellow pipe in half, leaving ugly cut-off on either side of the green pipe. Do not overlap the yellow/green pipes to fix this error.

-Add an end to the left of the yellow pipe so that it does not cut off.

-Ugly palette for the entire house and ground.

-He sure looks home to me. Either remove the message box, or remove Yoshi.

-Ugly FG palette.

-Ugly FG palette.

-The cement blocks are used in this level quite often, and they cut off the corners. Either draw corner tiles for the switch palace tileset, or use the green circle blocks. At least they do not cut off.

-Nasty lag in this area. Tone down on the sprites a bit.

-One of the ball and chains disappears. Delete one of them.

-All of these spikes cause slowdown. Remove a few.

-Fix the cut off ground on the right side by adding the appropriate wall and corner tiles.

-I do not know how you managed to mess up the original overworld, but you did. Fix the blue corner tiles, as they look ugly and cut off the path from the original Donut Plains.

-Pretty bad lag in this area for whatever reason. Try removing a Ninji.

-The mushroom appears behind the window, and looks glitchy. I would remove it completely.

Please fix up all of these bugs before resubmitting it.
Hack Name: Super Odd World 2 Demo 4 Demo#
Length: 19 levels
Author: Pirate Yoshi - Submitted by: Pirate Yoshi
Description: Yeah, I know, first it was Demo 1, now Demo 4... I've just been making more updates on YouTube than on SMWCentral is all.

-fixed Yoshi's Dome (Yoshi was obtainable)
-more levels
-more oddness

I doubt this will be accepted as is, due to the Special World (World 3). But hey, it's supposed to be odd, right?

Also, one level *might* have faulty lava at one point, so if anyone could point it out if it exists, it would be great.

Okay, enough chat, time to get submitting!

(Oh god, it's been a while since I submitted, I hope it all works out...)


Blue blocks that kill you, water you can walk on, vines acting like brown blocks, randomly passable ground... You may have explained what they do, but I still recommend giving them some custom GFX, since they're really confusing.

Minor cutoff caused by the Bullet Bill shooters. Doesn't look too wrong here, but it would be great if you fixed that.

Water being held by translucent blocks also looks a bit weird.

You forgot the candle flame generator.

I was able to get under that slope.

Use the P-switch here, collect the coins, and you're stuck. You already have reset pipes in most other levels, I just couldn't find one here.

You have to react really quickly to not die here. Plus, the coins are misleading, and you'll land on munchers if you follow them exactly.

Though it's not easy to get there, a 3-up seems like too much of a reward for me. Just my opinion though, no need to change that.

You might want to use down-only blocks instead - or simply cement blocks.

I see you placed invisible solid blocks there to make the player take a different path, but why not replace them with something... visible?

You might want to raise the time limit a little. Maybe I just took too much time though...

The shell goes through the dirt as if it were ground...

That arrow can make you think you're supposed to throw the shell up there, but if you do that, you're permanently stuck. A reset pipe ro something would have been nice.

This Bob-Omb is actually a Thwimp...

Tip: Don't use glitched graphics. No excuses.

I suggest making some custom GFX for it, or simply using Thwimps instead.

The goal tape goes too high.

Aside from that, the hack was pretty nice actually. Fix all this stuff, and we'll talk again. ;)

Hack Name: waluigi world Demo
Length: 13 levels
Author: banbadle - Submitted by: banbadle
Description: this isn't meant to be a submision. i just need help. after you complete a certain level the overworld starts getting glitchy tiles. i am just submitting this to see if anyone can help.


Stuff like this does not belong in the Hacks section. Upload it to the File Bin and make a thread about it instead.

Name: Super Koopa Troopa World Demo
Author: terreaix
Description: i fixed my first level now u cant break it

1.) The patch is broken. It does nothing at all because you chose the ROMs in the wrong order when making it.
2.) Let's look at the provided screenshot.


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My Hacks:

Hack Name: Super 3 level world
Length: 4 levels
Author: JIM4741 - Submitted by: JIM4741
Description: If you hated super noob world... then enjoy a game i actually put some EFFORT into... (it says 4 levels but thats yoshis house)


Floating bush. While your title screen text is creative, to be honest, it could look a bit cleaner.

Hm... this looks familiar.

So does this.

Overworld is quite cutoff and retains SMW's layer 2 events.

This is why SMW puts a block for diagonal pipes.

Moons like this are fairly pointless unless they're somewhat difficult to get. It doesn't make sense to have such an easy way to get three lives.

These Boos were actually Bony Beetles, though their tiles were messed up and not compatible with the set.

You should try and "hide" the bush GFX with the ledge next time.

While it's clear you put some effort into this, a lot more is needed before this hack will be accepted. Please fix up your overworld, deleting SMW events, and be sure all the levels are original instead of SMW edits. I was quite amused by some of your messages though...


Mario: The Fourth Sector
Author: S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N.
Hack ID 2942

Very enjoyable and creative hack so far. There were many small problems though, but the main problem was this:

This Malfunctioning Key Door shoved Mario into the land, blanked out the background, and froze the game...

You'll need to fine some way to fix this problem. ._.;
Hack Name: NEW Super Mario Bros 3.
Length: Unknown
Author: SYPHER - Submitted by: Sypher
Description: A NES textured rom. im mashing all the SMB series onto this hack. Enjoy this DEMO


Bullet Bill has an odd palette.

Remakes of any kind, including SMB3, are not acceptable. There's also some cutoff and an odd Goomba palette here.

There appeared to be no way to beat this level.

The glowing bricks look odd here.

Another SMB3 level remake.

These were the graphics for small Mario ducking. You may want to fix them.

Odd egg palette and glitched graphics for Bob-omb explosions.

I'd highly suggest using the Fade Fix patch for this.

Discoloration on the overworld near the walking Mario. Worse, you can go to all the levels from the beginning. This makes level progression rather pointless. You should add events to the overworld so you need to advance through them.

Glitched graphics for the goal sphere. None of these graphics were even in the respective levels, so you could easily use ExGFX to overwrite them with the proper graphics.

Overall, this hack needs a lot of work. The overworld did not function correctly, many levels were level remakes, and there were frequent palette and graphical issues.
Hack Name: Super Mario and the Missing Mushroom Coins [Demo 1]
Length: 9 levels
Author: Cellcen - Submitted by: Cellcen
Description: Story:"Oh no! All the precious Mushroom Coins have been stolen! Mario has to find them and bring them back! A new adventure begins.

This Hack have:
-Custom Sprites
-Custom Music
-Custom Blocks

Have fun with my Hack ;)


I really liked this hack overall, but there were a few gameplay issues that you ought to fix.

There are quite a few points where you can get stuck forever when you lose an item.

Some mushroom coins aren't in plain sight, and thus they're really hard to find if you don't know where they are. Put some coins leading the way to them there.

Glitched Yoshi fireball. Simply remove or replace the red Koopa.

A little typo. ;) Not a removal reason, I just wanted to point that out.

When all of these issues are fixed, I'll be glad to accept this.

Name: The 64 Trials! (Fixed)
Author: Mariowings77
Description: Yep, it's back, and it's fixed. Hope you enjoy it ;)

Oh hey, neat, your screenshots show absolutely nothing because they are zoomed in. Therefore, they are not proper screenshots. Resubmit with proper, unmolested shots, and try again.

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Something awry? PM me!
Don't know what the eff "awry" means? Never PM me.

My Hacks:

Name: Primal Mario World (Demo 1)
Author: PineappleProducer
Description: After rescuing the princess, Mario responds to a distress signal coming from The Unknown Isles...

Your patch is non-functional. I tested it on my three regular ROMs, and the patch simply corrupts all of them. It seems rather large for an IPS, anyway. Strange.

Please try recreating the patch and resubmitting it. Test it on a clean ROM before you do so to make sure it works. Thanks.
Name: Return to Super Mario World (v1.3)
Author: SacredSilverYoshi
Description: Well It seems I have No luck this week^.^ My third try to upload this patch. Its been tested (multiple time this time) A new song, and some graphical fixes. I hope you guys have fun with this

Looks like your streak of bad luck continues, my friend.

-Cutoff corner tiles in the water.

-Bad palette on the MARIO A/B/C letters. Please fix it.

-This is just one of many spelling/grammar mishaps in the hack. Allow me to correct it for you:
"It's time to return to Super Mario World. I hope you enjoy this hack."

-The design of the overworld itself is actually pretty good - however, there are a few glitches. The castle tiles on the top right corner of the map look ugly and cut off. A few of the unrevealed paths (most notably, the one right in the middle) look cut off as well.

"Welcome to Entrance Island. A special thank-you to the composers at SMW Central, as it is their music I'm using."

-Typo. It should say "Isle", not "Ilse"

-"Here, you get to choose which switch you want to press. This will determine which secret exits you'll be able to get."
-Not a real issue, but be careful if you plan on using an idea like this (i.e. the "choose a switch" route). Make sure you can still get -all- of the exits by the end of the hack, somehow.

-I would make the switch palace destroy itself, if you can't enter it again.

-"Don't fret if you can't get through the coin maze. You can still finish the level."

-Three Wigglers here = not good. The flowers on their heads disappear periodically (as shown), and it is rather laggy. I would either make this section horizontal so that the Wigglers are not all on the screen at the same time, or remove one of them altogether.

-Lower corners cut off the water (all throughout the cave area).

-This maze is an absolute pain to get through. It is so hard to differentiate the "walk through" tiles from the "solid" tiles. At least do something to make it a BIT more obvious.

-Mario goes behind the FG when you enter the pipe here. I would suggest shifting the pipe back a few tiles and removing the FG area in front of it.

-"These thorns look vicious. I should avoid them..."

-If you knock the shell up while the Koopa is on the right hand side here (or any other spot like this in the level), you won't be able to get through the turn blocks, thus meaning you have to suicide.

-This part is just ridiculous. Get rid of the flying fish generator .. it is hard enough navigating without it.

-There are various cut-off walls and corners in this cave. The mole placement is also far too random here. They sometimes jump, and "glitch" in the ceiling. Reconsider the placement of them.

-See previous screenshot.

-See previous screenshot.

-See previous screenshot.

-Like the earlier pipe glitch, you appear behind the FG here when you enter the pipe. Fix it.

-"Dude! What the hell took you so long? Do you know how CRAMPED those eggs get?"
(I love how Yoshi has a different attitude in every single hack. The poor creature has mood swings, I swear.)

-The bullets fly in the wrong direction when you enter the room. It looks really odd.

-This part is just unfair. On the first go, the player would not know to hold right to save themselves, thus leading them straight into a death trap.

That is as far as I played. Before you resubmit this, you need to test it more thoroughly, and even hire some beta testers. Check all of your levels for cut-off corners, bad palettes, unfair/laggy spots. Make sure everything is polished, or at least to the best of your ability.

Hack Name: Super Mario Redux v1.1 - 121.3 KB - 32 downloads.
Length: 6 levels
Author: TRS - Submitted by: TRS
Description: This is version 1.1 of my first hack, which attempts to fix all of the problems that sadly doomed the original version to deletion. (See the Hack Removal Log, page 56) Along with this, I have fixed a few minor issues that I had that weren't on the list, such as the following:

- More proper coin placement. (As in, no longer a billion coins in the first level and almost zero in all the others)
- The water level has been shortened a little bit because I feel the sprites were a little too spread out. (View part of this as the title screen level.)
- Removed Dragon Coins from one level.
- Several other small tweaks.

Because this is a "vanilla" hack, I will ask reviewers to not base your rating of this hack on music and graphics. (Except the palettes. I want to know about those)

Here's Why

Not only are enemies walking on lava an oddity in it's own right, but it gets very frustrating to dodge them since you can't just stomp on them without getting hurt.


The directional coin block cuts right through the ceiling if you're not quick enough.

It's a bit hard to tell what's going on here, but this level has about 4-6 screens of spin jumping. That's fine on it's own, but you are required to use a technique that some people may not know. You have to kick the P-switch up and then catch it during a spin jump, and then move onto an enemy. I suggest you explain this, because despite it being well known, it wasn't a move explained in the original.

This pipe leads me..., in the stone. I quickly shot below the level and died. THIS IS A MAJOR CAUSE OF DELETION. I suggest you fix your secondary entrance.

This section was incredibly difficult when it didn't have to be. This area is a screen scrolling area with gaps. That's fine and dandy, except that I had to juggle these two items, which proved to be incredibly difficult due to the very small amount of time you have to move one object to a safe spot, then quickly going back to grab the other before it disappears off-screen. If there is an easier way to do this, please let me know as I couldn't find one.


This hack isn't bad by any means, but there are some oddities as well as difficulty spikes that should be fixed.
Name: Rico and the Yoshi Eggs Demo 1
Author: Lunar Rico
Description: Mods. Delete the other one.

You can see more and read the plot at:

Let me start by saying that I actually had a bit of fun playing this hack, and I think you did a pretty decent job with it. However, there are a couple of bugs, as well as one fatal one, which are preventing this from being approved.

-The "font" used for RICO looks .. pretty bad. I would almost suggest the regular text rather than this.

-Pretty big perspective issue on the cliffs directly below the starting point. The cliff should "curve" into the water, not appear straight at the bottom.
-What is with the two random "corner" tiles above the ghost house?

-You can get stuck in this corner, thus falling through the ground and dying. Make it act like tile 130 in Lunar Magic.

-I would completely remove this single slope tile altogether, and make it a corner tile (shown above).

-Horizontal SMB3 pipes look rather ugly in the water due to the black outlines. It isn't mandatory, but I would move this one up out of the water. Again, this is just a suggestion.

-FATAL BUG: Swimming under this pipe will cause a major scrolling issue which causes Rico to suddenly fall from the sky. All of the tiles on the screen will also end up killing you. I'm not sure if this is a patch issue or what, but I'd test it out and find a solution for it (i.e. prevent the player from being able to swim under the pipe with cement blocks or something).

-Thin strip of water appears to be "floating" there, as it is cut off next to the two grass chunks. May I suggest adding a wall of square, cement blocks on either side to prevent the cutoffness?

-Upon entering this pipe, Mario will appear behind the FG (the mushroom piece). I would move the pipe to a more open area, or even replace it with a door.

-Not too fond of this "off-screen" level on the map. I'd suggest moving it to the right one tile and reworking your paths a little. (note: this is more of a personal nitpick than anything. If you insist on leaving it like that, it will not count as a reason for removal next time. I just thought I would note this as a personal suggestion).

-Don't you think it's just a tad unfair that you can fall down to the left and get stuck if you killed the blue Koopa at the start of the level?

-Fix the corner tile below Rico. The top right corner of the corner tile has a cutoff chunk.

-Again with the off-screen stuff .. however, my complaint in this screenshot is about the waterfall. It just looks plain ugly. Either remove it completely, or at least make it correctly (geography lesson: a waterfall needs water flowing to it).

-The palette on that Koopa is a tad ugly.

-Was there even a point to the Yoshi in this level, besides keeping him to make Muncher Falls a hundred times easier to beat?

-Entering this pipe will cause Rico to appear behind the silver blocks. Remove four of them above the pipe to prevent this.

-The pipe's bottom cuts off when it hits the blue blocks. Why don't you just remove the blue blocks altogether and extend the pipe down to the bottom of the screen?

-This invisible coin block made me cry.

Fix these up, and then go ahead and resubmit it. Most of the errors should be pretty easily fixable. Good luck.
Name: Super Mario Illusion
Author: K3Blue64
Description: Still no story idea

This needs quite a bit of work.

-The overworld seems really bland and squareish. Perhaps you could add some hills, more trees, or something to decorate it?

-Cement block cluster in a pipe = no. It is cut-off from all sides.

-I noticed it later in the Quarry area too, but why do the two "Gate" levels turn into stones after you beat them? It looks really strange.

-Ground edges are cut-off.

-Why is this (and later icons) square? Why don't you make them rounded like all of the others so that they don't look out of place?

-Yellow pipe "floats" above the green pipe (cut-off).

-That little "fork" in the path looks weird if you reveal it from the left before revealing it from above.

-The original game had a corner tile for this tileset. Use it instead of a cement block.

-Again, four cement blocks in a pipe = ugh bad cut-off.

-What is the point of those cement blocks? All they do is make Mario glitch when he enters the pipe.
-The baby Yoshi seems really pointless here since, unless I missed something very obscure, there is nothing in the level for it to eat.

-You can fall into that cement block. I would use a solid one there instead of a walk-through one.

-Ew. I'd remove that vertical pipe completely.

-And again with the four cement blocks in the pipe.

-I hope you realize that you can easily bypass this without hitting the blue switch if you simply bring a cape here. You may want to tweak it a bit so you absolutely cannot get to the quarry area without hitting the blue switch.

-Both the water and the platform Mario is standing on cut-off on that cement block.

-Same deal here.

-If you spin jump on this Koopa, you'll be forced to suicide on the Pokeys. That seems a bit unfair.

-Holy lag central. I would remove a sprite or two to prevent the slowdown.

-Again, the original game had a corner tile which should be used instead of the cement block.

-Uh oh. You need to add the red switch message here.
-Also, it looks like you used the incorrect switch palace set here, as the switch turns into eggs upon being stomped.

-Those are not red.

-If you re-enter the red switch area after you get it, this happens. Please enable "Vertical Scroll at Will" in this level.

-And once again with the four cement blocks in the pipe. Get rid of them.

-The layer 3 rocks appear over layer 2, and they look rather ugly. I'd disable layer 3 entirely here.

-Why don't you add a vertical row of coins leading down to the four skulls here (directly after the midway room)? This is pretty much a blind jump, as the player has no idea where the platform is.

I couldn't seem to find a secret exit in the Skull Cave, even after looking around for a while. Eh. Either way, you have quite a few things to fix up here.

Hack Name: BLACK's Super Mario World - 527.7 KB - 53 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: daigaidai - Submitted by: UntitledUser
Description: First BLACK's (daigaidai) SMW hack.

Here's Why

First thing's first...

This isn't a very good all. Not sure what you did to get this poor quality.

Onto the hack!

I died within the first 3 seconds of the game. Some may say that I just suck, but that doesn't apply here. This is a very sad trick to force on the player. I suggest you remove it.

Floating munchers.

Intense slowdown here.

Oh...I hate this trick so much.

Floating muncher.

That piranha plant at the top got stuck in the munchers, and jumped from there. I suggest you raise the ceiling a tile.

This last area is a mess. Not only is the difficulty incredibly high, but there is one of those effin invisible blocks directly below me. Do you want to know how many times I fell because of it? I don't know how to count that high.

After much pain and sorrow, I finally reached level 2. I'm greeted with bullet bill launchers cutting into the dirt.

These blocks look too harmless to be used as instant kill blocks.

Two oddities formed by the fire.


Two more areas of intense slowdown.

This level is very difficult as it is, but this part is just ridiculous.


Background palette needs some work, and there is an incorrect corner tile behind Mario.

Where could these transparent blocks possibly lead...?

I swear...this hack has too many FU moments.

Dear lord, make it stop.

This little fishie has the ability to bypass slopes.

I quit here.


Besides the graphical issues, this hack is very difficult. I wouldn't call it Kaizo, but it borders the fairness line...and it's not leaning towards the fair side either. I suggest you be more forgiving with your level design. There is no way this hack can be beaten's too difficult. The Mario & Luigi level in particular was very unforgiving...usually resulting in pixel perfect jumps in order to turn into Mario before falling through a block.
Name: Peach's world[demo]
Author: Pribor
Description: So,I finished the demo of my Peach´s world. Bowser kindapped Mario and Peach is going to save him. Enjoy

You've got some work to do on this.

-I'd put some layer 3 text/wood/something in to cover the random white "glitch" tile that appears.

-I recognize English is not your native language, so allow me to help you fix the errors with this:
"Bowser has kidnapped Mario and will not return him unless the Mushroom Kingdom gives up. Peach can't do this, and goes to save him."

-I can "walk" on these tiles. Make them act like tile 25 rather than tile 130.

-Cutoff tiles galore in the dirt. I'd suggest rearranging this area to remove the cutoffness.

-Using the cement blocks as walls here is ugly, and causes the switch palace tileset to cut off. May I suggest drawing custom corner tiles for the switch palace set, or remove the pits altogether?

-FATAL BUG: If you re-enter the first level and go through the first pipe after pressing the yellow switch, you appear in a random area of the later level "Mole Cave" and die. Fix this.

-You do realize that when Peach is running up a pipe/triangle that she vanishes for a second, right? Seems like you forgot to draw this frame for her.

-The lag here is brutal. Remove a couple of sprites.

-When the Goombas fall from above, they bounce off of the note blocks and end up "walking" across the walk-through dirt. Try adding a solid wall to the left side of the dirt to prevent this.

-This level is absurdly short compared to your others. May I suggest extending it a bit?

-Don't put turn blocks in the lava, especially in a room with a Magikoopa generator. The lava tiles will be totally cut off when the Magikoopa hits the lower turn blocks. Just shift this square up one tile to fix it.

-Grammar/spelling fix time again:
"Excellent work. Iggy Koopa is now history .. but who is next? Is there omething more dangerous than Koopas? Come on - let's go to the territory of the Super Koopas."

-These Super Koopas run before they fly .. but it looks like they are "running" on air.

-Absurd lag here again. Are three Pokeys even necessary?

-Insert "MOVE FASTER, POKEY!" quote here.
-Also, this spin jumping part is absurdly long, tedious, and boring. Can you shorten it a bit?

-Missing wall tile here.

-Hint: use the "wall" spawning moles here instead of the "ground" spawning moles. They look odd spawning like that.

-"TOAD: If you want to go to Top Secret Area, go through this pipe to Jellyfish Lake and bring me the frog coin."
-The pipe cuts off in the water.

-Cuts off again on the other side.

-It was at this point that I finally realized you drew Peach's small frames as 16x32 instead of 16x16. Can you at least make different GFX for small and big Peach?

-The bottom of the goal cuts off on the mushroom platform's corners. I would move the goal to the CENTER of a mushroom platform to prevent this.

-The background palette for the hills is awful.

-Huge lag here again. I'd remove a couple of Koopas, or replace them with shelless Koopas.

-A stacked bullet shooter on a cement block column looks ugly. May I suggest removing the cement blocks and extending the bottom of the shooter all the way to the ground?

"Please help us. Frank expelled us from our playground. He is very bad. Please help."

Please do a full playtest of your hack again, and fix these.

Name: Present Mario
Author: daigaidai - Submitted by UntitledUser
Description: The BLACK's SMW Hack with lots of custom sprties and hardest levels

Obnoxiously, unfairly hard. I could have swore this has been submitted in the past, and I could have swore I declined it then too.

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