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Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
Take 3!

Removal: Mario: Tho Fourth Sector Version 1.2
Author: S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N.
Description: "Ok, I've done the fixes that Techokami requested, and I made about 3 to 4 new levels for this hack. It is a bit harder though, so you might want to use save states. I didn't though. It's your choice.

This hacks features:

Bonus Rooms
New Bonus Game
Custom Music
A new World!

Mario has defeated Hunter and now Hunter's Revenge is finally over. A year has passed since then and Hunter and S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N. have yet to appear. He is back to battleling Bowser and has beat him 3 times during the year. Soon Mario heads off to the Garden where "S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N.'s Flash" takes place, but he runs across a portal on the way. What on earth could be in the portal?""

When I saw the beginning part of the description, I had a lot of hope. The purpose of the Hack Removal Log is to point out problems in hacks so people can fix them! This makes better quality hacks for everyone to play. However, I think SCORPION made a mistake and submitted a patch for the wrong version...

Okay, this is the third time I've had this problem with this one hack, so I should explain what this means when I have a list of words under a screenshot of a text box: I have found typos in your text, and I am providing corrections to them. In this case, he accidentally capitalized "adventure" twice in his text, so he needs to fix both instances.

On to the game, and... what happened to the other levels?
Also, the new overworld music, while better than the event music you had before, still doesn't quite fit... the SMW title screen music isn't completely cut out for this. If you're only going to be here for the span of two levels, why not just reuse some SMW overworld music? If all else fails, you could probably grab something Mario-y from the custom music page.

Well, that's one way to solve your problem!

The dots in bizzaro world are bigger, so I can more easily see them.

Is it ground? Is it a bottomless pit? I DON'T KNOW

For some odd reason, this jump gave me a lot of greif. It seems that the ledge above has some invisible yet solid overhang? All I know is, it took me 20 tries to get in there, and required much use and abuse of ZSNES' rewind key. I'll look at this area myself in Lunar Magic and see what's going on.

Water is fixed!

This still makes no sense to me. Why is the goal tape a wierd floating four-minus-minus?

I can't go up!

The only other place I can go is that same mock boss from the first submission, which still has the overly-large time bonus problem.

Did you make a mistake with the overworld? This seems like a step backwards from previous builds...

Take 4!

Removal: Mario: Tho Fourth Sector Version 1.4
Author: S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N.
Description: "Hopefully, this one will work.

Well, the Fatal Pipe Glitch was fixed, now I know every bug is fixed b/c I've tested the entire thing. One of the interesting things about this hack is that it features bonus rooms in each level.

This hacks features:

Bonus Rooms
New Bonus Game
Custom Music
A new World!

Mario has defeated Hunter and now Hunter's Revenge is finally over. A year has passed since then and Hunter and S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N. have yet to appear. He is back to battleling Bowser and has beat him 3 times during the year. Soon Mario heads off to the Garden where "S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N.'s Flash" takes place, but he runs across a portal on the way. What on earth could be in the portal?"""

I must say, I am very glad to see you taking my advice and fixing up your hack, SCORPION. That means this thread is doing its job =)

However I hit a few wierd things and even a complete showstopper, so I have to yank it again.

How'd I get here?

Like this. Might want to fix that corner up. (HINT: You can also use the Direct Map16 Access in the object selector to pick specific 16x16 tiles to fix situations like this...)

I still can't tell if this is ground or bottomless pit.

The first level in the 4th Sector overworld brings me to the original Star World 2 level. In it, I can get a Yoshi that hatches from a glitched egg.
This can lead to a serious issue since then I can take Yoshi into some levels that use Podoboos, an object Yoshi isn't compatable with, and can cause the game to glitch up or even crash!

Again, I suggest that you use something like this only for secrets and bonuses rather than progression through the game. But that's not the only problem...

I can fall down...

And leap above the level! Of course, doing either of these can lead the player into getting completely stuck, and with no time limit, the player has to hit the Reset button to escape. You really should check those tiles a bit closer! (if all else fails, use the Map16 editor and add some new blocks)

Top right 8x8 tile of this ledge is still messed up.

Applying the fade fix patch gets rid of this.
Speaking of which, someone said that the fade fix patch doesn't work with pallete 0. To which I say: Don't use all of pallete 0, then!

Trees to the left of the large 4 look messed up.

Now the next level, while fun, had a twist - a fairly good-sized autoscroll segment that started after I reached a certain point. And shortly after it began, the music changed...

And so did the pallete!
It reverted once I passed the goal:

Again, fade fix.

Nothing wrong in this screenshot, but rather some commentary: Mario gets broiled alive in lake of magma

The background needs some work, I think.

Again, fade fix patch.

However, I like how you're improving with this hack! Keep it up and hopefully you'll have a better hack for all to play :)

Take 5!

Removal: Mario: Tho Fourth Sector Version 1.5
Author: S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N.
Description: "He he, this is starting to get kinda funny. Oh well, I don't really mind resubmitting.
Anyway here is another version. Hopefully glitch free.

This hacks features:

Bonus Rooms
New Bonus Game
Custom Music
A new World!

Mario has defeated Hunter and now Hunter's Revenge is finally over. A year has passed since then and Hunter and S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N. have yet to appear. He is back to battleling Bowser and has beat him 3 times during the year. Soon Mario heads off to the Garden where "S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N.'s Flash" takes place, but he runs across a portal on the way. What on earth could be in the portal?""""

Funny? Thank you for the comment on the humor aspect I put into my entries, but please remember that I'm also trying to point out flaws so they can be fixed!

Notice the red circles? There are tile problems there. You should fix them.

This isn't fixed (see the red circle)

So the autoscroll section of the sewers level. Here's to hoping the pallete doesn't go ape shit.

GOD FUCKING DAMN IT! You seriously need to fix this.

This still looks messed up. It looks like you're repeating the same background strip vertically.

Kind of hard to see, but there's a water tile there!

After clearing SECRET1, I reached the level "End of demo". So I go in.

It's Morton's castle, unedited from SMW!

With added graphical glitches!

That egg looks wierd, man.

Now, one thing that's been a consistent problem is the amount of ledges you can walk into and fall into unescapable pits or bottomless bits. For example:

Now, it seems your method of fixing such problems is to put a gray cement block on top of it and call it fixed... It's a quick fix, yes, but you really should make a more permanent fix for level bugs like this. For example, do this instead:

Here's some more before-and-after screens:

This one is a bit different, I had to remove a cloud from the background.

S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N., your homework is to replicate these fixes I have shown in your hack. Also, there's one other fix I was able to make that I didn't screenshot - I want you to find it and fix it as well. Here's a hint:

Removed: Chuck's Adventure 2008 Demo 1 by CharMixa64


It sucks. Bad. Not much has been changed... Lesse...

We have a bad corner tile here. Also, the hardly-any-shading tiles are STILL being used! Except in conjunction with original SMW tiles.

Also, would you believe I had a CAPE right here?

Attack of the invisible Capes. -_- Also, more proof that original SMW tiles are being used with lackluster less-color edits. :/ Here is a quote from one of my friends:

"I have to admit, I thought that character was ripped from an Atari game."

And that...isn't good. (See: E.T.)

Oh what

Enable layer priority for lava, will ya?

Oh dear Lord...

Umm.. WTF? Two things:
1: You can go into that ledge and fall to your death. BAD IDEA. (Same on the other side of this really long pool...)
2: Why is the message box a Venus Fire Trap head WHEN THE THINGS ARE NEVER USED IN THIS LEVEL, or even in the HACK, for that matter? O_o

I got this after finishing the trial castle. D:

OH MY GOSH, SOME COLORS FADE, SOME DON'T D: Also, the message the Toad says calls "Chuck" "Mario". Uhhh... You need to stop changing your characters so much- It ends up like this. :P

Why do the tiles change colors after each level? Also, overworld still sucks. D:

I fell through this side of the cloud and died. D:<

OH LOOK, SAME BOSS BATTLE AS BEFORE. AND OH LOOK! YOU ONLY GET TWO HITS TO DEFEAT HIM. Get hit twice as Fire Mario, and that's it. No more Fire Flowers. You have to die. AGAIN. >_<

I think the overworld changed again....

PLEASE listen to us for once, CharMixa64! Your hack could be good if you'd fix this stuff! D:
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
Hack Name: Super Mario World: Into the Light (DEMO1) Demo - 28.6 KB
Length: 3 levels
Author: Truoogga - Submitted by: Truoogga
Description: I really didn't put much effort into it. I'm kinda new to hacking. I'd also had to shorten the intro since Lunar Magic only allows like 50 characters. There are only 3 levels too, so it won't take you long to finish.


1. Two big issues with the title screen video.
A. Cutoff water tiles.

B. Layer 3 weirdness and palette issues - it's not a good idea to end a level in the title screen's demonstration video. Instead, make a savestate right before you reach the goal.

2. Bad level design and poor aesthetic quality.
A. Cutoff ropes in the stage to the left of the Yoshi's House icon on the overworld.

B. Dragon coins grouped together. Generally, you will want to use them as progress markers or have them hidden in the level. Less relevant is the fact that the whole bottom of the stage is munchers - while it is a prominent threat, the lack of variety makes the stage somewhat tiresome.

C. Highly repetitive design. This level is like this for the entire time... over ten screens, certainly, until the very end, where you can ride a cloud up to a narrow enclosure and use the key. Again, the more different threats you have, changes in landscape/waterways, and the more puzzles you have, the more interesting a level is going to be - players are drawn to those kinds of things.

...also, this level, having a secret exit, is marked on the map with a yellow dot - meaning no secret exits should be in that level. It triggers the event that links Yoshi's Island 3 to Yoshi's Island 4. D:

3. Unedited overworld/Weird events - the level I'm standing on should not have triggered that event leading to the level after the next one. Not to mention, it's misleading - you'd figure that because the path to that way is cleared that you should be able to go that way. Meh. :-/

4. 104 edited - this is a big issue if you're using the normal SMW ending and not a custom one. I strongly suggest importing an unmodified 104.

5. Original SMW levels are still accessible. Tweak the level events a bit so that the player can not go past the "end of demo" levels.

I recommend spending a little more time working with level design and broadening the amount of concepts per level and studying ways to fit different ideas together in interesting ways. Some popular puzzle items are p-switches and springboards, and are fairly easy to implement. There is much space in the levels to use, and many places to hide things if you take full advantage of it all.

Also, though it is far less important than level design, try to concentrate on the visual appeal as you are finishing your levels - look for things like cutoff ropes, and root their edges to something like a cement block so they don't look so strange, or use clouds instead of ropes to avoid that, depending on your taste and how well it fits the theme of your level.

Overworlds take a rather long time, and if you are worried about messing up the fully-functional SMW one, then I recommend practicing on a backup ROM until you make one you are satisfied with, then move it over to the new ROM. Good luck with this hack.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: SMW - The Return Of Bowser v3 Demo - 45.4 KB
Length: 6 levels
Author: Bmann7000 - Submitted by: Bmann7000
Description: This is another update of my hack.

I would like to give credit to 'BMF54123' for the "Perfect" breakable bricks patch.

1) Brand new Overworld.
2) Brand new Gh0st H0use.
3) Most levels have either been updated, deleted, or completely re-edited.
4) Recent errors mentioned have been fixed.

Thanks again for downloading, and I hope you enjoy my SMW hack.

1. Possible death in the intro. If you stand still, you are safe, but if you run to the right and jump, you will die.

2. Possible to get stuck forever in Green Valley 1. If you do not bring the P-switch down the pipe, neither of those two purple pipes can be entered. I think that instead, if you placed rope tiles to connect the narrow parts of the hole, and had an invisible music note block you can spawn by hitting it from underneath, you can have a similar concept and eliminate the risk of getting permanently stuck, as well as "reset" the puzzle, and not accidentally hit the ? blocks and turn them to coins and be forced to wait it out.

(Just a side note for "Green Valley 1" as well. As it is, if you get the cape and you get hit, you can always go back, climb up the stairs, and re-enter the green pipe to redo the p-switch puzzle and the feather will be reset as well, so do not worry about getting stuck because of the flying part.)

3. (Minor reason, actually) Map16 weirdness. I suggest making the walls solid all-around so that Mario can't do this:

Lastly, I'd like to leave a note about the castle. Since you're required to be big to get the p-switch down from the block and carry it over to the end of the section, and if you shrink before you can break the turn block or if you hit the p-switch at the wrong time, you're in trouble, it would be a good idea to have a door/pipe that you can enter to re-start the level somewhere in that segment.

This is by no means a bad hack, though - it just has a few major flaws that need to be worked out, and they are rather easy fixes. Resubmit it when they are all clear, and it will definitely be approvable.

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If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: The Rebuilding of the Star Palace Demo - 185.7 KB
Length: 13 exits
Author: Dotsarecool - Submitted by: Dotsarecool
Description: Someone has stolen the Land's 7 Sacred stars, and now the whole land is falling apart! Mario must help this kingdom retrieve the seven stars and bring peace to the land!


Custom Blocks
New OW

1. Last two levels are from the original SMW.
A. One is Donut Plains 1 with a very glitchy background.

B. The end of demo level takes you to Donut Plains 2 instead of the real end of demo level.

2. The real "End of Demo" level is instead in the star world, which is reachable from Yoshi Valley 2 - however, if you enter it, you are forced to wait it out and die because there is no exit in the level or even any enemies or traps which Mario can suicide with. I strongly recommend using the "Side Exit Enabled" sprite in the End of Demo level and placing it where Donut Plains 2 is, or Donut Plains 1 since that wasn't really one of your levels and didn't even seem intentional.

3. Bad sprite tile memory in the castle. Try the new patch and use sprite memory 10 - that should work wonders just about anywhere.

4. Stacked munchers in the Yoshi Valley Secret level - since it can't be reached, it's just a decoration, but not a very aesthetically pleasing one.

5. Random pieces of gradual slopes sticking out of the ground throughout the Mushroom Mountains levels. I found many cases of this, but for now, I'm just going to put up one screen of it to show you what I mean. In this screenshot, you can find two of them. It's a pretty minor graphical error.

6. Castle 1 message tells you that Mario is going to Donut Land when the next world is actually Mushroom Mountains.

7. Lives counter is all weirded up below 5 lives. Right now I have four lives, or according to this, <- lives. The lives counter always displays fine in the levels, though.

As a closing note, I would just like to say that as Big Mario, the Mushroom Mts. level with the on/off blocks used in the second half in conjunction with one-way blocks is very frustrating, and the 400-second time limit is not very forgiving if you plan on going without savestates. I would recommend allowing 600 seconds since we don't all have gamepads and keyboards are generally a little tough to play platformers with. Other than all these crazy errors, most of which look to be caused by rushing, this hack was great. Hopefully you will fix them and resubmit it soon.

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If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Super Mario World Master Quest 5 (Update) - 619.7 KB
Length: 96 exits
Author: Alex No - Submitted by: Alex No
Description: Update of SMW MQ 5


1. Unfair trap in one level in the Forest of Illusion submap: 5-3, I believe. If you have not found the Blue Switch Palace here, then if you enter a certain pipe, you are stuck unless you jump down the hole to kill yourself. The box above does not contain a key - the key rested on where the blue blocks would have been, and is gone. Mario is not able to jump to the top of that green pipe. There is no forewarning of this, either.

2. In that same level, if you bring a springboard down the pipe to the Reznor level, then it gets stuck in the bridge and gets all wobbly, and when the bridge finally clears, it just floats there. I suggest using a door instead of a pipe since you can't bring items down and have hilarious glitches like this ensue.

3. Dragon coin on a subscreen boundary, also in that level.

4. Some bad palettes in a few levels that really stand out, as well as the Vanilla Dome/Valley of Bowser maps.

(also, in that last picture, the football above Mario's head is the On/Off switch: use GFX03 or GFX05 in SP4 for the correct graphics when hit. If you have some other sprites in that level that wouldn't look right by changing the sprite graphics index, then use ExGFX.)

5. In Wendy's Castle, this low ceiling causes trouble regardless of whether you are big or small. You can not spin-jump off the fire bar - you just take damage. If you let the grinder come down, you can not spin jump off that without taking damage from either the thorn or the fire bar, maybe unless you wait for a long time for the right moment. That Dry Bones stays on ledges. In fact, you WILL need savestates for this one part, since this jump is pixel-perfect - you must be on the edge, running, in order to clear this.

Also, another note about Wendy's Castle - if you fall from the left, you're in deep trouble because you can't go back to get the P-switch that you need to make a bridge. If you are on the platform with the P-switch and go right, you can end up falling into a pit of wooden spikes - either way, they are both blind jumps, and I would recommend sealing off the path to the left in the screenshot above with some more blocks so it's impossible to fall through and miss the switch, and where the P-switch is, have coins guiding you the right way so the player doesn't jump into the spike pit unknowingly.

Lastly, I recommend using the fade fix patch so all the colors fade properly when you clear a level, as well as using the classic piranha plant fix patches so they have the correct stem palette.

Other than that, this hack is pretty good. The level design can be likened to classic NES Mario games, which is a rarity today in SMW hacks. I hope you'll clean up these errors and resubmit it soon. I anticipated this update for months, and it was definitely worth the wait. :)

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If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Super Mega Mario World Demo... Again Demo - 160.3 KB
Length: 9 levels
Author: Yoshi86UP - Submitted by: Yoshi86UP
Description: When my hack got deleted by those "GUYS" I decided to reput my hack. It's the same thing, but different pictures

1. A neverending bonus game is accessible at the end of the demo if you enter the level after the Shy Guy place. The first screen is the area on the overworld that leads to level 0, and the one after it, of course, is the bonus game. I would suggest not having the shy guy level trigger an event leading up.

2. You start Koopa Village 3 in a very dangerous situation where fast reaction time is mandatory to survive, both from the main entrance and the midway point. It would be extremely useful if you put some ground below Mario's starting position so you don't die right after entering the level if you're not fully awake.

Started where the bubbles are... and here's the midway point:

3. fffffffffffff

This is why you do NOT put walkthrough walls under or up against water - you can fall through them and die even though in the real physical world, one would think that this is all underwater because liquids fill their containers from the bottom up. If you make these walls solid, you eliminate that issue and don't have to worry about your concept being altered at all.

4. The castle's sprite memory isn't exactly doing its job. Dry Bones has no body in this image. What you want to do here is download that patch from the thread in the advanced SMW hacking forum and use it, then set the memory in this level to 10 to fix it or just experiment with sprite memory until you get one that clears this issue up.

5. Piranha plants always go behind their settings, and water is no exception. The problem here is that you can not even see the piranha plant, and it is a cheap death.

6. Floating munchers in the cave part of Koopa Village 3. This is a problem aesthetically - even if you thaw a frozen plant midair, it's still kind of funky to leave it up there. Munchers should have their stems rooted to something with no space between the stem and the object in question.

7. The end of the Shy Guy level has a cutoff ledge at the end. Though Mario doesn't fall to his death, it just looks bad. This is very easy to fix - just add more land to the end up to the edge of the screen.

8. The Yellow Switch Palace is green. If you haven't changed the overworld palettes, you should be able to have a yellow and green palace on the main map, and the red and blue palaces on submaps, so this is also an easy fix.

I'm not sure who deleted your hack the first time, but hopefully with this advice in hand, you will be able to improve your hack in the areas where it needs some work. Good luck.

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Hack Name: Super Insanity world demo 2 Demo - 62 KB
Length: 17 levels
Author: reallybighacker - Submitted by: reallybighacker
Description: Ok, I added Yoshis Island as a world rather than the place you just start. There is 7 more levels added from the first one. I added custom blocks and custom music through addmusic made easy. (I just like the MSC thing.) The plot remains mostly the same from before.

So Mario is going home to get some foot odor nulifier for a date with peach, WHEN A EARTHQUAKE HAPPENS! He went running in circles, hoping it would stop. It didn't. Mario fainted from the sheer terror. When he woke up, he found that he was in yoshis house, saved by a mysterious force unknown to all. When mario checks outside. He finds that Yoshis Island had been shattered, and the whole area has been poluted. Even the water and clouds were a milky brown. Mario explores the area to find that there were many refugees from Bowser's Army in the area traveling to castles. Mario assumes at first that bowser is behind this, but there is a far greater power behind what has happened.....

1. Overworld events need to be fixed - this is the absolute biggest reason why it was removed. After beating the first level, Sky Climbers, the overworld event does not trigger to go onto the next level, so basically there are just Sky Climbers and the Yoshi House as playable areas - not what the author intended, as it is clearly stated that 17 levels should be playable, but only two are. Other people have told me this situation also happens for them as well.

2. I can stand inside a diagonal pipe, and walk through it too! D:

3. The sprite memory throughout the level is inefficient for the loads and loads of sprites this level has in it, and pieces of sprites and sometimes whole sprites just vanish. This makes it very difficult to play through when sometimes, enemies just vanish right before your eyes. You'll want the patch in the advanced SMW hacking forum, and set the sprite memory to 10 to prevent things like the example below from happening.

4. The overworld has a few structural errors and a couple of palette problems. Some parts of the cliffs are not outlined, the bottoms of curved cliffs are straight for some reason, a messy diamond lake on the right half of the screen, and some grotesque bridge palette issues. The dirty water and brown clouds are intentional, however, judging by the story.

5. Not really a huge issue, but the title screen font is very hard to read.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: super mario bros past time Demo - 224 KB
Length: 9 levels
Author: pitfallingpat - Submitted by: pitfallingpat
Description: this is a huge graphix hack and please if you find any glitches read the read me for help and enjoy the demo

1. This test level with a glitchy background is accessible - in fact, this is where the Yellow Switch Palace was supposed to be:

2. If you fall down here without the key, you get permanently stuck because there's a solid block below the keyhole. It's also not a good idea to have the bottom row of LM be ground that Mario can walk on because you can only see the top pixel of that row ingame, making it extremely tough to judge whether or not it is safe to walk on.

3. Oil drums from hell - if it looks harmless, it must be harmless, aye?

It's also rather inconsistent, since some drums act like water. But when you try to swim...

You die. o.o My suggestion: Dangerous oil drums should be on fire or something, but normal-looking ones should be safe to the touch. Safe items should look safe, and dangerous items should look dangerous.

4. Overworld needs some work. The cliffs are offcolor, and the edges of the landform connecting to the water have an extremely deep, dark blue in comparison to the main body of water. The dragged-out green tiles that stretch into the water are weird... Also, the arrow is not aesthetically pleasing - I'd recommend using icebergs instead.

5. Unused blue Map16 blocks make up the FG in this title screen:

6. Some bad palettes, and some unfitting graphics when you hit the breakable brick block. The former can be fixed very easily by enabling custom palettes and making some tweaks, and the latter can be fixed by editing the turn blocks in GFX33.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: SMW Mario's Return - 22 KB
Length: 5 levels
Author: Kurotaki - Submitted by: Kurotaki
Description: SMW mario's return! mario returns from a vaction and guess what? peach gets kidnapped again looks like another rescue for him :|

1. 104 has been edited, which not only may cause some big errors in the credits sequence, but already has a few huge issues: cutoff tree tiles, moon overloads, and glitched thwomp sprite graphics. I suggest restoring the original level 104 by importing an unchanged one from another ROM, like a backup or something.

2. Goal posts have the pieces of bush tile at the bottom showing, when it should be covered by ground, and the tape sprite is placed too high. For it to function properly like in normal SMW, it should be placed at the bottom of the goal post, just above the ground and between the bars.

3. Stacked munchers, cutoff water, pipes rooted to used blocks, and entire levels built out of music blocks. Stacked munchers and floating munchers are bad aesthetically - with altered graphics, they're okay to use in that manner, but otherwise, they look absurd without their stems rooted to something. Cutoff water is bad because it looks very unnatural without a defined surface, pipes rooted to used blocks are bad because you have a p-switch in the level you do that with, and entire levels out of music blocks are bad because the sound is annoying and the lack of altering terrain makes the level feel boring. Also, the jointed wall is above where it needs to be. :-/ Cutoff nets aren't exactly a good thing either in terms of aesthetic quality. Cutoff ledges are eew as well - have some sort of solid wall + jointed corner or a walkthrough dirt wall rather than leave it without an outline.

4. Unedited switch palace. I'd have some picture proof but imageshack picked today to crap out... so no more pictures for this log.

Anyways, there are a lot of beginner errors in this hack. I think it would be worth your while to experiment a little and maybe look at some of the original levels before deleting them to see how objects fit together and such so that you can replicate smooth, seamless landforms, nets, etc. and to also look around the SMWiki for more information on what levels not to change and why. Pay close attention to the numbers of tileset specific sprites so that you can change the index of graphics to make them appear correct, and try ExGFX if your combination of sprites won't display correctly otherwise. Once you've got the basics nailed, then you should try to build a hack - your first might not be the one you stick with. Practice is good. Keep on working at it as long as you enjoy what you're doing.

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If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Link's Adventure: Demo 1 [Version 0.17] Demo - 178.2 KB
Length: 5 levels
Author: CharMixa64 - Submitted by: CharMixa64
Description: A cool SMW hack featuring Link from Legend of Zelda.

1. You die in the title screen and get stuck in the title screen level if you don't press anything to go to a file beforehand. Every time you change the terrain or add/remove sprites, you will probably want to make a new "movie" for it so that this doesn't happen.

2. After clearing the Toad House, the brown dirt paths on the overworld turn black - this is rather yucky.

3. The return of the big square houses - this is mostly a problem because of style inconsistency. However, with the Toad House, for some weird reason, the walls next to the door are solid... and for the market, the color choices for palette 2 remove much of the detail in the original GFX15 by having only two colors.

My suggestions would be, of course, to fix the title screen movie and the problem with the overworld that has the brown stuff turn black, and to choose one main style for your graphics - should this be NES style, you will want to use few colors, but still have things smooth and mostly outlined for some definition. I know the toad houses are to be replaced with some more defined graphics in the upcoming days, so we'll see how well that goes. However, death in the title screen is the major reason this was rejected, but use this as an opportunity to brush up on the other things mentioned as well.

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Hack Name: The Marvelous return to Super Mario World Demo - 321.7 KB
Length: 14 levels
Author: Gummymikaman - Submitted by: Gummymikaman
Description: O NOES! At the end of SMW, Mario and peach went on vacation but when they were, bowser came in and stole the princess and took her back to mario world! Bowser has changed mario world so it is now harder to mario. Can you Make it to the end!

Remember that the levels that have a big red and yellow dot means its an optoinal level with lots of bonuses.

1. This overworld looks like a bomb went off near the end of the demo. You should delete the layer 2 events triggered by the level before the one I'm standing on as well as the one after the one I'm standing on because, well...

2. The tides in the first level scroll with you - you should not have vertical scrolling enabled at all in levels with layer 3 tides.

3. Numerous bad palettes and cutoff tiles:

A. For the palettes, you will want to enable custom palettes if they're not already enabled, and tweak the colors until they look pleasing, and if your palette overwrites the last halves of 0 or 1, move the colors to another palette and alter the Map16 data for the items using it to reflect the changes, and restore those colors to the default so that the status bar isn't messed up. (I don't have many screens of the status bar palette errors - just one, but there were a few instance of status bar palette errors in the hack.)

(Look at the Goomba's feet. It uses Mario's palette, so you will want to recolor the Goomba sprite with YY-CHR if you plan on still having it use palette 8. This is very minor compared to some of the other palette errors, though.)

B. Now as for cutoff tiles, I found all sorts of weird things...

...ranging from trees with dotted outlines... doors that leave carved squares in the dirt... goal posts that eat into treetops, along with a nice, juicy slice of forest ledge...

...Also, where are Mario's feet in the flooded forest while he's swimming? By any chance, did you delete them from GFX00? ...Anyways, the bottom line is that tiles don't overlap so when objects reside on the same layer, you can't place things over each other, like a Dragon Coin on a treetop tile, because the tile beneath will not appear. It would be good to move some things out of the way of each other, and for the doors, either redraw the doors to use all their space or build a sort of "window" around them with walkthrough walls and upside-down ledges that act like 25.

4. Iggy's castle is a level edit - mostly, the first room is concerning, because the changes in the first room aren't extensive like in the second room. The only thing changed, for the most part, was the addition of ceiling lava, as well as lava that spanned across the whole bottom of the level. Also, it's a bad idea to have the lava against the nets because if a Koopa touches it, it will float upside down and just vanish after a short while - which is really, really weird, as seen in this pic.

In short, the hack isn't that bad. Really. It just needs some more TLC with the palettes, a big fix to the overworld near the end of the demo, as well as some more extensive changes to the castle and something done about the first level to prevent the layer 3 tides from scrolling with you - either removing the tides, or keeping them but preventing vertical scrolling, and, of course, something done about overlapping and cutoff tiles.

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Hack Name: Adventure of the red plumber Demo - 12.5 KB
Length: 3 levels
Author: guitar god527 - Submitted by: guitar god527
Description: Mario never knew America could be so insane. Until Bowser stepped in. Now Mario must save a damsel in distress, and just make it home!

1. Baby Yoshi in the second level out in the open when not only is the level accessible with a Yoshi, but an adult Yoshi is even provided earlier in the level. Not a big deal, right?

2. (Not as big of a deal as the other thing, but figured I'd add it anyways just to be thorough) The levels are moderately changed versions of the originals - while it's not a problem to keep the same graphic index and such used, leaving the same objects in similar places is unwise, as is the overuse of cement blocks (mostly with the first level.) One major concern is this 3-up moon that can be collected just by climbing a vine:

In short, the level design needs more work - ctrl+del removes all traces of the original level except the background, so you have a clean canvas to start on, and it makes it easier to put original ideas in. But above all else, please fix the Yoshi glitch by removing the baby green Yoshi from the level.

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Removed: Super Insanity World Demo 2.1 by reallybighacker


First, Level 1 is...annoying.

Seems like an ordinary pipe, right?
But let's disable Layer 1, okay?


Yes. That Lakitu is in the pipe. Really deep into it. In fact, so deep, that if you stand on the pipe, you die from an unseen Spiny. Wait off it, a spiny comes out. Oh, did I mention there's a Lakitu in a bush a little while before this? You normally...don't see it.

THIS is how the level ends. You're SUPPOSED to jump up, make the Chucks jump, and quickly run under...WHILE A LAKITU DROPS SPINIES TOWARDAS YOU. Oh, you can just jump on their heads. But... Yeah. Not a good idea, anyways. >_>


No Cape, you die. You get a Cape in a block before here, along with a Fire Flower. HOWEVER. If you get hit EVEN ONCE before you get BOTH items out of the block, you're dead. Why BOTH?

>_< Now you know why. So after the blocks, if you lose your Fire Flower, you MUST die. If you don't grab the Fire Flower at all, such as not knowing you need it, or you get hit and have to get a Mushroom from the Fire Flower block, you MUST die. Suggestion: Offer up a Cape sprite instead of an item Block before the Turn Blocks, and offer up a Fire Flower sprite right before the Ice Blocks. ;)

Bad tiles, nothing more. ;) Oh, before this, there's holes in the mesh. I have to say, kudos- That's a REALLY nice idea. :o

Look hard at this pic. Do you see anything odd?

You should. Mario's stuck behind a wall. WHILE THE SCREEN AUTO-SCROLLS. That's right. The WHOLE LEVEL autoscrolls. So you get pushed behind the screen, and the iris-in at the end is on the right side. Uhhh... Please don't do this. Make an exit to another level and end it there. ;)

Fix this stuff please. ;)
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Removed: Super Insanity World Demo 2.2 by reallybighacker


Okay, I'm gonna be blunt here: I don't think many people like the difficulty of your hack at all. I don't, either. But still...

If you do not use a Cape and bounce on Super Koopas here, you're virtually FORCED to take a hit. Super Koopas are flying all around, which complicates a jump from below, and so does the autoscrolling. >_< Oh, another such jump is to the right a bit. But with even more munchers below.

You fixed it! :D ...NOT. A timed jump on a Super Koopa lets you above that ledge, and you're forced to die, because the autoscroll won't stop. Tip: End it at the pipe. Just end it there, period.

Oh yes, you didn't fix the start of this level. You made it so you're guaranteed to get the item you'll need, at least! But I'd still rather you either remove the item dependencies and use THAT for secret exits only, or use the items as sprites outside of ? Blocks and have a way to reset the part if you mess up/get hit. May I make a suggestion? Have the autoscroll start AFTER the parts with the blocks. It's a little easy to die at the Turn Blocks, y'know...


1: Why is your water like THIS? Not the tide, mind you... Also, it's fun getting a Lakitu Cloud underwater! It lets you ignore the effects of the tide! FUN! :D (Tip: Please don't do this...)

This REALLY made me want to nuke your hack. You FORCE the player to get hit to continue?! That really IS bad level design. ..I think. For an OPTIONAL secret exit, it's okay.

That door leads here. Where's Mario? Oh, I let him fall. Couldn't pause fast enough to show that you have a split second to jump before you fall, so he fell. Yeah. Don't do that. Just....don't do that.

Really low Fishin' Boo = interesting. Forcing you to be small AGAIN to enter a door WHILE it's about to kill you ISN'T. Also, what's with the arrow of coins? I can't get a Cape to find out, soo... :/

ERROR! TOO MANY SPRITES!! Seriously, some sprites vanish here. And that's NOT GOOD. Why? Because if some vanish when you need them... PFFT. You die. D: WAAH! D: Well, if you're Small. Which I was.

That leads here. Oh, this is an auto-scrolling area. FAST auto-scroll, mind you. Meaning you can't jump when it's at full speed, and it gets extremely hard to avoid obstacles. I...NEVER like this speed setting. EVER. :< It's just too hard to design anything good around it, in my opinion. But eh, your choice.

What more needs to be said?


Water is on Layer 2 here. WHICH IS ON A SMASH SETTING. Meaning, you have to respond VERY quickly and get out at a certain point you may not see until it's too late...


Where do I go now? Down. BLIND JUMP = NO. Worst part is yet to come, however...


I think it's safe to say we're all kinda annoyed with this hack... Look, reallybighacker, we understand you want some difficulty, but this is kinda ridiculous... Bad level design and stuff. Oh, and you still have that Clappin' Chuck problem at the end of Level 1. And still a bad jump where if you jump at the wrong spot, you hit an invisible ? Block and land into Munchers. >:|

So please, fix these things already. D:
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
Hack Name: Mario and the prison pipe World 1 Demo - 319.9 KB
Length: 10 levels
Author: kokojo - Submitted by: kokojo
Description: First world of MATPP.

If you find any bugs or if you have any suggestion, tell me.

Rate well and enjoy :D

1. Some level design flaws that really can be an upset. One pushes challenging to unfair, one lets you run over a part of the level and fall below to death, and one just looks downright weird.

A. These spikes come down way too low - only one of three are appropriately high. As Big Mario, you must duck and slide. The first spike is no problem to clear in one piece, but because you have a grinder following you and a thwomp between the spikes, you are almost forced to take a hit while waiting for the spikes to come up enough to slide under.

B. In the second level in the part where you must get the key by working your way around some munchers, I was able to go up onto the cement blocks and run to the right. There is a cutoff pipe, and below is death.

C. You can only see it for a split second, but it's still pretty funky to have floating plant columns at the top of the screen.

D. The wall thing. Do something with the right half of it, please. It looks like a cutoff orange pipe, kind of.

2. Odd palettes. You will just want to tweak these until they look like they could fit together.

A. There's nothing wrong with teal and purple mountains, but the way their outline/shading is colored makes them look very bad.

B. The bars made out of midway point tiles look freaky - tweak the grays so the shading looks correct. This is minor in comparison to the background issues in level 2. Also, you will want to be on the lookout for status bar palette problems - not only in this level, but also in the Rock Climb level, for instance, because the status bar palette is overwritten. This can be fixed by moving the offending palette (on 0 or 1) to another palette, altering the map16 to reflect those changes, and restoring 0 and 1 on the second halves to their original colors.

C. The water, though there's nothing wrong with orange water, has some weird, greenish outline between the orange water and the white surface, which looks rather bad. You'll want to go orange - pale orange - white.

3. The Koopa's graphics interfere with the jumping piranha plant and the 10-point score tile.

Now, to fix this for all your issues with this tile:
Originally posted by Icegoom
If some sprites are getting slightly messed up by Koopa heads which take up a whole 16x16 tile instead of leaving the upper right corner of the tile blank, you can fix those by remapping some other stuff. The sprites which use the blank space in the upper right corner of Koopa's head are 10 point notations, jumping Piranhas, and portable springboards. (There might be more, but that's what I can remember right now, so I'm going with that) You need to remap those sprites so that anywhere they're using tile 83 they use tile 69 instead. (69 is another blank tile used by the water splash) So specifically, you need to change:

x12F4D [83 83 83 83] 10 point notations

x9E25 [83 83] Portable Springboard

x9DC1 [83 83 C4 C4 83 83] Jumpin' Piranha Plant


4. Please revise your spelling and grammar. I's should be capitalized, deafeat is defeat, and there were a few other boxes with some Engrishy things, but I can't remember where in the game they were to take pics of them.

5. Second overworld map looks really awkward on the left, and all over once events are revealed. In addition, the level below is named Donut Secret 1, and the castle is Forest of Illusion 3 - neither of these levels can be entered, so the freefall level signifies the demo end. Perhaps the levels should be called "End of Demo" instead.

6. (Very minor issue) This goal point, using midway point tiles instead, is really weird to me. The way I see it, I find it hard to believe that at that angle, the bar is actually attached to something where the lighter part of the post is. I'd strongly recommend using the normal goal post instead, but this is really minor anyways. ...also, on a side note, the BG palette is a bit strange. I'd make the colors darker because the light parts on the columns and bricks stand out too much and clash a bit.

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Hack name: Super Mario World: Lost Levels
Author: CargoOfDarkness
(Description and other info not available because I nuked it before copying it.)

1. It's a level edit entirely based on the original SMW. This is looked down on because not only are they Nintendo's own levels that many of us have played a hundred times over, but also that it's not really the author's level design skills and imagination that the hack is displaying, so... it's not really as "good" as could have been.

Here are a few comparisons just to give you an idea.
Top: Lost Levels
Bottom: SMW




Moral of the story: Original level design is crucial to the playability of your hack. If you are using the original SMW levels or big pieces of them, it's a turn-off because we have all played them. We are interested in your level design (maybe different depending on what your goal is with the hack) when we play your hack - not Nintendo's, because we have already experienced them time and time again. (Remakes are exempt from that statement because their goal is to replicate level design and maybe more.) Ctrl+Del removes all traces of the original level aside from the background. This gives you a blank canvas to do whatever you want with no interference by pre-existing objects or sprites.

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Hack Name: Super UltiMario World Demo - 26.5 KB
Length: 6 levels
Author: UltiMario - Submitted by: UltiMario
Description: My first hack. This goes up to The first castle. This will use Origonal GFX, Music, ect. Don't expect anything super-spectacular.

Difficulty: Easy-Medium Hard


1. Floating munchers, stacked munchers. Serious what. The munchers above aren't really necessary - the lowest part of the muncher ceiling can be turned upside down with the Map16 editor, and the parts above the munchers can be made into ceiling instead. This as it is, however... um, you be the judge.

2. Incorrect corner tiles. If worse comes to worse, you can always draw or download a new tileset to use so the corners are consistent.

3. The wall on the right. Let me guess: termites ate the training room. D:

4. At first it looks like a completely unedited Yellow Switch Palace, but when I hit the P... ffffffffff

5. When Yoshi eats something in the Yellow Switch Palace, he gets this lovely black cube in his neck. He's obviously incompatible with the sprite graphics you have here.

6. AAAAA.. there are more levels with floating munchers besides the ones pointed out, I assure you. The underwater level also has them, and the castle has some as well.

7. A very grotesque 103 edit... Not to mention the bottom is Yellow Switch Blocks... so if you haven't gotten the Yellow Switch Palace beforehand, you end up with this mess:

Okay, protip: It is largely looked down upon to make switch palaces mandatory for progression... especially in this manner. Forced deaths = ffffffff. There are different ways to properly execute the concept of having to get a switch palace to advance further, and this is not one of them.

8. This trap is stupidly unfair, especially as small Mario. Once upon a time, an innocent plumber dressed in a red shirt and hat and blue overalls, decided to take a swim. He saw some question mark blocks, and as he swims up to them, they drop a torpedo on his head and he dies. It also looks silly when the arm spawns and returns to the top because the top of it is sticking out of the question mark blocks.

9. Cutoff wooden spikes in Iggy's... pimphouse. Yes, pimphouse. O_o This is because you're having sprite tile memory issues. You may want to patch the No Sprite Tiles Limit ASM to your ROM and set it to sprite memory 10 for this level. This isn't the only part where things just vanish. At times, the platform and thwomps have missing pieces as well.

10. Doesn't this level look familiar? ...yep. Donut Plains 1 with different background colors. :-/ Yep, end of demo, but you could still get by the castle to access the rest of SMW. You generally want to make your last level either go to an "End of Demo" section with side exits enabled so that the event won't trigger, or have the last level not open up a new path so you can't advance past it.

Just a little side note: Yoshi's message is instant win, though. Since I can't approve it just for this little gem, I'll just post the screen here so everyone can see this pure epic.

Advice: CTRL+DEL. You don't want remains of the original SMW levels. Create your own graphics if the SMW graphics don't offer what you need. Munchers should always have their stems rooted to solid ground, regardless of the situation, but if you need to have them in this manner, you can change their graphics, which are located in GFX33. Some people turn the muncher into Gordo from Kirby so that it looks okay if it's floating. There were some blind jumps, so use coins as a guide whenever you can't see your target landing area. Try not to prolong the same idea for too long, like having to jump over single munchers spaced out evenly for two screens - it's not fun. Check your sprite graphic index and tile memory, always. Hopefully you can come around and make a good hack... not everyone's first hack is great anyways, so don't feel bad about this. It's part of the learning process.

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