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Removed: Super Mario- THe Infection by Nin10doWii


Let's let the pics do all the talking. ;)

The pipes leave cutoff land tiles. Please use corners for the ground...

This is a VERY bad transition of colors... You should make new tiles for palette transitions like these...

You can walk through these pipes...

But not these. Please don't do that...

I cleared the level! ...AND I WARPED?! PLEASE don't do that! Why?

THIS happened. D: The colors...THEY FLASH... O_O

Why can you walk on water? Also, the palette transitions are kinda bad here...

You fall through the floor here and warp underground! But you don't know this'll happen until it does! Please make it more obvious that there's warps...and that you can fall...

Lava has a bit of a bad palette- could you please fix that?

While you're at it, could you please make ALL vertical pipe sections solid? You can go through the one at the start, but not at the very end... In fact, this hack suffers from "You Don't Know What Anything Is" syndrome... In this hack, green coins launch you forward. Upside-down Turn Blocks make you rise while you're above them. Purple coins are solid until a P-Switch is hit, and Purple Used Blocks flip the Blue P-Switch. Ice-blue Munchers also flip the SILVER P-Switch. Since I didn't take a pic of a part with that...

PLEASE don't require an enemy to walk over a Silver P-Switch Hold block to pass by Munchers. In the first level I saw this in, I died before the Coins turned back into Munchers, for some reason. That whole level's ridden with that "bug". Tip: Don't use hold blocks to fix that.

You can't see the bottom row of tiles! If you go to the right, you fall and die.

Green water kills you. And sadly, if you get down there (either finish the bonus area or come out of the underground section), you MUST die to get out- every possible "exit" you could think of IS SOLID. D:

Sprite Memory issues- I'm holding a Green Shell. Either choose a different memory setting, or use the No Sprite Tile Limits patch that Ran is so obsessed with, she can't stand it when someone doesn't use it! :D *shot*

Bit of a bad palette here... THIS is the level with the Hold Blocks I mentioned earlier. This level suffers from one huge problem- the "You Don't Know What's a Pit and What's a Warp" syndrome. Please try to make it obvious that falling in ANY of these pits will warp you underground, or use a pipe.

Why did I screenshot this? The clouds are on Layer 2. WHICH MOVES WITH YOU. Meaning, you fall off if you press L or R, or otherwise shift the camera to the opposite direction. :/

This is a difficult section.. You have to land on one of those platforms, avoid some enemies, grab a very limited supply of Throw Blocks, and throw them at Turn Blocks and hope you're able to go through them...

1: Glitch platforms
2: FLOATING MUNCHER! FLOATING MUNCHER! D: The whole floor is lined with munchers....some float. Please put, at the very least, a cement block below them. D:

So monochrome. D: I don't like the palette much, but it's not a true problem.

Aaaand back to the problem with the overworld. Again, try to make some transition tiles, if possible.

Okay, there you go. :/
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
Hack Name: Uber Mario World - Demo 1 Demo - 164.7 KB
Length: 18 levels
Author: uberniftyman - Submitted by: uberniftyman
Description: The first demo of my first hack. This demo stretches all the way to the 2nd castle. The world map is unedited, (mostly) and the Star Road in Donut Plains is inaccesable, as you need all four Switch Palaces to get to it.

This hack features only what was originallly in SMW: No custom ExGfx, Blocks, or Sprites.

I want constructive critisism, but do not say "It's too hard!" I'm warning you right now; This game is hard, but not the typical Kaizo style hard. There are more challenges than just tricky jumps; in fact, there are only a few levels that focus on that.

This hack was made with a high difficulty, but there is a slight learning curve, though its not quite apparant yet. I also have included many puzzles and creative ideas (though I won't spoil them for you now).

I was very... cruel with my power-up distribution. Most of your game will be spent as small Mario, and most levels are designed around that. In later levels, you are given power-ups only when they are needed, and they are removed once your need for them is gone. Also, there are a few dirty tricks in "The Living Fort". Sorry about that... :/

...Well, that's about it. Have fun, but remember, I warned you! P.S. You can use savestates; In fact, I advise it!

1. Death in the title screen. Please remember, that if you make a video, you MUST load your ZST and save it, and that if you change the landscape or add/remove sprites, you should also remake your movie. If you die, then you will be stuck in the title screen level until you reset it.

2. Taken right from the hack screens... cutoff nets. Please use proper corner, edge, and joint tiles for these, as it looks really ugly when you don't.

3. The intro level.. um... you see, there is no "Display Level Message 1" sprite here, so you can't exactly do anything except jump up to the top of this platform pyramid and run around. (Read on after this pic for more details.) Therefore, you can't really play the hack beyond this part.

And now...

Usually, a bad checksum after patching it to a clean ROM is a hint that the patch will NOT function as intended, and though you can repair checksums with programs like WindHex32, that does not make your ROM clean, nor will it make the faulty patch function as intended...

When making an IPS patch using Lunar IPS, you want to select the original, clean SMW ROM first, then pick your hacked ROM. Patch it back to a clean ROM to make sure everything works as intended. If that does not solve the problem, your base ROM is corrupt, and you will need to search for a real clean ROM to move all your work to.

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Hack Name: Uber Mario World - Demo 1 Demo - 168.2 KB
Length: 18 levels
Author: uberniftyman - Submitted by: uberniftyman
Description: This is my first hack. The demo stretches to Morton's Castle. It features no custom graphics, sprites, or blocks. The overworld is also unchanged.

I want constructive critisism, but DO NOT complain about the difficulty. I'm warning you now, this is a very hard hack. But it isn't to the point where you will spend 2 hours on a level. This hack is for experienced players only.

The only level you can't get to is the Donut Plains Star Road, because you need all four Switch Palace activated to get there.


Yeah... I bolded the "But it isn't to the point where you will spend 2 hours on a level" because that is a blatant lie. Some levels can't even be beaten at all - you should thoroughly test your game and make sure everything can be beaten and that there are no crazy glitches.

1. Level 102, a.k.a "Distraction"

^Completely unacceptable. This alone is reason enough to reject "Uber Mario World."

2. This hack transverses the line between challenging and unfair.

Title screen:

^The slope on the left has NO defined ending and is cutoff. The wall spring on the right goes into the pipe. o_O

Level 105:
This is the one that has layer 2 FG objects scroll at a completely different rate than the layer 1 FG objects. The first section seems fine and straight-forward with use of the L+R buttons to scroll them in such a manner that you can get by safely, but the second one is absurd. It's all underwater, and there are loads of vertical spikes and enemies, and it's all very narrow.

You see, if you lose the shell...

You can't progress. The only way to reset the puzzle is to die or use a savestate/reset/rewind to go back and get the shell.

Level 106:

^This is the danmaku version of Mario, but also has cutoff water and loads of cement blocks.

Level 103:

^Music blocks that make you bounce from all sides coupled with munchers. OH, and there's a Monty Mole that will fall from above WHICH YOU CAN'T EVEN SEE COMING.

^Random land tile glitch. Though those munchers are on invisible music blocks... they still look plain wrong floating up there like that.

Level 8: fffffffffffff

^Eye-searing AND impossible to beat.

3. This is actually minor compared to the huge level design problems: Overworld problems. Not only is it almost completely unmodified, but what is with the dark blue square behind the fort?

To create a genuinely challenging hack is NOT to throw as much as you can at a player and require pixel-perfect movement, and perhaps even luck - BIG FAT NO in SMW... NEVER make the player rely on luck or pixel-perfect movement to beat a level. Leave at least a little room for error. You have the wrong idea with level design. I would personally just start over, sorry to say... not to be mean or anything.

I'm usually the last person to say to play some featured hacks for ideas, but I am at total loss of words and can't think of enough other useful information to give right now. There are a few genuinely hard hacks you might want to look at to study some level design techniques, like the SMI series, if your goal is to make a difficult game that's still enjoyable and professional.

tl;dr: "Kaizo Mario World" is not a good role model.

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Hack Name: Mario And The Haunted Forest Demo - 155.9 KB
Length: 2 levels
Author: Mr.GameAndWatch - Submitted by: Mr.GameAndWatch
Description: This Is my first hack. Dont expect much but I hope you enjoy the full game when its released!

1. This whole level... Yoshi's Island 2. The only notable differences are that the platform in the beginning with the Koopas on it was removed, and the turn blocks near the end and the coins and P-switch were taken out. Aesthetically, the differences are the music and background. The level itself isn't changed much, and the original SMW levels shouldn't be in a level hack anyways, so it should be Ctrl+DEL'd and replaced with new content.

2. Big Yoshi, meet Little Yoshi. BECOME Little Yoshi! It is your destiny! ...This can be fixed by removing your green baby Yoshi from the level, as it obviously conflicts with the adult Yoshi.

3. Blank message box. Either remove the box or fill it in with some relevant text, such as how to play or something about the storyline.

4. You have no idea where you're going when you jump from here, as there are no coins in sight to guide you to land, or even a well-made trail of enemies. This gap, I assure you, is wide, and if you don't bounce off one of the enemies or have Yoshi, you will die. I strongly suggest substituting the breaking bricks with enemies in them with vertical flying red koopas spaced out - it is much more effective at leading players across wide gaps.

5. Pixel-perfect jump over munchers, because the ceiling is too low. Raising the blocks up one more tile will put you in the clear, but as it is, it is very hard to perfectly time the jump even as small Mario.

Just a side note:

Things like these are very difficult, though possible, to dodge, and sprite and/or muncher dependency for level difficulty is often looked down on. It is much better to craft a level where one sprite can effectively, but not unfairly guard a spot, than to use many sprites to try to make the game hard. Just throwing that out there as advice to help set you on the right track in terms of level design.

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Hack Name: super crazy world Demo - 39.2 KB
Length: 6 levels
Author: comicmischief - Submitted by: comicmischief
Description: This is a hack that my friend and I made in about a week. Please rate honastly and give advice, but don't be too harsh as this is our first hack ever. This hack has no storyline whatsoever, and even if it's not famous, it was really fun to make, so it was worth it. Oh, and Youtube user "kayoken" is reveiwing the hack, so check it out!

P.S. Darn, i just noticed that "the home of yoshi" actually says "the hose of yoshi"!:) and the message blocks in his house say the same thing even though they're in different Y positions! oh well...

1. Yoshi's house has some issues. Not only do the fire and the birds move with the camera, but you are also stuck here forever if you enter. I suggest you restore the original 104 either by importing it from a ROM in which 104 hasn't been modified, and disable vertical + horizontal scrolling here.

2. Grammar and spelling need some polishing up. Throughout, capitals are rarely used, exclamation points are unusually abundant, but rather than showing all the flaws in every message box, this should be satisfactory to make the point:

...Supa? SUPA? SUPA?! That's crazy! D:

3. Ignore the level name and the fact that it's the same overworld - what really bugs me here are the stars at the corners of the screens. Their backgrounds do not blend in well... and that tree near "100 seconds" makes the grass run right off the cliff. There's also a tile missing at the bottom of the cliff near the lower right star.

4. ...and if you go in "100 seconds" without getting the switch palace, you die. You should NEVER use switch palace blocks in this manner, because forced deaths piss players off - nothing more.

5. This is how you're greeted in the level called "DIE YOU MOFO!":

Yep. Hold forward and X or Y immediately when you see "MARIO START!" or you're... stuff that koopas fall on. ._. Again, no one is psychic enough to know that the level's going to start that way, and having enemies fall on you when you have little reaction time is bad level design.

6. The classic "floating and/or stacked munchers" here, as well as some sprite tile memory issues that cause the Amazin' Flyin' Hammer Brothers to disappear. The one on the right, if it goes off the screen, somehow ends up on the left flying platform with the other brother... weird.

To fix the sprite tile memory issue, look on page 4 of the Advanced SMW Hacking forum for a thread called "No More Sprite Tile Limits" and go to the part where smwedit posts the final code. Copy that into a notepad and save it as a .asm file, and look for some free space in your ROM. Use Lunar Address to convert the PC address you find a lot of 00's at to a SNES address so that you can point it to free space and not ruin other stuff in your ROM. Then, put your ROM and the ASM in a folder with xkas.exe, and run xkas from the command prompt. Type in "xkas.exe patchname.asm romname.smc" (no quotes - patchname = the notepad's name, and romname = your hack) to insert the code. Then, set your sprite tile memory to 10 in that level. Fixed.

7. This is unenjoyable. Very. If your hack ever constitutes savestate abuse, you're doing something wrong. Every movement in this part is pixel-perfect.

What I think you should aim for in level design is something that's a bit less claustrophobic to give the player at least a bit of room for error. Of course, do not stack munchers, and always have their stems rooted to the ground, like the ones below Mario and on the cement blocks, although, they look unnatural on cement blocks as well. You can use the blank pages on the Map16 editor (3-F, page 2 is useable but not recommended) to create new land tiles that are thinner than normal and look alright.

8. Cutoff water, and a torpedo generator that isn't rooted to anything, AND the fact that the torpedo goes behind the water before it's done being lowered. There's also some air between the water and the cement blocks. I'd recommend going for solid land rather than cement blocks as a wall there.

9. Here, you start surrounded. End of the screen forming a wall on the left, and four fish on the right. Luckily, at 20 FPS, this is easy to get through when you're small and have that tiny hitbox. Not necessarily a good idea to throw a player into this FISH DANMAKU! PEW PEW PEW!

10. 3-up moons. Not a truckload, but too many in plain reach. Moons should be hidden well, as they are considerably rewarding, and perhaps even limited to once per map. Oh, and that pipe should have something on the other end of it. It's cut-off. Adding a solid wall with grass on its left side to the right of the pipe, attached, would be a good fix.

Another thing I would like to mention is difficulty curve. Your intro message sort of hints at a disturbing unbalance. I recommend working on a balance - the game's levels of lowest difficulty should come first, and should become progressively BUT gradually harder, with the most evil of the bunch at the end. Do not start too hard like in this demo, though - your audience will likely shy away. Even with savestates and the frame rate reduced to a mere 20 FPS, I couldn't beat the hack, but this advice should suffice. Good luck.

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Hack Name: Koopa Revenge Demo
Length: 10 exits
Author: Maxderdachs - Submitted by: Maxderdachs
Description: Bowser has set up a new Koopa army to attack the Yoshis and the Yoshis Island.
Mario must defeat them and save Yoshi.

And finaly, he must defeat Bowser two times to rescue the Island.

this Hack Inclueds:

New Sprites:
Hammer Brother
Classic Bowser
earthshake Bowser
(if no sprite is on screen = goal)
(if no sprite is on screen = pipe)
(if no sprite is on screen = Springboard)

Levels: 9 Levels + 1 Secret area
(7normal levels, 2 Castle)

1. Yoshi's house under attack doesn't function the way it should. As you can see, if I clear out the enemies before the block that prevents you from going back, then a few shells, and leave Yoshi offscreen, I can backtrack and beat the level instantly without having to defeat the enemies at the end.

2. And then, if you make Yoshi grow and mount Yoshi before the level ends, you can bring him back in, and you get this:

3. This weird item box glitch - half a mushroom, half a flower.

4. Tile transitions are sometimes bad - the ends of objects are cut-off rather than defined with a wall of some sort, things run into each other, or the object used makes it look bad (e.g. slopes on used blocks.)

The land is cutoff where it meets the water.

Cutoff slopes

Cutoff and floating slopes, walled with used blocks

The stone walls are cutoff, and also, that conveyor that a large hammer brother was on is also cutoff. There were many more places in this level with cutoff stone walls or stone walls that ran into the large rectangular castle bricks.


I'd also fix the platform that our little green "friend" is on because it's cutoff when you walk through those bricks... I mind you, the flashing yellow bricks aren't exactly pretty, either. It should have a wall all the way around, like if you Y-mirrored it, then it would be perfect.

5. On another note, those castles with the brown and green palette need to be fixed. Brown and green are a horrible mix for this tileset - you want to create a dark-to-light gradient over those five colors, and it will usually look good. (Also: Sensitive bricks that are flashing yellow = fix please)

6. Corner tiles in some spots need to be replaced with the correct ones. In the instance below, you have dirt behind this corner tile when there is no land extending beyond this tile. There were many instances of this.

Doesn't really call for removal, but definitely noteworthy:
What's up with the big hammer brother falling on the left that presents no threat whatsoever? He just falls out of the sky.

Overall, it wasn't really a bad hack, but just had some pretty big aesthetic issues. I recommend finding beta testers for the next release so that they can report any glitches or other things to you. The level design, for the most part, was challenging but enjoyable, but those issues with Yoshi, the cutoff tiles, and some palettes had a negative impact on the whole experience. Hope you'll resubmit with the fixes. :)

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: smfan73's unnamed hack demo 1 Demo - 135 KB
Length: 5 levels
Author: smfan73 - Submitted by: smfan73
Description: this hack might get ExGFX in the complete version

1. Two levels that kill you immediately if you enter them, though one is conditional (still not excusable) - the other is unavoidable. The level after Silver Mine is not intended to be part of the demonstration, but there's still a significant problem with making it accessible anyways. You should change the Valley of Bowser level to be named "End of Demo" and not let the player enter it, or you should make it a mini-level with side exits enabled and put a little blurb in a message box like "Thanks for playing my hack, etc." You can at also have a save prompt after the Silver Mine as well so that if someone did complete the hack and got a game over from entering this level and still wanted to replay some of the levels, they don't have to start back at the switch palace.

Also, layer 3 rocks over that BG = eew... but the point is that this is not an okay "End of Demo" level.

The other level, which is canon to the demo, called "Forest Adventure" will kill you if you didn't get the Yellow Switch Palace. It's a terrible trap - you should not force the player to die EVER if they did not get something like a switch palace or some other secret.

2. After the midway point in Blue Valley, you can jump over the part where you get the P-switch and get stuck forever... or until time runs out. Whichever comes first. Either add a ceiling to the level, or add a top to that platform and let the player run over it.

Also, a side note about claustrophobic jumps because both of your hacks that I played today had a fair share of life-or-death narrow jumps: Give the player more room for error - even one more tile of free space for them to clear the jump will relieve a lot of stress on the player and reduce the number of savestates they need to use. Play your hacks thoroughly and/or have some beta testers so that you will know where these spots are so that you can fix them.

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I hope I do this right. I'm not a local mod here, therefore i can't edit in a closed thread here. \:|

Hack Name: Super Mario: The Infection Demo Version 0.1b
Length: 5 exits
Author: Nin10doWii
Description: Super Mario: The Infection:
Version 0.1b Beta Demo

-Updated graphics, removed most of the cement blocks, updated the transition between Infected! and Normal ground and water. New Overworld graphics.
-Custom Music, still use some of the original.
-Updated Overworld: More Interesting, curved, etc.
-Updated Level(s):
Silent Fortress' has new screen moving sliders. I think it's better, and they are quite easier than the last version.

Other glitches and bugs I know about are in the readme.

(Thanks to Lucario for pointing out a ton of these flaws)



It's hard to tell, but the pipes that you can walk through are a slightly darker green. I suggest making it a bit more obvious by using an entirely darker palette for the pipes you can was past.


Minor errors, that's all.


Please don't use falling skulls to replace the spike. Either don't use them or make your own spike graphics for use in that level.


Mario can still go behind all the vertical pipes in this area. You know, you don't have to have the pipes held in place by anything if it's going to result in this kind of thing. It is Mario. The pipes can float in midair. ;)


Ugly palettes, impossible to get over there. I'm guessing that's where the secret exit is because I never found it in this level.


I lol'd. Also, *appreciate.


More "You don't know what this is" syndrome. Those blue coins are P-Switch hold blocks. They're still the way they were when Lucario pointed them out.


When you defeat the big boo, the door on a cement block appears. Unfortunately, the door appears close to the point where big boo dies, and if Mario's lucky enough to be standing right on the spot the cement block appears (like me), he dies.


Corner tiles are messed up. Also, a few more cases like this in this area.


Those Wiggler heads are Goal Point Spheres. Please either change the GFX set to be correct or use ExGFX to fix them.


Random glitch appears in the top-left corner when standing in this spot.

Please fix these problems/issues and then submit your hack again. It was good to see that you fixed such things as the transition in the intro stage and on the overworld. The overworld looks much beter except for the strange infected forest area:

All in all the level design wasn't bad. just fix these things and try again.

Hack Name: Super Mario And the 7 eggs(demo1) Demo - 40.3 KB
Length: 1 exits
Author: andrevus - Submitted by: andrevus
Description: i finnaly have done the whole 1st include the story in the next release

I don't even know where to begin here. There seems to be an extreme lack of TLC, as if no one has ever played it before... anyways, on with the screens and reasons.

1. THIS</font size>

IS</font size>

A</font size>

105</font size>

EDIT</font size>

!</font size>

Please, for future reference, and this goes for everyone who submits a hack here - Ctrl+DEL the original SMW levels! Do NOT base them on Super Mario World's levels if your goal is to make a hack with changed levels - start fresh. Otherwise, your levels will lack any sense of originality and feel so bland because we've already played them thousands, if not millions of times over.


^ 106 edit

^ Chocolate Island 4 edit, AND this is a blind jump. Below you is a pit of mud, so if you're playing this, hold right while you're jumping or you will fall in the mud and die.

^ Iggy's castle edit

As a side note, after this castle, the rest of SMW is accessible. ._.;;

2. Switch Palace has two major, major flaws.

A. You're pretty much forced to take a hit if you're big you ever want any chance at finishing this level. There is not enough space to run and duck, since you'll probably hit the muncher. You can run, duck, and jump and not hit the muncher if you're lucky, but you'll have to duck + jump through at least a screen of that, and there's really not enough time on the clock for it. Also, the cement blocks above some of the munchers are way too low.

B. If you don't bring a P-switch here, you can't go back and get one, so you're stuck and forced to die!

3. This triangle is non-functional.

...But fortunately, you can still get the secret exit in spite of that. You need to bring Yoshi over and kick the key upwards, then dismount from Yoshi to get enough air to reach the clouds. Tile 1EB will make the triangle work properly - 130 will not. Use the Map16 editor to make a cement block that acts like 1EB.

4. Two Yoshi issues.

A. You have two Yoshi blocks so close to each other, that if you hit them in close succession, one Yoshi will despawn when the other emerges in a split-second, as shown in this screenshot:

Isolate them. Put them at least ten blocks apart, in my opinion, to eliminate this issue, although I'd rather you don't have the second Yoshi block because it's too easy an extra life.

B. Where is Yoshi's head when he turns around here? Sprite memory issues? Get smwedit's "No more sprite tile limits" ASM and insert it with xkas.

5. Wrong Monty Mole tiles - those are meant for the surface.

6. Please revise your grammar and spelling. Verbs should not be capitalized unless they are the beginning of the sentence, which they aren't. Its should be it's because you mean "it is" in this case. If you run out of room, "Welcome to Dinosaur Land!" is irrelevant to the plot enough to omit.

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Hack Name: A SMWorld Hack Demo - 22 KB
Length: 9 levels
Author: Night_213 - Submitted by: Night_213
Description: Something I've whipped up in my free time, although I've only got a few levels.
I'm still deciding on the name but, for the most part, it's ready for the public.
It's just a demo, I'm still working on it


1. Forced death in the first level - you are brought to an inescapable lava pit not by one, nor two, but THREE EXITS - two blue POW doors and one pipe will lead you there, and there is no warning of it. Remove these completely please.

2. Numerous blind jumps and cutoff tiles, AND bad corner tiles. Cutoff tiles should be rooted to something, and blind jumps either need some land in sight, or some enemies or coins to guide the way.

(Hint: Look to the left of the left-most muncher. That tile has dirt behind it when it should have air behind it. This isn't the only spot in the hack like this.)

3. You can get stuck here if the platform doesn't respawn after you fall, so you should maybe use that pipe to "reset" the puzzle by re-entering this room:

4. *ahem*
BLATANT</font size></span>

(This is Vanilla Dome 1)
LEVEL</font size></span>

(This is Soda Lake)
EDITS!</font size></span>

You should Ctrl+DEL every original SMW level and build your own stuff in the empty space so that you don't have any remnants of Nintendo's levels, because if you do, that will severely impact how enjoyable your hack is, in a negative way. It makes the player feel bored, or that the hacker didn't even try to make an interesting level.

5. Parts of these sprites are disappearing before my very eyes! Is it magic? ...No, it's just bad sprite tile memory.

Patch this code with xkas and set the sprite memory to 10 in this level.

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Hack Name: Koopa Revenge V1.2 Fixed Demo - 243.8 KB
Length: 16 exits
Author: Maxderdachs - Submitted by: Maxderdachs
Description: In this Version are all known bugs fixed ;)

+ 1 extra Level ^^

(patches: Super Mario Allstar Music patch, fast Rom patch, no sprite limit patch,power down patch)

Used ExGFX:
Sledge, Hammer-,Boomerang- and Canonbrother, Sledge,
some Edits from Brutal Mario (the Level with the love animal
sign ;) )


1. Here's a SMW-style "Christmas in July" - a Red Yoshi and a Green Yoshi together in a level, but instead of merry, it's kind of creepy. This can all be avoided if, from now on, instead of using Green Baby Yoshis, you have them hatch from an egg, so that it does a check to see if a Yoshi is present in the level, in which it would instead yield a 1-UP mushroom instead of a baby Yoshi.

2. Still quite a bit of cutoff tiles, like those escalators here, and also, the "splash from when stuff falls into the lava" tiles are glitched. That's from, of course, the graphics index. Castle 1 BG/FG index with Castle sprite index seems to work well for both the escalators and the lava splash.

3. More Yoshi madness - he should not be able to enter "The House of Stone" because it uses the Castle sprite index, which conflicts with his tongue... ALSO - the music note block's contact graphics are incompatible, so I would recommend removing the music notes from the level and replacing them with either blocks that cause you to spring up (insert with block tool) or cement blocks.

4. "You don't know what this is" syndrome. You see, I jumped on this red-footed Koopa. It looks like a red Koopa, smells like a red Koopa, sounds like a red Koopa, tastes like a red Koopa, and feels like a Spiny. So, to make this enemy look painful to the touch, I'd put spikes or something on him so you know you shouldn't jump on him.

5. There is no #5.

6. Key glitch. I took it through the pipe, and it turned into two halves of the coin sprite's animation frames.

7. The cloud, some of the shells and koopas... they shouldn't be disappearing like this.

Patch this code with xkas and set the sprite memory to 10 in this level.

All in all, this hack has been improving since the first time it was uploaded here. The level design remains fun, but there's still some problems - this should be a sample of all the issues. Find beta testers to report all the issues to you if you can't find everything in LM that is wrong, and, of course, test your game thoroughly when you finish edits. Glad the palettes and some other previously-pointed out problems have been fixed, though. Keep up the good work.

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Hack Name: Mario And The Haunted Forest demo V2 NEW AND IMPROVED! Demo - 168.1 KB
Length: 11 exits
Author: Mr.GameAndWatch - Submitted by: Mr.GameAndWatch
Description: This is my second demo and hack for LM! Dont expect much please and no rude or crule comments plz. My first demo didn't get eceppted so ya. I would like a review of it plz so I no what i need to add. THX!

NEW For this hack!
Custom boss!
Custom music
More levels
And more comming soon!


1. FIREBALLS, YUM! ...Yoshi is incompatible with fireballs. He shouldn't be allowed in this level, or the fireballs should be removed.

2. THESE AMAZING TITLE SCREEN GRAPHICS - IT'S LIKE GOD OF WAR 2 ON THE SNES! (end sarcasm) Please... fix the graphic index. You were using forest graphics, so make sure you have GFX1F in the FG3 slot in Super GFX Bypass, and for BG1, use GFX19.

3. That chopped-up torpedo thing on the used block is a Yoshi egg. Also, check your graphic index again.

4. EVERYTHING is wrong with this level. Sprite index, FG/BG index, and layer 3 mist over the tiny blocks so you can barely even see where you're going.

5. Another layer 3 problem: The mist disappears when you hit a message box, so don't use the message box in levels that you have layer 3 images (e.g. rocks, tides, goldfish).

6. Okay, you see where Mario is standing, yes? Well... there are two things I'd like to tell you about this pic. One, is to move the ledge to the left a bit more because you can only make this jump 25% of the time without dying - it's that wide... and 2. One of the koopas sometimes disappears, making the jump impossible at times.

^Lucky to make it over here... heh

Copypasta: Patch this code with xkas and set the sprite memory to 10 in this level.

7. Is there any particular reason why there are two keys in this level? I mean, one is enough... also, when I do have two keys onscreen in this part, that prevents the keyhole from working somehow, but one key onscreen makes it work... so yeah - only have one key in this level.

8. *takes a big breath*
<blink>BLATANT LEVEL EDIT!</font size></b></blink>

^Vanilla Ghost House edit

Ctrl+DEL the original SMW levels and make your own stuff please. Don't just leave the original level there and move a few blocks and sprites around - it NEVER ends up being a good level. This isn't your level - it's Nintendo's. We've all played it. We don't want to. We want YOUR levels. :/

In (sort of) short, this hack is not ready. It needs much more time put into it, and more research done. Yoshi is incompatible with baby Yoshis and fireballs. Super GFX Bypass should be used if the graphic index settings you want are not in the "blue poison mushroom list" and you should always, always, ALWAYS, pay attention to the number at the top of the "tileset specific sprites" window and set the SP index so the sprite looks right ingame. Again, Ctrl+DEL all the original SMW levels (except boss rooms) - don't use them as a base, EVER! If you do, it bogs down the fun factor of your hack and makes it seem so lazy. For Layer 3, only goldfish and tides should be forced above all other layers - with rocks and mist, it covers up stuff and makes it hard to see or just looks ugly. Lastly, test all your levels thoroughly - don't let glitches slip by, because they aren't acceptable.

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Hack Name: Super mario world the new world of bowser Demo - 169 KB
Length: 16 levels
Author: bulle34500 - Submitted by: bulle34500
Description: Here is my 1st hack she is called " Super mario world the new world of Bowser " who is just in fact has change of time creates by ignoble Bowser. Normally the hack is French drank check I would was able to her English here is in French one the other site. Check sorry not to was able to of screen purpose. I want that you discover graphics by you ^^.

Good games for all!


Good luck!

1. After I get done with the level "Top Secret Area" which is just uphill from "Yoshi's Island 1", when I come back down... I'm here for some weird reason...

...and I enter this so-called castle and...

Here's some trivia, kiddies. What's there?
A) A castle
B) A water level
C) A neverending bonus room

If you guessed C, PM me for a free cookie. So not only can you end up in this neverending bonus room, but the overworld exits are mooshed up, and you'll need to edit those and test them to make sure they work as intended.

2. You trapped me, you evil little rascal. Forced deaths and "stuck here forever" traps should not be part of your hack. I'd remove those invisible coin blocks.

3. Stacked munchers. Floating and stacked munchers are horrible-looking. Also, just because you cutesied up the cement blocks doesn't make it any less monotonous to look at - they are interesting compared to SMW's cement blocks, yes, but the levels will often feel bland because of the overuse of them. Then again, the level design in itself seemed to repeat throughout each level - you should try mixing it up a bit and not repeat segments.

4. Bottom row of tiles are used for ground. This is bad because the player can only see one pixel of the bottom row ingame, and it is incredibly hard to tell that there's actually ground down there. So, just move them up a tile, and take one cement block out of the stack on the left so the space between them and the ground is still wide enough for Mario to fit through.

5. Unless there's definitely ground underneath you, this is a bad idea. I can not see anything ahead of me - I don't know where there's going to be land, where there's going to be enemies I could crash into, nothing. Use coins or airborne enemies, like flying Koopas, as a guide to safe ground.

6. It's a bad idea to have coins lead to death, because traditionally, they are meant to guide a player safely through the level (and to save up for an extra life or for shop items.)

Moral of the story: Personally test everything after you make it, and have beta testers if you feel like you aren't going to be able to catch everything or you aren't sure how well your hack would go over with the general population. Your (good) beta testers will point out things they think should not be in your hack and offer suggestions on how to improve, which is another advantage of having a couple of them.

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I see you guys have been busy :)

Removal: Super Mario World: Star Edition
Author: andres
Submitter: Agent 27
Description: "(c)2004,2005 andres
demo 2"

I wonder why andres himself didn't submit this hack... let's find out!

Horrible grammar!

Uhh... a mole tank with a platform floating above it?

The cloud got cut off by the vine.

Needs the fade fix patch applied.

So when you clear a level on the overworld, a path is not created.

Guh? The graphics in this level are much different than the previous level in both style and quality!

Some cut off tiles on the left here...

The level marker overlaps the bridge.


This is where thy game is over for this hack. But let's keep goign a little further.

More Engrish.

And finally, glitching up Sumo Bro thunderbolts.

So to answer our question: He didn't submit this because it was full of problems!


Hack Name: Super mario world the new world of bowser démo Demo - 178.8 KB
Length: 16 levels
Author: bulle34500 - Submitted by: bulle34500
Description: "Here is my 1st hack she is called " Super mario world the new world of Bowser " who is just in fact has change of time creates by ignoble Bowser. Normally the hack is French drank check I was was able to her English here is in French one the other site. Check sorry not to was able to of screen purpose. I want that you discover graphics by you ^^.

Good games for all!


Good luck!

Ps: I like has thank the one who was able to help me has to correct these hideous bug or evil position of the ground the event has was settled. I the remerci infinitely"

This basically sums up the game in 7 lines

[18:49:26] <%FP[nothingstuffs]> it might as well be called:
[18:49:45] <%FP[nothingstuffs]> Linear Mario visits Repetitive Blueland
[18:49:59] <%FP[nothingstuffs]> there are no pipes to go down anywhere
[18:50:12] <%FP[nothingstuffs]> and the levels are a ton of copypaste over and over
[18:50:18] <%FP[nothingstuffs]> it's not fun
[18:50:26] <%Ran[stuffs]> just "go up and down the cement blocks and climb up and down the vines"
[18:50:27] <%FP[nothingstuffs]> and every level in the first world looks the same

As for what they don't sum up, basically the game is pretty unchanged from the first version, except the things like cheap deaths are removed. However, there's still plenty of problems to be found.


Pressing right from the Top Secret Area puts you here and does the same thing that Ran's trivia above says it did. You get a Level 000, which doesn't require another picture. We all know what that looks like.


In fact, the Layer 3 water doesn't even make sense in the level. There's no need to swim at any time. All it does it screw up the level. Remove it.


Where is Yoshi's head??? Also, stacked Munchers.


Glitched chain.


Different flavor of invisible coin block trap, however, your trap is no match for your map16 mistakes! You can walk through the blocks on the sides, therefore i could escape and continue on, however the fact that it was INTENDED to be a trap is bad. Remove those invisible coin blocks and make those blocks solid.


Please to be applying Fade Fix patch please.


Cement blocks EVERYWHERE.


I ran down these steps an smack into a Venus Fire Trap, no warning.


Looks like your turn blocks revert back to normal after being hit. Also, corner tile.


Free 3-UP Moon! Or, it's equivalent. All you need to do to get these is walk to them and there they are.

Aside from the above mentioned there were a few more problems that aren't really things you can get from screenshots. First and foremost is the fact that the levels are incredibly linear and boring as anything. The levels are comprised of more copypasted segments than I have even seen before. Throw in no variety of enemies, the same color scheme in almost every level, (Look above. They're almost all blue BG and Grass FG.) a couple of errors and glitches and you've got a no hitter.
My recommendation? Restart the hack. All the levels. Experiment with interesting and exciting level design, create multiple areas for the player to explore, like bonus rooms and don't use the same graphics and color schemes in every level. Once you've done that and gotten good beta testers to test it and give you useful feedback, then resubmit the hack.

Hack Name: Super mario world the new world of bowser démo Demo - 178.8 KB
Length: 16 levels
Author: bulle34500 - Submitted by: bulle34500
Description: "Here is my 1st hack she is called " Super mario world the new world of Bowser " who is just in fact has change of time creates by ignoble Bowser. Normally the hack is French drank check I was was able to her English here is in French one the other site. Check sorry not to was able to of screen purpose. I want that you discover graphics by you ^^.

Good games for all!


Good luck!

Ps: I like has thank the one who was able to help me has to correct these hideous bug or evil position of the ground the event has was settled. I the remerci infinitely"

Well, looking at the hack in Lunar Magic, it seems that a lot of the major problems have been fixed, like the Layer 3 Water glitch, but the biggest problem is on the overworld...

Mario: I CAN'T MOVE! D:

You are unable to move off this level, therefore, you can't get anywhere in the hack. Please fix this.

As for other problems, the level design is still the same, the invisible coin block trap in the castle is now inescapable because the sides are solid (REMOVE THOSE COIN BLOCKS!) and every level's palettes are alike. I strongly recommend that you follow my advice in the removal log above about starting over with better level design.

Hack Name: Super Drone World: Carter's Quest MAIN - 588.4 KB
Length: 35 levels
Author: S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N. - Submitted by: S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N.
Description: "This is the Version of the Hack with the Main Plot complete, the sub plot isn't. On the real final version you'll find a few more extra levels.

Description Here"

First off, this hack is by no means bad. It's very good, albeit quite hard at times. There's two major reasons that it's being removed, first being that if you re-enter the star warp that brings you back to SCORPION's Lair, it takes you here:

which leads to an endless bonus game, Level 000.

lSecond, and this is the really big reason, I got to this point and found myself unable to continue.

I need a P-Switch to get past here, but looking in LM, there's none in this room but there's one in the next room on the other side of the blocks. Maybe I'm missing something, but if I can't find a path looking in LM, I'm declare it a gamestopper. Please put a P-Switch somewhere over here so the player can continue.

There were a couple really minor things that need fixing as well:

Left to right: Glitched explosion GFX, glitched fireball splash, wheel tiles in the escalator stairs (??? o.O)

Oh and there were various instances of crazy status bar colors


Removed not because of design, just a few gamestoppers. Fix them up and re-upload, though in my opinion, since you say the hack is almost done at this point, you should probably just finish it completely and then re-upload it as your final version with all these fixes in it.

One last thing that I actually thought was rather brilliant.

I absolutely love the effect you've done in this area with the background. Let me guess, a Layer 2 Transparent along with a dark room? However you did it, it really gives a cool atmospheric effect and I thought for a moment if I was playing a Super Metroid hack. There are some effects you can do in Super Metroid that look very much like what you did here. Bravo.
Hack Name: Super Mario World: Revenge on Bowser
Length: 96 exits
Author: LuigiDude01 - Submitted by LuigiDude01
Description: I don't remember. I had to take this one down immediately, because...

You should NEVER upload SMC files. Commercial ROMs are illegal. Create an IPS patch using Lunar IPS, select the unmodified ROM first, then the hack, then write out a name for the patch, then patch it to a backup of a clean ROM to test it, THEN upload it.

2. What the fffffffff is this? First things first: you're using tileset specific sprites - these may require you to change the graphics in SP3 and SP4 to display correctly. Simply check the number at the top left of the sprite selection window and make sure that in Super GFX Bypass, that number is the same. If you really need to use sprites that are in different graphics files, you need to make an ExGFX file, and if the sprites conflict, you will have to do some remapping. Think about what sprites you really need.

3. Floating and stacked munchers just about everywhere you turn. Always have their stems rooted to something solid. If you need upside-down munchers, click the normal muncher, move to a page between 3-F, Y-flip the tile, right-click to paste over an unused tile (will appear as a 2x2 blue thing), and F9 to save them back into the ROM.

Eeew... and a cut-off vine. It needs something at the top to connect to, like a cement block, even.

4. Which moon is YOUR favorite? :o In all seriousness, extra lives on the main path is looked down upon, and moons are even worse in that case. In my opinion, a moon should be hidden with a complex puzzle, and only one moon should be in each world. That way, they feel as rewarding to receive as they should be.


COMPLETELY</font size>

UNMODIFIED</font size>

LEVELS!</font size>
This does not pass. Sorry. If your goal is to make a new, original game, the last thing you want is old SMW levels in your hack. If you even so much as use SMW levels as a base, people are going to lose interest. It's incredibly lazy to build a level off one of Nintendo's, and even lazier to leave it as it is in your own hack. Please, use Ctrl+DEL in these levels that you have not modified, and make something new and exciting over them.</span>

6. what is this i don't even

Okay. You've got some pretty bad Engrish here. If you're not good at English and want this hack in the English language, find a friend who's good with English to help you correct some of the spelling and grammar issues.

7. I'm not liking this one bit. Basically, you're using "Unhacked Island" as a plot device for an excuse to not really do anything with your hack, I suppose. But, that doesn't go. Not legitimate. :/

Look - overworld editing is easy once you get used to it. If you're that concerned that you're going to blow it up, then make the overworld on another backup and when you're done and everything works, transfer it over to your main hack. But more-or-less my main concern is with the "unhackededited" levels - you've got to take down the SMW levels and make your own. :|

My suggestions: Treat this as a practice hack. You should now be familiar more with the do's and don'ts, mostly concerning munchers (don't stack them or have them float), tileset-specific sprites (not to use glitched sprites), moons (to hide them well), grammar + spelling, and our standards for levels - as long as they're not glitchy, not based on the original SMW levels in such blatant ways, not all the same level one after another, you can't get permanently stuck, and there are no neverending bonus rooms, the level design is acceptable. It's probably best to start anew with some fresh ideas... and next time, don't forget to make an IPS patch.

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Hack Name: Super Mario World: Uber Edition DEMO 1.0 Demo - 20.3 KB
Length: 6 levels
Author: MarioPwnz - Submitted by: MarioPwnz
Description: My first Uploaded hack
Also my first hack with its own overworld

Please comment on any Bugs or Issues to make my game better on DEMO V2

1. Sprite tile memory implosion. Where's Mario, and what on earth happened to the Big Boo?

Copypasta: Patch this code with xkas and set the sprite memory to 10 in this level.

2. These goal points are not attached to posts. Another problem that is similar is that the midway bars are not attached to posts either, but I only have pictures of the goal points for this thread.

3. Erm.. the left end of this platform turns into a dust cloud when you stand on it. Also, in the big boo boss battle room, the music note blocks have glitched graphics when they are hit, so I would suggest not using the music note blocks at all in that room.

4. Cutoff tiles, bad corners. Vines should have something at the top to be rooted to - for example, cement blocks. Ledges should have walls, whether they be solid or not, and should be consistent the whole way through. Corner tiles should not have dirt behind them if there isn't a platform coming up behind the corner in question, and shouldn't have air if there is land around the corner.

5. Interaction: The fuzzies don't agree with this kind of slope, and will sort of just move in a square-pattern around one spot. Not only is this faulty, but it is also painful to dodge. I would suggest using a different kind of enemy, like maybe a goomba or shell-less koopa, since those are not tileset-specific, and are also small.

SIDE NOTE. Yoshi's house has been edited. The problem with this: 104 is used in the ending credits. If you are using SMW's ending rather than a custom one, you're in deep trouble unless you restore the original 104 by importing an unedited one or something.

Many of these problems are really easy to fix, and the rest of the hack seemed okay, though I don't know if you intended to have it end at the saw level because you can't move onto the castle after that... so only five of the six levels are playable, so yeah - if you would fix that as well, that would be great. The hack is not that bad, just has a few silly errors.

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Hack Name: Super Mario World: Uber Edition Demo - 20 KB
Length: 6 levels
Author: MarioPwnz - Submitted by: MarioPwnz
Description: My first Uploaded hack
Also my first hack with its own overworld

Please comment on any Bugs or Issues to make my game better on DEMO V2

1. The Yoshi House restoration didn't go so well. There is no side exit enabled, and you end up with this mess, and if you enter this level, you are forced to jump off and die in order to get out. You should start on the ground, disable vertical and horizontal scrolling, and set the FG/BG initial positions accordingly, and see if that works.

BLATANT</font size>

101</font size>

EDIT</font size>
Players will be bored senseless playing this level for the billionth time over, and you're not using this space to expand your ideas. Your goal isn't to make a base hack, so please... Ctrl+DEL the original SMW levels and make your own game over it. :/

3. Okay, so the text reminder from above didn't work. Here's a visual of the midway bar problem:

...and the corner tile problem:

Originally posted by Ran Yakumo
Corner tiles should not have dirt behind them if there isn't a platform coming up behind the corner in question, and shouldn't have air if there is land around the corner.

4. What the hell happened here?! The added platforms don't function right. About 30% of the time, you can stand on them, but usually, you will fall right through them or instantly vanish and die if you touch them.

5. Title screen thing. The jumping Piranha Plants get stuck in the cement blocks then jump up even higher than normal. This isn't good. The cement blocks, perhaps, should be removed.

6. ________

^ Needs text, or to be removed.

7. Some minor overworld issues with the top parts of the cliff being brown when they're against water (should be blue in that case) and the sign is messy behind it because you seem to have placed a Layer 2 sign instead of a Layer 1 sign.

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