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Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
Removed: Mario: The (actually "Tho") Fourth Sector Version 3.0 by S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N.


Well, I have to admit, you've improved on this GREATLY since Techokami last had to take this down. I like that! HOWEVER...

The ground runs right into these pipes. Yes, you edited the pipes to make sure no empty spaces appear between it, but IMO, nothing justifies this... I think it'd look better if you just made the ground go down the side of the pipe. You know, parallel. :)

Oh yes, before I continue, HORRIBLE style clashing here. SMWRedrawn ground + SMW Koopas + SMWRedrawn Bob-omb + SMB3 Pipe?!?! You should try to keep your style consistent through each level. I'm not gonna tell you to keep it all the same through the whole hack, but it doesn't look right with so many different graphical styles in one level...


Oopsy! Something went wrong with the revealing! It goes by quickly, so I used slowdown to get a pic of this. Ahh.. Gotta love ZSNES. =D Try to fix this, okay? But first, a question- Was this on purpose to make it look like the bridge flashes into existance?

You've been told time and time again that this goal tape DOES NOT LOOK RIGHT AT ALL. Yes, we understand your hack is called The Fourth Sector- but when you're told that it looks bad, shouldn't you...y'know, try to change it? (Oh, the irony...aren't we all guilty of this defiance every once in a while?! XD)

Fire Chomp + Missile-Bomb-Thing = Good idea.
Explosion being killed = Bad idea.

...I thought this was addressed on something else... *looks* Nope, no idea. :/ Not sure if this can be fixed, but if it can, try to fix it, okay? ;) If not, oh well. :o

Don't immediately jump on these, and you won't get over to where I am here. Well, easily. :(

OH BOY. I missed some pics. Anyways, in the first level in the 4th Sector world, there is a section where you are bombarded by splitting Fire Chomps. PLEASE remove that. It makes the section with the P-Switch a living NIGHTMARE. D: In fact, I had to rush through that part and hope I didn't fall due to the super-small area I get due to the stupid coins turning into Used Blocks because of those stupid Splitting Chomps, as I will call them from now on. I couldn't rest. If I did, I would've died. :/

...You didn't fix that corner tile. D:

Uhh... I have nothing against this whole "one water pool is higher than another" thing like others do because I believe that such a thing is NATURAL. What I DO have something against is your use of a pipe to make it higher... D: Why not change that to ground instead? It'd look more natural that way. :) Go nature WHOO! :D

o_o No comment

Okay I lie. Please, if you're not done with the overworld, at LEAST make the mountains end! Also, you fixed the whole "Mario can swim in lava on OW when it kills him in levels" thing. Awesome. :D

I think the rushing water is miscolored... But that is not the point here. Look at the status bar- the Fire Flower goes behind the bricks! NOT SHOWN: Item Box items go above the black darkness. XD

Palettes are kinda eye-searing here. D: STUPID BACKGROUND. ;-; Could you please look into this? :D

Bit of slowdown here.

XD</font size>

How did I do this? You need to kill a Wild Ptooie Piranha at JUST the right time. After you take the second hit off, hit it one last time before its head comes back around, and you get this. XD


*ahem* There's another glitch with this, but I'll show it later.

*pokes eye-searing comment above*

YAY GLITCH! :D Except this one isn't awesome, nor is it funny. In fact, it's dangerous. How to do:

1: Kill the Wild Ptooie Piranha.
2: Before it vanishes, hit it with another item.

Done. It tries to "die" again, turns a different color depending on when you hit it, and...

STARTS ATTACKING YOU AGAIN!! Except it's backwards. (I forgot if I did the Backwards Death Glitch beforehand.)

This needs no comment, for I have no freaking clue why it does that.


Ummm.... Holes..?

When you leave the bonus area, you just barely skim by that bomb. And if you dare move left, KABOOM. :(

Headline: Dynamic Sprites Glitch Dry Bones! "Local bone-throwing Dry Bones 'Gravely' is angry after a nearby dynamic sprite glitched the lower half of his body temporarily when he tried to throw a bone."

Umm... AKA, don't use dynamic sprites around other sprites using the bottom half area of SP4, like the bone-throwing Dry Bones.

These jumps are HARD. The ledges are too "slippery" on the sloping part, so why not lower them or raise the ceiling?

You know that puzzle with the Red and Silver ! Blocks triggered by the Blue and Silver P-Switches, respectively?

1: I couldn't seem to solve the maze. I couldn't find another trigger for the Silver ! Blocks, so I had to let the red ones time out, then hover over to the end with a Super Leaf. :/
2: The pic. This is what you get when you enter the pipe to reset the puzzle. No, the screen didn't start too high or too low... I GOT KILLED. DEATHPIPE. ;_;

Soo... Yeah. I beat the level, and nothing happened, sooo.... :/

Try to fix this stuff, will ya..?

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Hack Name: Super Cyndonian World Demo 1 Demo - 387.9 KB
Length: 22 levels
Author: Jzag96 - Submitted by: Jzag96
Description: the overworld isnt complete, 2 bonus levels look like chocolate island and donut plains.srry.but sooner or later super cyndonian world will just be like any other hack on smwcentral, im not suspecting it too be featured but i want it to be moderated.

IT'S A ROM</font size>
ffs, ROMs are not allowed. Commercial ROMs are ILLEGAL to distribute, and illegal to own unless you yourself have dumped the file as a backup copy. :| Make an IPS patch, please.

2. Where to begin here...

Munchers: Root the stem to a solid block or the ground.
Lava: Cutoff and floating = do not want. It is a liquid, and must be surrounded by something on three sides (left, right, bottom.)
Bushes: Not a good idea to overlap them, as very few overlaps actually fit seamlessly. If the big bush items appear glitched in LM, they will be glitched ingame, and glitched graphics just don't go. Also, not a good idea to put bushes on top of munchers because they look like they are FLOATING. >_>
Coins: By changing the brown and a yellow to blue shades, you have ruined many objects. I'd restore palette 6 to its original colors.
Ledges: End them with walls + ceilings if needed. Cutoff ledges are very poor-quality presentation.
Also: This is a pretty obvious 106 edit.

3. If you need a large J, draw it over other layer 3 tiles for the title screen that you are not using instead of trying to piece them together using fragments of other letters, since it looks awful. The ledge is also cut off at the bottom, and there are errors caused by editing palette 6.

4. Sumo brothers imploded. Try not clumping the cement blocks below them so close together.

5. Tell me this was not intentional. If it was, that is just sad. If it isn't intentional, then a beta tester who is fluent in English might be willing to help you correct some errors.

6. <_<

The overworld is basically the special realm with hills, bridges, and other stuff placed all over it. The problem with this is the palettes of the objects and the main background are so inconsistent that they do not fit together at all, and even if they did, this is overall a pretty sloppy map.

7. >_>

Blatant level edit... with floating munchers. o.o Ctrl+DEL pre-existing SMW levels. You don't want them in your hack. Using SMW levels as a base causes players to lose interest because they are the same levels we've all played, and it's also incredibly lazy on the hacker's part to just move a couple things around in a pre-existing level rather than to throw his/her original ideas down to present something new. :/

Didn't get much further than this, but here's the big thing: Avoid using glitched sprites, avoid using SMW's original levels, try to start anew with the overworld maps if you're going to change them at all, do not leave tiles such as vines, slopes, or ledges cutoff, do not use stacked or floating munchers, try your best with your grammar and spelling, make sure your palette edits do not ruin other graphics in the levels, and of course: remember to make an IPS patch.

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Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Removed: Mario: The Fourth Sector 3.1 by S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N.


The fourth level, "Sectorials Arrive!", has a game-ending "bug". In the last version, a hidden block contained a Blue P-Switch, WHICH WAS REQUIRED TO CONTINUE. For some reason, a block was added nearby that contained a Silver one...and the former block has been moved, it seems...why else would this block, which should contain a Blue P-Switch, contain a SILVER P-Switch instead? Now, if this was intentional, I apologize, so reupload after making it more obvious that you'd need it elsewhere. If not, check to make sure you didn't mess it up or anything.

Sorry, no screens.
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
Removed: Super Noob World by... Oh drat, I forgot who made it. :/



Title Screen Layer 3 looks bad. Bad palettes, bad "nOOb", all the dang shooters...

Cutoff tiles galore. ExGFX can fix this, but there's something better: USE ACTUAL GROUND. This level is just walls of blocks holding water back, leaving gaps. -_-

This was an unused block, so the bounce sprite is bad. Impossible to fix without remapping.

what is this i dont even

Oh yes, this level brings me to my major point: THIS IS A 104 EDIT. -_- Don't do that if you're using the original SMW ending. In fact, DON'T MAKE IT SUCH AN OBVIOUS EDIT, PERIOD! :O

...Uhh... This is why you couldn't get under these pipes in the original game..



Floating berries is NOT a good idea. Put them on bushes instead, but don't put the bushes on blocks like these!


Was that message really necessary? No. No it wasn't.

See the giant BLATANT LEVEL EDIT message.

See above. This is the worst edit ever. Virtually unchanged save for the BG, the palette, and a FEW blocks moved up and some sprites added!

Refer to giant message again.

Oh dear gosh. Holes galore. Fun fact: This level has two exits. One leads to 104, where a Keyhole is. BUT THE FUN PART? THE KEY ISN'T THERE, IT'S HERE. GO THERE WITHOUT KEY, YOU MUST RESET! :D ISN'T IT BEAUTIFUL?? Other exit leads to a boss battle room where you die no matter what- once you stop moving, that's it- you can't move again, for some reason. You can jump, but not move. Walls are munchers, too.

Taco Bell? NO! Bad-Palette Palace! :O

Why? Why did you put those signs there to make holes? WHY? ;-;

1: To fix the message, put an actual message there.... And if you want the blocks to appear, on the OW, go to Overworld - Change Special Message Levels, and modify the first four. ;)
2: The Switch is too high, and there's a VERY bad palette here.

Bad palette. I didn't play this level, 'cause it's World 2...

Holey Holes, Batman! :O

Floating Munchers and ANOTHER Moon?! THIS IS MADNESS!

MASSIVE slowdown here, because you have THREE Splittin' Chucks! THREE!! D:

Floating Goal Post? Why?

I quit playing this hack after that, because it was just obvious edits of the original levels. That is EXTREMELY frowned upon. Ctrl+Del on EVERY level, save 104. Unless you can come up with a nice alternative for Yoshi's House that'll still look right in the original ending.

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<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
Removed: Super Mario Tabarnak
Author: nagna zul

If a ROMhack needs graphics stolen from Yoshi's Island to impress you, then turn around, this isn't for you.

If you want a ROMhack that has music from random SNES games thrown in, then this isn't what you're looking for.

If excessive difficulty and unfairness frightens you, you probably shouldn't play this.

If you complain about "bad level design" every time you die, then you won't have fun with this.

With all that said...enjoy.

So I decided to try this hack out. Unfortunately, I didn't feel "ENJOY!!!" after playing this. Reasons? Look at the following screenshots and see.


Oh ok.

Blatant Overworld Edit!!!

Those letters are supposed to be hopping flames. The message box gave me actually a laugh.

Stacked munchers FAILS. Also, that weird black thing on the land in the bottom of the screen is supposed to be a Blarrg.

This is supposed to be "The flower fields". More like Mutated Muncher Fields.
My blog. I could post stuff now and then

My Assembly for the SNES tutorial (it's actually finished now!)
Removed: "Super Mario 12 and the Cool Stars" by SMBW12Forever

Description: A short hack with a crappy overworld.


Bet that we won't even see the overworld? :/

The title screen has a strange, black pixel which I circled. And Mario dies in it which forces you to play the intro afterwards. D:

Short, black screen after choosing a game file where you can see Mario for a short time at the top of the screen.

"Where am I? At the top where I can't see myself? Also, what happened to the sprite there? Is there supposed to be an auto-scroll which is missing? Heh, I don't get it..." You didn't pay much attention while preparing the intro, eh?

Umm... yeah, I ran to the right until I couldn't go on anymore and died. But why did I so? Anyways, time up message shows up, then level re-starts, freezes and a glitched message appears.

Yup, that's it. There doesn't seem to be a way to play the levels included in this hack. Next time, test your hack before uploading it. >_<
Removed: ko3kenbakker's rom hack
Author: ko3kenbakker
Description: this is a really cool rom hack, but without a lot of enemies, and not too difficult.(ps: the overworld is really crappy, but i did that on purpose, do not rate for that plz..

I have 1 word to say as a comment on this description: LIES

Main reason of hack deletion: IT IS A ROM.

Do NOT submit any ROM as a hack. Use an IPS File instead!!!

Onwards in-game...

*sigh* I already had a bad feeling after seeing the title screen.


Start of the level is an instant death trap. If you are quick you can barely make it to the turn block.



Death trap #2

With 1 invisible coin block I actually survived by accident.

My blog. I could post stuff now and then

My Assembly for the SNES tutorial (it's actually finished now!)

Hack Name: Zach and Jacob rom Hack Demo - 382.8 KB
Length: 7 levels
Author: rusher243 - Submitted by: rusher243
Description: "My brother and my rom hack enjoy
soory about the snap shot it not like that dumb Png image I just desided to put on"


First and foremost, you guessed it!
It's a ROM!
So that's an automatic removal right there. Don't use ROM files, use an .ips patch instead!

On to the screens.


Oh look, a Kaizo Trap! Well you won't get me, I've got the P-Switch!


Turns out it's an anti-Kaizo Trap. Kind of clever in a sense, but then again, since Kaizo traps aren't looked upon, remove it. Also, floating ground, ground hidden on the bottom row and no BG.


"These birds are eating my head!"
Yoshi's House is edited, but not in a way that would disrupt the ending, however the fireplace/smoke/bird sprites are not removed, resulting in glitched smoke and birds/fire that follow you through the level, with sometimes funny results. (See above screen.)


Why in the hell is there a Gas bubble in this level, especially when it's not even possible to get hit by it? Also, Yellow Switch has wrong sprite setting, resulting in glitches.


Lots of cutoff and floating tiles, stacked munchers, and in the last shot, since the coin blocks don't work correctly in a switch palace setting, we get a glitched coin block game if you hit the invisible coin blocks there. There are plenty more instances of these problems, but I think six photos are enough to get the point across.


Last, I hit the yellow switch but those outlines did not fill in. I'm guessing that that's a result of adding them using the Direct Map16 instead of the Extended Objects.


It's not very good. Not by a long shot. Lots of tiling errors, sprite glitches and overall mess. Strangest thing I found was that the creators don't seem to know where the invisible coin block object is, and instead used invisible 1-up blocks all over in Yoshi's Island 3. \:|

My recommendations? Try again. Play some featured hacks here, don't make your levels look like crap, fix your sprites glitches and DON'T SUBMIT ROMS.

Hack Name: Super Mario brothers: Peach's Challenge Demo - 231.7 KB
Length: 9 levels
Author: MarioMan - Submitted by: Marioman
Description: "SMB:PC This is my first uploaded hack if you see any glitches PM me or write a review."


It's too bad. I was really liking this hack. It didn't even have many problems. A cutoff tile and a bit of a questionable palette choice was all I saw until:


BLARGG Yoshi baby head! Don't allow Yoshi and Baby Yoshi in the same level together. You can avoid this by making the Baby Yoshi come out of a ? block instead. Also, this is the questionable palette. Not too bad, but still a bit strange in the FG.


After beating Sunshine Isle 2, Mario cannot move on to the next level. I investigated a bit in LM and here's what I found:

it turns out the creator forgot to set the events for the levels. That means that no other levels can be accessed.


It's not bad at all. I really liked some of the level design. Just set your events and fix the Baby Yoshi in that level and any other levels you have him out in the open, and I'll be able to continue playing and moderating.
Hack Name: Super Mario 12 The Cool Stars - 224 KB
Length: 22 levels
Author: SMBW12Forever - Submitted by: SMBW12Forever
Description: A short with a nooby overworld


Players, don't press down on THIS pipe. It's hard to sum up with that pic alone, and I do remember seeing a video of this glitch in action. It's quite humorous, really, but unfortunately, there is no way to play the game after it occurs without resetting the game. :/

2. Bad layer 2 scroll rates are used in this level. It's horizontal, so your setting should have vertical scrolling disabled, and the layer 2 scroll rate should be H: Constant, V: None. That means you will have to redo some of this level, but also, there's another layer 2 problem here:

On this screen, even if the bones are below you, they will instantly be set back to default position and not smash back down, making this level impossible because this gap can't be crossed.

3. If you didn't come here with a Yoshi, you're pretty much forced to die. This is very bad, especially when Yoshi wasn't supplied in a level that needed him to even succeed in, and the player should never, under any circumstance in a video game during playtime, be forced to die.

4. So many graphical glitches. X_x

^Both of these, in the same room of Doom Ship, can be fixed by changing the sprite tile index to something different, since this selection is neither compatible with Yoshi's fireballs nor the animation of the music blocks when hit.

Oh, this one's my favorite:

May not want to use Layer 3 goldfish in this level.

5. Why can I fly into here? You should never make places like this accessible, being able to walk behind the wrong side of a solid wall, because it's illogical. It doesn't even make sense to look at. Adding a ledge to the top of this and making it into a big land square that's solid all the way around would be good.

6. Buzzy Beetle palette here isn't looking too good - the shell is fine but the body looks wtf. The fact that there's a bit of land on the bottom row you can walk on though it's nearly impossible to see because the one black row of pixels that defines it blends in oh-so-well with the background... but you still shouldn't use the bottom row for walking anyways.

7. Layer 3 tides + goal point = poor because the tide will vanish when the "Course Clear" thing pops up. But even moreso, for future reference because it is fairly minor in here, do not use layer 3 tides in conjunction with a vertically-scrolling camera - the tides will scroll with you. There is a fix floating around somewhere out there.

8. Non-solid barrier for a liquid? This also doesn't make sense, because have you ever swam so close to land and fell through the land when you touched it? I strongly, STRONGLY suggest solid land walls here.

Side note: I encountered quite a few blind jumps in the hack. If you can not tell where you're going to go if you jump off of something, guides to safer ground, such as coins or parakoopas in plain view, are recommended.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
SNN would like to play. Please excuse the larger-than-usual screenshots.

Removed: Pine Island Demo
Author: Koyote

1. While you're at it Mario, find some money to pay Koyote's English teacher to fix up those grammar issues. Should read:

"Yoshi somehow went to jail! Find a way to get enough money to bail him out, or break him free!

2. That river near the top flows into nothing. Unfortunately, rivers do not just form magically - they need a source that they flow from. Also, to the very left of the map, both bridges connect very incorrectly.

3. Cut off tiles make SNN a sad, sad person.

4. No seriously, they make me want to cry.

5. The tears are flowing on down my face and into my keyboard.

6. ...ok, this one just plain doesn't make sense. Not only that, it looks really weird.

7. Just electrocuted myself from too many tears in the keyboard.

8. I'm a huge fan of ropes, but this is just ridiculous. Same thing happens at the bottom of that drop too.

9. That is quite the sight. Also, upon entering the pipe underwater, Mario goes behind the water. Please fix it.

10. To the person who has a fetish for cut-off tiles, this hack would make you scream.

11. Last time I checked, we aren't playing "Mario and the Prison Pipe".

12. Words cannot express how much I suddenly hate music.

I got tired of playing it at this point, and seeing how all of the bugs are starting to repeat, let me just give you general notes:

-Fix all of those cut-off tiles I showed, and every other cut off tile in the hack.
-Increase the time limit on your levels. I almost ran out of time on nearly all of them.
-Fix shoddy design areas, especially in Noteblock Fortress (a fortress made out of all noteblocks != fun)

Hope that helps.
Removed: Mario: Tho Fourth Sector 3.2 (lol, "tho" again. I'm curious, how do you typo that? O_o) by S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N.


It was good at first, but...then glitchings happened, starting with Pipe Plains...

I don't have a pic, but when you get to the P-Switch, hit it and go left. If you go into the Blue Pipe there, it won't send you into the water- it throws you WAY down below, near the pipe to the bonus room. You can then get out and be invisible. Jump into water to fix it while you're in it- you will see yourself as Small Mario, but you are behind the water. Jump out, invisible again. Sprites don't respond to you. Jump back up to the pipe past the P-Switch, and if you enter it, you get shoved somewhere else STUCK PERMANENTLY. Entering any kind of pipe while invisible, be it a warp or screen-scrolling pipe, and you will return to normal, but still be small. That's a VERY big glitch, and you should try to find a way to fix it.

That's a Bob-omb. It's got bad graphics in this Bonus Room.. Oh, this is Flooded Forest, by the way. Also, the Bob-omb is permanently stunned now. It wasn't that way last demo. Let me guess: You restarted the hack on a new ROM and forgot to apply the fix for stun timers, right?

This is a VERY game-breaking error. First, two things...

1: Blowhard is a garbled mess- you forgot to put the graphics back, right?
2: If you fly up over the wall of ? Blocks after the pipe that puts you down into the autoscrolling section at the bottom, you're permanently stuck here. You can't get killed at all, and you have no time limit, so you're forced to reset. This is why I'm removing the hack, mainly. :/

Also, the autoscrolling section of Sector Sewers is boring. VERY VERY boring. :( In fact, I left the enemies alone so I could get a 1-up at the goal. So. very. boring. :(
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
Hack Name: Three Fun Levels - 357.5 KB - 14 downloads.
Length: 3 levels
Author: AusemGames - Submitted by: AusemGames
Description: A hack with three fun levels!

Level 1: Bumpy Road. This is a VERY bumpy road with lots of Koopas! Try not to have a shell bounce in your face!

Level 2: Up and Down. This level, you must go up, and down, then up, then down, just like the level says.

Level 3: Goomba Showdown: OK, this is the HARDEST level in the hack! Goomba's are EVERYHWERE! Make one wrong step and you're dead!

1. I die after beating this level. Isn't that wonderful? 8D

In all seriousness though. Mario shouldn't be forced to die after beating a level. Having a thing like a P-switch right before the exit that you must hit right before taking the goal with the trap in plain sight is alright, but that's where the line is drawn in terms of post-goal deaths.

2. Blatant level edits. >_> Long story short, delete the old SMW levels with Ctrl+DEL, and build your own over them. The Goomba Level is ESPECIALLY similar, moreso than the other levels, to the level it was based on. No point in showing pictures of an unedited 106 because everyone knows what that looks like.

3. You did not delete the Layer 2 events X_x

In the overworld editor, just go to the Layer 2 event editor and delete all of these. Simple as that.

4. Floating goal post. I should not be able to see the bush tiles at the bottom of the goal post at any time. Move it down one tile and put the cement blocks over it... if you are planning on keeping this level.

5. This land isn't connected correctly. The jointed tile goes one space down too short. Move them up one in Lunar Magic. These were made so the grass on the ground connected to the grass on the wall.

6. Cutoff slope on both ends.

There ARE walkthrough wall tiles that would make this look so much more appropriate. You can find them in standard objects.

7. Aaaaand, last, bad corner tiles. See the ones you have on the ends of the screen? Those are good corner tiles. These ones Mario is standing on are bad because they have dirt on the corners when you don't have any sort of wall or platform behind it.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Super Mario: the lost World Demo - 44.7 KB - 19 downloads.
Length: 6 levels
Author: Cellcen - Submitted by: Cellcen
Description: Story: Princess Peach is missing!
Short Time later Mario became a letter. This is the text from the letter:"I have catched, Princess Peach. Come in the lost World, when you want our loyely Princess back!

This is a Demo version.
The Full version is coming soon.
When you wait for the full version,you can many extras:
-better overworld
-more Levels
-a Special Tetris World!
-Bonus Game
and anything more...
I am happy when you post a Reviews and Rating my hack! If yougot same Idea,please post this in your Review!
Thanks for playing and many Fun to Play!


1. Two instances of levels with forced deaths, though it does warn you and tells you that you need to pick the correct pipe/door in order to survive. But, regardless, it's forced if you pick the wrong door. It's just not a trick that should be done in video games. The real hardware doesn't have savestates.



2. Hello, Chocolate Secret edit.

^Ctrl+DEL and make something new over it. All this section has changed are added stars and enemies.

3. _____________________________

Put text in the box, that is all. A blank message box seems pretty weird if you think about it.

4. Big load of cutoff water there. Have some thin, solid wall of land there be a barrier, and if you can get below where Mario is standing in any part of the level, just leave an opening by taking out a cement block so he can get out.

The rest are somewhat minor errors that are scattered throughout.

-Layer 3 + message box. This causes the layer 3 rocks to vanish if you hit the message box, and they don't come back.

^I don't really see a reason for Layer 2 level data in this level anyways since the doors and turn blocks and everything else can all easily fit on layer 1, then you can copy a BG for layer 2 from another level.

-Sprite tile memory problems. Yes, edit1754's "no more sprite tile limits" patch is the best fix to this, regardless of what anyone else might tell you. After you patch it, just set the sprite tile memory to 10. Do this as well in the Wiggler Dance level so that the flowers don't disappear off of Wiggler's head.

^Yes, this is a sprite tile memory issue, not a layer priority one, because once the Wiggler is gone, the goal bar is fully visible above the left side of the post again.

-Random cutoff tiles. There are walls, both solid and walkthrough, that you can use as borders. :|

^Bottom left. See the slope.

^Top left, behind the "MARIO" in the status bar. A solid wall is appropriate there.

-Bad corner tile.

The one right below Mario. Just put a tile directly out of Map16 that doesn't have dirt on the edge of the corner, but blank air space instead, so it looks right.

Be sure to avoid using forced deaths anywhere in your levels as a device to make the level more challenging because it turns out luck-based instead. Attention to detail is important, as well as finding a fix when something doesn't go right, rather than leaving it as it is. Original SMW levels shouldn't be used as a base. Some levels, especially Platform Chaos, were pretty fun, though, so it wasn't really a bad hack, just filled with flaws, and I wish you luck in the future and hope you will fix and resubmit it. No pressure. :)

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Super Mario The New Adventure Demo - 129.7 KB - 12 downloads.
Length: 4 levels
Author: Playing soft - Submitted by: Playing soft
Description: A New SMW Hack



Where? I don't see anything new. :/

1. .......
Yoshi's Island 1:

Yoshi's Island 2:

Yoshi's Island 3:

Yellow Switch Palace is completely unedited. Yoshi's House IS edited, when it really shouldn't be because you have a good chance of messing up the ending. :|

The rest of SMW is also accessible since every level triggers an event and there are none that don't, so you aren't kept within the demo's confines.

2. Diagonal pipe cuts into the bush. Also, I'm standing in the edge of the pipe. D:

3. Easy just about every level. The issue with this is that a moon is meant to be a reward for solving a tough puzzle or looking in the most obscure parts of a level, and should be limited to one per world.

Yeah, um.... yeah. Yeah. So, yeah, that's all. Yeah. Ctrl+DEL gives you a blank canvas to make your own levels on rather than building over or around SMW's levels. Remember to not overlap certain tiles because some will not display correctly or end up cutoff, and hide those moons. These are all the original levels with a little bit of stuff dragged around, and we can't accept that. Sorry :/ But you can still make a good hack - just practice a bit more and come up with some ideas for levels and you're well on your way.

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im back bitches

Removal: Bowser
Author: Damon123104
Description: my 1st hack enjoy

Here's the screenshot he provides:

But here's what it realy looks like:

Is English your first language, second language, or none of the above?

Horrible, horrible overworld.


Flogging yourself isn't going to help you on the internet.

I can't believe it's not a level 105 edit! Because it really is.

Walk-through pipes.

Why use cement blocks instead of, you know, ground?

FIRST: on the left, you see a "No Yoshi" barrier, which is a triangle block next to a really tall pipe.
SECOND: I killed two Whistlin' Chucks. Gotta give you credit for using 'em, though!
THIRD: It happened to summon glitchy Flying Koopas...

Some odd reason, this fish won't die.

You were trying to be clever with enemies on falling platforms. Problem is, enemies can't interact with 'em, so they fall through. Also, odd floating ground.

Barely did anything to this part of the level.

GUH?? Reflecting Boo Buddies. Using the wrong graphics set. Can't mix them with Rexes!
Also, invisible midair Bullet Bill shooter. That's a no-no.

Very mature of you >_>

Bad Sprite Memory settings!

Please learn English.

Yet another barely-edited level.

The rest of the hack was more barely edited levels, a really easy secret exit to the back door of Bowser's Castle, and endboss time.

Here's the entirety of the credits:

Finally, we end with a mysterious door and gray berries.

and here's another one, because i love you all so very much
Removal: Bib's Adventure
Author: Moltov
Description: "Hey all, I'm finally done with it, I put around probably 60-70 hours of work into this rom, COMPLETELY CUSTOM GRAPHICS, all hand drawn by me, custom music custom blocks. you name it you got it. 12 levels worked on them insanely hard to make them as fun as possible. This difficulty is probably around hardish I would say. enjoy and comment =].

You put a lot of effort into this hack, I see.

I wish you put some more effort into this title screen.


Whoops, glitchy background!

Am I standing on an invisible block, or am I falling to my doom? I CAN'T TELL

This first level is just... stupidly hard.
I mean, a challenge is nice, but does it have to involve not-so-great walljumping on floating walls with munchers on them over a bottomless pit while dealing with Parakoopas? =(

I am glad that you're trying to make all original graphics. Kudos!

can i have a good hack for once =(
Removal: dark mario demo 1
Author: smfan73
Description: THERE IS NONE

First of all, the whole "Dark whatever" cliché is overused to death. Blame Nintendo for that one, with darkness being a key plot point of most games they crank out today. Damn it Nintendo, why not do something original for once? Like send Mario into the story of King Arthur, where Mario has to become a knight and save King Arthur. Wario can be an optional character that dual wields swords!

...ahem, sorry about that.

*Toadstool! Mario
^^^ Remove an exclamation mark and put a space in its place.

Those arrows push you to the right. But... they look out of place.

Very little space to move around.

What the

Okay this is seriously confusing now.

...but that's lava! Blue lava!

It is so, very confusing if you have the lava in both the background and foreground, because you might not be able to tell if it's in the background or not.

After a harrowing experience with a Sumo Bro, I am faced with an IMPOSSIBLE JUMP.

Hack Name: Yoshi is missing ! Demo - 300.9 KB - 26 downloads.
Length: 22 exits
Author: SL - Submitted by: SL
Description: Here my first demo hack. Read the readme.
In French (but it's not really important in the game).

Enjoy !

1. You're forced to take a hit here, so if you're not big, tough cookies:

Also, headless koopa xD. Either remove the koopa or use edit1754's ASM and change the sprite memory to 10.

2. If you kill Birdo and don't have a cape, you're in pretty big trouble here. A warning would be nice, or an invisible coin block somewhere near the end of it close enough for you to jump up.

3. That red level, Kooparadis 1, has a problem - the secret exit is not accessible. There is an orange pipe with an exit to a sublevel which has a secret exit, but you can't go in it because it's not a pipe with an exit enabled.

4. This barely edited portion of Donut Secret 1 has a discolored pipe. An orange top on a green part. Try moving them down or shrinking them one tile to see if that remedies the issue, or make pipe tiles on a different Map16 page with the palette you want to use and they will not change depending on screen number.

5. This floating goal:

If the one enemy sprite does not interfere with the goal sphere, you can fit the goal sphere onto the same ExGFX file and insert that into the level instead of using the moving bar and goal post.

6. This background, while very lovely, seems to be put together incorrectly. There are some broken-off green parts right above the hills and the top of the largest hill looks cutoff. This is really minor, but worth pointing out. Maybe I'm seeing this wrong and that's supposed to be a lake or something on top of the hill, but it certainly looks awkward to me.

7. Last, but definitely not least, some levels, especially in the first world, are based on the old SMW levels with minor edits, like this one:

Much of the second world is beautifully done, however, and the levels were great fun. The first world needs a lot of work since many early levels seem like minor edits. I commend you for the good work on the second half of the hack, but strongly suggest remaking the blatant level edits in the first half, up to + including the first castle (hex 101, 102, 103, 105, and 106) as well as hex level A in the second world, and their sublevels.

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Hack Name: Mario's Search For Yoshi - 43.4 KB
Length: 25 levels
Author: jcv1235 - Submitted by: jcv1235
Description: "This game is my first hack and i guess it came out pretty well. I haven't gotten to custom music yet but maybe later...So I don't think you will be disappointed if you download this game because it has a whole classic zone filled with old classic mario stages but thats not the majority of the game...The object is to find Yoshi because he has gone missing! The final level is the hardest level ever so good luck on that!"


This game is a textbook example of what not to do when making a hack. Cutoff tiles everywhere, shoddy overworld design and more.


YOU CAN DIE ON THE TITLE SCREEN. This leads to the player being able to play a never-ending demo level, with the only way of actually playing the game being resetting and starting before the demo dies.


Lots of cutoff tiles, cement block overuse, bad level remakes, Yoshi Coin spam, slowdown (not pictured here), more more more.


Lots of cutoff tiles on the OW as well. Discoloration on the cliffs, that random green water on the black submap, overlapping, holes, etc etc, we've all seen this before.


This hack needs a lot of work. First, it needs a movie that doesn't kill Mario in it, second it needs a decent overworld, not just a bunch of bridges in place of land, third it needs better level design meaning no level edits or classic mario game level remakes in them, fourth you need to not have cutoff tiles everywhere in the hack. Use corners, ceilings, land tiles, anything to get rid of lots of cement block usage, other block usage and tiles that just end into nothing.
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