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Hack Removal Log

Link Thread Closed
Techokami's Reccomended Hack Of The Day: Seven Cursed Eggs, it is awesome

Removal: Mario's Search For Yoshi
Author: jcv1235
Description: "This game is my first hack and i guess it came out pretty well. I haven't gotten to custom music yet but maybe later...So I don't think you will be disappointed if you download this game because it has a whole classic zone filled with old classic mario stages but thats not the majority of the game...The object is to find Yoshi because he has gone missing! The final level is the hardest level ever so good luck on that!"

So it seems that I'm playing the same hack FirePhoenix declined. Here's my take on this fine example of J.U.N.K.!

First, screens the author provided. Oh how I love it when people irrevocably screw themselves over like this

Stacked munchers, cut-off tiles, lots of clutter.

How is this physically possible?

Bad remake of existing Mario level

This just does not look right.

On the right you can see a cutoff ledge.

Stacked munchers = NO

Is this ground or bottomless pit? I CANNOT TELL

So I decided to try this game.
Did he fix anything?


Also, never hit a P-Switch during the intro.

You can't see it from here, but each section of rope goes in a different direction... very unnatural.

Bizzare colored pipe, and Mario spawns too high.

Too easy to stock up on Feathers.

The Jumping Pirahna Plant above the green pipe is actually frozen there.


More cutoff tiles, as well as lazy level design.


Cutoff tiles, gray lava, what the fuck.

A very tricky yet boring jumping sequence follows.

Zero effort with the climbing nets.

Yeup, Kaizo Mario World-styled autoscroll room follows. It took me about 12 state reloads to get through the door in the autoscroll room before I got crushed.


Alright, forget this junk.

Oh, and jcv1235? You're 24-hour banned for resubmitting a declined hack and not fixing anything at all.


Hack Name: Super Mario: The lost World Demo Version 1.0 Demo
Length: 6 levels
Author: Cellcen - Submitted by: Cellcen
Description: "Story: princess Peach is missing!
Short Time later Mario became a letter. This is the text from the letter:"I have catched,Princess Peach. Come in the Lost World,when you want our lovely Princess back!
This is a edit Demo version (1.0) I have edit the "dead Rooms" and the Overworld events! when you wait of the full version,you can have many extras:
-better Overworld
-more Levels
-a Specail Tetris World
-a Castle World
-Bonus Games
and anything more...
I am happy when you post a Review and rating my Hack! jf you got some Idea,please write me in your Review! Thanks for playing and many Fun to Play my Hack.



Well, it's not terrible, but it's not very fun either. It's rather boring at times and there a a few things you need to fix as well.


You've got some sprite memory issues here that you need to fix. Use the proper setting.


Haven't seen you in a while Mr. Yoshi-Coin-on-a-boundary. Also, Yoshi's missing because of the same sprite memory issue.


Message box + Layer 3 BG = Layer 3 BG disappearing.


Cutoff water, excessive cement blocks, the end of the castle area doesn't stop scrolling.


THIS IS BORING. It's like 16 screens of this at a slow autoscroll. And this kind of design with large areas of enemies in an autoscroll on flat ground repeats itself a lot. Use some creative level design, not just copy and paste mumbo-jumbo.



Also, there's nothing stopping Mario from entering the next level after the demo ends, but when you do, after you pass the midway point, The level stops and Mario is stuck.

It's really boring. You need to come up with some original and creative level design. Flat ground with enemies isn't fun to have to go through in just about every level, with ever so slight variation on it.
Warning: This entry may cause anger. Blame the hack author for any anger you may feel while reading this, not the administrator(s). Thanks!

Removal: Super Mario: The lost World Demo Version 1.0
Author: Cellcen
Description: "Story: princess Peach is missing!
Short Time later Mario became a letter. This is the text from the letter:"I have catched,Princess Peach. Come in the Lost World,when you want our lovely Princess back!
This is a edit Demo version (1.0) I have edit the "dead Rooms" and the Overworld events! when you wait of the full version,you can have many extras:
-better Overworld
-more Levels
-a Specail Tetris World
-a Castle World
-Bonus Games
and anything more...
I am happy when you post a Review and rating my Hack! jf you got some Idea,please write me in your Review! Thanks for playing and many Fun to Play my Hack.


Is English your primary language, or your secondary language? In any case, you need to learn better English.

These three screens from the intro really describe how BORING this damn thing is.


Lots of typos and grammatical errors, it gives me a headache trying to identify them all.

Again, horrible English.


Sprite memory problems.

Cut-off ledge on the left, sprite memory issues on the right.

In this shot, there is an invisible Bob-omb. This is also because of bad sprite memory settings.

Seriously, make sure you set the sprite memory settings correctly in your level. Just because it looks fine in Lunar Magic, doesn't mean shit like this won't happen in your game.

Invisible key being held, because - you guessed it - sprite memory problems.

Having a goal post on clouds like this does not look good at all.

Walls of Bullet Bills? DOES NOT GET APPROVED

Horrible horrible horrible HORRIBLE level.

No not again :(
Removal: Super Mario: Yoshi Is Missing!
Author: jcv1235
Description: "This isn't a full hack because it has some errors wih events but im working on it! In this game, your goal is to go and find yoshi. Please comment and reveiw."

Oh god it's this hack again


Let's try something different this time.

Top left. NO.

Well. It seems I got stuck here.
Your homework is to figure out how I did it.

Aw, you removed all the fun :(

Looks like you forgot to do something, it seems.

BAD LEVEL DESIGN. I can't tell if this is floor or a death pit.

Look at the corner tiles next to the lava. BROKEN.

This still doesn't look good, but I have a cape, so I'll explore it.


Any forgiveness I may have given you is immediately lost for NOT FIXING THIS HORRIBLE THING ARGH


Okay so you added the sides. It still looks wrong because the bottom is still cut off.

Seriously I will make a fucking video of this segment if it exists in the next version of this hack that you upload.


Hack Name: DiamondPhoenix's hard reznors battles! - 147.3 KB - 11 downloads.
Length: 8 levels
Author: diamondphoenix - Submitted by: diamondphoenix
Description: This is my very first hack i submited here...
If you think you are an expert, then try it out! im sure you wont be able to complete the 6th level (Extreme!!)! it IS possible, i passed it only once, and i was abit pissed about my own hack :P
extreme is WAY harder than Kaizo mario hack!
there are an easter egg in the overworld, if you play with the emulator commands!
There is a small glitch that i dont know how to fix it, somethimes, if you hit a reznor plateforem underneath (in some way) mario will "teleport" himself
to the side of the plateform, which can crush you in spikes D:
if anyone knows how to fix that, please tell me.
Good luck!

1, 2, and Q. Bad patch
Sprites using the wrong graphics >:(

^This is in every single level. The screenshots in the "Show Hack" page show correct Reznor graphics, but the game does not. D:

(, bad checksum is just a clue at a possible bad patch and doesn't always mean it's not going to work, but still suffices as evidence here I hope.) But everyone, you must test your patches before you upload them. I have no idea how many hacks I deleted recently because the patches didn't work right.

X, out of curiosity: What was this supposed to be?

Also, a wall of exclamation points? Hm. Why does this seem really weird to me to have in a game as an "intro"?

Find a clean SMW ROM to move your stuff to if your base ROM was dirty. To use Lunar IPS: Clean ROM first, hack second, type the name you want to give the patch, then reapply the patch to a clean ROM and test it before uploading. Then, hopefully we'll be able to make it through these challenging battles with the power of savestates and approve it.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!

Hack Name: Super Mario: Hodman Hollow Demo - 24 KB
Length: 3 levels
Author: jcv1235 - Submitted by: jcv1235
Description: "This is a demo of a new fresh hack im working on. It's called Homan Hollow but you probably already knew that. I know the overworld is a little weird at the first level but it is symbolizing the distance and area mario fell out of the plane. This hack has a very hard level as the first "real level" and when it's done it will have a LOT of hard levels so live with it!"



You're forced to take a hit here, which is a no-no.


Lots of sprites = Lots of slowdown.


What in the world did you do to the birds!? They dive-bombed Mario and then leapt up to the top! o.O


Stacked munchers for no reason in particular...


There are like, 10 screens of running on a pipe. Turns out, there's a P-Switch maze here leading back to the start of the pipe but there are so many more less boring ways you could do this.

You're not giving us much to go by. It's three levels, but only one can really be called a level. The intro one isn't really a level, and Yoshi's house is one screen and unchanged, except for the freaky birds... That and since it's got a few problems, I'm having it removed. Work on it some more.

Hack Name: SMW - The Ramen Saga (Demo 1) Demo - 139.1 KB
Length: 8 levels
Author: RandomRamen - Submitted by: RandomRamen
Description: This is the first demo version of my hack. There are some bugs, I'll correct them in the next versions if I note any. Please tell me if you find any bugs.

First off, never say that you'll remove bugs later. You should strive to make your hack bug-free before submitting a demo. That said, there weren't really any bugs in it, just some poor design choices that ultimately led to removal.



THIS IS A LEVEL 101 EDIT! Sure, you added a few thwimps, but that's not enough to call it your own level. Use Ctrl+Del on every level you begin working on to get rid of all the original SMW aspects left behind.


Mario enters the level a tad low, causing him to start inside the pipe a bit. It's not a problem though because he gets pushed out, but it looks strange.


Looks like you forgot to enable Sprite buoyancy. Click on the Lakitu head in LM and you can enable it in there.


The way the ground cuts off looks bad, but that's unavoidable seeing that you used the Yoshi's House/Switch Palace tileset. Find a better way of ending the land.


Level 105 edit + stacked munchers. Mario is currently taking an invisible potion (damage) if you're wondering where he's gone.


It's hard to see, but the Yellow Switch palace is green on the OW.


There's a couple of bad tiles on the top=left of those hills.

The levels are really short. The ghost house one I wouldn't even call a level, it was only like 5 screens long, maybe 6. All the levels have time limits of 120, making the player hear the familiar timer alarm all the time. Also, the title screen level accessible from Yoshi's house, but I'm assuming that you simply forgot to remove the pipe leading there, so I'm not docking you for that. Overall, it was rather boring and had a few things you should fix. Try and come up with more exciting level design, longer levels, fix the things listed above, and then re-submit.
Author: SlothNathan
Description: "so i've been here for about 3-4 days and i decided to put up what it got so far, this is my very first one ever so i am sorry if it sucks, i need to no how to improve though"

Let's begin with the most obvious reason:


For that, you're tempbanned.

Now let's look at the screens you provided:

Stacked munchers = NO

Broken tile on the left side of the ledge next to the gray lava.
Speaking of which, gray lava = NO
Same goes to having to spinjump on Pokeys to get across.


And now, some pictures I took:



Wall of Bullet Bills = NO


It's not.

What the FUCK is with your background?! Look at that ugly blue area. You have to make a custom pallete to fix that.

*You will
*you two.
However I only saw one feather. You lying to me, boy? >=/

The level itself was fine, despite being a giant misnomer (good god that level was difficult), so it's time to try the other level.

Trying to pass the blame on to someone else, eh?

Stacked munchers = NO

*You pay
The swearing is totally unnecessary.

Removal: Super Cool World
Author: LuigiDude01
Description: "Great working on hack.
This is fourth hack.

Hack includes:
Changed palattes on edited levels.
Edited levels.
edited switch palace."

First and foremost:


For that, you're tempbanned.

Now, I'm going to do something a bit... different this time. I'm going to show you 31 screenshots, and a generalized list of problems. Can you match the images to the problems?
Ready, GO!

A) Horrible spelling and grammar
B) Boring levels
C) Edits of the original SMW levels
D) Wierd tiles
E) Awful main overworld
F) Kaizo-style bullshit
H) Bad level design choices
I) Forced death.

Solutions are here.

I thought I nuked that one myself, Techokami. D: ...also, do my removal log posts sound like yours in any way?

Removed: Puzzle Madness by peajay530


This was a VERY good hack at first! But later on, you started getting very..umm..obvious errors on the overworld. Worse yet, your levels began getting unfair.

"I, Wendy O. Koopa, claim this presents screen to be MINE, ALL MINE!! GYAH HA HA HA!!!"

Why did you let Wendy take over your presents screen? (Fun fact: Seeing that makes me giggle. XD)

Holes in the ground on the bottom ledges. Can you see them? I can. Also, your intro message is worded badly... For starters, why is it a test of knowledge if it's a puzzle? Puzzles aren't about knowledge, IMO. :P But still... It should be something more like this:

"Welcome to Mario's Test of Knowledge! Is it easy? Is it difficult? There's only one way to find out!"

NOTE: You can replace "difficult" with "hard" to save space. What else will save space? Removing those dashes. You can make the message bigger that way.

Please lower the goal post and cover it with the ledge- it looks bad with those bad bush tiles there. D:

Bad sprite memory issues. Try to change the sprite memory setting to see if it works then, or just use the No Sprite Tile Limits patch that SOMEONE thinks is the answer to EVERYTHING, even if you wanna stay true to the original game. :P *shot*

Note Blocks are incompatible with Castle tilesets. You can either:

A: Remap the bounce sprite to where it won't clash
B: Use ExGFX to replace what's there with the bounce sprite.

This event cuts off the rock.

Now we're getting into Unfair Land. This may be a puzzle hack, but under NO circumstances should you EVER have unfairness!!

Before I get into more pics, let me say this: You have very little time for each level. On most, this is no problem. On the level I enter next, it IS. You'll find out why soon.

You're supposed to kick this shell and jump on it as it zooms across this pit of munchers. It's not that easy, and it's really annoying. >_<

To quote Kyoseron:

"Big Yoshi, meet Little Yoshi. BECOME Little Yoshi! It is your destiny!"

Yoshi's head glitches when you meet either a baby Yoshi or a vertical Podoboo. The former is why you only get Baby Yoshis from Yoshi Eggs that become 1-ups if you already have a big Yoshi, and the latter could be why Yoshi's not allowed in Castles. (Though, the correct answer for the latter in terms of story would probably be that Yoshi is a coward, which would explain Ghost House, but that's beside the point. :P) So, again: Do not allow a Baby Yoshi to appear when a Big Yoshi can be gained.

Using that Yoshi, you need to get back with the Key. But what are you supposed to do? Jumping won't work, and Yoshi's valuable. You gotta ditch the poor guy. I see that too much in this hack. It breaks my heart. ;-;


:P To be honest, walking over to the right a little more throws you into PITLAND. AKA death. Left might be the same thing...

Time your jump down there right to stop the shell, or else you die. :<

I forgot to take a pic of what comes next- ANOTHER STUPID "JUMP-ON-MOVING-SHELL-OVER-MUNCHER-PIT" SECTION! -_- That's honestly unfair. In fact, speaking of unfair, the first section is stupid. P-Switch will NOT help you get through the level. In fact, if you try to get it, you will most likely run out of time in the second section. Instead, just leave only the Springboard over there and use THAT to get to the door at the start. It's how I do it. :< Springboard saves more time, anyways.

What is this? EGG! D: Yoshi Eggs (and Yoshi himself) ARE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE CASTLE SPRITE SET. Use ExGFX to allow them to look right.

See? Yoshi is incompatible.

Again with the Note-Block-can't-be-used-with-castle-sprites issue?


There's two ways to beat this:

1: Jump the exact instant you hit the P-Switch so you jump off it after triggering it, instead of falling.
2: Throw Key onto Munchers, throw P-Switch onto Key and hit it, grab Key, jump immediately when you grab it.

This is the epitome of unfair. This requires PERFECT TIMING to get by. I'm appalled you did this. If you fall, all you get is a big fat DEATH. So.... Why? Why did you think this was a good puzzle?

Therefore, nuked. Please try again when you have fixed the above. :)
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
I'm hungry. I think I'll have a nice dish of Bad Hack. P:

Removed: SMB Peach's challenge (demo) v.2 by Marioman


It's a really nice hack, but it's got quite a few errors. Let's begin:

Oops, I took this at the wrong time. D: Anyways, the demo level is filled with ground you can't see at the bottom of the screen. Yes, you're not playing it, but it makes no difference.

FUN FACT: It's not really like that in-game. O_o Only on the title screen, because of the layer 3 border. Weird, no?

Same as above.

This is why you shouldn't get anything in the item box during the demo. Some people will tell you that to avoid this, just don't give out Fire Flowers or Cape Feathers here. I say, just don't let the player get them when they already have another powerup, In fact, don't get two powerups at all in the demo until you lose the one you have now. :O

Unseen ledge. D:

Do not hit the goal tape in the title scren demo, PERIOD! It screws up the music. Same with dying. Even if you end the demo before they fully take effect, the music STILL gets screwed up!

Cutoff pipe on the ledges. D:

Corner tile looks wrong- Look closely for why. :o

Fabio supplied me with this:

The player can get stuck here permanently. Instead of making those Used Blocks, why not just use Invisible P-Switch Coins? (Lunar Magic calls P-Switches "POWs", but that's entirely INCORRECT. :()

Level loads too low when you come outta the pipe...

There are two possible solutions here:

A: Don't use berries around the goal tape
B: Use the Fade Fix patch

Both are acceptable solutions! :D

Why? Why do you require the player to ditch Yoshi just to get a Yoshi Coin? ;-; This had no bearing on the removal, it just saddens me to see people do this. (Yes, that pic of Mario ditching Yoshi in Butter Bridge 1 with Yoshi all teary-eyed gets to me. I can't stop thinking about it when I see this. D:)

This autoscrolling level has too little time- Save for puzzle levels, all levels should be finished with over 100 seconds left on the timer. This hack is kinda bad on that.

I have no idea how I did this, and I couldn't replicate it. :/

The block basically leaves an empty space below the spike. :o

Moving coins glitch up BADLY here, for some reason. There doesn't seem to be any logical explanation as to why...

1: 4 Yoshi Coins current + 5 Yoshi Coins here = Lives++. Lives shouldn't be this easy to get- this is actually worse than an easy-to-get 3-up Moon...
2: I got to this room with 55 seconds left. WTF.

I died soon after. At this point, I wanted to nuke the hack, BUT...

I somehow got to the Boss Door room a second time...with 156 seconds. Regardless, you cannot finish the level with 100 seconds left, so please extend the time. 400 seconds might be acceptable for this level, but may I suggest you use the Bypass Music and Time Limit Settings dialogue to increase the time to, say, 420?

Finally, we have an obvious error- A SNOW LEVEL IN A GRASS WORLD! This is not acceptable under ANY circumstance! Well, that is, a level on a section that is obviously grass, but the level itself is snow. (Acceptable would be something like, a magic spell has made part of a desert a snowy-covered field or something. Magic spells for the win. :P)

You have a nice hack, and I had some fun playing it, but it's got some bad errors... Fix them up, and I can guarantee your hack could be a winner! You just gotta keep trying! ;)
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
Hack Name: super_Crazy_World_demo1 Demo - 186.6 KB - 2 downloads.
Length: Unknown
Author: conormiller1 - Submitted by: conormiller1
Description: my first submitted hack, only one level, but i am working hard on this so please test my hack demo!

Alright, I see this is your first submitted hack and that you only made one level so far, "Frozen Island". Well, hopefully my advice is of use to you.

1. First things first, this is a pretty obvious edit of 105 (i.e. Yoshi's Island 1) and that is what you don't want to do - base levels on the original SMW levels. Ctrl+DEL lets you get rid of all the sprites, objects, and screen exits so you can start fresh.

This is a sample portion of the level that is nearly identical in structure to its original counterpart.</font size>

2. Overworld event glitches. You can delete the layer 2 event tiles with the Overworld Editor and those garbage tiles will not appear.

3. Two issues with message boxes. Now, you don't need perfect grammar and spelling, but you should try your best to make it as accurate as you can, and also not to have duplicate messages in levels.

*Conor, *I (proper nouns like names should be capitalized.)</font size>

Pay close attention to the numbers displayed on the message box in Lunar Magic. You should see either a 1 or a 2 in the editor, depending on the box's x-position on a screen. Moving it a tile to the left or right will change the message it shows. If you only have one message in this level, then only have one box.</font size>

As a closing note, it's not really a bad start. You don't have glitches in your levels, like messed up sprite graphics or overlapping tiles that display badly. However, in order to excel in level design, it's almost 100% necessary to start fresh and have a plan for what to make and where to put things. Some key things you will want to aim for are clean level design, multiple paths in some levels (not necessarily all if you don't want all non-linear levels), and maybe puzzles that lead to great rewards within a level.

Maybe make a full one-world demo once you are used to some of Lunar Magic's important features, rather than just uploading a one-level demo. This way, we get to see more of your ideas and be able to enjoy them and help you out some more. Good luck, and welcome to SMWC. :)

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Removed: super_Crazy_World_demo2 by conormiller1


Are you just gonna release a new demo every time you finish one single level? Please don't flood us with hacks like that. It makes our job harder.

Oh no! Mario's gonna get hit! D: Wait... That thing FLIPS! IT'S AN EDITED FIRE FLOWER! (Hint: IT DOESN'T LOOK RIGHT. Plus, the thing is WAY overpowered, yet you give it on the first level, right at the start...and on Yoshi's House.)

Walkthrough ledge + Lava or Water = bad. Make that ledge solid, please. While you're at it, please make a better palette. And why are there bushes around lava? Makes no sense. (This is an edit of the original demo level.)

You didn't capitalize all the stuff you needed to...


Why did you have to do that? <_< Why couldn't you have just left that side alone? It looks wrong with all that emptiness, and it cuts off the ground.

Level 1: ICE LEVEL?! IN MY GRASS SUBMAP?! There's a Tip message at the top of every page- listen to it when it says not to use levels in a submap that obviously isn't that kind of submap- No snow levels in anything but a snow submap. Unless you have a VERY good reason for having such a drastic difference on that submap.

It's also an extremely obvious edit of Level 105, the original YI1. PLEASE use Ctrl+Delete and START OVER FROM SCRATCH. D:

EVENT IS STILL GLITCHED. >_< PLEASE fix it. If you can't, then just remove it! Is that really so hard? ;)

YELLOW SWITCH PALACE: This level is UNEDITED! If it's not part of your demo, then it's okay, though you should try to keep people from playing it...

Level 2: Urgh. This level is terrible. If you don't have Yoshi, if you fall down into a Muncher Pit, you're generally dead, period- the pipes are too high for you to get out of there. -_-

Pipes on screen boundaries get this. It's all over the area.


NEVER have this situation. EVER! I cannot stress this enough!!

Level 3: This is even worse than level 2 on Pits of No Escape, With Added Munchers. Worse yet, there's only 1 P-Switch. Use it to try to get all the Yoshi Coins, and you're forced to die- there's no way to get them all and still get to the end of the level in time. Add in a pipe or something, will ya?!

Raise the goal post up a bit, will ya? If that reveals the bushes at the bottom, put it back down, then lower the goal tape.

This hack needs more work. Ctrl+Delete all the original SMW levels, then work off of that. Please.
<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
Removal: 300 bytes Hack
Author: homing
Description: "The size of IPS is no more than 300 bytes.
Everyone seems a bit too vigorous.

...It's only a joke.
So, close your eyes to the fact that the bonus game sometimes break up!

Avoid using cape, and you can have a thrilling adventure."


At first, it SEEMS unedited, but there's one thing that he changed:

The speed of everything. EVERYTHING is sped up. It makes the game crazy. It also glitches goal posts, like you see here.

It also does this:

This is... quite nifty in fact.

However that's all there is to this hack, and because of that it seems a bit too... basic. =/

ADDENUM - Lucario has this to add:

You get this from cutting a goal tape that is too high.

Hack Name: NSMW: The Wrath of Bowser Jr. (DEMO 1) Demo - 216.8 KB - 20 downloads.
Length: 28 exits
Author: mariomaniac444 - Submitted by: mariomaniac444
Description: Hi everyone! It's been a while, hasn't it? Well my hack is going pretty well. So I decided to release a demo!

NOTE: Unlike my other hacks, this is NOT open-source.

1. Well, first things first. This game is very, VERY laggy, and that can not be proven through screenshots. Maybe the fast ROM patch will reduce slowdown, and if that's not enough, then I'd suggest removing some sprites in areas that are enemy-heavy.

2. Glitched graphics.

a.) Blooper coming out of a blue Koopa shell. You should either remap the blue Koopa sliding out of a shell to an appropriate animation, or repaste the original tile back in place. This green Blooper is not okay.

b.) Music blocks and the Castle Sprite index. They aren't compatible.

c.) Cutoff arch ledge piece and cutoff net used as a flagpole. Instead of trying to work SMW's graphics into something they don't look right as, just resort to using ExGFX. It looks really messy like this.

d.) what is this i dont even

Cutoff midway post pieces in the sky?



eeeee.) Glitched stagnant water surface. Not compatible with the current tileset since it has no tile for the surface. You could, however, easily make a slight modification of GFX15 and paste a tile of the stagnant water surface onto it over a tile you're not using in GFX15 and resave it as ExGFX, then make a Map16 tile of it.

3. Numerous palette issues.

a.) Pipes. You can always make extra Map16 tiles of pipes that will not change palette depending on the screen they are in by pasting copies of them on a page between 3-F and setting a palette 3-7 (ice pipes don't change per screen, so one for palette 4 isn't really necessary unless you want an ice pipe you can enter.)

b.) Classic Piranha Plant. There is an IPS patch that fixes the stem palette.

c.) Mushroom Ledges. You see where the mushroom overlaps the column? Perhaps you can recolor the column part of that tile in YY-CHR and then enable a custom palette so that it blends in correctly with the column's colors rather than having a big black + blue discoloration on the column.

4. This would look freaking sweet on the 2600.

Okay though, you have the shapes, now you just need the definition. There should be tiles for you to "outline" the cliffs and flesh out the islands and make them look clean. As it is, there is massive style clashing - Atari and SNES-quality graphics do not fit well together.

The levels themselves aren't bad though, aside from slowdown, palette errors, and the glitches. Overworld just needs a bit of cleanup as well, and this hack has a bright future. Keep at it, since this was a pretty fun one while it lasted.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Hack Name: Super Mario: Quest in the Little Isles Demo - 219.9 KB - 35 downloads.
Length: 29 exits
Author: OluapPlayer - Submitted by: OluapPlayer
Description: My first demo for my first hack! It's my first work, so the overworld may look "familiar" in some parts. Leave me alone!

Bowser kidnapped Peach and fleed to a place named Little Archipelago. Mario and Luigi followed him, but their ship crashed in one of the isles. Now, Mario and Luigi must fight their way through various enemies and rescue Peach!

This hack features Custom ExGFX, Sprites and the Super Mario All Star music. Sorry if you don't like, but you MUST play with Weegee too :P

Comment, rate and give me opinions. We wants YOU to make this hack even better!

1. Right, so I fell down here, and noticed that I couldn't get further without the switch palace blocks filled in. I even tried looking around for another way to get out, but I was stuck and forced to die. T_T This is a fatal level design flaw, because you should never force your player to die.

2. These Yoshi eggs are too close together. You CAN have more than one egg in a level, but you have to separate them with a new set-up: Maybe start at the top, supply a mushroom, and have the player break some turn-blocks and fall down a narrow passage that Mario/Luigi can't get back up to pick a Yoshi egg, then go down below to a region that's not reachable by cape, and have the blocks with the fire flowers and cape feathers inside below the Yoshi eggs. This way, Mario/Luigi can never get close enough to another Yoshi egg to crack open.

3. The Goomba is too close to Mario, and he is able to run into it in the intro. You should never be able to die in the intro. If you must have enemies here, then move the Goomba at least one tile further to the right so that he and Mario can never collide before the message appears.

4. A couple of different palette errors.

a.) Mouser's palette. As it is, he is using palette 9. You will want to enable custom palettes and tweak it so that he looks correct. If a TPL was supplied, then load that into another level, copy Mouser's colors, and put them in the same spots on palette 9.

^ There is also a problem here with the graphics of the lava splash. Since you're using the Layer 3 that is specific to the castle set, the best thing you can do here is take out the lava so they will just fall down the pit when killed by an explosion.

b.) Shy Guy's palette. Three ways you can fix this, and two are similar: Use a custom palette, the replace color function in YY-CHR, or manually recolor the shadow on his face because it appears like a really thick black shadow when it should be something pale.

c.) Wooden logs. These look best with palette 6, so all you have to do is make extra Map16 tiles of them on a page between 3 and F by clicking them, selecting "Edit 16x16 properties" and making them use palette 6, then right-clicking over an unused tile and pressing F9 to save, then put them in the level in place of the old logs.

d.) Berries during fade-out. This was originally a problem in SMW, which is why you would never see berries placed close to the goal point. There is a fade fix patch hosted here you can use to make the berry also fade out when Mario/Luigi gets a goal.

5. Look behind that pillar. What do you see? A piranha plant with green fire as a stem. Now, I like green fire, but as a plant stem in Super Mario World, not quite. I would suggest using the proper vine graphic, but there's another big problem here - you can see them dip below the floor as well, and when you get close, they just vanish. Perhaps it's best not to use the classic Piranha Plant here at all.

6. Ninjis shouldn't be placed under low ceilings because then they jump into the bricks. :o Rather than moving the Ninjis, though, you could rework this part and have higher ceilings right above the Ninjis - maybe use more, smaller bricks for the ceiling structure rather than large ones.


Now, this made me laugh in real life because of how it's "integrated into the plot" - you hit the box, and Big Boo complains about his mist vanishing. Even so, as funny as I found it, you probably shouldn't do this. Either remove the mist, or put the message box into a separate room.

8. Didn't really have a screen, but Rex's Plains did seem like an edit of Donut Plains 4 - just the way the terrain was laid out. Maybe tweak a few more things in that level - the changes were extensive more than most "level edits", but it still feels like Donut Plains 4.

Ah, but other than these, the hack was pretty good. It will definitely pass if resubmitted with these errors fixed.

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Removed: Super Strange World Demo 1 by conormiller1


Well... Uhh... Not much to go on. Only two levels. TWO. D:

Cutoffness below! :O I don't know the ExGFX file that well, but I'm sure you can fix it...right?

The Goal Post is miscolored on the left side...

This area has VERY bad palette choices for the blocks. PLEASE fix this ASAP!

Yoshi Coins break when put on subscreen boundaries.

Yet again?

In fact, if you don't touch the top parts of them, you can get infinite 1-ups from just one Yoshi Coin. D:

The hole hides a secret! Will P-Switch reveal it? ...of course not. And the secret is that it is solid and it cuts the scenery. D: Please fix ASAP!

So uh... Like I said, not much to go by at all. .-. Also, could you make your levels less linear? :/
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Hack Name: The Bowser's NES project Demo - 325.1 KB - 6 downloads.
Length: 32 levels
Author: Dual Performance - Submitted by: Dual Performance
Description: This is a hack made by one of my friends (fabian), hes's banned but he decided to make a new version of this and I'm uploading this.

Have ALL the SMB1 levels plus another news, a new castle, a "code level" with 6 hiden codes to insert, and 90% oldschool GFX (included Mario), and now it have patch revealing in the overworld (complete new overworld).

All the sprites, SMB1 music, and same fun, enjoy.

1. One of the teleport blocks brought me to a neverending bonus game in level 4-4. In the screen he has the teleport blocks in, he should check his exit to make sure it leads to the correct location. As it is, it leads to level 0.

2. I'm stuck down here and forced to die. The stuff I outlined in light blue are walls Mario can walk through. Even though there's a way out to avoid waiting out the timer, it always ends in death, so ask fabian if before he gives you a copy to reupload, to also remove the invisible coin blocks from this part, and to not have the walkthrough walls. (This is level 5-4.)

Now, for some minor stuff:
The "level name" of the pipe: This can be fixed simply by editing the name of the "level" on the overworld editor.

Engrish. I know what he means to say is "Please press the SELECT button when you need the item that you have bought." Now, just to be clear, anyone can do a hack in a language they feel comfortable with - it doesn't have to be English. If fabian wants this in English, perhaps he should have a friend or beta tester help out to correct things, but this is only a minor problem since it's understandable and messages are rare in this hack anyways.

Hope to see this resubmitted soon with fixes.

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Hack Name: Super Water World Demo - 25.4 KB - 3 downloads.
Length: 6 levels
Author: Thwaterguy - Submitted by: Thwaterguy
Description: A Romhack Made By Me Thwaterguy
This Demo Contains A Mix of fun And Hard Levels

1. Oh, look at that. I'm permanently STUCK. T_T

Here too:

2. Bottom row used for ground, overuse of cement blocks, 3-up moons EVERYWHERE

3. Unless you're exactly where I am in this pic or lucky enough to know it's coming when you're at the very edge of this screen to run away and jump on the shell to stop it, this hit is forced. Leave the player more margin for error because this is the stuff that drives people away from your hack.

4. Yoshi's house was edited, also with cutoff rope, cutoff ground, and two Yoshi boxes next to each other - having them too close means that if both Yoshis are spawned at a close enough time, the other Yoshi will just disappear when the other one shows up.

You really shouldn't edit 104 since it's used in the credits.

5. In the title screen, the fire from the lightning goes over a corner tile... that seems pretty illogical. The fire should have the ground surface directly below it - not be in the air, not overlap other ground.

6. When You Write Like This, It Annoys People. So, please revise your messages and only capitalize proper nouns and the beginnings of sentences, rather than every single word.

GUILTY!</font size>, I mean, this is the wrong idea of level design you have here in this hack. It's so incredibly hard to get through this first level, and enough problems were present in it alone that it has to be taken down.

First, giving space to your player is important. You want all main passages to be at least two tiles high unless you are able to easily duck and slide under them, but it's fine for "secret" passages to be only passable while small. Also, give a way out to your players - NEVER have parts where they can get permanently stuck until time runs out.

Never force hits or deaths. It destroys whatever fun factor your hack has. If you have a puzzle that, if failed, results in waiting for time to run out or forcing you to die, have a door or pipe you can enter to re-start that part of the level.

3-up moons are meant to be great rewards for solving a tough puzzle or exploring a level thoroughly, and you should only have one per world.

Tiles shouldn't be left cutoff. Have something, like a cement block, to connect a rope or vine to, and for ledges, always use either solid or walkthrough walls, but ONLY use solid walls against water and lava. Similarly, do not stack munchers or have them float - always root their stem to something.

Hope these tips will help you next time you work on your hack.

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Hack Name: Hodman's Hollow
Length: 4 levels (except the fact that one of them is a glorified cutscene that sucks anyways, so it's really only 3)
Author: jcv1235


Okay, honestly there's nothing game-breaking or glitchy in this hack, it's just small, boring, repetitive, etc.

And plus most of the puzzles are either obvious or really dumb.

I think an accurate title for this hack would be "Super Waste My Time World"


The first level involves 3 parts:

A stupid falling sequence
An under water area that spells out "Hodman's Hollow ->" in cement blocks
And this part, another accurate representation of "Super Waste my time world". There's nothing difficult about this, it just takes up time.

I love walls that are created by POW switches that block the player from actually completing the POW-puzzle. I apparently was supposed to know to stay right of that wall before I hit the P-Switch...

Lines of coins usually point to safe areas... not to death. I have extreme dislike for false representations.

Hit the P-Switch and jump across blocks over lava to get to the other side. I now know why the chicken crossed the road: Because some idiot gave him a time limit that would kill him if he didn't. Thanks time-limit insuing idiots.

Stupidly stacked blocks plus a "Crouch around or die" puzzle. This is a lot of fun.

Now it's time to try to get lucky and crouch jump into the tiny hole or die. Took me like 30 tries, and I'm sure it would take others just as long. Why is this even necessary?

Then I found out that I was going on the regular exit track, which brings me to an unplayable level, so I have to go back and find the secret exit.

Basically all the secret exit involved was carrying P-Switches and a Key across stuff and backtracking, while having a lot of possibilities of getting stuck, or using a P-Switch when you don't want to... fun.

And the last level... MY FAVORITE.... NOT... </3


Oh, great, this is now "Super Bash The A Button As Fast As You Possibly Can World"

Also, why do the turn blocks use the ? bounce sprite?


Also, it's not actually that hard... another attempt at a Kaizo puzzle that ends up being really easy.

To Conclude

This hack is not going to go anywhere. It's not even worth trying to salvage anything out of, because there's no good level design involved. Start over and use "an enjoyable experience" as the base thought rather than "hard, boring and unpleasant".
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