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SMWC 2008
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So this was 2008.
Another year of SMW hacking.
We started the year off oddly with having Nightfall as our site. Later, because Nightfall wasn't such a success and progress was seemingly slow, SMWC returned and Kieran left, but luckily only temporarily.
Awesome hacks appeared throughout this year, such as a demo from Azure Chaotic. More Keytastrophe. Other nice hacks.
The ExGFX and music sections increased rapidly.
Using ASM in SMW began to play more of a role. Schwa's easy to understand tutorial appeared, other good to follow tutorials appeared.
Awesome patches were the sprite tile limit reducing patch by smwedit, or ObjecTool by 1024.
Awesome tools, such as multiple quality remakes of Addmusic, and Block Tool Super Deluxe by smkdan. The sample tool shouldn't be forgotten too.
We had various level contests. The mosts. More contests. Epic C3...

... too much to count.

So to cut to the point, how was SMW hacking for you this year? How did you guys experience it? I found it a fun and productive year.

For me:

January. Nightfall, dull, etc. Legendary BM64 posts, but those were the only highlights in this month. This was perhaps the worst month of the year.

February. SMWC came back. I made my most n00bish posts ever. Started to post more and get more addicted to this site.

March. Productive month for me :). In the first half of it, not much. I tried to port music but that was too tough. Then, for no reason at all, I started looking at the Advanced SMW Hacking section through mid March and on. Schwa's tutorial helped me through the beginning ASM stage. By the end of the month I made my first, albeit super-simple blocks.

April: Went on more with ASM. My hack's progress was slowing down to a snail's speed. For some reason I began to try spriting in late
April. My first custom sprite worked somewhat in the end, even though it was really primitively coded.

May-June: Could be added together. My hack was already super slow but its progress became even slower. I finished my first custom boss here (Ferdinand Y. Fuzzy). Again, primitively coded, but alright, it wasn't as bad as Megafuzzy.
This is also the period I started with IRC. :D
IRC wins.

July-August: Holidays. In beginning July I came up with Z positioning. That's perhaps one of the nicest effects I've made thusfar but the code sucked.
I blamed Lunar Magic for the first time for a stupid mistake I made myself, rofl.
I froze the project by the end of July and by August I started making random ASM hacks and I started understanding stripe image format a bit.

September-October: No internet D:. This was really a shame. But it gave me time for my hack. I deleted all levels except for the ones in World 1, and I revised everything. Came back to spriting in October again by making sprites such as Chuckya.

November: If it weren't for SMAS dis I would've continued my hack. SMAS dis was controlling me most of this month. In the first half of November I also got that layer 3 BG to work :D.

December: SMAS dis for the first half of the month, then I became a bit bored with it :[ (but I will finish it). In the last few days I decided to trash my old hack and start a new one, completely from scratch but borrowing a few ideas from the old hack.

All in all, this year I liked being here, being part of this site's community.
Even though I had ban requests lately (heh ^_^), I never really had the intention to leave SMWC.
It's a great community to be in, even though I thought it would be worse at first.

Happy New Year.

--------> Don't follow "Find Roy's Dignity", my hack. Because it's pretty outdated. <--------
Ah, nostalgia... I like that stuff.

January: I began to get less n00bish and post a little more frequently. Also, Nightfall, yay. I really liked it for some reason...
February/March/April: I don't remember much from that time of year... I started my hack over from scratch for the last time, and I also started learning the basics of Hex, ASM, and all other Tools. Oh, and I made my first ExGFX as well! It was the Windows 98 Set, I think.
May: The staff applications. I really thought I had a chance at that time. :/ Not much else here.
June/July: I spent almost the whole time playing TSRPR / Keytastrophe and hacking a bit.
August: A month of surprises. The first demo of my hack was released, and surprisingly many people seemed to like it. Also, the summer mosts took place, and surprisingly I was voted for. I didn't get a trophy though.
September/October: Just generic months... I don't think anything special happened.
November: C3! Not much aside from that.
December: I slowly started making custom music, and it turned out rather well. Also a month of contests and christmas spirit. :3

Well, I wonder what 2009 will be like. Maybe SMWC2 will be there, I will make me first custom boss, and I surely have something more interesting to say. I'm certainly looking forward to the next year!


I guess this was my most eventful year on SMWC (albeit, only my second).

April: Released SMW2+2, my second complete Yoshi's Island hack, and third complete Yoshi's Island hack overall.
May: Became local mod of Yoshi's Island Hacking forum
June: Started SMW2+3
September: Stepped down from local mod position
November: Released SMW2+3 Demo

That's the most of it. ;)
January: Found out about smw hacking, downloaded lunar magic and started doing stuff for fun.

March-April: Downloaded some random ExGFX patches and started working on a hack. it was later to be called Mario the Archaeologist part 1. Started on Mario the archaeologist part 2 when I learned about ExGFX and stuff. Solraxcealz reviewd Mario The Arcaheologist part 1 on youtube.

May-June: Released Mario The Archaeologist.

August: Generic.

September: Started working on Ola the Onion. At this time people started to know about me.

October: Worked on and finnished A halloween walk. WIch was going to become series of hacks.

November: C3! Yayz! Started working on Kaizo man and overall awesome month here.

December: Finished A christmas walk and A new year walk.

This has been the best year ever because I've learned to know you guys :P
You're awesome.
I got to TEOS Demo 4 and suddenly stopped, releasing some unrelated ExGFX along the way. Pretty much it. Oh, I also did some TEOS2 stuff. Giggity.

If we're unlucky, 2009 will see the end of my SMW hacking days.
fuck yeah meowingtons
The Eggs of Saear | #extreme | Spade's Gallery of Visual Arts | PM me | My YouTube channel | xkcd | Dinosaur Comics
January/February: Yeah, went through the whole Nightfall thing as well. I thought it was actually a pretty good site.
March: Released the first demo of The Tale of Elementia, woohoo! Got it done right before spring break.
April: Not much really happened, I took a a short break from SMW Hacking.
May: Staff apps. "I'll do it anyway, but I probably won't become staff." Holy crap I did!
June/July/August/September/October: Not a lot really happened. Got more work done for tToE Demo 2.
November: Good old C3. Posting my Demo 2 Trailer and seeing what people had to show off was great fun, and I hope we do it again. And whoa, I was promoted to Global Moderator! :o
December: Wanted to get some serious hack work done, but the power went out at the beginning of break. Nice to have it back though.

So yes, quite a bit happened this year. I wonder how 2009 will shape up...
Hmmm, let me see...

January: Well, as mentioned before, Nightfall was replacing SMWCentral by this time of the year. I didn't access Nightfall too much, though - By January, I used to access Ice Board and Board 2 more often, and nowadays, I rarely go to those sites. Oh, and I forgot to mention that on January I made my first custom background ever.
February/March/April: SMWCentral went back on February, I think, and during these months, I started working on Hope Land's Mystery, which was my old SMW hack.
May: The staff applications went on May. I always knew I wouldn't become staff during this event, though I made a staff application thread by this time. As planned, I wasn't picked for staff - I was kind of n00bish by this time, so yeah... :/
June/July: By these months, I was working hard onto the first demo of HLM. The bad thing is that something really strange happened with both the actual ROM of my hack and its backup, and... ehh... it got cancelled. Oh, and as for the Summer Mosts, yeah, I wasn't voted so many times, and therefore, I didn't have chance on winning trophies. :|
August/September/October: Started woking on a new (and more productive) hack, which I'm still working on, SMGP. Also, I started making my first ASM stuff by this time. :3
November: C3 took place in November, and as result, I owned my first trophies on this site. Yay!
December: I'm still working on SMPG, and I got 4 trophies from these Mosts. Yay!

I hope I can turn into a better person and a better SMW hacker as well by next year. Happy New Year, guys!
March 2008 (This was my Begin of the hacking ;):
Start my first Hack called Super Mario the 82th World.

April 2008:

May 2008:
At the end of this Month I gaved up hacking Super Mario the 82th World.

June 2008:
I´ve found smwcentral :).I create Mario in Tower Panic.This hack´s also died.And then Mario World Bowsers Revenge.Also dead.Then I´ve created Mario World:Bowsers Plan(A Plaaan)

July 2008:
I´ve registred in smwcentral to ask a question in the German thread.
Then I´ve learned how to insert EXGFX and Sprites.

August 2008:
Inserting Demo 1.0 Failed.
Inserting Demo 1.1 Failed.

September 2008:
Creating F-Mario.

Oktober 2008:
Trying to insert F-Mario was success!

November 2008:
I gaved up making MWBP and I am creating F-Mario X.

December 2008:
Nothing :).

Anyways,Happy New year!!


F-Mario X News:C3 Thread Ahead!
By the way, I gaved up hacking SMW. I think I'll come back, but not yet. ~ X-King
hapy new year to all of you. didnt felt like making a new thread. im drunk at the moment so excuse my grammar or spelling. hope you all have a great one.

as for the months. nothin really happened for me.
I'd say It was an awesome year all-together.

Aside from the Nightfall incident, and the fact that I've given up mario-hacking and barely even browse this site anymore, I had lots of fun learning ASM, and had it quite fun with the team-hacks/collabs, even though I quit from all of them only after a few weeks XD

I still kind of feel bad for the stupid thing I did to A_Yoshi over at the IRC long time ago, though, and for my other moments where I was a jerk as well. So I want to take this opportunity to excuse myself for the idiotic things I've done so far.

Also, at the beginning of 08 I was quite a noob, both when it came to hacking, and was new to the internet all-together.
But I'd say I've gotten far since then, all thanks to the Community of SMWC.

So yeah, happy new years, everyone!
Happy New Year, SMWCentral and community!

To me nothing really happened this year, or I can't remember.
Didn't change much, didn't notice much.
But surprisingly, one day in December I randomly opened Lunar Magic and completed my epic 1B screened vertical level, just like that.
After that I lost interest again. Bleh :P

On SMWC, I didn't notice anything special.
...did I miss anything?
January: Left SMWC for a while after my hack "Mario's Adventures in Ice World" crashed. It was a very n00bish hack though.
February/March: Been at Board 2 for a while and tried hacking other games like Super Mario Kart and Yoshi's Island.
April/May/June: Started working on a Megaman 1 hack called "The Return of Wily" that featured new graphics, levels, and even new music.
July: Returned to SMW Central, the summer mosts were about to end. I had recently started working on "Bowser Strikes Back".
August: Released my hack of Megaman 1. A lot of people complained that it was too unfair so I decided to go back and change most of the levels. I still work on it occassionally. Also, I started to become an active member of SMWC.
September: Learned the basics of ASM and even made my first custom music port, which was the "Make Eggs, Throw Eggs" theme from Yoshi's Island.
October: Not really much happened this month. I ported a few more songs, and the halloween contests were going on. I started making a level for one of the halloween contests, but I gave up because I didn't think I could finish it on time.
November: Good ol' C3. I released my Mario into Megaman patch, and won two awards. :D I also started learning more advanced ASM.
December: Released Demo 1 of Bowser Strikes Back. Also got to know people a lot better, and made some new friends. Also ported a lot of songs, and get a few votes for the Winter Mosts, but I didn't win anything.

Overall, I thought this was a great year, and I can't wait to see what next year will be like. Oh and:


Fabio Edit: No table stretching. -_-
Jimmy Edit: Sorry...

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My demo release of Xka Shack was THE best moment of 2008. Heck, it was the best moment in the history of mankind!
June: Started SMW hacking after seeing videos of Super Mario Odyssey on YouTube. I was very n00bish at the time, doing everything that gets a hack rejected, but having loads of fun anyway.

July: Tried downloading some other people's hacks and got some inspiration. The Tale of Elementia and SDW:TLC interested me the most. Started creating more decent levels.

August: Hacking skill grew to an adequate level. Started making long-range plans about my hack, like storyline, future levels and themes. Became more interested in SMWC, but still remained a guest.

September: School started, so things got busy. However, I still improved, as well as tried more hacks. Started thinking about becoming a SMWC user.

October: Finally became a user, too bad I missed half of the Halloween activities. Started showcasing my hack, The Invasion. Got some good feedback.

November: C3 was a very fun time. Unfortunately, I didn't have anything to show. I also began understanding the basics of ASM. I believe this was the month I coded my first custom block.

December: Coded my first custom sprite, and made my first piece of music. Started the project of mapping out TSRPR. Changed my name to "Winterstorm" for a while. I still like Hailstorm better. Well, anyway, I'm still waiting for the year 2009, as well as a new, better president. This was a very eventful year!
Originally posted by Smallcracker
My demo release of Xka Shack was THE best moment of 2008. Heck, it was the best moment in the history of mankind!

EDIT: anyways
I unlocked Dry bowser in Mario Kart
Got 7000 VR in Mario Kart
I Got a wii :D
got more Wii games than Expected
Got DS Emulation to work.
Got Animal Crossing
Assembled Neoteam (Which was NOT a fad)
Got Brawl
Got wiiSpeak
Made a bunch a friends, and most of them are girls :o
looked at hentai like every nig-*shot*

My brawl disc freezes
made a few enemies D:
almost got caught looking at... stuff

theres more stuff but I'm too lazy
-January: Nightfall is real. It would have been a lot better in my opinion if the site was finished before we moved over to it...
-February: I don't remember what happened on this site in February, actually.
-March: Released the first demo of Seven Star Pieces, if I recall correctly. It became featured at one point.
-April: See February, but with April instead.
-May: Staff applications. I was somewhat disappointed that I didn't get a position but I then decided that I didn't want to devote all my time to this site anyway, so I wasn't that disappointed. I also founded my board around that time, which became somewhat popular (likely because some thought the staff applications were either rigged or popularity contests). Also started the Mafia game back up.
-June: Submitted the first demo of Quest in the Mushroom Kingdom (which has a changed name now).
-July-September: See April, but with July through September instead. (Geez, I must have either overlooked everything or missed a lot. D:) Looking at my post history I made 5000 poss in July though.
-October: My hard drive crashed and I lost my hack progress, so I started world 2 of my hack all over again. This actually worked out quite well, because I got to implement my red coins.
-November: C3! :D I showed everyone my red coins and everyone seemed to like them, so yay.
-December: I finished the second world of my hack and began to select music to use. I also helped someone make red coins of their own. ...I guess some people really do want those red coins that much. I also started the very short-lived o_o IRC fad.

All in all, an awesome year for me on this site, and one that moved by very quickly.

Your layout has been removed.
August: Joined. Meh. First I didn't liked it much because it was english, but today it's OK.
September: First n00bish questions and my first and last blatant level edit :P Also, first demo of my hack.
October: Learned ASM ^^
November: C3, but I didn't get a prize. I would get 2nd place in blocks, because I had no chance against Ersanio's 2x2 blocks :(((
December: TRIED to code my first sprite. EXTREME FAIL.

Well, I had a big progress. From zero to say... Hum... 31.

My predictions 2009:
Jan-Mar: First custom sprite and 2nd demo of Super Yoshi World.
Apr-Jun: First custom boss?
Jul-Sep: Third and last demo of Super Yoshi World.
Oct-Dec: Finish SYW and begin work on a hack like Brutal Mario. Altough I'll never be as good as carol.

Your layout has been removed.
October: Joined. I was a real n00b at first, but I got up to speed, as of today.
November: Released my Halloween hack on the 1st...>:( But it was a total failure. Planned out several different hacks at one time, and then put them together into one: BLOX. Me and Gamer X started working.
December: Done a little on BLOX. I changed the title to "Works of BBS and Gamer X" because custom blocks weren't as popular in my hack as they used to be.

So far, I have learned:
-custom blocks
-custom sprites (how to insert them, yes, but how to manually set up GFX, no)
-custom music
Originally posted by "BBS" of today.

-ExGFX and Map16 hacking
-Overworld Editing and Events
-Palette Editing (but some of the palettes in the NSMB remake are whopper)

When I joined, I knew:
-How to click 'n' drag in LM.

So SMW Central, thank you for all you have taught me. All of this will show in "Works". It's been a great 2008 and I hope you all have a Happy New Year!

My Predictions 2009:
JAN-MAY: Finish and release Works
JUNE-DEC: Learn ASM...

PS Happy Birthday SMW Central!
WOW. A lot has happened. I sorta stopped hacking, but I still ported songs. Maybe '09 will be the year I get a DEMO at least for my hack. xD

Just back here to browse a bit.
Wellyes.......let's see if I'm able to look back into the past.

January: Nightfall. I've been sending like hundreds of PM's to people. XD Kinda n00bish back then.
February: SMWC back. I started posting somewhat. :o Nothing interesting actually.
March: I decided to start hacking, and came with Super Mario - BowserPolis....uh yeah. Canceled, Frozen and whatnot. XD
April: I submitted BowserPolis. 2 rejects for some errors, but it got accepted back then. I made a stupid review over there saying I had a better version. Yes... insta-delete.
May: Too lazy to submit BowserPolis again, so I canceled it and took a break from hacking.
June: Generic.
July-September: Gone from the site, luckily temporarily.
October: Came back for a while, and left again. o_O
November: C3. I came back after half of November. So I didn't got to do something for C3 anyway.
December: Back and released Mario & Luigi - The Living. It got rejected, and I canceled it. My side project on that moment, started in December, Mario - The Currently Unnamed Hack, was submitted either, and got accepted. Yays for that, my first accepted submission. Also, no trophies for me during the Winter Mosts.

I hope I'll become a better hacker in 2009, and I want to learn ASM. :D

Also, happy 2009 to everybody on the site, and happy birthday SMWCentral.
Have a nice day!
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