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The SMWC Winter Mosts: Results!
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First off, thanks to everyone who voted. We received almost double the votes that we got for the last mosts - 89. I'd also like to give a huge thanks to Kyoseron, who counted half of them, and made a nice little organized table of contents template for the counting file.

Like last time, winners will be awarded a gold, silver, and bronze trophy. If there are more than three people in a tie for third in a specific category, then no bronze will be given to that category. This rule does not apply to silver trophies however - if there is more then a three-way tie for second, winners will still be given the silver trophies.

I don't feel like colour coding them, but I'm pretty sure you can still tell who won.

Here are the results, directly from the complete TXT file (which you can find at the bottom of this post.)


[1001] Best Regular Member
Broozer (17)
Buster Beetle (6)
Pieguy1372 (6)
WhiteYoshiEgg (6)

[1002] Best Local Moderator
andy_k_250 (23)
Ersan (18)
Buu-Huu (12)
Fabio (12)

[1003] Best Full Moderator
Kyoseron (44)
Supertails (14)
smkdan (13)

[1004] Best Administrator
SNN (57)
Smallhacker (19)
Kieran (16)

[1005] Best SMW Hacker
FPI (31)
Golden Yoshi (16)
Kc (9)

[1006] Best Graphics Artist
Broozer (40)
Mythbusterbro (18)
icegoom (13)

[1007] Best Musician
SNN (56)
FPI (8)
MidiGuy (5)
Supertails (5)

[1008] Most Likely to BRK the Site With Their ASM Skills
Ersan (26)
smkdan (20)
Smallhacker (11)

[1009] Biggest Optimist
Kyoseron (4)
Mr. Weegee (4)
Dimentio (3)
Azure (3)

[1010] Biggest Pessimist
Ultor (11)
Smallhacker (6)
AtomicShroom (3)
Boingboingsplat (3)
Red Chameleon (3)

[1011] Most Creative
Kc (10)
Octillery (8)
Golden Yoshi (7)
Reading (7)

[1012] Most Mature
Kyoseron (9)
SNN (7)
Shadow Wolf TJC (5)

[1013] Most Immature
Dinomar (23)
waverace123 (9)
Spade (8)

[1014] Biggest Pervert
KilloZapit (24)
Cheeseum (10)
TheMonkeyBob (8)

[1015] Most Helpful
Kyoseron (21)
WhiteYoshiEgg (8)
SNN (8)
Roy (4)
smkdan (4)

[1016] Biggest Site Contributer
SNN (23)
Buu-Huu (21)
Kieran (10)

[1017] Most Likely to Make an SMW Revolution
Smallhacker (16)
Carol (13)
FPI (6)
Romi (6)

[1018] Most Unnoticed Member With Hidden Talents
foursword4 (6)
Sonikku (5)
RandomRamen (4)

[1019] Most Likely to Get a Lump of Coal for Christmas
Smallhacker (20)
Arbe (18)
Dinomar (9)

[1020] Most Likely to Get a Million Dollars for Christmas
SNN (6)
Kyoseron (6)
Arbe (5)
Kieran (5)
FuSoYa (3)
Smallhacker (3)

[1021] Most Devoted to the Site
SNN (19)
Kieran (18)
Kyoseron (12)

[1022] Most Likely to Drive a Mack Truck into a Building out of Boredom
Smallhacker (11)
Spade (6)
Arbe (5)

[1023] Most Informative Posts
Kyoseron (19)
Reading (6)
SNN (4)

[1024] Biggest World of Warcraft Fanboy
Thunderspeed (16)

[1025] Most Likely to be Driving the Desert Bus
smkdan (15)
Arbe (6)
SNN (4)

[1026] Best Holiday Name Change
SNN (18)
andy_k_250 (9)
Broozer (8)

[1027] Best Holiday Avatar
SNN (10)
Fabio (5)
andy_k_250 (5)
Shadow Wolf TJC (5)
Golden Yoshi (4)

[1028] Best Holiday Spirit
Dimentio (14)
SNN (4)

[1029] Most Likely to be Banned
waverace123 (15)
Dinomar (15)
Ultor (5)

[1030] Most Changed (for the Better)
Boingboingsplat (23)
Mr. Weegee (7)
DarthRiko (5)

[1031] Most Changed (for the Worst)
Dinomar (31)
General Ike (3)
Kaeru (2)
Grenade (2)

[1032] Rudest
Smallhacker (12)
Boingboingsplat (10)
KPhoenix (6)

[1033] Funniest
SNN (14)
Smallhacker (7)
Cheeseum (6)
Spade (6)

[1034] Smartest
Smallhacker (30)
Bio (9)
smkdan (8)

[1035] Biggest Postcount++er
Pieguy1372 (15)
Dinomar (10)
Spade (8)

[1036] Most Likely to Cut Themselves on a Spherical Ball
waverace123 (10)
A Yoshi (4)
Dinomar (4)

[1037] Most Modest
Broozer (6)
andy_k_250 (2)
The Kins (2)
Kyoseron (2)
A Yoshi (2)

Smallhacker (7)
Delmaru (4)
Arbe (3)
SNN (3)

[1039] Most Missed
Tatrion (34)
Icegoom (27)
Schwa (10)

[1040] Most Likely to Become Staff
WhiteYoshiEgg (13)
Ice Man (10)
Delmaru (8)


And of course, here is the complete text file with EVERY vote in it. If you're looking to see if you got any votes, be sure to hit Ctrl + F and check not only your current username, but names you use commonly. We might have used a different name for you.

That's all. Congratulations to the winners! Feel free to show of your trophies/discuss/offer any last thoughts.
Yay, the results! Honestly, I didn't expect to get more than one trophy, but I see my name listed quite a few times here... :D

Well, thanks to everyone who voted for me, in whatever category, congratulations to all others who got a trophy, and happy new year everyone! ;)


Yay, I got a silver trophy for "Best Regular Member"! As for the gold trophy for "Biggest Postcount++er", I blame it on all of you either not realizing that I hardly post now or misinterpreting the category:

<&SNN> I should elaborate on "postcount ++er" next time
<&SNN> and make sure people realize that it's not the user with the highest post count, but the user who posts everywhere just to accumulate posts

Also holy shit four votes for "Most Likely to Become Staff". I wasn't expecting that many there.

In any case, congratulations to all the winners. :D

Your layout has been removed.
Yay, that's awesome. Now I have four trophies. I got second for best holiday spirit.

I'd like to thank everyone who voted for me, and everyone who voted. Because that's what you should do, otherwise you'll burn in smwc hell :<
I'd like to thank God, my family, everyone at Columbia records, and all the fans who went out and bought my album.

Wait, wrong award. :P

Anyway, this is the first time I won any most. Hooray for me. :)
I was surprised to see that I actually became third (albeit extremely lucky) on 'Most Helpful' o_o. Thanks for everyone who voted me for that, I didn't expect to get that many votes before the Mosts started and especially not a trophy.

(Note: This is my first trophy ever on SMWC :D :D. Nice to end 2008 like this.)

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fuck yeah meowingtons
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WOOHOO! That's such an awesome day, I've gotten FOUR trophies! Besides, today's also my birthday, hehe. Well, I would like to thank everyone who voted for me, I wasn't excepting that many trophies... and also, congratulations to the other winners, too! Seriously, I'm kind of glad right now, I hope the trophies come soon! :3

EDIT: Grammar.
Thanks for the votes, guys! :D
*Holds up a trophy*
I'd like to thank my family, everyone who voted for me, and my holy sav-*Shot*

Seriously though, I can't believe I won a trophy...
I'm glad I improved my attitude...:]
Thanks to everyone who voted for me, and good job to the people that won other trophies. :3

I had the most Holiday Sprit...? :D

I never expected to win anything first place... But thanks to everyone who voted for me! Now I shall go back to ULW (sigh...)...


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Aww...I didn't win anything. :(
Well, there's always next year...I guess.

Well happy new year everyone, and happy birthday Broozer! :)

One trophy this time. I got plenty from the last mosts, though, so I can't really complain (and I haven't done much around here lately, so it's understandable). One thing's strange, though... all of my trophies from last time, as well as the new one, are silver. Pretty weird, huh?


Fluffy video games by me and Raibys!
Looks like I got 14 trophies. Thanks for the votes everyone!

Also, don't forget to with Broozer a happy birthday!
SECOND PLACE! Thanks for your votes. :D


excepted more. oh well. thanks for second place for most likely to be staff. :D
Oh, I will win something next Mosts.....

....I hope...
Originally posted by Bokkun
Looks like I got 14 trophies. Thanks for the votes everyone!

Also, don't forget to with Broozer a happy birthday!

I with you a happy birthday Broozer. (God SNN's lisp is contagious)

I'd like to see a forced 2nd/3rd next time for some if not all categories as some people are obviously 1st in some categories, so the 2nd and 3rd place are often at random/friends of the users who didn't pick the 1st place person.

Your layout has been removed.
Now I really feel like BRKing this site with ASM. NGGNGGGNGNGGGNGGGNGNGGNNGNG POWER UP!
*ahem* Thanks for the votes guys.

Gold: Most Likely to Make an SMW Revolution
Gold: Most Likely to Get a Lump of Coal for Christmas
Gold: Most Likely to Drive a Mack Truck into a Building out of Boredom
Gold: Rudest
Gold: Smartest

Silver: Best Administrator
Silver: Funniest

Bronze: Most Likely to BRK the Site With Their ASM Skills
Bronze: Most Likely to Get a Million Dollars for Christmas

I sure do rock.
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