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R.I.P. Acmlm's Board ???

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So they finally nuked it. My old hood Acmlm's Board. Thats where I came from, my first board I've ever posted at. My first internet flame fight, my first hack submission. My noobish tendencies. Everything came from there, and now it's gone......................Good times........Good stuff...........

(pours a 40 on the ground)

My all of the bu**s*it that happen there and lead her to her demise burn in hell.
My Acmlm's Board sleep her eternal, peaceful rest. She damn well deserves it.

Damn, before Acmlm's Board's nuke, I left mattazelle a PM about asking him for those Yoshi Island Yoshi's color offsets, an I never checked if he replied. They could have at least left an archive like before.......
There's a really old archive now, but that PM's probably long gone.

goodbye Acmlm...
Kawaii !!

Yeah, well there will always be a SMWC(as is soon by the redecorating). Heck, I remember Acmlm's main website where you could download all kinds of hacks, but that can't be found anymore.

Goodbye AC, and may a successor like this site spring from its loins.
I am not a hacker by trade, I am an observer and I can be very observant. I tend to lurk around here to prolong the good experience of playing the original SMW. Whatever can add onto it is something that I will definitely do when I am bored which is often. And I will rarely post and give praise when needed to the hacks that may make me interested to relive memories.

My worst enemy in Mario isn't Bowser but my controller that keeps on getting disconnected from the inside. Might be my memory count.

see you next week acmlmboard!

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*shakes head* There's the end of an era I've been part of since '01. How disappointing that there's that many losers and dipshits out on the internet that they forced the board to go under...although I won't pretend to actually know what was going on, I have a general idea, and it's...ew.

Rest in peace, Acmlm's.
~Draconis Kenjishiya, the 13th Prodigy~
E-mail: [email protected]
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I've been with the board for merely one year, almost exactly. I never stood out much, or was ever that consistent. I would occasionally spam, which led me to a three day ban once. I was barely approved for rom hacking. I took it for granted, leaving the community entirely for about 4 months.

So here's to you, ACMLMboard. We will always keep you in out hearts.

So then what? Is our new home to be ||board?
At least the Pong game was good. -_-
I don't think I've ever been to Acmlm's board.
Your layout has been removed.
Awww, I liked going on both boards always.
Just back here to browse a bit.
Oh dang. There goes my back-up site.

Now I really hope this site can pull it together and stay in one piece. Forever. o.o
NNID: JoshButton (Nickname: Buttons)
SMM Bookmark Account: Click here. Many fun levels to play! :)

I miss it because all the pros used to be there and we could get the cool stuff from them.
Kawaii !!

anyone know why they did that? are they gonna get another site?
It's back again, for now, but there seems to be a bit of debate whether it was the smart choice.
Originally posted by S.N.N.
It's back again, for now, but there seems to be a bit of debate whether it was the smart choice.

Well, that made my entire thread look stupid. Why don't they just pull the plug already and get it over it? No sense of kicking a dead horse. In my opinion, no one there is cooperative enough to run it, so just let her go................
Oh wow, it dies AGAIN when I disappear for 3 weeks. Maybe I should just not go there next time, it won't die again. =P

I'll take it this was all about the Xkeeper vs. blackhole thing? I haven't been in the loop for a while, so I may be wrong.
meh, they wouldn't had all those problem if acmlm would had hosted it himself... I stopped caring about it a while ago, I mostly checked it for SMW hacking stuff...
Originally posted by B.B.Link

No sense of kicking a dead horse. In my opinion, no one there is cooperative enough to run it, so just let her go................

They just like to see the drama-llama go on for as long as possible I guess. It's a shame too, because you're right. No one is doing a good job anymore, just kill the site.
Don't you know the Acmlm's Board cycle?
  1. The board is shut down due to drama/being hacked/etc.
  2. It comes back shortly.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2.
But yeah, at first I came to Acmlm's Board primarily for the ROM Hacking forums.
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