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Favorite sprite (tileset)?
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Does anybody have a favorite sprite? (Or object, but that would be harder.)

This could be based on the sprite's properties, or it could be based on actually using the sprite. For instance, I like the Dino-Rhino and Dino-Torch, so I'm certain I will use them in my hack. However, because they take up the entire SP4, I am also certain I will be using them fairly infrequently.

I don't know what my favorite individual sprite is, but I think my favorite tileset is the Pokey tileset. Most of the sprites in GFX09 are small enough to allow for a variety of sprites, and I really like the Super Koopa and Sumo Brother. Among custom sprites, my favorites are the YI Exploding Platforms. (They are still sprites, even if they aren't enemies.) I always liked them in Yoshi's Island (may I state that they, like the watermelons, were not used nearly enough in that game), and although they are a little weird in Super Mario World due to palette oddities and not having the correct sound effects, I think they're cool.

Does anybody else have a normal or custom sprite, or even several sprites, they happen to like?


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I really like the forest tileset. Provides a good variety of enemies without taking up too much space.

Originally posted by imamelia
However, because they take up the entire SP4, I am also certain I will be using them fairly infrequently.

You can delete the frames where the large Dino-Rhino opens its mouth, since it was unused in SMW.
Hm, tough one...

I'd have to say either volcano lotus or diggin' chuck's rock. Volcano lotus because it's awesome, and rock because I can spinjump off of it :3

also, I really love piranha plants with fish stems *shot*

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My favourite sprite tileset is the one that Banzai Bill, Timer Lifts, Carrot Lifts, Mega Moles and Rexes use. Not much variety but I love these sprites.
My favourite sprite individually is Fuzzy, then Mega Mole. I also think grassy orange platforms are pretty nice.
My favourite object is Muncher :P.
Object tileset, er... Rope 2. Because it's the only one with stars.

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My favorite sprite tileset is the forest one - as Supertails said, it provides lots of nice enemies and stuff without taking up too much space. However, I also like the "Pokey" sprite set a lot - there are lots of nice enemies within it, IMO.

My favorite sprite are Pokeys and Rexes - I like using them very much, although I haven't used them in my hack yet...

Oh, and as for a favorite object tileset, I would say it's the cave one - it provides lots of interesting tiles, such as the upside down slopes, cave lava, etc.
My favorites Sprite is Bullet Bill.He´s big and strong.
My favorites Object is the ?-Block with a Flower inside.This Item is Epic.
My favoorites Tileset is the Castle tileset.I like it...


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Originally posted by Supertails
I really like the forest tileset. Provides a good variety of enemies without taking up too much space.

Originally posted by imamelia
However, because they take up the entire SP4, I am also certain I will be using them fairly infrequently.

You can delete the frames where the large Dino-Rhino opens its mouth, since it was unused in SMW.'re right. There are even a few "XXXXX" tiles that I could replace with something from a different GFX file. Time to break out the ol' YY-CHR again....

I suppose the forest tileset is nice, too.

Among objects, I don't know. I think the Rope tileset is both my favorite and least favorite object tileset, oddly enough. I like the way you can have three main types of ground--ropes, mushroom platforms, and wooden bridges. I have never used the ropes, though, so that is why it is also my least replaces all the normal land with a land type that I never use and that was barely even used in the original SMW. I guess I could always make an ExGFX file that replaces the ropes with ordinary land. Getting back to business, though, I also like that it is the one and only tileset that contains a complete selection of line guides. The Castle tileset also has them, but there are no endpieces, so your line guides just have to form complete loops...and I can't recall that there were any sloped line guides in that one either. (Am I correct?) Line guides RULE!!

The Mushroom sprite tileset is cool because of all the interesting platforms that come with it, but it has precious few enemies that are unique to that tileset. Too bad I can't make a GFX file pair that uses GFX09 or GFX02 for SP4 and then has the Mushroom stuff in SP3...unless I could get a custom sprite version/disassembly of said sprites.


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I'd say my favorite sprite set is Pokey. There is a wide variety of enemies you can use, like Pokeys, Super Koopas, Volcano Lotuses, and Baseball Chucks. I also kind of like the Forest sprite set. Although I kinda don't like some of the enemies in that sprite set, there is one major reason why I like that sprite set:


Lakitu is awesome! He chases Mario and throws spinies down at him. And he also adds some more excitement to the level. Plus, he's been around ever since Super Mario Bros. Good ol' classic Lakitu...

As for the object tileset, I'm not entirely sure since I use mostly ExGFX, but I'd have to say Ghost House and Rope 1/2/3. With the Ghost House tileset, I can use the Layer 3 Mist, which can add nice effects to some levels. And with the Rope tileset, I can use the line guides.

I'd say my favorite object would be Tile 25 "A completely blank tile that Mario can walk through" =P
Let me see:

Forest, Lava, Lakitu, and Castle.

Castle is one of the best tilesets in the whole game. =D

My favourite sprite set is... underground set. I like caves, and so with the eneimes. Blarggs, buzzy beetles, spike tops, swoopers, upside-down piranha plants and puntin' chuck.

My favourite unique sprite is... Chargin' Chuck.

He follows mario, can jump over some small obstacles, has 3 of hp, and he is very rare on the mario world. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm almost sure he only appears in Super Mario World, and I quite like these kinds of enemies.

I also have the favourite object set, it's the Ghost House tileset, it makes possible to have the misty layer 3 effect, and I like the objects also it can be added in the Ghost House tileset; The ledges, crates and wood pillars, specifically.

And the favourite object I'm going to say it's the transluecent block, since it gives me a random item that I can choose (well, if the sprite is inside it.. but in the original game at least it always had)


As far as favorite tileset, I'd have to agree with Jimmy52905 (Pokey tileset) because you can do a lot with the Super Koopas, Volcano Lotus, and large vareity of Chuck types (not to mention the Pokeys!).

My Favorite sprite however is the ball n' chain. No contest, I just have to put one (though usually 7 or more) in each of my castles.

Favorite Object: Upside down ledges. Very useful and in all level types!


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I just discovered two cool things you can do with the Rope tileset and the Super GFX Bypass.

1) Set the tileset to Rope 2 and then use the Super GFX Bypass to set FG3 to GFX15 instead of GFX16. You now have a grassy level...with a night sky background! I only wish I'd figured that out sooner.

2) This requires YY-CHR. Open up GFX15 in one YY-CHR file and GFX16 in another. Copy all of GFX15's normal ground tiles and paste them over the rope ground tiles in GFX16, then save the new file as an ExGFX file. In Lunar Magic, after inserting the ExGFX, set the tileset to Rope 1/2/3. Now use the Super GFX Bypass, and set FG3 to your new ExGFX file. You now have a grassy level...with line guides! (Of course, I haven't tested this out in-game yet, but it should work.)

And yes, the Chucks are fun. They are probably the most complex normal sprite in the game. (Take a good look at the Chargin' Chuck disassembly. Phew!) More importantly, though, they are almost non-tileset-specific, since they use SP3=13. Unless you use ExGFX for SP3, the only tilesets that don't include the Chargin', Clappin', Splittin', and Bouncin' Chucks are the castle, ghost house, and Mecha-Koopa tilesets. With the Ninji tileset, you can even use the Pitchin' and Puntin' Chucks together, allowing for a complete selection of Chucks. (Edit 2: except for the Diggin' Chucks.)

Edit: Sorry moderators, was this an unnecessary bump?


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here.
My favourite tileset is the castle tileset. I like it cuz I like Thwomp,Dry Bones,Hothead and others, plus you get Kamek in it (well if you insert the SMRedrawn in your hack :P).


The object/sprite I prefer is the P-Switch, I really like it and I make some levels with it. If I should choose another one, it would be the Invisible Coin Block (I use it to trap someone in my hack, I think I only used it once to kill mario...)


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My favorite sprite tileset is the Banzai Bill/Rex/Mega Mole one. I just love those enemies. :3

If bosses count, my favorite sprite is Bowser. Heck, he has three different patterns, takes six hits to kill, does a lot of different stuff, and is epic! If bosses don't count, I'd say the Bowser Statue. It's so unique! :)

My favorite object tilesets are the rope ones. I don't know, I became addicted to those in a matter of minutes. :P

My favorite object is the large type of bush, the extend object number 82. I'll never make a grasslands level without using one of those! :D

Sprite tileset: Castle, Wendy/lemmy, ghost house, pokey (LOVE IT!!!) and Reznor (i like castles and bosses)
Sprite: Thwomp, chargin' chuck, LAKITU and Big Boo Boss.
Object: Grey cement block, translucent block, stone block wall :p.
Object Tileset: Castle, Underground, Rope 2 (for the stars).

Originally posted by Voltrezonemillion
My favourite tileset is the castle tileset. I like it cuz I like Thwomp,Dry Bones,Hothead and others, plus you get Kamek in it (well if you insert the SMRedrawn in your hack :P).

You dont need to, simply patch a rom with SMW Redrawn, search for the Magikoopa's GFX (Extract the rom's GFX), and save it as an ExGFX file, then insert to a normal rom and you have Kamek, you can use him as a boss (in my case, Kamek is a boss)

mod edit: yeah don't do that

i just lurk sometimes
Bowser statue-

I like castle levels-

3 Reasons:

1. Lava

2. Spikes

3. Bosses

54. RULE 54!!!!
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