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Holiday 2008 - Naughty/Nice Results!

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Where's the "both" list? I would so totally be on that.

I think the nice people should have awesome face :D with a Santa hat and the naughty people should have D: with a Santa hat also. :o
fuck yeah meowingtons
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Aw, I didn't make both lists....

That means I wasn't naughty or nice. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO FEEL?!?!1/?1
Naughty, as in giggity-giggity-goo...
Nice, as in nice?
Yeah, I'd better calm down...
How did I make the naughty list? I've also improved greatly just like Mr. Weegee. D: I never post anything bad anyway. I'm confused. :|
One question, why am I in the naughty list?
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Oh come on guys! I would be happy to be on the naughty list :P

*Does the "Blank Smile" at Simple Bag*
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I'm sure not.
*leaves SMWC for tonight*
Originally posted by SonicBlue77
I'm sure not.
*leaves SMWC for tonight*

Come on, don't be like that. I would've been happy to have been on either one of those lists. Besides, it's just a stupid list. It's not like it's going to change anything.
They only put you in the Naughty/Nice list depending on your posts BEFORE the list was announced. So, posts after don't count.
To those who are in their rooms cutting themselves over the naughty list: as I stated in my first post, this will have absolutely no effect on you as a user. It doesn't change your intelligence, respect level, or any of that. It's simply for fun. If you made the naughty list, then such is life, and like a river flowing through a barren plain, it will go on .. until a drought strikes and it dries up.

I was never good with inspirational metaphors.
You had it until the drought part. >.>

Anyway, the people on the naughty list shouldn't cut themselves.


The people who weren't even on any list should cut themselves! Good thing I "accidentally" cut myself on a dinner roll (bread).
Even if you're on the naughty list, you're getting a badge (I believe, correct me if I'm wrong SNN), which is more than the people on neither list are getting. Really though, it's just meant to be a fun little thing that you all shouldn't take seriously. Also please keep in mind that the idea was started at the beginning of December and by about the 9th or 10th, most staff had their votes in. SO it's not exactly an accurate thing. You all could've improved in the two weeks since we voted, however the votes were how we felt at the time. So really, don't get upset. It's not like anything bad will happen because of it.

And holy jesus I am longwinded. I think I may even need a tl;dr for this post. o_O

tl;dr: what SNN said.

(dammit I just wasted like 5 minutes of my life typing exactly what SNN said but with about 200 more words. ;_;)
Where's Kc in the nice list?

Either way, congrats to the winners and losers.
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Yeah, Kc should have been in that list =/

Nevertheless, congratulations to all of the winners! And Have a great 2009 everyone =)
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Thank you.
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i find annoying only that idiotic, nonsense and fucking thing called "injury"!!! that's the cause of the my GOOD vote that i got this christmas!
someone that gets a weekban because he had a little fun with arbe doesn't mean that is naughty, immature and EVEN, rude!
who voted me an immature didn't saw NEVER the true immaturity(generally), that i see every day (not sunday)
this result could be taken as a joke, but i don't take slightly the injury because is a thing that makes me vomit
sorry, I kinda sounded like a jerk. I kinda took it wrong. my bad. :\
Anyway, I was just thinking the admins and mods were thinking i'm bad or something. so nvm, my bad. :)

Edit: I kinda take stuff the wrong way sometimes too as you can see (above). :\ Anyway, i'm kinda glad to be on one of the lists. :)

(Wow, I used the word kinda alot in this post!) O_O
I'm ok with being in the naughtyin the bedlist, but I was just asking why i'm there, I don't think i've been naughty, have I?
^Link to my forums. :D

I should have made the naughty list for basically just lurking on here for the past two years and not finishing more than 5 levels.

I didn't win anything....AGAIN
but whatever, It's not Like I'm very active...
but lol at Weegee being the first naughty list person.

EDIT: Also, why Firebar?
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