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Holiday 2008 - Naughty/Nice Results!

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I was asking me the same question too.
Many people of the naughty list were actually very nice XD

*goes away to be naughty and on the list of the next year*

Nah, not really.
Maybe i'll be on the nice list next year, but ahh, doesn't matter. :)
At least I was on one of the lists.

This thread makes me wonder if Santa has a list of neutral people like me.
If you haven't really done anything that would be considered naughty, then I would assume you go on the nice list. :O
fuck yeah meowingtons
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..Unfortunately, it would depend by what you mean by "naughty."


lol. Mr Penis... I can see wht he's on the naughty list just by his name. =P
I've probably made it clear(If not, then damn it, I'm ignored >_<), but I probably deserve being on the naughty list and any hate I may receive since I've been a very stubborn, arrogant, and conceited asshole in the past few months. I've never said it publicly yet, so in this case, I must say: "sorry". - Don't mistake this as sarcasm.

Been thinking of starting a new leaf though, despite what others may think.
I got involved with some tragic events recently, and though I'm not someone to share my personal life with the world, what could be said is that it's time I took off the asshat, and pay respects for whatever I have left in life.

Your layout has been removed.
Originally posted by BETWEENTWILIGHT
lol. Mr Penis... I can see wht he's on the naughty list just by his name. =P

It's actually just the world filter. My real name is Mr. Weegee, not Mr. penis. Try it yourself, Weegee comes out as penis. >_>
I really don't care if I'm on the naughty list. I'm just glad I'm on some makes me feel like I'm being a bit more noticed. :D
Holidays are over. 2008 is over. Thread is over.

Happy January.
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