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Layer 2 Sinking Problems.

I have a few problems with the Layer 2 "Sink when touched Long Range" sprite command. When Mario jumps on the ledge in Layer Two, on the screen with the sprite command, it just makes Mario shake on the Layer 2 Ledge. Can someone please help me?

BTW, the level I'm working on now is my first go at using Layer 2.

Is this problematic ledge on the very first screen?

I noticed that in numerous hacks, including my own and RAGB's Super Mario World: Return to Dinosaur Land, that if you use the Layer 2 Sink command and put Layer 2 objects on the very first screen, nothing happens. Stuff won't actually happen until you hit screen 0x1.

Also, with both Layer 2 Sink commands and Layer 2 Smash 1 and Smash 2, there are certain "break room" screens in which nothing happens on Layer 2, making it pointless to put stuff on Layer 2 in those screens.

You might want to open Layer 2 levels in a clean, unmodified ROM and study them to see the best screens to put stuff on.

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