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ExGFX Request/Showcase Thread

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Bad Luck Man has those Winter ExGFX. Rip from his hack.
i request someone to PLEASE draw replacement mario GFX with the person in my sidebox. :]

EDIT: 601st post already?
<TLMB> I use YY-CHR to edit DNA
Does someone have a 8x8 ghost Exgfx in YI?

There are four kinds of koopa. They are green, red, blue and yellow Koopa. All of you must give credit to me as I released such extremely, unbelievably and incredibly useful information.
Originally posted by Darkshadow
I Will need the BG of whan you fight smithy's last form in SMRPG.Include a Map16 page,Palette and sample level.

And I request scrap brain zone GFX.

(BTW,Scrap brain zone is from a sonic game)

Does anyone have these SMB3 1-2 ExGFX (customized with slopes) drawn with better slopes? The slopes in this set are just straight lines - I'd like them bumpier, like the rest of the ground.

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If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
You could ask Pac for permission to get the from the SMB3 GFX Change.
Can I request a diagonal yi style pipe.
The pipe is easy to rip and I think one YI Set has it.
Originally posted by Buu-Huu
The pipe is easy to rip and I think one YI Set has it.

There are no diagonal pipes on YI. <.<
Requesting Lion King SNES ExGFX from this stage since it looks almost the same as one of the final stages of Jazz Jackrabbit 2 >.>
Could somebody make an exgfx that is compatible with the blooper custom sprite that comes with sprite tool.

And that lion king exgfx looks REALLY COOL! It would be great to have in my hack.

A Super Mario Bros USA shaped peach in redrawn style? Just one pose, the standing one...

If anyone does not mind that is~
Originally posted by andy_k_250
Double check the tilemaps in Sprite Tool - it's in one of the edits of GFX01.

:X I HATE it when I ask questions that, after I get an answer, turns out to be a stupid question with an obvious answer. And I just did it again. Sorry.

Stupid question or not, you just helped me, since I spent about five hours looking through various places on my computer and on this site.
WoodZone BG and FG? Anyone working on it?
Here is my request, can someone make me a koopatrol(from Paper mario) as a main char? PM me if y can do it and if it takes time i can wait(still workin on my Chomp world demo), i wanna replace the regular koopas with toads
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Mario World is having a makeover

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i need moving waterfall tiles (i cant rip it my self)
Your layout has been removed.
I'd like a Town FG set. (I can do backgrounds, but I suck at FGs =P)
@Zack: Which waterfall do you mean?
Originally posted by Buu-Huu
@Zack: Which waterfall do you mean?

smb3 with map16 pages

Your layout has been removed.
Link Thread Closed