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ExGFX Request/Showcase Thread

Link Thread Closed
@wierdboo I highly doubt anyone will do that, since most requests here are never done.
Just back here to browse a bit.
Originally posted by Whiter
...Potion, and the feather, An orange potion. The mushroom...

Something I just thought of is that the feather floats down from the air. Wouldn't that look funny, having an orange potion floating inthe breeze?
I would enjoy basicaly everything in smw redrawn style, including shyguys(+snifts), birdo, mouser, wart(smb2 poses) and Mario/Luigi (including small mario) with smb1(flagpole) poses and smb2(carry veggie) poses all in smw redrawn style,

I'm working on something and would have many styles, but I only want ONE</b></i> style, thanks
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Can anyone rip the GFX for Inuyasha,the foregrounds (all the foregrounds in the game) and the enemies from Inuyasha:The Secret Of the Divine Jewel? I want the little devils to replace the goombas. And I also want the sand/mud things to replace the koopas.The Inuyasha GFX to replace the Mario GFX and also,for Fire Mario, the GFX when Inuyasha has his sword out and the GFX of the windscar when Inuyasha uses the windscar for the fire balls.
Ok, I'll try to make mine simple. An icy area with darker palettes to make it scarier, and I also want it a lil robotic...

So either Dark and icy

or Ice colored and robotic..

either is good.
Just back here to browse a bit.

  • Can somebody rip me this exgfx from the exgfx hack?

  • Footer
    If it's from the ExGFX hack it's probably open source. <_<
    I'm going to post this agian because everybody ignored it completely.
    Originally posted by Me, Myself, and I
    could someone please make me a factory background (it can be ripped, it doesn't have to be custom) using only color shades from black to white? Yes, I know there's a DKC factory bg, but I'm sick of DKC1/2/3 and/or YI gfx. Also, could you make it so that the pallete that they use is not on pallete 2?
    FYI, 95% of requests are ignored completely.
    Yeah, why is there a point for a request thread? To keep people waiting and never get it?
    Just back here to browse a bit.
    All this is is an excuse for people not to do it themselves. And some of these requests are too specific to have a use for anyone else. D:
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    Originally posted by IcicleTears
    Yeah, why is there a point for a request thread? To keep people waiting and never get it?

    To keep people from clogging up the forums and making a lot of "Can someone make me ExGFX?" threads.
    Hello, i'm new and i wish insert shifting sands in my hack. How ExGFX i need. Please respond.

    PS: I don't speak english if you can speak basic/debutant english ^^
    Hello and welcome ARN3. You may want to try taking a look at the following link.

    I'm not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for, but see if it works.
    smb3 luigi graphics plz
    I need some help making ExGFX for This Level's Background. I'm having trouble finding one that fits well, but my ExGFX making skills aren't that great in the realm of backgrounds.

    I didn't post the image directly, for fear of stretching the thread. Also that's obviously not the entire level. I'm sorry for the grainy value of the picture
    Would anyone rip the FG and BG of the first level of a SNES game called Sparkster? I have a savestate if you need one.
    Give me the savestate and I'll try to rip.
    Originally posted by Fuji
    Can somebody rip me this exgfx from the exgfx hack?

    me too!

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    Put the hack in lunar magic and extract the ExGFX. It's that easy...
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