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ExGFX Request/Showcase Thread

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I'm have a bit of trouble with the palette and the overall transfer with one of the backgrounds I'm trying to rip so I'm going to see if any of you guys could help me.

I'm not picky but I'm try to get a mechanical and/or space style background from the game "On the Ball" for the SNES. I hope this isn't too much of a request.
I made a standalone game once, look for Seabug Stampede on Google Play.
I Wonder if anyone Has the Pokemon OW Trainer ExGFX.. It Would Realy Come in Handy for me, ^_^.
Could someone make a Map16 page for The Winter Set?
Can't you assemble the tiles yourself? Its not too hard...
Eh,I guess.It's Not that hard.
I just find it stupid the Author Didn't bundle one.
Once again, I forget about that more-than-one-week-old request. :P
And it's done, I just needed a readme. Anyways, it'll be up in a moment...

EDIT: It's done. Click.
Can I request the following:
Toad, Yoshi, Luigi, Peach, a camp fire, and maybe somethings that look like fruit?
Also can you put it in all in one gfx file, and privately send them to me? I have big plans for this...I will release after my hack is released.
Can I get ExGFX for as meny of the custom blocks as possible... mainly thoese that are based on SMB3.

I dont need GFX For Brakable Bricks.
Your layout has been removed.
I need somebody to make a Boo boss sized Stargate, like from the T.V. show, preferably Atlantian. I just need the .bin file, I'll do the rest.
I just need some metroid ExGFX. Oh and Aiyo, I am making some of that!
This hack has some Super Metroid GFX.
It's sorta like a base hack, you'll only need to take the GFX from it. Just read the discription.
It would be nice if someone could post the graphics for the SMB3 bony koopa to replace the one in SMW; I don't like the GFX for SMW's bony koopa at all...
The end. Get over it.
There's a SMB3 Dry Bones included in this.
Originally posted by Fireguy 21
I just need some metroid ExGFX. Oh and Aiyo, I am making some of that!

ooh when do u think you will finish?
If anyone is interested, I've uploaded a better version of my YI Sky FG GFX. They're in the ExGFX Section, waiting to be moderated.
Can I request a smb3 redrawn style of a doomship.
Can I get crab & clam graphics? Also it would be nice if the crab had some walking frames, and the clam had some opening and closing frames.
Still need Stargate GFX.
Hmm. Well I like the metroid graphics. So I need another thing. I need phazon style ground and BG. If you can make this thanks.
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